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CREATIVE TEAM Scenic Designer


Costume Designer


Lighting Designer


Sound Designer Projection Designer Production Dramaturg Stage Manager


CAST Husbands, Mrs. Ill Schoolmaster Alfred Ill Painter, Gymnast, Brute, Sexton Policeman, Man 2, Brute, Photographer Bailiff, Eunuch, Daughter, Miss Louisa, Radio Commentator Priest, Man 4 Doctor, Butcher Brute, Woman 2, Reporter Mayor, Brute




Claire Zachanassian


Child, Gymnast, Granddaughter Brute, Woman 1 Station Master, Eunuch, Son, Man 3, Cameraman


The Visit is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. There will be one fifteen-minute intermission.

Our world has led us to the grotesque just as to the atomic bomb. [...] Indeed, the grotesque is only an ostensible expression, a demonstrable paradox, the form of something formless, the face of a faceless world; and just as thinking no longer seems to get along without the concept of the paradox, so art exists side by side with the world, as the world exists side by side with the atomic bomb: from fear of it. But tragedy is still possible, even though pure tragedy is no longer possible. We can glean the tragic from comedy, present it as a horrifying moment, a yawning abyss, just as there are many tragic results in Shakespeare’s comedies, from which tragedies arise.


A drama (that is, for Dürrenmatt, the theatre’s potential and its duty) should disturb the spectator and provoke questions in him. Not questions about the play, but about himself, his own morality.


In Dürrenmatt’s play there “is certainly the underlying

awareness that in the last thirty years country after country has been gripped by a wave of torture. Every time, people are tortured and killed in the name of justice and the highest ideals. And every time the people of Güllen accept it.


Friedrich Dürrenmatt, the son of a pastor, was born in the small village of Konolfingen, Switzerland, in 1921, and came of age in Bern and Zürich. A lifelong nonconformist, he skipped school to read in cafés, got kicked out of art school for not following the rules, and abandoned his dissertation in philosophy to write his first play. A prolific author, Dürrenmatt also wrote anti-fascist cabaret sketches, radio dramas, detective stories, novels, essays, speeches, and more than twenty additional works for the stage. But he is best-known for his tragicomedy, The Visit, which has seen productions and adaptations around the world. Dürrenmatt became increasingly politically active as he aged, particularly as an outspoken critic of his home country. Restless to the last, he eventually rebelled against the theatre as well, disowning it as a medium in the epilogue to his final play and devoting himself to prose for the remaining decade of his life. He died in 1990. —LAUREN DUBOWSKI, PRODUCTION DRAMATURG

FROM THE DIRECTOR The Visit is a play that must be done now. Every day, I encounter people older and younger than myself who perceive themselves as the play’s hero, whether they consider that person to be Alfred Ill, coming to terms with the necessity of taking responsibility for his actions, or Claire Zachanassian, achieving her retribution for the wrong done to her by someone she loved. Very few people identify themselves with the citizens of Güllen—even though that’s exactly who most of us in the audience are like. Even more than in Dürrenmatt’s time, we are living in a world where material possessions, and the drive to obtain more and more of them, guide our actions. And we so readily employ logic, the ability to rationalize anything and everything, in order to justify our consumptive impulses and actions. No, we are not the heroes of our world. But we can become heroic if we recognize how susceptible we are to corruption—how easily our actions can turn monstrous— simply because we are human. If we fail to realize this, then we, like the Gülleners, risk rationalizing our destructive actions and contributing to the danger of our world. If we are willing to face how grotesque, absurd, and selfish our actions are, however, we have a chance at standing firm against the chaos of our world. Only thus can we seek humanity amid circumstances that inevitably impoverish our ideals. —COLE LEWIS, DIRECTOR


CAST CELESTE ARIAS (HUSBANDS, MRS. ILL) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she has performed in Sagittarius Ponderosa. Other credits include Tartuffe, Miss Julie, In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel, Heart’s Desire (Yale Cabaret); Three Seagulls, or MASHAMASHAMASHA! (HERE, Theater Reconstruction Ensemble); Demon Dreams (Magic Futurebox, NYIT Award Best Featured Actress, 2012); and Motherfucker with a Social Life (Old Vic/New Voices, London). Celeste holds a BFA from New York University.

