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MAY 2011

New Color Palettes Reflect a Wide World of Influences by Joanne Friedrick Color Consultant Leatrice “Lee” Eiseman may be the one to tell the world what the newest color palette is, but it is still the consumer and people’s attitudes that are influences behind these color decisions. “We have to look at consumer direction and what consumers are telling us,” said Eiseman during her “Color Directions: Twists, Turns and Trends” seminar at the International Home + Housewares Show in March. Creating the color groupings for the year is based heavily on how consumers are reacting to the economy and the world around them. Key words that have influenced the palette, said Eiseman are “casual, ease, informality” and “authenticity.” These all speak to a more rural, rather than urban mindset, she said, and an interest in and use of natural materials such as wood, clay, glass and natural fibers. Continued on Page 6

Suppliers Target Furry Friends’ Owners With Pet Products Lines by Danielle D’Adamo In today’s highly competitive market, many kitchenware companies are branching out into more sub categories to offer consumers a better solution to their housewares needs. It’s not enough to offer the standard utensils, appliances and cookware product lines; instead, companies are evolving into one-stop shops for everything under the housewares umbrella, including items as simple and necessary as pet products. From high-quality ceramic bowls and environmentally friendly materials to stylish food jars that complement any kitchen countertop, one thing is for sure: The latest housewares products have gone to the dogs. Continued on Page 10

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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

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Additional Showrooms Sign With 41 Madison of its latest upscale product lines, including some new licensed collections. Being at Forty One Madison takes us to the next level in our business strategy.”

Taking space on the newly renovated 8th floor was Circle Glass, a brand that for more than 30 years has been a key resource for value-driven glass barware, stemware, serveware and giftware. According to Owner Sidney Elmann, he made the decision to relocate Circle to Forty One Madison because, “This is the perfect place for Circle Glass to step up the presentation

Industry veteran Nils Lindblad opened his own showroom, NGL Associates, on the 17th floor where he is representing a lineup of new generation home brands breaking into the U.S. market. Among the portfolio is ASA Selection from Germany, whose porcelain and ceramic tabletop and accessories have a distinct modern aesthetic. He’ll also be showing Sweden’s




{ shorts } Another two showrooms signed leases at Forty One Madison and opened for business during The New York Tabletop Market in April.




Cult Design, whose kitchen and bathroom products take on the cubed form; Sowden Design from Italy and its Soft Brew, an innovative gourmet coffee system; and the home scents from Serene House. Lindblad also represents Stelton, which can be found on the 16th floor. “Forty One Madison is the place to meet the right buyers for high-end products for the home,” he said in a prepared statement. “So, I’m pleased to be able to open my showroom at this prestige industry address.”




GENMERT INC. Mulberry Home Bento Boxes [tel] 800.350.2638

Great News Garners Rösle’s First Big Ladle Award


Great News Discount Cookware & Cooking School, a specialty retailer was honored during the International Home + Housewares Show with the first-ever Rösle Big Ladle Award.

MUSEUM OF ROBOTS Rocket Salt & Pepper [tel] 415.721.0525


NEHARLA INC. Marsala Box [tel] 312.961.2565


ORE ORIGINALS Yin Yang Pet Bowl [tel] 800.367.2675


WÜSTOF-TRIDENT OF AMERICA 7" Hollow Edge Santoku [tel] 800.289.9878

The nearly 3-foot long ladle, manufactured and engraved in Germany, was presented to Great News’ Owners Ron Eisenberg and Devora Safran in recognition of their success with Rösle’s line. Store Manager Erika D’Eugenio was also on hand to

accept the award from National Sales Manager Patrick Lobo and Sandi Sinclair, Manufacturer’s Representative for Rösle. Great News was ranked the No. 1 specialty store for Rösle in 2010. Great News, which is located in the Pacific Plaza in San Diego, Calif., was founded in 1977. Rösle produces award-winning, German-designed kitchen tools that are backed by a lifetime warranty. Rösle Big Ladle Award will be given annually at the IHA show.

Sandi Sinclair, manufacturers representative; Patrick Lobo, national sales manager for Rösle USA, Erika D'Eugenio, Great News store manager, Ron Eisenberg and Devora Safran, store owners.


TALISMAN DESIGNS Natural Wood Utensils [tel] 877.546.7995



JUNE Licensed Products Cookware Update Marketwatch Kids’ Products Gift Baskets & Gift Basket Items Buyers Guide

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011



KITCHENWARE NEWS Housewares Review



In reflecting back on what we saw at this year’s IH+HS Show, it occurs to me that perhaps the kitchenware and housewares industry has a part to play in solving America’s obesity problem. There’s also reason to think that the kitchenware and housewares industry can help solve America’s education and juvenile delinquency problems. I can hear you thinking, Say what? But follow along with me here, and you’ll see the connection. I call your attention to some comments by Chef Fabio Viviani, who was at IH+HS to talk about Bialetti’s new Aeternum line of cookware. Viviani explained in charmingly fractured English that American home cooks need better tools more than they need more recipes. “I got recipes. I’m a chef, of course I got recipes. You got recipes. The Internet has recipes. You don’t need recipes,” he said. “What you need is tools because if you got good tools, you can make good food.” He went on to say that good tools are more important to home cooks now than in decades past because home cooks are more rushed now. “You got lives. You got careers. You got kids to look after. You got husbands. You know. You got lives,” he said. “You don’t got time to cook like grandma did.” He went on to say that better cookware makes it possible for home cooks to produce better food in less time, and of course, the Bialetti Aeternum pans were exactly what he was recommending.

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Lorrie Baumann Joanne Friedrick [tel] 207.780.8656 Danielle D’Adamo


Valerie Wilson


Yasmine Brown


Selene Pinuelas

Well, fine, but what does this have to do with obesity, America’s schools, and juvenile delinquency, you’re asking. It goes like this. There’s a theory out there that one reason why America is so fat is that Americans eat too much flavorless food. Since our food isn’t satisfying us with its flavors, we’re trying to satisfy our hunger with quantity instead, says that theory. And where are we getting this flavorless food? We’re eating too much fast food and food that’s had the flavor processed out of it. And why are we doing that? It’s because we don’t have time or the energy to cook real meals. And how do we solve that problem? Ask Viviani, and then work backward from there.

Lee M. Oser



1877 N. Kolb Road Tucson, Arizona 85715 [tel] 520.721.1300 [fax] 520.721.6300


And now that we’ve solved the obesity problem, how does this help us with the education and delinquency issues, you ask. Well, I’m glad you did, because I’m going to point you to a 2009 study that concluded that drinking, violence, property-destruction, stealing and running away decrease for adolescent males as the frequency of family meals increases. For females, the study showed that substance use and running away decrease as the frequency of family meals increases. Frequent family meals are also correlated with better nutritional intake and better school performance, and there’s even evidence that kids who eat with their families more often are less likely to be depressed and to have suicidal thoughts. All that being the case, it makes sense that making it easier for home cooks to put meals on the table will increase the likelihood that families will sit down around that table more often. And from there, the logic is inexorable—if good kitchenware gets more meals on the family table, then it also has an influence on a whole array of social problems that afflict American children today. Judging by what we saw at IH+HS this year, the housewares and kitchenware industry is doing its part to seduce Americans back into the kitchen to prepare and present healthful meals to their families. And with new energy-efficient appliances, the industry is even helping combat climate change as well! Lee M. Oser, Publisher



Upon returning from the International Home + Housewares Show, one of the first questions people ask is: “What was the best thing you saw?” Or maybe it’s a variation on that, such as “What was the mostinteresting product there?” or “What is the latest trend?” It’s not easy to pick out one product or even a group of them from the thousands of items you get to see at this major show. Even looking at it on a category-by-category basis, you’re still talking about dozens to hundreds of products from which to choose. So rather than focus on one or two things, I like to tell people how impressed I am by the breadth and depth of the housewares industry. How there is always something new to see, as well as improvements upon and variations of old favorites. And where once there were a handful of colors, now the palette is a wide as the imagination. For some companies, the introduction of a new color or color family is as important as creating something never before seen in the world of kitchenware or tabletop. I’m both envious of and in awe of retailers who methodically travel the aisles at this and other trade shows, looking for products to add to their stores. Envious because I would love to stock a store with fun and practical products and watch my customers’ reactions when they see what I picked. But I’m also in awe of them because they have the ability to narrow their selection from the multitude of items available. Does a store exist that can take on one of everything? That’s highly doubtful, even in the Internet age when stores aren’t limited by physical space.



Kate Seymour [tel] 520.721.1300 Lyle Sapp [tel] 520.721.1300

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So now I’m interested to see what makes its way onto the shelves of the kitchenware retailers around the country. Maybe what we find in stock will be the real answer to those questions about the best and most-interesting products at the show. Joanne Friedrick, Editor


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

{ headlines } High Energy, Improved Attendance Reflect Housewares Show’s Ongoing Appeal

by Joanne Friedrick

There are many indicators of a revived economy, and for the people who put on the International Home + Housewares Show, “energy” is just one of them. “Our job is to put buyers and sellers together,” said Perry Reynolds, Vice President-Marketing and Trade Development for the International Housewares Association, which operates the show. “And we were encouraged by the energy this year in the retail community.”

so, he said. “This is sort of the future’s workshop,” explained Reynolds. Finally, he said, buyers have embraced the Housewares Connect 365 online tool for searching, planning and interfacing with exhibitors introduced in 2011. The tool is available for year-round use, he said, and has generated more than 220,000 searches since its inception.

HEALTHY STEPS COOKIE PRO Healthy Steps by Jokari, a line of portion control kitchen tools, expanded its range with nine new items, including the Cookie Pro. The Cookie Pro delivers identically measured cookie dough balls for uniform cookie size. The multi-tool includes a flex cup for portioning the dough and a spatula-shaped end for spreading dough or frosting. Other new items in the Healthy Steps line include Chicken Pro, Pasta Server, Fish Turner, Nut Bowl and Scoop, Salad Dressing Lid, Salad Dressing Cruet and Herb Pro. Suggested Retail Prices: $2.99-14.95 Jokari/Healthy Steps [tel] 214.237.0625

Other concrete factors of a recovering housewares industry were the 5 percent increase in buyer traffic, with 21,000 buyers in attendance, and a sold out show floor for the first time in three years. Reynolds said the show organizers saw the beginnings of resurgence last year and its continuation at this year’s Chicago event in March. Offering something new for attendees also helps, and the show’s Discover Design section, which was focused on inspired design and craftsmanship, “opened up some new possibilities for us,” said Reynolds. He noted that exhibitors who participated in this section housed within the Dine + Design area are coming back “and they are bringing their friends.” The addition of these gift and designoriented suppliers fits with the changes in the industry, said Reynolds. “As the audience moves, so does the supplier base.” The show, which will take place March 11 to 13 in 2012, will showcase a new look in its decorations, said Reynolds, which is something the show’s owners strive for every few years. There are also plans already in the works for the next round of seminars. The color presentation by Pantone’s Lee Eiseman has a strong following and will likely continue. But Reynolds noted that just as there are avid followers of Eiseman’s color predictions, “we recognize there are similar groupies of trends.” For the past few years, Lifetime Brands’ Senior Vice President for Global Trend and Design, Tom Mirabile, has led a panel discussion on consumer trends and its popularity is growing, said Reynolds. Reynolds said new topics will emerge that will be covered not only by the trend forecast, but within the show’s Design Theater, which has covered topics such as intellectual property rights and sustainability. The whole sustainability area “is a moving target,” said Reynolds, and one the industry is watching carefully. Also on the rise in popularity is the Inventors’ Corner, which this year hosted 35 inventors and next year will see 50 or

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


COLOR TRENDS (cont. from p.1) Consumers are interested in products that have “a soul,” she said, as well as some aspect of sustainability. The idea of recycling isn’t going away, she noted. Other influences that have come up through discussions with consumers, she said, is an interest in honesty and helpfulness. There is a move to nurture the psyche as well as the planet, she said. Additional words that have cropped up in the determination of new color ways are “efficiency” and “effortlessness.” In the world of design, she said, the mushroom motif is showing resurgence, in part because of its tie in with naturalness and health. Culinary trends also have an influence on color, said Eiseman, and she cited a focus on desserts from Jell-O molds to cupcakes.

as “a pick-me-up and an adrenaline spiker,” said Eiseman, who noted that the coral-pink shade will be seen in lighter and darker variations, as well as its bright pink self. In total, there are nine palettes being offered for 2012, each one named for mood and style it reflects. Nonchalance is dominated by pinks and blues with some neutrals for a very casual feel. Subtleties is all about mid-tone colors, while Resilience works in browns and mushroom shades for a recycled, yet stylish, feel. The Indigo Effects palette is described as magical and mystical and even glamorous, incorporating blues and deep purple shades. The vintage, heirloom focus is presented in Transcending Time, which also has an eclectic side with a pop of pink among the beige and wood tones. Back to the Fuchsia is a color grouping designed to get people to stop and look, said Eiseman, with its bold pinks, reds, purples

and greens. Reflections is about finishes, and continues the use of turquoise that was the previous year’s hot color, along with blues, neutrals and a deep red. The final two palettes, Nouveau Neon and The Comics are the brightest in the bunch, featuring radioactive yellow, pink, orange and purple in the former and black with playful cartoon colors like red and yellow and rich blue.

hot. She predicted some “quirky” twists and turns in graphics, while florals will be “very bold or very simplistic.” And white continues to be a classic and will have a big presence in housewares, she said.

Along with these major palettes, Eiseman said there are some additional trends, both new and old that will be present. Metallic finishes such as stainless and chrome are still in vogue, she said, and striping will continue to be

Of course, said Eiseman, films have historically set trends and now they live longer through video-on-demand and rentals. Movies with a vintage feel such as The King’s Speech and the HBO series Boardwalk Empire are having an impact on where color trends are headed, as are kids’ shows and cartoons, which still have a colorful, though more subdued palette. That’s not to say brights don’t have a place in the color world, she said, noting that neon and radioactive colors are present, though tempered with a black outline. The color of the year, Honeysuckle, is seen


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

{ p ro d u c t re v i e w s }

Full Circle

Tate Mate Potato Brush When it comes to having a fully stocked kitchen, my drawers and cabinets tend to lack a few items. Case and point: a potato

by Danielle D’Adamo

brush. On the few occasions when I actually make baked or roasted potatoes, I’ve been known to just rub them fervently

with my hands and hope that does the trick—no judgment, please. Needless to say, I was eager to try Full Circle’s new Tate Mate Potato Brush With Eye Remover for this month’s product review.

tough enough to remove the excess dirt on the potato. I found that I didn’t need to scrub with much force, and the potato was thoroughly clean and smooth in less than 30 seconds.

