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2018–19 SEASON

photograph by David Ottenstein

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October 23–27, 2018 YALE SCHOOL OF DRAMA James Bundy, Dean Victoria Nolan, Deputy Dean Chantal Rodriguez, Associate Dean Kelvin Dinkins, Jr., Assistant Dean Presents

adapted by

Emma Weinstein and Michael Breslin with original music by Julian Hornik directed by Emma Weinstein Choreographers

Michael Breslin Erron Crawford Music Director, Arranger, Composer, Sound Designer

Liam Bellman-Sharpe Scenic Designer

Elsa GibsonBraden Costume Designer

Alicia J. Austin Lighting Designer

Emma Deane Projection and Video Designer

Brittany Bland Tent Installation Designer

Itai Almor Fight Director

Michael Rossmy Production Dramaturg

Michael Breslin Technical Director

Kirk Keen Stage Manager



in alphabetical order Charles, Silvius


Brandon E. Burton

Eli Pauley

News Anchor, Hymen

Duke Frederick, Phebe

Danielle Chaves

John Evans Reese


Radical Faerie

Erron Crawford

Zak Rosen


Radical Faerie

Amandla Jahava

Annie Saenger



Chad Kinsman

Oliver Shoulson

Dyke Senior


Kineta Kunutu

Camille Umoff


Radical Faerie

Zoe Mann

Tarek Ziad


Hudson Oznowicz

Musicians Bass


Margaret Douglas

Jeremy Weiss



Thomas Hagen

Jonathan Weiss

shakespeare’s as u like it is performed without an intermission. The taking of photographs or the use of recording devices of any kind during the performance is prohibited.


In a dystopian moment, the act of imagining an alternate future can feel compulsory. The present, weighed down by darkness and violence, is unbearable. The future, untethered by the constraints of the present, is an open space for dreaming of utopia. Since Sir Thomas More’s Utopia in 1516, writers and artists have proposed their own idealistic imaginings of a place far away from their own time and place. Across various aeons and political realities, utopias have taken many forms: The Garden of Eden, Oz, Neverland, theaters, bathroom stalls, libraries, dance floors at gay bars, coffee shops in Northampton, and small islands far off the coasts of major continents. Dreamer-architects of utopia usually create maps to accompany their idealistic blueprints. In these roadmaps, writers outline how their theoretical dreams would translate into the physical world. Intriguingly, the word “utopia” is a witty pun, a mashup of the Greek words ou-topos (no place) and eu-topos (good place). Thus, the word and the concept of utopia contains a paradoxical challenge: Can the perfect place ever exist? Perhaps not. But if it could, how would you draw it up? —MICHAEL BRESLIN, PRODUCTION DRAMATURG

OSCAR WILDE, 1891: “A map of the world that does not include utopia is not worth glancing at.”

SIR THOMAS MORE, 1516: “The many great gardens of the world, of literature and poetry, of painting and music, of religion and architecture, all make the point as clear as possible: The soul cannot thrive in the absence of a garden. If you don’t want paradise, you are not human; and if you are not human, you don’t have a soul.”

DOROTHY GALE, 1939: “A place where there isn’t any trouble…. Do you suppose there is such a place, Toto? There must be. It’s not a place you can get to by a boat or a train. It’s far, far away. Behind the moon, beyond the rain…”

JOSÉ ESTEBAN MUÑOZ, 2009: “Queerness is not yet here. Queerness is an ideality. Put another way, we are not yet queer…. The future is queerness’s domain.”

Lenny Bruce

Keith Haring

Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin

Patti Smith

TAVIA NYONG’O AND JACK HALBERSTAM, 2018: “New forms of wildness call to us on all sides, whether in the form of odd weather patterns, inventive forms of political activism, new classifications of the body, fluctuating investments in disorder, or a renewed embrace of the ephemeral.... This version ofutopian thinking eschews the idealizations of straight utopian thought for the wilder speculations of queer utopia.”

