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2016– 17


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Joaquín Torres, Felix Solis, Kathleen Chalfant, and Susan Pourfar in Passion Play by Sa directed by Mark Wing-Davey, Yale Repertory Theatre, 2008. Photo © Joan Marcus.



HT SA The w RAH R orld p r emiere UHL whippin o f Scen g boy a e s from C nd his p betwe ourt L rince m en play ife, or a r wright ks the s the relatio Sarah R ixth co nship t ll u a b h o l h and Ya ration at beg of The an in 2 le Rep Clean H , 0 a 0 n 4 a w rtistic ouse, w ith the Prize in hich w world p Drama a r s e a miere finalist and be plays o came o for the f the d Pulitze ne of t ecade he mo r . st prod Since then, h uced er play theatre s have s acros been p s the c roduce interna ountry d at re tionally , on an gional ; a n d off B d have a doze roadw n lang b e e n transla ay, and uages. ted int o more S a ra h than R u h l ’s other Euryd p l ays i ce ( 2 0 a t Ya 06); P Mark W le Re a ss i o n ing-Da p inc P l a v y lude e ( y 2008) , who is her new , b d ack wit version i r e c ted by h us fo of Che world p r this p khov’s remier r o T d h uction; ree Sist e of De like Sce ers (20 ar Eliza nes fro 1 b 1 ) e ; t a h nd the m Cou (2012), by Yale rt Life, which, Rep. was co mmiss ioned

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A Note From the Artistic Director Welcome to the world premiere of Scenes from Court Life, or the whipping boy and his prince, the first production of Yale Rep’s 50th Anniversary Season! I am delighted to welcome back playwright Sarah Ruhl—a Tony nominee, two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, and MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Fellow—for her sixth production here. Scenes from Court Life is her astonishingly rich juxtaposition of two political dynasties: the Stuarts of Britain and the Bushes of the United States. That she is able to rip a major new theatre work from the headlines of two countries separated not only by more than 350 years of history but also, as George Bernard Shaw noted, by a common language, is further evidence of her standing as one of the most inventive playwrights in the world. This production reunites Sarah with Mark Wing-Davey, who previously directed her three-part epic Passion Play here at Yale Rep in 2008, and subsequently in New York City. Together with their distinguished creative team and a company of spectacularly flexible actors, they have created a surprising and complex theatrical event resonating with both contemporary politics and Yale’s role in fostering national leadership. Our 50th Anniversary Season continues in November with August Wilson’s Seven Guitars, the fifth installment of his landmark cycle chronicling the experiences of African Americans in the 20th Century. 2017 will bring the world premieres of Imogen Says Nothing by Aditi Brennan Kapil and Mary Jane by Pulitzer Prize-finalist Amy Herzog, as well as a new production of Assassins, the Tony Award-winning masterpiece by John Weidman and Stephen Sondheim. I am also pleased to invite you to enjoy a variety of free exhibits and special events celebrating Yale Rep’s 50th Anniversary here in New Haven and beyond, including a photography exhibit on view at the Aisling Gallery of The Study at Yale on Chapel Street through October 9, and a panel discussion including artists representing all eras of our theatre’s history here at the University Theatre on October 7 at 3PM. An exhibit at the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library will open in January, as will a photography exhibit at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts featuring images from more than 70 Yale Rep productions. Thank you for being here with us today. As always, I am eager to know what you think of Scenes from Court Life and any of your experiences at our theatre. My email address is I look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you back at Yale Rep soon! Sincerely,

James Bundy 6

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James Bundy, Artistic Director Victoria Nolan, Managing Director PRESENTS



MARK WING-DAVEY Choreographer Music Director Scenic and Costume Designer Lighting Designer Sound Designer Projection Designer Technical Director Dialect/Vocal Coaches Fight Director Wig Designer Baroque Expert and Choreographer Production Dramaturg Casting Director Stage Manager


Scenes from Court Life was commissioned by NYU Graduate Acting Program and Yale Repertory Theatre. Further development and production support are provided by Yale’s Binger Center for New Theatre. Scenes from Court Life is the recipient of a 2016 Edgerton Foundation New American Plays Award. Yale Repertory Theatre gratefully acknowledges The Burry Fredrik Foundation and Carol L. Sirot for generously supporting the 50th anniversary season. Yale Rep is supported in part by the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development.



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Cast in alphabetical order JEFF BIEHL

Groom of the Stool, Executioner, Karl Rove

Harpsichord Player, Laura Bush


Charles II, George W. Bush


Catherine of Braganza, Columba Bush


Barbara Bush


Charles I, George H.W. Bush Tutor, Inigo Jones, Bonnie Flood, et al.


A Whipping Boy, Jeb Bush




Setting Stuart England, and during the American Bush dynasty


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A NOTE FROM THE PLAYWRIGHT “We elect a king for four years.” So said William Seward, Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of State. I found myself meditating on dynastic succession and democracy while the primary season heated up, and at the outset, it looked as though we might have a Bush/Clinton election. Meanwhile, Mark Wing-Davey, whom I adored collaborating with on Passion Play, invited me to do a Joint Stock process with his graduate student actors at NYU. The Joint Stock process was invented in England, and led to projects like Caryl Churchill’s The Skriker and Mad Forest (also directed by Mark). Mark asked me for topics I wanted to explore with actors, and I mentioned: dynastic succession, the Restoration, American political families, sibling rivalry, Baroque music, and whipping boys. And away we went. A gifted ensemble of eight young actors gamely plunged into research, improvisation, and conversation. We learned Texas line dances and learned to play tennis. We learned to play royal tennis. We learned about figures like the groom of the stool—who wiped the bottom of the king and was also in charge of finance in Stuart England. We learned about the role of the whipping boy in court life—who was whipped for the sins of the prince, as the royal body was too holy to be whipped. I’m thrilled to be back at Yale Rep with Mark and his epic imagination, during a season in which our democracy seems like just as wild an experiment as our theatres.




Many variations of “court life” run through Sarah Ruhl’s cross-temporal play. Royal courts—the extravagant households of the Stuarts and the American equivalents of the Bush family—provide one backdrop for political intrigue and domestic discord. Tennis courts—both the elaborate indoor venues for royal tennis and the simpler lines of its better known descendant, lawn tennis— provide another. When Charles II began converting tennis courts into theatres in the 1660s, the stage became yet another dimension of court life.









Sever al featu res m ade royal te suitab nnis court s le for t a gall ery fo heatres: r spec along tators one s i de, a open l arge floor s p a c and a e row o , windo f ws pr ample oviding light.












INIGO JONES center mark


service line

t The 41s nt Preside dition d the tra e u in t n co ildren, own ch is h of h it w rations le gene ip ly lt h u ig m and e in h l engag il t e s h s t e t h es a Bus e match iv it t e e p hom com acation family v ort, p k n ebu in Kenn net Maine.

Ten m n pas ore t is wa h s ti Ma me fo an a c t a r r s i t a u he Bus rch Bu al h D pla , a hig oroth sh cla yer hly yW n. for , instil accom alker led the pli Geo sport a grea shed tl i r n ge line H.W her s ove o . Bu n sh. ,

center service line

When newly electe d Pres Bush, id e nt Sr., to ok offi 1989, c e in his fir st act remod w a s eling the W House hite tennis court.



Architect Inigo Jones studied scene craft in Rome, and he brought Italian innovations including perspective (angled wings that create an illusion of depth), movable scenery, and the proscenium arch to the English stage. The new tennis court theatres of Charles II were all renovated to accommodate these features. Jones collaborated with playwright Ben Jonson for many years to create court entertainments, and the two quarreled constantly over whether stage design or literature was the more ascendant in the theatre. Over the course of his career, Jones designed more than a dozen masques (opulent statefunded theatrical pageants with music and dance) for the Stuart kings. —KARI OLMON, PRODUCTION DRAMATURG


The Stuart kings had a flair for pomp, pageantry, and royal prerogative, but they still relied on a team of supporting players to fortify their authority.


King Charles I assumed the throne of England, Scotland, and Ireland in 1625, upon the death of his father King James I. A fervent believer in the divine right of kings, he wielded absolute power until Parliamentary forces ousted him from the throne in 1642. After seven years of civil war, Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentarians executed Charles I, leading to an eleven-year interregnum under various forms of republican rule.


Surely one of the more repulsive jobs in history, the Groom of the King’s Close Stool was a role created during the reign of Henry VIII to assist in the king’s bowel movements. The stool in question was a “close stool”—a portable commode­—and the groom also aided the king with washing and dressing. Perhaps surprisingly, it was a position desired by the sons of noblemen, because these grooms acted as personal secretaries and advisers to the king, occupying an unseen, but powerful, position in court.


Over the past forty years, the Bush name has dominated US politics. Here is a timeline 6 AUGUST 1921

Prescott Bush marries Dorothy Walker.

12 JUNE 1924

George H.W. Bush born in Milton, MA.

12 JUNE 1942

H.W. enlists in the US Navy.

6 JANUARY 1945 15

H.W. and Barbara Pierce marry.


11 FEBRUARY 1953

6 JULY 1946

12 OCTOBER 1953

20 DECEMBER 1949

9 JUNE 1968

H.W. studies at Yale. George W. Bush born. Pauline Robinson “Robin” Bush born.


Prescott Bush elected to US Senate.

John Ellis “Jeb” Bush born. Robin dies of leukemia.

George W. graduates from Yale.

