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CS Kiunjuri accused in bribery saga


non-governmental organization has accused Devolution Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri of soliciting a Sh20 million bribe to effect changes to the Public Benefit Organisation Act 2013 that govern the civil societies in the country. Through its Kenyan representative, Delphine Christopher, the said NGO wrote to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to have Mr Kiunjuri investigated for his actions. In her petition, Ms Christopher wants Kiunjuri investigated for abuse of office and soliciting for bribes contrary to Chapter Six of the Constitution on Leadership and Integrity. She claims the money was for operationalizing a less punitive law, weary of a raft of amendments mostly working against the civil society groups that included capping of foreign donations to NGOs at 15 per cent. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri. A foreign national working for a local based NGO has accused him of soliciting a Sh20 million bribe. PHOTO: Edwin Ikunda/X-NEWS

NYS still owes Sh2.5 billion to fictitious suppliers The National Youth Service (NYS) is yet to pay some Sh2.5 billion owed to fictitious suppliers, MPs heard yesterday. Former director to finance at the youth agency said Samwel Wachenje told the National Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee that NYS was yet to pay Sh2.5 billion owed to various suppliers. “By the time I left office Sh2.5 billion

was still owed to various suppliers this despite paying the Sh791 million known to the public,” Wachenje said. He also admitted to approving payments of Sh791 million to three companies associated with Josephine Kabura, the chief suspect in the NYS money theft. Wachenje told MPs that he approved the payments although he was not aware

that they belong to the controversial businesswoman. The committee heard yesterday that the payments were made to Form Home Builders, Reinforced Concrete Technology and Roof and All Trading for the purported supply of construction materials for the construction of a 3.1km road in Kibera.




Devolution CS Kiunjuri accused of soliciting Sh20 million bribe WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 19, 2016

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The civil society groups sought the intervention of Mr Kiunjuri after failing to secure a session with his Principal Secretary. “The Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri demanded a bribe amounting to Sh20 million from our organisation to operationalize the PBO Act in a less punitive manner for civil societies which is against chapter six of the constitution,” the petition written to EACC reads. The petitioner further claimed that a team from international NGOs and some from the donor community first met the CS intermediary, Ms Wambui Kimathi, whose office was opposite that of Kiunjuri at the Treasury building. But sensing the teams desperation, at a meeting at Villa Rosa Kempinsky, Kiunjuri allegedly dropped the bombshell demanding for resources to be delivered to his advisor and sister-in-law Wambui Kimathi before the end of July. But key stakeholders and leaders of civil societies led by Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) George Kegoro have defended the CS terming the alleged accusations as baseless and unfounded. “We take great exception to this baseless and slanderous allegations. They are only meant to hurt the ongoing efforts to transform the NGO sector and the leadership

at the NGO bureau. As the CSO reference group we have fought for the Act tirelessly without seeking any changes,” a statement from Mr Kegoro said. They want the petition dismissed. According to the complainant, the committee was also to have veto powers on unfavourable decisions by the NGO board as well as oversight the functionalities of NGOs, in addition to resolving the work permit issue for foreigners revoked by the NGO board. With the parameters set, the team held several meetings with Ms Wambui before asking for Sh30 million and amount which was negotiated downwards to Sh20 million to be paid in two instalments. The down payment of Sh10 million was allegedly paid on September 5, 2016 at a city restaurant. Consequently a joint media conference was organized for September 9, 2016 where the minister announced the effecting of the contentious Act and forwarded the Gazette Notice to the Attorney General for publication. The petitioner claims that Kiunjuri does not deserve full payment since he has only met a part of the bargain, operationalizing the law which is now a subject of a court case after it was challenged. @wilson_x254

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri at a past event. He has been accused of soliciting a sh 20 million bribe from an intyernational aid agency. Photo:Gitobu/X-news

Reprieve for city residents as MCAs fail to enact new tax law Nairobi residents have been spared the increase in fees and levies at least for the next sixty days after the county assembly failed to pass a new law to effect the charges. The Nairobi Public Finance Management (PFM) Act had proposed a timeline a three month duration after passing of the Appropriation Act within which the Finance Bill was to be passed and assented into law. However, Nairobi County Assembly is yet to pass the Finance Bill that was introduced on October 5 despite the proposed law having an October 10 deadline. “Not later than 90 days after passing the Appropriation Bill, the County Assembly shall consider and approve the Finance Bill with or without amendments,” the PFM Act states. Nairobi Governor Dr. Evans Kidero had in July 10 this year signed the Nairobi City County Appropriations Act, which authorised the county to spend Sh36 billion, — which means the Finance Bill must have been debated and approved by October 10 in line with the 90-day

deadline. The failure by the assembly to pass the bill, now means that City Hall will continue to charge fees and levies contained in the earlier Finance Act, denying the county government an opportunity to raise additional revenues as it struggles to deal with a blotted wage bill. The move give reprieves to a majority of property owners, food handlers’ and towing service providers were expected to pay double the prices of the current fees and levies. The Finance Bill, which is before the Budget and Appropriations Committee chaired by Embakasi’s MCA Michael Ogada, is seeking to increase clamping charges from the current flat rate of Sh2, 000 to a graduated scale where large vehicles of over 10 tonnes would pay Sh6, 000. The Bill is also seeking to introduce towing charges for various vehicle classes based on where they are towed from. For example, a vehicle that is below two tonnes, and would cost Sh4, 000 to be towed from Westlands.

Rights groups demand more protection for intersex

Civil societies have challenged Attorney General Githu Muigai to draft policies that will safeguard persons with ambiguous genetalia. With no such laws in the current constitution, these people have been forced to lead a harrowing life as they cannot access most of their needs from the society and the government, the lobby groups argued. According to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, such people commonly referred to as intersex cannot access birth certificates, academic certificates from KNEC, acquire National Identity cards, medical schemes such as NHIF or even access education from institutions of higher learning. Commissioner Jedidah Waruhiu argues that without the law, intersex persons have nowhere to report their tribulations as they easily get bashed away by various authorities. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines an intersex as a person biologically born with both sexual organs. “No one is ready to assist an intersex as there are no policies to safeguard them. The constitution is very open making it very hard for any officer to offer support. Our appeal which we will persue is to the attorney general to institute policies on the same,” commissioner Waruhiu said. The country does not also have clear data on the intersex population but it is estimated that one out of 2000 thousand do not know there exact gender. @wilson_x254

NYS owes Sh2.5 billion to fictitious suppliers From Page 1 The companies however did not do anything as far as the construction of the road was concerned but were paid. Wachenje said the slum upgrading project in Kibera was done by the NYS Servicemen in collaboration with the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA). “I confirm the slum upgrading project in Kibera was done by our officers, our vehicles and machines in collaboration with the Kenya Urban Roads Authority. It is important to establish where the supplied materials came from,” Wachenje said. He was however at pains to explain why he made payments to the companies yet they did not do anything on the slum upgrading program. “Why did you approve payments to companies yet you know very well that the work was done by NYS and KURA, don’t you think that amounted to siphoning of public funds,” asked Mbalambala MP Abdikadir Aden. But Wachenje said he was under pressure from the former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru and

