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XQUISIT SPRING 2014 | ISSUE XII www.xquisitmagazine.com

Cover image photographed by Marta Balastegui

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Caileigh Kyle LIFESTYLE & FEATURES EDITOR Michayla Caughlin SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR Jenna van Klaveren PHOTOGRAPHERS Marta Balastegui Natalie Franke JD Howell Emma Jackson Amel Kerkeni Roxanne Letterie Jessika Levine Lucia Moretti

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LYNZIE KENT Style Spotlight





COLD HEADED By Lucia Moretti


ROUND THE CITY By Marta Balastegui

30 3

Images by Scarlet O’Neill; Venue: Gladstone Hotel


style spotlight


AGE: 28

FAVOURITE THINGS ABOUT SPRING: New beginnings, walking in High Park, and light jackets.

LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario DREAM VACATION: Backpacking in India OCCUPATION: Owner of Love by Lynzie Weddings + Events and Lead Singer of Electric Blonde 3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE: Vintage, Rock n’ Roll, Eclectic INSPIRED BY: Music new and old, fashion worn by musical greats, travel, colour and pattern, and strong female icons.


WHAT SHE’S WEARING HERE: American Apparel (shirt & pants), Mix No6 via DSW (shoes), Diva Australia (necklace), Vintage (leather jacket & gloves), Bicyclette Boutique (sunglasses) WHAT SHE’S WEARING ON THE RIGHT: Vintage (blazer, shorts, jewelry), Vintage via Bridge + Bardot (top), Aldo (shoes), Vintage via Sub Rosa (clutch), Vintage Hugo Boss (watch)




Planes! Trains! Automobiles! Don’t forget these travel essentials the next time you take off on vacation.

Stay classy and cozy in this woolblend sweater by J.Crew, with pops of neon just for fun!





Flip through 640 pages of travel inspiration, giving you the inside scoop on the best places to check out while in Europe!

your adventure:

THE EUROPEAN ESCAPADE Keep your technology charged on vacation with Diane von Furstenberg’s adapter. Designed for use around the world, this compact accessory is protected by a smart black and white faux texturedleather case in the label’s signature lip print..

36 HOURS $39.99 at Anthropologie, LITTLE AMERICA BACKPACK $90 at Simons DIAMOND PRINT SHIRT $69.78 at Topshop, JUMPER $19.95 at H&M, TRAVEL ADAPTER $95 at Net-a-Porter, RAY-BAN CLUBMASTER $205 at Net-a-Porter, LOS FELIZ PANT BY TALULA $60 at Aritzia



relaxation in

THE TROPICS Infused with cooling Menthol, Hampton Sun’s soothing oil-free mist is enriched with calming Aloe Vera that acts as an anti-inflammatory to aching sunburns.


CHIFFON KIMONO $17.95 at H&M, LINDEN NECKLACE $138 at Stella & Dot, VIX KAFTAN $200 at Net-a-Porter, TROPICAL HIGH WAIST BIKINI $$62.44 at Topshop, ROVERSANO SANDAL IN SNOWY $60 at Aldo, HAMPTON SUN HYDRATING ALOE MIST $28 at Net-a-Porter

These lightweight pants not only look gorgeous, but they will also keep you cool on those long day trips and keep your legs away from bug bites!

next stop:


Behold, the life saver of all travel essentials: rinsefree hand wash. Infused with Mandarin Orange and Lavender, it kills bacteria and fights contagion without the need for water!

FLUORO WOVEN DUFFLE BACKPACK $58.76 at Topshop, FOLK PRINT WIDE LEG TROUSERS $73.46 at Topshop, TWILL TUNIC $49.95 at H&M, AESOP RINSE-FREE HAND WASH $10 at Net-aPorter, LUNA WRAP BRACELET $89 at Stella & Dot, LINN VEST BY WILFRED $135 at Aritzia


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Cold Headed Photography: Lucia Moretti Model: Eline (Urban Model Management) Hair & Makeup: Sara Pizzo STYLIST: Carolina Bergonzoni Photographed at Super Studio 13, Milano











AT THE CARNIVAL Photography: Jessika Levine, Model: Joy (FORD Models)








Photography: Roxanne Letterie Model: Marlieke Noord Hair & Makeup: Emmy Klomp STYLIST: Lana de Kievit








ROUND THE CITY Photography: Marta Balastegui Model: Sanna (Trend Models) Hair & Makeup: Estibaliz Otero STYLIST: Francisca Emperanza PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT: Dani Business

















A guide to checking off your bucket list without breaking the bank.



