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April 2014

ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System Box Set J03429 | $49.95


Alto Saxophone XL Contoured PRO PAC Case H94802 | MSRP $219.00 $159.99


New Xeno Series Trumpets

Jo-Ral 1A Trumpet Straight Mute 360340 | MSRP $63.99 $39.99

from Yamaha Innovation that inspires YTR-8335RG


From $2299.99 Now in stock

1978 since

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3/4/14 1:37 PM

Hands-On Review – Yamaha Xeno Trumpet Graduate to Yamaha and save! $100 mail-in rebate on select Yamaha wind instruments. Visit for details


I knew I’d like these horns because Xenos have been my mainstay for several years. And, because they are being touted as a “new and improved” version of the horn I already love, I expected to be impressed. But I was more than impressed – I was blown away. These are great horns. I was able to try three of the horns that were recently introduced: • YTR-8335RS (reverse main tuning slide, medium-large bore, silver-plated) • YTR-8335S (standard main tuning slide, medium-large bore, silver-plated) • YTR-8345S (standard main tuning slide, large bore, silver-plated) (Tony Guerrero) These updated Xeno Trumpets feature: • New valve casings • Lighter pistons • Yellow brass lead pipe • Redesigned bell • New water key chimney and spring I played each horn for some time, and I’m not sure which one was my favorite. Each played with ease and made me feel like I could work a little easier than normal, but they also each had their own unique qualities that I enjoyed. Clear blowing, great intonation up and down the horn, fantastic workmanship, and stellar sound. During my testing period, I made it a point to invite a few friends over to play them as well, from part-time players to full-time professionals. The result was unanimous – everyone loved them and I had to make sure none of the horns ended up in the trunks of their cars! And, I should mention that the new leather horn case is absolutely stunning. There are a lot of great horns out there, and finding a horn is such a personal venture. But I almost guarantee that any serious player who spends a few minutes on one of these new Xeno Trumpets will find themselves reconsidering their current instrument. Read the entire review at

18-Month Special Financing Promotion Woodwind & Brasswind is offering special 18-month financing for a limited time on a wide variety of top-quality wind and percussion instruments. P. Mauriat saxophones, Pearl Flutes, Taylor Guitars and Adams mallet keyboards all quality for this exciting opportunity. Visit for details. Offer ends 6/30/14.

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Featured Products

Folding Music Stand

451035 | MSRP $59.99 | $19.99

CA-1 Chromatic Tuner 5-STAR RATING

R13 Professional B♭ Clarinet with Nickel Silver Keys

502061 | $19.99

462799 | MSRP $4,841.00 | $3,050.00

DURGA Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece H87256 | MSRP $995.00 | $775.00

FG730S Solid Top Acoustic 519049 | MSRP $489.99 | $299.99



AAFG-103F Series B♭ Flugelhorn 585008 | MSRP $799.99 | $499.99

Opera Oboe

467726 | MSRP $7,799.00 | $6,499.00

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5-Star rated saxophones available at

best seller

Reference 54 Alto Saxophone


A-992 Bronze Alto Saxophone

From $4,639.00

Series III Model 53 Jubilee Edition Soprano Saxophone


T-992 Bronze Tenor Saxophone


Series II Jubilee Edition Model 54 Tenor Saxophone

From $6,399.00

A-9933 Silver Series Professional Alto Saxophone


Reference 54 Alto Saxophone BEST-SELLER

A blast from the past. Inspired by the Mark VI model released in 1954, Selmer presents the Reference 54 alto, a saxophone that integrates the Mark VI's legendary acoustic characteristics with innovative modern keywork. Includes hard rubber mouthpiece, wood shell case with cover. 463115 | MSRP $9,578.00 | $6,519.00

Reference 36 Tenor Saxophone

Inspired by the Balanced Action model released in 1936. Extraordinary response, tone, comfort and tuning make the Selmer Reference 36 a horn that has everything that has made Selmer a worldwide name in saxophones. Includes case and Selmer Paris S-80 hard rubber mouthpiece. 463171 | MSRP $11,357.00 | $7,729.00

Series II Jubilee Edition Saxophone

Redesigned professional alto. The Jubilee Edition saxophones replace the standard Super Action 80 Series II and Super Action 80 Series III saxophones. Jubilee Series instruments are more aesthetically elegant and offer redesigned features that are lighter and more responsive. The Series II Model 52 Jubilee Edition Alto Saxophone is an update of the most popular Selmer Paris saxophone ever. Available in gold plated, matte lacquer, lacquer, silver-plated or black lacquer finish.

Model 52 Alto

Model 54 Tenor

H73248 | From $5,489.00

H73243 | From $6,399.00

Model 55AF Baritone H73283 | From $11,379.00

Series III Model 53 Jubilee Edition Soprano Saxophone

The benchmark. The Jubilee Edition saxophones replace the standard Super Action 80 Series II and Super Action 80 Series III saxophones. The Selmer Paris Series III Model 53 Jubilee Edition Soprano Saxophone is the new industry standard in two-piece sopranos and provides you with all the facility and sound you will ever need in an elegant package. H71100 | MSRP $9,665.00 | $6,579.00

A-9933 Silver Series Professional Alto Saxophone

High F♯ key, double-action table keys, double-arm low B and C keys, lacquered brass body, gold-plated brass neckpipe, hand-engraved bell, sway-free mechanism for F auxiliary and low C♯ keys. Includes case. 460578 | MSRP $9,272.00 | $6,129.00

T-991 Professional Tenor Saxophone

Popular brand, elegant design. Key of B♭. High F♯ key, double-action low B and C keys, black lacquer, gold brass hand-engraving on bell, sway-free mechanism for F auxiliary and low C♯ keys, refined sound and even intonation over its entire range and at all dynamic levels. Available in bronze, lacquer or black lacquer finish. 483870 | From $4,049.00

Bronze Saxophone

The 992 saxophones are made with a bronze body, neck and bell, and offer a warm and rich tone along with Yanagisawa's renowned wide dynamic range.

A-992 Alto

T-992 Tenor

467272 |From $4,639.00

467273 | MSRP $8,012.00 | $5,259.00

2 | Saxophones |

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3/4/14 12:05 PM

YBS-62 Professional Baritone Saxophone


Paris Series Professional Baritone Saxophone

SX90R Professional Alto Saxophone

From 3,299.99


SX90R Professional Alto Saxophone

A vintage sound coupled with modern technology makes the SX90R a favorite among jazz players worldwide. H72979 | MSRP $7,315.00 | $4,685.00

Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone with Straight Neck

AASS-301 Series Student Soprano Saxophone

From $4,386.99


Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone

Special brass alloy for lighter weight, a great playing feel, and the kind of tonal flexibility you've always dreamed of. H74539 | From $4,386.99

YBS-62 Professional Baritone Saxophone

The 62 features a sound that is full and robust while the custom designed keywork is agile and comfortable. 461371 | MSRP $13,320.00 | $8,211.99

SX90R Black Nickel Model Professional Tenor Saxophone

Top-quality tenor saxophone with black nickel-plated body and clear lacquer. H72973 | MSRP $8,647.00 | $5,539.00

best seller Vienna Series Intermediate Baritone Saxophone


Paris Series Professional Straight Soprano Saxophone with 2 Necks 18-month financing on all P. Mauriat saxophones. Visit proplayer for details

Premium features like ribbed construction, Pisoni Pro pads, and hand engraving at a budget price. Comes with two necks. 585570 | From $1,099.00

AASS-301 Series Student Soprano Saxophone

Great student value. With a sound that is rich, strong and even, the Allora soprano saxophone is ideal for the advancing player or doublers on a budget. Recommended by students, parents and teachers. 585012 | MSRP $899.99 | $499.99

Paris Series Baritone Saxophone

Precise intonation, quick response, and a fat sound in the low range. 585579 | From $3,299.99

PMB-300 Professional Baritone Saxophone

Professional horn with a standard neck, engraved bell and bow, abalone key touches, and a range of low A to high F♯. H72349 | From $4,999.00

Vienna Series Intermediate Baritone Saxophone BEST-SELLER

The Allora Vienna Series instruments are a great value for schools on a budget or individuals looking for an affordable step-up instrument. 585578 | MSRP $5,999.00 | $2,999.00

Model S-991 Professional Soprano Saxophone

Remarkable intonation and ease of play combined with a full, rich tone. Comes with two interchangeable neckpipes. 460592 | MSRP $6,820.00 | $3,989.00

Call 866.647.8775 | Saxophones | 3

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Special 18-month financing available on all Selmer-Paris and Yanagisawa Saxophones thru 3/31/14.

Graduate to Yamaha and Save! $100 mail-in rebate on select Yamaha Products. Visit for details

System 76 Series Professional Alto Saxophone

From $2,479.00

YAS-82ZII Custom Z Alto Saxophone

From $3,999.99

YTS-875EX Custom Tenor Saxophone

From $4,679.99 PMXT-66R Series Professional Tenor Saxophone

From $3,279.00

18-month financing on all P. Mauriat saxophones. Visit for details

System 76 Series Professional Saxophone

Lets players perform at their best. P. Mauriat System 76 Alto Saxophone has an expanded bore and bell that produce a bigger sound and a core that is full of rich overtones. This beautifully engraved instrument features a Super VI style neck, abalone key touches, and is available in vintage dark lacquer and also in classic gold lacquer. The vintage dark lacquer has warmer subtleties compared to the slightly more brilliant gold lacquer.



H72357 | From $2,479.00

H72355 | From $3,279.00

PMXT-66R Series Professional Saxophone

YAS-62III Professional Saxophone

The YAS-62III carries the tradition of excellence forward while introducing further refinements to the tried-and-true Yamaha YAS-62. The neck's narrower bore provides a faster response and greater control. The 62 style neck allows a comfortable flow of air for a solid tonal core. The engraving is more elaborate with finer detail, and an improved mechanism from low B to C♯ ensures a proper seal which promotes clear response throughout the low register. Comes with a semi-hard case that offers a contemporary look and ease of transport. Available in lacquer or silver-plated finish.



H93184 | From $2,937.99

H93187 | From $3,275.99

YAS-82ZII Custom Z Saxophone

Redesigned pro horn. On the 10th anniversary of their introduction, the Custom Z saxophones have been reexamined from neck to bell. They now offer the ultimate combination of expressiveness, response and control while staying true to their free-spirited origins. The new Yamaha YAS-82ZII alto saxophone is an ultimate horn for the working professional. One-piece bell, metal resonators, V1 neck, improved low B-C♯ connection, an adjustable front F key and a newly designed case are just some of the improvements. Available in a variety of finishes-each lending a different color to the sound.



