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NOW OPEN Yoga for everyone... some like it Hot and some do not. We have both!!

Lansdowne, #104, 5124-122 Street Across from the University Farms phone: 780-439-0014

EDITOR’S NOTE YOU. When we started out with YEG Fitness, that was the goal. We wanted to create a magazine that provided our readers with great local content and allowed them to see all the great health and wellness businesses this city had to offer. We didn’t want to make your typical fitness magazine with muscular guys and women in tight spandex gracing the cover. We wanted to create something people of all fitness levels could pick up and take something useful from. We realized that Edmonton has a lot going on and that there are some great local fitness and wellness businesses that people needed to hear about and that the people running these businesses are some of the best in the business. We wanted to become the platform to showcase them. With that, we launched our online magazine and over the past 18 months, we have developed an amazing following. But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to get better. Our digital magazine offers our readers an authentic magazine like experience. Unlike a traditional print magazine, our digital magazine offers interactivity and flexibility. You can take the magazine with you on your smartphone or tablet, or read it on your desktop or laptop. However you choose to read YEG Fitness, you are guaranteed to be shown great local fitness and wellness content. Each month, we will feature articles written by some of the top professionals in the fitness and wellness industries. We will showcase some great fitness studios and wellness centres and there will be inspiring athlete features giving recognition to some of the best athletes to come out of our city. Our goal has never changed and as we continue to grow, it will remain the same. This magazine is about YOU.



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SUMMER FASHION Form and function. Two huge components required when purchasing sportswear today. Whether taking a yoga, spin or barre class, fashion is as much about looking good as it is about feeling good. Show off your hard work this summer with these form-flattering yet functional outfits made with high-performance fabric to wick away sweat during tough workouts. Upgrade your sportswear this season with bright colors, vibrant patterns, and cooling fabrics from Elevate Activewear. Photography by Chan Rin

From Left to Right: Kasia is wearing the Lija Ultimate Seamed Capri in White and a Karma Pranayama Tank in Watercolour. Stephanie is dressed in the Michi Stardust Crop Legging in Plum/Black paired with a Tonic Prema Bra in Black. Richard is looking composed in the Be Present Practice Short in Black and a Be Present Chakra Tee in Orange. Marti is sporting the Karma Gisele Tights in Watercolour and the Tonic Free Spin Tank in White.

From Left to Right: Kasia is modelling the Onzie Leggings in Skyline print joined with a Tonic Verge Tank in Mandarin Mist. Marti is dressed in the Onzie Leggings in the Solar System print with matching Onzie Elastic Bra layered with a Spiritual Gangster Karma Tank.

Stephanie is rocking the Tonic Peak Cut-Out Leggings in Lavender teamed up with the Onzie Elastic Bra in Skyline print.

From Left to Right: Now these are pure strength poses on a Dusky Leaf Yoga mat! Richard displays his power wearing the Be Present Practice Short in Black and the Spiritual Gangster Tank in Aqua. Stephanie is showing off the Tonic Accelerator Crop Legging in Mandarin Mist/Black paired with a Tonic Retrograde Bra in White.

From Left to Right: Marti is looking adorable in the Onzie Capri Legging in the Majestic print with the Onzie Elastic Tank Top in Turquoise/Gray coupled with the Onzie Elastic Bra in Black. Richard is modelling the Be Present Practice Short in Black and the Spiritual Gangster Tank in Aqua layered with the Spiritual Gangster Original Hoodie.

Stephanie is looking comfortable in the Tonic Pursuit Capris in Lime Burst and the popular Onzie Elastic Bra in D-Town print.

Kasia looks refreshing in the Onzie Long Leggings in Meadow print united with the Onzie All-In-One Tank in Turquoise/Mint.

Richard is showing off the Be Present Practice Short in Black with the Spiritual Gangster Crest Tank.

From Left to Right: Kasia is making an impression in the Beyond Yoga Multi Strap Tank in Neon Berry and the Tonic Bliss Cropped Legging in Carbon. Richard is confident in the Be Present Practice Short in Black and Spiritual Gangster Tank in Aqua. Marti is flaunting the Beyond Yoga Low V-Back Tank in Shocking Pink combined with the Onzie Capri Leggings in the Cali Palms print.

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SPIN STUDIOS Whether you are a beginner, or an elite athlete, spin studios are an amazing way for you to get in great shape. In just under an hour, you can burn upwards of 700 calories and get one of the best cardio workouts you’ll ever try. It’s for these reasons that people are flocking to spin studios, and Edmonton is one of the hot spots in Western Canada for some great new locations.

Photography by Sean Williams

We caught up this summer with some of the city’s best spin studios (and a new one opening late summer) to chat about what spin is all about and why they believe there is a growing demand for this type of fitness activity. We asked each studio a series of questions.

Here’s what they had to say.

Why do you think there is an increase in the number of cycling studios opening? What’s the fascination? Exist Cycle (Jaime Hebert) Indoor Cycling is an activity, which isn’t defined by a certain gender or age demographic. Western Canada is finally recognizing and supporting the need for indoor cycling studios to help Canadians get in from the not-so-ideal outdoor climate to train for biking specific races. Indoor cycling is also an amazing cardiovascular rich, high calorie burning activity so it fits into our fast paced lifestyles.

Soulspin (Jordan Law) It was only a matter of time. The fitness industry is about change, movement and growth.  Edmontonians and those in surrounding areas like to travel and they like to try new things so like myself, others have been to boutique spin studios and wanted to make that same experience available here.  Group exercise is typically more challenging than working out alone, and spin is one of the most effective ways to achieve a cardiovascular workout.  Tru Ride (Dana Rajotte) This is a trend that has been growing in the USA and other Canadian markets for years. There is a demand for “boutique” fitness & “designated” fitness studios, which allow for diversity in your fitness routine. You get to have a party on your bike!   The entire class goes by so quickly at times if you have the perfect fit of instructor, music and participant(s) - the energy is contagious and you can’t duplicate that anywhere else! Heart Cycle Studio (Jenise Kropp) Cycling classes are the ultimate cardio workout appealing to avid cyclists, fitness buffs, and beginners alike.   Specializing in a specific service leads to strong customer service and attracts those seeking  an intimate fun experience that big box gyms can’t.  Edmonton is a growing dynamic city and is starting to show the desire for more specialized fitness that already exists in many other metro cities. Cycling classes are appealing to many mostly cause its fun, sweaty and it works. Its also one of the few group exercise classes that a beginner and a advanced individual can cycle as a whole group, leaving nobody behind.