t’s the excitement you feel when stepping off the plane into a new place you are itching to explore. The kind of peace you experience when witnessing something too stunning for words. It’s the apprehension before trying a new food or activity; the feeling that you are meant to be at that exact place in that exact moment; and it’s the strange comfort you feel when you’re surrounded by new friends while at the same time being so far from home. It’s wanderlust. And if you’re like the majority of cabin-fevered youth today who can identify with any of these feelings, you have it too.

because your bank account isn’t overflowing with extra dough, doesn’t mean you can’t travel to your most dreamt about destinations. While money may provide travel in luxury, a budget that requires some extra creativity can get you travelling places you might not have ever thought you’d see. Sticking to a budget just may result in much more interesting stories to tell friends and family when you return home. There is never only one right way to see the world. So, we’ve collected the best travel advice from four travel-savvy adventurers to help you start checking off that bucket list. Consider the next few pages a crash course on travelling abroad on a budget.

But what happens to those who don’t have the kind of disposable income that allows for frequent jetsetting? Should those people be confined to the cities in which they reside, desperate for adventure? Just

First thing’s first, in order to get to those exotic locations you’re dreaming about, you need to save up for it, of course! Photographer Emma Jackson of Paper Lotus Photography in the United Kingdom is currently


Images by Paper Lotus Photography

“There is never only one right way to see the world.”

Images by Natalie Franke


on a 13 month aroundthe-world trip to over 18 countries! “Well I could never afford that”, you say. Fortunately, Jackson explains that finding yourself on your dream trip can be as easy as simply setting a budget. “Work out your monthly outgoings and then figure out the maximum [amount] you can realistically save a month - then set up a direct debit each month for that amount. You can go without a lot of things that you take for granted. For example, cancel your gym membership and take up running with a friend, or practice yoga at home with a DVD.”

Corie Bidgood, explains that her biggest mistake during her two-month stay in Costa Rica was eating out too much. “You end up spending way too much money. It really adds up. Making meals is the best way to save money, plus it’s way healthier.” When making your own meals, Bidgood also recommends buying food from roadside markets to save money and get fresh produce. “If you do eat out, eat local food not Americanized food, which is usually more expensive”.

When you’re ready to book your trip, Jackson recommends saving money by travelling during the off season. “Accept that you might end up visiting some places in the rainy season - which isn’t actually all that bad - prices tend to be lower and the landscape is greener!” She also explains that planning a trip on a budget means that you are unlikely to be able to do everything on your wish list, but to use this fact as a motivator to prioritize your top ‘to do’s’. “Pick your most longed-for destinations and activities, such as learning to dive in one of the world’s best dive spots or sleeping in a treehouse in the rainforest, and prioritize them you’re probably only going to get to do this once!”

When covering larger distances, be wary of booking last minute trains without a rail pass. Queen’s University Geological Sciences student Brennah McKirdy encountered such an issue after having to abandon her Icelandic trek due to flooding, record snowfall, and constant mist. “While obviously there was no way that we could have foreseen that we’d have to abandon our trek, Jess and I overpaid enormously for our adapted plan”, she explains. “We took trains to four different regions in France. A long distance TGV will be, on average, 100 Euro if you buy each ticket individually. There was no way to buy a rail pass (if you’re already in the country, you can’t... major flaw in that system), so we ended up shelling out about 600 Euro for transportation.” If you’re planning on travelling by train through Europe, make sure you buy a rail pass before you’re in the country.

20 year old anthropology student at Carleton University,

Corie encourages travellers to take buses or bike instead of taxis or shuttles when possible. She recalls, “In Costa Rica I started to bike everywhere, [since] when [I’m] at home I’m always driving”. Avoiding the steep costs of taxis can end up saving you a lot of money over time. When taxis are your only option, Emma Jackson recommends asking your guesthouse about the local cab and bus fare to avoid paying the usual triple tourist price. “Never accept the first taxi fare offered - in my experience it’s usually 3 or 4 times the real price! It’s often better to ask for the taxi to go on the meter rather than to accept a set fare.”