Full Circle is known for producing highquality, earth-friendly products, and the Tate Mate is the newest addition to the company’s line of green cleaning products. Made entirely of sustainable, biodegradable materials (a combination of bamboo and recycled plastic), the Tate Mate Potato Brush was recently named a 2011 Design Defined Honoree at the International Home + Housewares Show. This nifty little device is specially designed to fit in the palm of your hand and has a unique corer tool to remove potato “eyes”—those pesky little white sprouts growing out of the potato skin—with a simple twist.

With the first potato cleaned and ready, I started on the next one. I made sure to buy a potato with lots of eyes to test the eye remover on the Tate Mate. Following the directions on the package, I placed the point of the eye remover in the eye’s center and twisted. After the second twist, the eye popped right out. I found that the bigger the eye, the easier it was to remove it with the Tate Mate.

Putting the Tate Mate to the test, I was pleased to discover that it really was that simple to use. I decided to make a relatively quick and easy meal of baked potatoes and salad one evening. I began by running cold water over the first Russet potato and gently scrubbing it with the Tate Mate. The ergonomic handle was very comfortable and didn’t slip at all. I was surprised that the texture of the bristles— natural and recycled, of course—was not overly coarse. The bristles were practically soft to the touch but clearly

Not only is the brush eco-friendly and effective, but it’s pretty cute to boot. The lime green color of the eye remover is a nice contrast to the smooth bamboo, and makes for a decorative countertop accessory. The package does warn that the brush should be cleaned in hot soapy water and it is not dishwasher safe. I found it extremely easy to clean and was able to set it aside in the drain board for quick drying. Standing on end, the Tate Mate was fully dry in less than an hour. The Tate Mate Potato Brush retails for $4.99. With the trial of this handy tool under my belt, I would be happy to add the Tate Mate to my humble collection of kitchen tools. my fridge. Because of space constraints in the small fridge supplied by my apartment complex, the Can-Tamer proved to be too tall when fully stacked with 13 soda cans. I decided to leave my sodas free standing in the fridge and test the Can-Tamer on the counter. Next I started on the food cans. I originally tried to stack a 16-ounce Bush’s Baked Beans can on the bottom tier only to watch it slide off. On closer inspection, I discovered that the Can-Tamer can only hold soup cans (more specifically, Campbell’s Soup) up to 2.5" in diameter or roughly 10 ounces. Luckily, I had four types of Cambell’s Soup cans hidden in the back of one cupboard and was able to easily store them on the Can-Tamer. I also had a few Del Monte fruit cocktail cans and stacked them as well. According to company representatives, the Can-Tamer can also hold certain brands of small canned vegetables.

Prime Way Companies Can-Tamer Can Carousel Few things are worse than a cluttered kitchen cabinet. In the time it takes to shift through countless soup, vegetable and fruit cans to find the one item I need, I could already be a step or two ahead on the recipe check list. Luckily, Prime Way Companies introduced the CanTamer Can Carousel to help solve this very problem and Kitchenware News & Housewares Review was able to test the product firsthand.

The Can-Tamer is the newest creation from Life-Tamers Inc., a division of Prime Way. Life-Tamers already manufacturers the popular Fridge-Tamer, the original swing-out fridge shelf, and introduced the Can-Tamer earlier this year. The two-tiered can carousel boasts space-saving abilities by securely holding soda and food cans (up to 13 soda cans or 39 food tins, according to the

by Danielle D’Adamo marketing flier). Because my tiny apartment has limited cabinet space, I was eager to see if the Can-Tamer really could provide quicker and easier access to my canned items. After assembling the Can-Tamer, which took less than five minutes and only required installing six small stands to connect the two tiers, I tried to situate it on the main shelf in

I then tested the Can-Tamer’s claim of securely holding all cans in place while rotating it 360 degrees; and it worked. Although the Can-Tamer can technically be stored in a cupboard, pantry or fridge, I found the best placement was next to the stovetop and my small revolving spice rack. This way all the cans stayed neatly stacked and I could easily identify what I had in stock with a quick spin. Prime Way is expecting to release another version of the Can-Tamer, which will hold much larger canned items. Because I generally purchase smaller, 10-ounce cans of soup or vegetables, I think the Can-Tamer product works well for one person. The original CanTamer retails for $12.95.

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


Retailer Profile The Copper Kettle Located in the historic downtown of Laramie, Wyo., The Copper Kettle serves the 27,000 residents and the students who come to the University of Wyoming and need those little extras to make an apartment home during their college days. Cyndi Martin owns the business with her husband, Roger, and during its first years of operation, the two ran the store together. But within a few years of opening in 2005, Roger returned to his former job in Los Angeles and now returns to Wyoming for the weekends only. Martin said that has given her a different perspective on the business and how it’s run. “There’s a more cohesive feel when there’s just one main input,” she said, although Martin still bounces ideas off her husband and involves her three female part-time staffers in decisions as well. However, it is Martin who is the primary buyer for the 1,500-square-foot store and the one who travels to trade shows, such as the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago to find interesting items for the various departments. The recent recession, which took a toll on businesses of all sorts, definitely made a mark on The Copper Kettle, noted Martin. Certain

by Joanne Friedrick

sections of the store were altered as buying patterns changed, she said. Cookware and small electrics were scaled back to just a couple of key brands for each, although the electrics department is rebounding now, she said. Barware, tabletop and bakeware have all grown since the store opened, she said, the first two influenced by students and faculty and the latter by the plethora of cooking shows with a dessert-oriented bent. The popularity of the barware, she said, has been a bit of a surprise, although the clientele does skew toward an adult audience, she said. And many of the bar-related items such as corkscrews and wine aerators make popular gifts. Other features of The Copper Kettle include tea and coffee makers and accessories, knives and some table linens. Gadgets that have their own wall but are also sprinkled throughout the store. In the linen area, Martin said she has pretty much eliminated tablecloths and replaced them with more versatile placemats and napkins. Since the store opened, cooking classes have also been part of the mix, along with a coffee bar on the second floor. In reaction to both the recession and the constraints on customers’ time, Martin said she cut back on the cooking classes, going from two-hour

sessions to more 45-minute ones. The shorter classes cost around $15, and while many are demo-oriented, a few of her instructors still like to provide hands-on training. Among the topics Martin and the other instructors have explored recently are Italian, Vietnamese and Persian Gulf cooking, French pastry, cheesecakes and bread making, and hands-on sausage, soup and tamale-making classes. For Valentine’s Day, Martin said they did a special couples class in which the couples prepared their own meals and then dined in the more intimate setting of the coffee bar. The store boasts a full residential kitchen, said Martin, and space for classes can be created by moving some racks on wheels. The typical class has about 10 attendees, she said, but many range from the minimum size of six participants to the maximum of 18. When it came to designing and merchandising the store, Martin said she drew from retailers such as Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table, but added a warmer touch, using wooden shelving instead of all metal. And unless the packaging is exceptional, Martin said she likes to unbox products for display purposes and keeps all the stock on the floor. Like all bricks-and-mortar retailers these days, Martin said she is contending with the Internet as a major source of competition for people’s shopping dollars. “The Internet is an unseen force,” she said, and one that often is able to undercut her on pricing. However, Martin said she is encouraged to see some manufacturers taking a tougher

stand against retailers than sell below cost. To counter what the Internet can offer, The Copper Kettle focuses on customer service and will do special orders for its clientele. “Most people are fairly OK if they have to wait for an order to come in,” she said, adding that she is often able to get a quick turnaround on customer requests. In a small town, she said, shoppers like to support local businesses, but they don’t want to be made to feel guilty if they do shop elsewhere. That’s why the downtown business group has pulled back from a strong “buy local” stance, she said. “We realize we can’t carry everything, but people do try to buy it here first. And if we don’t have it, we still thank them for coming to us first,” she explained. Another way The Copper Kettle serves its customers is through its bridal registry. Martin said the gift registry is a big part of her summertime business, beginning with a bridal fair in February and continuing until the fall. Couples can have their registry posted on the store’s website, said Martin, so family and friends can check it out online and buy online or at the store. By keeping track of what people buy for the couple, the bride and groom can earn 10 percent of the total sales and use that in the store afterward. Martin said couples often find they didn’t get everything the wanted, or they find out there are products they should have registered for and are now able to purchase with the bonus. Taking customer service one step further, Martin said she also likes—with the permission of the couple—to check out their other registries at department and specialty stores. “We look at their registry here and at the other stores and help them fill in the gaps,” she said. She even makes note of bridal shower dates and their colors so she can assist buyers in making a correct decision. If a couple is registered for china at one store, Martin said she looks at the pattern so she knows what color placemats would be the perfect accompaniment to the set. Couples are encouraged to register for a wide range of items at different price levels so they can meet everyone’s gifting needs. Martin will also keep an eye on the registry to see when it is filling up and may need some additions, or if there are duplicates with the other registries. One bride, she recalled, was already unknowingly registered for three knife sets and wanted to register for a fourth. While The Copper Kettle has already made some changes in its product mix and offerings, Martin said she’s always on the lookout for what she can try next. New for this year: offering lunches in the coffee bar area.


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

{ headlines } Gourmet Catalog Picks Harold Import as Best Overall Vendor Gourmet Catalog & Buying Group announced its fourth annual Best Vendor Award winners during a meeting that coincided with the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. “GC store members love the idea of recognizing vendor members for outstanding performance,” said Janis Johnson, Founder and President of Gourmet Catalog in a prepared release. “While we have had some steady winners in the past three years, we are happy to report that many new vendor names are showing up on the voting forms.” Store members began their voting process as part of Gourmet Catalog’s Start the Year Member Conference, held during the

January International Gift & Home Market in Atlanta. Each store member votes for the best Gourmet Catalog vendor in seven categories. The Best Overall Vendor award, which went to Harold Import Co., is determined by the top number of votes in all categories. Voting for the awards concluded Feb. 19. The winners for the other categories were: Best Shipping: Harold Import Best In-Stock: Harold Import Best In-Store Signage: Wüsthof Best In-Store Fixtures: Le Creuset Best Customer Service: Harold Import Best New Product in 2010: Soda Stream Most Creative Gourmet Catalog Program: Le Creuset

“Harold Import Co. is once again honored to be recognized by the store members of the Gourmet Catalog. We will continue to work hard to be a productive vendor for all of our customers,” said Robert Laub, President of Harold Import, in prepared remarks. “We were very happy to hear that the Gourmet Catalog members selected Le Creuset for these awards. We greatly value our partnership with Gourmet Catalog and look forward to continuing to grow our business together with best-in-class products that delight and inspire customers who are passionate about food and cooking,” said Boyd Beasley, Territory Manager for Le Creuset,

in a prepared release. “We are very grateful and thankful to receive this award. We have learned over the years that the best ideas come from our retail customers,” said Todd Meyers, Vice President of Sales for Wüsthof in his prepared statement. “Receiving an award like this would not be possible without the collaborative relationships built with Gourmet Catalog’s Member retailers” noted Gerard Meyer, President of SodaStream USA. Winners were announced during the Gourmet Catalog store member meeting March 5.

Michael Aram To Receive Industry Achievement Award Michael Aram will be honored with the Gift For Life Industry Achievement Award during the Gifts & Decorative Accessories 60th Annual Retailer Excellence Awards, taking place in August in New York. Aram is an American artist who works primarily in metal. After studying fine art and living as an artist in New York in the

late 1980s, Aram discovered metalworking traditions of India.


Today, from his home and workshop in New Delhi, Aram creates designs ranging from tableware to furniture, which are sold in galleries and specialty stores worldwide. “Michael’s unique designs are complemented by a deep sense of abiding

humanity,” said Leslie Nathan-Street, Chair of the Gift for Life board in a prepared statement. “We are proud to honor a creative leader who personifies the best qualities of our industry.” “I am honored to accept this award from an organization whose mission of care continues to support and inspire,” said Aram. “I have observed the fight against

HIV/AIDS around the world, and Gift For Life’s determination creates significant progress toward comfort and research.” In addition to the Industry Achievement Award, Gift for Life hosts regional events throughout the United States benefiting DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS.


Thermador Enlists Food Blogger to Build Brand Thermador has partnered with food blogger Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen, who will be crafting recipes in her new Thermador professional kitchen, and will serve as a contributor to Thermador’s social media platforms, including its blog: Rated one of the eight best food bloggers by, Hair is also a food columnist for the Tampa Tribune and Discovery Channel’s Health blog, and appears regularly on the syndicated Daytime TV show. She is also a frequent panelist speaker at top food-blogging conferences, such as BlogHer Food, and was ranked No. 1 on Slashfood’s list of— Sexy Chefs: 10 Hottest Women in the Food Industry 2011. “We are extremely excited to welcome Jaden Hair to the Thermador brand family,” said Zach Elkin, Director of the Thermador brand in a prepared release. “Jaden’s mantra of fresh and healthy cooking aligns beautifully with our message, especially with our increased presence in the steam-cooking arena. Additionally, Thermador’s partnership with Jaden further strengthens our relationship with the food-blogging

community, which provides a direct link to the cooking enthusiasts we are so passionate about.” Hair joins Thermador as the brand’s second partnered food blogger; Maria Lichty of the Two Peas and Their Pod culinary blog joined forces with Thermador late last year. Lichty, based out of Salt Lake City, recently completed a kitchen remodel, replacing her former appliances with Thermador while documenting the process on both her blog and Thermador’s.