MAMOUDOU ATHIE (SCHOOLMASTER) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include Iphigenia Among the Stars and Fox Play. Other credits include Hamlet (Yale Repertory Theatre); Reality Sandwiches (Dixon Place); The Wedding Reception (Columbia Stages); and various workshops and readings with Youngblood, La MaMa E.T.C., NYU, and Freedom Train Productions. He is a co-founder of D.I.Y. Shakespeare where his credits include As You Like It with Big Babies. Regional credits include The Zoo Story, Tripolitania, Becoming Sylvia (Williamstown Theatre Festival); and The Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare Theatre Company). At Yale Cabaret he was seen in The Yiddish King Lear, Funnyhouse of a Negro, The Fatal Eggs, and Tartuffe. Mamoudou previously studied at the William Esper Studio.

CHRIS BANNOW (ALFRED ILL) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include Cloud Nine, Iphigenia Among the Stars, and Petty Harbour. His regional credits include Hamlet (Yale Repertory Theatre), The Elephant Man with Bradley Cooper (Williamstown Theatre Festival), A Civil War Christmas (Huntington Theatre Company), and Speech and Debate (Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater). Film: Not Fade Away. Chris is a founding member of Special Sauce Co., D.I.Y. Shakespeare, and served as Associate Artistic Director of the 2013 Yale Summer Cabaret. He is a New Haven local, and a recipient of the Jerome L. Greene Scholarship.

JABARI BRISPORT (PAINTER, GYMNAST, BRUTE, SEXTON) is a thirdyear MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where he was seen in Romeo and Juliet, Iphigenia Among the Stars, Vieux Carré, and Fox Play. His other credits include Archbishop Supreme Tartuffe (Classical Theatre of Harlem), Macbeth (New York Classical Theatre), Political Subversities (The PIT), Good Goods (Yale Repertory Theatre, understudy), and Funnyhouse of a Negro (Yale Cabaret). Jabari holds a BFA with honors from New York University, and is also the face and voice of in-room movie rental services for many national hotel chains.

CORNELIUS DAVIDSON (POLICEMAN, MAN 2, BRUTE, PHOTOGRAPHER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where he has been seen in Wintertime. His other credits include Dutchman, All of What You Love and None of What You Hate (Yale Cabaret), and Good Death (Edinburgh Fringe Festival). He received his BA from Western Michigan University, and recently studied at the British American Dramatic Academy.

CECI FERNANDEZ (BAILIFF, EUNUCH, DAUGHTER, MISS LOUISA, RADIO COMMENTATOR) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Sagittarius Ponderosa, Twelfth Night or What You Will, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Iphigenia Among the Stars, and Petty Harbour. Other credits include Tartuffe, Miss Julie, The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife, Heart’s Desire (Yale Summer Cabaret); Ermyntrude & Esmeralda, The Fatal Eggs, Chamber Music, reWilding (Yale Cabaret); As You Like It (D.I.Y. Shakespeare); Mr. Marmalade, Mister Beast, Everything Will Be Different: A Brief History of Helen of Troy (Mad Cat Theatre Company); three seasons of Summer Shorts (City Theatre); Betrayed (GableStage); Vanity Fair and Romeo and Juliet (Bristol Old Vic Theatre Royal). Film and television credits include Tori in Squad 85 and Nancy II in The Way to a Woman’s Heart.

CHRISTOPHER GEARY (PRIEST, MAN 4) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where he was seen in Sagittarius Ponderosa. His other credits include The Small Things, We Know Edie La Minx Had a Gun (Yale Cabaret), The Cat and the Canary (Berkshire Theatre Group), Losing Tom Pecinka (HERE Arts), and Elephant in the Room (NY International Fringe Festival). Christopher received his BA in theatre performance from Fordham College at Lincoln Center where he performed in Hamlet, Kate Crackernuts, Tales of the Lost Formicans, Mrs. Packard, and Pericles, among others. Christopher is a graduate of the Walnut Hill School for the Arts and has also studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

MERLIN HUFF (DOCTOR, BUTCHER) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include Blueberry Toast, King Richard 2, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Vieux Carré, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Petty Harbour. Other credits include Hamlet, She Stoops to Conquer, Angels in America (University of California, Santa Barbara Theater and Dance); Curse of the Starving Class (Center Stage, Santa Barbara); The Antiquarian’s Family (Shakespeare Santa Cruz); This., Clutch Yr Amplified Heart Tightly and Pretend, Carnival/Invisible, and reWilding (Yale Cabaret). Merlin holds a BFA in acting and a BA in philosophy from University of California, Santa Barbara.

