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Wave Music System IV Process Book of Wave Music System III Redesign Project

Yi Liu

Studio2 @ SCAD

Prof. Joel Wittkamp

2013 Fall

Table of Contents 1. Design Brief • Background Information • Scope • Objectives • Rationale • Approach • Deliverables


2. Research • Basic Info • User’s Review • Persona


3. Value Engineering


4. Opportunity


5. Ideation and Mockup • Gen 1 • Gen 2 • Gen 3


6. Prototype


7. Presentation


Background information Bose Corporation Bose Corporation is an American privately held corporation that specializes in audio equipment. Bose is known for its loudspeakers, noise-canceling headsets, and automotive sound system. Bose has been considered the best marketed speakers in the world. Bose audio products receive polarized opinions about quality: some reviewers consider them high-end while others consider them overpriced and of average quality.

Wave速 music system III Bose|Wave速 music system III is an all-in- one system for all music source. It is basically a combination of radio, alarm clock, CD player, and wireless speaker. Its unique compact wave-guide sound system produces strong and clear volume for entire room. Additional accessories allow users play music from Iphone or Ipod docked in site, or any other sources through Bluetooth adapter.

01 Design Brief

Scope Problem description • Logically chaos of product line The first Bose wave system was introduced in 1984 as Acoustic Wave Music System(AW-1). First Wave Radio was released in 1993. In 2004, Wave Music System was redesigned based on Wave Radio/CD. In 2012, Wave Music System III was introduced to public. in 2014, Acoustic Wave Music System, Wave Radio and Wave Music System are all for sale at the same time. • Old fashioned looking As we can see, Bose Wave Music System has kept its ancient appearance for decades. • Lack of advanced interaction design Those two products have no button on the main body. They are controlled by remote. The problem is what will happen if remote is lost.

Constraints To redesign a product under existing brand is not a “fly in the sky” project. The brand language has to be inherited. But it can not be too close to original ones. In the mean time, it must looks like a product up to date.

Design Brief 02

Objectives Function • Reasonable features fit the needs of target market • User-centered interaction design • Ergonomic Aesthetic • Keep track within existing product line • Attractive to target market • Competitive appearance among other fancy products

Rationale Wave music system is a traditional product line for Bose. It was designed 30 years ago and kept improving generation by generation. However, it is not up to date. The newest model keeps the same appearance and function as its previous version which was introduced 9 years ago. This project is going to inject fresh air into an iconic product for a world famous brand. The challenging part of this project is how to create new design on the basis of preserving its own brand language. It should not go too far away to lost old customers. On the other hand, it has to step out to gain new customers from other fields.

03 Design Brief

Approach Applied research

Basic research about product and market including design principles, usability, materials, and production methods.

Ethnographic research Research about target market’s demographics & psychographics? ie. the age, gender, income, tastes, views, attitudes, employment, geography, lifestyle, etc. • Current target market • Future target market Value engineering

Deconstruct existing product to analyses function and cost in order to improve value of future product.

Design Brief 04

Wave Music System III Price • $499.95 • User-centered interaction design • Ergonomic

Music Sourse • • • • •

Radio CD AUX Iphone/Ipod (need to buy extra dock) Bluetooth signal (need to buy extra adapter)

05 Research

Features • All-in-one system (Capable with various music sourses) • Simple tap snooze/on/off (Tap the top as power switch and alarms snnozer) • Two independent alarms • Radio text display • Back jacks • Award-winning sound performance

Research 06

User’s review Customers like it:

“The sound is as good as money can buy.” — V. Yalung, Bay Area, CA

“However, my wife reflects a market nitch that wants simplicity.” — Objective, Florida

“I generally think Bose is overprised, but my mother started using this right away and she’s ecstatic.” — Lourence, Worcester, MA

07 Research

Customers dislike it:

“Only thing I don’t like is there are no buttons on it, [...] I am an old lady.” — Kerrith,

“Don’t be seduced into dropping $500 for a clock radio, [...] this is a radio with a CD player thrown in.” — Kerrith,

“Purchased two of these radio, [...] Both units randomly shutdown. Had each unit replaced. Same thing occurs with replacements.” — Happy happy, Long Island, NY

Research 08


Michael Johnson • Age: 40 • Occupation: Insurance agent • Location: LA • Michael is a father in a middle-class household with two children and his wife. He works 5 days a week. His wife is a high school teacher and wakes up 30 minites earlier than he does. He sets two different alarms clock with his Bose Wave Music System at different time for his wife and himself. He doesn’t have too much time listen to radio stations, but he indeed listen to music after work at home before asleep. His son helped him upload music into his Iphone so he could listen to music with a dock. However, he spent more time with his CD colection. He might use Iphone listen to Padora during weekend when he wants to listen sometihng fresh and new. Tag: middle-class, educated, various sourses, CD, Iphone, alarms clock

09 Research

Megan Hall • Age: 60 • Occupation: Retired Middle school teacher • Location: GA • Megan gets her Bose Wave Music System as a present from his son last year. She has no idea hwo to play with Iphone or Ipad since she doesn’t have one. So her son just bought her the console without accesories. Mostly she uses Wave System listen to radio station. She has a CD with soft music helps her fall asleep. Alarms clock helps her remember taking pills twice a day. But her son helped her set the time. By the way, she has bought 3 replacement remote since she always lost it. Tag: retired, educated, radio stations, CD, alarms clock