Do you feel Spin will be a lasting fitness trend? Soulspin Absolutely. Indoor Cycling, like most other fitness niches has grown and evolved and it will continue to do so.  New methods of instruction, new moves on the bike and the evolution of the science behind the manufacturing of the bike has made indoor cycling and spin class more exciting than it’s ever been.

Tru Ride I believe it will be a lasting fitness trend. People are more fitness and health conscious than ever before and the convenience of the quick “in and out” in less than an hour is appealing to our busy lifestyles. Designated, Boutique Style Studios are generally less intimidating than a big box facility with less focus on the customer - people love the warm, inviting atmosphere of the studio. Heart Cycle Cycling is a fundamental exercise seen in gyms and has been used by vast numbers of athletes for decades. There have been major advancements in training, bikes, and technology but little has changed to the concept of cycling and the benefits associated. In addition it’s accommodating to all fitness levels, low impact, invigorating, challenging and a efficient heart pumper. I don’t believe it’s going anywhere due to it being simple, uncomplicated, accessible, and effective.

What makes your studio unique and stand out? Exist Cycle We offer a variety of classes. We have an intense 45 min ride only class leaving your total calories burned anywhere from 400 - 750 calories. We have 60min HIIT (high intensity interval training) classes where you cycle for 30 min, then safely get off you bike and head into our larger studio for a 30 min muscle building, fat blasting workout which includes studio wide Chin Up Bar, Kettlebells, TRX, dumbells, Rage balls and Sandbags with a certified personal trainer. We offer 2 types of Yoga and Cycle combinations. The first being a 75 min Yin Cycle class where you power ride for 30 min and then head into our large studio for 45 min Yin Yoga stretching, an amazing compliment to each other. The second yoga class is a 75 min Warrior Cycle class where you power ride for 30 min and then do 45 min Power Flow in our larger studio, helping you tone muscles throughout the body after burning 250 - 500 calories. We have a 55+ designated class as well as a beginner class to help introduce and ease as many people as we can into the indoor cycling world.


Soulspin Our space was designed with the intention of providing our clients with a challenging, motivating and ultimately fun and sweaty group exercise experience. The lights are low and with no mirrors the studio ambiance allows you to focus on how your body is moving and your zone.  The entire space is quite large so along with providing spacious shower and change room facilities we have other health and wellness focused businesses sharing our space.  Glow Juicery has a full service juice and smoothie bar and lounge and Philosophy Nutrition is in house and offers nutritional coaching and meal-planning options as well as other science-based services.  Tru Ride From the moment you walk in the door of the studio you feel inspired by motivational and inspirational words. We offer a Q Water Bar for filtered H2O, a beautiful seating area to mingle before and after classes, high end amenities including make up lit mirrors for Tru Riders in the change rooms, complimentary

shower and bike towel service, a retail program that includes a signature candle scent, high quality aluminum water bottles and an awesome line of fashion forward clothing. The highlight of the studio is the Spin Studio itself - dim lights, 24 LED Candles lighting your way, stadium seating, top of the line Spin Bikes & a carefully selected group of Tru Leaders to make your entire experience simply awesome. Heart Cycle What we are really excited about is the opportunity to deliver a unique, consistently high quality indoor cycling experience that is motivational, fun and effective. We strive to bring customers an escape that inspires and is a positive aspect to their everyday life. Above all we want the studio to be a communal escape where customers interact, share and create bonds with each other and the community.  We want to see CEO’s cycling next to students creating an interesting community. Part sexy nightclub, part self-help empowerment yoga class style, whispers of hope and enlightenment.

How do you handle summertime when people are trying to get outside more to cycle? Exist Cycle We have outdoor ride groups, both mountain bike and road bike, which started in June. Participants meet at the studio or in the river valley 3 to 5 times each week to hopefully get as many people out of our studio and hitting the road as we can. Our summers are short and we want to help people get out to enjoy it. Soulspin Soulspin provides a fun and exhilarating workout in as short a time as possible so that our clients can get in as much outdoor time as they can. Besides maximizing on windy/rainy and extremely hot days, we have a mandate to use the studio as a way to give back to the community.  We’re involved in providing our clients Unity classes to help with their fundraising efforts, and we have events planned where we will be heading out into the community to enjoy other sports and events in the city.  Tru Ride Summertime in my experience has always been that the early/ mid morning riders don’t typically change their routines muchits those evening riders that if its a beautiful 26+ degree day out and they’ve been in an office environment all day they want to get out and enjoy the evening you can’t do much about - we get that and expect this.  Our summer schedule changes slightly to accommodate those schedules and routines by adding in a few more morning classes and taking away some later evening classes - things get back to “normal” for us in the Fall. Heart Cycle It’s definitely tough but what’s great about a convenient drop in studio is that there are many options to get in your shower and sweat. What’s great about cycling classes is that they’re designed to be high intensity interval training, which includes elements like hills and sprints that your regular summertime bike ride doesn’t always include. Plus your leisure bike ride doesn’t include an energizing instructor that pushes you places you wouldn’t go yourself. Continuing to take your cycling classes through the summer allows you to enjoy those summer activities by taking the pressure off of making it a “workout”.

Exist Cycle 146 Provincial Ave Sherwood Park, AB Soulspin 208 Sioux Rd Sherwood Park, AB Tru Ride 3825 99 St Edmonton, AB Heart Cycle Coming in Fall 2014 Downtown Edmonton



by David Arsenault photography by Travel Alberta

Summer has arrived and that means it’s camping season. For the avid outdoor person, they likely have a favorite spot whether that’s the lake, the mountains, the backcountry or even their own backyard. They also likely have stories of the best trip they ever took and of course, the absolute worst trip ever. More often than not, that worst trip is related to the gear that was used on the trip.

