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Dear Graduates,

Congratulations on this incredible achievement! Graduating from university is already such a huge accomplishment, but to do so during a pandemic is even more commendable. It might have been difficult to work remotely, or focus on your degree with the many injustices taking place around the world, but despite it all, you persevered and powered through. Well done! This year of graduates represent resilience, determination, innovation and creativity. We're so honoured to celebrate you all and share your achievements and great work. You should all be incredibly proud of yourselves; we definitely are! As you move on to the next chapter of your lives, we wish you all the best and hope for bright futures for each and every one of you!

Founders of YANA Ife Somefun and Mayo Akin-Oteniya


Contents This book celebrates the graduating class of 2021 in the young sapiring nigerian architects community


Student Profiles


Undergrad Student Profiles


Masters Student Profiles







Student Profiles



University: University of Central Lancashire Degree: Bachelors in Architecture Interests in Architecture: Collective Craft Innovation Interests outside Architecture: Travel Planting Creative Writing


Ayomini Oredugba

The Backyard - Made in Blackpool Themes : Craft making, Souvernirs, Marginalised communities

Temple of Antithesis


Themes : Cleansing,Sanctuary,Grids

Housing for Creatives Themes : Maker Spaces, Fragmentation of an urban type, Socialism

Ayomini Oredugba



University: University of Lincoln Degree: Bachelors in Architecture Interests in Architecture: Social value Communities Sustainability Interests outside Architecture: Cooking Writing Photography


Oshiorenua Ikiebe

Contextual Analysis of the Guggenheim in Bilbao


Themes: History, Art, Politics

Tollgate or Toilgate? Themes: Infrastructure, Economics, Community

Oshiorenua Ikiebe



University: Cross River University of Technology Degree: Bachelors in Architecture Interests in Architecture: Therapeutic Design Mental Health Design Visualization Interests outside Architecture: Cooking Reading Travelling


Rarum Ibe

Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre Image shows front view exterior of the mental health rehabilitation centre. The centre offers various therapeutic treatments to patients who are discharged from a psychiatric hospital therapy before reintegrating them into the community.

Themes: Mental health, Therapeutic Design, Nature Front View Exterior

Psycho-Therapy Units


Psychotherapy also known as talk therapy is a way of helping people with mental or emotional illness come out of their difficulty. Psychotherapy can be either on an individual, group or family basis. It is done to improve behaviour and cognition of a patient. The therapy is usually holistic in nature. Usually carried out either in-door or out door. Artificial lake reduces stress, improves concentration and alertness. Sit outs and courtyard functions as a meeting zone for residents(patients), group or family therapy. Yoga (meditation) centre perfoms medition exercises to relieve stress, reduces muscless tension, sharpens attention and concentration.

Themes: Mental health, Therapeutic Design, Holistic-Therapy

Outdoor Physical Therapy/ Recreational Centre The recreational centre is one of the facilities attached to the physical therapy unit for the purpose of recreation, aid physical development, manage or improve cardiovascular condition of residents at the mental health rehabilitation centre. A balanced physical therapy program can help individuals return to their prior level of functioning, and encourage activities and lifestyle changes that can help prevent further injury and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Themes: Physical Therapy, Physical Health, Meditation

Rarum Ibe



University: Oxford Brookes University Degree: Masters in Architecture Interests in Architecture: Community Sustainability Emerging Technologies Interests outside Architecture: Photography Illustrative Portraits Graphic Design


Bola Lasisi-Agiri

Learning Hub – Study and Reading Area The Kings Cross Social Learning Hub is smart village condensed from a plethora of different spaces and pavilions for the greatest possible diversity of activities, interests, and subcultures. The social learning hub will encourage local crafts, learning through discovery and storytelling. Bringing together new visitors and the local community to increase prosperity and create new jobs, opportunities, inspiration from the enriched landscapes of architecture.


A village within a city, the hub reflects the context in which it is situated, weaving in the landscape to create courtyards and at the heart, a square where social interaction and knowledge are exchanged.

