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Our beloved reader,

First of all, we want to inform you that what you are about to read during your trip through those digital papers is not written by, let’s say, experienced persons, not at all, but, in fact, by two girls whose purpose is that of bringing joy in people’s souls. For that reason, all the articles below do not contain specific informations, as this magazine is not an informative one, but things related to our life, just like facts, situations or moments which may have thought us either a positive lesson or just have brought a huge smile on our inocent face. So, we hope you will have a good time while reading and every written phrase may bring you the feeling that this world is not that unfair or boring as you may probably think (let’s hope you are not that kind of person). In the end of this short introductive part, me and

my friend just want to wish you a wonderful time while reading because, believe us, it will not be a total waste of time.

ENJOY IT!!! Corina B. & Iulia M.



1. School: Fun vs. Boredom 2. Be introduced to feelings 3. Music in our daily lives 4. Ask Crantzy…? (or never forgetting about your heart) 5. Why don’t you try to…TRAVEL?! -INTRODUCTION-


ool! The X hour! Time

to sleep/dream…” Probably this is a common sentence that passes through our minds when it comes about some school subjects or at least similar. Why? Simple question, simple answer: we’re BORED. It may be the teacher, it may be the subject (or even both), but the idea is that we are totally uninterested about what’s coming, so we need a pleasant activity to help us disconnect and keep us far, far away from it. The problem might be solved: chatting with the bench mate, using the mobile phone (sending SMS, playing games or even calling somebody?!?!)

or just focus your view on the teacher’s way and dream… Unfortunately, will be brought to reality (or not if your teacher speaks all hour all alone about his lesson explaining it). That moment is either mild or harsh: the teacher stops his explanations and asks the class to note or he asks you a question and (of course!) you don’t have any idea what


his talking about. So, how can we survive boredom? I mean, it’s not our fault that not everything is interesting, but at least, if

time when somebody wrote “ville” (parlez-vous français?) which means city in French instead of the word in English or the time when one of my

My old classroom…even empty seems itself BORED.

you know why you are still going to school, you have to have something that you like there, something that supports you and somehow revives you! That “something” is called FUN: school can be fun. (Short break, everybody laughs, finished? OK!) So, as I was saying, there are good parts that make school funny. For example, the well-known ones: spelling mistakes, words missed, misunderstandings. I don’t say to be mean and laugh of other’s errors, but there are some moments when even that person laughs along with the teacher, like the

classmates was reading an essay where he was proving that the poem was lyric genre and in the conclusion he said very confident: “So the X poem by Y author belong to the epic genre.”


Of course everybody start laughing because of his “epic” ending. Want more? Here it is: one day, during the X hour, the boys asked for the permission of the teacher to play a game in the first 15 minutes of the hour. As they received it, they began playing in front of the classroom, near the blackboard. Usually it’s a game played by boys: at least two kids are bent and others are jumping on their back. The ones bent have to guess the number of the ones who are on their back, if not the other’s will keep jumping on them, if yes, they switch places. As the boys were still playing, after a few moments the door suddenly opened and the headmaster entered. Everybody in the classroom freeze, but unfortunately, the ones who were bent couldn’t see what happened so one of them, seeing that the others weren’t jumping shouted in that silence: “Jump friend, jump!” For this memorable moments I almost say I lov...just say like school. Anyway, school can be fun: it depends on each of us how we wanted to be. We can walk into the classroom with a bright smile ready to stand another normal day of school just to enjoy some once in a school life moments which can happen or not that day or entered already bored and sleepy to our kingdom of boredom… In any way, be yourself and from time to time, remember that school is more than fun and boring moments: it’s about learning new things, like the fact that tomorrow neither fun nor boredom will help you pass that test, so…grab the books and


No matter how old we are or how different, how far away or how we look, we all have a heart which blooms from time to time and shows its beautiful flowers to the world wheather if we want or not. This means that we feel… Feeling is known -in psychologyas the perception of events within the body, which are closely related to emotion. The term feeling is a verbal noun denoting the action of the verb to feel, which derives etymologically from the Middle English verb felen, “to perceive by touch, by palpation.” It soon came to mean, more generally, to perceive through those senses that are not referred to any special organ

(taken from Well, this is the opinion of the experts; I don’t deny, but I consider it to wide and varied to be squashed in a few lines, so I would like to approach this topic even more. There have been carried many studies and researching (and so on) about feelings, but, however, I strongly believe the fact that feelings have a mysterious part. You know the moment when you pass from a mood to another so fast that it even surprise yourself? That’s what I mean: feelings are hard to control and almost unstoppable when it comes about realizing one.

People have many kinds of feelings: joy, happiness, sadness, angriness and a lot other! Depending on the situation and on the events that follow they (the feelings) can grow in the inside and probably explode after all in the outside…The question that we all have is that: can we control our feelings? Are we strong enough to be able to do it? Maybe or maybe not it’s my opinion and that’s why I would like to take each feeling and talk about it, know it better and discover its secrets. Remember! One of the quotes of our century says: The first feeling to be

“Information gives you power”, so let’s start our research!





