Dreaming Hand-in-Hand: An Intergenerational Chinatown Zine

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Dreaming Hand in Hand: An Intergenerational Chinatown Zine

牽手共築夢 : 世代同行唐人街小誌

And there are no new pains. We have felt them all already. We have hidden that fact in the same place where we have hidden our power. They lie in our dreams, and it is our dreams that point the way to freedom.

– Audre Lorde, “Poetry is Not a Luxury” (1985)




- 奥黛麗·洛德 《詩歌不是奢侈品》(1985)



Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice would like to acknowledge that our work takes place on the unceded territories of the xʷməθkʷəy əm (Musqueam), Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) & səlilwətaɬ (Tsleil-Waututh) First Nations. As we continue our work to uplift Chinese seniors and youth, we recognize that our struggle for justice is intertwined with Indigenous resistance for the return of the land.

We would like to acknowledge funding support from the City of Vancouver through the Community Arts Grant and our community of donors.

世代同行會位於瑪斯昆原住民、史戈米殊原住民、斯裡沃特原住民 從未同意交出的領土上。我們感謝能在此工作,並服務華人長者與 青年。與此同時,我們認識到,原住民的抗爭,對土地歸還的訴求, 與世代同行會的正義之路息息相關。


Contributing Artists


Amy Nofech-Yang

Amy Yuan

Ariel Zhang

Buffy Chen

Gloria Hsieh

Grace Chan

Guan Yu Ying

Jancis Wong

Larkin Chen

Lily Liu

Li Yu Rong

Ma Xing Jun

婆婆 李玉榮

Ma Wai Hing

Melody Ma

Mimi Nguyen

Natalie Shum

Peggy Chen

Rosa Chan

Som “CC” Lee

Vicky Mo

Winnie Zhou

Yang Gui Fang

Zenaida Kwong

Zoe Leung

Board of Directors


Eleanor Marie Yang

Lydia Tang

Melody Wise


Sweden Yao

Sydney Li

Todd Huang

楊以珍 袁靜 張若瑜 如如 謝淑珍 陳婆婆
黄慧翀 陳㬢 Lily
Nguyễn Thị Bích Ngân 岑叡霆 陳怡親 巫嘉維 周丽珊 楊桂芳 鄺綺君 梁蔚衡
鄧婉盈 維斯茵韻
蕭堯 李少而 黄承陶


What is Chinatown? A space? A vision?

A dream? As a community forged by legislated scarcity, we have always refused to accept the hand we have been dealt. While people have come and gone from the neighbourhood, there seems to be something that always tethers us to Chinatown.

Though Chinatown is changing due to rapid gentrification, we continue to witness the power that community holds to heal, dream, and resist. Perhaps, this is the magic that holds Chinatown together. We recognize that before Chinatown, communities have thrived on these lands since time immemorial. As settlers, we continue to hold these complexities and reflect on what it means to dream alongside our Black, Indigenous, and racialized neighbours.

This project marked the beginning of Yarrow’s return to in-person connections, outside of service provision, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. We were moved by the surge of energy and excitement from seniors and youth to connect and create together. Through creative expression, youth and seniors documented an important time in history while also showing us the path forward. It was our honour to hold space and witness this process .

We would like to thank all the youth and senior contributors for teaching us that we do not need permission to dream.

We hope this zine brings joy and hope to all those who encounter it.

Thank you for reading and dream on, Rachel Lau and Beverly Ho


Foreword 前言

唐人街是什麼?一個空間?一個願景?一個 夢?唐人街作為一個社區,是因立法所導致 的資源匱乏而生,但我們從不逆來順受。儘 管人們來來去去,這裡總是有些什麼將我



們持續地看見這個社群所擁有的力量,並 以此力量去療癒、築夢、抵抗。或許,是這 個魔力將唐人街凝聚在一起。我們深知在

唐人街存在以前,各個社群便已在這塊土 地上茁長了不知有多久。身為定居者,我們 將此複雜性謹記於心,明白我們在築夢的 同時,總是與黑人、原住民、被種族化的鄰 友並肩,而我們不斷省思此一意義。

