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Issue 38 | December 2017



Mrs Rosemary Bishop and Waverley Stanley at the finishing line of the 2017 Yalari Commemorative Walk to Cherbourg

FOUNDING DIRECTOR Educating Indigenous Children


Yalari is a not-for-profit organisation that offers quality, secondary education scholarships at leading Australian boarding schools for Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities. Our mission is to educate and empower Indigenous children from regional, rural and remote communities to bring about generational change. Our vision is to provide trusted, quality educational opportunities for Indigenous children to achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their families and make valuable contributions as Australians. Core Values: Respect, Compassion, Resilience, Openness, Inclusiveness.

www.yalari.org YALARI LIMITED PO BOX 1355 Oxenford QLD 4210 P: 07 5665 8688 F: 07 5665 8611 E: info@yalari.org W: www.yalari.org ABN: 66 113 794 148 ACN: 113 794 148 Yalari is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Another year of achievements and challenges for all of us, and another year of proudly farwelling our scholarship graduating class. To our students, it may have been your first year, your last or somewhere in the middle. Congratulations to each and every one of you for your courage, your resilience, your strength and for making all of us so very proud of you. To our 21 Yalari graduates, their families, their siblings, and their extended families we congratulate you for your unwavering support, tough love and belief in getting through the sacrifices you have all made to ensure a brighter future. Thank you for entrusting us at Yalari, in partnership with our boarding schools, with the responsibility to be a part of the journey.

To the many people throughout Australia who have played a role in donating their time, their money, their advice or their expertise in mentoring our children, thanks so very much for your support in 2017. Our success is and will always be your success also. This year we had staff getting married, other staff got engaged, I turned 50 on Anangu country, we walked 100km through the South Burnett on Wakka Wakka country, and our Yalari story was featured on - Australian Story. We’ve also selected 47 new scholarship recipients to start next year and 21 graduates will join the 300 strong Yalari alumni. It really has been a year to remember! Now we look forward to 2018 which is sure to bring another year of kindness, unity and support for each other.

We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to learn, to grow, to love... and then we return home. - Australian Aboriginal Proverb

Copyright © 2017 Yalari Limited. All rights reserved. The information contained in this newsletter is for general information purposes only. The opinions and interpretations expressed within are those of the author only and may not reflect those of other identified parties. Every effort is made to ensure that information is accurate at time of printing.

Cover Image: Yalari students at the 2017 Commemorative Walk to Cherbourg Back row (L to R) - Lakeycha Farnham (Geelong Grammar School), Quilon Councillor (St Peter’s College Adelaide), Koby Sellings (Geelong Grammar School) Middle row (L to R) - Jondayah Martin (St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School Brisbane), Alkira Miller (Great Southern Grammar School Albany), Johanna Loban (St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School Brisbane), Grace Haslett (Scotch College Adelaide), Tramaine Laterre (Great Southern Grammar School Albany) Front row (L to R) - Lakotta Miller (Great Southern Grammar School Albany), Monique Laurie (Kambala), Renekka Narkle (Great Southern Grammar School Albany)

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Thank you Mary

It is with heavy hearts that we say farewell to Mary Boydell who has resigned as Yalari’s Chairman of the Board due to health concerns. Mary joined the Board in early 2014 and has been an active and instrumental member of the Yalari team, implementing and guiding Yalari strategy with expertise, passion and professionalism. From all of us at Yalari, thank you Mary. Your contributions have helped build a stronger organisation enabling opportunities of growth and empowerment to continue for our Indigenous children.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Make a donation this Christmas and give a Yalari star the chance to shine bright. www.yalari.org

Wishing you our sincerest best wishes for the future. The Scots College Year 12 student and Yalari scholar Aidan Bestwick and Mary Boydell

Toowoomba Grammar School Indigenous Dinner Just prior to the beginning of the last holidays, Toowoomba Grammar School hosted its annual Indigenous Boys’ Family Dinner in Old Hall. This dinner, now in its ninth year, provides an opportunity for boys with Indigenous heritage enrolled at the School and their families to gather together to celebrate their culture as well as providing an opportunity to wish the Senior boys farewell.