H93180 | From $3,999.99

H93177 | From $4,679.99

YAS-875EX Custom Series Saxophone

Finish options offer unique tones. PMXT-66R Series Saxophones incorporate P. Mauriat's unique rolling process that allows superior resonance and increased response in all ranges. An enlarged bell lets the warm, fat sound of this horn really cut through. Other features include a Super VI style neck, abalone key touches, and hand engraving on the bell and bow. The PMXT-66R is available in four finishes-each lending a different color to the sound.

The original Custom with modern updates. The YAS-875EX is the next step in the evolution of the Custom Series. It features improved ribbing and enhanced keywork, but retains the 875's direct and powerful sound and spot-on intonation. The new design has less resistance and more projection, while ergonomic improvements enhance overall playability and player comfort. Discover why more professional saxophonists are moving to the Yamaha Custom YAS-875EX alto saxophone. Available in lacquer, silver or black finish. Includes case.





H72350 | From $2,479.00

H72352 | From $3,279.00

473581 | From $3,999.99

469061 | From $4,679.99

4 | Saxophones |

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3/4/14 12:05 PM


approved Student Series Saxophone, Alto


18-month financing on all P. Mauriat saxophones. Visit proplayer for details

PMSA-57GC Intermediate Alto Saxophone

Exclusive alto includes Hite, BG, and Forestone premium acccessories! The PMSA-57GC is the perfect step-up saxophone. The saxophone itself is protected by honey gold lacquer, and like all P. Mauriat professional models, features abalone key touches with a range to F♯. Its accessory package is designed to complement the horn with the best possible mix of premium accessories. Includes Cordura-covered hardshell case complete with backpack straps and a spacious pocket. H94365 | $1,499.00

best seller

Chicago Jazz Saxophone,Alto


EAS-100 Student Alto Saxophone

Vienna Series Intermediate Saxophone, Tenor

The perfect saxophone for a tight budget. Made out of fine metals for superior tone production with an attractive finish, the Etude EAS-100 is the perfect instrument for starting out on the alto saxophone. The keywork, pads, and adjustment all work together to make tone production easier, more consistent, and stronger. And the bell brace and construction help make it as durable as possible. 463675 | MSRP $639.99 | $399.99



Student Series Saxophone EDUCATOR APPROVED

Rich, strong, even sound. Ideal for the advancing player or doubler on a budget. Professional-style keywork; lacquered brass body, neck, and bell; high F♯ key; leather pads, and vinyl boosters.



585010 | MSRP $1,049.99 | $499.99

585011 | MSRP $1,099.99 | $699.99

approved BAS-300 Student Alto Saxophone

Vienna Series Intermediate Saxophone


Perfect for the advancing student saxophonist. A great value for schools or individuals looking for a step-up instrument. Vienna saxes combine features that enhance the sound with features that enhance durability. The result is a line of saxophones that can provide years of service to a wide range of players. Features include a fully ribbed body, professionally styled keys, and a high F♯ key.



585571 | MSRP $1,499.00 | $999.00

585575 | MSRP $1,899.00 | $1,499.99

Chicago Jazz Saxophone

A pro quality tenor with sultry tone and smooth action. A big and husky saxophone tone, strong in the low range, is the spirit and backbone of the Chicago sound–historically, one of the great cities for jazz development. Allora's Chicago Jazz Series keeps this tradition alive with their big bells, dark finish, and dark sound. These are sure to be a jazz and big band favorite for years to come.



585574 | MSRP $3,025.00 | $1,649.99

585577 | MSRP $3,625.00 | $1,849.99

BAS-300 Student Saxophone

Step-up features, priced for students. Key of E♭. Yellow brass body, nickel-silver keys, premium tanned leather pads with domed plastic resonators, adjustment screws on right and left hand keys, stainless steel screws. Includes hardshell ABS case.

Alto 463681 | MSRP $1,500.00 | $1,049.00

Tenor 463682 | MSRP $1,700.00 | $1,189.00

Call 866.647.8775 | Saxophones | 5

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3/4/14 12:05 PM

BE BOLD• BE HEARD• GET SERIOUS• The New JET from JodyJazz The new JET mouthpiece utilizes state of the art CNC techniques to create innovative new baffle technology which maximizes airflow and generates an extraordinarily clean, bright yet versatile sound.

New JodyJazz JET Alto available in tip openings 5 – 10 Visit for more info.

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3/4/14 12:10 PM


10% off Vandoren orders over $49 – use promo code VAND49 (ends 4/30/14)


s state create which ates an , bright sound.

new product

Saxophone Reeds Tenor, Strength 3, Box of 5


V12 Alto Saxophone Reeds Strength 3, Box of 10


Esperto Alto Saxophone Reeds Strength 3, Box of 10

V16 Tenor Saxophone Reeds Strength 3, Box of 5


Java Red Saxophone Reeds Alto, Strength 3, Box of 10


Saxophone Reeds

Most popular among today's professional musicians, the Vandoren reed plays with a consistently responsive and wonderfully centered tone. Available in strengths 1 through 5.

Alto, Box of 10

Tenor, Box of 5

462581 | MSRP $53.99 | $25.99

462591 | MSRP $38.99 | $18.99

V12 Alto Saxophone Reeds

Vandoren V12 reeds have a thicker tip and longer palette that results in a deeper, richer sound with body to the attack. This cut will soon be a favorite of saxophonists worldwide. Available in strengths 2-1/2 through 5 in boxes of 10. 501766 | MSRP $61.99 | $29.99

V16 Tenor Saxophone Reeds

Venuto reeds are constructed from premium French cane from the Var region of France, among the most coveted reed cane in the world. They are French cut and French filed for ease of response and greater control, and are available in a variety of strengths to accommodate players of all levels of conditioning. Available in strengths 2 through 5.

Alto, Box of 10

Tenor, Box of 5

H97886 | MSRP $39.99 | $19.99

H97882 | MSRP $29.99 | $14.99

Esperto Saxophone Reeds

Esperto reeds are made from a thicker blank for a fuller, richer tone with more projection. It is harvested from the Var region of France, some of the most sought-after reed cane in the world. They are French cut and filed for ease of response and greater control, designed for mouthpieces with a longer lay. Available in strengths 2-1/2 through 5.

Alto, Box of 10

Tenor, Box of 5

H97883 | MSRP $50.99 | $25.49

H97889 | MSRP $38.99 | $19.49

Signature Series Alto Saxophone Reed, Strength 2.5


Java Alto Saxophone Reeds

Go green! Developed in 1983 for jazz and popular music by Vandoren, these were the first of the Java Series of reed. They are often referred to as Java Green, expecially since the advent of the Java Red reeds. Available in strengths 1 through 4 in boxes of 10. H84575 | MSRP $53.99 | $25.99

Java Red Saxophone Reeds

Java Red Saxophone Reeds have more flexibility and tonal body; produce a full, rich, centered sound with phenomenal projection and extremely precise attacks. Available in strengths 1 through 5 in boxes of 5.



501764 | MSRP $53.99 | $25.99

501765 | MSRP $38.99 | $18.99

14 songs for solo saxophone, complete with a play-along CD. H14720 | $12.95


Venuto Saxophone Reeds

Engineered for rock and other popular music, the V-16 reed has a thicker tip, a thinner heel and a long flex zone. It will give you a louder, more percussive sound. 5 reeds per box. Available in strengths 1 through 5 in boxes of 5. 462594 | MSRP $38.99 | $17.99

Jazz And Blues Playalong Solos for Alto Saxophone (Book/CD)

Venuto Tenor Saxophone Reeds Strength 3, Box of 5


Studio Cut Saxophone Reed

Freer blowing and more flexible, the Studio Cut is the choice of many jazz and show musicians. Available in strengths 2 through 3-1/2. Sold individually.



471552 | MSRP $24.95 | $15.89

471553 | From $15.89

Signature Series Saxophone Reed

Legere Signature Series reeds are used by professionals and are considered comparable to the best cane reeds. They are very natural sounding, well-balanced and very consistent. Signature Series reeds will not warp and are available in strengths 2 through 3.5. Sold individually.



H68170 | MSRP $34.95 | $25.95

H68168 | From $24.89

The Big Book of Alto Saxophone Songs 130 popular solos for alto. 730100 | $14.95

Synthetic Saxophone Reed

The first synthetic reeds that actually feel and perform like cane. Fibracell reeds are precisionmanufactured with Kevlar fibers arrayed in a resin matrix. Sold individually.



462666 | MSRP $18.50 | $9.99

462674 | MSRP $19.50 | $9.79

Call 866.647.8775 | Saxophones Accessories | 7

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3/4/14 1:42 PM

Over 300 different saxophone mouthpieces available online at Hard Rubber Jazz Chamber Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece


S80 Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

H-Ligature for Baritone Saxophone

Holds the reed firmly to the table of the mouthpiece assuring better contact and reducing leaks along the side rails. 581628 | MSRP $70.50 | $39.99

The best for general playing, these mouthpieces are preferred by students and pros worldwide. 463101 | MSRP $272.45 | $149.00

Lebayle 10% off Vandoren orders over $49 – use promo code: VAND49 (ends 4/30/14)

Metal Studio Chamber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


Metal Studio Chamber Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Versatile mouthpiece capable of a broad range of expression, particularly handy for lead and soloing. J00954 | MSRP $320.00 | $287.95

Midge Alto Saxophone Stand

Folds compactly, comes with a velour bag. Very easy to use. H71587 | MSRP $45.99 | $35.99

Hard Rubber Jazz Chamber Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece Optimum Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Elegant outer design that creates its own distinctive sound. 463138 | MSRP $224.99 | $114.99

The Jazz Chamber's tonal bias is right down the middle, neither overly bright nor dark, thereby making it extremely versatile. J00958 | MSRP $280.00 | $251.95

Mark III C-1RL Alto Saxophone Ligature and Cap


GAIA Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece


DS538B Multiple Woodwind Stand

Features room for an assortment of woodwind instruments. 476381 | MSRP $124.99 | $87.99

GAIA Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Traditional full sound similar to a vintage Meyer alto mouthpiece. H87252 | MSRP $645.00 | $495.00

MANTRA Tenor Metal Saxophone Mouthpiece Metal

Huge core sound along with an amazing bite and edge. H98400 | MSRP $995.00 | $495.00

HR* Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Hard rubber mouthpiece designed for professionals and students looking for a traditional, versatile mouthpiece. 471631 | $169.00

Mark III C-1RLAlto Saxophone Ligature and Cap BEST-SELLER

The Rovner Mark III is a premium ligature designed to assist the player in achieving responsiveness and clarity with a well-defined tone. This stands alone as a professional ligature embodying all of the advancements discovered through Rovner technology. 463405 | MSRP $41.95 | $22.99

Versa Tenor Saxophone Ligature and Cap


saXholder Saxophone Harness

New system transfers weight to two padded shoulder handles with additional support from an abdominal rest. H93712 | $79.99

