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TwiggX is an alternative model who resides in Sundsvall, Sweden. For her gallery, news and more please visit: To book TwiggX for modeling assignments, visit *Photo styling effects by Mystikka


Victoria Moore – Fine Art

My Secret Garden


Mysteries of life reveal themselves through the creative process. Exploration not only takes place on the canvas, it becomes a journey within. My hand is guided by the mind’s eye as I explore the fluidity of fantasy, reality, personal journeys and the inherent sensual nature of our inner and outer worlds. To begin from the void of blank canvas and create substance always elevates me. Capturing an image or a concept and suspending it in your mind is a provocative endeavor. When the spark of a moment has past and the memory is all that remains you invoke the balancing of opposing forces; discipline and the creative spirit. The canvas transforms, becoming a permanent record and timeless home for exploring that expressive energy. I cannot recall a time that drawing and painting did not beckon me. San Francisco Bay Area proved a fertile ground for honing my skills early, while studying various creative disciplines. A near-death experience at 23 began my journey looking past the surface of everything in life. Influences and interests continually morph and evolve. My growth and understanding relative to spiritual truths often surface in my paintings. While working with the physicists as an illustrator for their cutting-edge concepts, their counsel while processing the near-death experience was rich ground for expanding concepts and visual imagery.

Tickling Her Fancy

More recently I have taken to working in series and find it inspiring to approach one subject from a variety of perspectives, and to have the opportunity to apply new techniques in a variety of similar application until it becomes a relaxed extension of the creative process. Thank you for taking the time to get to know my work. Cheers, Victoria Moore

Goddess Isis


The Fuck Dance

By Shawn Schepps

Since my last article I have had to move to another safe-house as the Ya-Ya-Sisterhoodof-the-Traveling-Pants have put out a Jihad on me for publishing trade secrets. Me, I just want a decent relationship as much as you do. So at the risk of my own life, let’s get down to business. I speak now of the familiar tribal custom which shall formally be known here as The Fuck Dance. And it goes a little something like this: You’ve met her. She rocks your world. You’ve got a non stop hard-on for this woman. You would do anything for her, even go down to the nearest store and get her a box of Tampons. She feels the same way. She’d do anything for you, even watch you and your loser team play softball in the bone-chilling cold. All she wants your hands on her. Everything you say is funny to her.


This is what we commonly refer to as the honeymoon phase. And while it lasts, there ain’t nothing better. We all want it to be easy. But life comes down on the honeymoon phase as quickly as a trannie on Eddie Murphy. One day—oh, say about 6 weeks in—you find you’re no longer thinking about her all the time. You go back to work. She goes back to work. You start attending your weekly poker game again. You no longer leave a meeting to take her calls at the office. You begin to compartmentalize again. You’re serial multi-tasker. Your mind functions like a Rubik’s Cube. She doesn’t understand this. All she knows is that you seem to be preoccupied, pulling away. As far as you’re concerned, you’re not. But she’s beginning to wonder if you still care as much as you did when you were spending 24/7 in the 69 position.

You, being the serial multi-tasker, eventually get around to noticing this. So you decide to go out of your way to a mall after work to get her a little something-something. She’s your wet dream girl. She deserves it. Hmm…flowers? No, they die. Might as well burn money. Jewelry’s out of the question—it’s just a little token gift. Ah—there it is, tempting you from every Gap-filled corner of America: Victoria’s Secret! You come home with a beautiful, delicate peignoir. Pink—kinda virgin-whore fantasy. And with the tiniest little thong. Yum! Your sweetie greets you at the door with a warm hug, a deep kiss, and then she eyes the package. For her? How will she ever thank you? Blowjob of course—you know that’s coming after she opens her gift. Or maybe not. The minute she sees the lingerie she stands up and throws it in your face. And so the dance begins: She: “Oh, really? So in other words you expect to get laid tonight? Translation: “Since when do you decide the fate of my pussy?” You: “What did I do?” Translation: “What the FUCK did I do?” She: “This isn’t a gift for me, it’s a gift for you. ”Translation: “Work’s been a real bitch and my mother is driving me crazy and now you come home with this synthetic sex-bait and

expect me to bend over ass up?” You: “I just wanted to get something for my honey.” Translation: “Maybe I was wrong about her. Maybe she’s one of those crazy bitches who’ll cut my cock off while I’m sleeping, like the last one who peed in my closet.” She: “You can’t just spring this on me. It puts me in an awkward position. It makes me feel like I owe you sex.” Translation: “The honeymoon is over.”

You need to do some prep work if you’re gonna get on the fuck dance floor. Buy the lingerie, sure, but let’s be honest—it is a gift for you, too. So to get what you want and what she wants, you’re going to have to man up and put in the work. This means a few days prep before you treat her to your favorite lingerie.

Tell her she looks unusually pretty in the morning. Ask her if she’s sporting a new dress because her figure looks fantastic. Rub You: “Hey, I didn’t mean anything by it.” her back when you pass her by. Kiss her on Translation: “Shit is the honeymoon is over?” the forehead for no apparent reason. Do the dishes just because. And if you really want Sadly, yes. You’ve had your six weeks of blowto get her in that thong thing, take out the job bliss, now it’s time to pay for the piping. I’m garbage without being asked. She’ll want not saying there won’t be periods that remind you so bad she’ll have that virgin/whore linyou of the honeymoon stage. But the reality is, if gerie on faster than Ben Johnson can run the you want your needs met, as you get deeper into hundred-yard dash. this relationship you’re going have to do some work. Not that it’s going to be a constant battle Of course you still care about her. But now or you’re going to have to go at it hard like Olin you have to show her. That takes a little Curtz and Fred Miller—you’re just going to work. It’s the fuck dance, gentlemen. It’s not have to be smart. that difficult. Just remember to grease the glove. But don’t worry, I’m gonna school you. Women are like new baseball gloves—you have to work them in and grease them up until they get all soft and curve to your every digit. If you’re gonna do that for a new baseball glove, you might as well do it for your woman too. It’ll make your life a helluva lot easier. Rule #1 is: Never, I mean never, make the assumption that bringing home lingerie to your girl is going to pop her weasel. She really will think it’s a gift for you and not her. She will feel like she is trapped and obligated to bang you. This will piss her off and you will be eating kibble out of your not-so-theoretical doghouse.