CAST SARAH KRASNOW (BRUTE, WOMAN 2, REPORTER) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama in the Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism Department. Her credits include Stones in His Pockets (dramaturg, Yale Repertory Theatre); What a Very Pretty Pageant!, The Bachelors (dramaturg, Yale School of Drama); Creation 2011 (director, co-writer, performer), Mac Wellman’s Dracula (performer), Ain’t Gonna Make It (co-writer and performer), Dilemma! (co-writer and performer), The Ugly One (dramaturg), and The Dutchman (co-dramaturg) all at Yale Cabaret. She holds a BA in French from Vassar College and an MA in theatre studies from the Université d’Avignon.

MATTHEW McCOLLUM (MAYOR, BRUTE) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include King Richard 2, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Sunday in the Park with George, Vieux Carré, and Fen. Other recent credits include The Cat and the Canary (Berkshire Theatre Festival); The Yiddish King Lear (Yale Cabaret); God’s Fool (59E59, Edinburgh Fringe Festival); Trouble Tales (for boys and girls), The Morpheus Quartet (Williamstown Theatre Festival); Three Sisters and The Winter’s Tale (Yale Repertory Theatre, understudy). Television and film credits include Judging Amy, Threshold, and Heart Says It All. Matthew was born in Los Angeles and received his BA from Yale College.

ELIA MONTE-BROWN (BUTLER) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she previously was seen in Twelfth Night or What You Will, Fox Play, Mexico Play (A Farmer's Almanac), King Richard 2, and Vieux Carré. Her other credits include The Pits, Loving v. Virginia (Williamstown Theatre Festival); Everything Is Ours (Colt Coeur); Flashback (Ensemble Studio Theatre); Sonnets for an Old Century (Bank Street Theater); This., Funnyhouse of a Negro (Yale Cabaret); As You Like It (D.I.Y. Shakespeare); Three Sisters (understudy, Yale Repertory Theatre), as well as a series of self-composed performances at Exit Art. Film and television credits include Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn. Elia is a native New Yorker and and a co-founder of Old Sound Room. Prior to Yale, Elia worked as an actor and a New York City public school teacher. She is currently completing her first play, The Defendant, which will premiere at Yale Cabaret this winter.

MARIKO NAKASONE (CLAIRE ZACHANASSIAN) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she appeared in Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night or What You Will, Fox Play, and What a Very Pretty Pageant!. Regional credits include In a Year with 13 Moons (Yale Repertory Theatre); Arms and the Man, Macbeth, A Christmas Carol (Guthrie Theater); Our Town, The Clay Cart, Henry VIII, The Comedy of Errors, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Don Quixote, The Music Man (Oregon Shakespeare Festival); The Diary of Anne Frank, Pericles (Utah Shakespeare Festival); and Children of Eden (Edinburgh Fringe Festival). At Yale Cabaret: This. and Chamber Music. Mariko can be seen on the FOX series DragonflyTV, on which she has appeared for four seasons. She is a graduate of Boston University and is a recipient of the Jerome L. Greene Scholarship.

IRIS O’NEILL (CHILD, GYMNAST, GRANDDAUGHTER) has participated in Carousel Players Summer Drama Camp and taken a puppet class with Castlemoon Productions. She is thrilled to be making her debut at Yale School of Drama. Iris enjoys singing songs from Matilda, drawing pictures of cats, reading just about anything, playing violin, and conquering the monkey bars.

JENNIFER SCHMIDT (BRUTE, WOMAN 1) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her dramaturgy credits include The Really Big Fat Show, What a Very Pretty Pageant!, Blueberry Toast, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona. At Yale Cabaret, she served as dramaturg for Carnival/ Invisible and Dutchman, and performed in Creation 2011 and Ain’t Gonna Make It. Jennifer received her BA in English from Carleton College.

