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Thursdays 8 pm Fridays and Saturdays 8 and 11 pm Dinner and drinks starting at 6:30 and 10 pm FEBRUARY 14–16

Ermyntrude & Esmeralda: A Naughty Puppet Play Based on the Novella by Lytton Strachey FEBRUARY 21–23

Halfway House Created by Jackson Moran


MARCH 14–16


The Bird Bath

Lindbergh’s Flight

Created by Ensemble

By Bertolt Brecht

The Twins Would Like to Say

MARCH 28–30

By Seth Bockley & Devon de Mayo


The Small Things By Enda Walsh

Arnold Schoenberg’s

Pierrot Lunaire

APRIL 11–13

The Ugly One By Marius von Mayenburg


FEBRUARY 1 & 2, 2013



Devised by JOHANNA FREIBURG, SEAN PATTEN, ELYCE SEMENEC, BERIT STUMPF, SARAH THOM, BASTIAN TROST, SIMON WILL On the Streets of New Haven Tonight MAT HAND, BERIT STUMPF, SARAH THOM, BASTIAN TROST Tonight’s Live Sound Mix JEFF McGRORY Sound Design Production Management Touring Management


Gob Squad work collectively, without a director, on the concept, design, devising, and performing of their work. Permanent members of the group are Sean Patten, Sharon Smith, Berit Stumpf, Sarah Thom, Simon Will, Bastian Trost, and Johanna Freiburg. Other artists are invited to collaborate on particular projects. For Super Night Shot, core members of Gob Squad are often joined by guest performers. Current guests are Mat Hand, Ilia Papatheodorou, Erik Pold, Elyce Semenec, and Laura Tonke. SUPER NIGHT SHOT IS PERFORMED WITHOUT AN INTERMISSION. THE RUNNING TIME IS APPROXIMATELY 60 MINUTES. Please join us after the performance for a talk back with the artists. Commissioned by Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz Berlin with research and development funding from the Arts Council of England East Midlands. Tonight’s performance of Super Night Shot is funded in part by Connecticut Humanities and the Root Boy Slim Fund.

ABOUT GOB SQUAD Gob Squad is a group of UK and German artists who have gained a reputation as one of the most innovative contemporary performance companies in Europe. The seven artists— Johanna Freiburg, Sean Patten, Sharon Smith, Berit Stumpf, Sarah Thom, Bastian Trost, and Simon Will—work jointly on the concept, direction, and performance of their work. Founded in 1994 and based in Berlin and Nottingham, the group explores the point where theatre meets performance, art, and media. Their works have received wide international acclaim and are regularly shown throughout Europe and have toured to Australia, Africa, Asia, and North and South America. As well as theatres and galleries, Gob Squad places their work at the heart of urban life— in houses, shops, underground stations, car parks, hotels, or directly on the street. They see their mission as an attempt to place artistic actions directly in the context of everyday life and to confront it with contemporary culture. Everyday life and magic, banality and utopia, reality and play are all set on a collision course, and the audience is often called to step beyond their traditional role as passive spectators and bear witness to the results. The group constantly redefines their forms of expression, varying project by project from stage performance, video work, interactive live film to urban intervention. In recent years Gob Squad has increasingly reflected on their relationship to film, remaking, creating, and intervening in the moving image to reveal the aspiration and desire that lie beneath the digital and pixelated surface of the 21st century. Estranged forms of intimacy have emerged as an important topic.


ABOUT SUPER NIGHT SHOT The film begins exactly one hour before you come to watch it when the four performer/activists meet, arm themselves with their video cameras, and start them simultaneously. With their watches synchronized, they state their manifesto with military precision:

The result is an experience halfway between theatre and film that comments on our relationship to the urban environment. A movie that is both fantastical and documentary, that is at the same time a product and a process, both a “making of” and the thing itself.

“Each of us is just one in a million, easy to replace and easy to forget in a city that doesn’t really need us. But don’t worry. We’re going to change all that. We’ve got a plan. This city will need us, and this film will be our witness.”

Super Night Shot is Gob Squad’s most widely toured production, with nearly 200 unique presentations since the project’s inception in 2003, each one shot and screened only once in the host city. The piece has been performed in four languages on six continents and is still as fresh, dangerous, and exciting as the day the four performer/activists first stepped onto the icy streets of Berlin in order to wage their “war on anonymity.”