Concept Sketch – Public Participation, Data-Driven Design and End-User Needs

Social Exchange Courtyard Themes: Public Participation, DataDriven Design and End-User Needs

Bola Lasisi-Agiri



University: London Metropolitan University Degree: Masters in Architecture Interests in Architecture: Adaptive Re-use Craft Commercial Interests outside Architecture: Photography Singing Fitness


Elizabeth Olowu

The Hackney Museum of African Craft. (The Pottery Gallery) The museum is a collaboration of three types of crafts from Africa, pottery, instrument and textile. Each craft has a gallery space and a workshop space for visitors to experience the crafts in their process and delivery forms. Shown in this image, is the pottery gallery.

Themes: Artefacts, Culture, Pottery

The Hackney Museum of African Craft. (The Pottery Workshop) MASTERS

The pottery workshop is a creative making space on the ground floor of the museum, in an enclosed area, where visitors can view the making process of the pots before moving into the gallery on the first floor.

Themes: Craft, Community, Social

The Hackney Museum of African Craft. (The Textile Gallery) The textile gallery, also similar to the pottery craft, has a workshop on the ground floor and a gallery on the first floor. In this image, textile styles and materials from different countries in Africa are exhibited. Themes: Fashion, Patterned Material, Tradition

Elizabeth Olowu



University: Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL Degree: Masters in Architecture Interests in Architecture: Phenomenology Community Environmental Consciousness Interests outside Architecture: Photography Graphic design Fine art


Nnenna Itanyi

Wombs in the Desert | Bird's eye view This is the year 2063. The project reimagines a desert site on the outskirts of Timbuktu, a city situated in a futuristic Mali. Constructed and set up as an ingredient with the intent to achieve the aims of the African Union’s Agenda 2063, the infrastructure will encompass an urban settlement bolstered by the presence of a High-Speed Network and the success of the Great Green Wall Scheme. Themes: Sustainability, community, African vernacular


Wombs in the Desert | Tectonic Study: Dichotomy Between Interior and Exterior This model echoes West African architecture's principles, employing the thickness of earth as protection from harsh conditions. Within lies a timber lattice structure and core. With orifices at the top, hot air is allowed to escape cooling the building. Themes: Adobe earth, desert architecture, traditional materials

Wombs in the Desert | Entering A Hub The resulting architecture of the buildings will nestle itself within its environment borrowing from and echoing the materiality and characteristic building language of Malian mud architecture. Theoretically, it will expound the idea that modern sustainable construction must in fact be a revisit to age-old and indigenous styles. Themes: Community, timber and earth

Nnenna Itanyi



University: Architectural Association school of Architecture Degree: Masters in Architecture Interests in Architecture: Liminal space Hybrid typologies Contemporary Vernacular Interests outside Architecture: Furniture Design Cycling Portraiture


Richard Aina

(DE)Falsified IDOLs The vessel is nestled in between the hills two peaks via discrete cuts in the landscape, oriented to propagate East/West spiritual passage. Four key agents proliferate the physical & spiritual characteristics of the architecture. Vessel constructing Master Masons, spiritual Diviners overseeing the Bateba, Craftsmen on both facets & Land Chiefs. Themes: Landscape, Earth Architecture, Spiritual Passage

An architectural device of Bateba facilitation, these returned figures have four paths embodying a relationally spatial logic of the Vessel.


IN FLUX - pertains to inconclusive Diviner information. RESHRINED - each shrine houses a specific type of Bateba. REDOMESTICATED - reshrined Bateba create seed shrines. BURIED - in extending the vessel. Themes: Earthen Sundial, Darkness Thresholds, Restitution

Outdoor enclosures, flanked by the alters act as breeding grounds for creative exchange through the craft of new inventions. Where objects of old inspire new forms for a future export economy. Whilst new objects are facilitated, the architecture is maintained yet new architecture is possible to be manifested with the storage of large timber.

