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Antonio Johnson Bettya Burgess David Finklestien Larhonda Swales Shaymar Higgs

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Bettya Burgess Dustin Liley Heather Drake Joelle Phillips Oriana Layendecker Shaymar Higgs Six Shoota

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Cory the stylist Kahlil Oliver

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Editors Letter’s

Dear College Readers, The top three definitions according to the dictionary for the word Movement is 1. The act, process, or result of moving. 2. A particular manner or style of moving, and 3. Actions or activities of a person or body of persons. In XI2, we are speaking about our top three movements. Why? As a person it is important to get moving, staying stagnant holds the mind from learning, the spirit from souring and the soul from evolving. Have you ever wondered why your life seems to stay the same, well I can tell you right now it has something to do with not moving. XI2 wants you to get up, get motivated and move to the next level. While you breeze through these pages ask yourself when will I get up and act on my belief or dream? How will I get to the next step of accomplishment to my goal? And, what do I need to do to complete each goal created? In this issue we bring you movers and shakers that are acting on their dreams and have created a movement of their own that help others. Everyone can move forward or backward with their satisfactions in life whether it is physically, mentally or in your business, but moving forward holds more benefits and allows you to do more for yourself and others. I hope this issue motivates you to Get Up, Get Motivated and Get Moving!

-Bettya Burgess



Located in the middle of H street, in NE, Washington D.C. sits a colorful work of art of children hopping up and down the bridge. Created as a “gateway� for the National Children Museum by Deirdre Saunder, in collaboration with Peter Tabri, and also constructed with the help of D.C. youth in 1997. Originally making 320 colorful mosaic panels of Hop Scotch kids jumping, hopping and skipping across the bridge now some of the tiles have been removed for parking renovation. It is vital to keep the Arts available for all people, especially children! XI Fashion Mag commends Deirdre Saunder, Peter Tabri and the youth of D.C. that help construct a dream for their movement. This is the official XI Hopscotch highlight and we support your movement to keep art alive!

-Bettya Burgess


College Highlight



organ was not always a University, until 1939 it was a private college, then the state of Maryland purchased the school in response to a state study that determined that Maryland needed to provide more opportunities for its black citizens,. So teachers decided to expand their education and dab into the arts but first had to earn their stripes and prove themselves to the state Legislature which later designated Morgan as a university. The campuses in the state college system became part of the University of Maryland System. Morgan and St. Mary’s College of Maryland were the only public baccalaureategranting institutions authorized to have their own governing boards. The legislation also strengthened Morgan’s authority to offer advanced programs and designated the campus as Maryland’s Public Urban University, also known as a HBCU (Historically Black College University).

Morgan State University,Basketball Team

Morgan State Uni. Football Team


Morgan State Bear Mascot

By: Bettya Burgess


Fashion By : Larhonda Swales



rom the chic streets of Washington, D.C. to the fashion-savvy avenues of New York City and the glitzy and glamorous Las Vegas strip, 22-year old up-and-coming DMV fashion stylist, Donte McGuine, is not only turning heads with his own unique style, but is also evolving the looks and style of other D.C. socialites. McGuine’s love for fashion started as an adolescent. Although wrought as a football player, his real passion was sketching and designing. “I never wanted to go to practice; I wanted to sketch,” said McGuine. “Every time I see someone, I just have a vision of what I want to see them in.” Unsatisfied with small retail chains, McGuine started working for Annie Cream Cheese, a high-end vintage shop located in Georgetown, a thriving waterfront business district in Washington, D.C. It was here that he was able to put his eye for styling to use. Annie Lee, owner of Annie Cream Cheese and Pretty People located in Old Town, said that she practically hired McGuine on the spot after noticing that his sense of style and personality were not one-time wonders. “He always had great taste. He’d come in and buy the best pieces. He had a big personality and was a people’s person. He always got so much attention when he walked down the street,” boasted Lee. “He knew fabrics and designers like it was nobody’s business,” she added. After building trust within the company, and with minimal fashion education, McGuine was offered to act as buyer and creative art director at Lee’s Annie Cream Cheese Las Vegas location. There, he participated in wardrobe pulling for clients, attending showrooms and assisted with fashion styling for area socialites. “I trusted him, and I trusted his eye. He’s reliable and honest. I knew he was there not just to party and have a good time, but there in the company’s best interest,” said Lee. Aside from dressing socialites, McGuine has styled for R&B group Pretty Ricky and Carmen. McGuine said designers and entrepreneurs such as Rachael Zoe, Andre Leon Tally, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, inspire him to not only envision, but to create. “Styling requires passion and dedication. And if you don’t have either, then you don’t have a career. You can only fake it so far,” said McGuine.






“Fashion Fades, only style remains the same”



omen were not always walking around in mini dresses, suits and stiletto’s, until CoCo Chanel. In 1954 the concept of a woman in a suit was a little too liberal until Chanel added her touch of femininity to a masculine creation. Not afraid to be different CoCo was seen wearing bell bottom trousers to better climb the gondolas (History Travel , 1971) and this was the beginning of the pant revolution. Full of riveting creations she also came up with the concept of the “Little Black Dress”, a savior to every young lady until this very day. Starting out a singer, the making hats to ending as a couture fashion mogul “CoCo” Chanel has influenced all humans that love fashion and have taught them that simplicity is best just like “The little black dress.”

