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Natnicha Tipsukonchai Contact +66894494828 Facebook : Yelly Natnicha Inatagram : yellyylley

Education 2015-Present Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Architecture, Major Architecture


Saint Joseph Convent School

Competition Banglumphu Civic Center

Skill & Language Autocad advance 3dsMax advance for rendering Revit advance Sketchup advance Photoshop advance English capable of reading, listening and understanding Thai fluent in Thai

This portfolio contains my second and third year designing projects. The Second year projects are handmade and the Third year projects are computerize.

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Ap a r tment

P u b lic A r ch i tectu r e

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Art Museum




2-storeys house is for Wasinburi ,an jar artist and his family. in Ratchaburi, This site located next to the river, therefore design will focus on its environment. The main design is added with intermediated space into the house space.



This house designs for 2 family, Match for 2 couples (brother and sister). There are 2 circulations in this house. These 2 Circulations are vertical overlapping. with alternative style in the stair hall. Each family can see each other on the stair but cannot reach together.



A luxury low-rise serviced apartment is in Nirvana project. This project has challenge on design a 7-8 floor, 4 buildings without feeling narrow into limited area. The key point is finding the way to lay down 4 building in this area. I am proud to present a twist z-axis building by 60 degrees each. Each occupant can see good view on the overlap building form without confrontation.



Working space is for start-up. This project suitables for cafe, restaurant, hotdesk, fix desk, meeting rooom size S M L and rental office for start-up. Concept of this project is 'Multi-Space in space'. Each space converts to architecture by setting a room in room or in semi-outdoor space. The signature of this project is every working space is comfortable and has own view for relaxing.

Bang Lum Phu Civic Center Civic center is for youth in Bang Lum Phu. This site located next to Bang Lum Phu Museum. Back of the site is along with canal. Bang Lum Phu Civic center design for touring place. There is consist of cafe, open space meeting, workshop zone, office and public library. Design is an old vernacular architecture style with surrounding contrast of modern architecture and with reflect anciet life style.



BAANIA company work about real estate contents on internet.


This project design a smart office that has connecting every space like a warehouse,in order to meet the owner requirement, therefore create a vertical warehouse.

Each working space level can easily connect by using opening space. At the second floor an be used as a big meeting space to support all of worker. Every working space have an outdoor space. Form and facade design meaningful to timely data.

Juvenile Detention Center Detention home in Surin. So bored with the general government building which building has the center entrance and symmetry balance. To improve this project, I use a circle form in government building to create something new. This detention center concern about how to create lively spaces and reduce escape ratio. I design a circle pond with soft light reflextion that will create hope space for youth. Youth in the detention home can see this center court. They will see friend who was released and walked through the pond. This scene can create spirit, hope and passion for them. Detention home with natural ventilation causes bedroom have drop floor level and big opening class rooom.




Group project between Thai-Laos student. Sketch design project showed the first idea how to renovate the modern building live together with the old government school. We bring The new the gradation to

the new building wrap up with the old building. back building use reflective glass to blend into sky and the new front building use clear glass reflective glass for reflect the old surrounding. Because of our perspective respect to the value of the antique building, the new building used the modern material such as steel, glass and reflectve glass with keep the old rhythm. Its seem like alternate between positive and negative figure.