Shawn Schepps grew up in Los Angeles, CA and lives with her dog and two cats. Her blog is located at: *This article was originally published in Player Magazine.





Art by Wildraw is available on:



How to Build Your Power By: Steve Pavlina

Just like your muscle tissue, power weakens from lack of use and grows stronger when exercised. The more you train your power, the more powerful you become. Everyone has some power, but not everyone develops it to the same degree. Here are some methods to train yourself to become more powerful. Progressive Training A good way to build power and especially self-discipline is to progressively train yourself to tackle bigger challenges. When you train your muscles, you lift weights that are within your ability. You push your muscles until they fail, and then you rest. Similarly, you can develop your power by taking on challenges that you can successfully accomplish but that push you close to your limits. This doesn’t mean trying something that’s beyond your strength and failing at it repeatedly, nor does it mean playing it safe and staying within your comfort zone. You must tackle challenges that are within your current ability to handle but which are close to your limit. Progressive training requires that once you succeed, you must increase the challenge. If you keep working at the same level, you won’t get much stronger. It’s a mistake to push yourself too hard when trying to build your power. If you attempt to transform your entire life overnight by setting dozens of new goals for yourself, you’re almost certain to fail. This is like a person who goes to the gym for the first time ever and packs 300 pounds on the bench press. You’ll only look silly. Accept your current starting point without judging yourself harshly. If you’re starting from a very low point in your life, you may find it extremely challenging just to get yourself out of bed before noon and pay your bills on time. Later, you may progress to making dietary improvements, starting an exercise program, and breaking harmful addictions. As you gain more power over your life, you can take on bigger goals, such as building the career of your dreams and attracting a fulfilling relationship. Don’t compare yourself to other people. If you think you’re weak, everyone else

will seem strong. If you think you’re strong, everyone else will seem weak. There’s no point in doing this. Simply look at where you are now, and aim to get stronger as you go forward. Suppose you want to develop the ability to complete eight solid hours of work each weekday. Perhaps you try to work a solid eight-hour day without succumbing to distractions, and you only manage to do it once. The next day you fail utterly. That’s perfectly fine. You did one rep of eight hours. Two is too much for you, so cut back a little. Could you work with high concentration for one hour a day, five days in a row? If you can’t do that, cut back to 30 minutes or whatever you can do. If you succeed, increase the challenge. Once you’ve mastered a week at one level, take it up a notch the next week. Continue with this progressive training until you’ve reached your goal. By raising the bar just a little each week, you stay within your capabilities and grow stronger over time. When doing actual weight training, the work you do doesn’t mean anything. There’s no intrinsic value in lifting a piece of metal up and down. The value comes from the resulting muscle growth. However, when building your power and self-discipline, you also gain the benefit of the work you’ve done along the way, so that’s even better. It’s great when your training produces something of value and makes you stronger at the same time. That’s a double win. Master the First Hour It’s been said that the first hour is the rudder of the day, meaning that the way you start your day will tend to set the tone for the rest of it. If you adopt a disciplined routine for your first waking hour, you’ll probably enjoy a highly productive day. But if you squander that first hour, it’s likely the rest of the day will be equally unspectacular. Conquer that first hour by exercising, reading, cleaning, writing, or doing other productive tasks. Many people have told me that whenever they complete an important task first thing in the morning, they gain a tremendous feeling of well-being and energy that lasts for hours. I’ve experienced this as well. Finishing an important task early in the day is motivating and energizing. When you conquer that first hour, you

feel that no matter what else happens, your day is already a success. Personal Quotas Just as a salesperson might have a monthly sales quota to meet, you can use the concept of quotas to improve your performance in any endeavor. Establish a daily minimum output goal for yourself in some area of your life. This ensures constant forward progress and is a fantastic way to develop your selfdiscipline. You can use any metric you want as long as it works for you. A writer could set a daily quota of words, paragraphs, or pages to write each day. If you’re organizing your finances, you could set a quota of processing a certain number of transactions or receipts per day. I’ve experimented with both action-based and outcome-based quotas. At first I preferred the former because the targets were more controllable. It’s easier for me to commit to writing for two hours per day versus writing 2,000 words per day. Unfortunately, I found that when I used action-based quotas, my results were weaker. I’d put in the time, but I wouldn’t maintain the same compulsion to closure. Today I prefer outcomebased quotas, such as completing a new article, because I find them more effective and motivating. I encourage you to experiment with daily quotas to see what works best for you. Start with small ones that you can easily achieve, and gradually increase them to keep yourself in the sweet spot of challenge.