MICKEY THEIS (STATION MASTER, EUNUCH, SON, MAN 3, CAMERAMAN) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include Cloud Nine, Vieux Carré, Blueberry Toast, and The Bachelors. Other credits include Cowboy Mouth, reWilding, and Clutch Yr Amplified Heart Tightly and Pretend (Yale Cabaret); In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel, The Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife, Tartuffe, and Secret in the Wings, (Yale Summer Cabaret). He made his Yale Repertory Theatre debut last season in Hamlet featuring Paul Giamatti. Also a composer and musician, he is a former member of Motel Motel, a band with which he toured internationally and recorded The Big Island (2010) and New Denver (2008). He holds a BA in literary studies from Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts.

CREATIVE TEAM MONTANA LEVI BLANCO (COSTUME DESIGNER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. Previously, he worked in the curatorial departments of the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the RISD Museum of Art, and the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas. In the summer of 2013, Montana was awarded the Presidential Public Service Fellowship for his work with the Dwight/Edgewood Project. Montana holds degrees from Brown University and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

EMILY DeNARDO (STAGE MANAGER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Blueberry Toast, Cloud Nine, and King Richard 2. Her other credits include American Buffalo, Macbeth, Julius Caesar (Elm Shakespeare Company); My Fair Lady, Tarzan, Legally Blonde, The King and I, A Christmas Carol, and Footloose (North Shore Music Theatre). Emily graduated summa cum laude from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a BA in theatre.

LAUREN DUBOWSKI (PRODUCTION DRAMATURG) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Mexico Play (A Farmer’s Almanac) and Fen. She also served as production dramaturg for American Night: The Ballad of Juan José at Yale Repertory Theatre. Lauren is currently co-artistic director of Yale Cabaret, where she served as an artistic associate during its 2012–2013 season. She is an alumna of Bryn Mawr College and later helped found the Headlong Performance Institute in Philadelphia.

KRISTEN FERGUSON (PROJECTION DESIGNER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she was the assistant projection designer for Iphigenia Among the Stars. At Yale Repertory Theatre she was the assistant projection designer for Dear Elizabeth and Stones in His Pockets. Other credits include design for Iolanta (Yale Opera), installation work at Yale University Art Gallery, and performance in We Know Edie La Minx Had a Gun at Yale Cabaret. Kristen received her BFA in studio art with an emphasis in transmedia from the University of Texas at Austin. 

BRIAN HICKEY (SOUND DESIGNER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. He recently served as assistant sound designer and engineer for The Two Gentlemen of Verona (Yale School of Drama), Dear Elizabeth, and In a Year with 13 Moons (Yale Repertory Theatre). Brian is also a musician and electronic music composer. He is a native of Long Island, New York, and holds a BA from Hofstra University.

COLE LEWIS (DIRECTOR), a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, is a director, writer, and performer from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. She is a graduate of Brock University’s theatre program and attended the National Theatre School of Canada, where she studied playwriting. Cole is a founding member of St. Catharines’ award-winning Suitcase In Point Theatre Company (SIP), a group of like-minded artists who strive to engage and excite through collaborative play development. As an artistic associate of SIP for ten years, she worked on 23 original cabarets and directed six original productions, including BeWearing Wolf at Harbourfront Hatch Festival, Emily Chesley at SummerWorks Festival, and The Keith Richards One Woman Show at Fixt Point in Toronto. She also directed Ministry of Love, an original adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 for Theatre Rien Pantoute in Edmonton, Alberta. In Calgary, she worked as an ensemble member at Theatre Junction, where she performed in Archaeology and assisted Artistic Director Mark Lawes throughout the season. Other credits include And All for Love (assistant director, National Arts Centre of Canada); the world premiere of Will Eno’s The Realistic Joneses (assistant director, Yale Repertory Theatre); Mexico Play (A Farmer's Almanac) by Kate Tarker, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (Yale School of Drama); and Marius von Mayenburg’s The Ugly One (Yale Cabaret). She has also launched a new company, Guilty By Association, and directed its first devised piece, Ain’t Gonna Make It. 