Fits metal tenor sax mouthpieces. 583356 | MSRP $75.50 | $44.49

Olegature Saxophone Ligature

A blend of aesthetics and science that offers the player a wide spectrum of tonal qualities with just the turn of a screw. 473285 | MSRP $99.95 | $79.95

Saxophone Support System Harness

Features over-the-shoulder straps for added comfort along with an adjustable front hook strap to accommodate baritone, tenor or alto. Online review available: H93980 | MSRP $275.00 | $149.50

8 | Saxophone Accessories |

wb_WB1404_008-009.indd 8

3/4/14 12:10 PM

Graduate to Yamaha and Save! $100 mail-in rebate on select Yamaha Products. Visit for details

best seller

Tosca B♭ Clarinet


YCL-650 Professional B♭ Clarinet


YCL-CSV Custom B♭ Clarinet


YCL-650 Professional B♭ Clarinet

For the serious student, hobbyist, or young professional. It produces a consistent tone and precise intonation and features an unstained grenadilla wood body with silver-plated keywork. The natural finish looks as pleasing as it sounds. A cylindrical bore design makes it extremely free blowing, and both teacher and student alike will enjoy the ease with which this clarinet tunes. 461380 | MSRP $2,512.00 | $1,723.99

YCL-CSV Custom B♭ Clarinet

Warm, rich tone. One of the more striking characteristics of the Yamaha CSV B♭ clarinet is its rich and dark sound. Features of the Yamaha Custom CSV clarinet include hand-selected grenadilla wood body, silver-plated keys, integral, undercut toneholes and a new, open bell design. Includes case, Yamaha Custom mouthpiece, cap and ligature and Yamaha care products. 461384 | MSRP $4,313.00 | $2,769.99

YCL-SEV Custom B♭ Clarinet

A chamber music favorite. Since its introduction, the SEV model clarinets have been a favorite among chamber musicians. The bore configuration makes for an instrument whose sound is immediate but less direct. 461389 | MSRP $4,313.00 | $2,769.99

Prestige R13 Professional B Clarinet ♭

The R13 offers the artist a wide color palette and incredible response at any dynamic level. Each handcrafted R13 is shaped from finest-quality mpingo wood, which gives it greater focus and a ring to the sound. The keywork is so fluid the R13 seems effortless to play. Made in France. 462809 | MSRP $8,774.00 | $5,527.00

R13 Vintage Professional B♭ Clarinet

A highly colorful clarinet. The Buffet Vintage R13 B♭ Clarinet is patterned after the famous R13s of the 1950s and produces a pure, focused sound that is unmistakably Buffet. Musicians of all kinds will love the Buffet R13 Vintage as it is extremely flexible, centers easily and projects well in almost any hall. Features include full grenadilla wood body with silver-plated keys and two barrels (one cylindrical / one reverse taper). Complete with special Vintage case and all Buffet care products. 462811 | MSRP $6,406.00 | $4,036.00

Tosca B♭ Clarinet

Incomparable style and elegance. Created by the combined talents of Buffet Crampon craftsmen and well-known artists the Tosca clarinet possesses an incomparable level of style and elegance. The Tosca clarinet offers a generous velvet sound rich in warmth and unrivalled in its stability and consistency of intonation. Choose Greenline or Grenadilla. 468424 | MSRP $10,296.00 | $6,487.00

Prestige R13 Professional B♭ Clarinet


R13 Professional B♭ Clarinet


R13 Professional B♭ Clarinet BEST-SELLER

The choice of professionals around the world. Unparalleled flexibility, response and a lively sound you won't find in any other clarinet. It's no wonder that Buffet is the choice of professional players around the world.

Nickel-Silver Keys 462799 | MSRP $4,841.00 | $3,050.00

Silver-Plated Keys 462788 | MSRP $5,476.00 | $3,449.00

R13 Greenline Professional B♭ Clarinet

The Buffet R13 Greenline B♭ clarinet follows the same manufacturing process as the 100% grenadlla R13s. The Buffet R13 Greenline clarinets are highly popular among military clarinetists or any player who is subjected to extreme conditions. Thanks to the addition of carbon fibers, the Buffet Greenline clarinets withstand to variations in atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity). Complete with case and all necessary care products.

Nickel-Silver Keys 462807 | MSRP $4,841.00 | $3,050.00

Silver-Plated Keys 462808 | MSRP $5,476.00 | $3,449.00

Call 866.647.8775 | Clarinets | 9

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3/4/14 12:10 PM

Search "Clarinet" on to see over 100 different options

best seller ECL-100 Student B♭ Clarinet



An excellent value. The Etude ECL-100 Clarinet offers sturdy construction with classic looks and sound. Combining a plastic body with nickel keys, it is designed for easy tone production and durability. With strong projection and smooth, responsive playability, it sounds and feels like a much more expensive instrument. Etude believes price should not be a barrier to experiencing the growth and joy that comes from making music. 463674 | MSRP $399.99 | $249.99

BCL-300 Clarinet

A legendary starter. The Bundy BCL-300 clarinet is the perfect choice for beginning players. The ABS resin body has a tone and appearance similar to a wood clarinet but has no risk of cracking. The keywork provides excellent response but is also designed to be reliable and durable. Case included. 463680 | MSRP $650.00 | $449.00


Graduate to Yamaha and Save! $100 mail-in rebate on select Yamaha Products. Visit for details

approved $349.99

Student Series B♭ Clarinet

Made for students. Priced for parents. This Allora Student B♭ clarinet incorporates several features found on intermediate instruments. Nickel silver keys, an adjustable thumb rest, and a quality case make this instrument a great choice. 585013 | MSRP $499.99 | $349.99

AABC-304 Bass Clarinet

A value too good to pass up. The Allora model 304 is a bass clarinet that players are sure to love. Even though the 304 is priced economically, it features a 2-piece body, Italian leather pads, and blue steel springs. The sound is dark and full, and it speaks very easily. Choose low C, low E♭. 585021 | From $1,399.00

The Giardinelli GCL-3N is an impressive student level clarinet with incredible tone and intonation. It features an ABS resin wood grain finish with nickel silver power-forged keys. Comes with case, mouthpiece, ligature and care products. Available in resin wood grain finish. It also includes an adjustable thumb rest for increased playing comfort. H83500 | MSRP $719.99 | $499.99

B12 Student B♭ Clarinet

Educator Student Series B♭ Clarinet

Student LE Clarinet Outfit

YCL-450NM Duet+ Intermediate Clarinet

B12 Student B♭ Clarinet

Highly recommended student clarinet. The Buffet B12 is a popular student clarinet for many good reasons. As one of the few student clarinets to feature undercut toneholes, the B12 offers better response and intonation. The body and bore are also designed to mimic the professional R13 in many aspects, which will give your beginning student an advantage in sound, response, and intonation. 462785 | MSRP $975.00 | $625.00

E12 France Intermediate B♭ Clarinet

Perfect intermediate instrument. The E12 is an excellent step-up instrument for clarinetists. They sound better and are better constructed than student clarinets, and will prepare a student for a professional instrument as they develop their abilities. It is constructed of grenadilla wood and comes with a hard case. H93033 | MSRP $2,108.00 | $1,660.00

1193 Prestige Low C Bass Clarinet

The choice of many professionals. Buffet combines its history of a rich, pure tone with modern key work to produce the 1193 Prestige bass clarinet. A must-have for the serious college student or professional bass clarinetist, the 1193 produces a big, powerful sound that will carry in any hall but still maintains a core tone that is unmistakably Buffet. 475481 | MSRP $15,645.00 | $9,856.00


YCL-450NM Duet+ Intermediate Clarinet

New designs, new sound. Featuring a bell shape and barrel design similar to that of the V Series, the YCL-450NM offers a surprisingly 'professional' sound with an easy response. The new bell design gives improved intonation and projection, especially in the all-important lower register, while the new barrel enhances the 450's response, flexibility and tonal focus. Patented Duet+ technology provides the added benefit of durability to this clarinet. H93179 | MSRP $1,775.00 | $1,299.99

YCL-622II Low C Professional Bass Clarinet

Easy to play, the Yamaha 622 Bass Clarinet (Low C) is quickly becoming a top seller. Excellent intonation and even resistance at all dynamic levels. 461378 | MSRP $13,898.00 | $8,719.99

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10% off Vandoren orders over $49 – use promo code: VAND49 (ends 4/30/14)

V12 B♭ Clarinet Reeds


Synthetic Clarinet Reed

Forestone is a new synthetic reed from Japan that has most of the advantages of cane but none of the drawbacks. It is the ideal choice for clarinet and saxophone players at all skill levels who seek to free themselves from the problems of inconsistency and instability associated with cane reeds. H78822 | MSRP $25.95 | $19.99

Traditional B♭ Clarinet Reeds


Synthetic B♭ Clarinet Reed

The Bari Reed is machined (not molded) from a unique material formulated with a consistent spacing of fibers that absorbs just the right amount of moisture. This insures that each reed plays perfectly. 462658 | MSRP $18.00 | $8.99

Gold Clarinet Reeds


Venuto B♭ Clarinet Reeds

56 Rue Lepic B♭ Clarinet Reeds


V12 Series Clarinet Reeds

Designed specifically for the unique American sound, the Vandoren V12 B♭ Clarinet Reed provides more wood in the heart and heel areas of the reed. The extra wood of the V12 clarinet reed keeps the sound very focused at extreme dynamic levels and works extremely well with longer-faced mouthpieces.


Available in strengths 2-1/2 through 5 plus. Sold individually. 462745 | MSRP $55.99 | $26.99

Bass Clarinet

Available in strengths 2-1/2 through 4-1/2 in boxes of 5. H70391 | MSRP $43.99 | $20.99

Venuto reeds are constructed from premium French cane from the Var region of France, among the most coveted reed cane in the world. They are French cut and French filed for ease of response and greater control, and are available in a variety of strengths to accommodate players of all levels of conditioning. Available in strengths 2-1/2" through 5 in boxes of 10. H97890 | MSRP $29.99 | $14.99

Esperto B♭ Clarinet Reeds

Esperto reeds are made from a thicker blank for a fuller, richer tone with more projection. It is harvested from the Var region of France, some of the most sought-after reed cane in the world. They are French cut and filed for ease of response and greater control, designed for mouthpieces with a longer lay. Available in strengths 2-1/2" through 5 in boxes of 10. H97880 | MSRP $38.99 | $19.49

Traditional Clarinet Reeds

Gold Clarinet Reeds

Rigotti Gold reeds represent the finest in precision and playability. They are hand-picked, precisely cut, and long lasting. The ability to choose between light, medium, and strong versions of each strength creates greater uniformity from reed to reed. Available in strengths 2-1/2 through 5 in boxes of 10. 478005 | MSRP $20.50 | $18.99

B♭ Clarinet Reed Blank

For those who prefer to design and cut their own reeds, the Rigotti offers high-quality reed blanks that are split, planed and ready for your special demands. 471848 | $1.19

With a superiority proven over many years, Vandoren Traditional reeds suit all styles of music. They offer a richness of tone which gives body and brilliance to the sound, and have a flexibility that allows the legato or staccato execution of large intervals.