New from Edgeware, the Better Zester features an etched blade that is made up of more than 300 v-shaped teeth and is covered with a non-stick coating. The food-approved coating allows the zester to glide across the surface of all types of citrus while finely zesting the outer layer of skin. The Better Zester includes a fresh zest storage container with squeegee that gathers the fresh zest while grating. The squeegee can be used to remove moist zest from the back of the blade. The ergonomicallyshaped zester features a non-slip tip and a soft-touch handle and comes with a reusable cover. It is available in

stealth charcoal gray and zester green. Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 Edgeware [tel] 800.221.4156

PRODYNE CORK KEEPER BUCKET A fun and convenient way to keep and cherish the treasured memories of your favorite wines, this stylish ribbed oval bucket holds up to 80 corks. The crystal clear acrylic bucket has the “Cork Keeper” imprint on one side and is shipped bulk with a full-color photo label on the bottom. Suggested Retail Price: $7.99

Thermador’s food-blogger partnerships are one of the key marketing initiatives of the luxury-appliance brand’s overall revitalization campaign.

Prodyne Enterprises [tel] 800.822.4776

BOX APPETIT The Box Appetit from Black + Blum is a stylish lunchbox for adults. It contains a variety of removable compartments, as well as a sauce container and a fork with a cutting edge made from a polypropylene composition that has a ceramic feel. The Box Appetit lid made of Tritan includes a dipping well for sauce and a silcone seal for watertight

closure. The Box Appetit is available in black and red, orange, blue and lime green.

Black + Blum [tel] 877.360.9222

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


PET PRODUCTS (cont. from p.1) “Pet products are becoming more of a staple item for many kitchenware companies,” said Lisa Lowe, Founder and President of Oré Originals, a home products manufacturer that has since expanded to include two new brands: Oré Pet and SugarBooger, a baby products collection. “And while functionality is important, consumers also want products that are graphically enriching. They are looking for high-quality items with flair.” The Oré Pet line began 14 years ago when Lowe designed pet placemats using her own bull terrier as inspiration. Made out of recycled rubber in the shape of a bone, the item set the standard for all Oré Pet products. The Eco-Bamboo Pet Bowl is the newest environmentally friendly Oré Pet product made with up to 35 percent real bamboo. In addition to being eco-conscious, Lowe found that most consumers didn’t want a

cheap bowl that would be tossed outside for their pets; instead, they were willing to invest in well-made products that fit right at home with their decorative style. For example, the Story of Cat & Dog Collection boasts retro graphics on dinnerware-quality ceramic feeding bowls. These bowls were truly kitchen-inspired as the arc of the bowl goes out from itself just like a pie tin. They can hold up to 3 cups of food or water. Or for a fun tongue-and-cheek design, the Oré Pet Woodland Pet Collection features bowls in the shape of wood logs, complete with textural tree bark patterns. For Alessi Italian Design Factory, expanding into the pet product category came naturally, according to Paolo Cravedi, the U.S. Managing Director. “After branching out into watches, textiles and even office products, extending into the pet industry just made sense. We like offering our customers one place to shop for every room in their house.” Officially launched in 2002, Alessi first introduced the Lupita dog bowl that features a large bone-shaped handle and deep-dish bowl for large dog breeds. After its success, Alessi soon offered the Lulà bowl for smaller dogs, which features a stylish cover that protects food and prevents dogs from overeating. Underneath the lid, there’s a removable stainless steel bowl made of thermoplastic resin with a shiny mirror polished. And for cat lovers, try the Mio cat bowl, made of the same thermoplastic resin and mirror polish and features the


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

protected food cover. Each Lulà and Mio pet line offers a corresponding glass food jar with a fun dog or cat character on top of the lid. All of the Alessi pet products are made by Italian designer Miriam Mirri, whose approach is lowfunctionality mixed with love and humor, said Cravedi. “The trend we’re seeing is a search for style and design in everything related to pets,” he said. “Everything is going from plain and functional to fun and fashionable.” Even Dyson, an appliance manufacturer known for its vacuums, has expanded into the pet product category with a new Dyson groom tool. Designed for medium- to long-haired dogs, this vacuum-assisted, self-cleaning groom tool captures dog hair and dander before it gets on you or your furniture. While the groom tool launched in January, Dyson first started producing its pet line in 2007. “It took more than a year to develop the Dyson groom tool,” said Erin Adler, PR Specialist for Dyson. “A team of engineers experimented with different types of dog grooming and even tested the bristle strength and angle design before settling on the groom tool you see today. We really pride ourselves on providing pet lovers with more house cleaning solutions.” For best results, the Dyson groom tool is attached to the hose of a Dyson machine.

When the machine is turned on, the groom tool is placed over the dog and pressed down to allow for the right amount of pressure. This will capture dead skin and hair, any flyaway hairs and allergens. The hair is sucked straight into the vacuum, making the weekly grooming task messfree. Although you must own a Dyson vacuum to use the new groom tool, the attachment can be used just as effectively without turning on the vacuum, but it will not capture the hair and allergens hygienically, according to Adler. Whether it’s food or cleaning-related, this new trend of pet products has opened up a specialized market for consumers looking for things not normally offered at traditional pet venues. Those got-to-have items for our furry pals can now be found at a variety of retail outlets, including Bed Bath & Beyond, eco-retailer Bambeco and Bloomingdale’s.



H o u s e w,a r e s R e v i e w S E RV I N G K I T C H E N WA R E



MAY 2011

ih+hs wrap up

i h + h s w ra p u p JEWELSTIK DIAMOND KNIFE SHARPENERS Hewlett Manufacturing recently developed the JewelStik Diamond Knife Sharpeners, designed to be the optimum sharpening tool as the only three grit, handheld sharpener on the market. No fuss, no extra parts to change, just good traditional sharpening but with the added diamond grit choices for more functionality. Introduced at the 2010 Housewares Show, this new design of adding two more grit choices to the

standard sharpener offers customers more flexibility to keep their knives, of all types, always sharp and ready for use. The JewelStik is an American-made product with a lifetime guarantee. Suggested Retail Price: $49.95

Hewlett Manufacturing [tel] 814.683.4762


COWBOY SERVING PIECES Celebrate the American Cowboy with these hardworking, ruggedly beautiful serving pieces from Wilton Armetale. Each piece is masterfully designed. Every stitch, inlay and embroidered detail is finely depicted in light relief, reflecting true to their handmade leather inspirations. Designed, modeled

and adapted for metal by Stan Baskett for Wilton Armetale. These pieces are perfect for the cooking and serving of hot and cold foods. Suggested Retail Price: $100-142

Ever Concept introduces the 3-tier shoe rack and bookcase. The shelves interlock so users can connect multiple units horizontally for whatever storage needs may be. Each shelf can hold up to 50 pounds. Users can also add more space by stacking additional racks on top of each other. When not in use, shelving units fold flat for easy storage. Easy to assemble with no tools required. Suggested Retail Price: $39.99

Wilton Armetale [tel] 800.826.0088

Ever Concept [tel] 909.628.2288

DRINK FLAIR Home and office parties will be a lot more fun, conversational and green with Inno Lab’s new DRINK FLAIR® reusable party labels. Developed by designers Anne Werth and Julie Mickelberg, the DRINK FLAIR idea was born when the two got tired of saying, “Hey, that’s my drink.” The reusable static cling label identifies the glass as your own, reducing the number of unwanted sippers. They can be easily removed without any sticky residue. DRINK FLAIR labels are also produced in a variety of conversation starting verbal and visual cues. DRINK FLAIR labels are available in eight different sets, including three sets just for kids. Suggested Retail Price: $4.99 Inno Labs [tel] 620.229.9800


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

i h + h s w ra p u p

FOX RUN CUPCAKE CAROUSEL A new cupcake carousel is now available from Fox Run. The carousel is designed in the shape of a giant cupcake, which is perfect for entertaining. The Cupcake Carousel conveniently holds up to 24 cupcakes and features a compact carrying handle and three cupcake inserts that hold up to eight cupcakes each. The inserts can also be used as a stand for serving. Made from BPA-free plastic and available in brown or pink, the Cupcake Carousel keeps desserts safe and fresh when transporting. Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 Fox Run Brands [tel] 215.675.7700



Core Bamboo’s new collection of comfort grip utensils reinvents classic bamboo prep tools with a unique design. Crafted from 100 percent organically-grown bamboo and silicone, this collection is designed with a silicone handle for comfort, making these durable, balanced tools easy to hold while preparing favorite foods. Including a variety of spoons and spatulas, this collection is functional and durable, as well as aesthetically pleasing. The comfort grip utensils are a must-have for every home cook. Suggested Retail Price: $18

Consumers are always on the lookout for decorative and interesting specialty bag solutions. The Misumaru gift bag features eye-catching colorful designs and a drawstring ribbon tie that is simple and easy to use, producing a beautifully wrapped package that is fashionable, stylish and striking. Each gift bag includes a built-in drawstring ribbon that can be easily pulled to close the bags or tied to create an attractive bow. With no tape or cutting required, users simply insert the gift, tie a bow and they are done. Suggested Retail Prices: $1-2

JUICE IN A BOX Core Bamboo [tel] 646.845.6000

The Tritan-made Juice In A Box was just one of the many products Precidio Design Inc. introduced at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. Precidio continues to be an innovative company that recognizes the need for design and creativity while at the same time conscious of the environment. Juice In A Box is reusable, virtually unbreakable, dishwasher safe and BPA-free. You can stack it up or even clip strip it. Suggested Retail Price: $9.99

Misumaru [tel] 707.398.6563

Precidio Design Inc. [email]

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011





Outdoor cooking gets a completely new dimension with the new Outdoor Fondue® from Boska Holland, either from the comfort of the backyard or out on a picnic. This cheese fondue creates a great opportunity for enjoying the taste sensation of melted cheese during a fondue meal outside. A cheese fondue dinner offers you countless variations, with French bread, celery, tomato, gherkins or broccoli. The red steel frame offers wind protection to the burner, which ensures that the fondue cheese gets and stays warm. Boska Holland introduced three new lines from its Outdoor Fondue collection: Exclusive, Pure and Basics. Suggested Retail Price: $72.99

Users can change the way that they get vitamins with this one-of-a-kind, new and improved juice extractor. Customers can enjoy more antioxidants, better flavor and freshness without the common problems of heating, foaming or separation. The juicer can even be used to make your homemade soy milk, wheatgrass juice, almond milk or tofu. The original patented Hurom Slow Juicer preserves the integrity of vitamins, minerals and enzymes with its revolutionary Low Speed Technology System, and stands apart from conventional juice extractors with its many unique features. It is practically silent with its quiet, slowrotating induction motor. It has all of the performance of a masticating, single-auger juicer but with much less space required and lighter in weight than typical centrifuge-style juicers. It also only uses 150 watts, making it the most energy-efficient juice extractor on the market. The screwlike auger and the juice strainer are both now made from the ultra-strong GE Ultem material and are BPA-free. The Hurom’s self-cleaning feature allows for continuous juicing and hassle-free care. The motor comes with a 10-year warranty. Made in Korea. Suggested Retail Price: $359

Laguna Cutlery, a brand of Market of America, introduces ceramic knives that offer a new food-cutting experience. The non-metallic ceramic blade material will not transfer food odor, tarnish or rust; it maintains the freshness of food. The razor-sharp ceramic blade makes the paper-thin slicing job easy, the soft grip designed handle is wellbalanced in the hand; and the blade stays sharper much longer than a normal steel blade. Laguna offers a variety of styles, selection and color assortment from 3” blades to 8” blades. Suggested Retail Price: $95.99 (three-piece set)

Roland Products Inc. [tel] 800.321.2226

Laguna Cutlery [tel] 949.305.8686

Rubbo International Inc. [tel] 877.838.2040

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

Talisman Designs introduces a new hot pad with specially designed nubs to disperse the heat and protect hands while creating a no-slip grip. These hot pads look as great as they work. Use all three colors to create a beautiful and colorful display. Use them as a trivet, spoon rest and even a jar opener. The round design ensures that any grip is protected. Made from 100 percent silicone, the hot pads are heat resistant up to 500ºF. The pads are dishwasher safe and available in red, green and blue. Suggested Retail Price: $9.99

MAX BURTON DELUXE INDUCTION COOKTOP The Max Burton® Deluxe Induction Cooktop #6200 is a high-powered 1800W model within a sleek stainless steel tabletop design. It features 10 power settings from 500W to 1800W or 10 temperature settings from 140°-450°. With the 180-minute timer, cooking time can be controlled automatically. The Induction Interface Disk #6010 is an accessory that allows users to use cookware that is not induction rated. The disk is an 8" diameter stainless steel accessory that is placed between the induction cooktop and the cookware to achieve the required interface. The combination of these two items allows formerly inappropriate cookware, such as copper, glass and aluminum to be used with the Induction Cooktop. All items are available separately or as Induction Set #6050. Suggested Retail Prices: $119.90 for cooktop; $49 for interface disk; $165 for induction set


Lipper International is offering a new collection of Single Serve Coffee Organizers. Featuring a deluxe chrome finished carousel, Item 8661-is designed to hold up to 50 K-Cups® with 14 rings atop a large basket with a removable divider. This configuration is a three-inone design allowing users to display their favorite K-Cups, select and store them. Lipper International is also offering a broad selection of products most of which are suitable for all brands of single-serve coffee pods.