CAITLIN SMITH RAPOPORT (LIGHTING DESIGNER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, and has designed lighting for theatre, dance, music, and circus. Recent professional collaborations include work with Strong Coffee Stage, Berkshire Fringe Festival, SUNY College at Oneonta, Nimble Arts Circus, Sandglass Puppet Theater, New World Theater, and The National Asian American Theater Festival. Upcoming: Hedda Gabler at Yale School of Drama.

CHIKA SHIMIZU (SCENIC DESIGNER) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. Her scenic design credits include Romeo and Juliet, Tartuffe, Salon du Soiree (Califonia State, Fullerton); Ordinary Days (The Imagined Life); and Ching Chong Chinaman (Artists at Play). She has worked as the assistant set designer for Myung Hee Cho on The Magic Flute (Canadian Opera Company) and Emotional Creature (Berkeley Repertory Theatre); for Kata Takeshi on November (Mark Taper Forum); Storefront Church (Atlantic Theater Company); The Blue Deep (Williamstown Theatre Festival); and The Skin of Our Teeth (Resident Ensemble Players). Chika received her BA in set design from California State University, Fullerton.

YALE SCHOOL OF DRAMA STAFF James Bundy, Dean Victoria Nolan, Deputy Dean ARTISTIC Jennifer Kiger, Associate Artistic Director Director of New Play Programs Amy Boratko, Literary Manager Ruth M. Feldman, Director of Education and Accessibility Services Kay Perdue Meadows, Artistic Associate Benjamin Fainstein, Artistic Coordinator Dana Tanner-Kennedy, Literary Associate Lindsay King, Teresa Mensz, Library Services Josie Brown, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Artistic Director and Associate Artistic Director Laurie Coppola, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Directing, Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism, Playwriting, and Stage Management Departments Mary Volk, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Design, Sound Design, and Projection Departments ADMINISTRATION Caitie Hannon, Lauren Wainwright, Associate Managing Directors Emika Abe, Assistant Managing Director Libby Peterson, Management Assistant Emalie Mayo, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Managing Director Louisa Balch, Company Manager Chiara Klein, Assistant Company Manager Development and Alumni Affairs Deborah S. Berman, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs Janice Muirhead, Senior Associate Director of Development Alyssa Simmons, Associate Director of Development Barry Kaplan, Senior Staff Writer Susan C. Clark, Development and Alumni Affairs Officer Jane Youngberg, Development Associate Belene Day, Senior Administrative Assistant to Development and Marketing & Communications Finance and Information Technology Katherine D. BurgueĂąo, Director of Finance and Human Resources Cristal Coleman, Joanna Romberg (on leave), Business Office Specialists Melanie Cruz, Giana Cusanelli, Ashlie Russell, Jennifer Sullivan, Business Office Assistants Sarah Stevens-Morling, Interim Director of Information and Communications Systems

Daryl Brereton, Associate Information Technology Director Janna J. Ellis, Director, Yale Tessitura Consortium Toni Ann Simiola, Senior Administrative Assistant to Business Office, Information Technology, Operations, and Tessitura Marketing, Communications, and Audience Services Anne Trites, Director of Marketing and Communications Steven Padla, Senior Associate Director of Communications Daniel Cress, Senior Associate Director of Marketing Rachel Smith, Associate Director of Marketing Brittany Behrens, Associate Director of Marketing Marguerite Elliott, Publications Manager Kathleen Martin, Online Communications Assistant Sooyoung Hwang, Marketing and Communications Assistant Fraver, Graphic Designer T. Charles Erickson, Production Photographer Laura Kirk, Interim Associate Director of Audience Services and Tessitura Specialist Shane Quinn, Interim Assistant Director of Audience Services Tracy Baldini, Subscriptions Coordinator Evan Beck, Paul Cook, Cle Dupuy, Anthony Jasper, Katie Metcalf, Andrew Moore, Sophie Nethercut, Emily Sanna, Peter Schattauer, Elena Sokol, Box Office Assistants Operations Diane Galt, Director of Facility Operations Ian Dunn, Operations Associate Paul Catalano, Arts and Drama Zone Superintendent VonDeen Ricks, Team Leader Marcia Riley, Facility Steward Lucille Bochert, Donell D’Gioia, Ty Frost, Kathy Langston, Warren Lyde, Patrick Martin, Mark Roy, Custodians Theater Safety and Occupational Health William J. Reynolds, Director of Theater Safety and Occupational Health Jacob Thompson, Security Officer Ed Jooss, Audience Safety Officer Kevin Delaney, Fred Geier, Patrick Grant, Customer Service and Safety Officers

