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Efficient collaboration, transparent coordination, and on-demand access to a worldwide Cloud of Creative Talent. Finally available as a single solution. Without Risk. Without Limits.

Our Solution: Shared Talent + Online Collaboration is the Answer A Cloud Platform to access and manage the best creative talent, on demand, transparently and at a competitive cost.

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Hire Onboard

Certified Talent Cloud + Workforce Management Platform

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Agile and just-in-time access to talent. Effective coordination of distributed teams. Advanced project management tools. Real-time business analytics. Transparent billing.

The headaches we cure: Difficulty in finding local candidates with the right skill set

Lengthy and expensive recruitment processes

Cumbersome vendor registration procedures

High staff turnover, resulting in disproportionate time and money spent on recruiting and training

Complex compliance and procurement processes Getting stuck with staff that you no longer need

Difficulty in tracking realtime execution for each project by each member of the team

Difficulty in monitoring and coordinating work progress

Delays in execution caused by failure to quickly find suitable talent

Expert Talent, Expertly Sourced

Graphic Design & Multimedia

Writing & Translation

Web Design

Social Media & Online Marketing

We recruit the best creative talent from around the world and bring it to our clients via our Talent Cloud, transparently, with competitive rates, and on-demand

How Yandiki Works: Recruitment, Assessment, and Talent Cloud

Step 1 Recruiting We recruit and carefully select talent from a worldwide pool, using Big Data, Alliances and Social Recruiting tools



Analytical Skills Test

English Level Test

Step 2 Assessment and selection of qualified talent

Step 3 Matchmaking & building of your Private Talent Cloud

We assess and verify skills and qualifications using tests that measure language, analytical, and technical abilities

We help you select the best person for the job from our global talent pool

Find premium talent in our platform Among the talented professionals in our Cloud of Talent, you’ll find:

Emmy-nominated directors

Animators of beloved cartoon characters

Project managers that have led multimillion dollar campaigns

Copywriters and graphic designers that provide content for top news agencies and publishing companies

Creative directors and social media marketing strategists that have worked for major international brands

Below are just some of the companies where our top talent have honed their craft.

Meet Our Clients Trusted by leading brands and agencies

Client Testimonials NEIL HAMILTON | VP Business Development | Myriad / Versy "Although we are a publicly listed company, our business has to be extremely agile in order to keep up with user and content trends in a diverse set of markets. Yandiki enables us to remain nimble and cost effective whilst maximising our market potential and speed-to-market activities. Our teams synchronised within days and we now confidently allow them to run projects for us across Latin America”

LINETTE GÓMEZ | Global Website and Social Media Lead | Criteo "As a company that went public nearly two years ago and is experiencing high growth globally, we need a partner that is just as efficient and creative as we are. Yandiki helps us move fast, with full transparency, and gives us control of costs, while keeping rates competitively priced. I can rely on Yandiki to spin up a team of experts for any new projects spanning from translations, to social creative and more in record speed".

ROBERTO RICOSSA | VP & Managing Director Latam | Aruba Networks "Uber meets Talent -in the Cloud-" would be the best way that I could describe Yandiki. After working with them for a while, I’ve found myself surrounded by a pool of resources available to me and my company with different skills, capabilities and whenever I need them…All this without me adding a single headcount to my organization. It is probably one of the most innovative business models I’ve seen, where customers can maximize their business outcome while receiving real collaboration from skilled professionals who also bring best practices from different industries.

Working on tight deadlines? Does sourcing new professionals feel like a daunting task? Yandiki helps you create your own private Talent Cloud.

With Yandiki, you can: ●

See detailed profiles, portfolios, and reviews of the professionals you love working with

Find out who is available to work

Filter and instantly find the best talent suited for your project

Manage and monitor work and productivity

Finding creative talent should be fast and easy. Our matchmaking platform lets you easily explore the creative talent we represent and then effortlessly secure the professional you need.

My Favorite Talent For future projects “heart� a talent to keep tabs on them and create your Cloud of Favorites

Skills and experience at your fingertips

Feedback & Rating

Rate your experience with a freelancer. Read the feedback and rating provided by other clients. See repeat business rates and recommendations.

Monitor work in real-time Smart Timesheets: Monitor Time and Cost


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3 3 4 4 3

Use the filters for narrowing down to a group of workers or look at a desired time period. Conveniently export all this information to CSV. Access the detailed work diary by clicking on any number. Conveniently track project earnings and costs.

Collaborate in real-time Every hour is illustrated with 20 screenshots, taken at three minute intervals.




See a mini-screenshot and detailed activity information with a mouseover or view the full-screen screenshot with a click.


Each screenshot shows the activity level during the particular period of time.


Mark screenshots that are not related to your project.


Start a conversation thread.



Project feedback in real-time Collectively review project progress as work is being completed



Add comments and start a discussion in private or with all of your team members.


Share important files with your whole team.


World-class project management tool


Create projects or recurrent tasks from scratch, templates or import from MS Projects.




Monitor cost and progress.


Identify problem tasks to manage resource allocation. 3

Time-based billing and payment management



Create invoices and analyze billing and costs for any day, week, month, or custom day range.

Each hour billed can be reviewed using the stored screenshots.



Real-Time Business Analytics

Yandiki Management Team

Silvina Moschini

Marcelo Altamura

Alex Konanykhin

CEO & Founder

COO & Co-Founder

Advisor/EVP Growth & IT

Mariano A. SolĂ­a

Martin Ruano

Maricruz Tabbia

Head of Customer Experience


Head of Talent Acquisition

Contact us

228 Park Ave South, 16065 New York, NYÂ 10003

400 NW 26th St. Miami, FL 33127

1717 Pennsylvania Ave NW Ste 1025, Washington, DC 20006


100 King St. West, Ste 5600 Toronto, ON, M5X 1C9

100 Pine St., Ste 1250 San Francisco, CA 94111


Yandiki is 100% transparent! You can monitor your workers in real-time and benefit from:

Higher productivity

A real-time view of the status and cost of every task and project

Improved management of human resources

Increased team collaboration

Significant cost savings

We Digitize the Work Process By providing an end-to-end solution to







Distributed certified creative talent in a highly scalable, global, Cloud-based platform