Robert Maplethorpe

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Robert Frank The Ramones

The Talking Heads

Blondie’s Debbie Harry

Oscar Wilde courtesy of Bettman Archives/Getty; Sir Thomas More by Hans Holbein; Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale courtesy of MGM/NBC Television; José Esteban Muñoz by John Andrews; Jack Halberstam by Assaf Evron; East Village map from James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook.

Cast Brandon E. Burton (Charles, Silvius) is a second-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include Marty and the Hands That Could and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot. Other credits include Mud (Yale Cabaret); Angel Food Cake (Strange Sun Theater); One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Gallery Players); and Richard II (Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival). Brandon’s voice can be heard as part of The Green Book Project and Middle Passage Exhibit at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC. He holds a B.A. in education and Japanese from Coe College. Danielle Chaves (News Anchor, Hymen) is a third-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she has been seen in Tent Revival, Romeo and Juliet, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, and Pentecost. Her other credits include The Trojan Women and Lear (Yale Summer Cabaret); Mud, North of Providence (Yale Cabaret); Anna in the Tropics, A Streetcar Named Desire, Urinetown, Wild Oats (Southern Oregon University); O, Romeo! (Milagro Theatre); Ghost Light and Romeo and Juliet (Oregon Shakespeare Festival). Danielle received her B.F.A. from Southern Oregon University, and was a company member at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for two seasons. Erron Crawford (Jaques,

Co-Choreographer) is a third-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include Passion, Slave Play, and If Pretty

Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka. He has also been seen in Father Comes Home From the Wars, Parts 1, 2 & 3 (Yale Repertory Theatre); The Apple Tree, In the Red and Brown Water (Yale Cabaret); Antony + Cleopatra (Yale Summer Cabaret); The Wiz, Seven Guitars, Once on This Island (Carnegie Mellon); Black Nativity (Kenny Leon’s True Colors); and Scheherazade (FringeNYC), among others. Erron holds a B.F.A. in musical theater from Carnegie Mellon University and was a member of the Broadway Dreams Foundation and the Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensemble of Atlanta.

Amandla Jahava (Rosalind) is in her third year of training at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include The Girl Is Chained and If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka. Other credits include In the Red and Brown Water, the feels…(KMS), The Red Tent (Yale Cabaret); Mies Julie, Lear (Yale Summer Cabaret); and The Colored Museum at CalArts, where she earned a B.F.A. in acting. Amandla was a Los Angeles County Arts Grant recipient in 2015, and is an affiliate member to the Antaeus Company. She has been the assistant director to LisaGay Hamilton, Jason Alexander, and Carl Cofield. amandlajahava.com Chad Kinsman (Guard) is a recent graduate of the Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism Department at Yale School of Drama, where his dramaturgy credits include Much Ado About Nothing, Everything that Never Happened, The Dog Pack Play, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Other credits

include An Enemy of the People (Yale Rep); Current Location, Kaspar, and Xander Xyst, Dragon: 1 (Yale Cabaret); and multiple staged readings at Westport Country Playhouse. Chad was a co-facilitator of Analyzing and Mobilizing Privilege, a group for aspiring allies in social justice issues at the School, and was the general manager of the 2017 Dwight/ Edgewood Project. Chad has a B.F.A. from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas.

Kineta Kunutu (Dyke Senior)

is in her third year of training at Yale School of Drama, where she has been seen in The Girl Is Chained, Romeo and Juliet, and If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must Be a Muhfucka. Other credits include In the Red and Brown Water (Yale Cabaret); The Trojan Women, Mies Julie (Yale Summer Cabaret); but i cd only whisper (The Flea Theater); Mandela (East Harlem Repertory Company); and Macbeth (The Drilling Company). She studied with the American Musical Dramatic Academy and was a resident member of The Bats at The Flea Theater.