這個小誌創作企劃有特殊的意義,它是世 代同行會從2020年新冠肺炎至今,在服務 項目的提供之外,從線上互動重返面對面 連結的標誌。對於長者與青年洋溢的熱情, 以及他/她們如此興奮地相互認識和共同創 作,我們深受感動。透過創作,青年與長者 不但共同記錄了歷史上一段重要時光,同時 更向我們揭示了前方的道路。對於我們能 夠提供這樣的空間,並見證這創作的過程, 我們倍感榮幸。

感謝所有的小誌貢獻者,無論是青年或長 者,他/她們讓我們體認到我們不需任何人 的許可便可自由築夢。我們希望這份小誌 能夠為讀者帶來喜悅與希望。


劉可莉、何盈欣 敬上

Guan Yu Ying 關玉英(關婆婆)

Ariel Zhang 張若瑜 Vicky Mo 巫嘉維 Yang Gui Fang 楊桂芳(芳姐) Mimi Nguyen Nguyễn Thị Bích Ngân

Grace Chan 陳婆婆

Zenaida Kwong 鄺綺君

Jancis Wong


Som “CC” Lee

Li Yu Rong


Chen 陳怡親


Melody Ma

Xing Jun 馬杏軍(馬太)


Rosa Chan Natalie Shum

Amy Nofech-Yang


Gloria Hsieh
Zoe Leung 梁蔚衡
Lily Liu Lily 婆婆

Amy Yuan 袁靜

Buffy Chen 如如

Ma Wai Hing 馬惠卿

Zhou 周丽珊


Artist Biographies


AMY NOFECH-YANG: Amy is an elementary school teacher who recently relocated to Vancouver. As a daughter to a Taiwanese mother and a Jewish father, she has always been interested in learning about diasporic communities and social justice. Naturally, this interest was formed during her teenage years and continues to be cultivated as she looks for opportunities to participate in cultural events as well as community-building opportunities. As a life-long learner, she intends to continue to incorporate these experiences into creating a socially conscious and culturally responsive classroom.

楊以珍: 楊以珍是一位小學教師,剛搬 到溫哥華不久。作為一個台灣母親和猶 太父親的女兒,她一直對流散社群與社 會正義的相關議題抱持興趣。這個興趣 在她的青少女時期成形,並透過參與文 化活動與社群營造,持續受到滋養。作 為一個終身學習者,她將持之以恆地結 合這些經驗,打造一個有社會意識與文 化回應的課堂。

AMY YUAN: The title of my work is “My Life In Canada.” I have been living in Canada for 15 years. I am from Hangzhou, a place renowned for its beautiful scenery. In Hangzhou, there is a gorgeous lake, called West Lake. Around the lake, there is one willow tree and one peach tree. When the spring comes, the weeping willow dances in the wind, and the peach tree blossoms freely. The reflection in the West Lake is as lovely as a young lady, enchanting everyone with its heavenly beauty. There are also soaring mountains in Hangzhou, such as Lantau Peak (or Phoenix Mountain), Baoshi Mountain, and City God Mountain. In the lake, there are “Three Pools Mirroring the Moon.” Alongside the lake, there is Broken Bridge, Six Suspension Bridge, Leifeng Pagoda,

Lingyin Temple, Xixi Wetland, etc. The viewpoints are countless. It would be the best to see with your own eyes. I have become a citizen in Canada. Recently, I have been actively participating in many community events, such as volunteering at the Sun Wah Centre and Downtown Eastisde Women’s Centre, engaging in senior activities, dancing, and practicing Tai Chi. I have also been attending morning exercises with Yarrow, taking part in the events organized by Ms. Chow, reading books, enjoying lantern displays, learning English at the Women’s Centre, making handcrafts, and drawing. That is to say, living in Canada, I am very happy and satisfied. I appreciate all the concerns and care from people in Canada, and I am confident that tomorrow will always be better.