Talisman Designs [tel] 877.546.7995

Boska Holland [tel] 914.241.3600



UT Wire introduces its original and award-winning Q Knot, a reusable multipurpose tie for everyday organizing tasks, such as bundling multiple objects, organizing various cords, sealing plastic bags, chips or bread and much more. Just think of it as a new and improved version of the old rubber bands. New for 2011 is the Q Knot “Pro”: a new version of Q Knot featuring new colors and new slanted, triangular teeth that are harder to release for more heavy duty tasks. Suggested Retail Price: $8.99 for a set of 25

Recognizing that the storage and organization of single-serve coffee pods will be a major growth area based upon the sales success of the single-serve coffee makers and single-serve coffee pods, Lipper International is committed to becoming a leader in this growing market segment. Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 Lipper International [tel] 800.243.3129

Aervoe Industries Inc. [tel] 800.227.0196


iCOOKBOOK APP FOR iPAD iCookbook™ for iPad is as essential in the kitchen as an oven or stove, and is filled with user-friendly features that streamline the entire cooking process. iCookbook comes with more than 2,000 recipes with beautiful photography of every dish. In addition, each month, users can download free recipes, as well as premium content that can be purchased in the iCookbook store. Many of these recipes are from brand-name favorites such as KitchenAid®, Crock-Pot® slow cooker and Hershey’s®—all of which can be easily searched by name, ingredient, type of food and even occasion. Users can also add their own


SCI is introducing a 19-piece grilling tool set and carrying case. The set includes eight corn cob holders, four skewers, a basting brush, a spatula, a knife, a large fork and a grill brush/scraper. The comfortable wooden handles allow for a durable grip throughout their use. Suggested Retail Price: $38.95

What better way to drink a favorite beverage than with favorite Disney Characters? The Zrike Co. Inc. has created five new double-walled mugs just for that purpose. Each mug is made in porcelain with a removable silicone lid. The double wall helps keep hot drinks hot without burning hands, and cold drinks cold. All mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. Suggested Retail Price: $15

SCI Cuisine Internationale [tel] 800.966.5489

Zrike Co. Inc. [tel] 201.651.5158

recipes into iCookbook. iCookbook uses voice command technology, so home cooks can keep their iPad’s clean by clearly saying simple commands, such as “next” (which skips to the next step of a recipe), “timer one” (which displays the first of the app’s three timers) and more. With iCookbook, everyday cooks can find and prepare tried-andtrue, kitchen-tested recipes with readily available ingredients that can be prepared with ease and confidence. Suggested Retail Price: $4.99 Publication International [email]

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


i h + h s w ra p u p NEW TOP CHEF KNIFE ITEMS Master Cutlery is pleased to announce the extension of the Top Chef product line up to 12 SKUs. In addition to the original four items, eight new SKUs will join the assortment available in July. The new items include a 5-piece BBQ set with storage case, 5-piece Santoku block set, 4-piece steak knife set with gift/storage box, 2-piece carving set, a full 15-piece block set and new open stock items that include a 7" Chopper Cleaver a 5" Utility Knife and a 4-piece steak knife open stock set. All have the original Top Chef Ice Tempered blades for better edge retention and sharpness. Suggested Retail Price: $199.99 (15-piece full set)

ICE CREAM SCOOPS Linden Sweden introduces new German-designed ice cream scoops produced of durable, high-quality stainless steel. The dishwasher safe scoops feature quick-release mechanics that makes dishing ice cream quick and effortlessly. Linden Sweden offers four different sizes to cover all serving needs from ice

Master Cutlery [tel] 888.271.7229


DECANTUS AERO WINE AERATING POURER The Decantus Aero Wine Aerating Pourer from Franmara makes wine taste even better with the easy-to-use pourer that attaches to the wine bottle. The Decantus Aero utilizes the Bernoulli effect whereby reduced pressure of a stream (wine) draws an air flow through diagonal thin tubes; the effect is softer tannins, increased bouquet and flavor. The Aero has also been scientifically proven to reduce sulfites by more than 60 percent. The Aero has a removable lid and measures 7.25" long. Available in black or clear. Display is also available. Suggested Retail Price: $17.99

Linden Sweden [tel] 952.465.0052


The TX-60 wireless alert system monitors and logs temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment, and allows users to view collected data or modify settings with any Internet-enabled device. It's great for HVAC, computers and servers, refrigerators and freezers, rentals and vacation homes, wine cellars, plants, gardens and greenhouses, pools and spas, aquariums and kennels. Spreadsheets of collected measurements can be downloaded to see how conditions have changed over time. The system features a three-mode LCD that displays ambient air temperature/humidity and the temperature collected by a detachable 6' wet probe for aquariums and pools, or a dry probe for air or soil. Sensors can be added to monitor separate areas within a 200-foot wireless range. Internet access and router are required. The optional alerts package notifies users if there is a problem (one year free; optional renewal at $9.95 after free trial expires). Custom email or text alerts will notify when the temperature or humidity range exceeds the user defined setting, connection is lost or batteries are low. Alerts can also notify when temperatures are too hot or near freezing. Suggested Retail Price: $89.99

From It’s Exciting Lighting™ this batterypowered, wireless wall sconce accent lights is easy to install. There are no holes to cut, no wires to run and most importantly, no expensive electrical installation costs. The “Vivid” line of Wireless Wall sconces feature a highquality look at a very affordable cost. The sconce shades are available in a variety of patterns that emulate stone, granite, burl wood and other attractive finishes. This innovative, exclusive and proprietary wireless accent light is an ideal lighting solution for the kitchen, bar, bathroom, hallway or any area that needs accent lighting. The product features, long lasting, eco-friendly LEDs that create an attractive ambiance with warm rich illumination. Runs on six AA batteries (not included) with more than 200 hours on one set of batteries.

The Skoy Cloth is an innovative new cloth that was brought to the United States by two stay-at-home moms who had discovered the product while traveling in Europe. This new approach to cleaning boasts a cloth that is 100 percent biodegradable, natural and re-usable. Made from cotton and cellulose (from sustainable forests), the Skoy Cloth dyes and inks are non-toxic. Skoy is an eco-friendly cleaning cloth that can outlast 15 rolls of paper towels. The Skoy Cloth will take the place of paper towels, sponges, rags, dishcloths and more. The Skoy Cloth has an absorption rate of 15 times its own weight. It can be cleaned in the washer, dishwasher or microwave and re-used over and over. The Skoy Cloth comes in an array of colors and designs. Suggested Retail Price: $6.99 for a four-pack

La Crosse Technology [tel] 608.782.1982

Inventures Products [tel] 800.381.3919

Skoy Enterprises [tel] 800.990.4757

Franmara [tel] 831.422.4000 16

cream, sorbet, mashed potatoes, rice, meat balls, cookie dough and more. Sizes for the ice cream scoops range from .03 ounces, 1.1 ounces, 2.8 ounces and 4.2 ounces. Suggested Retail Price: $32

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


DOTS THREE-PIECE DIP CHILLER Signature Housewares introduces the Dots 3-piece dip chiller. Just add ice to the base and your favorite dip or guacamole in the 12 oz. bowl and start the party. Microwave and dishwasher safe, and lead free. Available in black, apple green or red, all with corresponding white dots. Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 Signature Housewares [tel] 805.484.6666

i h + h s w ra p u p 3-IN-1 AIR CLEANING SYSTEM


The Germ Guardian 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System is an air filter, purifier and odor reducer. Ideal for allergy sufferers, it uses multiple layers of cleaning that begin with an activated carbon pre-filter to remove large particles and common odors often caused by smoke, food or pets followed by a true HEPA filter that captures 99.97 percent of dust and allergens down to 0.3 microns. The UV-C control provides a final level of air cleaning utilizing UV-C light technology in combination with titanium dioxide (Tio2) to kill bacteria and viruses, such as flu and strep along with remaining odors. The UV-C can be turned on/off and is an ideal feature when cold and flu season approach. The sleek tower design fits easily into any room. Suggested Retail Price: $179.99

This dish rack is one of four reinvented kitchenware classics by Island Bamboo™ that were featured at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. Space saving and versatile, it has specially engineered grooves to hold ¾” cutting boards, a platform for drying glasses or serving dishes and a generously sized utility box for utensils, sponges or extra dish towels all folding flat for storage. Other kitchenware classics featured alongside the dish rack were the serving bowl, simple tong and salt cellar. All are made from Moso bamboo to deliver casual luxury and versatility in a range of basic to higherend products. Suggested Retail Price: $40

Germ Guardian [tel] 866.603.5900

Island Bamboo by Wilshire Industries [tel] 949.492.9921


TALKING TIMERZ KITCHEN TIMERS Talking Timerz are hilarious kitchen timers that talk, sometimes sing and make users smile. Developed by New York entrepreneurs Tom and Lori Pappas, Talking Timerz were created with the hopes of livening up time spent cooking and baking. Talking Timerz are designed to be personable and customizable. The timers are well regarded as beautifully packaged, high-quality figurines with great sound quality. There are six characters with unique personalities, including Kitty Cat, Doggy Dog, Buddha Baby, Chef A Roni, Rocky Rooster and Hippie Dude. Coming soon are BBQ Man and Moo Moo Cow. Suggested Retail Price: $20

The Sunheat Electronic Infrared Zone Heater SH-1500 model will effectively heat up to 1,000 square feet, cannot start a fire and is designed to cut heating costs. The Original Sunheat received the Blue Ribbon Retailer Choice Award at last year’s National Hardware Show, and more than half of all sales come from repeat and referral customers. The Original Sunheat is made with more copper, improved wiring and electrical components, commercial-grade infrared heat tubes and heirloom-quality, made-in-America cabinets. Suggested Retail Price: $399 Sunheat [tel] 877.467.8643

Talking Timerz [tel] 516.277.2766

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


i h + h s w ra p u p CHEF BUDDIES Parasia International introduces the Chef Buddies™ series of meat thermometers/alarms. This new series of meat thermometers combines functionality with novelty to create the next ‘must-have’ fun to use kitchen tool. Not only is this new kitchen gadget cute, it’s also very easy to use and accurate. Simply place the steel probe into the center of the meat for each designated animal, extend the heat-resistant cable outside of the oven or pan, and place the alarm unit on the kitchen counter or secure it to the front of the oven with its included magnetic back. Then leave the rest of the cooking up to the Chef Buddies thermometer. Once the meat has reached the proper internal temperature, the alarm will go off and the red LED light will flash. The alarm is different for every animal: the cow moos, the chicken crows like a rooster, the pig oinks, the turkey gobbles and the fish bubbles. The Chef Buddies series is a perfect fit for any home cooking situation. No matter what meat you are cooking, there’s a Chef Buddies thermometer to make sure the meal comes out just right. Suggested Retail Price: $19.99 Parasia International [tel] 763.267.7900


THE MASALA BOX Easy access and storage is the goal of The Masala Box, a spice storage device. Based on the traditional masala dabba design of Indian spice storage boxes, this new piece of kitchen equipment has even more. A large stainless steel container fits seven to nine smaller containers, where spices from salt to turmeric to oregano are stored. The smaller containers are designed to allow users to level measuring spoons right in the containers and dispense spices over the dish. The beauty of the box is that it’s stackable and can be hidden away in a cabinet or in a drawer. It’s easy, simple access to key ingredients minus the clutter with a beautiful finish that would complement any kitchen. Indian home chefs have used the spice dispenser in their kitchens for centuries, but it took award-winning journalist and cookbook author Anupy Singla to take the design a step further to meet the needs of Italian, Mexican, Greek, Moroccan and East Asian cuisine. Singla has also designed a box that will hold everything a baker might need on hand from baking soda and powder to cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate chips and jimmies. Suggested Retail Price: $49.99

The Full Circle Scrap Happy scrap collector and freezer compost bin solves two problems in one. First, the wire rim hooks over a drawer so users can scoop kitchen scraps right in, keeping the counters neat and tidy. No more carrying a cutting board full of scraps across the room. Once full, the Scrap Happy turns into a compost bin. Simply pop the bin in the freezer and scraps remain frozen until compost time. That means no mess, no smell and no flies. And because the container is made from silicone, it can fit anywhere in the freezer, even on the door. This makes it great for even the smallest apartments, which normally do not have space for large compost bins. The flexible material also makes emptying it a cinch—simply invert the container, push on the bottom and out come the frozen scraps. The Scrap Happy is also dishwasher safe. Suggest Retail Price: $15 Full Circle [tel] 877.942.5423

Neharia Inc. [tel] 312.961.2565


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


when pouring. The Takeya Cocktail Maker mixes and chills drinks in minutes. The instructions are simple: mix, shake and carry the pitcher to the table, deck or beach. The silicone handle is comfortable for large and small hands. The pitcher won’t leak even if carried upside down in a tote bag or stored on its side in a cooler. Made of AcraGlass™, the Cocktail Maker is stain and odor proof and dishwasher safe. It is BPA-free and completely non-toxic. The nonporous nature of the AcraGlass makes this cocktail shaker ideal for making a Bloody Mary, and then washing it out and making a Shirley Temple, with no mixing of flavors. The Cocktail Maker can hold 50 ounces. Suggested Retail Price: $22

Takeya’s new Cocktail Maker is brilliantly clear with clean lines and functionality. The airtight lid keeps drinks fresh, slows the melting of ice and strains cocktails

Takeya [tel] 216.441.7176

i h + h s w ra p u p


TOUCHLESS DISPENSERS The spread of germs is always a concern especially when preparing food, but Better Living Products has designed a stylish and practical solution. Its line of high-quality, stainless steel Touchless Dispensers offer hygienic, notouch operation that is ideal for use in any kitchen, bathroom or even the garage. Just position hands beneath the infrared sensor and soap or hand sanitizer will dispense with no touch required. The amount of liquid is easily adjusted to suit requirements and the design will complement any décor. Two sizes are available: an 8-ounce version for use in bathrooms and a 16-ounce version for use in kitchens. Suggested Retail Prices: $24.99 and $44.99 Better Living Products International [tel] 800.487.3300

Bento means convenient lunch to the Japanese. It is a takeaway-lunch option that is served in snazzy, compartmentalized boxes containing a tapas style, easy-to-eat feast that provides sustenance to schoolchildren, office workers and diners on the go. Typically filled with four or five homecooked items eaten at room temperature, a traditional bento might have rice, a small salad, a piece of fried chicken or grilled fish, and a rolled egg omelet. A bento is convenient to eat from, easy to carry and good for when you're in a hurry. In recent years, bento boxes have become a source of pride among Japanese and American

mothers alike, inspiring creative meals made to look like animals or cartoon characters using tools like cookie cutters and scissors. Genmert’s Lunch Boxes come in a single or double stack with multiple compartments to hold salads, pastas, fruits etc. Snap-on lids with silicone seal holds everything together. Two pieces of flatware are included. The lunch boxes are made of BPA-free Polypropylene and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Attractive POP displays are available. Colors available are plum, gray and black. Suggested Retail Price: $6.99–9.99 Genmert Inc. [tel] 800.350.2638


culinary tool line by Wall Lenk Corp. This compact, butane-powered burner features an adjustable flame control lever, safety mechanism turn off stopper, built-in pressure release valve, non-tip wide base and refillable reservoir. The small, lightweight burner can last up to 90 minutes on the low setting. It is ideal for use with fondue pots, chafers, stone grills, raclette sets, soup tureens and coffee and beverage urns. It can also be used as a cooktop with the optional Bella Tavola Cooking Platform. Suggested Retail Price: $39.99