B♭ Clarinet

Available in strengths 1 through 5 in boxes of 10. 462584 | MSRP $41.99 | $19.99

B♭ Clarinet Reed Strength 2.5


Bass Clarinet

Available in strengths 1-1/2 through 5 in boxes of 5. 462583 | MSRP $38.99 | $18.49

56 Rue Lepic B♭ Clarinet Reeds

Designed from thicker cane, the 56 emits a rich, centered and extremely pure sound while providing maximum stability in all registers. Its quick response ensures precision in the most difficult passages without sacrificing the extraordinary round and warm sound. Available in strengths 2.5 through 5 in boxes of 10. 462747 | MSRP $55.99 | $26.99

Bass Clarinet Reed Strength 2

B♭ Clarinet Reed


Made of a new low density material that is extremely similar to conditioned cane, the Legere reeds represent the best synthetic reeds on the market today. Perfect for all types of playing. Available in strengths 2 through 5. Sold individually. Quarter strengths also available. 471556 | MSRP $24.95 | $15.89

F.O.F B♭ Clarinet Reeds

Gonzalez F.O.F. reeds feature an American-style cut made from Argentinean cane that is CNC-controlled and hand-worked. One of the more consistent reeds available, they produce a deep full and focused tone. Available in strengths 2-1/2 through 5. 467365 | MSRP $52.25 | $29.99

Synthetic B♭ Clarinet Reed

The first synthetic reeds that actually feel and perform like cane, only every reed plays. Fibracell reeds are precision-manufactured with Kevlar fibers arrayed in a resin matrix. Sold individually. 462670 | MSRP $17.50 | $8.89

Bass Clarinet Reed

Made of a new low density material that is extremely similar to conditioned cane, the Legere reeds represent the best synthetic reeds on the market today. Perfect for all types of playing. Available in strengths 2 through 4. Sold individually. 471558 | MSRP $24.95 | $15.89

Call 866.647.8775 | Clarinet Accessories | 11

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Rico oRaNge

Rico Royal

ReseRve classic

The gold-standard for beginners, Rico’s thinner profile is designed for ease of play.

Designed for advancing players, Royal reeds are filed for increased vibration and resonance.

Offers unmatched performance, featuring a thicker blank for a warm, resonant sound.

THREE LEVELS OF CHOICE. ONE GREAT ENSEMBLE. Rico offers a quality reed for every stage of musical development. Each box of reeds delivers unparalleled consistency, design, and craftsmanship for new levels of performance.

Rico , Rico Royal, aND ReseRve aRe tRaDemaRks of D’aDDaRio & compaNy, iNc. oR its affiliates iN the Us aND/oR otheR coUNtRies © 2013. all Rights ReseRveD.

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Find over 100 different ligatures and caps on

H-Ligature for Clarinet

Retro version of the Harrison ligature used by many of the world's greatest clarinetists and saxophonists. Choose E♭ or B♭ Clarinet with a gold or silver finish. 581624 | From $19.99

best seller

Super Revelation Ligatures Bass Clarinet

An ideal ligature for chamber music. 465093 | MSRP $131.49 | $69.99

Debut Student Clarinet Mouthpiece

Start students right. The Fobes Debut is one of the finest student mouthpieces on the market. The design allows for use of a stronger reed thereby promoting better embouchure and breath habits. Each mouthpiece is hand-finished and play-tested to ensure consistency. 471450 | MSRP $39.50 | $30.95

M13 Lyre B♭ Clarinet Mouthpiece


Clarinet Stands 5-STAR RATING

BG is at the forefront of clarinet technology. Select from the folding E♭, B♭ or Glow-in-the-Dark (perfect for those dark orchestra pits) stands. 465101 | $11.99

San Francisco B♭ Clarinet Mouthpiece

10% off Vandoren orders over $49 – use promo code: VAND49 (ends 4/30/14)

The Fobes 6L mouthpiece offers the jazz or studio player the opportunity to draw from a rcih color palette while still enjoying the security of a slightly longer facing. Choose 4L, 6L - Jazz Mouthpiece, 2L, CF+ Personal Facing, 2M* - Kaspar 13, CF Personal Facing or 3L. 471452 | $225.00

M15 Series B♭ Clarinet Mouthpiece Package


DS440B TravLite In-Bell Clarinet Stand

Fits neatly into the bell and can be stored in the case without taking up any additional space. 582937 | MSRP $39.99 | $28.99

M13 Lyre B♭ Clarinet Mouthpiece Ultimate Movie Instrumental Solos for Clarinet (Book/CD)

Arrangements in series are compatible, and can be performed by students who have completed any first book band method. H89845 | $18.99

Permits easy blowing with harder reeds and produces a rich and centered sound. 460182 | MSRP $179.99 | $89.75

C85 Series B♭ Clarinet Mouthpiece

B45 Series B♭ Clarinet Mouthpiece

Excellent for all-around playing or for saxophonists doubling on the clarinet. Free blowing and reed friendly. Available in Traditional, Profile 88 or M13 styles. 483747 | From $83.18

5RV Lyre Series B♭ Clarinet Mouthpiece

The hallmark of the Selmer Paris C85 is its pure power. Able to handle extreme dynamic levels without spreading, it is popular with orchestral clarinetists who need to project from the middle of the ensemble to the back of the hall. Choose 115 medium/medium, 105 medium close/medium or 120 medium open/medium. 468292 | MSRP $217.95 | $109.99

An excellent choice for the advancing student or for general playing. Available in Traditional, Profile 88 or M13 styles. 483902 | From $83.97

M15 Series B♭ Clarinet Mouthpiece Package The Big Book of Clarinet Songs

Instrumentalists will love these collections of 130 popular solos, including: Another One Bites the Dust • Any Dream Will Do • Bad Day • Beauty and the Beast • Breaking Free 730099 | $14.95

Beak design allows airstream to enter at exactly the right angle, producing an effortless response and attack. Includes M/O pewter ligature and plastic cap. H84574 | MSRP $239.99 | $99.99

Optimum B♭ Clarinet Ligatures

Three pressure plates provide you with more choices in tonal color and response.

Ligatures and Plastic Cap 474919 | MSRP $136.99 | $69.99

Plastic Cap Only 474919 | MSRP $21.99 | $16.99

Dark B♭ Clarinet Ligature and Cap

Our most popular ligature. The Rovner Dark offers the freeblowing performance of a string ligature with the convenience of a standard screw ligature. Inverted polyester fabric and machined brass hardware. 540295 | MSRP $34.95 | $19.99

Call 866.647.8775 | Clarinet Accessories | 13

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Graduate to Yamaha and Save! $100 mail-in rebate on select Yamaha wind instruments. Visit for details

Professional Series Flute

The 500 and 600 Series flutes combine the brilliance of nickel silver with the characteristic mellow timbre of sterling silver. They come with a hand-finished headjoint based on the Type A headjoints supplied with the 800 and 900 series handmade flutes. The keys feature traditional pointed key arms, reflecting the highest level of craftsmanship and adding visual elegance to these outstanding instruments. Choose C♯ trill key, split E or gizmo key. Now with Straubinger-Phoenix pads.

new in 2014

577H Series

587H Series

677H Series

777H Series

J01309 | From $2,619.99

J01306 | From $2,619.99

J01308 | From $3,597.99

J01311 | From $6,284.99

Handmade Flutes 807 Series

From $2,695.00

Handmade Flutes

807 Series

For over 25 years, Altus have crafted flutes that embody the ideal marriage of vintage inspiration and modern technology. Created and handmade by Shuichi Tanaka, each one reflects his passion to produce the finest playing flutes available utilizing the finest of materials handwork and artistry. His keen fascination with metallurgy and experiments with different materials result in flutes that produce a sound and resonance like no other.

Options include: Inline G and Offset G, Split E. H89696 | From $2,695.00

907 Series

Options include: Inline G, Offset G, Split E, C♯ trill key, D Roller, Z-cut headjoint. H89697 | From $3,750.00

709 Sonare Series Professional Gold Flute

From $3,349.00

709 Sonare Series Professional Gold Flute

The 700 series flutes are the top of the line from Sonare. These flutes feature handmade, sterling silver, Powell Signature headjoints made in Boston as well as sterling silver bodies, made in the USA, by Powell, with the Modern Powell Scale. The headjoint, body, foot, and keys are all plated in 14K rose-gold. You will also find Elgiloy steel alloy springs and French pointed arms. The end result is a professional flute in a class all its own. Choose C-Foot or B-Foot with Open Hole. Inline G. H70497 | From $3,349.00

Classic Q2 Sterling Silver Flute

This lively and responsive flute, manufactured by Haynes, is created in a unique collaboration with the Haynes Company Boston and Beijing workshops. Global sourcing of the finest materials, exacting Haynes manufacturing standards, and highly skilled craftspeople make this flute highly desirable for the 463733 | $4,200.00

Signature Series Flute

The Powell Signature series flutes are crafted entirely of sterling silver and are an excellent introduction to professional level flutes. By using innovative technology, Powell has produced a high-quality instrument that delivers the signature Powell sound. Each flute is accompanied by a Signature headjoint. These headjoints are hand-cut by the same professionally trained flutists who craft Powell's custom headjoints, and are designed to be easy to play, colorful, focused, and flexible. Choose Offset G, C♯ Trill / Offset G / Inline G C♯ Trill. 582527 | From $6,990.00

advanced flutist. Each flute is handmade to reflect Wm. S. Haynes' classic design, unique projecting timbre and quick response that has been the genesis of flutemaking since 1888. Choose inline G or offset G.

Special 18-month financing available on all Pearl Flutes. for details

Elegante Coda 795 Series Flute

The Elegante Series has consistently been one of Pearl's best-selling instruments. The reasons include handmade workmanship, precise intonation, and a brilliant sound that projects well. The Elegante has 463439 | MSRP $7,205.00 | $4,683.00

been in the Pearl line for over a decade and has provided countless flautists with unrivaled confidence. Available in Offset G with Split E.