This article is an excerpt from the book PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR SMART PEOPLE: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth by Steve Pavlina. It is published by Hay House (October 2008) and is available at all bookstores or online at:


Irene Vincent- Contemporary Mystical Artist

Kali Worship


Moonlight Sorceress

Irene Vincent- Contemporary Mystical Artist


Paul Laffoley & the Living Plant-House By Michael Coleman

Paul Laffoley has always had a love for diagramatic illustration as well as a huge interest in futurism, alternate realities, mysticism, philosophy and classical physics. His 40 years of focused work and study in 30 x 18ft utility room called the Boston Visionary Cell has resulted in the most amazing series of paintings produced in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. These works are maps of philosophies, universal truths, dimensions, future devices, time-machines, thought-forms, ethical systems and future possibilities created with the intent of consolidating all the worlds technical and spiritual information into templates for understanding & creating the positive future today. Laffoley’s term for the time period we are in presently is ‘The Bauharoque”, and paraphrasing Laffoley “This time period will see the end of ‘science fiction’ as all possibilities become reality. Religions, morality, mysticism and technology converge and after this sequence (which is happening now) - all technology becomes physically alive as evolution becomes artificial & self-directed. Life and death become united and sex, race, species, matter, mind, space and time become interchangeable.”


The subjects of Paul Laffoley’s paintings span from charting the earliest esoteric and occult schools of wisdom, classical philosophy, mathematics and numerology to exploring alternate possibilities for the present which incorporate universal spiritual practices, mind-machine technology, creative genetic engineering, time control devices and charting human cultural changes in response to unprecedented planetary changes. This material about time-machines, nano-tech, alternate dimensions, cosmological physics, UFOs and mind-physics was sufficiently beyond the comprehension level of the general 1970s and 80s ‘art community’ that Laffoley has remained largely under-known, only appearing in a few books and magazines as an ‘anomaly’ or ‘outsider artist’. After decades of confusion of how to categorize Paul’s art, the public consciousness has finally caught-up to his subject-matter. The then-obscure topics Laffoley has been examining the details of since the 1960s - such as nanotechnology, time-mechanics and transdisciplinary convergence - are now widely understood and accepted mainstream topics. Paul Laffoley’s Plant-House and related Ideas are rapidly becoming a very real possibility as a way to permanently solve the problem of human housing on a global level, without cutting down a single tree and with no construction labor or materials investments ... because your house will grow itself and would be a chimeric living plant! The plan is to use Ginkgo Biloba, an ancient tree which, because of it’s unique DNA, is capable of inter-grafting different plant-types or species. For example you can have a single root system of Ginkgo with grafted branches of fruits, grasses, vegetables or vines. This coupled with genetic engineering can produce a house grown entirely from seeds, and if you want you could induce your house to flower and produce more seeds that would also grow into habitable structures. But that’s not all ... your house could also be genetically programmed to produce it’s own interior oxygen and even light at the levels desired. Your kitchen would not just store food, but would be a living garden of fruits, vegetables, grains or even

flowers or medicinal herbs of any type you asked for growing from the walls. The DNA of the structure would incorporate aspects of Ginkgo, Bamboo, Pine, and Kudzu and the livingchambers would be a huge Orchid flower in the shape of a Klein bottle (imagine two Mobius strips joined to form a single surface). The “appliances” for lighting, heating, food growth and electricity would all be living multi-genetic organisms incorporating DNA from Jellyfish & luminescent bacteria for lighting, electric eel sequences and altered photosynthetic genes for energy production, spider silk genes for tensile strength and various plant derived chemical reactions for temperature and oxygen regulation. The subjects of Paul Laffoley’s paintings span from charting the earliest esoteric and occult schools of wisdom, classical philosophy, mathematics and numerology to exploring alternate possibilities for the present which incorporate universal spiritual practices, mind-machine technology, creative genetic engineering, time control


sions, cosmological physics, UFOs and mind-physics was sufficiently beyond the comprehension level of the general 1970s and 80s 'art community' that Laffoley has remained largely under-known, only appearing in a few books and magazines as an 'anomaly' or 'outsider artist'.

organisms incorporating DNA from Jellyfish & luminescent bacteria for lighting, electric eel sequences and altered photosynthetic genes for energy production, spider silk genes for tensile strength and various plant derived chemical reactions for temperature and oxygen regulation.

After decades of confusion of how to categorize Here is a bit of what Paul Laffoley has to say about Paul’s art, the public consciousness has finally the Plant-house: caught-up to his subject-matter. The then-obscure topics Laffoley has been examining the details of since the 1960s - such as nanotechnology, time-mechanics and transdisciplinary convergence - are now widely understood and accepted mainstream topics. Paul Laffoley’s Plant-House and related Ideas are rapidly becoming a very real possibility as a way to permanently solve the problem of human housing on a global level, without cutting down a single tree and with no construction labor or materials investments ... because your house will grow itself and would be a chimeric living plant! The plan is to use Ginkgo Biloba, an ancient tree which, because of it’s unique DNA, is capable of inter-grafting different plant-types or species. For example you can have a single root system of Ginkgo with grafted branches of fruits, grasses, vegetables or vines. This coupled with genetic engineering can produce a house grown entirely from seeds, and if you want you could induce your house to flower and produce more seeds that would also grow into habitable structures. But that’s not all ... your house could also be genetically programmed to produce it’s own interior oxygen and even light at the levels desired. Your kitchen would not just store food, but would be a living garden of fruits, vegetables, grains or even flowers or medicinal herbs of any type you asked for growing from the walls. The DNA of the structure would incorporate aspects of Ginkgo, Bamboo, Pine, and Kudzu and the livingchambers would be a huge Orchid flower in the shape of a Klein bottle (imagine two Mobius strips joined to form a single surface).