The easy-to-use, automatic ignition Fondue & Chafing Burner is perfect for professional chefs or entertaining at home. The Fondue & Chafing Burner is part of the Bella Tavola line, a butane-powered

Wall Lenk Corp. [tel] 252.527.4186

MARLUX PEPPER GRINDER Using regional French resources, Marlux has been creating innovative products since 1875. What its pepper mills do for a meal can be measured with a twist of the wrist. For all its outward style, a Marlux grinder is really about the precision performance of its high-quality treated steel internal mechanism. Individually cut, angled grooves and teeth ensure grind consistency. The mills, in a wide array of styles and colors, are made from dense beech wood harvested from managed sustainable sources. Suggested Retail Price: $15-60 Pillivuyt/Marlux [tel] 952.938.1682

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VITA CLAY LAZY GOURMET The award-winning VitaClay® Rice N’ Slow cooker combines convenience with great taste and healthy cooking all in one. Voted the “Top Rated Slow Cooker” from Good Housekeeping in March 2009, the exclusive, mineral-rich clay pot not only cooks grains, soups and stews, it keeps meals warm without using added electricity. This is an 8-cup clay pot within a slow cooker, so users get the benefits of cooking in clay (moisture and steam retention) with an easy-to-use slow cooker. The

programmable electronic housing allows for convenient, push-button controls that provide the freedom to cook now or later. Most meals take between 30 minutes and two hours, saving time and energy. The cooking time can also be calibrated in 10minute increments, which means better control for small batches. Suggested Retail Price: $169.99 Essenergy [tel] 877.877.9121

DURACERAMICA CUTLERY COLLECTION Hampton, a leader in innovative flatware, cutlery, barware and kitchen solutions, introduces the DuraCeramica Collection—a stylish and colorfully bold addition to the kitchen. Hampton fabricates DuraCeramica with a breakthrough manufacturing process that turns high-quality ceramic into an ultra strong, ultra sharp blade that should never need sharpening. Hampton DuraCeramica comes in four fresh colors with durable soft grip ergonomic ABS handles. DuraCeramica will come in 3-, 4-, 6-, 7- and 8-piece combination sets. Every knife is safely protected with a color-coordinated blade guard. Each knife has a tough ABS plastic handle with TPR soft grip and non-slip coating. Hampton Forge [tel] 877.423.6743

neatfreak! [tel] 888.287.4676

Grassworx [tel] 800.813.5221

CAN STRAPS Can Straps manufactures 1-inch wide knitted, polyester/Spandex straps with Velcro closure ends that prevent plastic trash bags from slipping into waste containers. Simply install the liner, wrap the Can Strap around the rim and fasten the Velcro ends together. Only minor tension in the strap is needed to keep the strap in place. Once installed, the waste in the container can be compacted greatly without fear of the liner falling into the container. This eliminates messes that are created when bags slip into the containers. The straps can be used indoors and outdoors as there is no rubber content. They are also hypoallergenic. Can Straps can be washed and reused and be expected to last for a long time; simply wash in cold water and air dry. Four sizes are manufactured and fit containers as small as vanity waste baskets up to 55-gallon drums. The straps are also color coded for easy selection from a wash or dryer. Can Straps [tel] 203.281.7333


Make every welcome count with this delightful new Clean Machine ® doormat from Grassworx. Introduced as part of the 2011 collection, this unique recycled-rubber frame shape pulls together a classic “welcome” salutation with the recognizable Fleur-de-lis. The deep carvings of this molded design consists of three spikes resembling the petals of a flower; and is one of the most enduring of decorative symbols of hospitality. Clean Machine technology uses AstroTurf® blade design, which mimics the cleaning and scraping action of natural grass. The 18" x 30" best-selling mat scrapes, holds and hides about 1½ pounds of dirt per week. This can keep more than 300 pounds of dirt per year out of the house. The Clean Machine Collection comes in 18" x 24", 18" x 30" and 24" x 36" sizes in both rubber frames and the original border. Great in both snow and sand environments, these mildew resistant, polyethylene mats will last for many years. Suggested Retail Price: $5-25

neatfreak! developed a collection of laundry and home organization products that provide consumers with an all-natural approach to odor control. The patented technology called everfreshR has environmentally friendly enzymes built into the fabric. These enzymes digest typical organic materials that cause odor and converts them into water and carbon dioxide. The result is a 100 percent natural solution to keep a home fresh, clean and odor-free. The enzymes work continuously to reduce odor in neatfreak! laundry baskets, bags, hampers and closet organizers. These beneficial enzymes occur naturally and neatfreak! has adapted that proprietary science in its new product line. The everfresh collection is available at select retailers; Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Lowes and more this spring. Suggested Retail Price: $9.99-49.99

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

THE WAHAUS COLLECTION Vita Craft Corp.’s new Wahaus Collection features 8", 10" and 13" skillets that are designed to travel from cooktop to the family table. The multi-ply stainless steel aluminum-core clad metal cookware is affordable and beautiful. The ergonomically designed stay-cool handles are comfortable and rivet free. The collection is named after

a plant manager at Vita Craft, Rich Wahaus, and his wife, Shari. Vita Craft Cookware is energy efficient and easy to clean and has been backed with a lifetime warranty since 1939. Suggested Retail Price: $399 Vita Craft Cookware [tel] 913.631.6265

i h + h s w ra p u p COOKS STANDARD MULTI-CLAD STAINLESS COOKWARE The Cooks Standard brand from Neway International features multi-clad metal construction, which combines 18/10 surgical stainless steel with a multielement aluminum core to create a permanent bond of metal. The heat will pass through the whole body of the pan from the bottom up the side walls for maximum cooking performance. The cookware's stainless steel handles come riveted for strength and provide an open V-shaped design with air-flow technology to keep the handle cooler

and more comfortable to hold when cooking on the stovetop. The long handles on the pans and generous loop side handles on the pots make the vessels easy to move around on the stovetop, or to safely lift and carry, even when full. Though the handles stay cooler to the touch, pot holders or oven mitts are still recommended. Suggested Retail Price: $299.99 for a 10-piece set Neway International Inc. [tel] 626.513.2830

CONFETTI BOWLS WITH LIDS This year, Zak is launching the redesigned Confetti serving bowls that include a sturdy lid for storing leftovers. These bowls are available in 1.5-, 2- and 3-quart sizes. Although the three sizes are sold separately, they are designed to be used together. To create a bright color statement when they are combined with each other, the large bowl is a vibrant kiwi color, the medium bowl is orchid and the small bowl is orange. All three sizes are also available in the new Blue Bell color option, and all the new bowls are made with recycled melamine. Each size of the new Confetti bowl includes a thick lid that has been reinforced with artistic ridges to help keep them sturdy and retain their shape even after they’ve been put in the dishwasher. To help conserve cupboard space when they’re not in use, the bowls have also been created so they nest inside each other with the lids on. And when those lids are snapped in place, they’re made to seal tightly and stay in place. Suggested Retail Price: $18.99 (large bowl), $15.99 (medium bowl) and $12.99 (small bowl) Zak Designs Inc. [tel] 509.244.0555

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


i h + h s w ra p u p FIRE WIRE ENTREE SKEWER Fire Wire® introduces the Fire Wire Entrée Skewer, a 100 percent stainless steel skewer that is the perfect size for grilling single-portion meals. With four Entrée skewers per package, each skewer has a different design on the medallion so the grill master will have no trouble keeping track of plates and guests can create a meal best suited to their tastes. The Fire Wire Entrée Skewer can be loaded with food and then placed directly in a marinade thanks to its foodgrade stainless steel design and slightly blunted tips that won’t poke through a plastic marinating bag. The result is a product that goes seamlessly from marinade to grill to plate. Fire Wire also

offers a merchandising kit that includes an actual grill with a full-color advertisement wrap, red rope lights (coals), a Fire Wire skewer loaded with fake food and a 7-inch video screen that loops the Fire Wire instructional video. The Fire Wire Marinating Kit is an all-natural blend of herbs and spices, and a great companion to the skewers. Take advantage of this merchandising package and Fire Wire will give you enough free skewers to offset your cost. Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 (Fire Wire Entrée Skewer) Fire Wire [tel] 800.372.9860


WRAP-N-MAT Wrap-N-Mat Inc., a pioneer of the reusable food wrap industry, has expanded its line to include an easy-to-clean Mini Snack Pouch. The Wrap-N-Mat Mini Snack Pouches are the perfect size for a couple of cookies or the “100 calorie pack” portion of food. All Wrap-N-Mat products convert to a placemat, making cleaning a breeze. No need to invert to clean and no corners to trap food particles. Paired together with Wrap-N-Mat Sandwich Wraps, a packed lunch can be ecofriendly and fun to use. Each individual product is packaged with a colorful header card ready to clip or peg. The pouches are top-rack dishwasher safe, or can be hand washed/air dried. Suggested Retail Price: $5.99 (wraps) and $6.99 (pouches) Wrap-N-Mat Inc. [tel] 970.229.1943

Retail Resource Group introduces the Jumbo Journey 22-ounce Double Wall Insulated Tumbler, which is now available in premium BPA-free Tritan material. The tumbler combines a cup holder-compatible, travelfriendly body design with the exclusive “drink through” sip lid. It also includes a slide top spill resistant closure. The Jumbo Journey tumbler allows both hot and cold beverage products to be enjoyed. The tumbler comes with a durable, easy-toclean straw that can be removed to comfortably drink beverages. The Jumbo Journey Tritan material tumbler is impact and shatter resistant, and offers durability for hundreds of repeated cycles in dishwashers. It is available in eight trend-conscious colors. Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 Retail Resource Group International [tel] 407.732.4565


CONTAIN THIS! PERFECT SANDWICH CONTAINER Unlike other sandwich storage containers, the Contain This!® Perfect Sandwich aims to solve the soggy sandwich dilemma. The reusable food storage solution separates fresh, wet ingredients, such as tomatoes, lettuce and sandwich meat, from dry ingredients such as bread in chilled, watertight compartments with a versatile divider. The container design also includes a removable PerfectCHILL® cooling device to keep perishable contents cool, tasting their best and below the United States Department of Agriculture recommended guidelines of 40° Fahrenheit for up to five hours. Made with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, Perfect Sandwich is dishwasher durable and stain and odor resistant so it withstands regular use, including daily trips to school or work in a backpack or briefcase, and frequent washing with dishwashing detergents. In addition, the clarity of Tritan creates a transparent cover so users can see their lunch inside. Tritan also is BPA-free. The Contain This! Perfect Sandwich is available in a white and green color combination. Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

ZipBin® Products by Neat-Oh!® are a perfect child’s storage solution. Designed for kids and loved by parents, ZipBin cases are compact, lightweight, durable and washable. They are available in a variety of themes from Dinosaurs and Hot Wheels™ to LEGO® and Barbie™. The LEGO® Ninjago™ Battle Case was the recent winner of the Design Defined Award from the 2011 International Home & Housewares Show. Pick from an array of shapes and sizes to match the child’s toy collection. Unfolded, each ZipBin case lays flat as a large playmat with a wipeable surface for those occasional spills and splashes. When play is done, zip up the four sides of the mat to create a toy box. With lids that fasten to the bin and sides strong enough to stack bins on top of each other, ZipBin cases are perfect for the car, classroom, family room or grandma’s house. Suggested Retail Price: $19.99 Neat-Oh International [tel] 847.441.4290

Eastman Chemical Co. [tel] 855.377.7373 22

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i h + h s w ra p u p SHAGGIES HOTHOLDERS Janey Lynn’s introduces Hotholders to our Shaggie line. Shaggie Hotholders come in chili pepper, olive and khaki. They have Shaggie pockets to protect hands and they coordinate with Shaggies and Shrubbies for a perfect kitchen combo. Janey Lynn’s Designs introduced five fun, colorful cotton chenille dishcloths called the Shaggies in 2008. The Shaggies are soft and super absorbent. They are workhorses in the kitchen from cleaning spills on countertops, to scrubbing stubborn pots and pans. It’s environmentally friendly as it snaps into a floor mop. The inspiration for

the Shaggie line came from a wedding present to Janey some 30 plus years ago. Her grandmother had lovingly recycled her chenille bathrobe into a set of potholders for her granddaughter. While designing the Janey Lynn towel line, the owners wanted to introduce a new type of dishcloth and grandma’s potholders were the inspiration. Suggested Retail Price: $5.99 each or $6.99 per 2-pack Janey Lynn’s Designs [tel] 888.608.5336

TRASHRAC BASIC With responsible handling of household trash becoming more important to communities across America; the simple, cost-effective solution that TrashRac™ offers the consumer seems to make at lot sense. TrashRac is a uniquely designed wire rack with plastic lid that mounts on the inside of the kitchen cupboard door. As well as using regular trash bags, the TrashRac allows the consumer to switch seamlessly from regular trash bags to plastic supermarket bags as their need or wants dictate. Using supermarket bags has a more positive environmental impact than using regular trash bags, but the bags can have a tendency to leak. TrashRac is packed with simple but effective features such as a drip tray for use with supermarket bags that will double as a bag support tray for use with regular bags. Because it is generally installed under the kitchen sink, TrashRac frees up valuable kitchen floor space and takes the trash safely out of the ready reach of children and pets. Wet items such as coffee grounds and vegetable scrapings travel safely to the rack without dripping on the floor. Two convenient sizes make TrashRac a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, campers, boats and trailers. Suggested Retail Price: $19.95 Prime Way Companies [tel] 877.792.5831

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


i h + h s w ra p u p

STORIT ANYWHERE BATHROOM ORGANIZER Introducing the STORit Anywhere from Better Living Products—an innovative bathroom organizer. The ideal shower caddies for any bathroom, these accessories are designed to complement any décor and feature the quality and superior

THE ORIGINAL CALIFORNIA DRY BLADE The Original California Car Duster has been known for more than 20 years for its Treated Mop Dusters and the many diverse applications for the home and the car. Roughly 10 years ago, the concept of using injected molded silicone drying blades, similar to but superior to squeegees,

rust resistance of stainless steel. STORit Anywhere baskets features an innovative “no tools” mounting system that can be installed anywhere with waterproof silicone adhesive, which is included. Users can finally have a convenient shower caddy that is properly secured to the wall, never having to worry about the contents falling out because of an unevenly loaded basket. Unlike typical shower caddies that hang over the showerhead, STORit Anywhere baskets can be easily mounted on any surface, at any height. Suggested Retail Price: $39.99 Better Living Products International [tel] 800.487.3300 for drying cars, windows, mirrors and other surfaces without the necessity for chamois or towels was introduced. The unique nature of the molded silicone not only allows it to conform to the surface, but it will not scratch. More recently, the newly designed 100 percent molded silicone models were created, such as The Original California Dry Blade,