23 FEBRUARY 1974

Jeb marries Columba Garnico Callo.



After a decade of exile abroad following his father’s beheading, Charles II returned to England in 1660. His coronation heralded the Restoration of the British monarchy. As king, he exacted retribution against his father’s enemies and revitalized the artistic institutions that had languished under Parliamentary rule. Although his myriad mistresses gave him several illegitimate children, his marriage to Catherine of Braganza yielded no heirs.


The official court office of Whipping Boy was created when nine-year-old Edward Tudor became King of England in 1547. Because a young king was as absolute a monarch as an adult king, Edward could not be punished. His minders invented the concept of a “whipping boy” and punished another child, whom Edward liked very much, whenever the King did something wrong. King Edward would thus be deterred from being naughty and would behave in order to spare his playmate from punishment. The tradition persisted among the Stuart kings, and both Charles I and Charles II were disciplined through their own whipping boys, whose names have been lost to history.

Catarina de Braganza was born into the royal house of Portugal and raised in a convent as a devout Roman Catholic. Her marriage to Charles II in 1662 was advantageous to both nations, but Catherine’s religious beliefs made her an unpopular consort for Charles. She was a victim of several plots that were fabricated to implicate her in Catholic conspiracies against the King. Despite his extramarital dalliances, Charles remained loyal to his queen in matters of state and refused to countenance these accusations. Catherine suffered three miscarriages and failed to produce an heir, which placed the future of the Stuart dynasty in jeopardy as Charles’s younger brother and illegitimate sons grappled for primacy.


of the family’s personal and political milestones. 24 APRIL 1976

Columba gives birth to first child, George Prescott Bush.


George W. marries Laura Welch.


Ronald Reagan elected; H.W. is his Vice President.


Laura gives birth to twins, Jenna and Barbara.

8 NOVEMBER 1988 H.W. elected President.


George W. buys Texas Rangers.


George W. re-elected in Texas; Jeb elected in Florida.

13 DECEMBER 2000


George W. wins the presidency after contested election.


3 NOVEMBER 2004 George W. wins reelection.

Clinton defeats H.W.

George W. elected Governor of Texas; Jeb loses Florida gubernatorial race.

20 FEBRUARY 2016

Jeb suspends presidential campaign.


Cast JEFF BIEHL* (GROOM OF THE STOOL, EXECUTIONER, KARL ROVE) previously appeared at Yale Rep in The Moors. Broadway: Machinal (Roundabout). Off-Broadway: Lloyd Suh’s Charles Francis Chan Jr.’s Exotic Oriental Murder Mystery (National Asian American Theater Company); Anne Washburn’s 10 Out of 12 (Soho Rep.); Lucas Hnath’s Isaac’s Eye (Ensemble Studio Theatre); Thomas Bradshaw’s Fulfillment (The Flea), Burning (New Group), and A Lecture on the Blues (Whitney Museum); David Ives’s Lives of the Saints and Theresa Rebeck’s Poor Behavior (Primary Stages). Regional credits include Brendan Pelsue’s Wellesley Girl (Humana Festival of New American Plays), Three Sisters (A.R.T. and Edinburgh International Festival), also shows with South Coast Rep, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Long Wharf Theatre, and Westport Country Playhouse. Film credits include Ragnar Brovik in the Jonathan Demme film of Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory’s A Master Builder, and Ricki and the Flash. Television credits include The Path, Vinyl, Mysteries of Laura, Forever, Southland, and several episodes of all three Law & Order franchises. Education: Juilliard.

ANGEL DESAI* (HARPSICHORD PLAYER, LAURA BUSH, MUSIC DIRECTOR) is thrilled to be back at Yale Rep after appearing in Sunil Kuruvilla’s Rice Boy during the 2000–01 season. Her recent theatre credits include Frankie and Johnny (Berkshire Theatre Festival), Ernest Shackleton Loves Me (George Street Playhouse), and The Winter’s Tale (Old Globe). Broadway: Company (2007). Off-Broadway: CSC, Playwrights Horizons, New York Theatre Workshop, Women’s Project Theater, MCC Theater, and Ma-Yi Theater Company. Regional credits also include the Old Globe, McCarter Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse, Long Wharf Theatre, Arena Stage, Playmakers Repertory, and Cleveland Play House. Recent television includes Chicago Med, Minority Report, Madam Secretary, Major Crimes, Forever, Elementary, Nurse Jackie, Being Mary Jane, and all three Law & Order franchises. Film credits include The Clique, The War Within, Heights, Black Knight, and Robot Stories. Angel is a 2014 Lunt-Fontaine Fellow, and she holds an MFA in acting from NYU.

GREG KELLER* (CHARLES II, GEORGE W. BUSH) previously appeared at Yale Rep in the world premieres of Elevada, War, and Belleville. Broadway: Our Mother’s Brief Affair (with Linda Lavin), Wit (with Cynthia Nixon), and the Broadway productions of Seminar (with Jeff Goldblum) and 33 Variations (with Jane Fonda) at the Ahmanson in LA. OffBroadway: Of Good Stock (with Alicia Silverstone); Cradle and All (Manhattan Theatre Club) and Belleville (New York Theatre


Workshop), both with Maria Dizzia; The Who and The What (LCT3 at Lincoln Center); Somewhere Fun (Vineyard Theatre); The Seagull with Dianne Wiest (Classic Stage Company); That Pretty Pretty, Steve & Idi (Rattlestick); Smudge (Women’s Project); and eight plays at Berkshire Theatre Festival. Greg was a Lila Acheson Wallace Playwriting Fellow at The Juilliard School and has an MFA in acting from NYU.

KEREN LUGO* (CATHERINE OF BRAGANZA, COLUMBA BUSH) Theatre credits include Privacy (The Public Theater); Our Town, Henry V (Chautauqua Theater Festival); DC-7: The Roberto Clemente Story (GALA Hispanic Theatre); Volpone (Teatro Francisco Arriví, Puerto Rico); The Balcony, Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It, and Widows (Teatro UPR, Puerto Rico). Keren was born and raised in Puerto Rico and holds an MFA from NYU’s Graduate Acting Program, where some of her credits included The Caucasian Chalk Circle, After the Fall, The Playboy of the West Indies, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, and Scenes from Court Life.

MARY SHULTZ* (BARBARA BUSH) first appeared at Yale Rep in 1993 in Paula Vogel’s The Baltimore Waltz, directed by Stan Wojewodski, Jr. She previously worked with Mark WingDavey in Caryl Churchill’s Mad Forest at New York Theatre Workshop and Manhattan Theatre Club, and Craig Lucas’s Small Tragedy at Playwrights Horizons. Her most recent Off-Broadway work includes Burnished by Grief at La Mama E.T.C.; The Good Person of Szechwan at the Public Theater; and Somewhere Fun at The Vineyard Theatre. Her recent television and film work includes The Leftovers, Mozart in the Jungle, and Woody Allen’s new project for Amazon Studios. Mary is the recipient of two OBIEs (one for sustained excellence), a Bessie, the New York Dance and Performance Award, Charles Bowden Award for Exceptional Contribution to the Theatrical Community, and the inaugural Mabou Mines Ruthie Award.

T. RYDER SMITH* (CHARLES I, GEORGE H.W. BUSH) is making his Yale Rep debut. T. has appeared on Broadway in War Horse and Equus. Off-Broadway credits include the world premieres of J.T. Rogers’s Oslo, Katori Hall’s Our Lady of Kibeho, Christina Masciotti’s Social Security, Anne Washburn’s Apparition, David Greenspan’s She Stoops to Comedy, Richard Foreman’s The Gods Are Pounding My Head, and King Cowboy Rufus Rules the Universe; Sarah Ruhl’s Passion Play and Dead Man’s Cell Phone; Underneath the Lintel (Drama Desk nomination, Outstanding Solo Performer) and the three-actor, 30-character Lebensraum (Drama Desk *MEMBER OF ACTORS’ EQUITY ASSOCIATION, THE UNION OF PROFESSIONAL ACTORS AND STAGE MANAGERS


Cast Award, Outstanding Ensemble). Regional work includes world premieres of Yael Farber’s Salome (Shakespeare Theatre Company), Barbara Hammond’s We Are Pussy Riot (Contemporary American Theater Festival), Doug Wright’s Creditors (La Jolla Playhouse), and Charles L. Mee’s Big Love (Actors Theatre of Louisville). Film and television: Elementary, The Blacklist, White Collar, Nurse Jackie, Blue Bloods, the miniseries The Abolitionists, and the cult film Brainscan. T. supplies voices for many audiobooks, the cartoon series The Venture Brothers, and the Bioshock videogames.

ANDREW WEEMS* (TUTOR, INIGO JONES, BONNIE FLOOD, ET AL.) Broadway: Born Yesterday, Inherit the Wind, The Green Bird, and London Assurance. Off-Broadway: Blood and Gifts (Lincoln Center Theater); The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Bach at Leipzig (New York Theatre Workshop); The Broken Heart, Troilus and Cressida, Cymbeline, Pericles, The Green Bird (Theatre for a New Audience); A Man’s a Man (Classic Stage Company); Manahatta (The Public Theater); Somewhere Someplace Else, Telethon (Clubbed Thumb); A Midsummer Night’s Dream (The Acting Company); Mere Mortals, Marathon Dancing. Elsewhere: Uncle Vanya, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Guthrie Theater); Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Center Stage); A Behanding in Spokane (Alley Theatre); Don Juan (The Old Globe); Rhinoceros, King John, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Noises Off, The Time of Your Life, Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey); Three Sisters, Arms and the Man (Intiman Theatre); Rocket to the Moon, Much Ado About Nothing (Long Wharf Theatre); As You Like It, Clybourne Park (Chautauqua); An Iliad (Aspen Fringe); and Romance Novels for Dummies (Williamstown Theatre Festival). Weems is a Fox/TCG fellow and the author/performer of Namaste Man (Intiman, Boise Contemporary Theater, Two River Theater) and Damascus (4th Street Theater, Boise Contemporary Theater, Chautauqua Theater Company).