袁靜: 我的標題是「生活在加拿大的 我」。我在加拿大已經生活了十五年,本 人來自世界文明的、終極美麗的杭州, 有一個美麗的、非常漂亮的西湖,環湖 有一支楊柳一支桃,春天到的時候,倒 掛著綠色楊柳,在風中蕩漾,粉紅色的 桃花,自由地綻放著;綠湖水的倒映,如 少女般漂亮、美麗、可人,把人們不知不 覺地陶醉在美景中,享受人間天堂的美。

杭州城中還有高高的山,叫鳳凰山、寶 樹山、城隍山等;湖中還有三潭印月,邊 上有斷橋、六吊橋、雷峰塔、靈隱寺、西 溪濕地等,反正是勝不勝數,有機會親 身體驗最好。

我自從來到加拿大後,現在已經入籍 在加拿大。近幾年,我積極地參加很多 的社區活動,像新華中心作義工、婦女 社區作社區義工,並參加老年活動、跳 舞、太極等;世代同行組織的早鍛練,還 有參加周小姐搞的活動,看書、看燈展 等;婦女中心組織的學英語、做手工、畫 畫、看燈展等活動。所以說,我生活在加 拿大,每天過得開心、很滿足。我在這裡 非常感謝加拿大和各界人士的關心和愛 護,所以我有信心,相信明天會更好。

ARIEL ZHANG: Ariel is a first generation Chinese Canadian born in Chongqing, China. She spent much of her early years in East Vancouver and Chinatown frequenting Dim Sum restaurants with her parents. She has been a lover of poetry, art and science since she was young. She recently graduated from UBC with a degree in Biochemistry and is currently working as a Research Associate. During her spare time, she loves writing about her feelings and experiences as a member of the Chinese diaspora. She also loves to read, do yoga and make pottery.

張若瑜: 張若瑜為第一代華裔加拿大 人,出生於中國重慶。在她的早年生涯 中,她常與父母造訪溫東與唐人街的點 心餐廳。打從青年時期,她便喜愛詩歌、 藝術、科學。她最近剛從卑詩大學取得 生物化學學位,現為研究人員。閒暇時 她喜愛書寫,書寫內容為身為一位華裔 移民的情感與經驗。她也喜愛閱讀、瑜 伽、陶藝。

BUFFY CHEN: Buffy’s introduction to the world of Zines occurred because a dear friend of hers included it on a holiday wish list. As someone who has a love for stories and art, Buffy found that Zines offer the perfect combination of the two to provide an authentic space for artists, creatives, and ordinary folks alike to share their voice on issues that matter to them. She hopes that the world of Zines can also offer you, the reader, an opportunity to use your voice and/or find a shared connection within the published stories.

如如: 如如之所以會踏進小誌創作的世 界,是因為一位好友將小誌創作列入 假期願望清單。作為故事與藝術的愛 好者,如如發現小誌創作完美結合了兩 者,提供一個真誠的空間給藝術家、創 作家、一般大眾,讓他們得以在自己重 視的議題上發聲。她希望小誌創作的世

界也能夠提供給你(讀者)一個機會, 讓你可以表達自己的想法,並在故事中 找到共有的連結。

GLORIA HSIEH: My name is Hsieh Shu Chen, I came from Taiwan. I have lived here for 26 years. I like it here very much. I visit Yarrow every week where I am cared for by the staff in the office. I also enjoy visiting scenic views. The government gives us a free monthy bus pass so I can go to the sea or visit other places often which makes me very happy.

謝淑珍: 我叫謝淑珍,來自台灣,到這 裡已有二十六年。我非常高興在這裡。 我每個禮拜去世代同行會,受到辦公室 人員的照顧,也常常出去看風景,政府 給我們一張免費的月票,所以我常常到 海岸或別的鄉鎮去看一看,心情非常地 愉快。

GRACE CHAN: I am Chan Popo, from Hong Kong, my ancestral home is in Guangdong Province. I am an emerging artist in Chinatown.