@David_Arsenault There is so much gear that is available to help people get out and enjoy the great outdoors that it can be overwhelming. Having the right gear allows you to be comfortable regardless of the weather. A cold, wet night can ruin a camping trip, as can a deflated mattress in the middle of the night. That being said, what you sleep in and what you sleep on are important considerations as to how comfortable you can be out there. Let’s start by considering some important factors when it comes to critical components to your gear assortment.

1. It’s a good idea to make sure your tent has a fly that goes all the way to the ground. This keeps you protected from the elements including wind and rain. 2. Look for a tent that is built for one more person than is sleeping in it. This will provide room and comfort. The number of people that a tent is said to accommodate is based on the narrowest sleeping mat available. 3. Don’t get a huge tent. Camping sites aren’t as big as they used to be so you can be limited in size. Also, large tents can be cold for just 2 people. That’s a lot of air to warm up in there.


4. The vestibule size is another important factor to consider. Some tents have just enough space to put some shoes in while others give you the option of space and shade on sunny days and screens to help keep the bugs out. If you’re spending a lot of time at camp, you want that space to be as livable as possible. 5. Remember to air out your tent after your trip and don’t put it away wet. This will make it last much longer and keep it ready to go for the next adventure. If you happen to pull out your tent and it doesn’t smell the cleanest, cleaning products such as Mirazine will get rid of that mildew and smell making your tent almost as good as new. 6. There are t-wo types of poles that are commonly associated with tents: Aluminum or fiberglass. Both offer advantages. Fiberglass poles reduce the cost of a tent and are relatively easy to repair. Aluminum poles are sturdier than fiberglass and reduce the weight of a tent. Ultimately, if you plan to go camping every weekend in the summer, it is recommended to purchase aluminum poles. They hold up better when being pitched frequently. If you are a warm weather/long weekend camper, a fiberglass poled tent will be more than suitable.

1. A good start for temperature rating is between -7C and -10C. This will serve well through out the whole season. Keep in mind that everyone has a different body composition. If you’re a warm sleeper, you may need less of a bag and vice versa if you’re a cold sleeper. 2. Mummy bags will be the warmest option but they aren’t for everyone. Some find them constrictive but if you happen to be a cold sleeper, it is worth considering. 3. A good rectangular bag can be zipped together making a double size bag with room for two people. Most rectangular bags are constructed with a cotton shell. This type of construction stays quiet as you move during the night and feels like a nice cozy comforter. 4. Another way to increase the warmth of a sleeping bag is to bring along a liner. A liner like the Sea to Summit Reactor Liner can add up to 8C to your bag. This allows you to use one bag in the early and in the late season. Another advantage to a liner is that it helps keep your sleeping bag clean by keeping your body oils away from the insulation. The liner is easy to pull out and machine wash.



1. Airbeds or air mattresses can be cold. Even if you have a super cozy sleeping bag, the empty air in the mattress can suck the warmth right from your body. You can improve the insulation of an airbed by bringing bedding to cover the mattress. Another option is to place an emergency blanket under the mattress so that it has a better chance of reflecting heat back into you or reflecting the cold air back towards the ground. 2. Sleeping on a foam mat like a Therm-a-Rest is a great option to keep you warmer.



3. There are options that will keep you much warmer, making that early or late season camping trip much more comfortable. Foam-filled mats like a Thermarest Mondoking XXL or an Exped Megamat 10 will give loads of comfort and warmth.

Now that you’ve got the perfect tent, sleeping bag and mat, let’s look at a few cool camping essentials that can make your trip that much more fun. KEENER WIENER ROASTER:


If you were looking for the ultimate wiener/marshmallow roasting tool, this would be it. Locally made in Edmonton, the Keener Wiener allows you to roast your hotdog, marshmallow or even chicken wing with ease. Combine that with no sharp points and the ability to keep your hand from getting burnt, this makes for the ultimate in campfire cooking.

Sure, you can start a fire with a bunch of paper but that can be wasteful and sometimes it doesn’t do the trick. Consider bringing some Firesticks by Coghlan’s. Waterproof and light, these little fire starters usually get the job done with only one stick.



This little unit can boil water in a couple minutes. It’s a great tool if you need that cup of coffee or tea and can’t wait for the fire to be built.


A good axe makes splitting wood that much easier. A nicely weighted head and plastic handle can let you chop enough wood to keep that fire going all weekend.


LED lanterns have come a long way in recent years. Its 4 super bright removable panels allow you to light up the campsite and if you need to sneak off to the bathroom or grab something from the tent you can remove one of the panels to light your way.


An effective way to light up the cooler at night without having to carry a flashlight and air out your cooler when you’re cleaning up.

A great camp knife that lets you prepare meals without having to bring one of the good kitchen knives from home. You can keep in the camp kit and never have to use your pocketknife to cook again. It’s dishwasher safe.



Catch a nap in the afternoon in comfort and style with a light and cozy hammock. Attaches easily to any tree with available tree straps (sold separately)

A super simple and super effective 2-burner propane camping stove. The adjustable flame is great for cooking and simmering.

All of the above products are sold at any of the Edmonton area Camper’s Villages.





Writing-OnStone Provicial Park



TO do This area has historical importance to the Blackfoot people, but even non-Native visitors will feel a connection with nature here. The landscape features hoodoos, sandstone cliffs and a unique diversity of wildlife seen nowhere else in Alberta. It is located about 1.5 hours south of Calgary near the Montana border but is well worth the drive.

Hire a local Blackfoot interpreter to tour the Rock Art locations. You will be allowed to visit restricted areas of the park that is home to pictographs and petroglyphs. Check out the hoodoos on a short walk along the river and hike off trail to Davis Coulee.


TO do Situated on the banks of Lesser Slave Lake (about 3 hours north of Edmonton), which is one of Alberta’s largest lakes, you will find a campground with 112 well-maintained campsites suitable for tenting or RV’s. Amenities include picnic shelters, showers, water and a sani-dump.

