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ong hairs are pride of a true and trendy woman. They bring out the uniqueness and royalty in her. As a woman, long hairs will enhance your confidence and stand you out among your peers. Let's explore some trendy black hair styles for Long hair.

Bob & Weave

Straight Up

Wet & Wavy



My Little Pony

FCounsel ASHION HIGH HEELS: RISKS & PRECAUTIONS women experience lower back pain resulting from the extended wear of High heels should carry warning label high-heeled shoes. Women are also that will inform users of improper use more likely to sprain an ankle while of high heels. wearing heels than while wearing flatter shoes. The constant wearing This label would be the most effective of a heeled shoe can shorten the if placed in a visible area on the shoe Achilles tendon over time, causing box. The ideal region would be on the the wearer to lose a range of motion side, next to the size label. In such an in the foot. T h i s c a n High heels throw the weight force o b v i o u s l o c a t i o n , women could easily result in locate and read the causing pain forward, causing the heads of the warning label during any metatarsal to bear most of the exercise, even The warning label body�s weight. one as simple would alert women to as walking. the danger they may Another health concern is put themselves in everyday if the strain on the knee, they are not careful. Perhaps which can result in an increasing number of osteoarthritis, a chronic women would be sensible degeneration of cartilage in the enough to take their shoes off joints. A two-inch heel is whenever possible if they enough to cause an must wear them for an increased amount of strain extended amount of time. For on the inner side of the example, a woman could leave knee, possibly setting her high-heels on at a the stage for the restaurant, but on the way to onset of this and from the restaurant, in the condition. car, she could remove the highheels. This would allow her feet M a n y to relax and relieve the strain women also have to waste money going that is caused by high-heeled shoes. through a corrective surgery that otherwise



hroughout history, women have bent over backward to feel and look attractive. Many of the methods used to obtain this goal are dangerous to their health. The highheeled shoe, one of the most popular types of women's foot apparel, belongs in this category. The pump puts a tremendous amount of stress on a woman's knees, back, heels, and toes. To avoid these potential problems, women should be warned about the dangers of wearing high-heeled shoes.

RISKS Without knowledge of the damage done by high-heeled shoes women are put in danger of permanently harming their bodies. High heels hurt and can cause significant health problems including bunions, heel pain, toe deformities and pain ful trapped nerves. M a n y

could have been avoided if they had been aware of the damage caused by high-heeled shoes and had been more moderate with the amount of wearing time. This wastes time and labor, both of which could have been easily s a v e d b y a n informational warning about the risk of wearing high-heeled shoes.

If women read and understand the warning label, less money would have to be wasted on foot and knee surgeries due to the effects of wearing high-heeled shoes. Wearing the shoe for no more than a couple of hours a day will eliminate the shortening of the Achilles tendon problem, as well as many of the other foot health concerns







en's wrist watches come in compelling selection of materials like gold, silver, rose gold, ceramic, silicone, glitz, leather and more. Most of modern wrist watchesare very comfortable and stylish. These timeless and sophisticated timepieces are extremely tough. Their prices depend much on the material used.



Some are very expensive while some svelte watches are inexpensive and have compact sizes. Most watches are water and shock resistant. One also can wear them in rain as all the watches are waterproof. Here are a number of them:

Trendy Splash ...For today’s trendy woman














ave you ever stopped to consider the important role earrings play in achieving a look? If you've ever left the house without wearing earrings and felt "naked" without them, you know not to underestimate their importance. When chosen wisely, they can enhance your best features, detract attention from not so good features, as well as add color and personality to an outfit. Earrings can dangle in a seductive way; they can c o m m u n i c a t e lightheartedness or even convey authority. There's more to choosing earrings than just picking out a pair that catches your eye. Here's how to choose earrings that'll flatter your face, hair, and personality: CONSIDER YOUR HAIR COLOR Although there's no set rules for choosing earrings based on hair color, if you have blonde or golden shade of hair, gold metal earrings may be more flatter to you than sterling s i l v e r . Likewise, d a r k h a i r e d women tend to find sterling silver and platinum to be complimentary metals for them. If you have red hair, gold is striking, but you may want to venture into copper which tends to look extraordinary on redheads. Mixed metals including earrings with combinations of gold and silver, or silver and copper tend to be flattering on almost anyone. CONSIDER THE LENGTH OF YOUR HAIR If you have long hair, a small post or button earring can be lost in the context of



your flowing hair. You can enjoy experimenting with longer dangle and chandelier style earrings. If you have short hair, you're fortunate. You can show off your earrings without having them covered by an abundance of hair. You can wear anything from a simple button earring to an interesting dangle or hoop. Although you're not restricted to smaller sizes, an oversized hoop or shoulder dusting dangle may be overwhelming if you have super short hair. If you elect to wear a dramatic earring with short hair, be sure to limit your other jewelry CONSIDER YOUR FACE SHAPE The earring you wear can have a subtle influe nce on the shape of your face. If you have a round, full face, you'll want to avoid round hoop and button earrings since these can enhance facial roundness. Longer dangle earrings draw the eye down and make the face appear longer. In contrast, if you have a long face, you'll want to create width rather than length. Opt for earrings with wider diameters such as shorter chandelier styles with lots of volume. You can also wear circular and square shaped earrings but should stay away from long, thin dangles. CONSIDER THE REST OF YOUR OUTFIT If you're wearing a colorful or patterned outfit, you'll want to keep your earrings simple to avoid looking too gaudy or busy. If you dress monochromatic ally, you can opt for a more dramatic artsy earring to serve as a focal point for your outfit.

A l s o t a k e i n t o consideration what other jewelry you're wearing. If you're wearing a dramatic necklace, let that be the focal point of your outfit and choose simple earrings. Likewise, if you're wearing long chandelier earrings, avoid adding an overly large or fussy necklace since this can look too garish. CONSIDER YOUR PERSONALITY Earrings should be fun and make a statement about who you are. Have fun exploring the world of whimsical, artsy earrings. If you're a cat lover, find earrings with a cute cat theme. Dog lovers will find no shortage of earrings featuring different dog breeds. If you want something totally unique, head down to your nearest bead store and learn how to make your own earrings. Earrings are quick and easy to design and allow you to explore your creative side. W h y n o t experiment a bit and see what earring designs work best for you? Earrings can be a f u n a n d flattering way to enhance your wardrobe as well as your appearance.

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