Embarking on a “war on anonymity,” they set off into the night on an adventure where only one thing is certain: in 60 minutes, they will meet again and present what they have filmed to the waiting audience. New Haven becomes a film set—a place where cigarette butts, graffiti, cars, and buildings become props and facades, and every passerby is a potential extra, friend, lover, or liberator. Working under the constraints of the time limit (the length of their video tapes), the group sets out to capture a great moment of emotion, passion, and liberation on camera and bring it back to the waiting audience who themselves take part in the final scene, a heroes’ welcome. Once the tapes have rewound, performers and audience watch the results together. The sound is mixed live and scored with elements from film soundtracks.

Over the years, the film’s hero (a role rotated amongst Gob Squad’s performers) has done his/her best to solve all the problems thrown at him/ her. In Siberia, the hero was asked to bring warmth to the city and melt the snow; in Brazil, the hero bridged the gap between rich and poor and helped raise money for a homeless woman to buy milk for her baby. In London, the hero gave some instant marriage guidance to quarreling pensioners. In Bangalore, the hero provided security for a market trader; during a recent mission in the company’s home town of Berlin, the hero helped some confused shoppers assemble their new Ikea shelves.


YALE REPERTORY THEATRE STAFF James Bundy, Artistic Director Victoria Nolan, Managing Director Jennifer Kiger, Associate Artistic Director Director of New Play Programs ARTISTIC Resident Artists Paula Vogel, Playwright-in-Residence Liz Diamond, Evan Yionoulis, Resident Directors Catherine Sheehy, Resident Dramaturg Michael Yeargan, Set Design Advisor, Resident Set Designer Jane Greenwood, Costume Design Advisor Jess Goldstein, Resident Costume Designer Jennifer Tipton, Lighting Design Advisor Stephen Strawbridge, Resident Lighting Designer David Budries, Sound Design Advisor Walton Wilson, Voice and Speech Advisor Rick Sordelet, Fight Advisor Mary Hunter, Stage Management Advisor Associate Artists 52nd Street Project, Kama Ginkas, Mark Lamos, MTYZ Theatre/Moscow New Generations Theatre, Bill Rauch, Sarah Ruhl, Henrietta Yanovskaya Artistic Administration Amy Boratko, Literary Manager Ruth M. Feldman, Director of Education and Accessibility Services Kay Perdue Meadows, Artistic Associate Walter Byongsok Chon, Artistic Coordinator Benjamin Fainstein, Ilinca Tamara Todorot, Literary Associates Tara Rubin, C.S.A.; Merri Sugarman, C.S.A.; Eric Woodall, C.S.A.; Dale Brown, C.S.A.; Lindsay Levine; Kaitlin Shaw; Stephanie Yankwitt, Casting Lindsay King, Teresa Mensz, Tobin Nelhaus, Library Services Josie Brown, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Artistic Director and Associate Artistic Director Laurie Coppola, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Directing, Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism, Playwriting, and Stage Management Departments Mary Volk, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Design, Sound Design, and Projection Departments ADMINISTRATION Jennifer Lagundino, Katie Liberman, Associate Managing Directors Lico Whitfield, Associate Director of Special Programs Eric Gershman, Alyssa Simmons, Assistant Managing Directors Louisa Balch, Management Assistant Emalie Mayo, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Managing Director Lauren Wainwright, Company Manager Sarah Williams, Assistant Company Manager

Development and Alumni Affairs Deborah S. Berman, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs Janice Muirhead, Senior Associate Director of Development Reynaldi Lolong, Associate Director of Development Barry Kaplan, Senior Staff Writer Susan C. Clark, Laura J. Eckelman, Development Associates Belene Day, Senior Administrative Assistant to Development and Marketing & Communications Finance and Information Technology Katherine D. BurgueĂąo, Director of Finance and Human Resources Denise Zaczek, Associate Director of Finance Cristal Coleman, Alex Grennan, Joanna Romberg, Business Office Specialists Randall Rode, Information Technology Director Daryl Brereton, Associate Information Technology Director Mara Hazzard-Wallingford, Director, Yale Tessitura Consortium Toni Ann Simiola, Senior Administrative Assistant to Business Office, Information Technology, Operations, and Tessitura Marketing, Communications, and Audience Services Anne Trites, Director of Marketing and Communications Steven Padla, Senior Associate Director of Communications Daniel Cress, Senior Associate Director of Marketing Rachel Smith, Associate Director of Marketing Brittany Behrens, Associate Director of Marketing Sarah Stevens-Morling, Online Communications and Advertising Manager Marguerite Elliott, Publications Manager Emika Abe, Marketing Assistant Kathleen Martin, Online Communications Assistant Fraver, Graphic Designer Joan Marcus, Production Photographer Janna J. Ellis, Associate Director of Audience Services and Tessitura Specialist Laura Kirk, Assistant Audience Services Director Shane Quinn, Audience Services Assistant Tracy Baldini, Subscriptions Coordinator Evan Beck, Amanda Bermudez, Brandon Boyer, Reynaldi Lolong, Katie Metcalf, Andrew Moore, Emily Sanna, Peter Schattauer, Box Office Assistants