陳婆婆: 我是陳婆婆,來自香港,祖籍來 自廣東省。我是唐人街的新興藝術家。

GUAN YU YING: My name is Guan Yu Ying, I am Shanghainese. I recently came to Canada to live with my daughter and to help her take care of her child. I currently live at Golden Age Court I have lots of friends and I am very happy to have met them. I like volunteering in my community, engaging in activities and buying groceries for other seniors.

關玉英: 我是關玉英,我是上海人。我剛 來加拿大跟我女兒住,幫她養孩子。我 現在住在金齡宮。我有很多朋友,認識 他們很高興。我喜歡在社區做義工,搞 活動,幫別的老人買菜。

JANCIS WONG: Hello! My name is Jancis and I was born in Hong Kong. I came to Vancouver in grade 10 and pursued Social Work in my undergrad. I have built my friendship with CC over the past year, and it turns out we both like to cook and eat steamed fish (arguably a Hong Kong staple dish).

I never had the chance to build a relationship with my grandparents, so I got to learn a lot from CC’s experiences and her life built here.

黄慧翀: 哈囉!我的名字是慧翀,我在 香港出生,十年級時來到溫哥華,並於 大學時期攻讀社會工作學位。過去幾年 來,我和CC建立了深厚的友誼,我們 都喜歡烹飪以及吃蒸魚(蒸魚可以說是 香港經典美食)。我從來沒有機會和我 的祖父母建立情誼,所以很高興能了解 CC的生命經驗,以及她在這裡建立的 生活。

LARKIN CHEN: I’m a 1.5th generation immigrant-settler. My family is Han and Hakka, from Sichuan, Canton, and other southern provinces. I’m new to Vancouver’s Chinatown community, but grew up hanging out, volunteering, and performing traditional dance in Calgary’s Chinatown. This was my first zine-making as an adult - and I’m grateful for this experience. I loved drawing and storytelling as a child, but lost touch with art during schooling. These days, I’m delighting in exploring and playing with art making again.

陳 㬢: 我是第一點五代的移民定居者, 家族為來自四川、廣東、其他南方省份 的漢人與客家人。我剛到溫哥華的唐人 街社區不久,但我在卡加利華埠唐人街 成長、閒晃、當志工、表演傳統舞蹈。這 是我第一次以成年人的身份進行小誌創 作,而且我很感謝這個經驗。在孩童時 期,我十分喜歡繪畫與說故事,但在就 學時期與藝術漸行漸遠。最近我開始再 次探索與創作藝術,並從中得到喜悅。 驗,以及她在這裡建立的生活。

LILY LIU: I am Lily Popo. My father is Cantonese and my mother is Hunanese. I lived in Hunan until I was 3, after that I moved to Guangdong. I came to Canada over 10 years ago. I like doing yoga, listening to Cantonese opera and volunteering.

LILY 婆婆: 我是Lily婆婆。我的父親是 廣東人,母親是湖南人。我到三歲住在湖 南,然後搬到廣東。我來了加拿大10幾 年。我喜歡做瑜伽,聽粵劇,和做義工。

LI YU RONG: I am Li Yu Rong. I am from Shandong Province. I immigrated to Canada in 2014, I’ve lived in

Chinatown for 6 years. I am thankful to know Miss Ho from Yarrow, who is a good friend to us all. Remember to wear a mask and wash your hands well.

李玉榮: 我是李玉榮。我來自山東省。我 2014年移民到加拿大,在唐人街住了六 年。我們這裡很平安。認識世代同行會 的何小姐非常感謝,跟我們是好朋友。 以後繼續帶上口罩,好好洗手。

MA XING JUN My name is Ma Tai, from Shanghai. My father died when I was very young so I raised my younger brother and sisters. When my husband and I first came to Canada, we lived in Alberta before we moved to Vancouver’s Chinatown. I worked as a nanny here, helping families raise their children. This month I will turn 90 years old. I like to practice Taichi with my friends, sing karaoke and dance.