Former NYS Finance Director Samwelm Wachenje when he appeared before MPs at County Hall yesterday. PHOTO: Courtesy

other senior government officials to approve the payments to Kabura’s companies. “I received instructions from the CS and other senior government officials to approve the payments despite the work being done by our officers and our resources,” Wachenje said. Wachenje did not name the senior government officials who pressurized him to make the payment in front of the media. The committee questioned Wachenje’s

appointment and competence for the NYS job after it emerged he does not hold academic qualifications in Finance. Wachenje has no financial training nor academic qualifications despite being appointed as the finance director. He said he had undergone in house training and senior government trainings which made him to be promoted as the finance director. @sam_x254


Maraga sworn in as Chief Justice

Justice David Maraga has today been sworn in as Chief Justice following yesterday’s approval by MPs of his nomination. He pledge to ensure improved service delivery to Kenyans from the courts. Maraga, previously a judge at the Court of Appeal in Kisumu, ascended the highest seat in the Judiciary this morning in a ceremony presided over by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi. The soft-spoken judge, dressed in a red flowing robe and ceremonial wig associated with the courts, vowed to improve relations between the public and the judiciary. “I will reduce the backlog of cases and become more accountable,” he said. Maraga also pledged to root out the vice of corruption from the Judiciary, promising to make the fight an institutionalized culture in the system. “I will institutionalize the war against corruption to become part of the culture and strengthen the office of the Ombudsman,” he added. The Judiciary was cited as the major stumbling block in the war on graft at yesterday’s State House Summit on Governance and Accountability. A visibly angry President Kenyatta pointed an accusing finger at the courts saying expeditious trial of cases was crucial in bringing perpetrators of corruption to book. The President lauded Maraga’s acceptance to head the judiciary, saying he looked forward to working with the staunch Seventh Day Adventist follower. “I pledge to support the incoming CJ. I further call for respect and cooperation among the three arms of government,” he said. Mr Maraga now takes on the task of steering the Judiciary that has been plagued by lethargy in

Governors now risk charges for ignoring summon

Chief Justice David Maraga during his swearing in at State House Nairobi today. The incoming head of the Judiciary has promised to speed up the backlog of cases and ensure a harmonious relationship with other arms of government. PHOPTO: PSCU

handling of cases, in-fighting among judges at different levels and the dragon of corruption that threatens to tear down the institution. He becomes Kenya’s 14th Chief Justice since the country’s independence, taking over from Dr Willy Mutunga who retired in June. Maraga emerged top in interviews for the CJ

Governors who fail to honour summons by the parliamentary committees especially the Public Accounts Cmmittee of the senate now risk being charged with violation of chapter six of the constitution. In a meeting with various investigating agencies today, the senate PAC committee expressed their frustrations in holding the County Executives and Governors accountable in the management of public funds. The meeting brought together the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Director of Public Prosecutions, Assets Recovery Agency and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations who all agreed to hold Governors accountable at all cost. Deputy Chief Executive Officer at EACC Michael Mubea said failure by Governors to honor summons of PAC amounts to violation of chapter six of the constitution on Leadership and Integrity. “Failure to honour to summons by this committee probing the expenditure of public funds is unethical and violation of chapter six of the constitution. Give us the report and we will have the respective Governor charged for violating Chapter six,” Mubea said. Mubea told the committee chaired by Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o that the committee should furnish the commission with information of any Governor who has failed to appear before the committee to be held accountable so that they can pursue the matter further. @sam_x254

conducted by the Judicial Service Commission, garnering 84 points in the process. The commission cited his experience, hands-on approach and the respect he commands among peers as the strongest virtues he possessed that led to his nomination. He was yesterday approved by Parliament’s Justice and Legal Affairs Committee

upon vetting. Maraga’s first duty will be to swear in the Selection Committee that will pick the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission’s commissioners to oversee next year’s general election. @harrison_x254



Fierce fighting in Somali as al-Shabaab attack key town There has been fierce fighting near the Somali capital Mogadishu after fighters from the Islamist militant group al-Shabab overran a key town. Reports say at least four policemen and several civilians were killed when militants stormed Afgoye on Tuesday. A spokesman with the African Union mission to Somalia later said the gunmen had been forced out, but this was not confirmed. Witnesses said gunshots could still be heard into the night. The African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) is supporting the Somali government in its fight against al-Shabab. Residents said the attack on Afgoye, 30km (18 miles) from Mogadishu, started when militants detonated a car bomb outside a police post, killing four policemen. People took cover in their homes as fighters appeared in parts of the town and clashed with Somali troops and African Union forces. Police officer Abdukadir Ahmed told AFP news agency that at least 10 people, including civilians, had been killed as well as some of the attackers. Afgoye is considered a strategic town as it sits on one of only two roads into the capital. As the fighting raged, both sides said they had control of the town. Amisom troops captured Afgoye town in 2012.

US election 2016: Stop whining, Obama tells Donald Trump

US President Barack Obama has told Donald Trump to “stop whining” as he rejected his claim that next month’s White House election will be rigged. He said Mr Trump’s attempt to discredit a poll before it has even taken place was “unprecedented” for a US presidential candidate. Also “unprecedented”, said Mr Obama, was the Republican candidate’s “flattery” of Russia’s president. Mr Trump is facing sinking poll numbers and accusations of sexual assault. The businessman-turned-politician has claimed the 8 November election will be “absolutely rigged” for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. But in a White House Rose Garden news conference on Tuesday alongside visiting Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Mr Obama said his assertions were “based on no facts”. “I’d advise Mr Trump to stop whining and try to make his case to get votes,” Mr Obama said. “By the way,” he added, “[it] doesn’t really show the kind of leadership and toughness that you want out of a president, if you start whining before the game’s even over. “If whenever things are going badly for you and you lose you start blaming somebody else,

Putin and the degree to which he appears to model much of his policies and approach to politics on Mr Putin is unprecedented,” he said. His broadside comes a day after Mr Trump said he would consider visiting Russia before taking office, if elected. He told a talk-radio host: “If I win on November 8, I could see myself meeting with Putin and meeting with Russia prior to the start of the administration. Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton face off in the third and final presidential debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on Wednesday. The Republican candidate has seen his poll numbers slide since their first battle of wits, followed by the emergence of a 2005 sex boast tape that he was forced to address in the US President Barack Obama (R) delivers second debate. remarks beside Italian Prime Minister Matteo Mr Trump denied any impropriety, but a Renzi (L) during their joint news conference number of women have come forward with in the Rose Garden of the White House, in Washington DC, yesterday during which he sexual assault allegations against him. told off Donald Trump over the Republican’s Mrs Clinton will head into Wednesday’s debate rigging claims. with a seven-point lead over her Republican PHOTO: MICHAEL REYNOLDS/EPA rival, according to a Monmouth University poll. She leads Mr Trump 47% to 40%, while 7% then you don’t have what it takes to be in this of likely voters say they will support the job.” Mr Obama also addressed the Republican Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson. candidate’s admiring remarks about Vladimir Putin. “Mr Trump’s continued flattery of Mr

NEWS PICTORIAL NEWS PICTORIAL President Uhuru Kenyatta extends his hand to construction workers to acknowledge their greetings when he interacted with people shortly after inspecting the progress of the police housing project in Kamulu and Ruiru areas yesterday.