Zoe Mann (Olivia) is in her second year of training at Yale School of Drama. Hudson Oznowicz (Orlando) is a third-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include Passion, Slave Play, Sweat, and Escape from Happiness. He was also seen in Antony + Cleopatra at Yale Summer Cabaret. He holds a B.F.A. in acting from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and has additional training from The Barrow Group and Margie Haber Studios.

Eli Pauley (Celia) is a secondyear M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include The Girl Is Chained. Recent credits include Tribes (Barrington Stage); OKAY (Ugly Rhino); Dracula (Williamstown Theatre Festival); Downsizing Camus (The Apothetae); and As You Like It at Rutgers, Mason Gross School of the Arts, where she earned a B.F.A. in acting. John Evans Reese (Duke

Frederick, Phebe) is in his second year of training at Yale School of Drama, where he has been seen in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot. His other credits include NonPlayer Character (Yale Cabaret). Off-Broadway: A Taste of Honey directed by Austin Pendleton (Pearl Theatre Company), Way to Heaven (Repertorio Español, New York Times Critic’s Pick), Lord of the Flies (Barrington Stage), An Inspector Calls (Pioneer Theatre Company), This Is Our Youth (Wellfleet Harbor Actor’s Theatre), The History Boys (Palm Beach Dramaworks), Shakespeare’s R&J (Cygnet Theatre), The Way of the World (Franklin Stage Company). Training: University of North Carolina School of the Arts, South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. @johnevansreese

Zak Rosen (Radical Faerie) is

a junior at Yale College, doublemajoring in theater studies and ethics, politics, and economics. Previous credits include Mother Courage and Her Children, The Pitchfork Disney, Middlemarch: The Series, Medea, Davenant’s Macbeth (Yale College); and Julius Caesar (Baltimore Shakespeare Factory). His training includes the Summer


Creative Team

with Shakespeare program at Baltimore Shakespeare Factory and the Summer Training Institute at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, Massachusetts.

Itai Almor (Tent Installation Designer) is an Israeli-South Carolinian junior computing and the arts major at Yale College, with a focus in visual arts.

Annie Saenger (Radical Faerie) is a senior at Yale College double majoring in English and theater studies. She has been seen in Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play (Yale Dramat); Mother Courage and Her Children, Macbeth, Constellations, Copenhagen, Medea, and Amadeus (Yale College). Other credits include Romeo and Juliet and Pericles (Shakespeare Academy at Stratford). Her training includes the British American Drama Academy, Shakespeare Academy at Stratford, and the National High School Institute—The Cherubs at Northwestern University.

Alicia J. Austin (Costume Designer) is a second-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama. Her credits include The Guadalupes and Camille: A Tearjerker (Yale Cabaret). She holds a B.A. in theater from University of Mary Washington, where she designed costumes for Assistance and Frozen.

Oliver Shoulson (Guard) is a junior studying linguistics, at Yale College, where his credits include The Mystery of Irma Vep,Romeo and Juliet, Fun Home, and Macbeth. Other credits include The Tempest, Measure for Measure, and The Taming of the Shrew (Shakespeare Academy at Stratford). Camille Umoff (Guard) is a sophomore at Yale College majoring in theater studies. Most recently, she appeared in How to Defend Yourself at the Ojai Playwrights Conference. Yale College credits include Fun Home, She Loves Me, and Into the Woods. Tarek Ziad (Radical Faerie) is

a junior at Yale College studying theater and ecology. His Yale College credits include Prelude to Everything Else, Angels in America, Macbeth, and Amadeus.

Liam Bellman-Sharpe (Music Director, Arranger, Composer, Sound Designer) is a second-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama. His recent credits include The Purple Flower, This Sweet Affliction, The Ugly One, Mud, The Guadalupes, Phosphene, Camille: A Tearjerker (Yale Cabaret); and The American Unicorn (Long Wharf Theatre). Hailing from Melbourne, Liam’s previous credits include LadyCake (Three Birds Theatre); Macbeth, Echo, Third Person (Union House Theatre); and Coriolanus (Burning House Theatre). He holds an honors degree in music from Melbourne Conservatorium. Brittany Bland (Projection and Video Designer) is a third-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Marty and the Hands That Could, The Girl Is Chained, Tent Revival, and The Three Sisters. Previously, she was the assistant to the projection supervisor, where she helped design and execute projection designs for Yale Repertory Theatre and Yale School of Drama productions. Her previous designs include How We Died of Disease-Related Illness

and Slouch (Yale Cabaret). She holds a B.A. in technical theater and production from Catawba College, North Carolina.