Research 10

Value Engineering Value engineering (VE) is a systematic method to improve the “value� of goods or products and services by using an examination of function. Value, as defined, is the ratio of function to cost. Value can therefore be increased by either improving the function or reducing the cost. (wikipedia)

Value = Function Cost

11 Value Engineering

Co mponent

Function Definition

Package box

Product identity, Protection, Aesthetic

In-box cardboard


Screen window

Protect screen, Aesthetic

CD entrance

Insert CD, Aesthetic

Speaker protector

Protection, emit sound, Aesthetic

Side shell

Protection, Aesthetic

Top shell

Tap on/off/snooze, protection, Aesthetic

Back hole

Fulfill sound performance, Aesthetic

Back shell

Protection, Aesthetic

Headphone jack

Sole music

AUX in

External sound source

Bose Link

Bose music system network

FM antenna

Enhance radio signal

Bottom shell

Support, Protection, Aesthetic


Display, Aesthetic


Produce sound


Produce sound field

CD Player

Play CD

Circuit board

FM/AM, Function logic

Power cord

Power, Enhance radio signal, Aesthetic


Control product, Aesthetic


Instruction, Aesthetic

Demonstration CD

Give first impression, Aesthetic







Provide Sound





Electronic Pulse




CD Player


FM/AM Electronic Circuit

Provide Power

Power Cord

Streaming Source Wifi

Dock Provide Singal

Display Info

Dock (Built-in)


Smart Phone Web Page

Control in distance

Value = Function Cost


Control Product Control close to

Tap Buttons

Bose Wave Music System III Package Box Protect whole system

Provide Protection

In-box cardboard structure

Protect inner components


Provide Aesthetic

Manul Remote

App Webpage

User Experience Speaker Provide Sound Field

Waveguide Provide Instruction


Provide Help Provide First Impression

Demonstration CD

Value Engineering 12


• Add buttons on it 1. Basic function(Play, pause, stop, skip, volume +/-, seek station, next station, save station, snooze, set alarm)

• Integrate high-tech features into one unit 1. Built-in Iphone/Ipod dock, built-in bluetooth, built-in wifi streaming 2. Digital controll pad

• Explore new target market 1. Extend user group to 30 years old 2. Approach new market with redesigned appearance and features 3. Reduce price ($480)

13 Opportunity


Ideation and Mockup 14







Ideation and Mockup 16

17 Ideation and Mockup

Gen 1 came up with an appearance very similar to oroginal design. It is better to go more creative. But the minor changes from top view works well. That looks more like current comsumer electronics.

Ideation and Mockup 18



Ideation and Mockup 20

“My hand is too close to the table surface.”

“Speakers are too small. It should makes me believe it has good sound quality.”

“I want to use the top to put some books. Maybe move those buttons away.”

“This is just too big for me.”

21 Ideation and Mockup

Gen 2 was mainly conserning about side view and front face layout. Basic shape from side view had been changed from rectangular to parallelogram to make it visually interesting. User testing had been granted on this mock-up.

Ideation and Mockup 22



Ideation and Mockup 24

“I’m Ok with it.”

“Put buttons on the chamfer is a good idea.”

“An empty top surface is important for reusing the space.”

“Looks smaller, and lighter.”

25 Ideation and Mockup

Gen 3 was created based on feedbacks from last generation. The screen size had been reduced; CD entrence had been relocated; speaker area had been expanded; buttons had been changed. A|B testing had been taken palce between Gen 2 and Gen3.

Ideation and Mockup 26


27 Prototype

Raw material processing

Foam model after sanding

Gesso coating

Spot putty


Color spray

A final model had been made based on Gen 3.

Prototype 28

29 Presentation

Presentation 30

31 Presentation


Nothing displayed

Power OFF:

Power button lights up


Playing Music:

After press Power button, controll pad lights up. Main screen will show associate info.

When music starts to play, controll pad will fade out. Main screen shows current time and basic info.

Presentation 32

Viewing Zone: Viewing Zone is the most suitable area to read on screen onformation. Controll pad and screen are all located on the chamfer above front face. That gives a 90 degree angle range for controlling and reading the system and screen. No matter user is standing far away, or very close to the system, it will be both comfortable for viewing and controlling.

33 Presentation

Bedside Table

Clearance: Slop on the back creates clearance for cables and cords. Normally, cords may be broken when squeeze against wall too tight for a log time. Mostly, users have no awareness of demaging their cables and cords on the back of products.

Operating Zone: Chamfer above the front face provides a 90 degree operating zone for users. It will be convinient to read information on screen or reach buttons on control pad from different positions, which includs not only standing in front of the system, but also sleeping next to it.

Operating Zone

Presentation 34

Various controlling methods




35 Presentation


Web Browser

Appearance Evolution

Wave Music System III






Wave Music System IV


Presentation 36

37 Presentation

Witness the Evolution with

Designed by Yi |

Bose Wave Music System IV by Yi  

Redesign project for Bose Wave Music System III

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