LG BOSS DONATES BLOOD: A Red Cross Kenya staff prepares LG Electronics General Manager Marketing Moses Marji (right) to give blood when the company recently organized a blood donation drive in partnership with Red cross.


Morning newspaper summaries I’ve played my part in Uhuru hits out at Raila Furious Uhuru roasts graft fight –Uhuru: President on Eurobond, fighting officers over holes in antiUhuru Kenyatta, senior State officers and the corruption: President Uhuru graft war: President Uhuru Kenyatta Judiciary yesterday engaged in a blame game

interrupted a session of the fortnightly State House Summit and berated senior government officials for waging a seemingly half-hearted fight on corruption. Mr Kenyatta had been watching the proceedings on TV somewhere within State House yesterday morning and apparently, the ping-pong game that played between the officers over who was responsible for poor results in the war on corruption touched a raw nerve in him.

Kenyan manufacturers were yesterday still waiting for a clear roadmap to their share of the multi-billion shilling tenders for second phase of the SGR project that President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to launch this morning. Kenya Association of Manufacturers chief executive Phyllis Wakiaga said local industrialists expect the government to enforce the law that reserves for them at least 40 per cent of the Sh153 billion SGR contracts.

Long dryspell to continue, Judge grants Kibaki plea in Human misery as says weatherman: Most parts company row: Former President drought, hunger ravage of the country will be warm and dry, Mwai Kibaki has obtained an order freezing counties: Five counties in the Coast while a few will receive showers, Kenya the operations of a firm whose control he

Kenya ahead of rivals as African retail goes digital: Kenya is poised to enter

over the failing war on graft. And the President publicly admitted he was “frustrated”, on live TV in an event beamed nationwide. An agitated Head of State rebuked government agencies, including the Judiciary, for the stalling war on graft and said he had done all within his powers, including suspending and then sacking ministers. President Kenyatta hit out at the anti-graft agency, the DPP and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

Meteorological Services director J Gacheru has said. Currently, some parts of the Coast and Northeastern are experiencing drought, with 1.3 million Kenyans facing starvation The Met Department says Siaya, Kisumu, Homa Bay, Migori, Kisii, Nyamira, Trans Nzoia, Baringo, Uasin Gishu, Elgeyo Marakwet and Nandi counties are expected to experience sunny intervals with some showers and thunderstorms.

Kenyatta used an anti-corruption conference at State House, Nairobi, to speak out on the controversial Eurobond saga, dismissing opposition politicians and the AuditorGeneral and accusing them of pursuing a matter that had long been closed by the relevant financial institutions. Both he and National Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich insisted that money from the Eurobond had been put to the intended use.

Local suppliers eye Sh60bn tenders as Uhuru flags off SGR:

and other shareholders have been fighting over since 2007. Justice Lucy Waithaka of the Nyeri Environment and Land Court on Tuesday ordered that the operations and management of Mathingira Limited should wait, pending the verdict of the Court of Appeal. Ms Waithaka noted that Mr Kibaki and Kimwatu Kinyungu had argued that they will suffer substantial loss because they will lose the suit property.

Top stories from X News global partners Ecuador says it cut WikiLeaks founder’s internet over US election interference: Ecuador has confirmed

that it cut off internet access to Julian Assange, the founder of the whistleblowing site WikiLeaks, stating it believed he was using it to interfere in the US presidential election. The move followed a raft of leaked emails published by WikiLeaks, including some from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) released just before the party’s convention in July, www.the

Some Britons will suffer from a weak pound more than others: THE collapse in the

value of the pound since the Brexit vote— will result in rising inflation as the cost of imported goods goes up. Figures released on October 18th show that inflation in September was 1%, up from 0.6% in August. Economists reckon that by next year it will be nearing 3%, a forecast with which officials at the Bank of England now appear to agree. Those economists tend to talk about “the” rate of inflation, but in reality different households experience different rates of price increases.

Trump’s Call to Monitor Polls Raises Fears of Intimidation: Warning darkly

of a stolen election, Donald J. Trump has called on supporters to turn out in droves on Election Day to monitor polling places, telling them they need to be vigilant against widespread voter fraud and a rigged outcome. “Voter fraud is all too common, and then they criticize us for saying that,” he said at a rally Tuesday in Colorado Springs. His language has stirred increasing fears of intimidation of minorities. www.nytimes

China GDP on target with 6.7% growth: The Chinese

economy expanded at an annual rate of 6.7 per cent in the third quarter, putting it firmly on track to meet the government’s full-year target of at least 6.5 per cent growth. But concerns are mounting that the rate could fall as officials try to cool an overheated property sector, a traditional motor of the country’s economy. This month more than 20 urban governments across China introduced measures to restrain property prices, which over the past year have increased by as much as 25 per cent in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

region are staring at starvation as the country faces another cycle of famine-related deaths. Focus will be on governors Salim Mvurya (Kwale), John Mruttu (Taita Taveta), Issa Timamy (Lamu), Amason Kingi (Kilifi) and Hussein Dado (Tana River), whose counties face the highest risk. The five governors will be expected to come up with mitigation measures after it emerged their counties have received minimal or no rains at all in the past four months.

a new mobile money economy era, steady rise in cashless transactions for goods and services. A new study by consultancy firm Deloitte says Kenya is ripe for a mobile money revolution and urges local businesses to align their sales models with the emerging reality to stay ahead of the competition. The impending mobile payments revolution marks yet another first for Kenya,.