Michael Breslin (Co-Adaptor, Co-Choreographer, Production Dramaturg) is a third-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama, where his credits include Romeo and Juliet and Perfectly Timed Photos Taken Before a Disaster. Michael was choreographer for Tent Revival and The Winter’s Tale. Yale Cabaret credits include This American Wife, ...the feels (KMS), and Camille: A Tearjerker, as well as Antony + Cleopatra at Yale Summer Cabaret. With Patrick Foley, he has created and performed original works such as This American Wife at Next Door at New York Theater Workshop and A Doll’s House, Part 3 at ANT Fest at Ars Nova. He produced Emma Weinstein’s short film Candace in 2017, which has screened at Outfest, Mill Valley, and The American Pavilion at Cannes. Michael graduated summa cum laude from Hamilton College where he was awarded the Bristol Fellowship to study cross gender performance for one year in Poland, Germany, Indonesia, and Brazil. Emma Deane (Lighting Designer) is a second-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama, where she designed Romeo and Juliet. Her other credits include This Sweet Affliction, Mud, The Guadalupes, WOLF/ALICE, Camille: A Tearjerker (Yale Cabaret); Pinocchio: A Folk Musical (Filament Theatre); Proof (North Park University); The Amish Project (Interrobang

Theatre Project); Hitler on the Roof (Akvavit Theatre); Scarcity (Redtwist Theatre); The Woman in Black (Wildclaw); and Fight City (The Factory). She has worked with The Actors Gymnasium, Albany Park Theatre Project, Court Theatre, Northlight Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Victory Gardens, Theatre Seven, Bailiwick Chicago, The Building Stage, Buzz 22, Stage Left, Next Theatre Company, Silk Road Rising and The Gannon Center for Women and Leadership. She holds a B.A. in English from Loyola University Chicago. emmadeane.com

Elsa GibsonBraden (Scenic

Designer) is a second-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama. She holds a B.A. in theater from Barnard College, where she designed the set and projections for Hamletmachine, and designed sets for The Maids, Top Girls, and The Long Goodbye. She has art-directed several short films including Jack and Jill and Candace. She previously worked as an art department assistant on The Deuce (HBO), Gotham (WB), and Elementary (CBS).

Julian Hornik (Original Music) is a composer, lyricist, and librettist based in Brooklyn. He has performed his songs at New York City Center, The Kennedy Center, Feinstein’s/54 Below, Symphony Space, and with the Los Angeles and San Francisco Gay Men’s Choruses. A recent graduate of Yale College, Julian studied composition and book-writing under the Shen Curriculum for Musical Theater. He is the recipient of the 2017

Creative Team Lucille and Jack Yellen Award from the ASCAP Foundation, and Yale’s Norman Holmes Pearson Prize.

Kirk Keen (Technical Director) is a third-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama. He was the assistant properties master for Kiss and master electrician for An Enemy of the People (Yale Repertory Theatre). He is an intern with Theatre Projects in Norwalk and holds a B.A. in technical theater from West Texas A&M University. Michael Rossmy (Fight Director) is a stage combat instructor at Yale School of Drama and the fight advisor for Yale College. His work has been featured on Broadway in A Tale of Two Cities, and has been seen at theaters around the country, including Yale Repertory Theatre, Atlantic Theater, Geffen Playhouse, The Old Globe, McCarter Theatre, Long Wharf Theatre, Paper Mill Playhouse, Soho Rep., Primary Stages, Westport Country Playhouse, Delaware Rep, MUNY, Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Red Bull Theater, Center Stage, Goodspeed Musicals, Seattle Rep, The Public Theater, Huntington Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company, and Williamstown Theatre Festival, among others. Sam Tirrell (Stage Manager) is a second-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama, where her credits include Much Ado About Nothing and Perfectly Timed Photos Taken Before a Disaster. Her other credits include For Your Eyes Only, The Guadalupes (Yale Cabaret); Backbeard: A New Musical (New York Musical Theatre Festival); Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, A Christmas