Upcoming Yalari events and student activities.





Toowoomba Grammar School Yalari scholars with SSO Nicolette Dixon (middle back), parent Kerri Bayles (second row right) and Yalari volunteer Roger Knox

Employment Parity Initiative

A big thank you to Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion who confirmed on 30 October the extension of our Indigenous Advancement Strategy scholarship funding of $10.3M for the next three years. We have enjoyed a very positive working relationship with the Commonwealth since 2005 as we work together to improve the outcomes for young Indigenous Australians through a quality education. Thank you Minister!


Yalari Head Office closes for Christmas break

Yalari Head Office Reopens 2019 Scholarship Applications Open

Do you have a story you would like to share? If you would like to submit a story, provide feedback, share some photos or have any questions regarding our publication, please contact Alison MacKenzie - comms@yalari.org.


On Monday 9 October, Yalari was lucky enough to be featured on ABC’s Australian Story and we were overwhelmed with the response from the general public. There was a massive outpouring of support by way of messages, donations and general enquiries. We have always believed ‘it takes a whole community to educate a child’. It is through the generosity of our donors, volunteers, board members, staff, schools, Indigenous families and the wider Australian community that we are able to continue offering opportunities of education and empowerment to Indigenous children. A big thank you to all our supporters - old and new! Did you miss the episode? You can catch up on ABC’s iView or visit www.yalari.org and follow the links. Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2017 • www.yalari.org • 3



STUDENT UPDATES and Achievements! Yalari scholars continue to work hard, dream big... and achieve!



Congratulations to Yalari scholars Marlley McNamara (Year 7) and Clay Schafer (Year 6), and Amber Harrison and Aailyah Blackaby (Year 8) who took to the stage in Geelong Grammar School’s production of The Lion King Jr. Following 15 weeks of learning and rehearsing, the students performed for four nights to sell-out crowds in a truly spectacular production.

Marlley McNamara ‘Zazu’

Yalari is looking for students and families who believe that education is the key to providing a better future for Indigenous people in Australia. Boarding school scholarships are open to Indigenous children who live in regional, rural or remote areas of Australia and whose first year of secondary school will be in 2019. Our scholarships are awarded to students who are willing to give 100%, try hard at everything they do, don’t give up when things get hard and are brave and determined enough to succeed at boarding school. We work closely with our partner schools and families to provide a high level of support in the program towards all aspects of student welfare. Scholarship applications for the year commencing 2019 are available online at www.yalari.org from Tuesday, 2 January 2018. Applications will remain open until Monday, 30 April 2018. Not sure what to do or have some questions? Please call Kylie Bennett on (07) 5665 8688 and she will be happy to talk you through the application process. 4 • Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2017 • www.yalari.org

“Zazu was a very interesting character to play; he was very serious but had his cheeky side! Being Zazu, I was asked a lot of questions by fellow cast members like, ‘what is it like having a main role, wearing puffy pants and talking in front of an audience?!’ In the beginning, I was terrified about talking in front of a lot of people. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. Being the only Year 7 in a main role, I looked up to many Year 8s - mainly the two Yalari girls Amber and Aaliyah. Everyone who participated in this play, cast, backstage, hair and makeup, and costume were amazing. Overall, I am proud of myself for participating in an extra activity this year and giving something a go”.

Amber Harrison ‘Nala’ “My parents and friends where so proud of me after they watched the show. The Lion King was my first play at GGS and I definitely hope it isn’t my last. ”

“When I finally swallowed my fears and went on stage for our song… well, all that I can say is that when we finished and the audience started their applauses, it was the best feeling hearing all of their cheers.”

Aaliyah Blackaby ‘Hyena’

Zamahl Bin Busu Year 12 student at Great Southern Grammar School Albany, Zamahl was awarded a half colour for AFL and he won the High Jump for his year group at a pre-carnival event.

Zanna Palmer Year 10, Geelong Grammar School Winner of the 2017 Heywire Writing Competition

Bryoni Marshall Year 7 student at Scots PGC Warwick, Bryoni was presented with her medal for Basketball.

