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Xisco Fernรกndez (1979, Palma of Majorca, Spain) Studied Tourism Administration BA at the University of the Balearic Islands. Following this, in 2004, he moved to Berlin to learn the German language, where he discovered his passion for photography. He began to experiment with light, glances and portraits, discovering endless possibilities in the multi-kulti city. When he returned to Majorca in 2006, he studied Professional Photography in CEF and became assistant of the fashion and corporative photographer Javier de Timoteo. One day joined a photography with other one and decided to experiment with the images in movement. Since then is called videoartist. One year later, in 2008, he moved to Madrid to study Professional Lighting in EFTI alongside some specialised workshops (Anthropological Photography with Jose Manuel Navia and Fashion Photography with Eugenio Recuenco). Here he began to work freelance. Since then, he has dedicated his work predominantly to portraits, events, anthropological and travel photography. His images are a reflection on identity on a journey through different cultures and people, in search of roots and structural connections. Concurrently he began to organise art exhibitions in various venues in Madrid and to work with different artists and painters. In 2010, he opened his own art gallery (Galeria EM7) and his 'coworking' cultural association (Neuroarte), which is also a monthly digital magazine ( He has organised over 100 art exhibition and cultural events, and has exhibited his own work in cities such as Madrid, Istanbul, Berlin, Rome, Glasgow, Caceres and Palma of Majorca. His curiousity for knowledge brought him to study Camera and Video Edition in 2011, which gave him the opportunity to enter into the audiovisual world, doing visual artwork, advertisements, music videos and documenting urban art. Based on the philosophy of offering the best images to customers and adaptation of its necessities in a world of constant changes, I am available for works in portraits, events, reportage, advertisement, corporative, graphic design, video, video edition, media contents, music videos and much more...

EXHIBITIONS / PROJECTIONS EXPOSONO. Sa Possessió. Palma of Majorca. Spain. September 2013 FORBIDDEN ART FESTIVAL. Glasgow. Scotland. UK. May 2013 VI BANG VIDEOART FESTIVAL. Barcelona. Spain. April 2013 VIII FICA. Villanueva Serena. Spain. December 2012 ES PATI. Palma of Majorca. Spain. November 2012 DIONIS BENNASSAR GALLERY. Madrid. Spain. September 2012 XI FERIA DEARTE. Soria. Spain. May 2012 A TU ARTE. Madrid. March 2012 ALCINE. Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. Spain. October 2011 ART JOVE. Palma of Majorca. Spain. September 2011 VII FICA. Villanueva Serena. Spain. July 2011 “HOY ES POR HAITI” Charity Exhibition. Madrid. Spain. May 2011 NEUROARTE. Madrid. Spain. March 2011 LAS NOGALAS. Montánchez. Spain. December 2010 ART’UP GALLERY. Viterbo. Rome. Italy. November 2010 HUSH GALLERY. Istanbul. Turkey. September 2010 GALERIA EM7. Madrid. Spain. April 2010 FOTOFUNK. Madrid. Spain. August 2009 V FICA. Villanueva Serena. Spain. July 2009 NEUES KUNST. Berlin. Germany. October 2008 UNDERWOOD. Madrid. Spain. July 2008


Nobody is going to stop us. Isle of Arran. Scotland. 2013

Feel the Silence. Hanoi. Vietnam. 2007

Istanbul Walls. Turkey. 2011


Colours. Marrakech. Morocco 2009

Details. Hanoi. Vietnam. 2007

Ostriches. South Afrika. 2009

Live like a berber. Morocco. 2009

Globalization. Mehkong Delta. Vietnam. 2007

The Great Sea. Vietnam. 2007

Playing. Vietnam. 2007

Musicians. Asillah. Morocco. 2009

Best Friends. Port Elisabeth. South Afrika. 2009

Train 1. Sa Pa. Vietnam. 2009

Somewhere in the desert. Morocco. 2009

Carmen Arrojo, 95 years old. Madrid. Spain. 2012

L端tfen. Istanbul. Turkey. 2010

Danger. Palma of Majorca. Spain. 2007

Stairs to Heaven. Madrid. Spain. 2009

Torn Glances. Bologna. Italy. 2012

Š All images are registered by Xisco Fernandez

Portfolio Xisco Fernández Photographer  

My new photographic portfolio. Take a look!

Portfolio Xisco Fernández Photographer  

My new photographic portfolio. Take a look!