Carol, Spring Awakening (Theatre Institute at Sage); Moby Dick Rehearsed and Annie Get Your Gun (Theatre Workshop of Nantucket). Samantha was formerly a teaching artist at Nantucket Dreamland, and holds a B.A. in theater and English from Russell Sage College.

Emma Weinstein (Co-Adaptor, Director) is a third-year M.F.A. candidate at Yale School of Drama, where they directed Slave Play by Jeremy O. Harris, and an allfemale, pop music-infused Romeo and Juliet. Emma’s short film Candace has played at festivals worldwide including the Mill Valley Film Festival, Outfest, the Rhode Island International Film Festival, and the American Pavilion Emerging LGBTQ Filmmakers Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won Best Film. Prior to Yale, Emma directed Dreamland, a 1:1 installation that explored audience agency in interactive narrative environments, and the 18-month national tour of Madeline Burrows’s Mom Baby God. Emma is currently working on several original film and theater projects including Come My Beloved, a new play with music about the intersections of Jewish and Black history in Detroit, Michigan, that has had workshops in New York, Chicago, and Detroit. Emma will direct a reading of Frances Pollock’s new opera Stinney in the Prototype Festival in January 2019. Emma graduated summa cum laude from Smith College where they directed Marat/Sade, Private Lives, ‘Tis of Thee, and The Distraction Project. Emma is an alumnus of the Drama League Directors Project and is a New Georges Associate Artist.

The Benjamin Mordecai, Jr. Production Fund, established by

a graduate of the School, honors the memory of the Tony Awardwinning producer who served as Associate Dean and Chair of the Theater Management Department at Yale School of Drama from 1993 until his death in 2005. During his tenure as Yale Rep’s Managing Director alongside Dean/ Artistic Director Lloyd Richards, 1982–1993, he developed a model of professional producing that changed the course of new play development in the American theatre. His 25 Broadway credits included Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, as well as work by Anna Deavere Smith, Athol Fugard, David Henry Hwang, Terrence McNally, Robert Schenkkan, and perhaps most significantly August Wilson, with whom he collaborated on each of the ten plays in the epic 20th Century Cycle.

shakespeare’s as u like it Staff Artistic

Assistant Director, Music Coach Erin Krebs Assistant Scenic Designer Jenn Kim Assistant Costume Designer David Mitsch Assistant Lighting Designer Nicole Lang Assistant Sound Designer and Engineer Daniela Hart Assistant Projection Designer Sean Preston Director of Photography Andrew Schmidt Assistant Stage Manager Rebekah Brown


Production Manager Austin J. Byrd Associate Safety Advisor Latiana (LT) Gourzong Associate Production Manager Martin Montaner V. Assistant Technical Directors Mike Van Aartsen, Hao-En Hu Properties Master Rajiv Shah Master Electrician Shaoqian Lu Assistant Master Electrician David Phelps

“Tools for the

Imagination since 1947”

Projection Engineer Matthias Neckermann Stage Carpenter Samantha Else Run Crew Julia Bates, John Carlin, Jessie Chen, Riva Fairhall, Maeli Goren, Tatsuya Ito, Christopher Gabriel Núñez, Bailey Trierweiler

Administration House Manager Trent Anderson

1144 Chapel St. New Haven, CT 203-865-4855


Special Thanks

Terry Breslin, Anastasia Le Gendre, Jessica Litwak, Bre Northrup, Rory Pelsue, Ariel Sibert, Sophie Siegel-Warren,

Yale School of Drama Staff Dean James Bundy Deputy Dean Victoria Nolan

Production Production Management

Associate Dean Chantal Rodriguez

Director of Production Shaminda Amarakoon

Assistant Dean Kelvin Dinkins, Jr.