馬杏軍: 我是馬太,我是上海人。我很小 的時候父親就去世了,所以我撫養了我 的弟弟妹妹。我跟我先生剛來加拿大的 時候住在阿爾伯塔,然後搬了到溫哥華 唐人街。我在這邊當了保姆,幫別的家 庭養孩子。這個月我90歲了, 我喜歡跟 朋友打太極拳,唱K,和跳舞。

MA WAI HING: Ma (Ma Wai Hing) Popo was born in Hoisan, Bak Sa. She married her husband and started a family in Guangzhou where she lived for several years before eventually moving to Macau. In 1981, Ma Popo moved to Vancouver with her family where she worked various jobs to support her family. For a while, Ma Popo had also lived in Alberta, Jasper, where she worked at a relative’s restaurant. Despite her hectic life in Canada, Ma Popo loved swimming and made time for it amidst all her work, emphasizing that she was also an active sports-loving child in her youth.

馬惠卿: 馬婆婆出生於中國廣州台山市 白沙鎮,她在廣州與她的先生結婚、組 織家庭,後來移居至澳門。在1981年,馬 婆婆舉家遷移至溫哥華,她在這裡兼職 多份工作以養家餬口,甚至到亞伯達省 賈斯伯鎮的一個親戚家餐廳工作了一段 時間。雖然馬婆婆在加拿大的生活十分 繁忙,馬婆婆仍在忙碌中抽出時間,享 受她熱愛的游泳。馬婆婆說她小時候是 個熱愛運動的孩子。

Artist Biographies


MELODY MA: Melody Ma 馬勻雅 (Cantonese: ma5 wan4 nga5, Mandarin: mǎ yún yǎ) is a tech startup founder, civic advocate, and writer.

Melody was born and raised in Vancouver. She went to the Chinese Public School 溫哥華華僑公立小學 in Chinatown and Lord Strathcona Elementary School. In 2016 to 2018, she led the #SaveChinatownYVR campaign to help conserve Vancouver’s Chinatown and stop a luxury condo tower from being built at 105 Keefer. In 2018, she organized the Chinatown Summer Events series for youth to reclaim space and practice their culture in the historic neighbourhood.

Some of Melody’s favourite Chinatown places past and present are Kent’s Kitchen, Gain Wah, Goldstone, Hon’s, New Town Bakery, and the Chinese Canadian Military Museum.

馬勻雅: 馬勻雅為科技新創公司創辦人、 公民倡導者、作家。

馬勻雅為土生土長的溫哥華人,曾就 讀於唐人街的溫哥華華僑公立小學與 士達孔拿小學。二〇一六年至二〇一八 年,她領導了「拯救溫哥華唐人街」運 動,倡議維護溫哥華唐人街,反對在奇 化街105號興建高價樓。二〇一八年,她 組織「唐人街夏日活動」,讓華裔青年

重新使用唐人街歷史街區,並進行文化 實踐。

在過去與現在的唐人街,馬勻雅最喜 歡的地方包含:權記、新京華、金石餐 廳餅店、漢記、新城餅家、華裔軍事博 物館。

MIMI NGUYEN: Mimi Nguyen is a second generation Vietnamese settler working to foster healing spaces for community growth. Her creative works aim to uplift the diversities that make up the diasporas of Vietnamese speakers and of shared cultures. Mimi currently is the Project and Operations Manager at Bảo Vệ Collective.

NGUYỄN THỊ BÍCH NGÂN: 阮小姐為 越裔第二代定居者,從事社區療癒空間 的營造,並以此促進社區成長。她的創 意工作旨於發揚越裔移居族群中的多 元性與共通文化。阮小姐現為 Bảo Vệ 的項目與營運經理。

NATALIE SHUM: Hi, I am Natalie and I was born and raised in Hong Kong. It was a great experience to create this cute poster with Rosa. We show our love to the culture and have shared a lot of common interests! We both love browsing traditional markets and we love bok choy!

岑叡霆: 嗨,我是Natalie,在香港出生、 長大。能和陳婆婆一起製作這個可愛的 小誌頁面,是一個很棒的經驗。我們表 達了我們對文化的熱愛,並且有很多共 同的喜好。我們都喜歡逛傳統市場,也 都喜歡白菜!