SWISS CLASSIC COLLECTION Since the 19th century, cutlery by Victorinox Swiss Army has been a first choice of professionals and consistently receives high accolades in industry product testing. This year, Victorinox Swiss Army introduces a specially designed collection for the home kitchen—the Swiss Classic Collection. The Swiss Classic Collection introduces a new contemporary handle that is inspired by the professional Fibrox Pro handle. The ergonomic, slip-resistant

design is dishwasher safe, while the mirrored polish finish on the high-carbon stainless steel blade is equivalent to the durable commercial-grade blade. The entire collection is made to the highest sanitary standards, earning the National Sanitary Foundation seal of approval. Suggested Retail Price: $55 Victorinox Swiss Army [tel] 800.442.2706

to dry shower doors, windows and more, whether flat or curved. The Dry Blade won a Design Defined Award at the 2010 International Housewares Show. Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 The Original California Car Duster [tel] 800.282.8828

UTILITY FOLDING CART A utility cart based on a patented precision-hinge folding mechanism is now available by Oasis Concepts. The new Easy Fold Cart has a powdercoated steel frame and two steel wire shelves with a solid hardwood top. The new cart comes in 10 colors: black, white, red, platinum, bronze, pewter, emerald, champagne, whitewash and burgundy, providing a nice accent to any home. The new size is 24" wide by 19" deep and 36" high. The cart is able to stand on its own with no assembly required, and also folds up to just 3"--- wide for easy storage. The portable cart opens and folds within one second. It has four locking casters and can be pushed wherever the owner wants. To make it stay, just lock the wheels. In fact, it is so light that it can be hand carried anywhere. This allows users to not only use this cart in the kitchen or garage, but in every room in the house. Suggested Retail Price: $149.95 Oasis Concepts [tel] 949.766.6360 24

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Now users can travel anywhere or do anything and have their favorite drink always at the ready with the Sharkskinzz Reusable Foldable Flask. Stand-up foldable pouches are the most convenient and inexpensive way to transport a favorite beverage. The pouch fits comfortably in the hand, pocket, jacket, purse or backpack. And if they want a “cold one,” the Sharkskinzz soft bottles can be refrigerated or frozen. Much lighter and safer than glass, aluminum or hard plastic containers, the stand-up foldable pouch takes up little space at all when filled, and as it empties requires even less space. Sharkskinzz products are environmentally friendly, generating 80 percent fewer emissions than the closest alternative, and consume a third amount of energy to produce compared with glass, hard plastic bottles and aluminum cans. All Sharkskinzz products are peggable, available in single- or multi-pak POS retail packaging and counter displays. Suggested Retail Price: $4.99-14.99

Featuring knit ribbing, Toockies hand-knit scrub cloths are ideal for tough scrubbing without scratching, and are made to last by saving time and money. These durable scrub cloths are machine washable and dryer safe and eliminate the typical monthly replacement of plastic and synthetic scrubbing products. Toockies multipurpose cloths can be used to clean every room of the house, car and even the body. Made with organic cotton containing no chemical treatments, dyes or fibers, the cloths reduce the amount

BZB Products [tel] 215.240.1825 [email]

SHARPER IMAGE ELECTRIC CAN OPENER The Sharper Image® Electric 7-in-1 Can opener comes complete with an electric knife sharpener, jar opener, bottle opener, bottle cap opener, can opener, soda tabs opener and a blister pack cutter. Emson [tel] 212.689.9094

of chemicals rubbed onto surfaces in the home and on the body, providing real value to customers. These luxurious clothes can withstand years of reuse and be recycled as potting mesh. Toockies scrub cloths are currently sold in sets of three and six. Made at a community center in India, the company is working toward Fair Trade certification. Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 for the three-pack; $19.99 for the six-pack Sinko Corp. [tel] 408.371.3007

i h + h s w ra p u p TWIST ‘N SPARKLE DIRECT CARBONATION SYSTEM The Twist ‘n Sparkle from iSi North America allows users to carbonate all their favorite drinks using the sparkling wand, which inserts carbonation directly into the beverage. Just fill the bottle to the fill level, insert the charger into the chamber on the sparkling wand, place the wand in the bottle and twist clockwise until the bubbles are released. After a minute, the beverage will be fully carbonated. The Twist ‘n Sparkle chargers are recyclable and the bottle is reusable. Included are a BPA-free bottle, sparkling wand, three soda Sparklets C02 chargers, a replaceable cap and a recipe booklet. Also available are an additional set of reusable bottles and 24 Sparklet chargers. Suggested Retail Price: $49.95 for the set; $29.95 for the extra bottles; $19.95 for the chargers



The Pineapple Slicer from Vacu Vin that peels, cores and slices a fresh pineapple in 30 seconds is now available in red, green and yellow. The pineapple slicer works like a corkscrew, removing the flesh in rings and leaving the core in the shell. Suggested Retail Price: $12

The Open Face Sub Pan from Chicago Metallic can be used to create French bread pizza, open-faced sandwiches or appetizers. The perforated bottom ensures greater airflow for crispy crusts. The two-channel pan fits most standardsize toaster ovens and has a non-stick, easy-release surface. It will be available in August. Suggested Retail Price: $12.99

Vacu Vin/International Innovation Co. [tel] 704.882.3521

Chicago Metallic [tel] 877.310.9102

SACHI INSULATED LUNCH TOTES Sachi insulated fashion lunch totes, a Hannon Group brand, continue to innovate in the category with many new designs for 2011. Ranging from the fun and bright hobo style to the high fashion of faux animal print, the different styles of Sachi offer something for every taste. And every bag is easy to clean and designed to keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Suggested Retail Price: $19.99-28.99 Sachi/Hannon Group [tel] 720.854.5148

iSi North America [tel] 800.477.1426

ETERNA NON-STICK COATING Whitford Research and Development set out to engineer non-stick coatings that would not only last longer but also maintain their nonstick quality. The result was a two-coat, extremely smooth, reflective, high-gloss nonstick called Eterna. The most widely used test for release is cooking a series of eggs one by one in a non-stick pan with no butter, grease or oil. The ability to achieve five easy egg removals in a row is generally considered acceptable. Whitford

CRAYOLA LUNCH-A-LICIOUS This innovative crayon-shaped lunch box is both functional and fun and is destined to be a hit with parents and

conducted this test using three of the most popular non-stick coatings along with Eterna, and the Eterna non-stick coating released 350 fried eggs, which is more than 26 times better than one of today’s most popular nonsticks, and more than 10 times better than the nearest top-end competitive non-stick system.

Whitford Corp. [tel] 610.286.3500 kids alike. Designed with a large main storage compartment, the Crayola® Lunch-a-Licious™ accommodates one sandwich plus a side. The Lunch-aLicious comes with a detachable cup which holds up to 8 ounces. The cup rests securely at the top of the lunch box and cleverly looks like the tip of a crayon. The lunch box is top-rack dishwasher safe and made of FDA-approved food safe plastics. The Lunch-a-Licious is available in two color combinations of blue and green, and red and yellow and is a great everyday item and for retail promos, especially back to school. Available in open stock and counter display. Suggested Retail Price: $7.99 Evriholder Products Inc. [tel] 800.975.0335


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

i h + h s w ra p u p COFFEESTACK ORGANIZER


The CoffeeStack is the only K-Cup® holder designed specifically for the kitchen cabinet so coffee-drinkers can free space on the countertop and stay organized. The compact unit measures just over 5" wide and fits in all standard kitchen cabinets. Four drawers hold 40 K-Cups, making the CoffeeStack the highest-capacity KCup organizer on the market. To use, simply pull the drawer out until it’s extended and lower it to resting position at eye-level. Because all the K-Cups labels face out, it’s easy to select the coffee of choice. Refill with new K-Cups as needed by dropping each pod into an empty holder. The patent-pending CoffeeStack’s black and silver colors match the most popular coffee machine models. No assembly is required and units are stackable. Available October 2011. Suggested Retail Price: $29.99

With Americans trying to eat healthier but still efficiently, salads and greens have become an integral part of the American diet. ARG Manufacturing Inc. recently introduced the next revolution in salad spinners—a battery operated salad spinner. With an effortless push of a button, the spinner quickly and efficiently spins away excess water from greens, lettuce, spinach, herbs, fruit and pasta. In addition, there is a quick built-in brake to get dry greens even faster. The solid rubber base keeps the spinner in place and the 4-quart clear bowl is perfect for serving the justspun ingredients. Users use the removable basket to rinse the greens; then use a fingertip to spin and dry greens so dressing adheres better. The multi-use spinner can also be used to dry cooked pasta to avoid watereddown pasta sauce, remove the large amount of water in frozen spinach and spin berries for

YouCopia Products Inc. [tel] 773.252.0710

ELECTRIC TOMATO STRAINER New from Roma by Weston is the Electric Tomato Strainer, a tool to process large quantities of tomatoes and other produce. The Tomato Strainer’s powerful motor removes skins and seeds from fruits and vegetables while making fresh sauces, purees and juices. Included is an extra-large hopper for holding large quantities of foods and a stomper to safely push the food into the straining chute. It comes with three straining screens for processing into different consistencies: a fine screen for tomatoes and berries, medium for pumpkins and squash (also great for mashed potatoes) and a coarse screen that works great for salsas. Also new from Roma by Weston is the Ravioli Rolling Pin (patent pending). This unique rolling pin is two tools in one: a rolling pin and a ravioli pin. The cover comes off easily—just unscrew one end and slide it off to reveal the ravioli pin. The nonstick nylon cover is also great for rolling out any type of dough for baking. And it takes up no more room than a single rolling pin in the kitchen drawer. Suggested Retail Price: $119.99

baking recipes. There are no cumbersome cords and the bowl and basket are top-rack dishwasher safe. Suggested Retail Price: $39.99 ARG Manufacturing [tel] 215.230.3746

Weston Products [tel] 800.814.4896

CLASSIC 7" HOLLOW EDGE SANTOKU Wüsthof’s Classic 7" Hollow Edge Santoku (Model 4183-7) is a long-time favorite among chefs and consumers, ranking third in Wüsthof’s best-selling knives, right after the indispensable 3.5" paring knife and 8" cook’s knife. Newly enhanced with Wüsthof’s patent-pending Precision Edge Technology (PEtec), available now on all Classic precision-forged, full-tang knives, the Santoku is 40 percent sharper out of the box and boasts a 50 percent increase in edge retention. The versatile wide-blade Santoku combines the best features of a European-style cook’s knife with a traditional Japanese cleaver. It’s

distinctive shape and tapered, sharp edge preps a myriad of foods—from hard and soft vegetables to fruits, meats, poultry, fish and fresh herbs. The Japanese word santoku means “three benefits” and refers to the knife’s superior performance in mincing, slicing and dicing. The hollow ground edge, which is crafted with a row of beveled ovals to help release sticky foods from the blade, such as raw meat and potatoes, minimizes drag for the cleanest, most precise and thinnest cuts possible. Suggested Retail Price: $79.99 Wüsthof-Trident of America [tel] 800.289.9878 Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


i h + h s w ra p u p EZ FREEZE PURE Cool Gear expands its EZ Freeze Pure filtration product line with a new color version. The 24-ounce bottle uses a patented non-toxic freezer stick and water filtration system to cleanse tap water and reduce the use of disposable plastic water bottles. Pure is made of BPA-free material and features a sipper cap with a number dial to keep track of the number of glasses of water consumed each day. Suggested Retail Price: $6.20 Cool Gear Inc. [tel] 508.830.3440



The Sharper Digital Select—A Temp Tea Kettle is a stainless steel, stylish tea kettle with digital technology giving temperature control from 110°F to 212°F, and brings water to 212°F in less than two minutes.

America FeiTian is the American division of Liao Yang FeiTian, China’s largest manufacturer of handcrafted glass gifts and decorative accessories. The company has been distributing glassware in the United States since 2002. With more than 2,000 employees, the factory produces a wide range of items, including glass flowers, vases, plates, bowls, candleholders and glass figurines. All items are blown by highly skilled craftsmen with years of glass-making

Emson [tel] 212.689.9094

experience. Teams of designers in China, Europe and the United States scour the markets in search of the latest trends and colors. This ensures that AFT’s products will appeal to discriminating consumer preferences in home décor. AFT also collaborates with other glass factories in China so it is able to address the needs of many customers regarding all types of glassware products. America FeiTian [tel] 909.987.6354

ICE TREATS PARTY PACK The Back to Basics Ice Treats Party Pack includes all the components for a successful party, including the Ice Treats ice shaver, a variety of single-serve syrups, colorful cups and straws and the Flute Pops Ice Maker. Suggested Retail Price: $49.99


EASYPOP PLUS POPCORN MAKER Cuisinart’s EasyPop Plus countertop popcorn maker allows users to pop, mix and serve flavored popcorn easily. The machine is designed to mix in caramel, butter and salt, grated cheese, melted chocolate and many other add-ins, making up to 10 cups of regular or flavored popcorn in less than five minutes. The EasyPop Plus features a motorized mixing paddle that stirs the kernels that have been added to the oil as the popper plate heats. Thin liquid flavorings can be added through the shaker side, while thicker ones can be added via the slotted side. The EasyPop Plus has a brushed stainless base with white accents. It is also available in a model with black accents. Suggested Retail Price: $79.95

The Great Alaskan Bowl Co.’s Family Tree Bowl Set features 11", 9" and 7" birch bowls with a matching wood grain pattern. The bowls, cut from the same block of wood, may be used for mixing or serving food. In addition to the bowls, the set includes a display stand, 4-ounce bottle of block oil, care and use instruction card and wood chips, all encased in a display box. Personalization of the stand is also available at an additional cost. Suggested Retail Price: $199-249 The Great Alaskan Bowl Co. [tel] 907.474.9663