DANNY WOLOHAN* (A WHIPPING BOY, JEB BUSH) OffBroadway: An Octoroon (Soho Rep.); The Flick (Barrow Street Theatre, Steppenwolf Theatre Company); Judy (Page 73); Verité (LCT3); Pocatello, Patron Saint (Playwrights Horizons); Tumacho, I’m Pretty Fucked Up, and Baby Screams Miracle (Clubbed Thumb). Television: Orange is the New Black, Veep, Boardwalk Empire.


Ensemble JOHN R. COLLEY is a first-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. Recent credits include Cock (Creative Works Theatre); Amandine, Girl in Window (New York Theatre Workshop); Rickhardt (HB Playwrights Foundation); The Illusion, Angels in America (NYU); Inherit the Wind, The Secret Garden (Texas Rep); You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and Little Shop of Horrors (Little Theatre Company). Film and television credits include A Week in London (opposite Denise Richards), August Falls (with Fairuza Balk), Devious Maids, NCIS, Castle, Criminal Minds, and Chosen. BFA: New York University, Tisch School of the Arts.

EVELYN GIOVINE is a first-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. Selected credits include Elektra, Great Expectations, Uncle Vanya (Lewis Center for the Arts); Zoyka’s Apartment, Much Ado About Nothing, Red Noses, Der Bourgeois Bigwig (McCarter Theatre); No Exit, Venus in Fur, and Frankenstein (Theatre Intime). Evelyn earned her BA in English with an emphasis in Slavic studies and a minor in theatre from Princeton University with additional training from Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, and BADA.

HUDSON OZNOWICZ is a first-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. His theatre credits include Ugly Little Sister, directed by Daniel Talbott; Wayward; Captain Glorious; and The Iliad all at NYU where he earned his BFA in acting.

ARTURO SORIA** is a first-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama. Recent credits include Hit the Wall (Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Off-Broadway at Barrow Street Theatre); Olivério: A Brazilian Twist (Kennedy Center); Deferred Action (Dallas Theater Center); Peter and the Starcatcher (Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, Milwaukee Rep); Water by the Spoonful (Studio Theatre); Seven Spots on the Sun (Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park); Oedipus el Rey and Equivocation (Victory Gardens Theatre). Arturo received his BFA in acting from the Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago.



Creative Team YANA BIRŸKOVA (PROJECTION DESIGNER) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Women Beware Women and Don Juan. Her other designs include The Square Root of Three Sisters (Dmitry Krymov Lab at Yale School of Drama); Don Quixote (Yale Opera); Mad Forest (UNC Wilmington); The Secretaries, We Are All Here (Yale Cabaret); The Life and Death of Doctor Faustus (Yale Summer Cabaret); 1/13/14 (Studio Tisch); Transport (Irish Repertory Theatre). Her assistant credits include Elevada (Yale Repertory Theatre), The Master and Margarita (Yale School of Drama), and Deepest Man (3-Legged Dog). Originally from Moscow, Russia, Yana holds a BA in film studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

MARINA DRAGHICI (SCENIC AND COSTUME DESIGNER) has been designing sets and costumes for theatre, opera, television and film since graduating from Yale School of Drama in 1988. She has received a Tony award for Fela! for Outstanding Costume Design, among many other awards and nominations. She has worked at The Paris National Opera, Opéra de Lyon, The National Theatre of London, Opéra de Nice, Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, Edinburgh Festival, National Theatre of Prague, The Delacorte Theater/ Central Park, The Public Theater, Manhattan Theatre Club, Playwrights Horizons, Lincoln Center, The Guthrie, Arena Stage, La Jolla, Berkley Rep, among others. With Mark Wing Davey she has designed Mad Forest, The Skriker, The Lights, The Visit, and Blood Wedding. Television and film: Black Sails, Homeland, Elementary, Minority Report, Blue Bloods, Dexter, The Night Listener, The Grey Zone, Precious, and others.

KELLY RAE FAYTON (TECHNICAL DIRECTOR) is a third-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include As You Like It (assistant technical director), Carlotta Festival 2015 (master electrician), and The Oresteia (stage carpenter). At Yale Repertory Theatre she served as the assistant technical director for the world premieres of Indecent and Familiar and as properties master for Cymbeline. Kelly has also worked as the assistant technical director at the Glimmerglass Festival and Nutmeg Theatre Festival and as the technical director at the Depot Theatre.

JANE GUYER FUJITA (DIALECT/VOCAL COACH) Coaching credits include The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls, A Streetcar Named Desire, Marie Antoinette, Good Goods, Bossa Nova, and We Have Always Lived in the Castle at Yale Rep, as well as productions at American Repertory Theater, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Primary Stages, The Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival, Signature Theatre, Actor’s Shakespeare Project, Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, ABC Family, and Hallmark Hall of Fame. Jane received her MFA in voice and speech pedagogy from the American Repertory Theater Institute at Harvard University and is an associate teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework.® She is on faculty at New York University’s graduate acting program.


CHARLES G. LaPOINTE (WIG DESIGNER) has worked on more than 60 Broadway shows including: Hamilton; Beautiful: The Carole King Musical; On Your Feet!; The Color Purple; Motown; Memphis; A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder; Allegiance; Newsies; Doctor Zhivago; Of Mice and Men; Violet; Sideshow; Honeymoon in Vegas; The Elephant Man; After Midnight; Jekyll & Hyde; Clybourne Park; Bring It On; Newsies; The Columnist; Cymbeline; In the Heights; Jersey Boys. Television: The Wiz Live! (Emmy Nomination). Upcoming: Anastasia; Sponge Bob The Musical.

BETH McGUIRE (DIALECT/VOCAL COACH) Vocal and dialect credits include the Broadway productions of Eclipsed, Chaplin, and A Streetcar Named Desire with Blair Underwood. Off-Broadway productions include The Overwhelming (Roundabout Company); The Black Eyed (New York Theatre Workshop); Five by Tenn (Manhattan Theatre Club); People Be Heard (Playwrights Horizons); Candida, Gas Light (The Roundtable Ensemble); The Block, Free Market, Exit Cuckoo (Working Theater); Art of Memory (Company SoGoNo); and In Darfur (The Public Theater). Regional: Familiar, Owners, American Night: The Ballad of Juan José, Belleville, The Piano Lesson, The Servant of Two Masters, Eclipsed, Death of a Salesman, Lydia, All’s Well That Ends Well, dance of the holy ghosts, The Mystery Plays, The Taming of the Shrew, King Lear, Iphigenia at Aulis, Kingdom of Earth (Yale Rep); The Convert (McCarter Theatre); Hamlet, Carnival, King John, The Glass Menagerie (Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey); The Cook (Hartford Stage); and Crimes of the Heart (The Cape Playhouse). Ms. McGuire is the Director of Speech and Dialects and Associate Professor (Adjunct) of Acting at Yale School of Drama; a member of The Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA), Actors’ Equity, SAG, and AFTRA; and an actress with over 30 years of performance experience. Her book African Accents for Actors (Routledge 2016) is the first of its genre.

JAMES MOUNTCASTLE* (STAGE MANAGER) Please see page 29 for his bio. KARI OLMON (PRODUCTION DRAMATURG) is a second-year MFA candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include The Cloud People and Wrong River (upcoming). She previously assisted playwright Dan LeFranc and worked in the literary departments of Playwrights Horizons, Soho Rep, the Wilma Theater, and the Guthrie Theater, among others. Select dramaturgy credits include Tony Kushner’s The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures and Angels in America, Annie Baker’s Uncle Vanya, Kirk Lynn’s Your Mother’s Copy of the Kama Sutra, Heidi Schreck’s Grand Concourse, Robert O’Hara’s Bootycandy, and Dan LeFranc’s Rancho Viejo. She holds a BA in English literature and theatre from Swarthmore College.



Creative Team MICHAEL RAINE (CHOREOGRAPHER) grew up tap dancing around Boston and is thrilled to be back home in New England with Scenes from Court Life. His choreography has been seen at Joe’s Pub, Lincoln Center Jazz, and Theater for the New City, as well as four seasons at the Weston Playhouse and the Japanese tour of Rent. When not dancing, Michael is passionate about new play development and has directed new work for the Flea Theater, EST/Youngbloods, Atlantic Stage 2, and the PIT. Michael has taught and choreographed for Juilliard Drama, CAP21, and the University of Miami, as well as staging the dances on over a dozen productions for NYU’s graduate acting program, where he has been teaching since 2008.

