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tormy Wellington was introduced to network marketing by a stranger. Skeptical at first, she chose to give the business the benefit of the doubt. Experienced in retail sales, she hit the ground running. When she saw her first month’s check, she thought the company had paid her by mistake. Stormy’s philosophy for success is taking massive action. Her methodology for momentum is to create massive duplication. She’s been the top recruiter in every company she’s been a part of. “That’s mainly because I know 20 percent of the people will do 80 percent of the work,” she says, “and before you quit on me, I already have your replacement.” Less than six months into her current business, Stormy has 57,000 people in her organization, which is growing in eight countries. “We have 20 people making between $15,000 and $55,000 a month already,” she says, “To me, this is 100 percent supernatural.” Stormy believes success is a spiritual affair. “If you give yourself to a cause bigger than yourself, you invite higher forces to propel you towards the fulfillment of your goal, which in my team’s case is to help 1,000 families make six figures this year.” Stormy loves what’s happening for herself and the people who have bought into her team’s vision. Every day she tells them, “Focus on a cause bigger than yourself so that nothing or no one can get in the way. Let’s embrace one another and stay humble, because it’s all God.”—J.G.

How were you introduced? In 2008 a friend dragged me to a party I didn’t really want to go to. I ended up meeting a housing developer there who did construction and refurbishing. Three months later my house fell into foreclosure and my car got repossessed. I was looking to rent my house out, and the person interested in renting it wanted me to fix up the basement. I called the developer hoping he could do the work at a discount. He came over to my house, and one thing led to another. He shared how his wife had lost a lot of weight using this product, and how they were now making $50,000 a month.

Did you have any skepticism towards network marketing? I never believed in it. In my early twenties I tried selling makeup door to door. It didn’t work for me. When this contractor introduced me to his business, I was with two girlfriends, and neither of us believed him. We were thinking, “Here we go,

July/August 2015

another pyramid thing. This guy’s just trying to make money off us.” As he continued, I remember thinking, “What if he were telling the truth? What if we really could make some significant money with this opportunity?” I have a retail background. I’ve owned three boutiques in the past, so I understood the direct sales aspect of the business. I understood buying a product for $10 and selling it for $20. In the beginning I looked at it just as a way to make retail commissions. When I received my first check, I thought, “This company made a mistake. I couldn’t have earned this much.” I was very skeptical. As a matter of fact, my two friends I was with at the time didn’t even join. They said I was stupid. All my friends said I was crazy for joining that pyramid scheme.

What was the first thing you did when you signed up? I reached out to friends and family, who as we all know are the last ones we should talk to, because


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