Themes: Crafticulture, Creative Exchange, Tribal Production

Richard Aina



University: London South Bank University Degree: Masters in Architecture Interests in Architecture: Transport Hospitality Urban Design Interests outside Architecture: Writing Spoken Word Food


Seyi Sobogun

The Automated City The final part of this brief looks at the future of our cities and an integrated design approach to responding to this. The pandemic has changed the lives of millions of people in the city. It has affected how people, live, work, play and the health of so many. The focus of this project is to create an area of self-sufficiency where people can create and source their own income through producing and selling in a marketplace format. This proposal aims to create space with a workshop and marketplace around one of the busiest train terminals in the UK. They can live, work and also find areas of play within this area. Euston is the perfect location for this type of scheme as it is vibrant, cultural and full of new developments. Themes: Transport, marketplace, connectivity

The Automated City MASTERS

This diagram shows the full proposal massing with all the main structural elements highlighted. The design was to create a structure to inhabit the automated machine. A shed reminiscent of the old train shed design and the Euston Arch in a reimagined design. Themes: Transport, fluid territories, heritage

The Circus The Circus is a large performance space in the central area of London. It is close to the popular Soho district known for retail, Theatres and entertainment venues. Throughout the year, there are several street performers who entertain a crowd of locals and tourists within this area. A large sphere for staged entertainment designed for a grand show of collaborated acts. It is an enhanced experience for the typical busker and audience. Themes: Performance, transport, collaboration

Seyi Sobogun



University Manchester School of Architecture Degree Masters in Architecture Interests in Architecture: Biomimicry Sustainability Advanced Manufacturing Interests outside Architecture: Art Musical Theatre Anime


Solomon Adebiyi

Cocoon Tower The guiding concept for this hybrid structure-skin system was influenced by the natural form of a cocoon, the exoskeleton, which is simultaneously rigid, protective, multi-functional, adaptive, and responsive to its climate. This Hybrid Wood and concrete base structure creates a lightweight solution which could achieves a 75% reduction in the embodied energy and embodied carbon. The building aims to achieve a LEED platinum rating as well as enhancing the wellbeing of its occupants and environment.

Themes: Biomimicry, Sustainability, Mass timber

Cricket Upcycle


The brief of this project was to design an insect rearing farm within the context of the UK which help tackle the issue of food waste and generates a significant amount of cricket biomass for human consumption. My aim was to design an passive insect rearing facility that would not only upcycle organic waste, but also enables the upcycling of materials through construction methodology and material pallet, whist generating enough protein to help tackle the incoming food scarcity.

Themes: Food Security, Upcycling, Sustainability

Symbihome Labs This research aims to develop the novel technology of the symbihome panel as an alternative to pv cells, utilizing the properties of the living system of microalgae photosynthesizing within a growing medium, as a solar energy generating device, solar shading device with heat absorption and water filtration capabilities. Created additively from chitin pte a bioplastic created from seashell waste. The aspiration for this project is to inspire further development into this field of research, I believe sustainable design is achievable at the intersection of nature, advanced manufacturing and computational design. Themes: Synthetic Biology, Additive Manufacturing, Living Architecture

Solomon Adebiyi



University: Amsterdam University of the Arts/ Amsterdam Academy of Architecture Degree: Masters in Architecture Interests in Architecture: Cultural Heritage Earth Construction Musea & Public Buildings Interests outside Architecture: Painting & Collaging Politics Music


Stephanie Ete

The Calabar Sculpture Garden Many of Calabar and the state of Cross River’s cultural heritage is falling into disrepair and the reasons for this are vast and nuanced. Meaning that the artefacts and objects both natural and built that exist and add to the identity of Calabar’s cultural space could disappear or become even more tenuous. Simultaneously, vast collections of Calabarian art and culture are in Western museums, furthering the disconnection between Calabarians and their art and cultural heritage in museum spaces. The museums that are maintained in Calabar are relics of a colonial influence both in function and form but more importantly, fail to capture the essence of a locally distinctive cultural space.

The Old Calabar Botanical Gardens Concept Collage


What would it mean, therefore, to imagine the culturally rich museum space that Calabar deserves and that taps into the 3 branches of Calabar’s identity: ethnic traditions, history & heritage and ecology, flora & fauna.