If you love water sports, this is your place to be this summer. Boating, fishing and other water activities on Lesser Slave Lake are popular activities. Families love playing in the areas sand dunes on the beaches and there are plenty of playgrounds to keep the kids occupied.




TO do This is a popular location for city dwellers due to its close proximity to Edmonton (it’s only 2 hours west). Small watercraft is allowed on the lake and there are 182 sites that are open year round. The trail system is extensive and there are great beaches and playgrounds to enjoy the summer fun.

There is a man-made sea wall on McLeod Lake that offers visitors a great vantage point to boat watch. Rent a paddleboat or small fishing boat and get out on the water for an afternoon. Don’t forget your fishing license before heading out to catch your dinner.


TO do Located about a half hour north of Lake Louise in Banff National Park, you will find 116 un-serviced sites for tenting and RV’s. Complete with water stations, flush toilets and food storage (you’re in the middle of bear country), you’ll love the rustic feel of the area.

Bring your hiking boots to explore the trails and nearby lakes. Each has some amazing views. While you’re there, Lake Louise is nearby and is a must see for first time visitors to the area.

TWO O’Clock creek


TO do

Head west of Rocky Mountain House into David Thompson Country to find this gem of a campground. The drive is long, but the scenery along the way is amazing. There may only be 20 campsites, but we feel the campground offers one of the best group campsites in Alberta, complete with cook shelters, dry toilets, water and firewood.

Enjoy some great day hikes into the backcountry. Be respectful of the Stoney Indian ceremonial sites you will see along the way and be sure to bring your camera for some amazing shots of this beautiful part of our province. Your evening campfires will be spectacular against the night sky and mountain views.

NOVEMBER PROJECT photos by sean williams

What started out over a year ago in July with a few participants committed to getting fit outdoors has turned into a “Tribe” of followers who turn out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am. Rain or shine. Heat wave or arctic blizzard, they meet, sweat and hug it out and if you haven’t checked them out yet, you’re missing out on something awesome. We first heard of the November Project after asking some of the Oilers for their help during a fitness event we were putting on last summer. The first one to reply was new captain Andrew Ference. He asked us to come down for a workout and he’d be more than happy to answer our questions. Part manipulation. Part recruitment. After dragging myself out of bed at 5am, I got in the car and picked up coffee for the other early morning risers who were expected to be there. When I showed up at the park next to the Old Strathcona Farmers market, I was met by a small group of people who, like me, looked like they weren’t sure what they had gotten themselves into. Andrew pulled up on his bike and set up his portable speakers to “set the mood” for what was to come. Over the next 15 minutes people started trickling in until a solid group of about 60 people arrived. There were teens and seniors, people in good shape and people just starting out on their fitness journeys. It didn’t matter. All were welcome and the encouragement felt from the group was awesome. Over the next 30 minutes, we were put through an intense workout that knocked me on my butt. When we were done though, after a series of high fives and hugs, you couldn’t wait until the next time we met to do it all over again.

“I’m trying to get in shape for a Tough Mudder in the fall. I’ve heard a lot about November Project on the radio and through social media. I started following them and just came out. There is a great vibe and I love it.” Greg The original November Project began in Boston by Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric. Andrew was running stairs at Harvard Stadium to stay in shape while playing in Boston and he noticed the group doing the same. A mutual friend let him know what it was all about and he checked it out the following day. That’s all it took. He was hooked. “It was a really fun part of my week and I didn’t want to give up that part of my life when I came to Edmonton so I just started it up here” says Andrew. He knew he would need some help getting it started in Edmonton. “I had hired a mariachi band for a bachelor party and Nadim was the lead in it. He was a pretty cool guy so I asked him to help co-lead.” Nadim Chin is one of the 3 core members of November Project Canada. Andrew’s sister Jen is the other. Nadim remembers things somewhat differently… “It wasn’t quite a Mariachi Band” he replies when I mention Andrew’s version of how they met. “It was more of a modern day ‘boy band’ and for one of the songs, we dressed in ponchos. We didn’t play any Mexican folk tunes. He promised to put one of my songs on the workout playlist if I showed up” During the NHL regular season, Andrew makes it out to morning workouts when he can, but Nadim and Jen are the Tribe leaders when he’s out of town. Using the power of social media, they tweet out their workout locations, post photos, call out people for backing out of their “verbals” and build a unique fitness community.

If you were wondering, a “verbal” is your guarantee that you will make it out to the workout the following day. Using a hashtag (that’s a “#” for you non-Twitter folks) followed by “verbal”, you are showing the Tribe your commitment to showing up to the next work out. A warning. Never give your verbal and not show up or you will face the ridicule of the Tribe “A lot of people are apprehensive about showing up at 6am to work out with a large group of people they’ve never met before” says Nadim. “You can use Twitter and Facebook to make them feel like they know someone before they show up”. The day before my last visit for a workout, a woman from Quebec contacted them through Twitter letting them know she would be joining them when she arrived in Edmonton the following week. People made her feel welcome by tweeting encouragements to her. “It really speaks to what we’re trying to do to build a community that is welcoming” he says. “November Project was initially about being active and keeping fit, but somewhere along the way, it became more about building a community”. The Edmonton chapter of November Project is the first Tribe in Canada. “We have the harshest climate of all the cities,” says Andrew. “I think we are constantly trying to make sure our numbers are strong so we prove our weather proof claim”. Mountain Equipment Co-op has been brought in to help inform Tribe members about the best clothing to wear in our frigid winters and to keep dry during our spring rains.