SHANE RETTIG (SOUND DESIGNER) New York: Manhattan Theatre Club, The Public Theater, The New Group, Signature Theatre, the Roundabout, Vampire Cowboys, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Ma-Yi Theater, Clubbed Thumb, New Georges, The Flea, New Victory, La MaMa E.T.C., Soho Rep, Rattlestick, and HERE Arts Center. Shane wrote the music and cowrote lyrics for War is F**cking Awesome with Qui Nguyen (2013 Sundance Lab, 2015 Frederick Loewe Award; Drama Desk and Lortel Nominations); also music for The Unknown (2005 New York Music Festival). Regional: Actors Theatre of Louisville, Arena Stage, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Children’s Theatre Company, Dallas Theatre Center, La Jolla, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, South Coast Rep, Williamstown, Yale Repertory Theatre, and the Prague Quadrennial.

TARA RUBIN CASTING (CASTING DIRECTOR) has been casting at Yale Rep since 2004. Selected Broadway: Falsettos (upcoming); A Bronx Tale (upcoming); Dear Evan Hansen (upcoming); Cats; Disaster!; School of Rock; Dr Zhivago; It Shoulda Been You; Gigi; Bullets Over Broadway; Aladdin; Les Misérables; Mothers and Sons; Big Fish; The Heiress; How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying; A Little Night Music; Billy Elliot; Shrek; Guys and Dolls; Young Frankenstein; The Little Mermaid; Mary Poppins; Spamalot; The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee; The Producers; Mamma Mia!; Jersey Boys; The Phantom of the Opera. OffBroadway: Here Lies Love; Old Jews Telling Jokes; Love, Loss, and What I Wore. Regional: Paper Mill Playhouse, La Jolla Playhouse, The Old Globe, Bucks County Playhouse.

SARAH RUHL (PLAYWRIGHT) Plays include Scenes from Court Life, or the whipping boy and his prince; For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday; The Oldest Boy; In the Next Room, or the vibrator play; The Clean House (Yale Rep, world premiere, 2004); Eurydice (Yale Rep, 2006); Passion Play (Yale Rep, 2008); Orlando; Late: a cowboy song; a new version of Chekhov’s Three Sisters (Yale Rep, 2011); Dear Elizabeth (Yale Rep, world premiere, 2012); and Stage Kiss. She is a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and a Tony Award nominee. Her plays have been produced on Broadway at the Lyceum by Lincoln Center Theater and off-Broadway at Playwrights Horizons, Second Stage, and at Lincoln Center’s Mitzi Newhouse Theater. Her plays have been produced regionally all over the country and have also 23

been produced internationally, and translated into over twelve languages. Ms. Ruhl received her MFA from Brown University where she studied with Paula Vogel. She has received the Susan Smith Blackburn Award, the Whiting Award, the Lily Award, a PEN Award for mid-career playwrights, and the MacArthur “Genius” Grant. Her book of essays 100 Essays I Don’t Have Time to Write was published by Faber & Faber last fall. She teaches at Yale School of Drama and lives in Brooklyn with her family.

MEGGI SWEENEY SMITH (BAROQUE EXPERT AND CHOREOGRAPHER), soloist with the New York Baroque Dance Company since 2010, has trained with Catherine Turocy, Lieven Baert at the Stanford Historical Dance Week, and Thomas Baird. Recently, she performed at the Kennedy Center and Lincoln Center in a restaging of Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Les fêtes de l’Hymen et de l’Amour, ou Les Dieux d’Égypte (1747). Meggi began her research and reconstruction of Baroque dance during her BFA studies at the University of Kansas and, as a dance educator, developed and implemented a Baroque Dance for Musicians course at NYU where she received her MA in dance education.

RICK SORDELET (FIGHT DIRECTOR) Theatre credits include 65 Broadway productions and 60 productions on five continents in hundreds of cities around the world including Misery starring Bruce Willis, Cymbeline for The Public Theater’s Shakespeare in the Park, Big Love for Signature Theatre, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Waiting for Godot, No Man’s Land, and Ben Hur Live (Rome, European Tour). Opera: Cyrano starring Placido Domingo (Metropolitan Opera, The Royal Opera House, La Scala), and Don Carlo and Cold Mountain (Santa Fe Opera). Film: The Game Plan, Dan in Real Life, and Hamlet. Rick was Chief Stunt Coordinator for Guiding Light for 12 years and One Life to Live, representing over 1,000 episodes of daytime television. Rick sits on the board of the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey and teaches at Yale School of Drama and HB Studio. He is a recipient of an Edith Oliver Award for Sustained Excellence from the Lucille Lortel Foundation and a Jeff Award for Best Fight Direction for Romeo and Juliet (Chicago Shakespeare Theater). Rick has created the new stage combat company, Sordelet INK, with his son Christian Kelly-Sordelet. They have over thirty years of action movement experience for film, television, and stage.

STEPHEN STRAWBRIDGE (LIGHTING DESIGNER) has designed more than 200 productions on and off Broadway and at most leading regional theatres and opera houses across the US. Internationally he has helped create major premieres in Bergen, Copenhagen, The Hague, Hong Kong, Linz, Lisbon, Munich, Naples, São Paulo, Stockholm, Stratford-upon-Avon (for the Royal Shakespeare Company), Wrocław, and Vienna. Artistic collaborators have included, along with Mark WingDavey, such notable directors and choreographers as Robert Brustein, Martha Clarke, Graciela Daniele, Gordon Edelstein, Barry Edelstein, Richard Foreman, Athol Fugard, Loretta Greco, Mark Lamos, Emily Mann, Bartlett Sher, Rebecca Taichman, 24

Creative Team John Tillinger, Robert Wilson, and Robert Woodruff. He has numerous pieces in the repertories of Pilobolus Dance Theatre and Alison Chase/Performance. Recent work includes Turn Me Loose, with Joe Morton at Westside Arts Theatre; Pericles, directed by Trevor Nunn at Theatre for a New Audience; and “Master Harold”… and the Boys at Signature Theatre in New York. He has been recognized with numerous awards and nominations including the American Theatre Wing, Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle, Connecticut Critics Circle, Dallas-Fort Worth Theater Critics Forum, Helen Hayes, Henry Hewes Design, and Lucille Lortel. He is co-chair of the design department at Yale School of Drama and resident lighting designer for Yale Repertory Theatre.

MARK WING-DAVEY (DIRECTOR) lives in New York for most of the year, though he maintains a presence in the U.K. He first came to prominence in the United States with his highly acclaimed 1992 production of Caryl Churchill’s Mad Forest at New York Theatre Workshop, following up with Owners and The Skriker. Committing much of his career to developing new plays, he has directed new work by Caryl Churchill, Sarah Ruhl, Mona Mansour, Naomi Iizuka, José Rivera, Brett C. Leonard, Keith Reddin, Tony Kushner, Howard Korder, and Craig Lucas, amongst others. He directed the world premiere of the stage version of Dirty Dancing in Sydney, Australia, in 2004. Mr. Wing-Davey is also the Chair of the Graduate Acting Program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where in 2010 he premiered Tony Kushner’s music theatre work, The Henry Box Brown Play, and where he originally developed Adam Rapp’s new play The Eggs: A Fantasy of Love and Death in the Age of Amelioration in 2013 and Sarah Ruhl’s Scenes from Court Life in 2015. He is currently working with Caryl Churchill on her version of a rarely performed Genet play.

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Yale Repertory Theatre JAMES BUNDY (ARTISTIC DIRECTOR) is in his 15th year as Dean of Yale School of Drama and Artistic Director of Yale Repertory Theatre. In his first 14 seasons, Yale Rep has produced more than 30 world, American, and regional premieres, nine of which have been honored by the Connecticut Critics Circle with the award for Best Production of the year and two of which have been Pulitzer Prize finalists. During this time, Yale Rep also has commissioned more than 50 artists to write new work and provided low-cost theatre tickets to thousands of middle and high school students from Greater New Haven through WILL POWER!, an educational program initiated in 2004. In addition to his work at Yale Rep, he has directed productions at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Great Lakes Theater Festival, The Acting Company, California Shakespeare Festival, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, and The Juilliard School Drama Division. A recipient of the Connecticut Critics Circle’s Tom Killen Award for extraordinary contributions to Connecticut professional theatre in 2007, Mr. Bundy served from 2007–13 on the board of directors of Theatre Communications Group, the national service organization for nonprofit theatre. Previously, he worked as Associate Producing Director of The Acting Company, Managing Director of Cornerstone Theater Company, and Artistic Director of Great Lakes Theater Festival. He is a graduate of Harvard College; he trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and Yale School of Drama.

