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Changing the G.A.M.E. Turning Beliefs into Breakthroughs By Robert Butwin


ave you ever wondered why most people don’t reach success in network marketing? I know, it’s a sad reality. In my experience, the reason is they are unwilling—or unable—to make simple changes. What if we could help people make some of these changes? Do you agree this could have a profound positive impact on their businesses—and lives? It all starts with our beliefs. If you look at the word belief, right in the middle of the word is “lie.” Take a look at some of the lies we hold onto from our childhood and upbringing. For example, if your parents were anything like mine, they probably told you “not to talk to strangers.” Now I’m here to tell you, you can make a fortune turning strangers into friends!


Many network marketers believe that because their company sells products, our business is about selling products. This is another limiting belief, as in reality, our business is about people and empowering others. I have learned through the years that if you help build up people, people will build your business. What beliefs are stopping you from succeeding? Do you know about the 3 A’s? Once you are Aware of your beliefs, you can Accept that you have them, and take the appropriate Actions by either correcting your beliefs, neutralizing them, or acting upon them. Once you understand and apply the 3 A’s, I promise you will have a breakthrough in your business. I believe it’s easier to become wealthy today

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