“I came out because Jen is my step-mom (laughing). No. I love the community. Everyone is so positive and gets you motivated.” Robbie

“I came out because it looked fun. I’ve been going for the past 10 months. It doesn’t matter what day you come out, you never run into the same person twice. Everyone is so motivating. There’s no pressure. You can do as much as you want.” Min So what’s the future for November Project in Edmonton? They’re not going anywhere. If anything, they’re growing – attracting more Tribe members each and every week. For many members, it’s the best part of their day and they look forward to the next workout when they’ll get to meet their friends again. Many group members have formed friendships outside of the Tribe, participating in both local and international marathons and other fitness events. We leave you with one final story told to us by Jen Ference. “Christmas Day fell on a Wednesday this year and I remember thinking...”we won’t do stairs Christmas day will we?” Nadim was going to be out of town Christmas day and I wasn’t sure of Andrew’s plans...I was trying to come up with a solution and thought we’d just swap Monday and Wednesday and encourage people to do a “deck” Wednesday on their own and then we’d all connect up again on Friday...When I mentioned it to Andrew, he gently ribbed me saying “But what if we’re their family for the day...?” Well, needless to say we did meet Christmas morning at 6 AM... I was uncertain that many would show up, but they did. It was a pivotal moment for me to see how many people wanted to be with the tribe for 6 AM stairs on a winter Christmas morning. It was again a reminder of what this community offers...its more than a chance to has become a family.

Hypoallergenic Paraben-Free Alcohol-Free Fragrance-Free Organic Ingredients Green Tea & Essential Oils Results up to 7-10 days Custom Blended 20 Minute Appointment Anti-cellulite Formula

Athlete Bio Andrew Ference is the captain of the Edmonton Oilers. He was born in Edmonton and raised close by in Sherwood Park. He played on 3 different NHL teams winning the Stanley Cup with Boston before being traded back home to Edmonton in 2013. Andrew is considered an “eco-warrior”, creating a carbon-neutral program in the NHL to offset the negative environmental impact caused by the sport. He has recently worked with Mayor Don Iveson to encourage Edmontonians to go bagless in the summer when cutting their grass. He is also a lover of cycling, riding and tweeting about his favorite trails in the city. “I love the trail section from Emily Murphy to the High level bridge. Some fun speed sections and a little single track on the cyclocross is fun.” He’s got a race in the planning mode right now for Edmonton. Follow Andrew on Twitter for registration information (@Ferknuckle). “It is kind of the anti fun run. It is going to be a very hard bike and stair combo through the river valley. It will hurt and I’m hoping to attract some pretty competitive people.”

Book Online at Text/Call 780-905-TANS(8267)

OrganicTan Edmonton


Everyone loves an underdog. Whether it be the US beating the Soviets in Olympic Ice Hockey in 1980, or a small mom and pop shop fighting for their share of the retail market with the mega companies like WalMart. We all love cheering for the “little guy”. The same can be said for small local farmers. As cities expand and the suburbs balloon with lower prices, newer homes and attractive amenities, local farmland is being eaten up by development and infrastructure. Local farmers are struggling with cities to fight to stay alive, while cities are trying to keep up with population growth. Riverbend Gardens is one of those “little guys”. Located in North East Edmonton’s River Valley, Riverbend Gardens is in a perfect geographical location for farmland. Being located near the river allows for irrigation during dry times and the type of soil is idea for crop growth. The microclimate found in the region allows for an early planting in the spring and longer growing season into the late fall. Four generations have lived on these farmlands. They aren’t a factory farm where food is produced as quickly and cheaply as

possible with little care for the environment or food quality. They are committed to ecological and socially responsible farming practices using alternatives to chemical pesticides and fertilizers whenever possible. Currently run by Janelle and Aaron Herbert, they take great care in their farming methods supplying locally grown food to families in the Edmonton area. They value the history of their farm and they are optimistic about its future. One of the biggest issues many small local farmers face (besides the weather, insects and disease spoiling their crops) is competition with larger farms that are able to grow their product cheaper at the expense of food quality and the environment. When a farmer in Mexico can produce their crop for one-quarter the cost, it is difficult to compete. But there has been an insurgence of support for local farmers and initiatives by community members to shop for products grown within 100km of where you live. This is one of the reason farmer’s markets have been successful and are continuing to grow in popularity.

Riverbend Gardens supplies local farmers markets with nearly half the food they grow. The support from the community may be there, but in order for these farms to remain operating and to be successful, they need the support from local municipalities as well. Farmers today are hurting not only financially, but are struggling with government and developers to stay on their land. “The government support isn’t what it used to be,” says Janelle. The thing she’s most worried about is development in the area. “There is a highway that is planned to be placed right on top of our farm.” As the city continues to expand and as industry and development in the province continue to increase, so to does the demand for land to allow for that to happen. Being inside the city limits has long been a concern for them. Roads construction and developers have been knocking at the door for years, and they have tried working with city council and the province to have land such as theirs preserved to remain as farmland.

The way development works in the city is that a company called Stantec is hired to plan the area to be development. The city then stamps their approval based on what they recommend. So in other-words, developers have the power to decide what should happen to land inside the city limits. Including farmland.

They are also attracting a lot of attention from media and activists in the city who share their beliefs that there is a need for city development and farmland to co-exist. A number of groups have held discussion with their councilors and voiced their concern over this issue.

What needs to be done now is for city planners to realize that there is value to area farmland. It may not be financial in terms of property value, but farming is the backbone to the success of our society. There is an inherent value in retaining farmland and for communities to continue support“What we want is a long term plan, set by ing local farmers before the whole industry the city, for agricultural land to be protected is lost to mass production and the importfrom development,” continues Janelle. They ing of products from farms thousands of have sat down with past and current may- kilometers away. ors and councilors to discuss the issue and while there appears to be an understanding As citizens, we have the choice about where that local farming is important, so to is the to purchase our food, and what issues are need for development. important for our community. To be socially responsible, we need to ensure that governWhy can’t farming and city development ment allows for the protection of land such work together? Why can’t we have local as Riverbend Gardens, not just for ourselves, farms provide the people that live in the city but also for future generations. with the food they need to eat? Why do we need to go to a grocery store to buy carrots grown in California when I can buy better quality, locally produced ones right here. Currently, their land is zoned as Agricultural Land, but that can change at any time. There is no protection for city area farms since their property is valued higher as residential property than it is as farmland.

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So what’s the future for Riverbend Gardens? Well support for what they are doing is strong. Their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is growing as they provide Edmonton area residents with locally grown products on a weekly basis. This subscription-based service allows you to choose how many weeks you would like to have produce supplied for and you pick it up at a convenient location in your area.