PEGGY CHEN: Peggy Chen is an immigrant settler from Taiwan, living on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. She is an educator, facilitator, and community capacity builder. Peggy loves creative writing, libraries, and noodle soups.

陳怡親: 我是第一點五代的移民定居 者,家族為來自四川、廣東、其他南方省 份的漢人與客家人。我剛到溫哥華的唐 人街社區不久,但我在卡加利華埠唐人 街成長、閒晃、當志工、表演傳統舞

ROSA CHAN: I am Rosa Chan. I came from Hong Kong. I came to Canada for 34 years. I studied at Vancouver Community College from 1989 to 2014. I was a volunteer at Vancouver General Hospital, BC Lung Association, and I also volunteer at Craftworks Society. Now I like drawing. I go to Carnegie Community Centre, and Oppenheimer

Park, and I also go to WePress Centre to learn how to draw. Now drawing keeps me busy, but I like it.

ROSA: 我是陳婆婆,來自香港,到加 拿大已有三十四年。從19891年至2014 年,我在溫哥華社區大學就讀。我曾在 溫哥華綜合醫院、卑詩肺部協會、慈善 手工坊擔任義工。現在我喜歡繪畫,並 在卡內基社區中心、奧本海默公園、我 們印刷館學習如何創作。繪畫使我的生 活忙碌,但我很開心。

SOM “CC” LEE: Hello! My name is Som Lee. People call me CC. I come from Hong Kong during the Japanese Invasion. I immigrated to Canada 20 years ago to Vancouver. I lived in Toronto for a few years with my daughter, but found it to be too cold so I moved back to Vancouver. The weather is nicer here. I enjoy volunteering and building community in Chinatown.

CC: 哈囉!我是李婆婆,大家叫我CC。 我來自香港,經歷過香港日佔時期,在 二十年前移民到溫哥華。在這段時間 裡,我曾前往多倫多與女兒居住了一段 時間。然而,多倫多太冷,因此我搬回溫 哥華。溫哥華的天氣較為宜人。我很喜 愛在唐人街當志工並進行社區營造。

VICKY MO: Vicky Chia Wei Mo is a living presence, navigating a society built on different modes of oppression. Mo’s hands are tools used to communicate the feelings behind labour: love, strength, resolution, despair… inherited from her ancestors. The wielding of Mo’s hands carries out her art-making process and mirrors this familiar labour and aids in the act of inner healing. Ultimately, Mo’s practice explores themes surrounding how a wounded individual’s psyche is formed, informed, and reformed, and in return, attracts and sustains

collective healing.

I am a first generation Chinese/ Taiwanese settler currently residing, working and playing on the unceded lands of the xwməθkwəy əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx wú7mesh (Squamish), and Selilwitulh/ Səl ílwətaʔ (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations.

巫維: 巫嘉維是一個活著的存在,在一


巫嘉維以雙手為工具,傳達在勞動背後 隱含的情感:祖先流傳下來的愛、力量、 堅定、失望等。雙手的舞動,不但使藝




一個受傷的個體,其靈魂如何成形、形 塑、形變,並在最後喚引與支持集體性 療癒。

我是第一代華人/台灣移民,現居住於 瑪斯昆族、史戈米殊族、塔斯裡尓沃特 斯族從未同意交出的領土上,在此工作 與嬉戲

WINNIE ZHOU: Hello! My name is Winnie Zhou ( 周丽珊 Zhōu lì Shān). I was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta but moved to Vancouver when I was 2 years old and lived here for most of my childhood! I’m proud to have grown up in East Vancouver surrounded by my family and neighbours who speak Toi San, as it’s a way to stay connected to my family roots (Chikanzhen, in KaiPing)! I have fond childhood memories of visiting Chinatown every weekend with my family to grab groceries and indulge in various baked treats (my faves were Chinese bunsall types)!