By Bettya Burgess


Ever Ce


ryday elebrity LOOKS


Victoria Beckham Sleek C



Before you decide to hit the town for the night try a chic slick back ponytail or bun. A classy look for every occasion.

2. An cowneck sweater or sweater dress layered with an oversized tunic cardigan always looks great with leggings or stocking that compliment your outfit.


Everyone knows Victoria Beckam for being a member of the Spice Girls and her husband David Beckham but she is first known for her chic style and impeccable taste and is an undeniable fashion mogul but Instead of looking at her designer labels, venture to be inspired by similar pieces that identify the outfit but affordable!



Accesorize your top with a pair a nice of mid high booties, 90.00 Macys to your wardrobe.


Solange KnowlesAll Na



A simple tease to the hair will excentuate your natural look, giving the hair volume and thickness for a night on the town.

A quick find in any girls closet, layer a woven Macy’s 30.00 with a slim belt H&M 8.00

Half and half leggings (pleather and spandex) H&M 35.00 makes it easy to pair any type of woven, tunic or sweater.


A red pump Macy’s 90.00 always seals the deal for a night out with the girls or a hot date!

7. Model: Shelby Clark Oriana Layendecker: Hair: CoryMakeup: Styling: Julian BoneyPhotographer: Dustin Liley


DAY TO... Tip1

Rinse your face before and after applying

Tip 2 Base your skin with a light foundation (powder or liquid)

Tip 3 For the perfect natural eye use a base bronzer

Tip 4 Highlight the eye with an eye shadow that fits your complexion




Tip 5.

Don’t be afraid to make your look bolder!

Tip 6 Add black eyeliner to make your smoky eye more defined!

Tip7 Apply a light bronzer to your cheeck bones to refresh your look.

Tip 8 Apply a color to your lip red, purple or pink can sometimes enhance the style


THE Butter Rebellion



he first recorded student protest ever in the what is now known as the United States, happened in 1766 at Harvard University’s campus! Inspired by their parents called “Sons of Liberty” whom were involved in the American Revolution, the “Sons of Harvard” wanted to unite and practice their rights, so they started a Butter Rebellion. Due to the food issues Harvard had serving students, there was one particular condiment that took Asa Dunbar over the edge, the butter! He stood on top of his chair and said: “Behold, our butter stinketh! Give us butter that stinketh not.” Afterwards the student body rose together and started to protest. The university’s president demanded for the instigater to cop a plea, but no one stepped up to the plate, so the president suspended the majority of the student body until someone stepped forward. The student body stated: “That the Butter was bad and unwholesome no one can deny: had it been the first time or had it happened rarely, we should have been content. This however was not the case and the students won. That goes to show “if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.”

-Bettya Burgess



orn in Nigeria, painter, sculptor, and accessories designer Idara Ikpe presents herself to you, the X&I reader! Using the Nigerian culture as well as patterns from traditional fabrics as inspiration and motivation to always express herself through her crafts, allowing the idea to chose its medium. Idara works in wood, clay, stone, and acrylics.


Favorite Artists:: Terry G., Nigerian rapper Lenny Kravitz Maxwell Lil’ Wayne Favorit eM Black A ovements:: rts Mo vemen t & AfriCO B


Inspirational People:: W.E.B. DuBois Leonardo DiVinci

“Create from your heart and do not compare yourself to another artist… Contribute what you have to contribute… & Do not change for ANYTHING.” -Idara Ikpe

Indara Ikpe 19

Dorm Wars


is the main ingredient going around in order keeping peace between roommates. Whether a dorm mate or a roommate what can you imagine worst than despising the one person you are obligated to see on a daily basis. Living with them! Many don’t understand petty issues can grow into vicious fights, so how can we all just get along? Approaching the situation the right way, it is vital to the survival of roommates. To prevent events like the Bowie State University stabbing that took the precious life of Domonique Frazier on September 16, 2011 due to a disagreement of an I Pods’ volume being too loud, coming up with constructive ways to solve ‘beef’ or problems between roommates is essential to the survival of the roommates. Creating ground rules can solve many problems between roommates whether living in a dorm or an apartment! Check out our ways to keep the peace!

So what do you do before your living situation starts to become a constant headache? 20

First have a discussion! Talk about disagreements. Addressing the situations differences will put the problems on the table to create solution. Control your attitude and tone when talking during the discussion, and let everyone talk one at a time. During the discussion find ways roommates can accommodate each problem discussed. Another important aspect to living with roommates, when you first move in together create core ground rules. These core rules will display what is accepted or tolerable to your mate. Each roomate should allow each other to create their top 3 rules, combine the rules and add or take away as needed. Not only do you want to create the rules but also follow through with them. Without persistance comes failure in anything pursued. So make sure the rules are agreed to follow and follow them. It is essential and will only work if each person is willing to abide by their word. Last but not least, respect your roommate’s space! This includes noise level, cleaning and borrowing! Don’t be afraid to make time for cleaning, adjusting noise levels, and keeping your own main essentials.

-Bettya Burgess



1. Respect my roommates space

2.Address problems accordingly 3. Clean Up what you mess up! 4.Compromise

5.Ask and you might receive 6. Follow ground rules!

Look at our 6 core ground rules you and your roommate can use to get started!