Alanah Tompkins

Kinross Wolaroi School Year 8 student, Alanah received a NAIDOC award presented during Orange NAIDOC Week.

Norah Hegedus

I am a junior lifesaver and active nipper at Rainbow Bay SLSC on the Gold Coast. This has required me to complete a Surf Rescue Certificate. When I turn 15, I will be completing my Bronze Medallion in Surf Life Saving. I am also in the Youth Development and Leadership Program at Rainbow Bay where I volunteer on Nipper Day with young children, promote the importance of learning about the surf and safe swimming and importantly gain skills in youth leadership. Surf Life Saving is so important – it’s all voluntary and there are lots of roles for everyone - you don’t have to be in the water; there is fundraising, First Aid, helping on the BBQ, radio operator etc. So if you can – be involved! And remember.... always swim between the flags!”

Year 11 student at John Paul College, Sarah-Cait has been elected to the leadership position of Vice Captain Boarding for 2018.

Kiirra Bligh

Student at The Southport School, Kiira has been awarded the Year 9 Delpratt Sportsman of the Year.

The annual Heywire cycle begins with a storytelling competition - open to people aged 16-22, living in regional or rural Australia. Heywire encourages young people to tell stories about their life outside the major cities in text, photo, video or audio format. Over the past 17 years more than 9,000 young Australians have taken part.

I grew up in a small town in Western Australia called Derby. I’ve lived there my whole life. Most weekends we went fishing, crabbing, camping out bush - it was the only life I knew. The town was full of family; aunties, uncles and cousins wherever I’d go. In 2013 everything changed. I applied for an Indigenous scholarship to attend boarding school at Geelong Grammar School and I set off the next year across Australia.

“My name is Norah Hegedus and I am in Year 9 at St Hilda’s School, Southport.

Sarah-Cait Kirkland

Heywire puts young Australians at the centre of the conversations that shape their communities. The ABC has run the annual regional youth project in partnership with the Australian Government since 1998.

Koby Sellings

Year 11 student at Geelong Grammar School, Koby has been named as Vice-Captain of Perry House for 2018.

I have learnt many things in and out of the classroom and had many amazing opportunities that I would have never had back home. As an Indigenous Australian coming to a school which knew only a little about my culture, it was a bit of a shock and difficult. At the start one of the hardest things I faced was when people questioned my identity as an Indigenous person. I’m quite fair-skinned and as a child growing up it had never really occurred to me. But as I told people that I was Aboriginal at my new school I usually got the same response back; “You’re not Aboriginal” or “You can’t be, you’re not black” or “You’re white”. This suddenly brought my self-confidence down and I felt a little ashamed of my culture. When people would ask about my nationality or scholarship I wouldn’t bother answering because I hated that feeling of someone telling me who I was and what I was not. As I’m older now I have a different outlook and opinion on this. I have grown to speak out and be strong, because in the end I have learnt it doesn’t matter what colour your skin is or what others think, no one can ever tell me what I am or what I am not. I am a proud Nyikina and Jabirr Jabirr Indigenous woman.

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Beau Kendall

Scots PGC Warwick Year 8 student, Beau was presented with Rugby League achievement medals.

Reghan Bayles Year 7 Toowoomba Grammar School student, Regan has been awarded with the Certificate of Merit.

Damon Germon, Norah Hegedus, Koby Sellings, Scott Taat, Lahkai Councillor, Abelee Stanley, Lakeycha Farham, Kiana Williams, Cheyanne Baker & Jessie Dahlstrom Congratulations to the nine Yalari students who were awarded with a Unit Colour Patch from the 9th Regiment of the Queensland Army Reserve for displaying a characteristics of teamwork, courage, initiative and respect during the 2017 Yalari Cherbourg Walk.

Anna Dingley

Congratulations to The Glennie School Year 8 student, Anna (pictured left , middle back row) who was part of the Glennie Club G Under 14 Team that won the Rugby 7’s final involving Toowoomba schools.

Shakita Foster

The Glennie School Year 8 student, Shakita won the Basketball Encouragement Award at the Annual Sports Awards.