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Cut Above Getting to Know Your Butcher

ACME MEAT MARKET Photography by Sean Williams

Acme Meat Market is one of the most respected butcher shops in the city. Being a meat supplier to some of the cities top chefs and their restaurants puts them in that category. Their location in the Ritchie area is great for local residents, but people come from all across the city and neighboring communities to pick up their weekly supplies. The methods of butchering techniques may not have changed much over the years, but the business side of things is something both he and his wife Amanda have had to adjust. In the days of social media and hashtags, businesses have to adapt to their customers and they’ve done an amazing job of this. Their online presence with a website and a buzzing Twitter and Facebook feed have allowed them to tap into a tech friendly generation. They have become a social media leader in the city and they have come to realize that to remain successful, you have to change your business practices to keep up with new concepts. “If you want to learn about meat, how to purchase it, what’s a good buy today, how to cook it, start a relationship with your butcher. We are the folks who know and will be glad to help if you just ask,” says Amanda. She fields questions daily on Twitter and Facebook letting their customers know what’s just arrived, and have even used social media to take orders for fresh product. “We’re a high quality market with an emphasis on personal customer care. Customers enjoy personal service and expert advice on cooking, grilling and meal planning,” she says.

Corey Meyer is not your typical looking butcher. His tattooed forearms feature different cuts of pork on one and beef on the other are and his characteristic lamb chop sideburns make him an iconic figure in the food industry in Edmonton. As the butcher behind the Old Strathcona fixture, Acme Meat Market, he comes from a long line of family members who have carried out their trade for generations. “A lot of our customers are second or third generation customers that have been shopping with their parents and grandparents that come in here… maybe not to this location, but to Acme,” says Meyer. “We started in 1921 and we haven’t changed much, other than modern technology.”

You can check out Acme five days a week from Tuesday- Saturday. When you do, make sure to say “hi” to Amanda and Corey and maybe ask them some questions of your own.

9531 76 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB @acmemeatmarket





Ginger-Lime Sirloin Select a shallow, non-reactive dish that is large enough to hold the steak. Add the lime juice, fish sauce, hoisin sauce, chile sauce, ginger and lime zest to the dish and mix well. Add the steak, turning it to coat both sides. Cover and refrigerate for a minimum of 2 and up to 8 hours turning the meat occasionally. Remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes prior to grilling. Oil your grill rack and raise the temperature to HIGH heat for direct grilling. Remove the steak from the marinade and discard the remaining sauce. Grill the steak directly over the heat elements until cooked to your liking. 4-6 min per side for medium-rare. Let the meat rest for 3-5 minutes after grilling. Ingredients: 6 tablespoons fresh lime juice 3 tablespoons fish sauce 3 tablespoons hoisin sauce 3 tablespoons Asian hot-chile sauce 3 tablespoons peeled and grated fresh ginger 1 teaspoon grated lime zest 1 sirloin (1 他 - 2 lb and 1 inch thick)

Citrus-and-Honey Chicken Breasts Start by making the citrus-honey marinade. Finely shred the zest of an orange, lemon and lime, then squeeze the juice from each fruit into a shallow, non-reactive dish. Add the chives, chopped mint, oil and honey. Pour off 2 tablespoons of the marinade and set aside. Flatten each chicken breast to an even thickness of about 他 inch. Season both sides with salt and pepper. Add the chicken to the dish and coat both sides with the marinade. Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour and up to 4 hours rotating occasionally. Remove from the refrigerator 30 minutes prior to grilling Oil your grill rack and raise the temperature to HIGH heat for direct grilling. Remove the chicken from the marinade and discard the remaining sauce. Grill the chicken directly over the neat elements turning once or twice and brushing with the reserved marinade until firm to the touch (approximately 4-6 minutes per side. Serve the chicken immediately.

Citrus-Honey Marinade

1 orange 1 lemon 1 lime 3 tablespoons fresh finely chopped chives. 1 tablespoon chopped mint 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons honey 6 boneless skinless chicken breast halves Salt and freshly ground pepper

Salmon With Dill Sauce To prepare the dill sauce, in a small bowl, combine the goat cheese, sour cream, dill, garlic and salt and white pepper to taste and mix well. Cover and refrigerate until serving. Oil your grill rack and raise the temperature to MEDIUM-HIGH heat for direct grilling. Brush the salmon on both sides with olive oil and place skin side down over the elements of the grill. Cover the grill and cook until fish is opaque throughout (8-12 minutes total). Remove the salmon from the grill and set on a serving platter. Serve hot or warm with the dill sauce and lemon wedges.

For the Dill Sauce Âź lb fresh goat cheese 1 cup sour cream Âź cup chopped fresh dill 1 clove garlic, minced Salt and white pepper

1 skin-on salmon filet , about 3 lb with bones removed. Lemon wedges.

YEG Fitness Grilling Tips Caring For Your Grill - Before grilling, brush the rack with oil to keep food from sticking and to make clean up easier. - Don’t let old food ashes accumulate at the bottom of your grill. These create flare-ups that cause your food to burn. - After cooking, while the grill is still hot, use a long handled wire brush to scrape any food particles stuck to the rack.

The Art Of Grilling - Make good grill marks by rotating your meat 45 to 90 degrees after ¼ total cooking time. Turn meat midway repeating this process. Avoid rotating the meat multiple times. - Coat your food with oil, marinade, salt and pepper before grilling. Allow it to sit refrigerated for a period of time to absorb some flavor. - Learn to tell when the meat is “done”. There is nothing worse than buying a great beef tenderloin that tastes like leather when you pull it off the grill because they’re overdone, or fresh organic chicken that is still raw in the middle after you serve it to guests. Invest in a good meat thermometer. - Allow your food to “rest” when it is done. Don’t start eating it immediately once it comes off the grill. Allow it to cool a bit to retain the juices that have been sealed in by the grilling. - Buy the best cuts of meat you can afford. If you can buy from your local butcher, even better. Trust us. You’ll notice the difference in the flavor.