College News

Late2 Class


unning up two flights of steps in the Telecommunications building for my media research class, the time was 1:08 p.m. and my professor begins his lecture promptly at 1pm. While running I thought to myself ughh, I hate walking in class late; everyone stares at you like a purple man zooted on the moon as if they have never been late before. Finally making it, I walked in the classroom, signed the late sheet, sat down and took notes. Five minutes later, 3 students walked in after me again, signing the late sheet. Starting to feel a little guilty about my tardy, naturally I blocked out the boring lecture and fell into deep thought. Why are students late? What is it that we are doing that is worth more than being on time to our $800 dollar classes, while reading our $100 dollar and up priced books? There are a lot of ways I can bend the truth, make up excuses or even explain my legit reason of being late, but the professor could really careless! College is a place where you pass or you fail, and is all based on your performance. Completing college is a 4-year or more experience; everyday students go through situations that may affect their life in a positive or negative way. Whether it is trying to keep work and school stable, or just dealing with existence in general, life carries so much deed, that sometimes we forget about things. Let’s face it, we are not perfect! Students have more going on in their lives other than school. Whether partying or interning, we are capable of doing it all, you just have to learn balance. Students get so use to being away from home and eventually lose structure, I remember in high school whether my mother was home or not the mornings of going off to school, I attended single handedly off the fear of my mother-finding out I did not go. Now that I am in college, that fearing my mother quality has deceased, and why because she’s not here! I suddenly had no consequence to motivate my promptness to class or prior obligations, which is when discovering becoming an adult started!


Tips: Write down reminders Purchase a Planner or Calendar $10.00 & under View your calendar or planner daily Adolescence are forced to learn the ways of life when in college by having to be on time for your obligations, turning in assignments on time, and passing your test, if not you fail! Yes, it sounds so easy, but it is not unless you have balance. I know you are sitting there saying balance. There are too many things to balance, or its not enough time in a day to balance everything, but there is. Balance is a method college students can abide by which allows you to complete the activities you love to do and guide you to abide by the obligations you have to do. People say there is not enough time in a day, but who says you always have to do everything in the course of one day? There are 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, about 30 days in a month, and 365 days in a year. Not everything has to be crammed during the course of 24 hours. There are 3 simple methods to use so you may become more time efficient.

-Bettya Burgess

Style Flash





The Film Movement

Joe Bed-Sty Barbershop We Cut Heads, 1983 Shes gotta Have it, 1986


ENT. School Days, 1988


Do the Right Thing, 1989

Jungle Fever , 1991

renowned and talented film director, producer, writer and actor, Spike Lee. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia from his mother, Jacqueline Carroll, she was a teacher of the arts and father William James Edward Lee III, a jazz musician and composer, birthed Shelton Jackson also known as Spike Lee was born into a family of the arts and black issue. Spike, a nickname he received from his mother at a younger age has attended many prestigious schools like John Dewey High School and later graduated and enrolled into Morehouse College where he made his first student film, Last Hustle in Brooklyn. He took film courses at Clark Atlanta University and graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communication from Morehouse College. He then enrolled in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he earned a Master of Fine Arts in Film & Television. Created the best black films for all to see he has a creative and entertaining way of raising awareness of racial and political issues that are suppressed. Since 1983 Lee has birthed into the American Film Heritage classic films like Joe’s Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads, She’s Gotta Have It, Schools Dayz, Do the Right Thing, Mo Betta Blue, Malcolm X, Jungle Fever, Crooklyn, Clockers, Girl 6, Get on the Bus, Four Little Girls, He Got Game, Freak, Summer of Sam, The Original Kings of Comedy, Bamboozled and more. Receiving many awards and Academy nominations, his company 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks has produced over 35 films! -Bettya Burgess

Crooklyn, 1994




alented, educated and unique describes this new female artist in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area! She speaks the truth about life, respect and value on her most recent EP Sallie Mae produced by Judah on the Beat. When listeners hear this album that discuss’ power, debt and struggle they leave with some sort of productive conscience which is embedded in her music. Bringing back the feeling of real hip hop and quality music that affects the community in a positive way; she speaks to the streets through poetic rhyming and unique flow that is inspired by her childhood which showed her a total opposite environment as a young child and her experiences of growth. “In 1996 my real father was shot to death” murdered and I was asked to recite a poem for the funeral”, says Babysharn and this began her musical journey, losing both her biological father and step-father to a drug war; her dark days became the inspiration of her passion. “Out of the blue they called me and asked me to write a poem for my biological fathers funeral and I was wrecking my brain like I didn’t know this dude what will I say?”, says Babysharn. Due to not having a relationship with her father, Babysharn wrote and recited a poem about the situation of her father’s murder and received a standing ovation. “After I wrote that poem I said O shit I can express myself!! So I started writing! I would write about anything, I don’t care if it was a thunderstorm outside.


“No Buzz No Love”

“After I wrote that poem I said O sh*t I can express myself!” I would write about a storm but make it have some type of personification that ties into my life of how it can be black and white and then it turns gray, then I would share it with people and they would always love it!” Now, Babysharn is working on her second EP for the people “No Buzz, No Love”, and is an advocate for the community throughout the year. Her movement for life is to raise awareness about real life and real awareness; she supports the HIV Awareness movement and raises awareness about getting tested and keeping up with your health, and is also in support of “The Pro-Seeds Project”, which raises awareness for prostate cancer. As she leads by example she publicizes her testing’s and awareness whereabouts on her website www.babysharn. com.