VICTORIA NOLAN (MANAGING DIRECTOR) is in her 24th year as Managing Director of Yale Repertory Theatre, serves as Deputy Dean of Yale School of Drama, and is on its faculty. She was previously Managing Director of Indiana Repertory Theatre, Associate Managing Director at Baltimore’s Center Stage, Managing Director at Ram Island Dance Company in Portland, Maine; and she has held various positions at Loeb Drama Center of Harvard University; TAG Foundation, an organization producing Off-Broadway modern dance festivals; and Boston University School for the Arts. Ms. Nolan has been an evaluator for the National Endowment for the Arts, for which she has chaired numerous grant panels, and has served on other panels and foundation review boards including the AT&T Foundation, The Heinz Family Foundation, Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund, and the Metropolitan Life Foundation. She has also served on the Executive Committee of the League of Resident Theatres (LORT) and on numerous negotiating teams for national labor contracts. A Fellow at Yale’s Saybrook College, she is the recipient of the Betsy L. Mahaffey Arts Administration Fellowship Award from the State of Connecticut and the Elm/Ivy Award, given jointly by Yale University and the City of New Haven for distinguished service to the community. 27

JENNIFER KIGER (ASSOCIATE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR AND DIRECTOR OF NEW PLAY PROGRAMS) is in her twelfth year as the Associate Artistic Director of Yale Repertory Theatre and is also the Director of New Play Programs of Yale’s Binger Center for New Theatre. Since its founding in 2008, the Binger Center has supported the work of more than 50 commissioned artists and underwritten the world premieres and subsequent productions of 24 new American plays and musicals at Yale Rep and theatres across the country. Ms. Kiger came to Yale Rep from South Coast Repertory, where she was Literary Manager from 2000–2005 and Co-Director of the Pacific Playwrights Festival. Prior to that, she was a production dramaturg at American Repertory Theater and adapted Robert Coover’s Charlie in the House of Rue and Mac Wellman’s Hypatia for the stage with director Bob McGrath. She has been a dramaturg for the Playwrights Center of Minneapolis and Boston Theatre Works; a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council; and a consultant for the Fuller Road Artist Residency. She is a founding member of the theatre and television company, New Neighborhood. Ms. Kiger completed her professional training at the American Repertory Theater Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University, where she taught courses in acting and dramatic arts. She is currently the Interim Chair of the Playwriting Department of Yale School of Drama.

BRONISLAW SAMMLER (HEAD OF PRODUCTION) has been Chair of Yale School of Drama’s acclaimed Technical Design and Production Department since 1980. In 2007 he was named the Henry McCormick Professor Adjunct of Technical Design and Production by former Yale President, Richard C. Levin. He is co-editor of Technical Brief and Technical Design Solutions for Theatre, Vols. I, II, & III. He co-authored Structural Design for the Stage, which won the United States Institute of Theatre Technology’s (USITT) Golden Pen Award. Demonstrating his commitment to excellence in technical education and professional production, he co-founded USITT’s National Theatre Technology Exhibit, an on-going biennial event; he has served as a commissioner and a director at-large and is a lifetime Fellow of the Institute. He was honored as Educator of the Year in 2006 by the New England Theatre Conference and chosen to receive the USITT Distinguished Achievement Award in Technical Production in 2009. His production management techniques and his introduction of structural design to scenic technology are being employed in both educational and professional theatres throughout the world.


Yale Repertory Theatre JONATHAN A. REED (PRODUCTION MANAGER) has been the Production Manager for Yale School of Drama and Yale Repertory Theatre since 2013. Also a member of the Technical Design and Production faculty, teaching courses in management, planning and technology, Mr. Reed serves on the Yale Summer Cabaret and Yale Digital Media Center for the Arts advisory boards. Prior to Yale, he worked as the Technical Director for the Cornell College Department of Theatre and Communication Studies and the Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre. Mr. Reed has also served as a freelance lighting and sound designer for companies including the Riverside Theatre, Orchesis Dance Company, Open Stage Theatre, and Pennsylvania Centre Stage. He is married to soprano Sarah Comfort Reed, and they have two children, Emma and Henry. BFA, Pennsylvania State University; MFA, Yale School of Drama.

JAMES MOUNTCASTLE (PRODUCTION STAGE MANAGER), has been at Yale Rep since 2004. He has stage managed productions of Arcadia, A Streetcar Named Desire, American Night: The Ballad of Juan JosÊ, Three Sisters, The Master Builder, Passion Play, Eurydice, and the world premiere of The Clean House. Broadway credits include Damn Yankees, Jekyll & Hyde, Judgment at Nuremberg, The Boys from Syracuse, The Smell of the Kill, Life x(3), and Wonderful Town. Mr. Mountcastle spent several Christmas seasons in New York City as stage manager for A Christmas Carol The Musical at Madison Square Garden. Broadway national tours include City of Angels, Falsettos, and My Fair Lady. He served as Production Stage Manager for Damn Yankees starring Jerry Lewis for both its national tour and at the Adelphi Theatre in London’s West End. In addition, Mr. Mountcastle has worked at The Kennedy Center, Center Stage in Baltimore, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and elsewhere. James and his wife Julie live in North Haven and are the proud parents of two girls, Ellie and Katie.


Scenes from Court Life Staff ARTISTIC Sarah Blush, Assistant Director Christopher Thompson, Alexander Woodward, Associate Scenic Designers Ao Li, Assistant Scenic Designer Sydney Gallas, Associate Costume Designer Katie Touart, Assistant Costume Designer Fabian Fidel Aguilar, Costume Craftsperson Nicole Slaven, Costume Shopper Andrew F. Griffin, Associate Lighting Designer Krista Smith, Assistant Lighting Designer Frederick Kennedy, Associate Sound Designer and Music Coordinator Michael Commendatore, Assistant Projection Designer Keren Lugo, Dance Captain Meghan McMahon, Tennis Instructor Rachel Geier, Assistant to Wig Designer Courtney Jamison, Dialect/Vocal Assistant Maria Inês Marques, Portuguese Translations Nahuel Telleria, Spanish Translations Sarah B. Mantell, Assistant to the Playwright Ben Pfister, Fight Captain, Assistant Stage Manager Christina Fontana, Production Assistant PRODUCTION Matt Davis, Associate Production Manager William Hartley, Rae Powell, Lydia Pustell, Assistant Technical Directors Chimmy Anne Gunn, Assistant Properties Master Ben Clark, Master Electrician Wei-hsuan Wang, Projection Engineer Nikki Fazzone, Judy Wallace, Drapers Linda Wingerter, Stitcher Logan Baker, José Espinara, Rachel Gregory, Sohina Sidhu, Emma Weinstein, Gavin Whitehead, Leandro A. Zaneti, Run Crew ADMINISTRATION Jaime Totti, House Manager UNDERSTUDIES Abubakr Ali, Tutor, Inigo Jones, Bonnie Flood, et al. Ben Anderson, A Whipping Boy, Jeb Bush Stella Baker, Ensemble Baize Buzan, Laura Bush Stephen Cefalu Jr., Prince Charles II, George W Bush Danielle Chaves, Catherine of Braganza, Columba Bush 31

José Espinosa, Ensemble Eston J. Fung, Groom of the Stool, Executioner, Karl Rove Brontë England-Nelson, Barbara Bush Jakeem Powell, Charles I, George H.W. Bush SPECIAL THANKS Frank X, Jin Ha, Ellie Bye at NYU, the Long Wharf Prop and Scene Shops, Ted Griffith, Patrice Escandon

Yale Repertory Theatre Staff James Bundy, Artistic Director Victoria Nolan, Managing Director Jennifer Kiger, Associate Artistic Director Director of New Play Programs ARTISTIC Resident Artists Paula Vogel, Playwright in Residence Liz Diamond, Evan Yionoulis, Resident Directors Catherine Sheehy, Resident Dramaturg Michael Yeargan, Set Design Advisor, Resident Set Designer Ilona Somogyi, Costume Design Advisor Jess Goldstein, Resident Costume Designer Jennifer Tipton, Lighting Design Advisor Stephen Strawbridge, Resident Lighting Designer David Budries, Sound Design Advisor Walton Wilson, Voice and Speech Advisor Rick Sordelet, Fight Advisor Mary Hunter, Stage Management Advisor Associate Artists 52nd Street Project, Kama Ginkas, Mark Lamos, MTYZ Theatre/Moscow New Generations Theatre, Bill Rauch, Sarah Ruhl, Henrietta Yanovskaya Artistic Management James Mountcastle, Production Stage Manager Amy Boratko, Literary Manager Kay Perdue Meadows, Artistic Associate Rachel Carpman, Literary Associate Tara Rubin, CSA; Lindsay Levine, CSA; Laura Schutzel, CSA; Kaitlin Shaw, CSA; Merri Sugarman, CSA; Eric Woodall, CSA; Claire Burke; Felicia Rudolph, Casting

Lindsay King, Library Services Josie Brown, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Artistic Director and Associate Artistic Director Laurie Coppola, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Directing, Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism, Playwriting, and Stage Management Departments Mary Volk, Senior Administrative Assistant for the Design and Sound Design Departments PRODUCTION Production Management Bronislaw J. Sammler, Head of Production Jonathan Reed, Production Manager C. Nikki Mills, Associate Head of Production and Student Labor Supervisor Grace O’Brien, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Production and Theater Safety and Occupational Health Departments Scenery Neil Mulligan, Matt Welander, Technical Directors Alan Hendrickson, Electro Mechanical Laboratory Supervisor Eric Sparks, Shop Foreman Matt Gaffney, Ryan Gardner, Sharon Reinhart, Master Shop Carpenters Alex McNamara, Cat Edwards, Shop Carpenters Bryanna Kim, Brian Pacelli, Assistants to the Technical Director Painting Ru-Jun Wang, Scenic Charge Lia Akkerhuis, Nathan Jasunas, Scenic Artists Olga Tyurikova, Assistant to the Painting Supervisor Properties Jennifer McClure, Properties Master David P. Schrader, Properties Craftsperson Ashley Flowers Properties Assistant Bill Batschelet, Properties Stock Manager Logan Baker, Michael Schermann, Assistants to the Properties Master Costumes Tom McAlister, Costume Shop Manager Harry Johnson, Clarissa Wylie Youngberg, Mary Zihal, Senior Drapers