PRODUCTION Bronislaw J. Sammler, Head of Production James Mountcastle, Production Stage Manager Jonathan Reed, Production Manager Steven Schmidt, Associate Head of Production and Work-Study Supervisor Grace O’Brien, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Production and Theater Safety and Occupational Health Departments Scenery Neil Mulligan, Matt Welander, Technical Directors Alan Hendrickson, Electro Mechanical Laboratory Supervisor Eric Sparks, Shop Foreman Matt Gaffney, Ryan Gardner, Sharon Reinhart, Master Shop Carpenters Brandon Fuller, Shop Carpenter Kelly Rae Fayton, Alexandra Reynolds, Assistants to the Technical Director Painting Ru-Jun Wang, Scenic Charge Allison Jackson, Nathan Jasunas, Interim Scenic Artists Kevin Klakouski, Assistant to the Painting Supervisor Properties Brian Cookson, Properties Master David P. Schrader, Properties Craftsperson Jennifer McClure, Interim Properties Master Nadir Balan, Ted Griffith, Interim Properties Assistants Bill Batschelet, Properties Stock Manager Elizabeth Zevin, Assistant to the Properties Manager Costumes Tom McAlister, Costume Shop Manager Robin Hirsch, Associate Costume Shop Manager Clarissa Wylie Youngberg, Mary Zihal, Senior Drapers Deborah Bloch, Harry Johnson, Senior First Hands Linda Kelley-Dodd, Costume Project Coordinator Denise O’Brien, Wig and Hair Design Barbara Bodine, Company Hairdresser Linda Wingerter, Costume Stock Manager Electrics Donald W. Titus, Lighting Supervisor Linda-Cristal Young, Senior Head Electrician Brian Quiricone, Head Electrician Daniel Hutchinson, Assistant to the Lighting Supervisor

Sound Mike Backhaus, Sound Supervisor Monica Avila, Staff Sound Engineer Gahyae Ryu, Stephanie Smith, Assistants to the Sound Supervisor Projections Erich Bolton, Projection Supervisor Christopher Russo, Head Projection Technician Johanna Case-Hofmeister, Assistant to the Projection Supervisor ADDITIONAL STAFF FOR THE VISIT Jean Kim, Assistant Scenic Designer Fabian Aguilar, Assistant Costume Designer Elizabeth Mak, Assistant Lighting Designer Samuel Ferguson, Assistant Sound Designer and Engineer Ni Ni, Assistant Projection Designer Avery Trunko, Assistant Stage Manager C. Nikki Mills, Associate Production Manager Christina Keryczynskyj, Technical Director Pat Lawrence, Elise Masur, Assistant Technical Directors Brittany Thaler, Properties Master Sean K. Walters, Master Electrician Jeong Sik Yoo, Projection Engineer Jonathan Seiler, Stage Carpenter Nikki Fazzone, Judi Wallace, Drapers Barbara Bodine, Wig Design Clelia Scala, Masks Ryan O’Neill, Child Wrangler Alyssa Simmons, House Manager Johanna Case-Hofmeister, Emily Erdman, Danny Hutchinson, Hansol Jung, Ilya Khodosh, Mitchell Massaro, Tom Pecinka, Kate Tarker, Zenzi Williams, Sinan Zafar, Run Crew Special Thanks Canadian Federation of University Women, Jessica Carmichael, Denise Clark, Nick Hussong, Elisabeth Lewis, Katherine McGerr, Margaret Molokach, Reid Thompson, Masha Tsimring, Dustin Wills


The Visit October 29–November 2, 2013 Iseman Theater, 1156 Chapel Street



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The Visit program  

The Visit, by Friedrich DÜrrenmatt translated by Maurice Valency, directed by Cole Lewis

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