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The beasts of the dragoon will not overcome the Lamb Text: Revelation 13:8 and all the Earth inhabitants adored whose names were not written in the book of the life of the Lamb that was immolated from the start of the world Topic: Adoring through obedience Angle: Obedience to the Lamb is the correct footpath of the true adoration Theme sentence: The true adoration raises the Lamb, which decided my salvation from the foundation of the world. Its wisdom develops the faith and instills patience to remain to him obedient and thus to be in its registry of the life. Intention: To challenge the present young person to remain obedient to the Lamb in the middle of the climax of the great controversy will turn out in true adoration to be written down in the registry of the eternal life. Introduction: A group of young athletes had to compete very it last to be able to be in the list of the national equipment that would go to the Olympic ones. The challenge was the following one: the group was conformed by 20 athletes but they were only 7 places available within that category. So during six months they had to strive to the maximum to fulfill all the physical requirements and athletic marks to reach a place between the seven available ones. It was a powerful but loyal internal fight. It was very necessary to be disciplined in feeding, rest, exercises and punctuality. The first month gave like result the exit of the first five. Soon three and soon other 3. They were 9 athletes for 7 places. Just then it came a great carnival to the country with great celebrations and beautiful women. 4 of the athletes had to be disqualified by serious offenses to the internal procedures and the list was reduced to only 5 athletes to represent its country in all the competitions basic.

Many races and only 5 athletes. But those five strived to the maximum by their trainer that arrived to be called, the five magnificent ones. They gained everything what was to its reach because the indications of their trainer obeyed and finally they gained medals. They demonstrated why their names were in the final list. Transitional phrase Revelation thirteen present/display a history to us where obedience is the key to find the true worship. In the framework of the great controversy between the good and the evil. The enemy of God will use all their power to avoid that your name is registered in the book of the life. John watches the sprouting of two powerful beasts that arise from sea and earth and that the dragoon will use to disqualify the Earth inhabitants so that they are not in the registry of the book of the life of the Lamb.

The sea beast (vers. 1-8 pp) This beast has characteristic distinguishing very clear. Verse 3 says that it must be able, kingdom and authority of the dragoon. That is to say, it directly serves him to him. It has 7 heads that the idea that gives a power was granted to him absolute to govern. The 10 horns with diadems of versicle 1 give to the clear idea of their government and authority on the Earth kings. Verse 3: To the hurt being of death and to heal. All the earth wonder follows and it. This beast looks for the adoration of all the earth. But its objective is that all adore to the dragoon according to verse 4. To the point to think that nobody will be able to fight against her. Another characteristic is its mouth and blasphemous speech (v. 5) specifically against God, the name of God, the tabernacle of God and those that dwell in the sky. Is evident its direct conflict against or and when speaking of blasphemy we understand that it curses God or is made happen through thus blaspheming its Name, Its tabernacle (v.6) Finally versus. 5 and 7 say that it has authority to act a certain time (42 months or 1260 days) and that wages war against the saints it overcomes and them. This authority is absolute in all tribe, town, language and nation. The turnout of his to drive dear young people is reflected at the beginning of versicle 8 when John says whom “all the Earth inhabitants adored…” The terrestrial beast (versus. 11-17) We happen immediately to see driving of the second beast. Comparing a passage with another we were with the following characteristics in the activities of the earthly beast: • It has the power of the beast. The phrase “in the presence of ella" it implies “in front of ella”, like serving and supporting to beast. Use of the force and the prestige of the authority of that one to do that people of to all it adores it place • It carries out the will of the beast. It will find extreme to please in obeying to desires of the beast and imposing those desires on everybody generally. • It gives him to be able to the image of the beast. Signaling lying but so impressive that they take to the Earth inhabitants to adore it. • Absolute demand adoration for the beast, that does not do says it the verse 15 will die. . It controls to all with a mark in the forehead or the right hand. . Verse 17 declares that it must be able to control the world-wide commerce through that mark. But the versicle 18 says to us that with wisdom and understanding driving of the second beast can be identified

The immolated Lamb from the beginning (verse 8 up until the 10). Characteristics of the Lamb of Revelation thirteen. 1. The declaration “from the beginning� indicates that from before the world was created God it had devised a .redemption plan. Loved young, God never it will be taken by surprise since it knows the aim from the beginning. The Lamb is the most important personage as much of chapter 13 as of the entire of book. 2. It has a personal registry. There are specific names. The one that is in the registry will not adore to the beast or the dragoon. 3. Call to be kind (v. 9) in relation to verse 18. 4. Obedience is manifest in v. 10 when del indicates to the consequences logics that it takes in slavery and del that kills with sword It indicates to the patience and the faith of the saints. It is evident that one talks about to that they are in registry of the Lamb! 5. Return to the wisdom and understanding necessary to recognize that is the one that deserves our worship of versicle 18. Conclusion The enemy of God, to that John describes as the dragoon uses all whatever is to its reach with so hurting to God. It knows that it cannot overcome it because the Lamb is All-powerful, but as it understands that destroying the Earth inhabitants it will cause to pain to the heart del that it loves by always. It is why it looks for to disturb the sense of the correct adoration. It wants to be adored like God but the one that paid with its life by our sins only deserves it. If you remain faithful, that is to say obedient. You will suffer persecution by the beasts of the dragoon but you are with the Lamb, your name will be in the registry of the eternal life.

Call We obey to the immolated Lamb and we do the center to him of our worship. Because the Lamb planned save you from the beginning but he will only be possible if him deliveries your life.

Sermon of Apocalipsis 13  
Sermon of Apocalipsis 13  

Sermon of chapter 13 from Revelation para la clase Predicando sobre el Apoclipsis