Hunter Lawson

Year 9 student at Shore, Hunter attended cadet camp last term and won the Wombat Award for quiet initiative and humble leadership.

Well done to Yalari scholars Bryoni Marshall (right), Felicity Hodges (left) and Kenny Jacks (back page) who addressed the Grandparent’s Day Assembly at Scots PGC Warwick. Led by Yalari volunteer Roger Knox who delivered the Welcome to Country, the students introduced themselves including where they are from and their mob, then sang I am (Aboriginal).

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YALARI PARTNERSHIPS Cath Brokenborough celebrates with the 2015 graduates

Educating Indigenous Children


Proudly partnering since 2008 to educate and empower Indigenous children.

We feel we are part of the big Yalari family

2016 Yalari Girls Outback Camp

We recently caught up with

Waverley Stanley, Cath Brokenborough & Llew Mullins

It was a passion for Indigenous reconciliation and a vision for promoting Indigenous participation that led international property and infrastructure group, Lendlease to partner with Yalari in 2008. “Lendlease was looking for the best possible partners to help us to deliver on our RAP [Reconciliation Action Plan] vision of increasing the number of Lendlease Indigenous employees in professional occupations,” explains Cath Brokenborough, Executive Lead of Indigenous Engagement and Reconciliation at Lendlease. Cath, a proud Wiradjuri woman, began her career at Lendlease 25 years ago as a carpenter and was the only woman on the construction site at the time, describing this as both ‘challenging and exciting’. In the years following, she worked in construction, risk, environment, heritage and safety management, skills and competency course development, management and delivery, and mentoring women and Indigenous Business people in the construction and property industry. Cath has also recently been named as Chairperson of The Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC).

The team from Lendlease at the 2017 Yalari Commemorative Walk to Cherbourg

“We are honored to be working with Cath and the Lendlease team on creating opportunities for Indigenous youth,” says Llew Mullins, Managing Director at Yalari. “Lendlease was one of the first large companies to support Yalari and with the passion and understanding brought by Cath, we have cultivated a unique and mutually beneficial long term partnership,” she continues. Nine years ago, after being recommended by both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal leaders, Cath met with Llew, Waverley (Yalari Founding Director) and Yalari Board members to see how an effective partnership could be achieved. “We realised that we had to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned and managed organisations who were already supporting young Indigenous people to get the best possible educational and employment opportunities and outcomes, and Yalari was an obvious choice as a partner,” Cath explains. “Our organisations have similar values and vision, so it made sense to work together. Yalari not only support the students but help

them learn about their Indigenous heritage and history and to enable them to grow as Indigenous leaders of the future. This makes a very different and important offering and sets it well apart from other scholarship-type programs.” Lendlease has supported Yalari by sponsoring student events and activities, purchasing corporate tables at Yalari fundraising dinners, and hosting the inaugural Yalari Alumni Association Workshop in Sydney. Lendlease staff are also encouraged to volunteer in fundraising and participate on camps and in cultural activities, where they can learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and culture. Lendlease staff also promote careers within the company and give general career advice to students. “We feel like we are part of the big Yalari family and this helps both organisations to grow together and give students a better opportunity for success post-school,” Cath reveals. “Just get on board and support Yalari, they do a fantastic job and have amazing outcomes and success stories,” she says.

Yalari 7 • Yalari Quarterly Quarterly Newsletter Newsletter - December - December 2017 2017 • www.yalari.org • www.yalari.org • 7


On Friday 22nd September more than 80 people including 40 Indigenous school students started on an epic six-day, 100km walk from Kilcoy to Cherbourg in Queensland. The children, who are all on scholarships through Yalari at some of Australia’s leading boarding schools, walked in honour of the Indigenous people who were forcibly relocated from Durundur Aboriginal Reserve to Cherbourg (then known as Barambah Aboriginal Reserve) in 1905. Yalari Founding Director, Waverley Stanley, initiated the biennial Commemorative Walk to Cherbourg in 2011 as part of Yalari’s comprehensive pastoral care program. The event provides an opportunity for students to reflect on the journey and experiences of the Indigenous peoples who have gone before them. “The Walk is not only historically and culturally significant for the children but it also gives them the chance to build vital characteristics like

resilience, leadership and strength,” Waverley explains. “We also want to make sure they have a lot of fun along the way too, enjoying time spent with friends and connecting with the land,” he says. Once again this year, The Royal Queensland Regiment of the Australian Army, 9th Battalion sent 13 soldiers to not only provide support during the walk but also to conduct trust and confidence activities with the students.