Production Manager Jonathan Reed

Artistic Management

Associate Head of Production and Student Labor Supervisor C. Nikki Mills (on leave)

Associate Artistic Director and Director of New Play Programs Jennifer Kiger Production Stage Manager James Mountcastle Literary Manager Amy Boratko Artistic Associate Kay Perdue Meadows Artistic Coordinator Jocelyn Prince Literary Associate Charles O’Malley Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean and Associate Artistic Director Josie Brown Senior Administrative Assistant for the Directing, Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism, Playwriting, and Stage Management Departments Laurie Coppola Senior Administrative Assistant for the Design and Sound Design Departments Kate Begley Baker Senior Administrative Assistant for the Acting Department Ellen Lange Library Services Lindsay King

Interim Production Coordinator Rob Chikar Senior Administrative Assistant to the Production, Theater Safety and Occupational Health, and Technical Design and Production Departments Grace O’Brien

Scenery Technical Directors Neil Mulligan Matt Welander (on leave)

Interim Technical Director Andrew Young Electro Mechanical Laboratory Supervisor Alan Hendrickson Shop Foreman Eric Sparks Master Shop Carpenters Matt Gaffney Ryan Gardner Sharon Reinhart Libby Stone

Painting Scenic Charge Ru-Jun Wang Scenic Artists Lia Akkerhuis Nathan Jasunas Scenic Painting Intern Amelia Pizzoferrato



Properties Master Jennifer McClure

Sound Supervisor Mike Backhaus

Properties Craftsperson David P. Schrader

Staff Sound Engineer Stephanie Smith

Interim Properites Assistant Madeline Winward Properties Stock Manager Mark Dionne

Sound Interns Marisa Arellano Yitong Huang

Projections Projection Supervisor Erich Bolton

Properties Intern Hyejin Son

Head Projection Technician Mike Paddock


Stage Operations

Costume Shop Manager Tom McAlister Senior Drapers Harry Johnson Clarissa Wylie Youngberg Mary Zihal (on leave)

Stage Carpenter Janet Cunningham Wardrobe Supervisor Elizabeth Bolster Head Properties Runner Billy Ordynowicz

Interim Draper Nikki Fazzone

FOH Mix Engineer Jacob Riley

Senior First Hands Deborah Bloch Patricia Van Horn

Light Board Programmer David Willmore

Costume Project Coordinator Linda Kelley-Dodd


Wig and Hair Design Denise O’Brien Company Hairdresser Barbara Bodine Costume Stock Manager Elizabeth Beale

Electrics Lighting Supervisor Donald W. Titus Senior Head Electricians Jennifer Carlson Linda-Cristal Young Electrics Interns Kyra Tamiko Murzyn Ruo Qiao

General Management Associate Managing Directors Trent Anderson Caitlin Crombleholme Leandro A. Zaneti Assistant Managing Director Laurie Ortega-Murphy Senior Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Dean, Assistant Dean, and Theater Management Department Emalie Mayo Management Assistants Estefani Castro William Gaines Emma Perrin

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Development and Alumni Affairs Director of Development and Alumni Affairs Deborah S. Berman 
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Theater Safety and Occupational Health Director of Theater Safety and Occupational Health Anna Glover Customer Service and Safety Officers Kevin Delaney Ed Jooss John Marquez


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shakespeare's as u like it  

shakespeare's as u like it, adapted by Emma Weinstein and Michael Breslin, with original music by Julian Hornik, directed by Emma Weinstein....

shakespeare's as u like it  

shakespeare's as u like it, adapted by Emma Weinstein and Michael Breslin, with original music by Julian Hornik, directed by Emma Weinstein....

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