周丽珊: 哈囉!我是周丽珊,在阿爾伯塔 省的大草原城出生,兩歲時舉家遷移到 溫哥華,並在這裡度過大半童年時光。

我在溫東長大,身邊圍繞著說台山話的 家人和鄰居,這讓我感到十分驕傲,因 為這是我和家族根系維持連繫的方式( 我的家族來自開平市赤坎鎮)。童年時, 每逢週末我便和家人一起到唐人街購物 買菜,並享受各種烘培點心(我的最愛 是各式各樣的包子),這是我心中非常 美好的回憶!

YANG GUI FANG: My name is Yang Gui Fang, I was born in Vietnam. Before I came to Canada, I lived in Taiwan for 10 years. I now live in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

楊桂芳: 我是楊桂芳,我出生在越南。 來加拿大之前,我在台灣生活了大約10 年。我現在住在溫哥華唐人街。

ZENAIDA KWONG: I was born and raised in East Van where I spent a lot of my time in the Vancouver Chinatown area. As an immigrant, my dad started his own refrigeration business from the ground up, serving the merchants of Chinatown from the 80’s to this day. I attended school in Strathcona and Chinese school at the Cultural Center on the weekends, visited my great grandma and maternal grandmother who also lived in the area. Some of my most memorable times were early mornings spent with my dad at The Boss, drinking a hot HK tea with a Bo Lo Bao fresh from the oven. I remember everyone knew my dad as he was a bit of a local celebrity in the neighbourhood and that always made me proud to sit with him. Having children of my own now, I realized how I want them to experience a piece of this nostalgic Vancouver Chinatown. I’m so grateful that programs like Yarrow exist to help keep it alive for generations to come.

鄺綺君: 我在溫東出生和長大,並常常 在溫哥華唐人街消磨時光。作為一個移 民,我的父親從零開始經營冷凍生意, 從80年代起為唐人街商家提供服務, 直至今日。我過去在士達孔拿上學,在 週末時,我會去中華文化中心的中文學 校,並探望住在附近的曾祖母與外婆。 在我心中仍然記憶猶新的時光,是和 父親在大班餐廳度過的清晨,一起享用 溫熱的港式茶飲,品嚐新鮮出爐的菠蘿 包。記憶中,我的父親是唐人街的地方 名人,每個人都認識他,這總是讓我感 到非常驕傲。現在,我有了自己的孩子, 才發現自己有多希望孩子也能感受唐 人街的懷舊氣氛。很感激像世代同行會 這樣的組織存在,為後代保持唐人街的 活力。

ZOE LEUNG: Zoe Leung was born and raised in the xʷməθkʷəy əm (Musqueam) fishing village of q ʷeyaʔχʷ in what is now known as Richmond, BC. She is an artist, musician, and daughter of immigrant parents from Hong Kong. She is currently pursuing her education in fine arts. A firm supporter of community, mutual

aid, and intergenerational support, her primary love language is food.

梁蔚衡: 梁蔚衡出生、成長的地方,為加 里角(q ʷeyaʔχʷ ) 的瑪斯昆族漁村,座落 於現今為大家熟知的列治文。她是一位 藝術家、音樂家,亦是香港移民後代。 她現在正在接受藝術教育,堅定擁護社 群、互助、世代相助,並以食物作為愛的 語言。

About Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice


Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice supports youth and low-income immigrant seniors in Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside. We empower seniors and youth to work together to improve their communities and tackle the difficult problems of oppression and violence. Our vision is of a Chinatown that is intergenerational and thriving, with accessible and culturally relevant services and an environment that cherishes our seniors and youth.

世代同行會在唐人街和市中心東端為青年與 低收入移民長者提供支持。我們協助長者和 青年建立力量,透過相互合作一同進行社區 改善,並且嘗試處理壓迫和暴力之社會難題。

我們的願景是建立一個多代同堂、欣欣向榮 的唐人街;此唐人街有文化適切、無障礙的服 務,並且有珍視我們的長者和青年之環境。

Project coordination by Rachel Lau and Beverly Ho

Translation by Katherine Cheng

Illustrations and design by Sunny Chiu

Edition of 100

March 2022

Copyright 2022 Yarrow

Intergenerational Society for Justice and individual contributors

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