By: Bettya Burgess

Mathematics “Mathematics is a universal language. Everybody in the world doesn’t understand Hello, or Hola, or Bonjour, or Kon’nichiwa, or Jambo but we all learn 1+1=2. I try to make music that the average man/woman can identify with and relate to.”


XI: Where are you from? Mathematics: Originally; I am from Baltimore, MD XI: When did you start your interest in music? Math: I started rapping at age 12 in middle school. XI: How would you describe your music? Math: My music is thought provoking and versatile and relates to people that live in everyday life and go through random situations. XI: How did you come up with your name? Math: Well, math is a universal language and my music is universal, people can relate to my lyrics because they have experienced them. XI: Describe Crash Course 2 and how it relates to Crash Course 1. Math: “A Crash Course is a quick lesson on the topic at hand. I look at the Crash Course as a quick lesson on who I am as an artist and the Crash Course 2 is just a continuation of that. You can definitely see the growth between the two projects.” XI: Who are your musical inspirations? Math: Nas, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Eminem.


GAMES Tic Tac Toe



ARKIN, Alan BALE, Christian BANDERAS, Antonio BROADBENT, Jim BRODERICK, Matthew BRODY, Adrien BYRNE, Gabriel CRAIG, Daniel DAY-LEWIS, Daniel EASTWOOD, Clint FIRTH, Colin FISHBURNE, Laurence FRASER, Brendan





Make sure your attire is neat and easy on the eyes. Try to stay away from bright colors or inappropriate fit clothes so that both you are confident and the interviewees are comfortable.




Make sure you are on time! Time is everything to a job, especially the first interview. Try to keep your schedule clear and leave out early.

Be confident and greet your future employer with a tight grip hand shake.


Use posture and good grammar to show your educational background, and mannerism.


Research the company prior to the interview so that you may name valuable information that you can contribute for the company.

Use words that end in –ed when you are stating your past experiences. Words that end in –ed such as organized, certified, managed are power words.


Sell yourself as if you were a product, talk about all of your good qualifications and attributes that the company can gain.

9. 30


Have a resume ready for the employer to review. Be sure to have everything on your resume updated.

Keep high energy & think positive!

Readers Digest

Dreams in a Million Dollar



s you’re reading take a moment to use your imagination and imagine the “American” dream of our grandparents. Most of them were hoping and preparing for our parents to be afforded the opportunity to graduate from a “Black College” or university they could attend in order to hold a substantial position in their desired field or occupation. If you can’t go back that far, just reflect on the experience our parents had in those colleges. If you can’t do that remind yourself of the classic episodes of “A Diff’rent World.” How dope was Dwayne Wayne with his flipped-up glasses and high-top fade or how could you forget how “BAD” Jasmine Guy was as Whitley Gilbert? Now in 2011, particularly Morgan State University, we’re hoping that Sallie Mae, the Pell Grant, or the “trust fund” Grandma and Pop-Pop started for us, covers our full matriculation. If you can identify with any of that, you will most definitely feel some “thing” about Maryland’s 2nd term Governor, Martin O’Malley’s proposed use of the state’s104 million dollars.

If you can identify with any of that, you will most definitely feel some “thing” about Maryland’s 2nd term Governor, Martin O’Malley’s proposed use of the state’s104 million dollars. In Assata, the autobiography of political refugee and former Black Panther Assata Shakur, she makes it simple. Prisons are not to rehabilitate citizens who have committed “criminal” acts but instead they are set in place as a means to keep minorities under government control. Once put through the judicial system, they are then stripped of their rights and civil liberties. At that point you are no longer given the opportunity to exercise your right to vote, obtain a job or even a driver’s license. In the memoir published in 1987, Shakur points out that the social living conditions of some African-Americans communities are fertile crescents for those in poverty that allow them to become prisoners. It’s important to understand why this is such a significant decision and proposed reality. For quite some time and even to this day it’s taught that education is the key to success. Civil Rights activist and one time prisoner, Malcolm X say’s it the “passport to the future.” The slain activist who Ossie Davis called our “Shining Prince” received a different education. An eighth-grade dropout, Malcolm X attributes his education to the libraries of the prison he spent time in. He used the time in the penitentiary “attacking his ignorance.” In his own story of his life, he doubts that he would have succeeded in college because of the more than one possible distraction on college campuses. However, the “University of the American Prisons” is not the suggested route. Moreover, it’s difficult to understand if the school is either.