The “appliances” for lighting, heating, food growth and electricity would all be living multi-genetic

“I believe that if a strategy for mass housing could found, that would involve non-repressive personal environments [that would avoid mechanical standardization], a base could be established from which other social problems will be solved. Then finally the quest for meaning in existence could gradually replace the goals of our almost complete secular world. To do this requires the total convergence of Science with Mysticism. While this task has already been started a few individuals and groups [beginning in the 19th Century], it will not be until the entire world is involved, will a real change be noticed. My proposal, therefore, for ending the world housing shortage is by growing houses from plant materials and developing genetically altered seeds which will induce habitable forms in single multiple species. These forms will then begin to approximate the rich vocabulary of spaces the history of the Human Species has created from the individual home to the city” “The Conservatory has one basic drawback. It is a building type that requires Human intervention to protect the plant species inside. The purpose of Das Urpflanze Haus or physically alive architecture is to do

what all architecture is supposed to do – protect us from an alien environment. We exist on the Earth because of the existence of Vegetation, not the other way around. Over the eons we have been weakening the life force of plant materials by protecting them by artificial cultivation techniques and Hot Houses. What we must do is help plant species regain their rightful place in the world as the Prime Species and avail ourselves of their protection and love by willing to fall in love with plant forms and feed ourselves by eating their delicious fruits and nutritious vegetables [which are seed pods which are produced in an abundance beyond what is necessary for sustainable reproduction]. “What could be a more plausible or delightful solution than to live in a world-wide garden? The New Eden – populated with physically alive architecture that could exist almost anywhere on the Earth’s surface or under the ocean or up in the air, that was produced in growing time of approximately two to three months. Also as Humanity begins to explore other planets and moons, I do not believe people will like living in high-tech tin cans on barren wastelands.” - Paul Laffoley

Buckminster Fuller said “We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” and Paul Laffoley’s concepts are an essential part of understanding the context of the present-future well enough to anticipate radical changes & adapt in benevolent and progressive ways, in terms of eco-techno-societal balance and personal evolution of consciousness. Thanks & namaste Michael Coleman


Watercolor Art by Ya Ya

Bossa Nova

Watercolors are what I use in my pieces. I like playing with the paint in unconventional ways. The colors show up differently depending on what you choose for your canvass. Music and androgyny are my main inspirations.

Ya Ya:


California Sunset

Jazz Hands

Saying Goodbye By: Dr. Jeanine Part of my job as the Department Head of Social Services when I worked for a skilled nursing facility was to have regular client contact. One morning, I stopped by to see how Mr. and Mrs. Carol* were doing. As soon as I stepped in the room I felt I was entering into a combat zone. The couple was sparring loudly about which television program they were going to watch: People’s Court or Sally Jesse Raphael. Not five seconds into the debate, in horror I watched a cup of hot tea, launched by Mr. Carol, fly past my head only to narrowly miss Mrs. Carol, his bride of more than 60 years. Not to be outdone, Mrs. Carol chucked her full tray of gooey hospital food towards Mr. Carol. For someone in her final days of a terminal illness, she surprisingly mustered enough strength to create a giant mess with food landing on the ceiling, windows and walls. Indignant and incensed, I looked at my 90-something year old patients and exclaimed with all the authority a 23 year old might command and said, “You two should be ashamed of yourselves!” Back in my office, I reviewed the couple’s intake and psychosocial assessments. Their marital history was unremarkable and by all accounts it was a happy liaison. What was up with these two crazy characters? Then it hit me. They didn’t know how to say goodbye to each other. Of course, it is much easier to contemplate leaving someone who is on your last nerve than someone whom you feel a warm fuzzy connection with. I was able to bring this up later with Mr. and Mrs. Carol and they both acknowledged that their bickering the last few weeks had to do with their fears of losing each other. I certainly understood some of what the Carols were resisting. When I was training to be a psychotherapist, the issue of termination of the client therapist relationship was always a challenging one for me. Most schools of social work and psychology suggest that termination isn’t something that you discuss with a client a few weeks before the psychotherapeutic relationship ends, but in fact from the beginning. I often found myself resisting this discussion with clients until midway through the treatment process, which never served the client or myself. Eventually, I learned to bring up termination at the beginning of the process and found that this discussion helped the client to have more clarity regarding the beginning, middle and ending of treatment. The timely discussion gave them time to emotionally prepare and assisted in reducing some of the grief relating to termination. As a child, I moved around considerably and the same has been true of my adulthood. I remember when I left Southern California about eleven years ago that some of

my friends expressed anger at me for leaving. I remember fighting a bit with a best girlfriend about something trivial right before I left. The truth was we had been joined at the hip for 15 years and we weren’t sure what the separation would mean for us. Rather than discuss the issue, we had a couple of cat fights to make the move easier. I also noticed that when she was feeling tearful and expressive, I was feeling cool and distant and when I was feeling scared and sad, she would be apathetic. If we were both feeling emotional at the same time, of course, we would have to confront the grief we were both feeling. While I don’t have complete mastery in saying goodbye, or in some cases farewell for a time, I do know my intention is to show up for the experience. It may make it seem easier to create a diversion of some kind to make dealing with the goodbye easier, but it is a spurious strategy. A Course in Miracles offers us that no relationship ever ends (this may be disconcerting for some!). I once work with a darling little boy named Charlie when I was an aide in a kindergarten setting. I was admittedly very attached to Charlie. It was obvious we both took the last day of school very hard but I tried to comfort him by telling him that we would carry each other in our hearts. About five years later, I saw him on a playground. As he ran by me playing ball with his friends he shouted, “Miss Jeanine, you are still in my heart.” This is the paradox of the goodbye, it may be painful but the truth is we take our loved ones with us wherever we go. Mr. and Mrs. Carol* (Not their real names)

Jeanine Austin, Ph.D. Simply Divine Solutions Coaching for Women Worldwide ~Specializing in Coaching for Female Celebrities~ Email for a free no obligation consultation worth $95.00+


MYSTIC TAGS NEW From Mystikka Jade Each Mystic Tag is created with artwork intended to inspire and relay a spiritual strength. I believe that the design you are most drawn to carries a purpose for you.