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Ketraco signs deal with Chinese firm to link grid to SA power pool Kenya’s electricity grid will soon be linked to the Southern African Power Pool providing opportunities for power trade between East and Southern African countries. This will be accomplished through the implementation of the Kenya-Tanzania Interconnection project, whose contract was signed yesterday between the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited (KETRACO) and contractor, North China Power Engineering Company Limited (NCPE). With a capacity to transfer 2000MW in either direction, the interconnector will have positive impacts on the development of renewable sources of energy in Kenya and Tanzania as the system of both countries will result in a larger, more stable system. The interconnection will also decrease power reserve capacity to be installed given that it will enable the sharing of power with the Southern African Power Pool. The project will also substitute costly thermal energy with less costly geothermal and hydro energy, as well as increase revenue by monetizing unused optic fiber telecommunication channels strung on regional transmission towers. The Kenya-Tanzania interconnector project involves the construction of about 510km of High Voltage Alternating Current transmission line from Kenya to Tanzania, the extension of Isinya (Kenya) and Singida (Tanzania) substations as well as


The project will improve power supply, reliability and affordability in Kenya by harnessing renewable surplus power from neighboring countries. construction of an Arusha substation. On Kenya’s side, it involves the construction of 96km of 400kV transmission line from Isinya substation to the Namanga boarder and the extension of the 400/220kV Isinya substation. The Tanzanian part will involve the construction of a 414km 400kV transmission line from Namanga’s boarder to Singida,

construction of the 400kV Arusha substation as well as the extension of the 220/33kV Singida substation. Speaking during the function, KETRACO’s MD & CEO, Fernandes Barasa said that the project will improve power supply, reliability and affordability in Kenya from renewable surplus power from neighboring countries. “Together with the completion

IFES offers local organisations Sh200m to help improve electoral process The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) is offering grants worth up to Sh200 million to Kenyan organisations that seek to improve the electoral process. IFES is currently seeking applications for the implementation of the “Kenya Electoral Assistance Program (KEAP) 2017″, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The IFES is an independent, non-governmental organization providing professional support to electoral democracy. IFES promotes democratic stability by providing technical assistance and applying field-based research to the electoral cycle worldwide. The purpose of the call is to propose innovative ways to provide targeted election-related programming to support relevant KEAP program components. Applications are limited to registered local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), and religious institutions or other similar not-for-profit institutions. Locally registered

implementing chapters of international or regional (network) organisations are eligible if the majority of Board members are based in Kenya, the organisation is largely financially independent of its international mother body. The Foundation will offer Sh100 million to organistaions that seek to ensure the improvement of key electoral processes related to voter registration, party registration and compliance, voter education, electoral dispute resolution and results transmission and verification. The Foundation will offer Sh50 million to groups that work towards increased participation of women and youth as voters, as election staff and advocates. Finally, the Foundation will give Sh50 million to qualified parties that advance the goals of consensus-building, and conflict mitigation in the Eastern half of Kenya. Individuals, Governmental and semi-governmental institutions, International organisations, Political parties and Organisations running on a for-profit basis are not eligible to access the funding.

of the Ethiopia-Kenya and the Lessos-Tororo lines, this regional interconnector, power evacuator and system strengthening line will certainly facilitate East and Southern African Power Pool exchange when Kenya and Rwanda receive 400MW and 200MW respectively in 2017 from Ethiopia,” Barasa said. @enock_x254

MEAN 101.3528 123.8769 111.6247 7.1986 34.1876 21.5190

BUY SELL 101.2528 101.4528 123.7350 124.0189 111.5039 111.7456 7.18900 7.2082 34.1045 34.2707 21.4484 21.5895

CfC Stanbic Bank rebrands as group aligns operations across its markets CfC Stanbic Bank, a subsidiary of Standard Bank Group, will now be known as Stanbic Bank in Kenya following the completion of a rebranding process which began early this year. CfC Stanbic Holdings Limited will also become Stanbic Holdings Plc, according to a statement from the bank. CfC Bank merged with Stanbic Bank in 2008 to form CfC Stanbic bank after Standard bank Group of South Africa acquired majority stake in CfC Bank. Commenting on the change of name, Stanbic Bank Chief Executive Phillip Odera said the bank’s rebranding follows the Group’s decision to align its operational synergies across its markets. “This is another affirmation of our commitment to the people of Kenya. Innovation underpins our financial inclusion agenda, and it is innovation, partnerships and access to capital that we leverage to ensure we help deliver an enhanced customer experience.” “Amongst some of the investments and advancements made by the bank are greater accessibility of products for customers as well as improvement in turnaround time on lending products. We are committed to growth, diversity and improving life.” The Bank has 25 branches and over 40 ATMs in Kenya and is currently in operation in 20 countries on the continent. @Dennis_x254

Surge in internet penetration, competitive mobile landscape driving smartphone market growth Kenya’s smartphone market has grown tremendously in 2016 on the backdrop of an increase in internet penetration and a competitive mobile landscape, the latest research has revealed. A 2016 Mobile Consumer Survey done by audit firm, Deloitte indicates that smartphones have become an ever-day companion for consumers especially youth and adults, further driving the ownership of smart devices within the country. “A mere nine years after the launch of the first full touchscreen smartphone, adoption is nearing a plateau, at 81 per cent of adults, and 91 per cent of 18 yo 44 year olds. The smartphone user base is approaching an unprecedented peak. No other personal device has had the same commercial and societal impact as the smartphone,

and no other current device seems likely to,” read the survey in part. The research further revealed that a tenth of smartphone owners instinctively reach for their phones as soon as they wake up and not just to turn off their alarm. A third reach for their phones within five minutes of waking, and half within a quarter of an hour. “A similar pattern takes place at night. Over half of smartphone owners check their phones within 30 minutes of turning in for the night; a quarter check them five minutes before; and a tenth immediately before,” says the report. However, as much as smartphones can enhance social lives, the report warns consumers of over reliance on the tool, citing severe effects such as breakage of families as they will frequently cause arguments.

The research states that traditional voice calls has become steadily less popular over the last four years as the application of emails, social networks and instant messages record massive growth. However, the survey expressed concerns that a majority of Kenyans are unable to access internet due to high data charges compared to their neighbours in Uganda, where internet costs are relatively less expensive. Over a decade, consumers bought mobile phones for communication, specifically voice calls and messages. However, users have turned to the devices for their day-to-day activities including shopping, travelling, and checking their health progress whereas others use the device to run various businesses. @enock_x254


IMF advises Kenyan regulators to minimize reliance on oil


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has urged Kenya to minimize reliance on oil whether for fiscal purposes or for export as the country gears towards the Early Oil Pilot Scheme (EOPS) project. Director for the African Department, at the IMF Abebe Aemro Selassie has urged Kenya to maintain the diverse economic structures that the country has. He says Kenya should learn lessons from oil exporting countries in the continent and maintain diverse economic structures. “I think the number one thing that you keep hearing from countries in West Africa [and] other oil exporters right now, is the importance of maintaining a diversified economy, Those countries are emphasising that they wish they had much less reliance on oil exports,” he explains. Oil dependent countries have registered slowed growth following a recent drop in oil prices. This follows President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive to expedite exportation of Kenya’s first oil. Mining company, Tullow Oil has confirmed that it will start oil production in March next year. Briefing President Kenyatta at State House recently, Tullow Oil Chief Operating Officer Paul McDade said his company has made good progress and will be ready to start oil exportation in June 2017. The oil will be transported by road from Lokichar in Turkana County to Mombasa where it will be exported. He said initially, 2,000 barrels will be produced per day, adding that Tullow Oil is committed to aggressive