The American school system is failing its student’s in record proportions. There was once a time when the American education system was top-notch. It actually worked and made sure that each student was capable of advancing to the next stage of schooling. However, in 2010 specifically in the African–American community, it is more likely for a man to be incarcerated than to receive a degree from a four year college or university. In fact, in 2008 with the country’s population of 41.8 million, single race Blacks – only 2.5 million were enrolled in college or university. According to an article written for The New York Times in May of 1997, it’s explained how former President Bill Clinton’s administration proposed spending $5 billion to repair the nation’s crumbling schools but it was put permanently on hold to balance the federal budget. What is even more interesting is that under this same administration, the “Crime Bill” of 1996 was enacted. Clinton eagerly endorsed as Democrats and Republicans voted unanimously on the bill which provided more than eight billion federal dollars to the construction of new prisons throughout the country. The bill was put into motion in efforts to invest in the pockets of rich businessmen and corporations or put simply by 23-year old artist Kevin Williams, “modern day slave and plantation owners.” For those aware of this all too familiar system, there’s a name for such practices – The Prison Industrial Complex. History books, teachers and those not “up on it,” will tell you slavery was solely abolished with Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. The 16th President and husband of a woman whose father was a prominent slave owner arrived at the idea of the eradication of slavery “to save the union.” In a letter written to the New York Tribune, Lincoln makes it clear that his mission was “not either to save or to destroy slavery.” As the document states, the only people who could benefit from the new “freedom” that was given were slaves who escaped to their freedom. There were still thousands of slaves that would be subject to the authority of slave masters. Williams, a student preparing for graduation also goes on to say, “while the ‘formal’ institution of slavery that we all know of with, ‘cotton picking and the house and field niggers’ may be over, these prisons have the same agenda. They’re [prisoners] segregated, put against each other and produce materials for corporations at pennies on the dollar.” Williams could not be more correct. The 13th Amendment under the Constitution of’ the United States of America, it states that, neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. That was a lesson that even Shakur was to find out while she was imprisoned and beaten during her enslavement by the judicial system.


Student minister for the Nation of Islam Abdullah Muhammad expresses that “everyone is feeding off of our down-trodden condition to feed their capitalism, greed and lust for money,” and the more than unfortunate thing is, it’s true. Prison labor is a gold mine; the yearly harvest is sickening considering the circumstances our brothers and sisters are experiencing. Companies like MCI install pay phones in these facilities and from one phone alone generate up to $15,000 a year. Here in the state of Maryland, prisoners and more than likely the new inmates that will be in the prison on Monument Street are and will be responsible for inspecting the glass bottles and jars that are used by Revlon and Pierre Cardin. The modern day slavery idea seems a little bit more real with statistical information that states that 70 percent of the close than two million people in prison in America are people of color. Former Black Panther, now Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department at Syracuse University, Angela Davis has done extensive research and work to dismantle the prison industrial complex. In an article written on the topic, Davis writes that “the political economy of prisons relies on racialized assumptions of criminality — such as images of black welfare mothers reproducing criminal children — and on racist practices in arrest, conviction, and sentencing patterns.” Marine biology major and previous Vice President of the Morgan State Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Christina Keenan claims that “Governor O’Malley’s prison idea reinforces the notion that African-Americans and other people of color need to be caged because their unfit for society.” To truly attack the detrimental climate of our justice system several issues must be confronted and drastically changed, such as the education system, policies on drugs; not only marijuana and cocaine but massive nationwide abuse of prescription drugs and pharmaceutical companies In addition to the Fortune 500 companies that perpetuate the violent nature of prison harvesting and criminal breeding, people must be notified that our contribution to companies such as IBM, Motorola, Compaq, Texas Instruments, Honeywell, Microsoft, Boeing, Nordstrom’s, Revlon, Pierre Cardin, Chevron, and Victoria’s Secret assist in estranging minorities from the world, life and dreams of those who benefit from them.

If it seems that most people don’t care about what’s happening, it’s due to the saddening reality that they have no idea. It has become easier to become a prisoner due to the unavailable resources that most families have. Nonetheless, many parents and adults are dedicating time and financial wherewithal to revolutionize the current state of affairs regarding education and knowledge of the justice system. Raising upstanding human beings is not an easy task for many. During a lunch conversation with Dr. Baruti Kapano the topic of children and the importance of investing in them came about. As a parent he claims that what you put in your children is what you often receive. “Raising children takes time; you have to do more than send them to school. You have to find out what their interests are, hone in on them and nourish them. Nourish them academically and socially.” He recalls that when he was a student on the graduate level at Syracuse University his professors continually made it a known that they will be the ones that are going to run the world. The success of society lied heavily on their shoulders. Kapono says that because of their expectation he wanted to “excel in any and every thing” he put his hand to. That same expectancy is evident in how he and his wife raise their children and even the many students he comes in contact with at Morgan State University. In the remembrance of dreams, recall Loretta Hansberry’s stage play A Raisin In the Sun and the poem of Harlem Renaissance staple, Langston Hughes’ A Dream Deferred. “What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore – And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat or crust and sugar over – like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode?” In this case, many of our dreams will be locked, caged and overworked inside the 104 million dollar prison walls that stand on 600 E. Monument Street.

Graphic Designer/.Advertising Designer

By: Antonio Johnson



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he brain is a very busy place; it is full of energy and thoughts that create idealistic reality. Some people ignore their thoughts and should not, others act upon their thoughts too soon but many think their thoughts through and reap a positive outcome. Have you ever thought of an idea that seems impossible to create and then see it on a television commercial three months later? Well, that is because the creator acted on that silly thought you created in your head a couple of months back by taking action and asking questions. You’re probably thinking what actions did they take or what kind of questions are they asking? Action requires movement, research, and attempt to complete. Action will take your mind and project to the next level. It will help you evaluate what is next on the agenda to complete your company goals and allow you to automatically form the question, what is next? Once your first two steps are tackled all you need is passion, drive and dedication to carry your brand to the next level. When an entrepreneur creates a company name creating a name and logo shows the company’s personality and also shows the consumer you are serious about the production of the product. Have fun with this part but remember this is your business’ brand that will also represent you over the years. Create the goal purpose for your company Making a goal for your company is important. It allows the consumer or investor to know what your company’s broad purpose is about and shows what the overall purpose of the project. Creating goals will also help keep your company in perspective and organized.