On the site of the Old Calabar Botanical Gardens, in the heart of the city, The Calabar Sculpture Garden is designed as a rich, public gardens and an ensemble of buildings and spaces that facilitate, overlay and integrate the diverse cultural expression found across the city and greater region, providing a dynamic form of musea, awaiting discovery.

Calabar Sculpture Garden Landscape Plan

Monument to Lost Monoliths and The House of The Akwanshi

Stephanie Ete



University: Delft University of Technology (TU delft) Degree: Masters in Architecture Interests in Architecture: People Mundane Dwelling Interests outside Architecture: Sports Psychology Photography


Tomi Adeyemi

The Working Home The Working Home project seeks to create a social housing residential neighbourhood that affords opportunities for financial betterment through the use of integrated workspaces. The scheme proposes a strategy that uses a largely disused building in the form of the Molenport Shopping Centre (Nijmegen, Netherlands) as a representative of vacant office buildings and proposes a social housing scheme that interrogates the relationship between live and work circumstances within a single residence. The project endeavours to create an architectural solution that takes a step towards meeting the need for more representative housing of society’s current challenges. Themes: Live/work, Reuse, Passive surveillance


The Courtyard Oasis A private getaway for the residents

The Intergenerational Neighbourhood Stories that can happen in the project at one given time Themes: Stories, Neighbourhood, People

The Green Nature Walk Contributing ecologically to the greenery found in Nijmegen Themes: Community, Urban Greenery

Tomi Adeyemi


Messages Congratulations to the Graduating class of 2021! May you continue to excel in every area of your endeavours and may the grace of God continue to abound for and with you all."Strive for perfection in everything you do; take the best that exists and make it better; when it does not exist, create it Ademola Sobogun Minister @ RCCG HOGFAN

Peter Adewole Quality Control at Newedge Financials

Hello everyone, Congratulations on this recent achievement of yours, all the hard work and perseverance didn't go in vain. I am happy for you and excited to see what the future will be like. Go on and shine your light. Congrats!

Congratulations Nnenna! Chibuzo Ngwu CEO at Afripact

Congratulations class of 2021! Celebrate your wins, and take in every moment. Wishing you all the very best ahead.

Kunnumi Adebayo Architectural technologist/3D visualizer

Fadeke Tejuoso BArch student at Arts University Bournemouth

Super proud of you all. I know how hard this journey has been and to do it in a pandemic? Even more commendable. Congratulations class of 2021, on to better and greater things now.

Success in another sphere in the profession. #SOAR Rarum Ibe Architect at Living dreamzz


What's up coz. Congratulations to you. Sky is your limit. There's no boundary on how far you'll go. Stay true to yourself. Work Smart and stay Jiggy. Bless

Ayomide Ogunbiyi Student


Congratulations, Graduating Class of 2021! You excelled, notwithstanding the difficulties brought about by the pandemic.

Congratulations Renua! You’ve worked so hard and I’m so proud of you! Sending you lots of love (purple hearts of course) & I can’t wait to see all that you achieve & a big congratulations to everyone graduating too! Oshoriame Egbakhumeh

A SPECIAL shout out to my hubby’s niece Nnenna Itanyi! We are incredibly proud of you! Well done! Kind regards, Emeka and Nkem Itanyi

To my culinary architect aka Renua,

Nkem Itanyi Lecturer

I’m so proud of you and all your cohorts for what you have achieved throughout this journey but I’m more proud of you for just getting to the end. I pray God continues to bless you and keep you, grant you clarity and peace all the days of your life. Congratulations sweetie! - TT

My dearest Ren, Congratulations on your graduation, my love. I cannot overstate how proud I am of you. You worked so hard for this degree and maintained your minimalist, cottage core beauty while at it. I thank God for how far He’s brought you and where He’s taking you because it’s looking up kiddo. I love u 4eva M.S. ❤ ❤ With love from: Dum (R.M) Chukwudumebi Onoh

Tosin A Recent Graduate from Kings College London

Renua Ikiebe is the embodiment of light, everything sweet and so so lovely. To know her is to love her. She is one of the most hardworking people I know, and I pray that the next chapter of her life is as beautiful as she is! Uzoma Iroche Student at Carleton University



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