Workers operating a machine on an oil rig in Cameroon. exploration that will see at least eight more wells drilled in North Lokichar to scale up production. “This will take the mean recoverable resources to over a billion barrels from the current estimated 750 million barrels,” McDade said. Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter said the construction of a pipeline to transport oil from Lokichar to Lamu Port is still on course. He said the government and its

upstream partners, Tullow Oil, African Oil and Maersk Companies, have concluded a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) for the development of the pipeline. Meanwhile, The Kenya Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas (KCSPOG) has questioned the overwhelming government backing of the early oil pilot scheme (EOPS) project despite marginal benefits. A report dubbed, ‘Early Oil from

Turkana: Marginal Benefits and Unacknowledged Costs’, questions the production and export of 2,000 barrels of oil per day by road and rail for possibly two years. “Combined, capital, operating and transportation costs are estimated at around $63 million (Sh6.4 billion). With oil prices at $46 per barrel (Sh4, 600), total project revenue is only $34 million (Sh3.4 billion),” the report states. @enock_x254

Linda Mama programme beneficiaries to access ante-natal, post-natal care Beneficiaries of the recently launched ‘Linda Mama, Boresha Jamii’ programme will be able to access services such as antenatal care that includes preventive services; delivery services and post-natal care, Cabinet Secretary for Health Dr. Cleopa Mailu has confirmed. Other services include screening for diseases and immunisation for the early infants, emergency health services for complications and conditions, outpatient health care for infants at treatment and child welfare clinics. The Government through the Ministry of Health yesterday launched the expanded free maternal care programme in a bid to achieve universal access to quality maternal healthcare as well as reduce maternal morbidity and mortality rates in the country, particularly in the rural areas. Under the programme, all pregnant women can now access antenatal, delivery and postnatal care free of charge in all public, some faith based and private healthcare facilities nation-wide. The programme comes hot on the heels of concerted efforts made by the National government, County government and health service providers in the past few years to improve the quality of maternal healthcare around the country. While launching the programme, Dr. Mailu said that prioritizing the survival and health of women and girls requires recognition of their high value within the society. @Dennis_x254

DStv announces price cuts, offers additional content MultiChoice has announced a move to provide its DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access subscribers with more value through price cuts and additional content. MultiChoice East Africa Regional Director Stephen Isaboke has announced a decrease of DStv subscription prices alongside a massive content upgrade on all DStv packages, effective November 1, 2016. In the last 9 months, DStv has delivered the world’s best football leagues to DStv Compact customers followed by the DStv price freeze in April. “DStv is offering the best value entertainment by combining both quality and variety at a reduced rate to ensure everyone has access to great family entertainment at a price they can afford,” the service provider said in a statement. “This significant price drop, coupled with the major boost in entertainment value across all DStv bouquets demonstrates our commitment to ensuring DStv customers receive

the best possible access to great entertainment and outstanding value. For new customers the price reductions in both subscription prices and state of the art decoders will ensure that great family entertainment is available to everyone at the most affordable price. These changes are not only a defining moment in the story of MultiChoice, but also a defining moment in the African entertainment landscape and we are proud to be pushing as hard as we can to delight every television entertainment fan in Africa,” said Isaboke. DStv Premium will now offer more for less with a price reduction of 13 per cent from Sh9,400 to Sh8,180. Four new high definition (HD) channels have also been added to the DStv Premium bouquet bringing the total number of HD channels to 16. DStv Premium customers will also receive two new pop-up channels M-Net Movies Blockparty (DStv 109) and M-Net Movies Harry Porter which will run from 4-14 November 2016. In a major revamp of DStv Compact

Plus, customers will enjoy more channels with original series and local sitcoms, talk shows and documentaries previously only available on the DStv Premium package along with a 15 per cent drop in subscription from Sh6,400 to Sh5,425. As of November 1, 2016, Compact Plus subscribers will receive 11 new channels including Vuzu AMP, Lifetime, Discovery Channel, Crime & Investigation, History Channel and Africa Magic Showcase. More extra sporting content is now also available on DStv Compact Plus with the addition of more UEFA Champions League matches alongside the best of European Football leagues and Europa League on SuperSport 6 (SS6) and SuperSport 4 (SS4). New channels ROK, Eva Plus and B4U Movies will also be launching soon to deliver the best of Nollywood content, Latin American telenovelas and Bollywood movies respectively. DStv Compact will receive a 5 per cent price drop to Sh3,550 from the previous

DStv Sales Manager, Steve Kombo with MultiChoice Kenya Corporate Communications Manager, Philip Wahome during the announcing of the new prices on DStv bouquets as from the beginning of November 2016. Photo:Gitobu/X-news price of Sh3,750. The Premier League and La Liga will still be available on this package and additionally, customers will now get more content from the best of English programming on ITV Choice (DStv Channel 123) as well as a trip down memory lane with the nostalgic movies on TCM (DStv Chanel 137) and SS4. From November onwards,

Compact subscribers will also be treated to new channels, ROK, Eva Plus and B4U Movies. The DStv Family package will be reduced by 12% to sh 1900 and will be boosted with FIVE additional channels B4U Movies, Eva and Eva Plus channels. @kevin_x254


Motoring Deals

Uber doubles number of first-time users WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2016

Uber’s recent move to slash its prices has doubled the number of first-time users, the ride hailing service has confirmed. Uber states the increase in demand means more trips for drivers despite lower prices for riders. “We’ve even seen a small decrease in the number of hours drivers are using Uber as they can now earn as much or more quicker,” the service provider said in a statement. The ride hailing app connects tens of thousands of people in Kenya to safe, reliable and affordable transportation at the tap of a button.Uber has travelled approximately 9 000 000 km since their launch in Kenya. By May 2016, Uber had made its millionth trip in Kenya and enabled over 1,000 economic

opportunities . “Uber has allowed people who have never considered driving for a living to use the platform to become their own boss, to work flexibly and make money to achieve their goals and support their families,” the firm said in its statement. As independent contractors with Uber, driver-partners have the freedom and flexibility to drive whenever they have time. They are able to set their own schedule because there are no minimum times for operating. “Choosing your own hours makes it possible for drivers to be there for all of life’s most important moments. Individuals who own their own transportation companies can still carry on and use the Uber app to

connect their drivers with riders and grow their small businesses,” added the statement. “Driver-partners are important to Uber, therefore Uber is committed to up-skilling drivers with the skills they need to run their own businesses. This includes skills linked to operating on the platform, such as guidance for using a smartphone efficiently, GPS and navigation, health and safety best practices, working with email or tips on how to improve service to riders,” reads the statement in part. Among the initiatives that the ride sharing service has unveiled is Uber’s Vehicle Solutions Program, which aims to support driver-partners in becoming their own bosses. The program involves a Sidian Bank partnership which

provides loans to qualifying driverpartners. The deal involves a 100 per cent finance deals on vehicles priced between Sh1 million and Sh1.5 million, a 36-month repayment period at a current 8 per cent interest rate. Driver partners also receive Sh3.50 off every litre of petrol every time they fuel their cars at Total petrol stations, discounted servicing of vehicles at Auto Express and affordable car washes at 24HR Car Wash Limited. Uber’s technology is designed to help driver-partners by giving them the flexibility to set their own schedule while boosting demand so driverpartnersspend more time moving people and less time sitting idle, which means drivers are able to take more money home.