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Dark World Mystic Tag

Rainbow Trip Mystic Tag

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Celebration Tote

A WHOLE NEW WORLD By Adena Sampson

Have you been feeling supported lately? Feeling a lack of support seems to be the common theme these days… These are ever changing times that we live in. Now more than ever we are experiencing great shifts in energy on a global level, whether it’s personal, political, or even environmental. Our old world is no longer in alignment with the new world we’ve created, and we may feel as if we are once again, having to let go. How much more is there you may ask? Well it’s a constant letting go process. As we grow, it is reflected in the world around us, and many times this means new friends, new places and a new support system… This is wonderful, but with this, comes a falling away, the need to let go of people and circumstances that no longer serve us. The problem seems to lye in the timing of it all. It’s almost as if we are dying and being reborn again while we are still. When we experience things ending in our life before the new has arrived, it can cause us to panic. Right now many of us are experiencing job losses, relationship breakups and even health issues. We may even feel as though all we’ve worked for is for not coming to fruition. This can be very scary and overwhelming. Despite all our efforts, our infill structure is falling apart, and we start to wonder how will we sustain? Which way do we go when there is no solid ground? Amidst all this chaos, how can I find my way? I invite you to take time for yourself right now. Take a deep breath and go within for the answers. Realign and restructure your own beliefs and boundaries. This is no longer the time to enable others, nor a time to allow others to bring you down. Take a look around; take some inventory on your life as it currently stands. If you are doing your best and are giving 100% of your love and light out to the world, you deserve nothing less in return. So have faith, stay in your creativity, and be patient, for things are not always what they seem. And if by chance something or someone seems out of place, doesn’t feel right, or stands out like a sore thumb, let it go. That’s what you created then, this is now, and it’s a whole new world! “Live Authentically Outloud” Let us cut right through the illusion. Some of us wear many masks and play many roles. We get so caught up in seeking approval that our true beauty gets lost. We hold back our most precious gifts, for the fear of being judged and not accepted. Learn how to live in your truth and express your true colors. Paint a new picture of the life that represents the truth of who you are. Let it all hang out and let your light shine through. For more information and one on one coaching visit: OUTLOUD PRODUCTIONS “Offering A Safe Place to Live In Your Truth”

Adena Sampson is a Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Singer-Songwriter and Author. She teaches us to “Live Authentically Outloud” through a culmination of spoken word, writing, and song. Adena holds her bachelors degree as a Professional Music Major and graduate of Berklee College of Music. She is also a Certified Facilitator and graduate of The Soul Center for Spiritual Healing. Currently Adena is enrolled at the University of Metaphical Science and is in the process of getting her PH.D.


Interview with Staci Layne Wilson

by: G.L. Giles

What would it be like to live forever? Forever is a really long time! Good music and a few amusing riddles would help you get through the dull spots, I suppose. 3) Growing up, one of my favorite songs was the Hawaii Five-O theme song which was covered by The Ventures, so I was delighted when I learned that your father, Don Wilson, is a member of the group. Did he have a big influence on your writing Dark Lullaby and Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy? Actually, not a whole lot. At least, not overtly. Since The Ventures were a part of my life growing up, the whole thing never seemed mysterious or out of the ordinary. It was just my dad, you know? For Dark Lullaby and Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy, my biggest influence was Robert Plant, the lead singer of Led Zeppelin. In the 1970s, he was the embodiment of the so-called rock “golden god.” 1) You’re well-known and respected in Hollywood and elsewhere as an Entertainment Reporter, Celebrity Interviewer, Movie Reviewer and Author. However, since I first came to know of you through your books, I’m going to concentrate on the aspect of your life as an author in this interview. How old were you when you were first bitten by the novel-writing bug?

4) Your mother, Nancy Bacon, is an artist with an impressive collection of decoupaged items, etc. She often features animals in her artwork, and, in particular, I’ve noticed many cats and some horses. It’s obvious that she loves animals. Were you surrounded by many animals growing up?

Yes. All kinds. When I was pretty little, my mom brought home a long-tailed monkey that was given to I started writing my first novel when I was a teenager. her by a stranger she met at a bar. Turns out, that monkey was an alcoholic, and when he went through withIt turned out to be Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy, which was drawals, he was pretty vicious! Jocko, his name was. not the first to actually be published. I still have the drafts somewhere, written out in longhand! The book Jocko pulled out a good-sized chunk of my hair, once was, and is, an homage to Alice In Wonderland using and I had the bald spot for months. classic rock personalities as the crazy cast of characBut mostly, our animals were lovely. We did have lots ters my “Alice” (who actually unnamed in the book) of cats and ponies, plus a French Lop-Eared rabbit, rats encounters. whose little toenails I’d paint with polish, a baby squirrel I rescued after having found him unconscious at 2) One of my favorites is your book Dark Lullaby the roots of a tall palm tree, a half-coyote half-German probably because it’s filled with things I love like Shepherd dog, and even snakes and parakeets. vampires, musical references, humor, etc. Yet, you make up your own mythology in many ways. How did you become interested in the vampire mystique?


I don’t have a distinct memory of any one thing. It wasn’t a book, a movie, or a fable. I think I came to the genre the usual way: an underlying fascination with immortality.

