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You Before I (except after Why) At two months old, most babies begin to recognize their parents. They will smile at them, yearn for their presence, and be able to distinguish them from other adults. In fact, in clinical studies, babies have been able to distinguish between their moms and their moms’ identical twins. They recognize something unique about the people they love that goes beyond the surface. It is not until they are two years old that most babies begin to recognize themselves. The most common test of this skill is whether a child can identify themself in a mirror—rubbing off a mark drawn upon their own forehead after seeing it reflected back to them. Although the test for self-recognition is surface based, most child psychologists say that this is also the moment that children begin to think of themselves as unique entities. It is the stage in which they begin using self-referential language such as “I, me, my, and mine” and start reflecting upon themselves from the perspective of others.


It is not long after this stage that children learn to lie. Sometimes it is those who love us who are able to see beyond the marker on our foreheads. Other times their instinctual recognition of us can obscure what lies within. In this exploration of Othello we started with two questions: How well do we really know each other? And how well do we really know ourselves?


FEBRUARY 7 AT 8PM FEBRUARY 8 AT 4PM AND 8PM FEBRUARY 9 AT 4PM Iseman Theater, 1156 Chapel Street

2018–19 SEASON

YALE SCHOOL OF DRAMA James Bundy, Dean Victoria Nolan, Deputy Dean Chantal Rodriguez, Associate Dean Kelvin Dinkins, Jr., Assistant Dean

Artistic Staff


Lighting Design Advisor

Venice. Cyprus. 1570...ish

Samuel Kwan Chi Chan Assistant Projection Installation Designer

Elena Tilli Assistant Sound Designer/Engineer


OTHELLO By William Shakespeare Directed by Kat Yen

Noel Nichols Stage Management Student Supervisor

Sam Tirrell

Production Staff Mike VanAartsen Associate Production Manager

Samantha Else

Scenic Designer

Elsa GibsonBraden Costume Designer

Herin Kaputkin Lighting Designer

Nicole E. Lang Projection Installation Designer

Sean Preston Composer and Sound Designer

Dakota Stipp Production Dramaturg

Madeline Charne Stage Manager

Amanda Luke


in alphabetical order Othello

Brandon E. Burton Brabantio/Lodovico

John R. Colley Desdemona

Evelyn Giovine Roderigo

Robert Lee Hart Emilia

Kineta Kunutu Bianca/Duke of Venice

Doireann Mac Mahon Cassio

Benjamin Jones Assistant Technical Director

Dominick Pinto

Rolando Chusan, Jimmy Dailey, Cindy Fernandez, Erica Knight, Maiken Lozano-Wiese, Paco LozanoWiese, Artem Kreimer, Mouna R’miki, Andres Piña Santiago. The Studio Series productions are designed to be learning experiences that complement classroom work, providing a medium for students at Yale School of Drama to combine their individual talents and energies toward the staging of collaboratively created works. Your attendance meaningfully completes this process.

Master Electrician

Margo Camden Run Crew

Rebecca Adelsheim Kirk Keen Olivia Plath Andrew Rovner

Administration Associate Managing Director

Caitlin Crombleholme Assistant Managing Director

JJ McGlone

Caitlin Volz


Management Assistants

Dario Ladani Sanchez

Madeline Carey Oakton Reynolds House Manager

Lisa D. Richardson

Supported by The Benjamin Mordecai III Production Fund

Special Thanks

Associate Safety Advisor

Technical Director

Creative Team

There will be a ten-minute intermission.

Yale School of Drama productions are supported by the work of more than 200 faculty and staff members throughout the year.

THE BENJAMIN MORDECAI III PRODUCTION FUND, established by a graduate of the School, honors the memory of the Tony Award-winning producer who served as Managing Director of Yale Repertory Theatre, 1982–1993, and as Associate Dean and Chair of the Theater Management Department from 1993 until his death in 2005.

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OTHELLO by William Shakespeare, directed by Kat Yen. Yale School of Drama 2019.  

OTHELLO by William Shakespeare, directed by Kat Yen. Yale School of Drama 2019.  

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