This also means it’s better for Kenya, with fewer km’s spent driving to pick up points which results in fewer emissions and less unnecessary congestion on Kenya’s roads. “With a significant portion of partners being previously unemployed, we’re proud that the Uber platform enables driver-partners to not only be their own bosses, work at their own hours and set their own targets, but also to make a good living for themselves and their families,” explains Nate Anderson, General Manager for Uber East Africa. The Uber network is now available in over 475 cities in over 75 countries spanning 6 continents. @Dennis_x254

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A-PLUS MOTORS LTD Bmw X5 KBU diesel grey fully loaded 1.99M also BMW 320i series 06 mdl N/shape P/White 1.24M also KBK black manual 690K Trade in OK 0701656750 Mitsubishi Lancer KAJ manual Silver v/clean Asian owner 329K Trade in OK 0727515312 Nissan bluebird Sylphy 09 mdl KCH Light blue 1.13M also Nissan slylphy KBM Silver V/clean 520K Trade in OK 80% Finance Arranged 0701565750 Nissan B14 & B15 KAL,KAY,KBN,KBP & KBQ Manual & Auto V/clean from 340K Trade in OK 0724571990 Nissan wingroad KBN 450K also 08 mdl Silver 790K 0722772433 Nissan Datsun 1200 pickup 07 mdl local manual petrol v/clean 495K Trade in OK 0723577726 Nissan Teana 08 mdl black KCG 1.19M Trade in OK 80% Finance Arranged 0722543012 Nissan Navara double cab pick up KBW Black with alloy rims V/clean1.63M Trade in OK 0725928084 Nissan Note 08 mdl Black 790K also KBU 06 mdls 490K Trade in OK 80% Finance Arranged 0727515312 Toyota Landcruiser pickup 06 & 09 mdls local white & beige from 1.99M Trade in OK 80% Finance Arranged 0722543012

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How to pamper your



Contestants during the competition’s auditions.

Mr & Miss

Hon. Mwaura and other models interacting.

P Kenya

Male models lining up during the auditions.

changing the face of Albinism in the country FOR MORE INFORMATION: please check

ersons Living with Albinism in society face a fair amount of discrimination. They are ostracized and many times perceived as ‘others’. Albinism is characterised by a lack of melanin in the skin, hair and eyes. It is caused by a gene defect although in African society the condition is sometimes pegged on familial curses and witchcraft. This has then created a vicious cycle in the treatment of Persons Living with Albinism. In certain areas of the continent such as Zimbabwe superstition surrounds Persons Living with Albinism; it is believed that sleeping with a person living with the condition can cure an individual of HIV/ AIDS. While in Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi international headlines are made now and again about Persons Living with Albinism being hunted and murdered for their body parts. The Albinism Society of Kenya (ASK), formed in 2006, seeks social inclusion for persons with Albinism. The association addresses violations of their human rights, as well as champions for better medical services. This is in light of the challenges faced by PLAs that are characteristic of the condition. In Kenya, babies born with albinism are

sometimes killed to stop the discrimination that would inevitably follow them throughout their lives. As a way of broadening their reach, the first-ever Mr. & Miss. Albinism event will take place on 21st October, 2016. The main agenda of the pageant will be to champion for inclusion of Persons with Albinism under the “Niko na Haki” campaign. The theme being “Nikubali Nijumuishe”, under the banner “Beauty Beyond The Skin.” The chief guest will be H.E Hon. William Ruto E.G.H Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, among other dignitaries. They are committed in ensuring inclusion and integration of Persons with Albinism in the society. Through this charity event, the organisation intends to raise money geared towards supporting currently existing programs that support Persons Living with Albinism in Kenya. Some of these programs include; Imarisha Masomo, an education support program which is currently educating 40 pupils and students across the country from kindergarten to university level. Miwani Mashinani eye care program which has provided for over 1,000 children with prescription glasses and other optical devises. Linda Ngozi Sunscreen program which has distributed over 10,000 bottles of sunscreen lotion to Persons with Albinism across various counties. Cancer treatment program which has facilitated the treatment of over 20 Persons with Albinism in various hospitals. Niko na haki campaign; a program that creates awareness about the condition to the public through media, publications, workshops and seminars. The campaign has been able to do so in many places across the country having been to over half the counties so far. Mr. & Miss Albinism Kenya is taking place this Friday, 21st October at the Carnivore Simba Salon from 5pm.







1st Runner up BETTY MBURU.

DIANA Warindah, the winner.




n the presence of the 1st Councillor Kenya Embassy Germany, Betty Cherwon, the honorary ambassadors at Face of Kenya Germany 2016 portrayed their patriotism and love for Kenya in an outstanding parade. Diana Warindah emerged the winner thanks to her fantastic community outreach for the last 4 months. She raised 800 Euros for the Mathare Sports association to support football equipment for girls. Her role now, with the support of other ambassadors will involve representing Kenya in ofďŹ cial events. She will also be involved in working with diaspora youth and assisting in community projects. She will visit Kenya to engage in philanthropic and branding activities.








Proper storage is imperative and as easy as a wall hook or dry shelf.

Protecting the lining by avoiding sharp objects and coins which also adds life to your bag.

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How to pamper your HAND

J Do not overload your bag as this will cause the slings to weaken and the bag will lose its shape.

ust like clothing and footwear, handbags are an essential component of any lady’s closet. Although the average lady owns more than a few handbags, they delight in the guilty pleasure of having a week-long favorite - one that is picked over the rest, day in day out. Consequently, these favorites are subject to wear and tear which is why you need to follow these guidelines to give your favorite bag a longer arm life. @mercy_x254

Use a smaller clutch to hold liquids and powders inside the bag to avoid spills.

lands Multimillion DSTV brand ambassador deal

stuns in sparkles at final state dinner


The Government of Kenya has allowed the Hindu community in Kenya to celebrate the Diwali festival with the traditional display of fireworks. The Diwali or Deepawali is the Hindu religious festival of lights celebrated every year in autumn. The Hindu Council of Kenya while making the announcement through a press release, asked all Hindu faithful to adhere to the allocated timelines and carry out the fireworks display in accordance with the Explosives Act Cap 115 of the Kenyan laws. The Fireworks display had been banned previously due to security concerns. This year’s Diwali festivals will run between the 28th and 30th October 2016.


Government gives green light to Diwali fireworks display

Clean stains gently to avoid scratching and tearing.