After your company has created a name, logo and mission statement, write a plan that maps your company goals and steps yearly, this way will create an easier way of running your company, it will allow you and your team to point out what is next on the agenda and put the main goals into perspective. Everyone is better with a helping hand, so dont be afraid to start a small team. Teamwork is dream work! Find people that hold your similar interest and ask them to join your team! Tell them your company goals and explain what you are trying to do and where your company will be in the next five years. If they like success, joining your team will be an easy task for them. Don’t get comfortable when your work load is lightened by team players continue to take care of your project. Watching your brand continuously and nurturing your project will give you the opportunity to manipulate the pros and cons of the company. While your project is developing use that time to find people that believe in your project enough to support, fund or donate. Creating ideas for the company is not the only thing you as a beginning entrepreneur is responsible for, funding your ideas is also a major ingredient when a company is trying to progress. Talk to people that will listen to what your product or idea entails and try not to talk too much! Say who you are what your project is about and let them ask more questions. If they don’t ask questions make an open ending comment like “Well you should check it out, here is the information” Target investors, relatives or mentors that can take your project to the next level! Grow and evolve consistently Allow your company to change and grow to expand your demographic and keep up with the Jones’. When you grow you are changing the cons of your company and evolving into new goals for the upcoming quarter. -Bettya Burgess year.

A powerfulCivil example that Rights Movement reflects our society today is a movement that showed ‘the people’ it was ok to fight for your God given right to be an equal citizen. In the era of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s a movement that lasted for years and still continues today is the most influential on and in our society, the “Civil Rights Movement”.



Day Look: Layer an anckle length dress over a pair of leather shorts and a print pump, or flat shoe. accessorize the neck or ear to add a pop to your wardrobe. Black Leather shorts: H&M,24.00 Lepard Pump, Steve Madden 90.00



Night Look: Change your day look and keep your main piece on for the night! Keep the dress on and add a blazer or cropped jacket to the equation and over accesorize the neck to give a dramatic look.

Photography: Joelle Phillips Makeup: Model: Helen Styled by Julian Boney



ary & aroline



Cover KIds

Caroline 40


aroline Oladipo is a high fashion model from the country roads of North Carolina but was raised in Texas for the majority of her life. Originally from Nigerian roots Caroline is surrounded in an environment with white or light models. Picked up by a Richmond, Virginia Willimena modeling agent, she understands she is inlove with a bias industry, but she is not going to let that defer her dream from reality. “I love fashion,but it is hard getting into high fashion being a dark skin model, not only do you have to be a certain size, but you also have to have a specific look”. Everyday the industry is changing and Caroline wants to be apart of the eveolution. “I would like to pretty much change the industry and how they see beauty. Now what they see is size zero, and blonde hair.” Going on her third year of modeling her ultimate dream is modeling in New York with an agency or overseas.



Cary A

sexy model with a flattering delight from the DMV; Stanley Cary, also known behind the lens as Cary has been gracing the fashion scene as a model for three years taking over the industry one photo at a time! Originally from Petersburg, VA Cary has sealed his deal with Ja’Dore Models in New York, NY. “I love being in front of the camera, I think it’s an art form and I also like to be seen.” Cary is a jack of more than just modeling, he dabs into acting and has acted in a play production named, “Redeem”. His journey has just begun and Cary says, “Modeling is the passageway to something bigger”. While modeling in Milan would satisfy his dream, he also helps others through his own organization, the Cary Carriage Foundation. “This foundation is for the less fortunate children from the inner city that never get the opportunity to flourish.” By mentoring and providing food and an opportunity for the less fortunate Cary says, “Coming from a poor city myself the Cary Carriage Foundation is my way of giving back and showing kids that there is a way out.”


Name Caroline Height 5’9 Birthday May 21 Sign Taurus Hometown North Carolina


Name Cary Height 5’9 Birthday December 26 Sign Capricorn Hometown Petersburg, VA


Height: 6’0” Weight: 138lbs Bust: 36B 38” : t s i a W Hips: 33” Shoe: 10 Dress: 9




The Drop In!

“Talent will get

you noticed. Work ethic brings you successs.”


BY : Bettya Burgess

Cool Kids Entertainment has been around since 2008’. Growing at an easy pace the demand of the Cool Kids are growing by the minute.!Shooting videos for talented knowns like Raheem Devaughn, Tabi Boney, Julian Pierre Boney and XO Uptown. Six Shoota is the ultimate entrepenuer,videographer and director . Sharing his skill and opprotunity with the youth, Six has created an internship for the youth to take advantage of! Thanks Six Shoota for your MOVEMENT through talent!

