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BINSA Counselling Brain Injury Network of South Australia Inc.

For all enquiries and or referrals to BINSA Counselling call or email us P

08 8217 7600 or CC 1300 733 049

E W Other BINSA services available include •

Representation at state and national levels.

Regular communication and information

- Quarterly newsletter

- Website

- Articles and journals

- Seminars and workshops

Information packs about acquired brain injury (ABI).

Programs including

- Advocacy

- Springboard

- Community Learning and Lifeskills

- Reconnect Transition

-Re-wired Fitness

- One off projects

BINSA Counselling 70 Light Square Adelaide SA 5000 T 08 8217 7600 F 08 8211 8164 CC 1300 733 049 E W Office hours 9am-5pm Mon-Fri

What is Counselling? BINSA recognises that people with an acquired brain injury (ABI) and their significant others often experience considerable disruption and difficulty adjusting to life after ABI. The counselling service at BINSA is confidential and free and accessible to people involved in life after ABI, be they individuals with ABI, their friends and families or other relevant parties.

Counselling – a broad overview Some of the more common aspects of ABI counselling might involve •

Gaining a better understanding of and control over what you are experiencing

Understanding how ABI can directly affect and / or influence • Mood • Thinking processes • Energy levels • Sexuality • General ability to effectively engage with experiences both psychological and external.

What are some potential benefits? • Counselling can be an important part of the healing post ABI, in clarifying experiences and perceptions and just having a sounding board to air your thoughts. Counselling can take many forms and, like ABI, can take a long time to gain some clarity or resolution.

Strategies and support around changed • Lifestyle • Relationships • Aspirations • Value systems • Sexuality • Cognition and • Emotions

Another common and much needed aspect of counselling is building resilience. •

Resilience can be facilitated through a better understanding of what is being experienced

Greater self-awareness and ability to clearly express what is being experienced can help to facilitate assertiveness and resilience.

When might I seek counselling? The journey of life after an ABI can be unpredictable at best. At various points after an ABI, different aspects of life can take priority. Sometimes having the knowledge that counselling is always available, to work through whatever ABI related problems might arise, can give a great sense of relief.

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