One of the best things about the Cherbourg walk is being with all of the Yalari Family. - Monique Laurie, Year 10 at Kambala

The final day of the event, upon the walk into Cherbourg, students were joined by Yalari sponsors, volunteers, staff members, general supporters and the local community in a display of encouragement, unity, achievement and reflection. Thank you to Lendlease, Greyhound and 9 RQR of the Australian Army for your support.

When it got tough walking, I found someone to talk to and would make jokes, talk about home, siblings and stuff, school and what we’d like to do after school. - Kayla Baker, Year 11 at Kambala

The 2017 Yalari Commemorative Walk to Cherbourg was proudly sponsored by Lendlease. 8 • Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2017 • www.yalari.org

The best thing was being able to share the experience with everyone and talk to a lot of different people. There was hardly ever a moment where you didn’t have someone to talk to. Everybody encouraged each other, there was always someone pushing you to continue. It was really amazing to have so many people working together to achieve the goal of finishing. - Kiara Davies, Year 11 at Abbotsleigh

Personally, I think that the best thing about the Cherbourg Walk was meeting up with Yalari students and walking together as one mob in following the footsteps of our people who came before us. I also enjoyed getting the chance to meet all of the SSO’s from the other schools and meeting some of our sponsors. During the walk there were a few times when I’d stop and think, “I’m not going to be able to finish this” or “this would’ve been so hard for our people”. But it made me remind myself why I’m doing this Walk, and to show how proud we are as Indigenous people. To keep pushing on and not giving up. To be apart of this great experience just made me think how lucky I am. - Chelsea Edwards, Year 8 at Kinross Wolaroi School

Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2017 • www.yalari.org • 9

YALARI EVENTS Our dinner events are about celebrating student

the word about Yalari, raising money and catchi Yalari Brisbane Dinner 2017

Yalari alumna and Brisbane Dinner MC, Rekisha Satour with her mother Roxanne (left) and nanna Lesley (right)

Thursday 26 October 2017 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

550 guests including Yalari students and Alumni in attendance

$135,000 raised on the night

BRISBANE Damon Germon (Yr 7 at The Southport School) received the Herbert Smith Freehills Resilience Award.

The program included Yalari student speaker, Lenka Rivers, a Year 11 student at St Hilda’s School. Lenka spoke about the challenges and adversities overcome, and how her Yalari experience is helping her plan for the future.

The group of 20 Yalari scholars sponsored by The Arthur Earle Foundation

Event Partners

Empowering Yalari Fundraising Dinners offer the perfect opportunity to acknowledge those students who have best demonstrated the qualities of Leadership and Resilience. The Resilience Award is given for demonstrating the qualities of strength, courage and an enduring spirit. The Leadership Award is given for demonstrating the qualities of commitment, strength of character, integrity and inspiration.

John Paul College Year 11 student, Sarah-Cait Kirkland, received the Herbert Smith Freehills Leadership Award, presented by Kirsty Faichen.

Thank you to the volunteers, speakers and entertainers, the Brisbane Dinner Committee, and those who generously donated prizes for our auctions and raffles. We thank our Event Partners: Hentley Farm, Epic Private Journeys, Loud Events, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and Greyhound Australia. Thanks also to those who purchased corporate tables: BlueSky, Davidson, Deloitte, DLA Piper, Herbert Smith Freehills, Hutchinson Builders, KPMG, Lendlease and St Margaret’s Girls School, Brisbane. 10 • Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2017 • www.yalari.org

achievements, spreading

ing up with friends! Yalari Adelaide Dinner 2017 •

Friday 10 November 2017 at the National Wine Centre of Australia, Adelaide

250 guests including Yalari students and Alumni

Over $100,000 raised on the night

MCs Grace Haslett and Lakotta Miller

their future


Scotch College Adelaide Year 8 student, Cheree Whymann had guests in stitches as she took up the auctioneer’s hammer in a liveauction showdown, selling Waverley’s tie to the highest bidder!