For the flights to your desired destination, McKirdy also recommends using Skyscanner to look for the best deals and layovers, and to also be aware that certain days of the week are cheaper than others. Travellers should also look out for hidden costs with affordable airlines. “Beware of budget airlines that charge you extra to check a bag... I couldn’t very well get away with my trekking backpack as hand luggage!”. Now for one of the most costly elements of overseas travel: accommodations. These days, the term ‘hostel’ is almost entirely synonymous with ‘budget travel’. Plus, opting for these dorm-style accommodations will bring you back to your freshman year of college all over again. Hostels promise a more interesting and social stay, regardless of where you’re travelling. You can also inquire at your local travel agency about acquiring a youth hostel membership card. It may take up to three months for your card to arrive, but it is definitely worth looking into for discounts on accommodation and train travel. The couch surfing method is another resurfacing travel trend, with websites such as Couchsurfing.com finally creating a hub for this type of living abroad. Photographer Alex Chalkley is a particular fan of couch surfing for affordable travel overseas. After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, the 24 year old set out on a three-month solo trip around Europe with a budget of $1200. “I always couch surf when and where I can! (www.couchsurfing.org) You get to meet local people, see the city beyond it’s touristic landmarks and really get to know the people there. I’ve couch surfed in Iceland, France, The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. I’ve also hosted people when I had some space in the US for a while.” Chalkley also took the opportunity to volunteer on farms through the WWOOF organization. “You do volunteer work on organic farms all over the world in exchange for room and board. It’s a great way to travel and see much of the world without worrying too much about money for food and safe places to sleep at night.” After solo traveller Sarai Sierra was found dead in Istanbul in 2013, the question of safety while travelling


abroad resurfaced. In some countries, travelling as a single woman is discouraged by domestic travel advisories, such as in India. Seeking affordable accommodation at the risk of your safety is another concern with travelling abroad, but thorough research and careful selection of your accommodation can avoid any issues. When asked if she ever felt unsafe while abroad, Chalkley promptly responded, “The only time I was worried about my safety was in South America where I must have looked like a zebra among horses. Everyone kept staring at me and some followed me. When I met up with guy friends there and was with them around town it was 100% different. Nobody stared or followed. In Europe I felt totally fine on my own.” When discussing her couch surfing experiences specifically, she recalled only one concerning encounter. “I did have one somewhat uncomfortable experience couch surfing, in Paris, with a guy who just shouldn’t have been participating in the network. Typically, hosts are very open, friendly and generous. This guy refused to leave me alone in his house and I had to be out at 8 am the next day after not arriving until 2 am.” She explains how he then all but forced her to go to a salsa club 45 minutes away to meet up with friends, which subsequently led to her not getting into the club due to dress code restrictions. “I sat in his car in the parking lot for 45 minutes, still starving since I had been stranded in a train station in the south of France earlier that day for 10 hours without food. This guy just had absolutely no consideration at all. His profile also said he was 35. No way. At least 45 if not 50. The whole situation was just very, very strange.” But this one horror story hasn’t deterred Chalkley from using the network, and she continues to meet a slew of interesting people this way when travelling. Now that you’ve made your way to the end of this article, you’re undoubtedly ready for your next adventure. Hopefully you’ve learned a few things that will make you that much closer to visiting the destinations that fill your Pinterest travel boards. Where will you travel to next?

- Caileigh Kyle

Meet the Wanderlusters Alex Chalkley

Brennah McKirdy

Corie Bidgood


Age: 24
 Countries travelled: USA,

Age: 20 Countries travelled: Iceland,

Age: 20 Countries travelled: France,

Age: 34 Countries travelled: Cuba,


Argentina, Jamaica, Iceland, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, England, Ireland Biggest advice: “Meet the locals! I can’t even tell you how often I’ve been saved traveling just by the sheer generosity of people.”

Would never travel without:

Geology student

England, France, Spain Biggest advice: “While obviously you don’t want to spend an obnoxious amount of money, don’t let your budget get in the way of adventure. We made a point of trying the speciality foods of each region we visited.”

Would never travel without:

“Kindles are great for hiking “Lots of clean underwear! And (and long train rides) because they are light, can contain my camera, of course.” your whole library, and keep their charge for weeks (turn off the Wifi)! “

Archaeology student


Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Belize, Fiji, New Zealand, Indonesia, Bali, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, Borneo, Singapore, Mexico, USA, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, France, Spain, Egypt, Canada, Portugal, Austria, Italy, and more! Would never travel without: “My camera. Sometimes you Biggest advice: “Download a currency app for your phone forget little things when you or tablet, but try to avoid travel and its nice to be able to look back and see the faces comparing the price constantly with the prices back of people you’ve met – you home - get a grasp of the lodon’t always know if you’re cal economy and how much going to see these people things should cost.” ever again.”

England, South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica Biggest advice: “Learn some of the language before hand so that you can talk to locals and find out things you can do. Also, it makes it easier to get around.”