Cuisinart [tel] 203.975.4600 28

Back to Basics [tel] 224.513.2326

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

EMILE HENRY RED PIZZA STONE Emile Henry debuts a red Pizza Stone designed to make brickoven-style pizzas in home ovens and on backyard grills. Made in France, this 14-inch ceramic round stone absorbs moisture from the pizza dough while distributing heat evenly. The stone is glazed so that it is easy to clean, leaving no food, stains or odors. The stone is lightweight and features large

handles. Cooks can cut right on the stone. The stone can also double as an appetizer or cheese tray that can go from refrigerator or oven to table. The stone is also available in black, figue and olive. Suggested Retail Price: $50 Emile Henry USA [tel] 302.326.4800

cutlery SWISS CLASSIC COLLECTION Since the 19th century, cutlery by Victorinox Swiss Army has been a first choice of professionals and consistently receives high accolades in industry product testing. This year, Victorinox Swiss Army introduces a specially designed collection for the home kitchen—the Swiss Classic Collection. The Swiss Classic Collection introduces a new contemporary handle that is inspired by the professional Fibrox Pro handle. The ergonomic, slip-resistant

design is dishwasher safe, while the mirrored polish finish on the high-carbon stainless steel blade is equivalent to the durable commercial-grade blade. The entire collection is made to the highest sanitary standards, earning the National Sanitary Foundation seal of approval. Suggested Retail Price: $55 Victorinox Swiss Army [tel] 800.442.2706

CHEESE KNIFE/SERVER Franmara’s new all-stainless steel cheese knife measures 9 3/8". The micro-serrated blade is strong and cuts well, and the special tip of the knife allows for perfect pick up and service. The large, hollowed word ‘CHEESE’ is die cut on knife, which reduces cheese

1-2-3 MIRACLE SHARPENER Cisco Sales Corp.’s 1-2-3 Miracle Sharpener features multiple edges that sharpen, straighten and align dull knives. To make the sharpening process easier and safer, the 1-2-3 Miracle Sharpener features an ergonomic handle and anti-slip rubber pads. The diamond abrasive edge sharpens the knife blade while

CHOISONS CERAMIC CUTLERY BY TRIBEST The extra-sharp lightweight blades of ceramic knives allow users to get difficult slicing and cutting jobs done with extreme efficiency, compared to conventional steel knives. Choisons ceramic blades are sharper than stainless steel knives while retaining their edge longer. Ceramic blades cut with more precision, even with irregular or tricky-to-cut foods such as soft-skinned fruits and brittle breads. Ceramic blades also do not react with foods, keeping food looking and tasting fresher for extended periods. Choisons blades are more than 25 percent thicker than other ceramic knives for heavy-duty usage

adhesion to blade. This strong and attractive knife could be used for picnic or home use. Suggested Retail Price: $5.99 Franmara [tel] 831.422.4000

creating a burr-free edge within seconds. Using a tungsten steel blade, the second sharpening edge creates a double bevel edge for better cutting. The final sharpening slot, a ceramic edge, polishes the blade. Cisco Sales Corp. [tel] 888.952.4726

that is more wear-resistant and durable. Choisons ceramic knives are individually sharpened by hand to ensure superior quality. Choisons Precision Series is made of ultra high-quality zirconium carbide with a distinctive metallic gray finish. Utilizing similar manufacturing process as the Original Series zirconium oxide, it uses more heat and pressure to create an ultra-firm blade. These extra-sharp blades will with higher precision than regular ceramic blades for that extra professional quality. Suggested Retail Price: $49.95-89.95 Tribest Corp. [tel] 714.879.7150 Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011



OUTSET STEAKHOUSE KNIFE WITH PROTECTIVE SHEATH The colorful array of steak knives is ideal for on-the-go, campsite, picnic and tailgate activities. The stainless steel blade comes with a protective sheath for safe storage and transport. Its ergonomic handle has a bold finish that's sure to attract attention among

other traditionally styled knives. The knives are available in charcoal, yellow and red and conveniently merchandised in a compact counter top display unit that holds 24 knives. Suggested Retail Price: $4.99 each Fox Run Brands [tel] 215.675.7700

HAMPTON SKANDIA SET Hampton’s Skandia is a unique multi-use set that’s color-coded with symbols to prevent cross contamination. Fashionable and fun, the Skandia nine-piece set features five symbol-coded stainless steel knives and three color-coded polypropylene cutting boards. The knives are etched with symbols for proper usage: chef, bread, utility, paring and citrus. The cutting boards are coded in color: red for meats, green for vegetables and blue for cooked foods, breads and the like. Both the knives and cutting boards are stored in a metallic-accented stand that keeps them organized. Suggested Retail Price: $79.99

FISSLER PROFESSION AND PERFECTION KNIVES These all-new knives from Fissler combine the best of both worlds: the durability and weight of a German knife with the razor-sharp edge of an Asian knife. The blade angles range from 15 to 18 degrees. From the Asian-inspired yet traditional lines of the Profession line, to the sweeping 90-degree rotated tang of the Perfection line, Fissler knives suit any kitchen and taste. Every knife is forged from a single piece of steel, including the tang and rivets, and the injection-molded handles are infused with fiberglass to prevent cracking, loosening or separation. All Fissler knives are treated with a special process during manufacturing and hand-finished to give them the best corrosion-resistance available on the market. Fissler Profession and Perfection knives are made in Solingen, Germany, and come with a lifetime warranty. Suggested Retail Price: $67.99-140 Fissler USA [tel] 888.FISSLER

JEWELSTIK DIAMOND KNIFE SHARPENERS Hewlett Manufacturing recently developed the JewelStik Diamond Knife Sharpeners, designed to be the optimum sharpening tool as the only three grit, handheld sharpener on the market. No fuss, no extra parts to change, just good traditional sharpening but with the added diamond grit choices for more functionality. Introduced at the 2010 Housewares Show, this new design of adding two more grit choices to the

standard sharpener offers customers more flexibility to keep their knives, of all types, always sharp and ready for use. The JewelStik is an American-made product with a lifetime guarantee. Suggested Retail Price: $49.95

Hewlett Manufacturing [tel] 814.683.4762

Hampton Forge Ltd. [tel] 877.423.6743

19-PIECE GRILLING TOOL SET AND CARRYING CASE SCI is introducing a 19-piece grilling tool set and carrying case. The set includes eight corn cob holders, four skewers, a basting brush, a spatula, a knife, a large fork and a grill brush/scraper. The comfortable wooden handles allow for a durable grip throughout their use. Suggested Retail Price: $38.95 SCI Cuisine Internationale [tel] 800.966.5489

SHUN PREMIER SETS Shun Cutlery expands is Premier collection of hammered knives with an nine-piece block set, a two-piece carving set, a three-piece starter set and a fourpiece steak knife set. The Premier knives draw on the handcrafting techniques of ancient Japan. Each blade is made of VG10 “super” steel and is clad with 16 layers of high-carbon stainless steel Damascus on both sides of the blade thus creating a 33-layered knife. The

‘THE BEAST’ CLEAVER The newest addition to Chef Guy Fieri’s Knuckle Sandwich Series for Ergo Chef is “The Beast”—a 6.5" meat cleaver. The knife weighs 1 pound and is manufactured from German steel. It features a precision-sharp tapered blade with flame graphics. The handle has a large crisscross crusher on the 30

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

blades are beveled for lateral stability and precision, resulting in a thin, sharp edge. The hammered finish acts as a series of hollow-ground cavities, reducing drag and preventing foods from sticking to the blade. The handles are made of walnut PakkaWood and are designed to nestle comfortably in the hand. KAI Corp. [tel] 800.325.2891 end for pulverizing nuts, garlic and the like. A star-shaped hole in the blade makes the cleaver easy to hang. The knife also includes a red edge guard. Suggested Retail Price: $79.99 Ergo Chef [tel] 877.796.0884


TULIP SPICE GRINDER The Linden Sweden Tulip Spice Grinder is an ideal size for spices and dried herbs; it stands 5 inches tall and holds about 2 ounces. It will perk up dried spices and herbs by enhancing their flavor. The Tulip Spice Grinder features the CrushGrind® ceramic grinding mechanism, which will not corrode or dull like metal mechanisms. The CrushGrind grinding mechanism has a 25-year warranty and is designed to grind dried spices and herbs, rock salt, peppercorn and many seeds including flax seed. The spice wheel adjusts easily to grind from coarse to fine. It offers an even

grind that makes seasoning a snap. The Tulip Spice Grinder grinds upside down leaving no mess on the table or counter. It fits comfortably in the hands and is easy to use and clean. Just twist off the grinder cap to expose the large mouth spice jar for easy refills. The grinder’s whimsical design allows it to be part of festive occasions and everyday dining. Available in sage green, cranberry red, black and white. Suggested Retail Price: $15.95 Linden Sweden [tel] 952.465.0052 EZ HOLD ELECTRONIC STAINLES STEEL SALT AND PEPPER MILL

COMBO DELUXE ELECTRIC PEPPER/SALT MILL Finally an electric mill that can grind pepper and salt in one unit! Stainless steel housing with solid state ceramic grinding mills does a great job in grinding pepper and coarse sea salt. With a touch of a button, you can grind either one. This two-compartment mill features peppercorns on one side and coarse sea salt on the the other side. Another great feature is that you can adjust the grind from fine to coarse, and it includes a cover on the bottom to keep the mill clean. Uses four AA batteries. Franmara [tel] 831.422.4000

Perfect for dinner parties or when an extra hand is needed in the kitchen, the EZ Hold Automatic Salt and Pepper Mill delivers fresh seasonings and garnishes without the hassle of grinding. At the touch of a button, the batterypowered mill automatically grinds favorite seasonings and garnishes while its contoured body rests comfortably in the hand. An adjustable coarseness dial and guiding light ensure the perfect amount is added every time. The unit takes six AAA batteries. Suggested Retail Price: $29.99


Zak Designs Inc. [tel] 509.244.0555 PEPART TWIN SET Designed exclusively for William Bounds by artist Robert Wilhelm, the sleek style of the PepArt Twin Set features curves evocative of a wine bottle. Decorated with hand-painted color combinations, the PepArt Twin Set is the perfect pair for freshly grinding sea salt and peppercorns. The mills feature the exclusive William Bounds stainless/ ceramic milling mechanism that has no interlocking metal parts, which makes the mill more durable because it will never jam or wear out. The mills are 9¾" tall and are available in black/white, orange/yellow, red/black or apple/turquoise. Suggested Retail Price: $70 William Bounds [tel] 800.473.0504

iTouchless Housewares & Products Inc. [email]

The Pueblo family of pepper mills and pepper mill and salt shaker sets is made in the U.S. with Chef’s Specialties’ own Pennsylvania-made grinding mechanisms. A brushed steel band accents this rich, chocolate-colored mill or shaker, adding a touch of sophisticated elegance to the line. Fitted with the Professional Series solid stainless steel grinding mechanism, these mills and sets will withstand the rigors of use for years to come. Suggested Retail Prices: $35-52 Chef Specialties Co. [tel] 800.440.2433 32

Just because people choose to have freshly ground spices doesn’t mean they lose their taste for design and functionality. For that reason, Zak Designs has created a patentpending Square Stacking Mill that allows consumers to season with taste. Available in orange, marine and kiwi, these mills are designed to stack on top of each other for convenient access without cluttering countertops. The clear center allows consumers to quickly and easily identify which spice is stored in which container, and the mills also feature a large top opening that makes refilling the mills a simple operation. Suggested Retail Price: $14.99

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

CUISINART RECHARGEABLE SALT & PEPPER MILLS Cuisinart presents an easy and elegant way to serve freshly ground salt and pepper. The stainless Rechargeable Salt & Pepper Mills sit in a sleek power base to ensure mills are always fully charged and ready to grind. The mills adjust for fine to coarse grinds and light up food with the units’ LED lights as it’s being seasoned. Suggested Retail Price: $59.95 Cuisinart [tel] 800.726.0190

WIND&GRIND The smooth contours of this stylish salt and pepper mill echo its simple operation and trouble-free maintenance. Its ceramic mechanism can be adjusted to grind from fine to coarse and can also effortlessly handle a variety of other whole seeds and spices. The acrylic body allows users to see when the contents are running low, and the unit is easy to refill. Suggested Retail Price: $20

BISTRO SALT & PEPPER MILL Sitting side-by-side, the glass grinders keep sea salt and peppercorns fresh and ready for use. The Swiss design combines glass with colorful and easyto-clean tops and bases. The grinders feature a high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism that adjusts from coarse to fine grind. These mills grind upside down, which helps keep counters and tabletops mess free. The two grinders sit securely in the colorful base, which can be lifted easily with the center handle. The base pulls up to hold each 6.5" grinder securely in place during transport from the kitchen to the table. Available in red, white or black. Suggested Retail Price: $40 Kuhn Rikon [tel] 800.662.5882

Joseph Joseph [tel] 516.248.1875

VIC FIRTH GOURMET MARIO 4" MILLS The same stylish mill design as our 7", 12" and 17" models, the Mario Batali Signature Series mills are now offered in a 4" size. Handcrafted in Newport, Maine, from the finest hardwoods, The Mario Batali Signature models were designed in collaboration with Chef Batali. As with all Vic Firth Gourmet mills, the new Mario 4" mills feature the “lock and grind”

system, pop-out mechanisms for easy cleaning and are guaranteed for life. The mills are available in pepper or salt styles in natural cherry, maple, walnut stain, mahogany stain, black, cinnabar, cobalt, white and orange signature. Suggested Retail Price: $29.95 Vic Firth Gourmet [tel] 800.894.5970


PEUGEOT ELIS SENSE Peugeot introduces its newest electric mills, the ELiS Sense. The clean lines of these 8" high-tech mills make them ideal for use in the kitchen or on the table during meals. The stainless steel mills have an updated electric function that works by simultaneously touching anywhere on the mill body and the top. When the mill is operating, the outer ring of the top button lights up in blue. The milling area is also lighted with LEDs so users can easily see the amount of salt or pepper being dispensed. Other features include easy refilling with the pre-measured spice flack and accompanying funnel, a fashionable square mill tray for storage on the table or countertop and a grind adjustment mechanism. Suggested Retail Price: $130