St Peter’s College Adelaide Year 11 student, Ryan O’Callaghan addressed the audience as the Yalari Student Speaker. He was also awarded the Lipman Karas Senior Leadership Award.

Scotch College Adelaide Year 9 student, Cheyanne Baker was presented with the Lipman Karas Junior Leadership Award.

Sandra Paterson Photography

We thank our Adelaide Dinner Event Partners: Hentley Farm, Epic Private Journeys, Sandra Paterson Photography, National Wine Centre of Australia and Greyhound Australia. Thanks also to those who purchased corporate tables: Babcock, John Gamble, Hames Sharley, Hentley Farm, Intract, Lipman Karas and Qattro. We also thank the volunteers, speakers and entertainers, the Adelaide Dinner Committee, prize donors and those who contributed in any way. Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2017 • www.yalari.org • 11



International Volunteer Day (IVD) is celebrated each year on 5 December and was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1985. IVD provides volunteer organisations and individual volunteers with the opportunity to raise the public awareness of their contributions to economic and social development at local, national and international levels. IVD is celebrated worldwide with thousands of volunteers involved in a range of events as diverse as the volunteers themselves. Events include clean-up campaigns, conferences, exhibitions, morning teas and many other activities all aimed at highlighting the role of volunteers in their communities. On this day, Yalari thanks all of our 132 active volunteers who play a vital role providing additional support across many areas of the organisation. Their invaluable and selfless involvement is making a meaningful difference to the lives of our Yalari children.

Mia Boe “I am a student at the University of Queensland and have been volunteering at the annual Yalari Fundraising Dinner in Brisbane for six years now. It is so nice to be a part of something as special as Yalari. I believe in the right to a good education. The best thing about volunteering are the people that you get to meet, including other volunteers and students.”

Jan Cunningham “I have been a teacher since 1978 working in state, private and catholic schools in New South Wales and Queensland. Following my retirement last year, I started volunteering for Yalari at a tutor. I see Caleb once a week during term and we work together on anything he needs help with. It is so refreshing to see a young boy take up the challenge of not only a new school, but a whole new experience. I love helping someone who is so enthusiastic and eager to achieve his potential. I volunteer because Yalari is making a difference in the lives of these kids and I know that I can help achieve this. Not only do I get to help Caleb but he gives me so much hope for the future of Indigenous children. ”

Jason Brouwer

“Currently I’m a post-doctoral researcher at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. I study how cells die and how the cell is related to disease.

Mia (middle row, middle) as part of the Brisbane Dinner volunteer team

Maria Van Brussel “I moved to the Gold Coast from Adelaide and helped my husband in his business. I have been volunteering in the Yalari office for 4 years after being referred from Volunteering Gold Coast. I feel part of the team and am proud to help out as much as I can. It’s given me more confidence and taught me a lot about working in administration. It’s great to see how many Indigenous students are helped through Yalari”

Have you ever thought about volunteering?

I have been volunteering with Yalari for 3 years, originally as a tutor and now I help recruit volunteers for the Melbourne Fundraising Dinner. I volunteer because I think its important that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island kids get the same opportunities and access to academic education. I really enjoy contributing to something that I believe is part of a larger social movement.”

Volunteering at Yalari provides a meaningful way to make a difference. If you have ever considered volunteering and would like more information, please email our Volunteer Coordinator Pam Boavida at pboavida@yalari.org or call (07) 5665 8688. 12 • Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2017 • www.yalari.org



ENCOURAGEMENT Methodist Ladies College Melbourne Year 12 graduate, Ardu Cubillo shares her journey with our starting class of 2018.