Deborah Bloch, Senior First Hand Patricia Van Horn, Interim Senior First Hand Linda Kelley-Dodd, Costume Project Coordinator Denise O’Brien, Wig and Hair Design Barbara Bodine, Company Hairdresser Elizabeth Beale, Costume Stock Manager Jamie Farkas, Rachel Gregory, Assistants to the Costume Shop Manager Electrics Donald W. Titus, Lighting Supervisor Linda-Cristal Young, Senior Head Electrician Alex Zinovenko, Interim Head Electrician Mayumi Nishiyama, Assistant to the Lighting Supervisor Sound Mike Backhaus, Sound Supervisor Stephanie Smith, Staff Sound Engineer Roxy Jia, Haley Wolf, Assistants to the Sound Supervisor Projections Erich Bolton, Projection Supervisor Mike Paddock, Head Projection Technician Stage Operations Janet Cunningham, Stage Carpenter Kate Begley Baker, Head Properties Runner Elizabeth Bolster, Wardrobe Supervisor Jacob Riley, FOH Mix Engineer Mark Bailey, Light Board Programmer ADMINISTRATION General Management Gretchen Wright, Flo Low, Associate Managing Directors Trent Anderson, Assistant Managing Director Emalie Mayo, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Managing Director Catilin Crombleholme, Gwyneth Muller, Management Assistants Rachel Shuey, Company Manager Laura Cornwall, Armando Huipe, Assistant Company Managers Development and Alumni Affairs Deborah S. Berman, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs
 Janice Muirhead, Senior Associate Director of Institutional Giving

Yale Repertory Theatre Staff Susan C. Clark, Senior Associate Director of Operations for Development and Alumni Affairs
 Joanna Romberg, Senior Associate Director of Annual Giving and Special Projects
 Chiara Klein, Associate Director of Development and Alumni Affairs
 Alice Kenney, Development Associate
 Jennifer E. Alzona, Senior Administrative Assistant to Development and Marketing & Communications
 Rebecca Hampe, Armando Huipe, Lisa Richardson, Development Assistants Finance and Human Resources Katherine D. Burgueño, Director of Finance and Human Resources Erin Ethier, Business Manager Janna J. Ellis, Director, Yale Tessitura Consortium Monica Avila, Chris Fuller, Preston Mock, Business Office Specialists Shainn Reaves, Senior Administrative Assistant to Business Office, Digital Technology, Operations, and Tessitura Ashlie Russell, Business Office Assistant Marketing, Communications, and Audience Services Daniel Cress, Director of Marketing Steven Padla, Director of Communications Caitlin Griffin, Senior Associate Director of Marketing and Communications Emily Reeder, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications Leandro A. Zaneti, Marketing and Communications Assistant Paul Evan Jeffrey, Art and Design Joan Marcus, Production Photographer David Kane, Videography Laura Kirk, Director of Audience Services Shane Quinn, Assistant Director of Audience Services Tracy Baldini, Subscriptions Coordinator Roger-Paul Snell, Audience Services Assistant Alexandra Cadena, Sara Cho, Jordan Graf, Nicolette Mántica, Kenneth Murray, Alexis Payne, Tarleton Watkins, Box Office Assistants Tracy Bennett, Denyse Burke, Cara Correll, Rebecca Hampe, Stevi Kramer, Bonnie Moeller, Ashley Stanbury, Cate Worthington, Larsson Youngberg, Erika 33

Anclade, Tasha Boyer, Kerry BurkeMcCloud, Billy Cavell, Sabrina Clevenger, Paige Cunningham, Aryssa Damron, Daniel Diaz-Vita, Adam D’Sa, Hannah Herzog, Jamie Inwood, Michaela Johnson, Shawn Luciani, Monica Traniello, Elizabeth Wiet, Rachel Brodwin, Ushers

Operations Diane Galt, Director of Facility Operations Nadir Balan, Operations Associate Jennifer Draughn, Arts and Graduate Studies Superintendent Sherry Stanley, Team Leader Michael Humbert, Facility Steward Lucille Borchert, Donell DiGioia, Ty Frost, Kathy Langston, Mark Roy, Jerome Sonia, Custodians Digital Technology Chris Kilbourne, Director of Digital Technology Daryl Brereton, Associate Director of Digital Technology Luis Serrano, Interim Web and Email Services Associate Kathleen Martin, Web and Email Services Contractor Don Harvey, Ron Rode, Ben Silvert, Database Application Consultants Theater Safety and Occupational Health William J. Reynolds, Director of Theater Safety and Occupational Health Jacob Thompson, Security Officer Ed Jooss, Audience Safety Officer Kevin Delaney, John Marquez, Customer Service and Safety Officers The Director and Choreographer are members of the STAGE DIRECTORS AND CHOREOGRAPHERS SOCIETY, a national theatrical labor union.

The Actors and Stage Manager employed in this production are members of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers. The Scenic, Costume, Lighting, and Sound Designers in LORT are represented by United Artists Local USA-829, IATSE. Yale Repertory Theatre operates under an agreement between the League of Resident Theatres (LORT) and Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Scenes from Court Life, or the whipping boy and his prince September 30–October 22, 2016 University Theatre, 222 York Street

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These Paper Bullets! by Rolin Jones, with songs by Billie Joe Armstrong; Yale Rep, world premiere, 2014; Geffen Playhouse, west coast premiere, 2015; Atlantic Theater Company, New York premiere, 2015.

Binger Center for New Theatre YALE REPERTORY THEATRE, the internationally celebrated professional theatre in residence at Yale School of Drama, has championed new work since 1966, producing well over 100 premieres—including two Pulitzer Prize winners and four other nominated finalists. Twelve Yale Rep productions have advanced to Broadway, garnering more than 40 Tony Award nominations and eight Tony Awards. Yale Rep is also the recipient of the Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre. Established in 2008, Yale’s BINGER CENTER FOR NEW THEATRE has distinguished itself as one of the nation’s most robust and innovative new play programs. To date, the Binger Center has supported the work of more than 50 commissioned artists and underwritten the world premieres and subsequent productions of 24 new American plays and musicals at Yale Rep and theatres across the country—including this season’s Scenes from Court Life by Sarah Ruhl, Imogen Says Nothing by Aditi Brennan Kapil, and Mary Jane by Amy Herzog. Photos by T. Charles Erickson, Joan Marcus, and Carol Rosegg.



War by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins; Yale Rep, world premiere, 2014; Lincoln Center Theatre’s LCT3, New York premiere, 2016. 35


2016 OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION OF A PLAY CONNECTICUT CRITICS CIRCLE Indecent created by Paula Vogel and Rebecca Taichman; Yale Rep and La Jolla Playhouse, world premiere, 2015; Vineyard Theatre, New York premiere, 2016.

Marie Antoinette by David Adjmi; Yale Rep and American Repertory Theater, world premiere, 2012; Soho Rep., New York premiere, 2013.



peerless by Jiehae Park. Yale Rep, world premiere, 2015.

Familiar by Danai Gurira; Yale Rep, world premiere, 2015; Playwrights Horizons, New York premiere, 2016.


The Realistic Joneses by Will Eno; Yale Rep, world premiere, 2012; Broadway premiere, 2014. 36

Yale School of Drama Board of Advisors John B. Beinecke, Chair Michael Diamond John Badham, Vice Chair Polly Draper Jeremy Smith, Vice Chair Charles S. Dutton Sasha Emerson Amy Aquino Heidi Ettinger Sonja Berggren Lily Fan Carmine Boccuzzi Terry Fitzpatrick Lynne Bolton Marc Flanagan Clare Brinkley Marcus Dean Fuller Sterling B. Brinkley, Jr. Anita Pamintuan Fusco Kate Burton Donald Granger Lois Chiles David Marshall Grant Patricia Clarkson Ruth Hendel Edgar M. Cullman III Catherine MacNeil Scott Delman Hollinger

Sally Horchow Ellen Iseman David Johnson Asaad Kelada Sarah Long Donald Lowy Elizabeth Margid Drew McCoy Tarell Alvin McCraney David Milch Tom Moore Arthur Nacht Jennifer Harrison Newman Lupita Nyong’o

Carol Ostrow Amy Povich Liev Schreiber Tracy Chutorian Semler Tony Shalhoub Michael Sheehan Anna Deavere Smith Andrew Tisdale Edward Trach Esme Usdan Courtney B. Vance Henry Winkler Amanda Wallace Woods

Thank you to the generous contributors to Yale School of Drama and Yale Repertory Theatre LEADERSHIP SOCIETY ($50,000 and above)

Dmitry Ananiev Anonymous (2) John B. Beinecke Sonja Berggren and Patrick Seaver Lynne and Roger Bolton Burry Fredrik Foundation Lois Chiles and Richard Gilder Nicholas Ciriello Edgar M. Cullman, Jr. Edgar M. Cullman III Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development Heidi Ettinger Lily Fan Anita Pamintuan Fusco and Dino Fusco The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation Lane Heard and Margaret Bauer Stephen J. Hoffman William and Sarah Hyman David Johnson Geoffrey Ashton Johnson Rocco Landesman The Frederick Loewe Foundation Neil Mazzella James Munson Alan Poul Pam and Jeff Rank Robert Riordan Robina Foundation Linda and Larry Rodman Talia Shire Schwartzman Tracy Chutorian Semler The Ted and Mary Jo Shen Charitable Gift Fund The Shubert Foundation Jeremy Smith Stephen Timbers 37