FIT TIP Did You Know?

There is a 41% reduction in dying of cancer over 12 years among people who got fit versus those who continued to remain out of shape. Setting your treadmill on a 10% incline over the course of twice weekly 14 minute workouts can significantly improve your endurance. 2 weekly core workouts (planks, curlups etc) can help you manage lower back pain. 3 out of 4 CrossFiters reported that they sustained injuries during training. This is likely due to being physically unprepared for CrossFit’s high intensity lifting. We suggest beginning these workouts at a lower intensity level to learn proper technique and slowly increase intensity. 79% of people at risk for heart disease or diabetes felt they were in good overall health.



Summer in Edmonton is well underway and for most of us, that means one thing. Time to hit the area farmer’s markets. Many of the city’s markets have been open all year, but now is the best time for quality food and selection from local farmers. Over the past decade, people have been adopting a shop local lifestyle and that includes the food they buy. The 100 km diet is gaining popularity and for us living in the sub-arctic, it can be a bit challenging in the winter months. There are some great local greenhouses that keep the farmer’s markets that operate over those months stocked, but nothing beats the summer months for fresh local produce and a variety of options to choose from. Besides the quality products found at the markets, people who visit them are helping to support local farmers and keep this struggling industry alive. With all the mega farms out there producing huge quantities of meat and produce it’s tough for a local farmer to compete. But that’s a topic for another story. Edmonton may be known as “Festival City” but I think that we could also include the slogan “Market City” as our city’s slogan. The fact that there are over 20 different markets in and around our city is evidence for this.

Old Strathcona Farmers Market @StraThconaMrkt

Open Year Round Saturday 8am-3pm 10310 83 ave

CITY MARKET @CityMarket104 YEG Fitness Suggests: Dauphine Bakery & Bistro Doef’s Greenhouse Fiesta Olives Greens Eggs and Ham Irving Farm Fresh Ltd Sundog Organic Farm


The Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market is a staple in Edmonton and offers something for everyone. Products range from produce, meat and dairy to specialty chocolate, locally roasted coffee, and handmade crafts and jewelry. Buskers keep visitors entertained with music and face painting for the kids. Parking is available and ATM’s are on site.

YEG Fitness Suggests:

Jacek Chocolate Couture TRI POW Riverbend Gardens The Happy Camel Sylvan Star Cheese Catfish Coffee

The City Market has been a part of Edmonton’s downtown for more than a century. They are open year round – outdoors along 104 st during the summer months and indoors at City Hall in the winter. Farm-fresh produce, locally raised meats, bread, fruit wines, and sweet treats, all of this and more make up the City Market shopping experience. Food trucks are on site during the summer to satisfy your appetites from some of the city’s best chefs. Street parking is available and there are many parkades in the area. ATM machines are on site.

Open Year Round Outdoors on 104th Street (north of Jasper Avenue) from May Long Weekend to Thanksgiving (9am to 3pm) Indoors at City Hall (Sir Winston Churchill Square) from October to May (10am to 3pm)

Mother’s Market is a popular destination for chefs and local foodies searching for a variety of artisanal and s easonal products. You can expect quality, farm-fresh goods supplied directly from the local farmers that produced them.

YEG Fitness Suggests:

Sunworks Farm Rebekah’s Fish

OLIV Oils Prairie Mill Bread Co.


Open Seasonally Wednesday 2pm-6pm; Sunday 10am-3pm 69 ave 178 st


Open Seasonally Saturday 10am-3pm

St. Anne and St. Thomas Streets in the Perron District

Callingwood Farmers’ Market is an Alberta Approved Farmers’ Market through Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. They offer locally grown, fresh, organic produce and meats, home made food, top quality plants and unique arts and crafts. You can be assured that the majority of products purchased from the Callingwood market go to helping support our local economy. There are bank machines available on site and free parking is available in the shopping center parking lot.

YEG Fitness Suggests:

Alberta Bison Ranch Birds & Bees Organic Winery and Meadery Catch of the Day

Erdmann’s Gardens & Greenhouses Fruits of Sherbrooke Green Valley Farm

The St. Albert Farmers’ Market is the largest outdoor market in Western Canada. The market features over 250 vendors, 5 special event days, and a variety of top market-quality products that are home baked, home grown, or handmade. You’ll find fresh produce, homemade baking, preserves, farm fresh chicken and organic meats, arts and crafts and a whole lot more.

YEG Fitness Suggests:

Bearsprings Farm Blue Kettle Specialty Foods Ltd. Cravings Artisan Gelato Goldforest Grains Inc. Gull Valley Greenhouse

Kuhlmann’s Market Gardens & Greenhouses Ltd. Little Jack Horner Meat Pies Mojo Jojo Pickles and Preserves Peas on Earth Organic Garden

Plouffe Twins Maybe it’s the genetics. Maybe it’s the water. Maybe it’s the cold Alberta winters when all there is to do some days is head indoors and hit the gym. Regardless of the reason, Katherine and Michelle Plouffe have proven to be two of the top female basketball players to come out of Edmonton. And yes. If you didn’t notice, they’re twins. Their love of the sport began at a young age. All of their siblings played sports, but it was their older sister Andrea Plouffe who helped foster their passion for basketball.

“We had a hoop in our backyard to practice on” reflects Katherine. “I remeber Michelle and I going to watch our older sister’s games. Once we were old enough to play, we got into mini-league with our community team starting in Grade 3. From then on, basketball was always in the schedule.” The girls continued to develop their dominance on the court through their youth and it all culminated in their high school years as part of the Harry Ainlay Titans where they went undefeated with a 60-0 record. “The level and commitment to win that those teams had was priceless. First and foremost my best basketball memories are of those teams.” says Katherine. Both girls recognize that without the support of their family, coaches and teammates, they would never have achieved what they have in their basketball careers. “We’ve been blessed to have had awesome coaches and teammates and that’s what I’ll remember beyond any achievement or award.” “If it weren’t for Andrea blazing the trail for us and earning a scholarship to play Division 1 basketball there may not have been a better role model for us growing up” says Michelle. “Our mom is one of the biggest influences in our lives. The most caring, thoughtful, supportive person and I don’t know what I would do without her” she continues. Family support, and their faith in God are important parts of their lives and they feel that those were the foundation for their development. After their playing time at Harry Ainlay, the women went separate routs as they continued to play in college. Katherine went to Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI, which is part of the Big East conference while Michelle went on to the University of Utah. Both earned accolades through their fouryear stints earning them awards and starting spots on some of the top US college teams. Michelle holds the rebounding record at Utah (1155) and is second on the all-time scoring list (2100 pts). They were both part of the Canadian National Team and Michelle earned a spot on the team that made its way to London in 2012 for the Olympics. To top it off, she was also selected as the 19th overall pick in the 2014 WNBA Draft to the Seattle Storm this past spring.