My journey at boarding school has been some of the most challenging yet best years of my life. I can remember my first day in Year 7, I got a massive shock as the lifestyle and schooling down south was completely different to back home in Darwin. The first few years of my schooling I struggled a lot with homesickness, every night I would ring Mum balling my eyes out begging her to let me come home but she never gave into me and always believed in me to see it through. After every school holidays it was always a fight with Mum to get me to the airport and back on the plane. I found I would get into a routine at school and then go back home during the holidays forget this routine and then have to readjust, which was very difficult. To distract myself from feeling homesick I surrounded myself with friends within the boarding house and day school. I tried to get involved in all activities my school had to offer. This helped the days turn into weeks then months, making time fly and before I knew it I would be back home on holidays again. Through getting involved I created close friendships which helped make coming back to school much easier and sometimes I found myself counting down the days before I was returning to school. There were multiple times when I was close to giving up and throwing it away, but my family always supported me through the hard times. I realised that at the end of the day home will always be there no matter what. Yalari has not only given me the opportunity to receive an education but also gain important life skills, it has taught me to have strength, overcome challenges, grow independence, inspire me to achieve great things and be proud of my culture. I am truly grateful for Yalari as I have been given a diverse education, endless opportunities and have had my eyes opened to the possibilities of the world. A highlight for me was the Outback camp with Yalari, I loved being able to camp under the stars and visiting different communities.

These past six years have flown and I still can’t believe that my time has come to graduate. My advice to new students in Year 7 is try and get involved in everything as much as you can and whenever you feel like giving up remember why you started in the first place. Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2017 • www.yalari.org • 13


Non Nobis Solum “Not for ourselves alone” Finlay Yeeda

Cori Summers

Finlay has secured a position working in the engineering sector in Western Australia.

Cori currently works in a government position following the completion of her Bachelor of Arts (International Relations and Philosophy) at Bond University.

Class of 2015

Grace Stanley Class of 2015

Back (L to R): Jada Davui, Norah Hegedus, Tyeka Ferguson O’Shea, Lenka Rivers, Mibulgurdoo Yanner Front: Holly Coffison, Darcie Sexton, Principal Dr Julie Wilson-Reynolds, Megan Fields, Jara Duroux

It was in 2009 that the first two Yalari students commenced their educational journey at St Hilda’s School, an independent day and boarding school for girls located in Southport on the Gold Coast. When Yalari first contacted St Hilda’s to see if they were interested in assisting with the education of Indigenous girls, there was a genuine desire for a partnership that would not only empower Indigenous children but also enrich the St Hilda’s community as a whole. “Our partnership with Yalari springs from our shared values,” explains Dr Julie Wilson-Reynolds, Principal of St Hilda’s. “Our school motto, Non Nobis Solum, means ‘not for ourselves alone’ and it aligns perfectly with the heart of Yalari,” she says. It is the shared belief that it takes a whole community to educate a child, that St Hilda’s has been a home-away-from-home for 24

Yalari scholars including 15 alumni and 9 current students. In 2018, a further three Indigenous Yalari girls will take their place at the school. “Our Yalari girls understand the opportunities which education can bring. Like so many of our boarding girls, who come from regional or remote places, they rarely take access to a good education for granted. The friendships they develop and experiences they gain will enrich their lives well beyond school,” Dr Wilson-Reynolds explains. Currently in Year 11 at St Hilda’s, Lenka Rivers is a Yalari scholar who realises the significance of the education she is receiving. She comes from the Kija and Jaru tribes of Halls Creek which is situated in the Kimberley region of Western Australia with a population of around 1,200. “Halls Creek is such a small town we usually have to make our own fun,” she says. “I enjoy my time

14 • Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2017 • www.yalari.org

Class of 2013

Completed qualifications in Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Primary Health Care and currently works at CRAICCHS Medical Centre in Cherbourg as an Aboriginal health worker.

when I’m at home and miss it a lot but I know that I have to go back to school as there are bigger and better opportunities for me in the city,” she continues. Last year, Lenka was offered the opportunity to participate in an exchange program through the school. “I signed up for it straight away and had the amazing opportunity to go to Cape Town, South Africa for six weeks with two other girls from my school,” Lenka says. Entering her final year of school in 2018, Lenka hopes to go to university and further her business skills, or study medicine and would like to travel while doing charity work in developing countries like Africa. She recently addressed attendees at the Yalari Brisbane