Jennifer Tipton Nesrin and Andrew Tisdale Edward Trach Trust for Mutual Understanding Kara Unterberg Esme Usdan Albert Zuckerman

GUARANTORS ($25,000–$49,999)

Edgerton Foundation Ruth and Steve Hendel Azamat Kumykov Mabel Burchard Fischer Grant Foundation National Endowment for the Arts Righteous Persons Foundation

BENEFACTORS ($10,000–$24,999)

Nina Adams and Moreson Kaplan Americana Arts Foundation Carmine Boccuzzi and Bernard Lumpkin Mary L. Bundy Jim Burrows Scott Delman Michael Diamond Educational Foundation of America Charles Finch Quina Fonseca Catherine MacNeil Hollinger J.M. Kaplan Fund Sarah Long Lucille Lortel Foundation Donald and Angela Lowy Roz and Jerry Meyer Lupita Nyong’o Carol Ostrow Aram Piruzyan The Seedlings Foundation

Jonathan Marc Sherman, in honor of Dr. Ronald Sherman Carol L. Sirot Theatre Communications Group Cliff Warner

PATRONS ($5,000–$9,999)

Deborah Applegate and Bruce Tulgan John Badham Foster Bam The Eugene G. and Margaret M. Blackford Memorial Fund, Bank of America, Co-Trustee The Noël Coward Foundation Polly Draper Christopher Durang Terry Fitzpatrick Barbara and Richard Franke Marcus Dean Fuller Donald Granger Albert R. Gurney Sally Horchow Linda Gulder Huett Ellen Iseman Adrian and Nina Jones Ben Ledbetter and Deborah Freedman David Freeeman Jennifer Lindstrom Tom Moore Arthur and Merle Nacht New England Foundation for the Arts Mark C. Rosenthal Ben and Laraine Sammler Michael and Riki Sheehan Philip J. Smith Donald Ware

PRODUCER’S CIRCLE ($2,500–$4,999)

Anna Fitch Ardenghi Trust, Bank of America, Trustee Mark Blankenship Shirley Brandman and Howard Shapiro Donald and Mary Brown Thomas Bruce Ben Cameron Michael S. David The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation Fred Gorelick and Cheryl MacLachlan Alan Hendrickson JANA Foundation Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven The Ethel & Abe Lapides Foundation William Ludel NewAlliance Foundation Thomas Middleton Dw Phineas Perkins Abby Roth and R. Lee Stump Alec and Aimee Scribner Courtney B. Vance Amanda Wallace Woods

DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE ($1,000–$2,499)

Victor and Laura Altshul Amy Aquino and Drew McCoy Paula Armbruster Paul F. Balser, Sr. Barbara Bartlett John Lee Beatty Jody Locker Berger Deborah S. and Bruce M. Berman Debbie Bisno and David Goldman Mark Brokaw Cyndi Brown James T. Brown James Bundy

Kate Burton Joan D. Channick Patricia Clarkson Converse and Tony Converse Peggy Cowles Catherine and Elwood Davis Ramon Delgado Sasha Emerson Glen R. Fasman Marc Flanagan Sue Ann Gilfillan Melanie Ginter and John Lapides Mary and Arthur Hunt James Earl Jewell Rolin Jones Ann Judd and Bennett Pudlin Elizabeth Katz and Reed Hundt Helen Kauder and Barry Nalebuff Roger Kenvin George N. Lindsay, Jr. Thomas G. Masse and James M. Perlotto, MD Tarell Alvin McCraney David Moore Garrett and Mary Moran Neil Mulligan Jim and Eileen Mydosh Richard Ostreicher F. Richard Pappas Amy Povich Kathy and George Priest Carol A. Prugh Alvin Prusoff and Deborah DeRose Lance Reddick The Rodgers and Hammerstein Foundation Eugene Shewmaker Benjamin Slotznick Dr. Matthew Specter and Ms. Marjan Mashhadi Carol and Arthur Spinner Kenneth J. Stein Shepard and Marlene Stone David Sword Arlene Szczarba Sylvia Van Sinderen and James Sinclair Carol M. Waaser Wendy Zimmermann and Stephen Cutler

Robert L. Barth Edward Blunt Jonathan Busky Anne and Guido Calabresi Ian Calderon Danielle and Thomas Canfield Dr. Michael Cappello and Kerry Robinson Cosmo Catalano, Jr. Jim Chervenak Dr. Paul D. Cleary Bill Connington Robert Cotnoir Ernestine and Ronald Cwik Bob and Priscilla Dannies Richard Sutton Davis Robert Dealy The Cory & Bob Donnalley Charitable Foundation Bernard Engel Roberta Enoch and Steven Canner Peter Entin Kyoung-Jun Eo Anthony Foreman James Gardner Betty Goldberg Kris and Marc Granetz David Marshall Grant Rob Greenberg Elizabeth M. Greene Eduardo Groisman Regina Guggenheim William B. Halbert Karsten Harries and Elizabeth Langhorne Douglas Harvey Katherine W. Haskins Barbara Hauptman Jane Head Ethan Heard Mona Heinz-Barreca Carol Thompson Hemingway Donald Holder John Robert Hood Raymond Inkel Jane Kaczmarek Gregory Kandel Alan Kibbe Harvey Kliman and Sandra Stein Dr. Gary and Hedda Kopf Mildred Kuner Katherine Anne Latham Maryanne Lavan Chi-Lung Lui Charles Long and Roe Curtis PARTNERS Linda Lorimer and ($500–$999) Charles Ellis Emily Aber and Timothy Mackabee Robert Wechsler Brian Mann Actors’ Equity Jenny Mannis and Foundation Henry Wishcamper Donna Alexander Mr. and Mrs. B.N. Ashfield John McAndrew Emily P. Bakemeier and Peter and Wendy McCabe Alain G. Moureaux

George Miller and Virginia Fallon Daniel Mufson Laura Naramore Victoria Nolan and Clark Crolius William and Barbara Nordhaus Arthur Oliner Louise Perkins and Jeff Glans Faye and Asghar Rastegar Jon and Sarah Reed Bill and Sharon Reynolds Dr. Michael Rigsby and Prof. Richard Lalli Steve Robman Dr. Mark Schoenfeld Anne Seiwerath Sandra Shaner James Steerman Nausica Stergiou Marsha Beach Stewart Lee Styslinger III Matthew Suttor Patricia Thurston Don Titus Julie Turaj and Robert Pohly Sophie von Haselberg Carolyn Seely Wiener Steven Wolff Evan Yionoulis Steve Zuckerman

Joseph Gantman Stephen Godchaux Greer Goodman Scott Hansen Michael Haymes and Logan Green Nicole and Larry Heath Molly Hennighausen Jennifer Hershey-Benen David Henry Hwang Joanna and Lee A. Jacobus Kirk Jackson Pam Jordan Bruce Katzman Richard Kaye Asaad Kelada Barnet Kellman Alan Kibbe David Kriebs Bernard Kukoff Frances Kumin William Kux Kenneth Lewis Nancy Lyon Laura Brown MacKinnon Linda Maerz and David Wilson Peter Andrew Malbuisson Elizabeth Margid Robert McDonald Deborah McGraw Lawrence Mirkin George Morfogen Janice Muirhead Gayther Myers, Jr. David Nancallow INVESTORS Regina and Thomas ($250–$499) Mary Ellen and Thomas Neville Jane Nowosadko Atkins Gabriel Olszewski Alexander Bagnall Maulik Pancholy James Bakkom Michael Parrella Christopher Barreca Cesar Pelli Sarah Bartlo Jim Perakis Ashley Bishop Drs. Linda Bockenstedt Geoffrey Pierson Stephen Pollack and Jonathan Fine Jeffrey Powell and Katherine Borowitz Adalgisa Caccone Susan Brady and Meghan Pressman Mark Loeffler Alec and Drika Purves Tom Broecker Sarah Rafferty Claudia Brown Dr. and Mrs. W.K. Chandler Barbara and David Reif Daniel and Irene Mrose Barbara Jean and Rissi Nicholas Cimmino Howard Rogut Robert S. Cohen Constanza Romero Audrey Conrad Allen and Missy Daniel R. Cooperman Rosenshine and Mariel Harris Russ Rosensweig Stephen Coy Jean and Ron Rozett John W. Cunningham Dana Sanders Richard S. Davis Frank Sarmiento Dennis Dorn Kem and Phoebe Edwards Robin Sauerteig Suzanne Sato Fine Family Susan and Fred Finkelstein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schmertzler David Freeman William and Elizabeth Randy Fullerton Dr. and Mrs. James Sledge Galligan


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Robert Einienkel Dr. Marc Eisenberg Nancy Reeder El Bouhali Janann Eldredge Elizabeth English Janna Ellis Dirk Epperson David Epstein John Erman Dustin Eshenroder Christine Estabrook Frank and Ellen Estes Femi Euba Connie Evans Jerry N. Evans Douglass Everhart John D. Ezell Michael Fain Ann Farris Christopher Feeley Richard and Barbara Feldman Paul and Susan Birke Fiedler Madlyn and Richard Flavell Keith Fowler Walter M. Frankenberger III Deborah Fried and Kalman Watsky Donald Fried Richard Fuhrman Jane and Charles Gardiner Barbara and Gerald Gaab Josh Galperin Steven Gefroh Stuart and Beverly Gerber Lauren Ghaffari Patricia Gilchrist Robert Glen William Glenn Nina Glickson and Worth David Lindy Lee Gold Betty and Joshua Goldberg Robert Goldsby Stephen Gore Kris and Marc Granetz Connie Grappo Bigelow Green Elizabeth M. Green Sarah Greenblatt Linda Greenhouse and Eugene Fidell Elizabeth Greenspan and Walt Dolde Michael Gross John Guare Jessica and Corin Gutteridge David Hale Amanda Haley Alexander Hammond Ann and Jerome R. Hanley Charlene Harrington Lawrence and Roberta Harris Brian Hastert Ira Hauptman Ihor and Roma Hayda James Hazen