. 9

Music has always been considered a form of art, just like painting, writing, film or sculpture. It has been an important part of people’s lives since the beginning of history. For example, cavemen used bones and stones in order to create specific sounds and rhythms for their, let’s say, incantations. Since then, this form of soul manifestation has continued to keep its force and resist the fading power of time throughout the decades. Even today and, maybe, especially today, listening to music is one of the most suitable ways teenagers, but not just them, choose to spend their free time, not just because it’s ‘in fashion’ or ‘cool’, but also for its personal benefits, such as relaxation, disconnection from reality and also the possibility of enlarging their own universe.

In my case, music has become part of me when I was almost 11 and the two singers who were capable to do that were Andra and Rihanna. Their music made me want to pay more attention to this art and that moment was the beginning of this beautiful relationship between music and me. Now, it accompanies me all the time, both when I’m happy and when I’m sad, sometimes on the radio, sometimes on my computer or on my MP3 player. It’s true that I have some favourite singers and bands, just like everyone does, but this doesn’t matter that I listen to the same music over and over again (except for some songs I’m in love with); it all depends on my mood… When I study or I’m very tired, classical music makes me feel better; when I’m sad or angry, rock ballads always express my feelings; when I’m jogging, I like to take my MP3 player with me and

listen to alert and dynamic rhythms and so on. Music is also a very good way to improve our social life, as there are a lot of concerts annually, which bring people with the same taste in music together to listen to their favourite singers. This way, they can get to know each other and, as a result, new friendships may be built, as music has no social or national borders; when Beat, lyrics, voice‌ Nothing more is needed to make people understand how many things they have in common, even if they are, sometimes, separated by race, culture or language.

listening to it, every single man is just like the others, no differences, no matter the social, cultural or educational backgrounds.


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There are moments in life when we are supposed to make important decisions our future may depend on, even if mentally we are not grown up enough. For example, when I finished my 4th grade, I had to decide whether to continue studying in the same school or moving to another. My parents, instead of helping me, told me the decision was all mine and, whatever I might chose, they would be happy. So I had to do this by myself, making an important decision with no help. As a first step, I started thinking of all the advantages and disadvantages of both situations. Then, I tried to imagine my future in the school I had studied for four years and also the future in a new one. As a result, for several days that thought was all over my mind; it was there either when I was going to bed or in the morning, when I woke up.


In the end, it turned out to be a very easy decision to make. What persuaded me not to leave were my friends. I’d been telling myself ‘’What’s the point in going somewhere where nobody knows me instead of staying here with all my best friends?’’ So, a bit listening to my heart, a bit afraid of unknown, I decided that friendship was much more important than anything else. That decision proved to have been a very good one and thanks to it I spent another wonderful four years along with my friends. Of course today, when I look back, I realize my childish thinking I had but, in spite of this fact, I can sincerely say that I have no regrets, which is the most important thing. So, what I’m actually trying to point out is that we should always follow our heart, especially when something important depends on our decision. No matter what we are supposed to do, as long as we let our heart be the guide, no regrets will come in the end.

‘Listen to your heart’ says a famous song and I shall complete: and you’ll never fail.


We are all travellers in this world and that’s why, life is a beautiful journey worth living. I have been to many places so far which I would like to show to yourself, but first of all I decided that it’s much better not to only present you this wonderful places, but also to make want to go by yourself (or with family, friends and so on). So…why should we travel? There are many pros, but also cons, so why don’t we take the negative ones? It might sound as a wrong way of advertising tourism, but maybe not…Here are some of the most common ones: 1. Travelling can be a waste of money! I don’t deny it, but it’s wrong to say “waste”. When you travel, you see new places, get in touch with new cultures and societies 15

or just enjoy the facilities of the place where you stay. You can just relax or be the adventurous type or something between them. In any way, would you say that it wasn’t fun or you weren’t happy? I mean, didn’t you reach your goal (relaxation, enjoy family time, visit country/place/town x)? Therefore, you can’t say that it was a “waste” if you like it, maybe just another good way to spend some money and time…In other words, you killed two birds with one stone! 2. I don’t have time to travel… Maybe I would have agreed with this one many years ago, but during the last year I learnt something important: You can always

have spare time if you know how to organize your time. The tip to do it? You just have to WANT. If you don’t even try to think a bit positive, you won’t get anywhere. You have to; you MUST say to yourself, convince it, that if you at least give it a chance, you can have a lot of time, even for a holiday. It can be a week, 3 days or only one, but at least you did it: earned some free days from work, managed to clear all the work for week-end and here you go!


3. Nobody wants to come with me... So you have money and time, everything planed and you discover that nobody wants to join you. As a result, you want to give up on all your plans and dreams…NOOO!!! Wrong answer! Try your best to find somebody, ask friends, relatives and if they don’t want/have time/money etc., pick the last option: go alone! It’s a good opportunity to get more responsible, more independent and also, to meet new people! Unfortunately, if you are still too young, you’d better choose a trip in your own town with your best friend or a sleepover at one of you. In anyway, don’t give up! These are a few negative aspects which as you could see can be turned into

positive ones. It’s easy, just turn on that button from your brain where it says: “Positive” and you’ll see the world in a new bright way!



Y.O.U. -Your Own Universe- opens a new world to its readers...Here they can discover life's interesting paths, ups and downs;-) Enjoy!


Y.O.U. -Your Own Universe- opens a new world to its readers...Here they can discover life's interesting paths, ups and downs;-) Enjoy!