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uccess isn’t supposed to look this easy. At 30 years old, Bri Richardson will remind you it’s not. Yet for this young mother of two, it’s difficult to imagine a more promising start to her network marketing career. Sales and marketing had always been a natural fit for the stay-at-home mom with an effervescent personality. Working from her home in Texas, she had been able to provide a little supplemental income for her family while playing to her strengths of connecting with others. Once she found network marketing, Bri dove in headfirst with dreams of making a name for herself. After struggling in her first company, she was down more than a few dollars and had every reason to quit. Instead of giving up, she worked on herself and her strategy. A decade later, Bri is combining her marketing skills with a powerful social media presence. Leveraging her activities on Facebook, YouTube, and other online platforms, she has achieved top status in her current company after only one year. While the money is good, Bri has her sights set on more than simply providing for her family. A multiple-six-figure yearly income earner already, Bri is on track to hit seven figures in 2015. While she has personally sponsored people all over the U.S. (including Puerto Rico and Guam), Canada, and the U.K., her team also spans into Australia and New Zealand. Looking into the future, she says “changing more lives for the better” is where her future leads, and where many others With husband Clay, son Cooper, inspired by her story are sure to follow. and baby Cohen.

Unlikely Beginning In 2005, Bri Richardson was still in college when at a nail salon, the lady getting a manicure next to her began talking about a network marketing opportunity. With each success story she shared, Bri became a little more curious. “I decided to jot down my contact information on a slip of paper to hear more,” she says. “I really didn’t know what the business entailed or what I was getting myself into. Yet I knew if others could do it, so could I. I just had to figure out the how.” Bri came with her fair share of skepticism towards multilevel marketing. Growing up, she had been warned by her parents to be cautious about enrolling in such opportunities. Her mother would say, “You never want to pay to get involved in something that will supposedly pay you eventually.”

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Despite Bri’s early conditioning, she felt the opportunity seemed worth the risk. She’d only have to pay a $99 fee to join, and if the success stories she’d heard were true, there was nothing that could stop her from achieving similar success. After investing all her savings in inventory, she put her nose to the grindstone and focused on selling as many products as possible. She tried different approaches, including hosting home parties, but nothing seemed to bring the results she was expecting. “Unfortunately, the opportunity wasn’t as good as it was presented to be,” she says. Bri’s first foray into network marketing had confirmed some of the doubts she originally had about the business. “In my mind, this was proof my mom was right,” she says. “That first experience left a sour taste in my mouth. It wasn’t until

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