The Obamas last night hosted their last official state dinner and First Lady Michelle Obama kicked off the evening festivities with a stylish bang! Once again FLOTUS put her sartorial skills on display as she stepped out in a rose gold-hued chainmetal gown by Atelier Versace that was nothing short of outstanding. The custom-made design was draped to perfection as the liquid-metallooking material covered her curves. We’re also highly obsessed with Michelle’s sleek hairstyle and side-swooped bangs -- both classic and chic. Last but not least, the best accessory of the night was certainly having the always dapper President of the United States, Barack Obama, by her side.

Multichoice Limited, the providers of DSTV has named funny woman from Kabale as their new brand ambassador as they announced a new campaign that takes effect on 1st November. This will see the biggest price cut in the history of the brand in four of their bouquets – Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family. This comes alongside a massive content upgrade across the DStv packages. Kansiime will be at the forefront of the new campaign and has already recorded the commercial promoting the campaign dubbed ‘Business Unusual’. Anne Kansiime was chosen for the job because she resonates well with the audience and is popular with the target market.


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Kinyukia Kahora



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26ºC 35%

THURSDAY 20/10/2016


26 6:13 AM 6:22 PM

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6: 13 AM 6: 22 PM



Fill in the blanks with the numbers 1-9. every row, column and 3x3 box must contain all nine digits with no repeated number. Yesterday’s Solution


WEDNESDAY 19/10/2016



Barcelona relishing Guardiola return with City to Camp Nou Barcelona coach Luis Enrique says he “can’t imagine a better game” for fans than welcoming Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City to the Nou Camp. Guardiola, 45, won 14 trophies in four years, before leaving Barca in 2012. City have four points in Champions League Group C, two fewer than Barca, who eliminated them in the knockout stages in both 2014 and 2015. “They play very attractive football,” said Enrique, 46. “We know it will be more difficult than previous seasons.” Guardiola left Bayern Munich during the summer to take charge at Etihad Stadium, and Enrique insists “you can see the hands of Guardiola” in City’s recent displays. They have won six of their opening eight Premier League matches to top the table ahead of Arsenal. City were beaten in the semi-finals by eventual winners Real Madrid last season, and Guardiola feels more long runs in the competition would show progress. “I need to know my team as quick as possible and tomorrow is a good test,” said Guardiola. “You are important in Europe when you are there a lot of the time - that is the next target.” City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo and forward Nolito are expected to feature at the Nou Camp but midfielder Yaya Toure, another former Barcelona player, is not in Guardiola’s 21-man squad. Forward Kevin de Bruyne is fit again, while club captain Vincent Kompany came off the bench against Everton on Saturday to make his second appearance of the season. Barca have not lost at home in 17 Champions League matches, and welcomed Lionel Messi back from a groin injury in Saturday’s 4-0 win over Deportivo La Coruna. Asked what advice he can give defenders to deal with Messi, Guardiola said: “I don’t know. It is so difficult to control the talent, we know that. It’s a good test for us to compete at one of the best teams.” Enrique said defenders Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto had both overcome injuries and were in contention. Meanwhile, Guardiola has described his former club as a “machine” who are likely to dominate possession against Manchester City. The Spaniard won the European Cup both as a player and a coach (twice) with the La Liga side.

FA contacts Mourinho over referee comments

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has been contacted by the Football Association after saying it would be “difficult” for Anthony Taylor to referee Monday’s game at Liverpool. Mourinho said appointing Taylor for the game had put “pressure” on the Manchester-based official. Managers are not supposed to speak about referees prior to matches. The Portuguese, 53, has until Friday to offer a response, which will then be considered by the FA. Former referee Howard Webb told BBC Radio 5 live that Mourinho should be “taken to task” by the FA. “It’s one thing someone from Manchester or Liverpool taking to social media, a fan commenting, but for a coach to do this when he knows the rules then there should be some action taken against him,” added Webb.

Ulinzi vows towin Top 8 title for ailing coach

FC Barcelona’s head coach Luis Enrique (R) embraces his Man City counterpart Pep Guardiola (L) when they clashed in the UEFA Champions League first leg semifinal match between FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich at Nou Camp stadium in Barcelona, Spain, on May 6, 2015. Guardiola return to the stadium tonight with Man City. PHOTO: ALBERTO ESTEVEZ/EPA

He goes back to the Nou Camp in the Champions League knowing the task facing his City side is immense. “Barcelona are special in the way they play. They’re a machine,” he said. With former Barcelona officials Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain as chief executive and director of football respectively, and Guardiola as manager, there is clear influence from the Catalan giants at City. But Guardiola knows it is going to take time to achieve the identity Barcelona have forged over the past half a century.

“For the last decade, the last 50 years, Barcelona dominate football matches. I love the way they play,” he added. “They have three amazing players Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar - up front. They are amazing on the counter-attack. They have a good build-up. They are a good team.” Guardiola accepts City may have a confidence problem facing Barca, given Saturday’s 1-1 draw against Everton in the Premier League means they have gone three games without a win. Kevin de Bruyne and Sergio Aguero

both had penalties saved by Everton goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg, meaning Aguero has failed five times from the spot so far this season, including two for Argentina. Guardiola says he does not have a problem with that, and Everton manager Ronald Koeman, who played with him in Barcelona’s European Cup final success over Sampdoria at Wembley in 1992, feels City have nothing to worry about at all.

Ulinzi Stars have vowed to win the GOtv Shield Cup tomorrow to honour their ailing coach Robert Matano. The soldiers through their stand in coach Benjamin Nyangweso are seeking to add a domestic title to their cabinet having not done so since they won the league and KPL Top 8 trophies in 2010 and 2011 respectively. The Mashujaa day final against Tusker FC will come after two decades since the Soldiers lost 2-0 to defunct Rivatex. “For me, it would be something great. I won the league with Ulinzi in 2010, won the Top 8 the following year and now, I would love to add the Shield as well. For me and the team, this will be something so big,” Nyangweso said. Trophy-less in the last five years, winning the title doesn’t seem so much of an option for Ulinzi whose grasp in the fight for the Kenyan Premier League seems all but washed away with the team now 13 points off leaders Tusker. “Ulinzi is a big team and we can’t afford going into another year without winning anything at home. There is pressure to deliver and we know what we have to do. We have no two ways about it, we just need to go in and give our best,” Nyangweso stated. MORE ON THIS STORY


Ze Maria to Gor fans: I will deliver league title

Gor Mahia head coach Jose Marcelo during their Top 8 final defeat on Sunday. PHOTO: WAMBUGU MAINA