14 | Flutes |

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2SP Series Student Flute


2SP Series Student Flute

Super popular student flute. Durably constructed for years of play, this flute allows beginners to grow musically with every note. It features silver-plated construction, plateau (closed hole) keys, and a C foot. The 2SP is the ideal flute for the student or beginning adult. 483725 | From $449.99

Curved Headjoint 483725 | MSRP $1.159.00 | $589.00

3SB NG New Generation Flute

Superb step-up instrument. The Gemeinhardt New Generation model 3SBNG offers the resonance and tone quality of a solid silver headjoint and body combined with the durability of a French key mechanism. The new style headjoint offers easy response and beautiful sound creation throughout the registers. The 3SB NG is beautiful to behold, to play, and to hear. Available with inline or offset body. H89587 | MSRP $2,199.00 | $1,499.00

View more than 200 flutes from top brands online at

best seller

YFL-461 Series Intermediate Flute

From $1,825.99

EFL-100 Student Flute

YFL-321 Intermediate Flute

A quality instrument to fit any budget. The Etude EFL-100 flute features a silver-plated head, body, and foot for beauty as well as durability. The C foot and offset G key help make the instrument easier to hold and play for those with smaller hands. Etude builds instruments that will give years of musical enjoyment at a price within reach of anyone who loves music. Plastic case and cleaning rod included. 463673 | MSRP $349.99 | $189.99


YFL-461 Series Intermediate Flute

The Yamaha YFL-461 Series Intermediate Flute is an outstanding choice for the advancing student. The head, body, and foot joints are made of solid silver, which produces a warm, rich tone. The headjoint’s embouchure hole is undercut for a clean attack, sensitive response and accurate intonation. Double bladder pads extend life, while a thicker post will help maintain accurate alignment. Choose C-foot, offset G / offset G, B-foot gold lip-plate / B-foot, offset G or C-foot, offset G. 483707 | From $1,825.99

YFL-321 Intermediate Flute

Silver head, closed holes. Featuring closed holes for ease of play, the Yamaha YFL-321 Flute includes a solid silver head for better tone and projection. Other features of note on the Yamaha YFL-321 flute are accurate intonation, dependable construction, offset G and C-foot. 461424 | MSRP $1,520.00 | $1,048.99

LFL-2500 Student Flute

Solid construction and quality materials. The Libretto LFL-2500 flute has an even tone and response in all registers and accurate intonation that make it easy for students to gain confidence and progress quickly. It offers years of playing with a silver-plated nickel silver headjoint, body and foot joint, and forged nickel silver keys with a durable silver-plated finish. Standard features include plateau keys, offset G key, and a C footjoint. Comes with a protective Cordura covered case. H76613 | MSRP $749.99 | $399.99


Special 18-month financing available on all Pearl Flutes. for details


Student Series Flute, Standard Haedjoint


525 Series Intermediate Flute

Move on up to the next level. The Pearl 525 student flutes take the novice flutist a step beyond the entry-level instruments by incorporating a sterling silver lip plate and riser, open hole keys and French pointed arms. These features of the Pearl 525 flutes add another dimension to the young player's ability to project and create a beautiful sound. Choose B-foot, inline G or B-foot, offset G with split E. 466905 | MSRP $1,350.00 | $877.50

AZ2 Intermediate Flute

Designed by Altus founder and flutemaker Shuichi Tanaka, Azumi flutes are a perfect fit for the serious student and aspiring flutist. The most distinct feature of all Azumi flutes is the Altus Z-Cut professional headjoint which responds quickly and easily and produces a full and rich tone in all three registers. Choose offset G, split E, inline G or offset G. H91019 | From $1,399.00

Student Series Flute

The Allora AAFL-229 Student Flute is expertly crafted and represents an outstanding value. The silverplated nickel headjoint, body, and foot have an even response and scale. Plateau-style finger keys with an offset G key make it easier to play for young players with small fingers. The footjoint plays down to a low C. Durable keywork provides years of consistent playability.

Standard Headjoint 585015 | MSRP $499.99 | $249.99

BFL-300 Flute

The return of a legend. This Bundy flute is an outstanding value to any beginning flute player. The design helps this flute produce a sweet, dark tone and the stainless steel springs help it stay adjusted. The silver-plated finish not only looks nice but is very durable as well. 463679 | MSRP $650.00 | $449.00

Call 866.647.8775 | Flutes | 15

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3/4/14 12:11 PM is the source for hundreds of flute accessories

Classic Handmade Headjoint


Flute Gig Bag

This lightweight gig bag has one large compartment for your instrument case and several front compartments for music, metronomes, pens and other accessories. 471070 | MSRP $62.95 | $19.95

Folding Flute Stand, 4 Legs

This peg-style flute stand collapses for ease in transport and storage. Perfect for the studio or the orchestra hall. 464538 | MSRP $19.25 | $16.99

Flute Stand


Classic Handmade Headjoint

The Altus Classic style headjoint is designed for the flutist that prefers some resistance in order to gain a fuller sound with a broad color palate. It has a pure tonal center which allows for great flexibility in tone and dynamics. H89700 | $1,500.00

Z-Cut Handmade Headjoint

The Altus Z-Cut Headjoint works well for the flutist that prefers an open and free blowing headjoint. The Z cut has a more rectangular embouchure hole than the Classic cut, which makes it very responsive with clean and easy articulation. H89705 | $2,600.00

Flute Stand Flute Gig Bags

Altieri is the first company to perfect the backpack for symphonic instruments and the last name to remember for gig bags and case covers that do it all. 470981 | From $93.95

BG is at the forefront of stand technology. This handy plastic stand folds for easy storage and transport. The wide base insures a stable place to put your instrument when not in your hands. 465114 | MSRP $12.95 | $10.99

Flute Headjoint Swab Replacement Swab

Perhaps the most ingenious swab design to date. The BG headjoint swab features an adapter that fits onto your cleaning rod. The swab is attached via Velcro and may be changed when overly soiled. 465044 | MSRP $9.95 | $7.79

Slimline Flute PRO PAC Case

Sterling Silver Flute Headjoints

The Yamaha Company has spent decades creating flutes and flute headjoints for some of the world's most discriminating musicians. This knowledge has been focused into developing some of the finest headjoints available. 473571 | MSRP $900.00 | $699.99

Silk Flute Swab


These tie-dyed swabs are a favorite among students and pros alike. The silk fabric is absorbant and sensitive on the instrument's bore. 471521 | MSRP $9.78 | $6.99

Slimline Flute PRO PAC Case

This lightweight, sporty case is a favorite among students. Made of a combination of plywood and rugged foam, it has an exterior accessory pocket, padded handles and a shoulder strap. 540698 | MSRP $79.00 | $54.99

Piccolo Headjoint

Gemeinhardt is proud to offer you the exclusive ability to select the headjoint that fits your needs for your specific performance requirements. 464220 | MSRP $119.60 | $69.95

MAX Flute Case

Value-priced MAX Flute cases fit both B and C foot flutes and feature a lightweight frame, durable nylon cover, roomy exterior pocket, soft plush lining, Velcro handle wrap, Velcro quick lock closure, and a removable shoulder strap. 620489 | MSRP $54.00 | $49.99

Flute Pad Saver Set

The Flute Pad Saver Set is designed to fit into the bore of a clean, dry instrument, it wicks away residual moisture and keeps dust away from the pads. 467228 | MSRP $14.18 | $11.09

The Big Book of Flute Songs

130 popular solos scored for flute. 730098 | $14.95

New York Glam Couture Case Cover

The New York Glam Couture Case Cover features thick red patent leather, adjustable matching patent leather strap, and a plush white shearling interior. The interior straps will secure both a flute and piccolo, or a double flute/piccolo case. Lined outside pocket. H92325 | MSRP $120.00 | $97.99

A New Tune a Day Flute Omnibus (Book/2CDs) Flute Maintenance and Care Kit

Contains micro-fiber polishing cloth, swab with weighted end for drawing through the instrument, along with two brushes for pads and mouthpiece. H83353 | MSRP $29.95 | $19.95

Since the 1930s, the concise, clear content of the A Tune A Day series has revolutionized music in the classroom and the home. H67389 | $24.95

16 | Flute Accessories |

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Model 4000 Professional Bassoon

Puchner's Centennial Model. Introduced in 1997 for the Puchner Centennial, the Model 4000 is Puchner's professional bassoon with fewer premium key options than the 5000. While it is handcrafted with the same attention to detail as the Model 6000 and Model 5000 bassoons, the 4000 eliminates the A♭-B♭ trill key, and some rollers. 475542 | MSRP $18,499.00 | $16,600.00

best seller is your source for Fox bassoons and oboes

AABN-141 Student Bassoon

Designed with the student in mind. The ABS body resists changes in humidity and carries no risk of cracking. The nickel keys prove to be stronger and lighter than silver helping them to stay in adjustment longer. The bassoon also features a price that students as well as teachers can be happy about. 585108 | MSRP $4,499.99 | $2,399.99

Model IV Bassoon


Renard Model 220 Bassoon


Renard Model 240 Bassoon


Model IV Bassoon

Practical Method For The Bassoon

Includes ‘Fifty Advanced Studies,' By J. Weissenborn. Augmented and adopted by W.F. Ambrosio. Instructional book. H73963 | $26.99

Disney Greats for Oboe Instrumental Play-Along (Book/CD) Another great play-along collection of 15 Disney favorites, including: Arabian Nights • Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride • I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme) • Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) and more. H14915 | $12.95

The economical choice. The long bore design of the Fox IV bassoon results in a round tone with even balance and excellent intonation. The secure acoustical design makes the Fox IV the economical choice for schools, universities and those looking for a second bassoon. Features include a polypropylene body with silver-plated keys and German fingering system. Includes case, #1 and #2 CVX bore bocals.