5) Which of your own pets influenced the writing of The Horse’s Choice, Horses by Email, Animal Magnetism: An Omnibus of Tails, The Dance and The Life and Times of Rapunzel? I’ve had some wonderful pets over the course of my

life. I’d have to say the two strongest “soul mates” were Smokey, my first pony, and Griselda, a little salt-n-pepper female ferret. However, I have given kind of a form of immortality to some of my pets in form of novels: Hemingway is the lead character (a talking cat) in The Life and Times of Rapunzel, and Peregrino, a gregarious bay Paso Fino I trained, was the inspiration for one of the horses in Horses By eMail. 6) You did something truly original in its vast scope with the publication of Animal Movies Guide (2007), for you have included ninety write-ups on movies that have an animal as the main character. Animal Movies Guide focuses on the furry mammals like cats, dogs and horses, but you mentioned in “A Note From The Author” that you might write a Volume 2 with birds, sharks and snakes. Is that in the works now? Not yet. For as much work, time, research and passion as I put into that book, there was an equal deficit of funds for promotion and advertising. So, thus far it’s an undiscovered labor of love. The book was briefly featured on the Reelz Channel DAILIES Show when I was a guest on the program talking about dogs in the movies at about the time I Am Legend was released in theaters, and for that I am grateful. I have no regrets, as I do believe Animal Movies Guide is the definite book on the subject and it will always be relevant and a good source for cinephiles. 7) Vampires aren’t the only supernatural characters you’ve included in your writing, for ghosts make their spectral appearance as classic ghost movies are described in 50 Years of Ghost Movies. In a sidebar in the book you reveal that while at a press junket in the most haunted room at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, there were difficulties recording. Do you believe the place to be haunted? Have you ever experienced spirit activity elsewhere? Much as I love to “cue the Twilight Zone theme” and play with coincidence, I really am a skeptic at my core. While I may be fascinated by the possibilities, I’m pretty firm on the probability that once we die we are gone forever. I don’t want to believe that though, which may explain why I keep going back to the well of immortality, whether it be in the fiction I write or the movies I enjoy watching. 8) A different kind of ghost is brought to light in Ghost Writer, which has received praise from author Michael Laimo and screenwriter Peter Atkins, to name a couple of big names in the horror genre. Was it fun to write?

That book was a blast to write — it practically wrote itself! It was really fun to try and view things from a male perspective, even though I did cheat a little and make Cary a bit “fey”. He’s a character I’d really love to see make the leap to the big screen. I could envision that story being really great fodder for a director like Charlie Kaufman, or Lucky McKee. 9) What’s the novel writing process generally like for you? Since music plays a big role in some of your books, do you frequently listen to music while writing? If so, is it oftentimes the same CD played over and over again to put you in a productive state of mind? Since I mostly write movie reviews and cinemarelated articles now, and not very much fiction, music isn’t totally essential to the process. But I do get into happy “ruts” and will sustain joy and impetus from one album for awhile before moving on to the next. This year, I’ve been into: The Racontuers’ Consolers of the Lonely, Sonic Youth’s Hits Are For Squares, Cat Powers’ The Greatest, the Repo! The Genetic Opera movie soundtrack, and I even headed back to the 70s for awhile with Terry Reid’s classic Superlungs (which comes full-circle back to Consolers of the Lonely, because A Rich Kid’s Blues is a Reid cover sung by Jack White). 10) Your fiction is filled with humor and moves along at a good pace so that the reader is never bored. I think this is oftentimes a characteristic of exposition rich writing. Would you agree? Also, I’ve heard show don’t tell ad nauseam ad infinitum as the rule of thumb for good writing for as long as I can remember, but that frequently results in an overly descriptive and soporific storyline where something relatively unimportant to the plot ends up being described for twenty-five pages or longer, and this contributes to a super slow-moving tale. So, do you think that it’s equally important to tell, not just show? I’m afraid I had to look up “soporific”! Sleepinducing… OK. Yes, sometimes over-descriptiveness can be numbing. But other times, seemingly disparate tangents can add layers to a story. Ste-


phen King does this a lot, but the real master of the aside-in-great-detail is one of my favorite writers, Chuck Palahniuk. (Actually, I have found that authors who employ a sort of bait-and-switch technique in talking about what seems like something else while actually informing you on the character or story, are better-enjoyed via audio. I think the audio book is a woefully undervalued source. What better way to spend your commute?) Occasionally, telling and not showing is effective: but it must be at the hands of an exceptionally gifted author. When it comes to my own technique, I don’t belabor it all that much; I just say what comes to mind and I find that I pretty much write as I speak. 11) Are you writing any novels presently? If so, when can we look forward to their release? No, but I would like to continue the story of Ashara and Liam, which I so cruelly left open for a sequel at the end of Dark Lullaby. After the book first came out, I got so many letters from readers saying they want more of them… and I do, too. But that’s the great thing about literary vampires: they never get old. Maybe someday soon I will brush the dust from them and see what’s next. 12) Where can readers buy your books? I’d say their best bet to head on over to Amazon. com and do a search for “Staci Layne Wilson.”


About the interviewer: G.L. Giles is appreciative of being one of the self-published success stories. She’s had over 200 major bookstore signings (for various Borders, Barnes & Noble and Waldenbooks stores) in the Southeast and Midwest over the last two and a half years. She’s also signed at some wonderful Independent Bookstores and businesses during this time as well. She’s been on television six times talking about her books for various stations in South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, and, in 2008, she was interviewed by the legendary Joe Franklin (it was heard by millions when it aired on his Bloomberg Radio show). Giles is happy to be a regular contributor to MetaCreative Magazine, and she has also had the good fortune of being interviewed by Kristin Theckston for This Is Some Scene and Dave Wolff for AEA. She’s been a Top Royalty Earner for her publisher, and she’s been featured in their “Author Spotlight.” In addition, Giles writes book reviews for Pagan Pulse and Psychic Times, and she was recently featured in Taralora.