Operations Diane Galt, Director of Facility Operations Ian Dunn, Operations Associate Paul Catalano, Arts and Drama Zone Superintendent Krista J. MacLellan, 217 Park and 212 York Superintendent VonDeen Ricks, Senior Custodian Marcia Riley, Facility Steward Lucille Bochert, Norma Crimley, Donell D’Gioia, Ty Frost, Patrick Martin, Mark Roy, Custodians

Costumes Tom McAlister, Costume Shop Manager Robin Hirsch, Associate Costume Shop Manager Mary Zihal, Senior Draper Clarissa Wylie Youngberg, Draper Deborah Bloch, Harry Johnson, Senior First Hands Linda Kelley-Dodd, Costume Project Coordinator Denise O’Brien, Wig and Hair Design Barbara Bodine, Company Hairdresser Linda Wingerter, Costume Stock Manager

Theater Safety and Occupational Health William J. Reynolds, Director of Theater Safety and Occupational Health Jacob Thompson, Security Officer Ed Jooss, Audience Safety Officer Fred Geier, Patrick Grant, Customer Service and Safety Officers

Electrics Donald W. Titus, Lighting Supervisor Linda Young, Senior Head Electrician Brian Quiricone, Head Electrician

PRODUCTION Bronislaw J. Sammler, Production Supervisor James Mountcastle, Production Stage Manager Jonathan Reed, Senior Associate Production Supervisor Grace O’Brien, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Production, Theater Safety and Occupational Health Departments Scenery Colin Buckhurst, Neil Mulligan, Matt Welander, Technical Directors Alan Hendrickson, Electro Mechanical Laboratory Supervisor Eric Sparks, Shop Foreman Matt Gaffney, Ryan Gardner, Sharon Reinhart, Master Shop Carpenters Brandon Fuller, Shop Carpenter Emily Erdman, Wyatt Heatherington Tilka, Assistants to the Technical Director Painting Ru-Jun Wang, Scenic Charge Keri Kriston, Scenic Artist Stephanie Huck, Assistant Scenic Artist Nathan Jasunas, Clare McCormick, Assistants to the Painting Supervisor

Sound Mike Backhaus, Sound Supervisor Paul Bozzi, Staff Sound Engineer Sanghyun Ahn, Pornchanok Kanchanabanca, Assistants to the Sound Supervisor Projections Erich Bolton, Projection Supervisor Christopher Russo, Head Projection Technician Stage Operations Janet Cunningham, Stage Carpenter Kate Begley Baker, Head Properties Runner Elizabeth Bolster, Wardrobe Supervisor Jacob Riley, FOH Mix Engineer FOR THIS PRODUCTION Kaitlyn Anderson, Hunter Kaczorowski, Carmen Martinez, C. Nikki Mills, Kate Noll, Jonathan Pellow, Elizabeth Zevin, Crew Katie Liberman, House Manager SPECIAL THANKS Kevin Bitterman, Lauren Clark, Parker Emerson, Adam Frank, Sally Shen, Sarah Solarski, Meiyin Wang, Melissa Zimmerman Cover photo by David Baltzer.

Properties Brian Cookson, Properties Master David P. Schrader, Properties Craftsperson Jennifer McClure, Properties Assistant Bill Batschelet, Properties Stock Manager Elizabeth Zevin, Assistant to the Properties Manager Super Night Shot February 1 & 2, 2013 University Theatre, 222 York Street


stones in his pockets by marie jones directed by evan yionoulis

now through February 16

paul giamatti


by william shakespeare directed by james bundy

March 15 to april 13

in a year with 13 moons

Film and screenplay by rainer werner Fassbinder adapted For the stage by bill camp and robert woodruFF directed by robert woodruFF Featuring bill camp

april 26 to May 18

For tickets or more information, call 203.432.1234 or visit

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Super Night Shot  

Super Night Shot by Gob Squad. Yale Repertory Theatre, January 30 & 31, 2013.

Super Night Shot  

Super Night Shot by Gob Squad. Yale Repertory Theatre, January 30 & 31, 2013.

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