462106 | MSRP $7,995.00 | $5,199.00 Renard Model 222 Bassoon

Fox's least expensive wood bassoon. Offering a great value for the school music program, the 222 features a long bore and a dark, round sound throughout the range of the instrument. Teachers will also find the plateau keys on the wing aid students with smaller hands. 462095 | MSRP $9,750.00 | $5,449.00

Model 222 Bassoon with High D

Wood student bassoon. Offering a great value for the school music program, the 222 features a long bore and a dark, round sound throughout the range of the instrument. Teachers will also find the plateau keys on the wing aid students with smaller hands. 467175 | MSRP $10,140.00 | $5,599.00

Renard Model 220 Bassoon

Our most popular student bassoon. The 220 features the more stable intonation of the long bore design, with plenty of power and projection. Features include a black maple body with French bell ring and full complement of keywork. 462094 | MSRP $11,250.00 | $6,999.00

Renard Model 240 Bassoon BEST-SELLER The Fox Renard 240 features a tone that is very open, flexible, and designed with the solo performer in mind. The red maple body can achieve the deep rich sound that most players aspire to create, and the natural rubber lining of the wing and boot joints helps prevent cracking. The mechanism of the Renard 240 boasts a full German system that is complete with high D and E keys. 462096 | MSRP $12,500.00 | $8,199.00

Model 601 Bassoon

To meet the demands of modern orchestral playing, Fox created the 601 bassoon with a thick-wall, long-bore design. This results in toneholes that are larger, longer, and more resonant. The 601 allows the player to create a more powerful sound, yet soft attacks can still be easily handled. This allows for more flexibility in solos without compromising the warm tone that bassoon players seek. 467174 | MSRP $26,500.00 | $20,999.00

Call 866.647.8775 | Bassoons | 17

wb_WB1404_016-017.indd 17

3/4/14 12:11 PM

More than 40 different oboe models available onlne at



Standard Oboe

Renard Model 330 Oboe


Model 4052 Intermediate Oboe

Designed for advanced students. The 4052 is designed to prepare oboists for a professional model. Ideal for schools, the Buffet 4052 is made of grenadilla wood that is lined with a luracast coating (an epoxy resin) which resists cracking. Includes 10-year limited warranty standard pochette case. 462793 | MSRP $5,275.00 | $3,379.00

Renard Model 333 Protege Oboe


Graduate to Yamaha and save! $100 mail-in rebate on select Yamaha wind instruments. Visit GTY for details YOB-241 Series Student Oboe

One of the best oboes in this price range. A great buy for the school music program, the Patricola Standard Oboe is blessed with many of the same features found on more high-end oboes. The Patricola Standard produces a rich and full tone that is appropriate for any performance situation. 463803 | MSRP $4,180.00 | $3,365.00



Student Series Oboe Model AAOB-801

The ideal student oboe. If you are looking for an excellent student oboe that is durable and affordable, the Allora AAOB-801 is the oboe for you. With the Allora oboe, you get great intermediate features at a student price. The key mechanism is modified conservatory while the brushed resonite body is durable and resists cracking. 585019 | MSRP $1,999.99 | $1,399.00


Renard Model 330 Oboe EDUCATOR APPROVED

Our most popular intermediate oboe. The Renard 330 intermediate oboe by Fox is ideal for serving students through high-school. It features a high-quality resin body that resists cracking and offers more consistent intonation. The key mechanism is a handmade modified conservatory system that is silver-plated. 462098 | MSRP $5,450.00 | $3,499.00

Model 330 Oboe with Low Bâ™­ Vent Key

One of our most popular intermediate oboes, the Renard 330, by Fox, is ideal for students through high school. A high-quality resin body, modified conservatory system keywork and silver-plated keys come standard. This model has the addition of the low Bâ™­ resonance key. 467168 | MSRP $5,714.00 | $3,699.00

Renard Model 333 Protege Oboe

One of the finest intermediate oboes available. The Fox Protege is ideal for developing a student through middle school and into high school. Outstanding craftsmanship and meticulous care make Fox oboes the choice of students, teachers, and professionals alike. 462099 | MSRP $4,750.00 | $2,999.00

YOB-241 Series Student Oboe

Everything a student needs in an oboe. The Yamaha YOB-241 oboe utilizes the same design features and proportions that give the Custom Series oboes their amazing sound and intonation. However, it works well for students because of the added durability provided by the ABS body and nickel keys. 463232 | $2,557.00

YOB-841 Custom Oboe

Bigger, bolder. The Yamaha 841 oboe is handcrafted to ensure that it is as smooth, balanced, and quick as possible. The inner bore shape is complemented by tapered toneholes with subtle conical undercutting for a dark silky tone with a focused center. The result is a strong Americanstyle tone with enhanced projection. 469506 | MSRP $8,665.00 | $6,019.99

best seller F. Loree Paris

Professional Oboe Standard Bore

Considered to be the finest oboes in the world, the Loree oboes produce a beautiful tone that is even in scale and fits any performance situation. Choose from the traditional or American bore. 472063 | From $7,799.00

Royal Oboe Ak Bore

True royalty. The Royal oboe is Loree's most elite model. Only the finest pieces of wood are used to make Royal oboes. The thick-wall design of the Royal helps to generate refined tone and excellent response. Comes in a French case with insulated case cover. 472062 | MSRP $10,995.00 | $9,399.00

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new product

PRO PAC Oboe Case


Bassoon Cases and Covers PRO PAC Bassoon Case

Convenience and durability with roomy exterior pocket, interior organizer for small accessories, YKK zippers, ID tag, and rugged carry straps. 13-1/4"W x 28-1/2"L x 5-1/2"D. 541069 | MSRP $199.00 | $139.99

Oboe Reeds

Altieri is the first company to perfect the backpack for symphonic instruments and the last name to remember for gig bags and case covers that do it all. Bags come in either 2-pocket with arm sling or 1-pocket, backpack styles. Specify which style when ordering. 470985 | From $129.95


PRO PAC Oboe Case

Bassoon Reeds


Water- and abrasion-resistant 1000-denier nylon shell, roomy exterior pocket, high-quality YKK zippers, ID tag, and rugged carrying strap make it a safe haven for your oboe that will last for years. Only 5lb., 13-1/2"W x 8-3/4"H x 3-3/4"D. 541068 | MSRP $94.00 | $74.99

Standard Oboe Reeds



Premium French cane from the Var region of France. French cut, French filed. Available in soft, medium soft, medium hard and hard.

Oboe H97887 | MSRP $15.49 | $10.49

Renard Bassoon Reed



H97884 | MSRP $15.49 | $10.49

Standard Oboe Reeds

One of the best factory-made reeds on the market today, the Fox reeds are the perfect selection for the student or the serious double reed player. Available in medium, medium soft and medium hard. 462726 | MSRP $13.50 | $9.79

X Light Oboe / English Horn Cases

Protect your oboe with the best. The BAM cases are clearly some of the best cases on the market today. The patented weather guard forming technique provides outstanding protection against temperature changes as well as every day knocks and bumps. 472721 | MSRP $426.00 | $354.00

Find all the tools you need for making reeds online at

Renard Bassoon Reed

One of the best factory-made reeds on the market today, the Fox reeds are the perfect selection for the student or the serious double reed player. 462724 | MSRP $12.95 | $8.79

Oboe Reed

DS561B Bass Clarinet / Bassoon Stand

L-shaped stand for use with either a bass clarinet or bassoon. The yoke securely cradles the upper joint while a rest attached to the base holds the bell bow or an extended endpin. 582940 | MSRP $111.99 | $78.99

Made of the finest French cane, Jones reeds are sorted, selected, and processed by skilled craftsmen. The reeds are then created using the world's most advanced reed machinery. Available in medium and medium hard. 462688 | MSRP $19.99 | $12.49

Stuart Dunkel

Professional Oboe Reed

The finest quality, hand-finished commercial reeds made by leading oboe authority Stuart Dunkel. Beautiful response and tone come standard. Available in soft through hard. 472114 | MSRP $36.00 | $21.99

best seller

Marlin Lesher Oboe Reed

Hand-finished quality. Marlin Lesher reeds satisfy the most discriminating player. Beautifully cut and wound, they produce a great sound. 473063 | MSRP $19.80 | $11.99


Oboe / English Horn Pegs

The world-renowned Blayman Musical Instrument Stands are back. Simply the best support available for your instrument, these stands have been the standard of excellence now for over 30 years. Peg only, base sold separately. 472951 | MSRP $49.99 | $32.99

Oboe Cane Oboe

Singin' Dog

Hand-picked in France, Rigotti cane is world famous for its consistency and playability. Choose from tube, gouged or gouged and shaped. 471849 | From $17.29

Oboe Reed

The Singin’ Dog oboe reed company specializes in handmade reeds that outclass their machine-made competitors while still maintaining an attractive price. H68174 | $16.00

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HC2 Handcraft Series Custom B♭ Trumpet


HC2 Handcraft Series Custom B Trumpet ♭

best seller

180S37 Stradivarius Series B♭ Trumpetl

From $2,689.00

Inspired by the classic American jazz sound, Schilke's new Handcraft series offers a new and unique playing experience. Easy to play and with a beautiful fundamental voice, these instruments have an even, balanced feel while providing great flexibility to manipulate sound color. Very responsive with superb intonation, the fit and precision continues Schilke's high standard for build quality, playability and design. Available in lacquer or silver finish. H94775 | MSRP $4,425.00 | $3,035.00

P5-4BG Butler / Geyer Custom B♭ / A Piccolo Trumpet

Butler/Geyer tuning system. The P5-4BG offers the same construction and sound characteristics as the original P5-4, but with a modified slide design that includes a first valve slide saddle and third valve slide ring to assist in fine tuning. This modification was originally designed by Barbara Butler and Charles Geyer, currently Professors of Trumpet at Northwestern University. Available in silver finish. Gold finish available as special order. 475523 | MSRP $4,985.00 | $3,525.00

Plastic B♭ Trumpet

A plastic trombone with style. The Tiger Trumpet possesses a satisfying timbre with good valve action and a stunning appearance. No matter which color you choose, it is sure to be a conversation starter on the bandstand. It comes with a 3C Delrin mouthpiece designed by Warburton along with a lightweight case. Available in blue, red, pink or purple finish. J01195 | $295.00

Model 502 C Trumpet

A classical trumpeter's dream horn. The S.E. Shires Model 502 trumpet was developed in collaboration with Boston-based soloist and trumpet phenomenon Terry Everson. The most nimble standard model S.E. Shires C trumpet, its centered bell taper features a light bell treatment for incredible agility and ease of playing. This is balanced by a very long, open W9HL leadpipe taper that adds darkness and warmth to the sound while facilitating clear articulations and endurance. H91032 | $3,695.00

180S37 Stradivarius Series B♭ Trumpet

Excels in any musical setting. This legendary trumpet combines the depth and color of sound with even intonation and response that professional players need. The 180S37 features a standard weight body and a medium-large bore that won't over-extend the endurance level of the player. Available in silver with yellow brass bell or (add $130) for gold-brass bell. 483836 | From $2,689.00

LR19043B Stradivarius Mariachi Series B♭ Trumpet

Designed especially for mariachi. An exquisite horn, the LR19034B Bach Stradivarius Mariachi Series B♭ trumpet sounds as beautiful as it looks. Adorned with unusually ornate filligree across the bell, it is additionally apportioned with yellow brass (70% copper, 30% zinc) on the valve casing, and a bronze brass bell (90% copper, 9-1/2% zinc along with elements of tin). It is a 43-style bell, whose slower taper is quick and responsive, ideal for the fast, tight stacatto of mariachi music. It was designed in cooperation with Jose Hernandez, one of the world's finest mariachi players. Available in lacquer or silver finish. H93779 | From $3,109.00

TRB-802 Series B♭ Trumpet

Sonare trumpets are among the best values available in professional quality horns. The 2013 addition to the Sonare line of fine trumpets is the TRB-802. Sonare is the professional division of Blessing’s brass designs. In producing the Sonare TRB-802, Sonare has brought together complimentary technologies that have combined into a magnificent instrument. Available in silver, lacquer or vintage finsh and silver with gold trim. H95352 | From $2,300.00

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YTR-8335RS Xeno Series B♭ Trumpet


YTR-8335 Xeno Series B♭ Trumpet



in 2014

YTR-8345 Xeno Series B♭ Trumpet


Xeno (pronounced 'Zeno' ) trumpets are designed for those who want power and projection as well as a big warm sound. Developed from more than 30 years of research with leading artists throughout the world, Xeno trumpets incorporate their dreams, their experience, and their talents—as realized through the skills and ideas of some of the world’s best designers and craftspersons.