Gor Mahia head coach Jose ‘Ze Maria’ Marcelo has promised K’Ogalo fans he will deliver the Kenyan Premier League title despite the defending champions falling seven points off the pace with five matches remaining before the season ends. The only hope for silverware for the record 15-time champions is the Premier League having been eliminated from the GOtv Shield by second tier side Nzoia United before losing the KPL Top 8 title to Muhoroni Youth in a 1-0 defeat. However, the Brazilian coach remains optimistic they can chase Tusker to the tape and grab their fourth consecutive title. “Losing the top 8 was tough because we forced Muhoroni to play in their half. They scored the only opportunity they created because of our mistakes. Winning the league is important for our club and supporters and that’s our principal target,” the coach said. The tactician is under pressure to ensure Gor defends the league, but has played down the weight on his shoulders instead


remaining confident his side will finish the season with a trophy. “We promise to win the title for our fans. I promise because that’s my mentality. I never play to lose and I put this into the hearts of my players and they think like me, fight like me. We fight for the club,” a confident Ze Maria assured. Gor face Western Stima on Wednesday at the Nyayo National Stadium as they look to collect maximum points to reduce Tusker’s lead to four points. Three days after the Western Stima match, K’Ogalo take on their bitter rivals AFC Leopards in the Mashemeji Derby on Sunday at the Nyayo National Stadium. Third placed Western Stima have a shot at winning the league and they will also come into the fixture with pressure, knowing a loss will extinguish their slimmest hopes. The Mashemeji Derby will be Ze Maria’s first experience and he is looking forward to overturn the 1-0 defeat they suffered in the first leg. Meanwhile, the tactician has taken a jibe at the fans for their reaction over the

weekend against Muhoroni, rejecting a late substitution to bring on striker Jacob Keli while they wanted Enock Agwanda in. The discontent caused a 15 minute stoppage to the game as a section of fans threw projectiles. “The fans have to understand one thing. I know my players, I know what we need. At that moment we needed speed and not power. It is different. Keli is our player and they have to support everyone. I am disappointed with the fans but sometimes they don’t understand some things,” Ze Maria said. Gor might miss the services of midfielder Ernest Wendo for the home tie against Stima as he is yet to recover from an ankle injury picked against Muhoroni. In his place, the coach might call up Crispin Odula who is yet to make a Kenyan Premier League appearance for Gor since joining the club in June. MORE ON THIS STORY



Aubameyang sublime opener helps Dortmund to victory at Lisbon First-half goals by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Julian Weigl set Borussia Dortmund up for a 2-1 win at Sporting Lisbon last night as the Germans hang on by surving a second-half rally in their Champions League Group F match at the Estadio Jose Alvalade. Aubameyang gave the visitors the lead with a stunning run and finish after just nine minutes before young German midfielder Julian Weigl doubled the advantage two minutes to the break. Bruno Cesar pulled the Portuguese league runners-up back into the game when he scored from an indirect free kick midway through the second half but Borussia held on, leaving them top of Group F that also has defending Champions Real Madrid. Attachments area




Barca relishing Guardiola return


15 Ze Maria vows to win league title



Foxes perfect, Spurs held while Real fire

eicester City maintained their prefect start in the Champions league by winning at home against Copenhagen as Real Madrid thrashed Legia Warszawa 5-1 at the Bernabeu. There were also wins for European giants Juventus who beat Olympique Lyon 1-0 away in France while Spanish side Sevilla also won by a similar margin against Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia. In Germany, Tottenham were lucky to hold Bayer Leverkusen, thanks to crucial saves by goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. Back in England, Leicester City now stand just one victory away from qualification for the Champions League knockout phase after making it three wins from three in their group. Riyad Mahrez steered in Islam Slimani’s knockdown from close range five minutes before half-time time as the Premier League champions left their domestic struggles behind to remain firmly on course to top Group G. The other group’s match saw Portuguese side Porto beat Brugge of Belgium 2-1. Leicester’s win was not without its anxious moments, with former Cardiff City striker Andreas Cornelius heading inches wide moments after the Foxes had taken the lead. And it took a brilliant one-handed save from goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel in the closing minutes to thwart Cornelius again and maintain Leicester’s unblemished defensive record in this season’s Champions League. Leicester can now secure a place in the last 16 with a win in Denmark on 2 November, having already guaranteed at least a Europa League spot. Prior to Leicester City’s Riyad the clash, manager Mahrez gestures to Claudio Ranieri fans after scoring the had said the loan goal during their Champions UEFA Champions League was League Group G win their main over FC Copenhagen priority. at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, Britain, last night. PHOTO: HANNAH MCKAY/EPA

Initially, qualification from Group G would have been regarded as a major success for manager Ranieri and his players. But the Foxes may just fancy their chances of taking the dream journey a step further after becoming only the fifth competition debutants in Champions League history, after AC Milan, Paris St-Germain, Juventus and Malaga, to win their opening three games. Topping the group would make life a lot easier in the last-16 draw as it vastly increases the chances of drawing beatable opponents when all logic - something, admittedly, they defied last season - suggests they would struggle against Europe’s elite. The King Power Stadium is a compact and atmospheric arena, swirling with noise, that is perfectly designed for European nights and making even the most illustrious sides uncomfortable. If Leicester can keep up this form, and the likes of Mahrez, Jamie Vardy and Slimani can provide the threat to supplement the defensive resilience that won the Premier League, then there may be plenty of sides they can trouble. England striker Vardy’s work-rate and determination was not in question for a moment last night although he is still searching for the elusive spark that brought him 24 Premier League goals in last season’s title

win. He is not hiding away and is still tireless in his running - but he is now clearly a marked man by opposition made aware of his pace and threat with his deeds last season. Vardy has now gone eight games without a goal - a decline that might be partly explained by the fact he is now providing support for £29m man Slimani, whereas last season he was, along with Mahrez, the focal point, with team-mates working for him. Against Copenhagen, he was often seen on the flanks and played his part in creating the goal, crossing from the left for Slimani to head into goalscorer Mahrez’s path. Home fans certainly appreciated his efforts, which were rewarded with a standing ovation when he was replaced by Shinji Okazaki. Leicester’s flawless Champions League record provides a sharp contrast to their struggles for form as they defend their Premier League title. In domestic football, Leicester have lost four of their first eight league games - more than they lost in their title campaign - and conceded 14 goals. Leicester’s defence still looked uncertain last night, even at the set-pieces that were a strength last season, and it needed that magnificent save from Schmeichel here to secure the win. Perhaps the Foxes’ style is still more of a surprise to European sides than the Premier League rivals they punished last season. Maybe they are finding the rarefied air of the Champions League more to their liking than the pressure of defending the domestic title. Meanwhile, Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris made a string of saves to secure a Champions League draw against Bayer Leverkusen. The France international superbly kept out Javier Hernandez’s close-range shot, and pushed away low drives from Charles Aranguiz and Admir Mehmedi. Dele Alli should have done better at the other end when he powerfully headed wide from six yards out. Team-mate Vincent Janssen hit the bar and, from the rebound, Erik Lamela had an effort tipped over by Bernd Leno. Spurs will be thankful to man-of-the-match Lloris for keeping a clean sheet in a match in which they had more of the possession but their hosts had the better chances. The former Lyon player made six saves at the BayArena, three of which were crucial. Other champions League matches played last night saw Monaco hold CSKA Moscow to a one all draw in Russia while Borussia Dortmund beat Sporting Lisbon 2-1.

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