Ebony TYE

Hamilton “Dancing is more than a movement, it is something you live through”

Originally from Washington, DC, dancing has been

her fever since her grandmother enrolled her in dance class at the age of two. Dancing in her first play, the Care Bears Ebony Tye Hamilton has accomplished a plethora of recitals, competitions, concerts and more! Dancing is her absolute passion, and she helps youth learn how to dance, train and participate in competitions that lead to grants and opportunity. Created by Ebony Tye and her co-teacher and new artist Ozone Dance Fusion is the new hottest workshop in the S.E. Washington, DC community. “Dance fusion is a workshop created for all ages that want to learn hip hop and contemporary dance moves”. Helping children use their time constructively,” Dancing helps keep kids off the street”, says Ozone. With a desire to start workshops nationwide, Dance Fusion has started their foundation in the Washington, DC Northeast Performing Arts Center. “Our main goal is to sign up as many dancers as possible, we are putting our lives to the side for this and we want dancers that pour out every emotion on the floor.” -Bettya Burgess


Julian Boney Pierre

PRESENTS... Monozygous. FLASH MO



2012 Flash mob fashion,NY,Times Square

Tranyka Williams & NY times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham

Julian Pierre Boney has started a flash mob fashion trend! Displaying his garments in the middle of Times Square in New York, NY this is only thie beginning of this flash mob frenzy! Hitting major cities Boney first started his display in Washington, DC surrounding the washington monument. His reinvintage couture lines Ahhrythmia and Monozygous hits the street at approximatly 11:30 am signifigantly Boney’s birthday. The lines are astonishing as he uses draping cheffon fabrics paired with floral prints. On November 1, 2011 on the National Monument sidewalk in Washington DC at 11:30 am, “Inventage” is mixtures of reconstructed vintage pieces paired with new designs created by Julian Pierre Boney. As Boney unveiled “Inventage”, Boney released his second line “Monogyzous” in Time Square using 7 models to walk the block and do a live photoshoot! Check out Julian Pierre Boney’s flash mob shows on 49

Ahhrythmia...The R


Reinvintage Brand... Monozygous collection By: Julian Boney



Models-Rebecca & Allyson Biersack; Photographer- Oriana Layendecker;Mua- Kim Reyes; Hair- Kahlil OliverNails- Nia Cooper for purchase visit



vs. E

2. Republicans get their act together: This republican primary has been a joke. Candidates like Trump and very time I happen to bring up the presidential race Cain should have never been given a chance in the first with friends, it’s just assumed that Obama is going to place. Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney both have decent win it all. I mean, how could any of the republicans even resumes, but too much baggage. Romney and Gingrich to come close to beating Obama? How can a man who ran me feel like an old girlfriend that just won’t stop texting one of the best campaigns in history lose to a republican you. If you look just past these candidates and exclude candidate with a mustache (never mind, Herman Cain Ron Paul (who is literally crazy) there are two other Dropped out)? candidates who are very electable. Oh yeah…I almost Well if I wasn’t a political nerd who follows election forget that guy named Rick Santorum. If we elect him he polls as much as the power-rankings in the NFL, I would will probably perform exorcisms on every democrat in probably think the same. According to Realclearpolitics. congress. com, a site that averages out all the current polls, Present 3. Iraq “goes” into Civil War: Personally I think Iraq Obama vs. a generic Republican candidate is at a tie. If is already in a Civil War, but as usually politicians are in deObama ran against the top two republican candidates, nial, until it gets real ugly. Some might argue that the Civil he has only a 2-3 percent advantage, which falls in the War never ended in Iraq because we all know American margin of error. Even though Obama is most likely is goforces don’t exactly have a great track record with intering to win, there are some scenarios out there that could vening in Civil Wars. If Iraq does break out into sectarian easily change that. violence, Obama will get a lot of flak for pulling the troops 1. European Union falls apart: The American out early. economy exports almost a quarter of its goods to Europe. If demand for these goods drops a lot, Ameri4. Oil prices sky rocket: People aren’t going to be can companies might be forced to lay off workers. happy when they are paying 5 dollars a gallon to fill up Even worst, nobody knows how much American banks their tanks just to drive to the gas station. Not everyone invested in Europe. Another AIG or Lehman could be is as lucky as I am to live two blocks from a metro in D..C. just around the corner. This could throw a wrench into even though I do spend five dollars a day on the metro Obama’s claims that the American economy, despite just so I can walk run down broken escalators and sit on being fragile, is still improving, shooting unemploytrains with no heat.. If Iran even attempted to seal off the ment numbers back up to double digits. I don’t see any Strait of Hormuz, they would get their ass kicked, but it incumbent winning elections with unemployment levels would still cause oil prices to increase to about five dollars. at double digits.


Muhammad Gandi

Jessie Jackson

5. Obama just says F*** it and quits: They say presidents age when there in office, but when Obama gets out he will like Robin Williams in the movie Jack. With Japan growing teenage mutant ninja turtles, North Korea being run by a 27-28 “boy”, Iran making nukes, Pakistan harboring terrorists, and religion taking over the NFL who would want to be president. The best thing that happened since Obama got elected was five dollar foot longs at Subway. The next best thing was Dominos changing their recipe and creating a ‘sick’ pizza’. Conspiracy? I’d say so. There are probably a lot more scenarios out there, but please if you are one of those hipsters reading this article on your IPhone while riding your 70’s style eco-friendly bicycle with an Obama’s bumper sticker on the back and a GPS directing you to the nearest Occupy Wall Street camp because you don’t want to stay in your yuppie condo that your parents bought for you, can you stop preaching about Obama and how he’s guaranteed to win because when you wake up on Wednesday morning crying because Obama lost to Joe the Plumber, you will only have yourself to blame for not voting because the Starbucks line was too long.