YTR-8335RS Xeno Series

YTR-8335 Xeno Series B♭

YTR-8345 Xeno Series

YTR-8335G Xeno Series B♭

The YTR-8335RS achieves smooth resistance and airflow that only a reverse tuning slide design can offer, for easy, comfortable playability and harmonically rich tone. J05517 | MSRP $3,510.00 | $2,535.99 The YTR-8345 Xeno trumpet is finding acceptance in major symphonies and on jazz and commercial stages across the world. Its larger bore makes for a powerful lead sound. J05516 | MSRP $3,423.00 | $2,439.99

YTR-8345G Xeno Series

The classic large bore Xeno; Bore L: 0.462", bell diameter: 4 7/8". The leadpipe is gold brass and the body material is yellow brass. Precision and power in this professional package. J05514 | MSRP $3,423.00 | $2,439.99

Dark and loud with no breakup. This Xeno features hand-lapped slides and Monel pistons, a handhammered one-piece annealed bell and double main tuning slide braces. J05512 | MSRP $3,423.00 | $2,439.99 The Xeno' s heavyweight construction produces a solid tone core for a rich strong sound that won' t spread or break up no matter how hard you push it. J05513 | MSRP $3,238.00 | $2,299.99

Video Reviews

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250+ different trumpets available online at

great value

BTR-1580RB Classic Series B♭ Trumpet

The Blessing BTR-1580RB features a one-piece hand-hammered bell, Monel valves, lever water key, nickel and brass slide tubing, external valve caps, a .460" bore, and a reversed leadpipe. Comes with case and mouthpiece. This instrument features the Blessing Bead Blast finish, a charming look that is unlike any other. It is a textured finish with almost an eggshell texture, one that is not reflective or shiny, but not flat or dark either. It is both beautiful and unusual, and will enhance pride of ownership. Available in lacquer or silver finish with reverse leadpipe. H96631 | From $1,779.99

best seller

1600 Series B♭ Trumpet

Great horn for jazz or commercial. The Model 1600 was developed with Los Angeles big band and studio work in mind. It sounds warm and lyrical in the staff, but will really sizzle in the upper register when you want it to. Easy blowing and agile, this trumpet features a lightweight yellow brass bell carefully balanced with a special mouthpipe and medium large bore. Formerly known as the "WB" Model, this trumpet was designed for the fabulous Wayne Bergeron whose sound can be heard on numerous soundtracks, jingles and the Big Phat Band. Available in brushed lacquer finish. 468110 | From $2,571.00

AATR-125 Series Classic B Trumpet ♭

Affordable, professional-level quality. The Model AATR-125 B♭ trumpet features a .460" bore with a medium-large tapered bell that is well-suited for any type of music from concert to jazz. It features a 1st-valve thumb saddle, 3rd-valve fixed finger ring and a double-braced main tuning slide. Allora instruments are value-priced, yet meet exacting standards for intonation, comfort, and mechanical reliability. Available in a silver finish. Includes case and mouthpiece. 585022 | MSRP $1,069.99 | $599.99

ETR-100 Series Student B♭ Trumpet

Our most affordable starter. Etude’s ETR-100 B♭ trumpet will take a student a long way toward trumpet mastery with a .460” bore red brass leadpipe for easy tone production and projection. The ETR-100 trumpet comes with a 1st valve thumb saddle and an adjustable 3rd valve finger ring for easy intonation and player comfort. 463676 | MSRP $399.99 | $169.99

900S Eterna Classic Series B♭ Trumpet

Classic design. Originally introduced in the early 1960s, the Eterna 900 rapidly became the most popular of Getzen's professional trumpets. Since then, subtle design changes have altered the instrument's personality. Numerous requests from fans of the early 900 convinced Getzen to return to the original specifications and reintroduce the trumpet as the 900 Eterna Classic. This classic design is exceptionally free-blowing and has excellent intonation. It is capable of serving musicians and serious amateur players in a variety of music styles. Available in silver only. 461337 | MSRP $2,499.00 | $1,749.00

18-month financing on all P. Mauriat Trumpets. Visit for details

PMT-700 Series B♭ Trumpet

The PMT-700 utilizes a one-piece leadpipe shaped from high-quality gold-brass materials and a rounded main tuning slide without braces. The result lands the resistance farther back in the horn, allowing the instrument to perform as one of the most open and free blowing medium-large trumpets around. Available in clear lacquer, matte lacquer, un-lacquered, silver-plated or matte silver-plated finish. H74475 | From $1,799.00

best seller unique design

1600I XO Professional Series B♭ Trumpet

Medium bore, big sound. Developed in cooperation with Roger Ingram, this medium bore trumpet features a two-piece valve casing with nickel-silver balusters, handcrafted 4.8” bell with heavy bead, enhanced bell ferrule, and a reverse leadpipe for exceptional tone and response. Available in lacquer or silver finish. Includes case and mouthpiece. 585109 | From $2,059.00

FTR-7000ML Symphony LT Series B♭ Trumpet

A professional instrument with a lightweight design. The Fides FTR-7000ML Symphony LT Series B♭ Trumpet is available with a choice of a .459" or .464" bore. A special leadpipe design offers a quick, focused projection. It also has the unique Fides body style, nickel-silver outer slides, and Amadostyle water keys. Includes mouthpiece and a deluxe case by Soundwear with backpack straps and a removable shoulder strap. Available in lacquer or silver finish. 464584 | From $2,228.10

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new product

More than 1,000 brass accessories available online

Best Brass Trumpet Warm-Up Mute

Reduces the sound 30dB. Great for hotel practice or for warm-up in the moments before the performance. H90984 | MSRP $129.00 | $99.99

BlowDry Brass

KB 950 Trumpet Stand

Wide base for stability; bell rest with spring cushion; legs fold for easy transport; black finish with plastic protective feet. H84363 | MSRP $19.99 | $12.99

Piston & Rotary Valve Brass Maintenance System

Has everything you need to keep your instrument and mouthpiece free from the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. J03745 | MSRP $31.99 | $21.50

best seller Professional Valve Oil

A nontoxic synthetic oil that provides outstanding lubrication for piston and rotary valves, plus trombone slides. 464076 | MSRP $6.95 | $5.99

B Model Aluminum Trumpet Wow-Wow Mute

These mutes offer the classic “buzz� sound that trumpet players have come to know. Perfect for use in jazz or contemporary concert literature. Available in aluminum finish. 360158 | MSRP $56.00 | $34.99

TPT-2A Aluminum Trumpet Bubble Mute The acoustic design of Jo-Ral TPT-2A Aluminum Bubble Mute gives it a highly musical tone and near-perfect intonation. It has been tested to perform evenly in all registers. 360344 | MSRP $75.00 | $55.99

1A Trumpet Straight Mute

Made of spun aluminum and tested to perform in all registers. Neoprene-enhanced corks provide durability and a tight fit. 360340 | MSRP $55.00 | $39.99

Fast Valve, Slide and Key Oil The enduring favorite of brass players for decades, Al Cass is the quintessential lightweight petroleum-based oil. 420257 | MSRP $6.57 | $3.99

Trumpet Mute Bag with Modular Walls

Allows quick access to mutes, and the padded bottom keeps mutes from making a noise when dropped in. J02230 | MSRP $59.95 | $42.99

Renegade Series Triple Trumpet Bag

The interior divider can be adjusted to fit up to three trumpets, or combinations like trumpet and flugel, mutes, etc. H93773 | MSRP $349.95 | $249.95

Trumpet Stand

Mid-Suspension Trumpet Gig Bag

This five-leg Trumpet Stand base makes accidents a thing of the past. Features a black plastic peg with felt pads to protect finish of the instrument. The detachable metal leg base allows stand to be stored in the bell of the instrument for easy transport. 450293 | MSRP $30.99 | $23.99

The Mid-Bag Suspension Series features a water-resistant nylon or buffalo leather exterior, rugged zippers, backpack straps, and shoulder strap. H67659 | From $63.99

J. Winter

CE 175 JW Eastman Series Fiberglass Double Trumpet Case

Beautiful design, stable and safe as well. Plush lining protects your instruments and a rubber seal keeps elements outside. H75541 | MSRP $279.00 | $189.99

DW5531 Trumpet Cup Mute

The DW5531 features an adjustable cup that can be moved on the cone section of the mute. Available in aluminum finish. 360118 | MSRP $90.99 | $50.99

Zinger Harmon-Style Trumpet Mute

Pitch, articulation, slotting, comprehensive range, dynamic projection, and a beautiful sound are now all part of the harmon-style mute dialog. J00769 | $75.00

Video Review online SB7XC Silent Brass System for Trumpet DS513BB Trumpet/Cornet and Flugelhorn Stand with Carrying Bag

Two adjustable trumpet/cornet pegs and a flugelhorn peg plus a design that allows you to fit your stand on crowded stages. 474933 | MSRP $61.99 | $42.95

Delivers superior and realistic brass instrument sound. Includes a headphone jack and allows for easy attachment of an external player in order to practice with prerecorded material. J05787 | $229.99

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Hundreds of trumpet mouthpieces available online

best seller

Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece

Gold-plated versions of the famous Bach standard trumpet mouthpieces. Gold plating provides a very comfortable and flexible feel. 462970 | MSRP $75.62 | $50.00

Vacchiano Series Trumpet Mouthpieces

These fine mouthpieces have been crafted to the specifications provided by William Vacchiano, former Principal Trumpet of the New York Philharmonic. They are sized in largest to smallest cup diameters numerically from low to high. Available in silver finish. 471863 | MSRP $78.50 | $62.99

Trumpet Mouthpiece Backbores

Warburton mouthpieces have been designed with total flexibility so that the player can "build" his ideal mouthpiece on the spot. 471943 | MSRP $60.00 | $52.99

Legend Series Clark Terry Trumpet Mouthpiece

Semi-flat rim contour with medium wide thickness, medium-deep V-cup and .147" bore. H95613 | MSRP $298.00 | $199.99


Size 4 Series Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpiece Top H79994 | MSRP $95.00 | $85.99