Catherine Hazlehurst Beth Heller Ann Hellerman Steve Hendrickson Peter Hentschel and Elizabeth Prete Jeffrey Herrmann Jean Herzog Joan and Dennis Hickey Roderick Hickey Christopher Higgins Nathan Hinton Dean Hokanson Elizabeth Holloway James Hood Betsy Hoos Robert Hopkins Nicholas Hormann Kathleen Houle David Howson Evelyn Huffman Hull’s Art Supply and Framing Derek Hunt Peter H. Hunt John Huntington John and Patricia Ireland Suzanne Jackson Cary and Dick Jacobs Mary Ellen Jacobs John W. Jacobsen Chris Jaehnig Ina and Robert Jaffee Eliot and Lois Jameson Heide Janssen William Jelley Elizabeth Johnson Geoffrey A. Johnson Marcia Johnson Donald E. Jones, Jr. Elizabeth Kaiden Jonathan Kalb David and Linda Kalodner Carol Kaplan James D. Karr Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kashgarian Dr. Jane Katcher Jay Keene Edward Kennedy Colette Kilroy Carol Soucek King Lindsay King Mrs. Shirley Kirschner Susan Kirschner- Robinson Dr. Lawrence Klein Elise Knapp Stephen Kovel Daniel and Denise Krause Brenda and Justin Kreuzer Joan Kron Susan Kruger Ann Kuhlman and Adel Allouche L. Azan Kung Mark Kupferman Mitchell Kurtz Howard and Shirley Lamar Naomi Lamoreaux Stephanie Lamassa

Marie Landry and Peter Aronson Catherine Lavoie James and Cynthia Lawler Wing Lee Charles E. Letts III Irene Lewis Henry Lowenstein Suzanne Cryer Luke Everett Lunning Andi Lyons Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lyons Jane Macfie Timothy Mackabee Lizbeth Mackay Wendy MacLeod Alan MacVey Anita Madzik James Magruder Dr. Maricar Malinis Jocelyn Malkin, MD Marvin March Peter Marcuse Orla and Mithat Mardin Jonathan Marks Barry Marshall Nancy Marx Maria Mason and William Sybalsky Carole Ann Masters Craig Mathers Ben and Sally Mayer Peter McCandless Amy Lipper McCauley Matthew McCollum Brian McEleney Thomas McGowan Deborah McGraw Robert McKinna and Trudy Swenson Patricia McMahon Bruce McMullan Susan McNamara Lynne Meadow James Meisner and Marilyn Lord Robert Melrose Stephen W. Mendillo Donald Michaelis Carol Mihalik Kathryn Milano Aaliyah Miller and Karim Hadj Salem Bruce Miller Dr. George Miller Jonathan Miller Sandra Milles Marjorie Craig Mitchell Jennifer Moeller George Moredock David and Betsy Morgan Susan Morris

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Steven Saklad Clarence Salzer Robert Sandberg Gail Sangree Peggy Sasso Denise Savage Joel Schechter Anne Schenck Kenneth Schlesinger Ruth Hein Schmitt William Schneider Judith and Morton Schomer Carol and Sanford Schreiber Georg Schreiber Jennifer Swartz Forrest E. Sears Paul Selfa Subrata K. Sen Morris Sheehan Yu Shen Paul R. Shortt Lorraine D. Siggins Bradley Drew Simon Mark and Cindy Slane Gilbert and Ruth Small E. Gray Smith, Jr. Helena L. Sokoloff Suzanne Solensky and Jay Rozgonyi Mary Louise and Dennis Spencer Marian Spiro Amanda Spooner Louise Stein Neal Ann Stephens John Stevens Joseph Stevens Kris Stone Pamela Strayer Howard Steinman Jaroslaw Strzemien Katherine Sugg William and Wilma Summers Mark Sullivan Tucker Sweitzer and Jerome Boryca Douglas Taylor Jean and Yeshvant Talati Jeann and Joseph Terrazzano Aaron Tessler Roberta Thornton Eleanor Q. Tignor David F. Toser Albert Toth Mr. and Mrs. David Totman Russell L. Treyz Ellen Tsangaris Deborah Trout Suzanne Tucker

Gregory and Marguerite Tumminio Russell Vandenbroucke Arthur Vitello Eva Vizy Fred Voelpel Elaine Wackerly Mark Anthony Wade Charles and Patricia Walkup Barbara Wareck and Charles Perrow Betsy Watson Steven Waxler John Weikart Rosa Weissman Peter and Wendy Wells Charles Werner J. Newton White Peter White Robert and Charlotte White Joan Whitney Lisa A. Wilde Robert Wildman Marshall Williams David Willson Annick Winokur and Peter Gilbert Alex Witchel Carl Wittenberg Andrew Wolf Guy and Judith Yale Arthur and Ann Yost


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When you make a gift to Yale Rep’s Annual Fund, you support the creative work on our stage and our innovative outreach programs. For moreinformation, or to make a donation, please call Susan Clark, 203.432.1559. You can also give online at This list includes current pledges, gifts, and grants received from July 1, 2015, through September 20, 2016.


General Information

Accessibility Services

How to Reach Us Yale Repertory Theatre Box Office 1120 Chapel Street (at York Street) Post Office Box 208244, New Haven, CT 06520 203.432.1234

Yale Repertory Theatre offers all patrons the most comprehensive accessibility services program in Connecticut, including a season of open-captioned and audiodescribed performances, a free assistive FM listening system, large-print and Braille programs, wheelchair accessibility with an elevator entrance into the Yale Rep Theatre (located on the left side of the building), and accessible seating. For more information about the theatre’s accessibility services, contact Laura Kirk, Director of Audience Services, at 203.432.1522 or

Box Office Hours Monday to Friday from 10AM to 5PM Saturday from 12PM to 5PM Until 8PM on all show nights Fire Notice Illuminated signs above each door indicate emergency exits. Please check for the nearest exit. In the event of an emergency, you will be notified by theatre personnel and assisted in the evacuation of the building. Restrooms Restrooms are located in the lower level of the building. Emergency Calls Please leave your cell phone, name, and seat number with the concierge. We’ll notify you if necessary. The emergency-only telephone number at the University Theatre is 203.432.0767. Group Rates Discounted tickets are available for groups of ten or more. Please call 203.432.1234. Seating Policy Everyone must have a ticket. Sorry, no children in arms or on laps. Patrons who arrive late or leave the theatre during the performance will be reseated at the discretion of house management. Those who become disruptive will be asked to leave the theatre. The taking of photographs or the use of recording devices of any kind in the theatre without the written permission of the management is prohibited. 41

Audio Description: a live narration of the play’s action, sets, and costumes for patrons who are blind or low vision. Open Captioning: a digital display of the play’s dialogue as it’s spoken. Below are the AD and OC performance dates for this season. All shows are at 2PM; the AD pre-show discussion begins at 1:45PM. Scenes from Court Life Oct 15 Oct 22 Seven Guitars

Dec 10 Dec 17

Imogen Says Nothing

Feb 4

Feb 11


Apr 1

Apr 8

Mary Jane

May 13 May 20

Yale Repertory Theatre thanks the Eugene G. and Margaret M. Blackford Memorial Fund, Bank of America, N.A, Co-Trustee, for its support of audio description services for our patrons. c2 is pleased to be the official Open Captioning Provider of Yale Repertory Theatre.

Youth Programs As part of Yale Rep’s commitment to our community, we provide two significant youth programs. WILL POWER! offers specially-priced tickets and early schooltime matinees for high school students for select Yale Rep productions every season. Since our 2003–04 season, WILL POWER! has served more than 20,000 Connecticut students and educators. The Dwight/Edgewood Project brings middle school students to Yale School of Drama for a month-long, after-school playwriting program designed to strengthen their selfesteem and creative expression. Yale Rep’s youth programs are supported in part by Allegra Print and Imaging; The Anna Fitch Ardenghi Trust, Bank of America, Trustee; Bob and Pricilla Dannies; Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation; Bruce Graham; the George A. & Grace L. Long Foundation, Bank of America, N.A. and Alan S. Parker, Esq., Co-Trustees; the Lucille Lortel Foundation; Dawn G. Miller; Arthur and Merle Nacht; NewAlliance Foundation; Robbin A. Seipold; Sandra Shaner; Esme Usdan; Charles and Patricia Walkup.


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Yinka Shonibare MBE (RA)

On view through December 11, 2016 Free and open to the public 1 877 BRIT ART | Yinka Shonibare MBE (RA), Fake Death Picture (The Death of Chatterton–Henry Wallis) (detail), 2011, digital chromogenic print, Yale Center for British Art, Lee MacCormick Edwards Foundation and Friends of British Art Fund, © Yinka Shonibare MBE (RA), courtesy of James Cohan Gallery, New York, and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London

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