Abby Jones

A Passenger About Abby: I am an abstract expressionist oil painter. I have a B.A. in Literature. I live on acreage in rural Iowa. I have my own art studio looking out into the woods. I am a largely self-taught artist, although I did study briefly under Hugh Lifson (Prof. Emeritus/Painter at Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA 52314) I have been painting since I was 7 years old. I started with acrylics and moved on to drawing with pencil and conte crayon. I have done sculpture in limestone, clay, and metal. I now paint with oils and multimedia. Transcendental meditation is an important part of my creative process. I am inspired by reading, nature, energy, truth and wisdom.


Abby Jones cont:

Ice Is Cold

As an abstract expressionist painter, I am fascinated with the basic scientific principle that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Energy changes form from potential energy to kinetic energy and back. I explore the threshold of change; when potential energy becomes kinetic energy. That energy exists in the creative process of art making as well as life. That tension that makes us hold our breaths in anticipation and the release into eventual movement is the potential and kinetic energy we encounter in everyday life. My works strive to capture these forms of energy that exist in all of us. I use multi-media including mirror, wood, metal, stained glass, and paper on top of silky oils to achieve a sense of texture and contrast that creates tension. I also use shapes, lines, and color vigorously applied to achieve a sense of movement and fluidity. If the potential energy of my idea can move someone to feel an emotion then that is the kinetic energy of life derived from art. If a work can convey that sense of energy to the observer then the piece has done its job.


In The Garden


Acrylic On Canvas - Lloyd Matthew Thompson


I am Lloyd Matthew Thompson, an artist, photographer, and writer born and raised in Oklahoma City, where I currently still live. I was raised in a strict Christian household, but always knew there was more to the “big picture� than I was being told and always thought for myself. Now I have become a teacher, healer, and channel whose aim is to reveal the Truth and Beauty in this physical existence.


Lloyd Matthew Thompson: cont.


My work can be seen on my website at and I am currently developing my spiritual services website at



Laying the Cornerstones For Clear Communication by Judith Lukomski

Early on in life, one finds that the ability to communicate clearly and directly affects the capacity to create a life of connection, fulfillment and happiness. Learning to access inner wisdom and translate it into daily conversation is an on-going process, one that requires vigilant awareness and dedication to expressing truth. Crystals assist throughout the process by offering vibrational support and serving as tangible touchstones; the gems of communication await only your request to help. Clear Your Calendar Communication starts within the quiet space of the heart, when accessing the wisdom deep inside you discover your true desires. Here you receive insight and life direction. Common questions when working with clients are; “How do I meditate? How do I know what I am receiving is real?” The answer is simple; ask. Make a date with the Divine; a consistent time or practice is a powerful way to create a constant flow of information. Start talking with your angels and connecting with personal guides and ascended masters through contemplative prayer. Step outside into the bliss of nature and experience another path to inner wisdom. Find a method of connection, which serves to soothe your soul. Reflective journaling, chanting, walking a labyrinth or running are a few favorite techniques. As you discover your rhythm, a sweet peacefulness comes from building a bond with heaven. Maintaining a consistent meditative practice signals a personal readiness to the universe; the willingness to accept the gift of wisdom and act upon it. If the messages received seem harsh or unkind, ego may be stepping forward. This is part of the journey; remember ego has a place in the process. Take time to acknowledge the contribution to survival that it brings, then ask ego to step aside and continue your practice. You’ll find your true inner voice. Daily Words Initiating inner conversation is only the beginning. There are all messages sent and received throughout the day including the tone to consider. Do they reflect your authentic voice and embody your genuine reaction? Direct communication with compassion eliminates confusion. By stating your request or point plainly an exchange ensues which supports honest dialogues. Have you ever said yes but meant no; then ended up resenting the duties and responsibilities that followed? Creating and honoring boundaries encourages and sustains personal fulfillment and goals. Today’s technology enhancements bring a new wave of communication equipment, now everyday tools for instant interaction. A change which is evident all around, as people chat on cell phones, feverishly text or link to the Internet in a split-second. This leap to immediate communication includes a shift from in-person conversation to electronic conversation. The increased use of “time-savers”, invite the start or end of dialogue with the click of the button or ping of an incoming text message, increasing the need for clear communication. There is subtly to communication. A great exercise to see how often, you make eye contact with others you encounter in daily activities. When you do take the time to see someone, the individual feels acknowledged; they are more apt to hear you in totality. Practice it and watch the changes in your day! In western society, it is appropriate to engage the individual you are speaking with by looking them squarely in the eye, be aware and respectful of cultural differences.


Word Power Another way to become aware of personal communication traits is to engage in a day of complete silence. Turn off technology and take time to explore your experiences. Reflect on recent and past interactions to discover hidden messages. Many clients are surprised to see where personal gaps surface, especially when reviewing their words. Although, conceptually aware, that words manifest, common phases still pop up in everyday conversation. A few frequent examples include:

I feel sick. I am broke. It’ll never work

I am grateful for my health. I am abundant. It’s possible

Placing the Cornerstones Mother Earth presents many gifts to assist you in your quest to be crystal clear communicators. Historically, gemstones have played a role in bridging heaven and earth increasing spiritual awareness while assisting on the physical plane. Referenced in sacred texts throughout the world, crystals serve to amplify intention so that as you deepen your interaction with the Divine gems energetically accelerate your prayers. Clear quartz, a beloved stone in many cultures helps one reach higher states of attunement and consciousness in prayer and meditation. Holding or placing a crystal nearby during a meditative session escalates energies speeding unification. Carrying a small touchstone serves as reminder of the serene state throughout a busy day. Turquoise offers assistance as one embarks on a journey of truth. This beautiful stone generates a conduit of communication that initiates and sustains on-going dialogues of openness even during the difficult moments. Amplifying your intentions to speak with precision and harmony, it is best worn at the throat or used as a touchstone. Rose quartz offers the essence of unconditional love. Energies from this crystalline friend help harmonize relationships and strengthen interactions. When practicing listening skills and responding with compassion Rose Quartz helps maintain a neutral exchange. Azurite supports your quest to live with authenticity. Its energy facilitates change. Working with this stone helps one energetically clear the debris of outdated beliefs and replace them with new understandings. Cornerstones of Communication:

Listen with Openness Clear Quartz Speak with Clarity Turquoise Respond with Compassion Rose Quartz Act with Integrity Azurite

The guardians of heaven and earth stand ready to assist open the door to happiness and fulfillment. To help you communicate with the language of the Divine – love and light. Shine brilliantly as you journey the path of life! Judith Lukomski is a renowned intuitive, teacher, and healer blending mystical insights with practical tools for positive transformation. Ms. Lukomski is the founder of the Crystal Energist™ Practitioner Program, creator of the CD series: Crystals with Judith, a Hay House author, and international speaker. Visit for information on her work.


Tyler Shumway Photography

Cracked Wall

I am a sophomore art student at Michigan State University. I have considered photography a strong passion for the last three years and will continue to pursue a career in the field after school. Growing up in Northern Michigan, I spent much of my time in nature exploring. The craving to create fed my curiosity with the world when I picked up a camera. I focus on recreating moments of beauty that derive from purity and clarity. I have a great fascination with the way that light can provoke immediate emotion.


Tyler Shumway

White House Sandforest


Review Last Year and Show Up More This Year By Doris Jeanette Now is a good time to take a clear, honest look at your physical and spiritual life to see what you are manifesting. When you look in the mirror, do you see any wonderful, exciting changes since last year? Or do you see the same physical body and emotional body that you had last winter? If you do not see a big difference in your physical and emotional body, this means you are not growing toward your soul’s desires. Each year needs to be a step forward toward your purpose in life. Self improvement of any nature is not permanent until your physical body changes. You may think you have changed, but if you cannot see a difference in the mirror, the energy is not there. Self improvement is obvious to you and everyone else because your energy field radiates out more love and light. This extra energy is the result of letting go of rotten, old, heavy thought forms. In addition, your body language is more flowing and fluid as a result of feeling your authentic emotions and feelings. Your physical body looks different and is stronger. Your emotional body looks different and is stronger. The bottom-line is, your self improvement must show up in the flesh or it does not exist. You are incarnate after all! Incarnate means in the flesh. Your body reveals the truth about your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Your body does not have the ability to lie. Study and listen to the CD “Hear Your Body Talking” for more information about your body. So take a loving look at yourself in the mirror and be honest with what you see. Take stock of your body and emotions. Admit the truth of what you see in the mirror. Take care to review your year with love, laughter and kindness toward the self. Do not judge what you see. If you judge what you see you will get stuck in judgmental energy and this takes you nowhere! Or even worse, your judgment might take you into depression and anxiety. So review the year, without judgment. If you need help in shifting out of self judgment and cuddling up to self acceptance- study, read and listen to “Opening the Heart.” This ebook and audio teaches you how to open your heart and solar plexus. You learn how to recognize the difference between judgmental, mental energy and healthy flowing energy by how it feels in your body. Click here to hear an audio clip from “Opening the Heart”: Click here to learn how to shift out of self judgment into self acceptance. You have fantastic natural talents, skills and abilities that need to be used for the highest good. If you are not using them, they are being wasted.


Ask yourself: Do I want to waste my precious talents another moment? Do I want to live a mundane and ordinary life? What actions can I take to raise my vibrations and break free?

When you review last year you might discover that you want like to see something different in the mirror next year. If so amp up your self improvement so you show up more this year. After all, you have to show up and take actions in order to get results! Here are some specific suggestions to help you: 1. Take action on the things you read in MetaCreative Magazine. Don’t just read about something, do something. Order something, buy something, take action. Get educated in the areas you need to know more about so you can succeed. If you need a self help tool, buy it and use it. 2. Follow the advice and suggestions available on my free internet radio show “Live at the Edge”: If you use the information in your daily life, next year this time, you are sure to notice a huge difference in your body and feelings from last year when you look in the mirror. 3. Show Up for yourself, Be there for yourself. Stop avoiding and Show up. This is huge. Try it and see what happens. Just show up, everywhere and anywhere. 4. Let something touch your heart and soul; a person, moment, color, feeling or sound. Consider allowing my voice to touch your heart and soul in the “Opening the Heart” audio: Click here to hear an audio clip. Click on this link to order: 5. Use your mind to set in motion this year’s intentions. Imagine them, see them and then put some juicy energy behind them. 6. Sign up for the free holistic psychology, mind body spirit newsletter, The Vibrant Moment for weekly tips and reminders to believe in yourself at You get three special reports, “How Colors Affect Emotions,” “Emotional Intelligence Test,” and “Anxiety Help” when you do. 2009 can be the year you turn the corner. Look in the mirror again. See your authentic, real, spiritual self in the flesh reflected back at you. Smile and say hello. Take a deep breath and accept your real body and your real feelings. Now you are on the path to self acceptance which will naturally transform your vital, emotional energy into healthy, flowing energy in the flesh. Smile and feel all warm inside because you know you will show up for yourself this year in a way that will make a difference in the mirror for next year. Yes, indeedy! Doris Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with 33 years of experience and founder of the Center for New Psychology. Her global website offers 15 self help products to serve your body and soul and she is head mentor of the exciting, new Holistic Psychology Mentoring Program at




These unique, handcrafted art skulls are inspired by Day Of The Dead. For more information and to purchase Art Of Skulls, visit: .


Winter 2009  

Metacreative Magazine

Winter 2009  

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