You might think there would be a bit of sibling rivalry here. I mean they are twin sisters. They both excel at their sport. They both have achieved great things. When you meet these women, and you watch them train, you will notice that any type of rivalry is to encourage each other. To train harder. To become the best they can be at their sport. Their training schedule is tough and their methods differ depending on the time of the season. “College programs have a much different feel than professional ones for the most part” says Michelle. “Right now, we’re working off of a strength and conditioning program provided by Canada Basketball and also doing on court basketball workouts daily.” They want to be as skilled and as strong as possible to keep that competitive edge as they move forward. They’ve both had great coaches over their years and have learned the importance of off court training as well as on court practice.

“That’s one thing that I encourage for fitness and training - to vary the exercises and keep it exciting so that it’s not something that you hate doing” says Katherine. “Same goes for sports for younger kids. I think it’s so important for kids to be able to try out a lot of different sports and activities right up to high school. It develops different areas and strengths at multiple levels and allows an opportunity for fun in different activities besides staying in the house and playing on the computer.” Both women have recently completed their university careers and are ready to start careers in the real world. Both plan to keep their ties to basketball and remain playing for as long as they can. They are planning to play for Team Canada this summer and be picked up by a pro team in Europe next season. “I’m exciting to move on to the next part of my career and find out where God leads me to play” says Katherine.







Photography by Chan Rin

Squat/Weighted Squat

Bent Over Rows

Squat Shoulder Press

Renegade Rows

1 Min Break Alternating Lunge Jumps

V-Sit Torso Twist

Plank Reach Outs

Mountain Climbers

1 Min Break Squat Thrusters

Push Up to Alternating Side Plank







Squat / Weighted Squat:

Bent Over Rows:

Muscles Activated: Glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, shoulders (with weights)

Muscles Activated: Lat dorsi, core, quads, hamstrings, glutes

1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart 2. Holding weights at side of body 3. Squat down by pushing butt back hinging at hips and knees 4. Keep chest up and look up 5. Stand up by pushing through heels 6. At peak, push hips forward

1. Holding onto weights, hing at hip, push butt back 2. Pull weights up so they line up with hips 3. Lower weight with control by activating the lat dorsi







Squat Shoulder Press:

Renegade Rows:

Muscles Activated: Glutes, hamstrings, quads, core, shoulders

Muscles Activated: core, chest, back

1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart 2. Holding weights at shoulder height 3. Squat down by pushing butt back hinging at hips and knees 4. Keep chest up and look up 5. Stand up by pushing through heels 6. Press weight above head at the same time 7. At peak, push hips forward 8. When squatting back down, slowly lower weight at the same time

1. Start in a plank position (either on knees or toes) 2. Holding weights about shoulder width apart or farther 3. Lower into a push up 4. When coming up from push up, perform a row with one weight 5. Lower weight in a controlled manner, perform row with other weight


3 1


Alternating Lunge Jumps:

V-Sit Torso Twist:

Muscles Activated: Glutes, hamstrings, quads, core

Muscles Activated: core, shoulders

1. Start in a lunge position 2. Most of the body weight is on the front leg, rear leg is there for minor support 3. Bend rear leg at the knee 4. Push through front leg to accelerate and jump 5. In mid air, switch legs 6. Land softly back into a lunge with most of the weight resting on the heels

1. Sitting on tailbone holding weight with both hands 2. Control and twist body through core to one side 3. Touch weight to the ground 4. Twist in a controlled manner to the opposite side







Plank Reach Outs:

Mountain Climbers:

Muscles Activated: core

Muscles Activated: core

1. Start in low plan position (either on knees or on toes) 2. Take one arm and try and touch hand to the ground as far in front of the body as possible 3. Bring hand back, repeat with other arm 4. Try not to rock the hips side to side

1. Start in a high plank position 2. Place most of body weight over hands 3. Bring one knee up towards chest 4. Lightly tap toe to ground 5. Bring foot back 6. Alternate






Squat Thrusters: Muscles Activated: Quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, shoulders 1. Stand with feet shoulder width apart 2. Holding weights at side of body 3. Squat down by pushing butt back hinging at hips and knees 4. Keep chest up and look up 5. Stand up by pushing through heels 6. At the same time, pull weights above head 7. At peak, push hips forward 8. Squat back down and simultaneously bring weights back to start position



5 Push Up to Alternating Side Plank: Muscles Activated: Chest, core 1. Start in a high plank position (either on knees or on toes) 2. Go down into a push up 3. On the way up, twist body to one side so body is stacked 4. Should be in a side plank position (either on knees or on toes) 5. Rotate back down 6. Do a push up 7. Switch sides


2 1

Plank: Muscles Activated: core 1. Low plank position: on elbows 2. Stay on knees or on toes





Specializing in Commercial, Architecture, Portrait, and Event photography.

Muscles Activated: Quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, chest, shoulders 1. Start in a high plank position (either on knees or on toes) 2. Go down into a push up 3. At the peak of the push up drive knees towards chest 4. Bring hips under chest too 5. Jump 6. Land back into a squat position 7. Go back to original push up position

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7:29 PM










12080 - Jasper Avenue Edmonton 780.488.1113


INDOOR CLIMBING CROSSFIT YOGA 10247-184st Edmonton 780.454.7625 (ROCK) | 780.266.5162


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