Marillion Fundraising Report:

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DEAR MARILLION FAMILY: Our warmest and sincerest greetings! We are truly inspired and appreciate your continued support of Project Enlighten. As Marillion Weekend 2011 is just a few rehearsals away, we wanted to take the time to let you know what was accomplished with the fund raising from the 2009 Weekend. When we received the amazing news that Project Enlighten was chosen to be Marillion’s ‘Charity of Choice” we were at a true loss for words. The graciousness everyone in the Marillion family has shown Olivia and I is a testament to the beauty of the

human spirit! We knew immediately we wanted the funds raised to go towards our biggest program to date. Bakong Technical College first began as a simple dream by Ronnie Yimsut, Project Enlighten Team member and Khmer Rouge survivor. Our primary goal and objective in developing this project is to create, implement and sustain a model school with high standards. We envision a socially and environmentally responsible school, a technical college, devoted to the development and preservation of rural


Local desk made in local village!


communities. We strongly believe that we can make a massive difference within various communities that BTC is designed to support while working to advance investment of resources and attention in high quality education sectors within the Kingdom of Cambodia. Well sometimes the road to good intentions is paved with nails and glass. As the site work progressed with landfill, grading an access road and planting of various plants and trees. We hit a major roadblock. In order for construction of our first building to start we would have to pay local authorities a size-able “Christmas bonus� if you will for our building permit. We adamantly refused to pay a single cent to those who prefer to line their pockets rather than support the pillars of education. We came to grinding halt at the end of 2009 without this permit. We took this down time to

Pride in ownership! The many faces and hands that have worked countless hours to make Education a reality in Cambodia!


reevaluate and devise a new game plan so we could continue the process of building. Our local Cambodian partner had countless meetings with local officials. Finally after months of waiting and meetings we received our building permit! Local workers, many who are women from the local community, having been putting the finishing touches on the foundation steel work with great finesse and pride. 2/3 of our 25 person labor force are female, locally hired and thus help inject much needed cash into the local economy and communities! We are already planning for construction of a second and third buildings in preparation for the return trip by two groups from Toronto Rotary Club in Canada, which is scheduled for November 2011. Without the funds raised at Marillion Weekend 2009 our vision for Cambodia to share in the growth of creating

opportunities through quality education would never have been realized. It is our partnerships with the Marillion Family and others that have made the Bakong Technical College project possible! Turning a simple dream into a reality based on quality Education. Your support was critically important in our mission, a mission based on “self sustainability and empowerment”. On behalf of all our volunteers at Project Enlighten, we thank you and look forward to your continued support!


Peace and Respect, Asad Rahman Olivia Lorge Matt Keyes Riva Duncan Ronnie Yimsut

“All human shall have right to a of respect dignity”


kind the life and


“Education: Once achieved, it can never be bought, bartered, sold or even stolen. as human beings, everyone is entitled to a quality education.�

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