Peace Leaders

John F. Kennedy -David Fincklestien

A powerful example that reflect our society today is a movement that showed ‘the people’ it was ok to fight for your God given right to be an equal citizen. In the era of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s a movement that lasted for years and still continues today is the most influential on our society, the “Civil Rights Movement”. Through demonstrations, sit-ins, peaceful protest and boycott’s, over fighting for your civil rights required mental strength and physical strength to survive. For years ethnic people were suppressed physically from doing natural things like use the public restrooms and had to fight through unity, protest, sit-ins and boycotts. Now-a-days people have been blessed the right due to the previous generations tolerance towards prejudice, hate and courage to fight for what is just right.

-Bettya Burgess (Continued story pg. 35)



Since the 1200th century people have been hooked on a ‘drug’ that has been debated upon legalizing. It is a drug that has very light side effects like drowsiness, an appetite growth, and lazy demeanor depending upon the grade. The debate of legalizing marijuana has finally balanced it pro’s and con’s according to the people, and yet fortunate for some but unfortunate for others legalizing marijuana in September of 2009 in states like California for people with medical conditions like cancer or symptoms like glycoma, or insomnia has mysteriously grown in numbers. One ethical issue that has been arisen is that approximately forty -six percent of all drug prosecutions nationwide are for marijuana possession. According to the TNORM (The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) police arrested a record of 872,721 persons for marijuana violation in 2007. People are losing years of their lives over selling a drug that the government created policy over so that they can control the recreational smoking demographic. According to Legalizing Marijuana: Drug policy Reform and Prohibition Politics: “The tax act did not really target strict medical use of marijuana; its original purpose was to discourage recreational refer smoking.” An ethical issue of legalizing marijuana also stands tall in America when you count the difference in people that want marijuana for personal use verses those that may really need it for medical care or treatment. Many people use marijuana and in different ways. The most popular way is smoking the product, which turns it into a consumer demand, leading us to the next mos popular way to use marijuana which is selling it to make a profit which creates an industry of its own. This is a tactic the government does not like. Why? Because they cannot create tax for a drug that is banned from the land, meaning they can make 0% profit. Medical marijuana patients are taxed 100 dollars per ounce when they want to buy product, which means these patients are paying 100 dollars more than what they would off the street. Marijuana users are easy targets for police officers that must make a certain jail quota each month.


Legalize or NOT?

This ethical issue relates to deontology because legalizing marijuana for certain people creates a reality of consequences for a wrong that has nothing to do with ethics or morality but money and power. It is a method America uses to disengage emotion and make it a moral obligation of financial survival for the human race. We begin to disregard reverence for life and start to replace moral wrongs with the belief that “it is just a job”. Locking citizens up for marijuana drug distribution feeds the ethical ego of our authority because they can manipulate the emotion, and progression of the people. Subliminally stating to the people through tax and consequence, you can make money, but not more than me”. The next question to ask is how would people get access to this high demanding drug without getting busted? The answer is, you can’t. Why? Because the government made it illegal, so many people consume under the table until caught by government official. Instead of making money off of the drug dealers locked up for marijuana, the government should make a non bias, non discriminatory law and policy for marijuana legally. In result this will decrease more than half of the felonies eating tax payers’ money in jail and increase the ratio of fathers being at home rather than in a facility. This solution will also increase the economy for not only the government but for the investor in the marijuana industry.

-Bettya Burgess

es l p o e The P hts Thoug Political Survey Do you agree or disagree with the legalization of marijuana in the States? Shavon Davis: I disagree with the legalization of marijuana, because then the government can add tax. Amen Haddis: “Yes...Less people will have there lives setback (not hired, not given school funds) because of marijuana charges.� Kendra Burke: No, legalizing marijuana is just creating a modern day epidemic, and is not even medically proven to sustain.


Frenche Bobbi

From Bff’s to business partners, Shana Burnete and Kiera Fletcher are finally building their fashion empire! Mixed with syle and education in fashion marketing and styling, Frenche Bobbi makes the perfect styling duo! XI: What is Frenche Bobbi? FB: We are an image consulting team that specializes in bringing the look together for anyone that needs to make an appearance

or needs to look fabulous for a photo shoot or video shoot.

XI: What year did you have the idea to start Frenche Bobbi? Frenche: In 2008 we started Frenche Bobbi because both Bobbi and I were interested in fashion but from two different aspects. I am interested in fashion marketing and Bobbi styles.

XI: If you could describe each other in two words what would they be? Bobbi: We balance each other, Frenche is the stylist that knows where to find the chic for cheap look, which is more ready to wear for the client.

Frenche: Yeah, and Bobbi I would describe as unique and edgy she finds that “rare” piece that makes the outfit pop! Who has Frenche Bobbi worked with before?

Bobbi: We have worked with Marq Raisa, Raheem Supreme and other DMV models and artist. 58

Good Times. Good Experiences. Good Life. For an elevated marketing firm call 202.656.8072



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