Hit the streets of Paris with this urban-grunge editorial by French photographer Amel Kerkeni. Photography: Amel Kerkeni Model: Alexia Giordano Makeup: Ophélie Secq HAIR: Raphaël Mariage STYLIST: Elise Lucas













emerging designer

NATASHA GATTO X: Tell us a little about yourself. N: I come from a large family. I grew up with 3 sisters and 1 brother. I have a twin sister, but I’ve always been considered the “middle child” by my siblings. That is because my personality is very quiet and introverted. Ever since I was young I was very into drawing, painting and art. It grew into a love for design, fashion and eventually sewing. I knew in high school I wanted to pursue design and from there went to George Brown College in Toronto where I learned most of my sewing and drafting skills in the fashion techniques and design program. X: How did you get into fashion design? N: When I was little I would make my little sister stand there for hours while I draped and pinned fabric to her body, only to have it fall apart as soon as she took one step. I was always interested in making clothes and my parents saw that. They always told me and my siblings to fol-

Photographs by JD Howell www.unvielit.ca

Xquisit Magazine talks with Hamilton-born swimwear and lingerie designer Natasha Gatto of Gattina Designs.


low what we are passionate about. My mom took me out of ballet and straight into art school as a child. They were really great in letting us do what we felt was right for us. When I realized I wanted to go to school for fashion design they were behind me all the way and their support really helped me feel like pursuing my dream career was possible. X: What were the first steps you took in pursuing this career? N: Straight out of college I found a job in my home town, Hamilton, a city synonymous with the sewing industry. I worked at a clothing manufacturer called Niko Apparel where we made sportswear and athletic-wear. I applied for the sewing position but I ended up working in the cutting department using state-of-the art industrial cutting equipment to produce mass amounts of units. It was a great experience in learning the ins and outs of the manufacturing business on a large scale. As much as I loved working at a place that was related to my field, I knew eventually I wanted to work for myself as a designer. X: What attracted you to swimwear and lingerie design? N: For some reason, I was always very interested in designing swimwear. We had a pool growing up so I found it really fun and exciting to create my own bikinis. When I took trips down south or to Wasaga beach with my girlfriends I would make them each a bikini to wear. The styles were different and retro and I found it invigorating to be wearing something on the beach no one else had ever seen before. From there, lingerie just came naturally because they are so similar, just using different fabrics. Another reason I was able to pursue my love for swimwear and lingerie is because of Hamilton’s vast variety of these specialized fabrics. Hamilton has some of the best selection of swimwear fabrics in all of Canada. Ann’s Fabric is a store I’ve gone to since I was young and they have become almost like family to me. Their endless walls of selection inspire me to keep designing new and unique swimwear. X: Describe your design aesthetic. N: I would say my aesthetic as a designer is very simple but unique at the same time. I like to take classics and put a spin on them. I create all my swimsuits from scratch which means it starts out as a drawing. Designing the garment on paper is probably the most enjoyable and creative part of the process for me. It gives me freedom to explore new styles that are appealing and look great on a women’s figure. I would describe my style as unique, feminine and youthful. X: What are some of your favourite spring-trends (besides swimsuits, of course!) N: After this long winter I am excited for the pops of bright colours we are seeing this Spring. Particularly vibrant oranges, pinks and other warm tones. X: Where do you find inspiration? N: I find most of my inspiration through drawing. When I think

of a design I need to get it on paper right away. I experiment with lines and styles until I have created a new style. Sometimes I see an outfit or swimsuit in a magazine or blog that I am inspired by will create something that has the same feel or look. If I see a certain detail I am inspired by, I find a way to work it into my designs. X: How does travel influence your designs? Do you have any favourite vacation destinations? N: I lived in England for a little while after college. The fashion over there is so forward and edgy. The women and men there are not afraid to wear clothing that makes bold statements and also looks great. It was definitely inspiring to be living there stepping out of my style comfort zone. From there I also travelled to Italy and France where the women there have such a classic style. They are just born with a sense of stye and they project a lot of confidence. Confidence is always the sexiest thing a women can wear. X: What’s next for Gattina Designs? N: I am hoping to expand my online presence in the design world. Etsy was a great stepping stone into becoming a running business with international customers. I am currently approaching local and worldwide stores that might be interested in selling my swimwear and lingerie. I am also starting a yogawear line this Spring. Visit www.gattinadesigns.com to see Natasha’s latest

swimwear line!


XQUISITcoming up


THIS BLOG WHAT: A Montrealer Abroad WHO: Marie-Eve Vallieres WHY WE IT: Marie has a taste for unusual urban adventures. Marie focuses heavily on Montreal but also chronicles her round-theworld escapades through narratives, photo essays, and how-to blog posts to inspire readers to follow in her footsteps and explore the world with their senses. WHERE: www.amontrealerabroad.com



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