This versatile mill provides an adjustable dial that allows fine to coarse grinds, while the cap keeps spices dry in humid conditions. The grinding mechanism is made from an advanced ceramic close in hardness to diamond that will never rust, providing ultra long-life performance, while delivering fresh and flavorful results. The clever upright design keeps shelves and counters clean from residual grinds. The re-usable glass container is dishwasher safe. Suggested Retail Price: $19.95 Kyocera Advanced Ceramics [tel] 800.537.0294

ROCKET SALT & PEPPER Mealtime gets more interesting when salt and pepper go intergalactic. Dazzle dinner guests with this salt & pepper set in brushed-and-polished recycled aluminum. Each piece is 6.25" tall by 2.75" wide. Suggested Retail Price: $58 per set

Peugeot [tel] 877.777.5914

Museum of Robots [tel] 415.721.0525

LA FANTE COMBO SPICE MILL A traditional spice grinder, the La Fante mill incorporates an acrylonitrile-atyrene resin body that is transparent to view the contents clearly and a modern hexagonal shape. It also features a highly durable ceramic grinding mechanism. The upper compartment sprinkles salt, pepper, raw sugar and other ground spices, while the lower compartment grinds whole peppercorns or spices and easily adjusting from coarse to powder fine. The mill disassembles for dry cleaning the body, and the removable mechanism is covered by a 20-year limited warranty and is dishwasher safe. Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 HIC—Harold Import Co. [tel] 800.526.2163

VERONA SALT AND PEPPER MILLS The brightly colored Verona pepper mills feature a highly sophisticated stainless steel geometry that brings out the best flavor and texture. The salt mills include a high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism to prevent corrosion. On the bottom of the mill, simply turn the dial towards the desired setting, from very fine to very coarse. The mills are available in 6", 8" and 12" sizes. Suggested Retail Prices: $39.95-69.95 Frieling [tel] 800.827.2582 Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


{ news in brief } Food Network Chef Sara Moulton is showcasing Copper Fusion cookware from Chantal during a promotion tour for her latest book, “Sara Moulton’s Everyday Family Dinners.” Moulton, who appeared on the Food Network in “Cooking Live,” “Cooking Live Primetime” and “Sara’s Secrets” also hosted the public TV show “Sara’s Weeknight Meals.” On her 15-appearance tour, Moulton will be using Chantal’s cookware. The tour began at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago and ends Sept. 17 at The Cook’s Shop in Marietta, Ohio. Stops in between include Santa Fe, N.M., Tulsa, Okla., Las Vegas and Reno, Nev. Laura Dumas has been promoted to Vice President of Creative Services for the Dallas Market Center. In this role, Dumas will promote the Dallas Market Center through the strategic management of all creative services, including advertising, special events, visual merchandising and the company’s custom publications. Dumas joined the Market Center in 2000 as Senior Director of Public Relations and has since served as Senior Director of Marketing and Senior Director of Creative Services. Steve Sloane Inc., a third-generation manufacturers’ agency in Glen Cove, N.Y., currently representing Edgecraft, Frieling USA, Inno-Labs, Narita Trading, Essenergy and other fine lines,

has appointed Molly Sloane as Sales Associate, with headquarters in midtown Manhattan. Sloane is concentrating her efforts in the areas of bridal, Internet sales and hot beverage specialty. Sloane, a University of Miami Business School graduate, left her position at Helen Ficalora Jewelry where she directed wholesale marketing since 2008. Trudeau Corp. appointed Marty Armstrong as Vice President, Sales and Trade Marketing, based in Chicago. Armstrong previously served as Vice President of Sales & Trade Marketing for Groupe SEB/ All-Clad Metalcrafters. Before that, he had spent 18 years at KitchenAid as General Manager of Global Sales, and four years as Director of Sales at Rubbermaid. “I am very proud that Marty Armstrong is joining the Trudeau team,” said Philippe Trudeau, President of Trudeau in prepared remarks. “We anticipate that through his vision and leadership, Trudeau will see exponential growth.” Trudeau is a leading supplier of quality kitchenware and tabletop accessories in North America. Trudeau is headquartered in Chicago, occupying a 116,000-square-foot facility, which includes offices, showroom, a warehouse and customer service division. In Montreal, Trudeau occupies a 125,000-square-foot facility, including a warehouse, a showroom and offices. Product development is done both in Chicago and Montreal.

Creative Tops Ltd., a British giftware and tabletop line, was named one of the winners of the United Kingdom’s Giftware Association Gift of the Year Awards. The Northamptonshire-based company received a commendation for its Monopoly Mugs collection, which was selected in the Branded Character category. Gift of the Year Awards are given to the most original and innovatively designed products that can be given as gifts. Entrants also had to demonstrate that the product is commercially viable. Clare Farthing, Marketing and PR Manager at Creative Tops Ltd., said in a prepared release that the strong nostalgic appeal of the collection ensured its place on the list. “Monopoly is instantly recognizable as a brand and has a truly widespread appeal. We wanted to create a collection that captured the iconic imagery of the board game.” Bradshaw International, makers of Good Cook bakeware, offered retailers and their customers a special Earth Day recycling program in April. The program featured dump bins where consumers could recycle their own baking pans and get a discount on a new Good Cook pan. Retailers were furnished with collection containers that were picked up and sent to their local recycling center. “This is a way for all of us to be more responsible about our waste,” said Senior Product Manager

Jason Vaske in a prepared release. Recycling steel and tin cans saves 74 percent of the energy used produce them. The promotion launched amid ecologyrelated events on Earth Day, which was April 22. Kuhn Rikon USA has hired Chelsea Schlunt in the newly created position of Managing Director, expanding its management team as the company continues to grow its kitchen tools, pressure cookers and specialty cookware business. Schlunt reports to Rudy Keller, President of Kuhn Rikon USA. “We’ve seen tremendous growth over the last few years, so we’re adding a managing director to increase our capabilities and to serve our customers in the best way possible. Chelsea’s extensive experience in the Internet world will also help us increase our presence in this very fast-paced and important segment of our business,” said Keller in a prepared release. Before joining Kuhn Rikon, Schlunt was Director of Sales for SLI Systems, a privately held Internet company that develops learning-based search and navigation for e-commerce sites. She has also served as Director of Business Development for, a discovery shopping search engine; and Sales Manager for She is currently a Master of Business Administration candidate at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

ADVERTISER INDEX American Fei Tian.............................................15 AmericasMart .......................................................2 Core Bamboo .....................................................17 Essenergy .............................................................15 Evriholder............................................................17 FireWire...............................................................24 Fox Run................................................................36 Full Circle............................................................22 fusionbrands .......................................................10 Hewlett Manufacturing....................................29 Howard Naturals ...............................................10 Inventures ............................................................13 Linden Sweden...................................................18 Parasia.....................................................................6 Parrish’s ................................................................23 Pillivuyt/Marlux ................................................26 Pragotrade/Weston Products..........................19 Prodyne................................................................34 SCI Scandicrafts ................................................12 Signature Housewares.......................................21 Talisman Designs ...............................................27 Tribest.....................................................................8 Victorinox ...........................................................31 Vita Craft...............................................................6 Wilshire Industries ............................................25 Zak Designs...........................................................5


Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011

{ t ra d e s h o w b u z z } Trade Show Buzz The summer months are upon us and things are starting to heat up—and we’re not just talking about the temperature. Taking a closer look at recent trade shows around the country, attendance is up and consumer optimism continues to rise. The International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago achieved sold-out status and welcomed 1,951 exhibitors, and many buyers and sellers are already planning for the 2012 IHA Show. Elsewhere in Chicago, things seem to be looking up for the confectionery industry— The National Confectioners Association is boasting its biggest show floor in eight years at the annual Sweets & Snacks Expo. As this publication went to press, NCA representatives expected nearly 500 companies to flood the show floor May 2426, along with more than 100 new exhibitors. “Just four years ago, we welcomed snack companies to our show and we are proud to say that now 40 percent of our exhibitors feature snack products,” said Michael Rosenberg, EXPO Chairman and President and CEO of The Promotion In Motion Companies Inc. in a released statement. Both Gourmet Marketplace and the inaugural Innovation Alley sold out nearly three months before the Sweets & Snacks Expo began. For the third year in a row, the Magic of Merchandising Display Gallery will showcase shippers and displays from candy and snack suppliers. Innovation Alley is a whole area dedicated to start-up companies. Also new is an EXPO Mobile App, sponsored by The Hershey Co., which is a customized web and smartphone application that will help users make the most of their time at the show. Once again, AmericasMart will host Icon Honors to celebrate superior achievement,

contribution and innovation across the home and gift industry on July 17 at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market this summer. This year, Icon Honors features a few newly structured categories in Innovative Technology Applications, Eco-Friendly Product Packaging, Licensed Product Innovations and Sustainable Business Practices. Home and gift industry retailers, manufacturers, sales agencies and service providers all are eligible to compete. For more information, visit On the West Coast, the International DairyDeli-Bakery Association will host its 47th annual seminar and expo in Anaheim, Calif., June 5-7. A favorite among dairy, deli, bakery and cheese merchandisers, the Dairy-DeliBake 2011 features a 1,500 booth expo and the popular Cake Decorating Challenge. Now in its 16th year, the Cake Decorating Challenge invites store-level decorators to compete in a three-phase challenge beginning Sunday, June 5. As things kick into high gear for the Summer Fancy Food Show July 10-12 in Washington, D.C., the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade recently announced Cat Cora, a noted chef, housewares designer and TVfood personality, will serve as keynote speaker and presenter for the 39th sofi™ Awards. “I am so pleased to participate in the sofi Awards, and to be honoring makers of the best in specialty food,” said Cora in prepared remarks. Considered the top honor in the food industry, the sofi Awards recognize excellence in specialty foods, beverages and non-food items in 33 categories. The sofi Awards and keynote address are scheduled to take place July 11 at the Washington Convention Center.

and 9. The Summit will cover sales and marketing, operations, management and sourcing information for specialty food retailers. Featured presenters include Ellen Haas, former president of the Consumer Federation of America; Ari Weinzweig, Brad Hedeman, Pete Sickman-Garner and Vanessa Sly of ZingTrain; and Sam Mogannam of Bi-Rite Market.



by Danielle D’Adamo

In addition to the Summer Fancy Food Show, NASF T is hosting a special education conference immediately before its annual trade show in Washington. Modeled after NASFT’s Super Retailer Summits in Chicago and Napa Valley, Calif., the upcoming Super Retailer Summit will be held at Washington’s Mayflower Renaissance Hotel July 8

MAY 2011 14-17 International Contemporary Furniture Fair Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York, NY, 800.272.SHOW

JUNE 2011 14-16 Licensing International Expo Las Vegas, NV, 888.644.2022

14-19 New York International Gift Fair Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York, NY, 800.272.SHOW 26-30 Tendence Lifestyle, Collection Frankfurt Fair & Exhibition Center Frankfurt, Germany, +49 69 75 75 0

13-15 NEOCON World’s Trade Fair The Merchandise Mart Chicago, IL, 800.677.6278

SEPTEMBER 2011 10-12 Atlanta Fall Gift & Home Furnishings Market and The Atlanta Gourmet Market® AmericasMart Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, 800.ATL.MART

22-28 Dallas Total Home & Gift Market Dallas Market Center Dallas, TX, 800.DAL.MKTS

10-12 Dallas Total Home & Gift Market Dallas Market Center Dallas, TX, 800.DAL.MKTS

JULY 2011 13-20 Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market AmericasMart Atlanta Atlanta, GA, 800.ATL.MART

26-28 Fall L.A. Mart Market L.A. Mart Los Angeles, CA, 800.LAMART4

AUGUST 2011 14-18 The Gourmet Housewares Show at NYIGF Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York, NY, 800.272.SHOW

OCTOBER 2011 25-28 New York Tabletop Market New York Showrooms, 41 Madison, 7 West 34th, 230 Fifth Ave. New York, NY, 212.686.1203, 212.279.6063, 800.698.5617,,

National Hardware Show Expands Outdoor, Tailgating Focus The National Hardware Show offers new products, events and programs at the sold-out 2011 event taking place May 10-12 in Las Vegas.

Tumbler, Victorinox Swiss Army, Victorio Kitchen Products, Wabash Valley Farms, Eastman Outdoors, iTouchless, Parasia, Chilly Twist, Masterbuilt and Camp Chef.

In addition to first-time categories such as Outdoor Recreation, DIY Security and Energy Efficient products, the show features more than 600 new exhibitors in Homewares; Lawn & Garden/Outdoor Living; Storage & Organization; Tailgating, Camping & Picnic; Hardware & Tools; Paint & Accessories and Plumbing & Electrical; as well as core product categories being featured in the show’s International Sourcing area.

Lisa Girard, PR Director for Reed Expositions, which puts on the NHS, said tailgating and outdoor recreation was one of the big initiatives at the show. It encompasses many of the product categories that are important to kitchenware retailers, including grills, coolers and BBQ tools. Exhibitors includes Fire Wire, Clink N Drink and Pierson Pizza Oven. Buyers who attend the show are citing the growth of tailgating in their search for new products.

There are more than 700 new product introductions, ranging from organizational solutions to ceramic heaters. Among the home and housewares exhibitors are Tervis

The major theme of the 2011 event is “A New Way to Market.” The show draws national and international attendees not only from traditional retail and wholesale

outlets but additional channels, such as grocery, mass, drug, catalog and the Internet—all representing almost $240 billion in sales revenue. In addition, the show offers special events, including product demonstrations, NRHA TV and social networking roundtables, as well as informative addresses by industry experts. One of the seminars cited by Girard featured Fred Miller, President of Consumer Specialists for the Home Improvement Research Institute, speaking about the types of home improvements projects that homeowners are planning these days, so retailers can adjust their inventory accordingly. Another seminar highlights the growing “shop local” movement and made-in-America trend. The show is also the site for the 5th

by Joanne Friedrick

Annual Homewares Awards, which recognizes best-in-class products in the homewares category. For the first time, exhibitors with energy efficient products will be given a special designation in the show directory and on the National Hardware Show website, making it easier for attendees to discover the latest energy-saving innovations. The National Hardware Show is celebrating its 67th year of serving the home improvement marketplace. From its early beginnings in New York during the post-World War II housing boom and eventual move to Chicago in the 1970s to its current location in Las Vegas, the National Hardware Show continues to evolve. For more information, visit

Kitchenware News & Housewares Review • MAY 2011


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