Educating Indigenous Children

Fundraising Dinner, speaking about the ups and downs of her journey so far and her hopes and dreams for the future. “Yalari girls give so much to our community. Their stories, their dreams and their connection to our country are woven into our School community and we are richer for it. We know that the spirit of reconciliation is most powerful in the context of relationships. Our Yalari girls bring the hope of reconciliation to life each day in the friendships they forge,” says Dr Wilson-Reynolds. Yalari is proud of its meaningful and productive relationship with St Hilda’s, one that is not only benefitting Indigenous children but the Australian community as a whole.


Proudly partnering since 2009 to educate and empower Indigenous children.

THANK YOU Thank you for contributing to the education and empowerment of young Indigenous Australians in 2017.

163 21

students have successfully completed their school year

Yalari scholars have graduated Year 12 and now move on to post-school studies or work


new Yalari scholars are getting ready to start school in 2018


Alumni continue their journey of education and traineeships or are in the workforce

Should you wish to learn more about how to support Yalari, please visit www.yalari.org. IN-KIND DONATIONS Make a donation of goods or services in support of Yalari events or operations.


SPONSORING A SCHOLARSHIP Supporting the Rosemary Bishop Indigenous Education Scholarship program awarding scholarships to Indigenous children for their secondary schooling at one of our partner schools.

Set up a regular giving arrangement which suits your situation.

VOLUNTEERING Volunteering roles range from one-off events to long term commitments.

WORKPLACE GIVING Arranged through your employer, your pre-tax donation will go towards empowering Indigenous children through education.

ONE-OFF DONATIONS Make a one-off, tax-deductible donation to Yalari.


Become part of a very special group of Yalari supporters who have chosen to leave a legacy to Yalari in their Will.

FUNDRAISE FOR US You can hold a fundraising event of your choice where the proceeds are donated to Yalari. Have fun with friends while helping a good cause.


Students are in need of text books, school uniforms, compulsory excursions and camps etc.

SPONSORING A STUDENT CAMP OR YALARI EVENT Yalari hosts several events throughout the year including student support camps, fundraising activities and corporate events. We highly value the commitment of each Yalari partner and customise sponsorships to be mutually beneficial. Sponsoring one of our events provides you with a unique and exciting opportunity to connect with the Yalari community, build brand awareness and show your support for an important cause.

CONTRIBUTE TO YALARI’S ENDOWMENT FUND Be part of the long-term vision of Yalari by contributing to the Yalari Endowment Fund.

Yalari Quarterly Newsletter - December 2017 • www.yalari.org • 15

Twinkle, Twinkle

Little Star

Make a donation this Christmas and give a Yalari star the chance to shine bright.

With forty-seven Year 7 ‘stars’ joining the Yalari education program in 2018, your gift at Christmas time will ensure each child is given the opportunity to shine bright, dream big and achieve. With your help these children will be empowered with the gift of a quality education for six years to reach their full potential and open the door to endless opportunities. What better Christmas present than knowing you have started the positive journey for an Indigenous child, their community and generational change in Australia.

Please help us to allow these children to shine brightly. Donate online at www.yalari.org Donations can be made online at www.yalari.org or by completing the form below. Completed forms can be emailed to info@yalari.org or posted to PO Box 1355, Oxenford Qld 4210. 1711 YAL N EWS



I w o u l d l i ke to donate Amount: Gifts over $2 are tax deductible.





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To d ay ’ s d a t e : Cardholder’s Name:




Ya l a r i L i m i t e d We s t p a c B a n k BSB: 034-154 Acc: 2 0174 0 Ref: 171 1 Yo u r s u r n a m e



Card No.:



I w o u l d l i ke t o r e c e i v e r e g u l a r u p d a t e s b y :

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C V V:

Please make cheques payable t o Ya l a r i L i m i t e d Cheques can be posted to: PO Box 1355 OX E N F O R D Q L D 4 210

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