American Classic Trumpet Mouthpiece

The Signature Series Mouthpieces are designed and used by top Yamaha Artists. Choose from several different artists. 462515 | MSRP $74.99 | $49.99

Super-high tolerances produce the most-consistent mouthpieces in the industry. The rim and bite are identical for all cups in a given diameter. 472833 | MSRP $76.00 | $59.99


Trumpet Mouthpiece Series

These mouthpieces are faithful re-issues of the classic Parduba double cup trumpet mouthpieces. The double cup design enables a great ease of playing in the high register. Inner diameters runs from 3 (smallest) to 8 (largest). 472928 | MSRP $91.86 | $60.00

great value


Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet

Standard Line Trumpet Mouthpieces

One of the world's most admired mouthpieces. The American Classic design is very responsive and easy to play, and has excellent flexibility and a rich tone. H82462 | Silver | MSRP $99.99 | $59.99 H84359 | Gold | MSRP $151.99 | $84.99

Trumpet Mouthpieces

The Blessing Company makes an economical student mouthpiece that is faithful to the original specifications. Available in silver finish. 464201 | MSRP $43.25 | $26.99

best seller Claude Gordon Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Group I The Standard Series features combinations of rim, cup diameter, cup volume and backbore to meet any playing situation. 475220 | MSRP $78.00 | $52.99

Produced from the measurements of Mr. Gordon's personal mouthpiece and of others from his premier students. Available in silver finish. H75521 | MSRP $91.00 | $68.00

The Big Book of Trumpet Songs 130 popular solos scored for trumpet. 730102 | $14.95

best seller Asymmetric

Lead 342 Trumpet Mouthpiece

The patented technology features an asymmetric cup design that can add up to one half octave to your high range. 461964 | MSRP $73.00 | $73.00

Trumpet Mouthpiece

Rim and backbore available separately or together. Great system that results in less fatigue. 585935 | Rim Only | MSRP $80.00 | $60.00 585936 | Underpart Only | MSRP $150.00 | $120.00

Arban Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet, New Edition

The accepted standard for trumpet and cornet technique. All of the most important components of brass playing are covered in detail. H99018 | $29.99

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Graduate to Yamaha and save! $100 mail-in rebate on select Yamaha wind instruments. Visit for details

YSL-882O Xeno Series F-Attachment Trombone

best seller

Top F-attachment trombone. The one-piece bell of the YSL-882O Xeno offers excellent resonance and tone. The open wrap F-attachment makes it free blowing with minimal resistance. Note slotting is improved by a gold brass leadpipe. Killer sound made easy. 483576 | MSRP $3,992.00 | $2,603.99

pBone Plastic Trombone

The plastic trombone you've been hearing about. The Jiggs Whigham pBone brings a fun and intriguing twist to the traditional trombone. With its plastic construction, this lightweight instrument sounds remarkably like typical brass trombones. Available in black, white, green, purple, yellow, orange, red, pink or blue. H77722 | $159.00

Mini pBone Plastic Trombone NEW

pBone Plastic Trombone


Mini pBone Plastic Trombone Blue

A fully functioning, medium-bore, E♭ trombone constructed in ABS and glass fiber. It comes complete with carry bag and mouthpiece. The pBone Mini was conceived by the team who brought Jiggs pBone to the world. pBone mini is light and durable and its special mouthpiece makes it easy for the very young player to get a great sound. It has a full seven positions and has been tuned to have a solid first octave. Available in blue or red. H94860 | $129.00


handcrafted quality Elliot Mason Model Professional Jazz Trombone

Born of a collaboration between trombonist Elliot Mason (of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra) and master craftsman Michael Corrigan, this instrument has been carefully designed with the most demanding musicians in mind. In addition to the unparalleled craftsmanship, you will discover several brilliant and innovative custom features including a high copper content alloy on the handslide, and a beautiful satin finish that BAC does extraordinarily well. H94778 | MSRP $1,895.00 | $1,515.00

4047DS Custom Reserve Series F-Attachment Trombone

42BO Stradivarius Series F-Attachment Trombone


From $3,029.00

new product

3062AF Custom Series Bass Trombone


Stradivarius Artisan La Rosa Series F-Attachment Trombone


4047DS Custom Reserve Series F-Attachment Trombone NEW

Incredible new instrument. The 4047DS Custom Reserve is the first new Getzen trombone in more than a decade. Asymmetrical bracing incorporates silver and yellow brass. An all-new pipe taper and dimensions even out intonation to create a more consistent feel and sound. A solid nickel silver cork barrel assembly adds strength and mass to the inner handslide. The 4047DS Custom Reserve is available in a Getzen exclusive fiberglass shell case. H93792 | MSRP $5,289.00 | $3,539.00

3062AF Custom Series Bass Trombone

Getzen Custom Bass. This Custom Series instrument features a dual bore design with an axial flow independent valve system plus three interchangeable leadpipes to customize the trombone to the needs of the player. 484966 | MSRP $7,289.00 | $4,879.00

42BO Stradivarius Series F-Attachment Trombone

Top Bach trombone. The 42BO features an open wrap design for a less resistant feel and an 8.5 onepiece, hand-hammered bell for excellent resonance, projection, and tone. Available in lacquer finish. 483626 | From $3,029.00

Stradivarius Artisan La Rosa Series F-Attachment Trombone

The best materials, elegant design. The Bach A47MLR “La Rosa” model features an open wrap F-attachment, a yellow brass, hand-hammered Artisan bell with flat rim and soldered steel wire, a reverse main tuning slide with gold brass crook, and a .547 bore hand slide with yellow brass outside tubes and bottom crook. Developed in cooperation with Massimo La Rosa. The Bach Stradivarius trombone 85-year tradition has been in bands and orchestras around the world for decades. H94927 | MSRP $6,410.00 | $4,489.00

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Search "Shires Trombone" on to see the entire selection

Chicago Model Tenor Trombone with Axial-Flow


Michael Davis Model Small-Bore Tenor Trombone


Chicago Model Tenor Trombone with Axial-Flow

Classic Chicago design. The S.E. Shires Chicago model trombone was designed with the famed Chicago low brass sound in mind. The one-piece, gold-brass bell with a large TII taper produces a rich, broad, complex sound that allows for a wide range of colors at different dynamics. H91034 | $4,995.00

Custom Alto Trombone

Michael Davis Model Small-Bore Tenor Trombone

Superior intonation in all registers. Appropriate to small ensemble and symphony. Combines the quick response and color of a one-piece bell with the centered feel and expansive tone of a two-piece bell. Achieve a clear, pure sound with strong fundamental, while keeping consistent tone color and overtone structure throughout the dynamic range. Choose straight or Bâ™­ rotor. H91038 | From $3,195.00

Where virtuosity and manufacturing excellence meet. The Michael Davis Trombone was developed through a close collaboration between virtuoso Michael Davis and the craftsmen of S. E. Shires. The lightweight nickel-silver handslide construction offers clean, precise articulations. The custom 7.5", yellow-brass bell retains a clear, pure sound and keeps a very consistent tone color and overtone structure throughout the range of dynamics. H91044 | $3,495.00

BTB-89-OB Classic Series F-Attachment Trombone

528 Series Valve Trombone

Exclusive finish. The BTB-89 is an exclusive to The Woodwind and Brasswind. It resembles, in large part, the specifications of the Blessing BTB-88. The 89 has a bead blast finish which is accented by stunning bright highlights. It hearkens Blessing classic trombone designs that have stood among the most prominent and popular intermediate rotor trombones in the world. H96634 | MSRP $2,890.00 | $1,979.99

The 528 is a great choice for the baritone or trumpet player who needs to double to fill in a trombone part, or for performers simply looking for a distinctive trombone sound. It has an 8" yellow brass bell for outstanding projection, plus nickel-silver valves for quick action. Available in lacquer or silver finish. 483653 | From $1,490.00

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TBB706 Artist Series Bass Trombone

Sophisticated design, great playability. The RS Berkeley TBB706 is a clear lacquer finish bass trombone with a .560" bore and a 9.5" bell. It features an inline double valve, a mechanized trigger Bâ™­, F and G, open wraps on F and G and nickel silver outer slides. It also has an adjustable lever and nickel silver hand grip. Includes mouthpiece, cleaning rod and case. H95616 | MSRP $2,620.00 | $1,440.00

great value ETB-100 Series Student Trombone

Popular student trombone. The Etude ETB-100 student trombone features a .495" bore designed for easy tone production and projection. This trombone also features a brass outer handslide and crook plus a chrome inner handslide for enhanced durability. H74693 | MSRP $399.99 | $169.99

26 | Trombones |

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3/4/14 1:34 PM is your source for brass accessories – over 1,000 different choices online SB5XC Silent Brass System for Trombone Slide Lubricant

The internationally acclaimed trombone slide lubricant. Excellent handslide action. Comes in 1.2oz. metal tube. 420462 | MSRP $7.95 | $5.49

best seller

The innovative, awardwinning system provide trombone players with the ultimate practice tool, ideal for use in any silent practice or warm-up situation. J05786 | MSRP $249.99 | $219.99

Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece

Bach Standard Mouthpieces are designed to offer excellent volume and intonation, with ease of response in the high and low register. These mouthpieces feature a rich, uniform timbre throughout the range plus resistance to increase endurance. Available in silver finish. 462976 | Small Shank | MSRP $95.87 | $63.00 462978 | Large Shank | MSRP $99.06 | $65.00

TRB-1C Copper Bottom Trombone Straight Mute Mid-Suspension G Series Bass Trombone Gig Bag

This suspension system reduces the risk of dings or dents if the bag knocks into a wall or is dropped from a short distance. H67640 | From $179.99

The ideal choice for any musical genre, the Jo-Ral tenor trombone straight mute produces a distinct, muted sound throughout the natural range of the instrument. It is free-blowing in all registers and designed to fit all tenor trombone bells. 360342 | MSRP $85.00 | $62.99

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Standard Series Trombone Mouthpiece Silver-plated tenor trombone mouthpiece with standard (small) shank. 475213 | Small Shank | MSRP $100.00 | $65.99 475216 | Large Shank | MSRP $100.00 | $65.99

Precision Trombone Stand

Contoured Straight/F-Attachment Tenor Trombone PRO PAC Case

Lightweight wood frame, water- and abrasion-resistant nylon, large exterior pocket, padded shoulder strap, velvet-lined interior, padded handle, subway handle, and protective feet. H75268 | MSRP $299.00 | $199.99

Able to fit all trombone models, the Precision stand features a rubber adjustable height bell cone that will not mar the finish, plus wide stance tripod with rubber tips to provide extra stability. Available in black only. 468326 | MSRP $84.99 | $67.99

Harry Watters Jazz Trombone Mouthpiece Similar in size to a Bach 6-1/2 AL. This mouthpiece is designed to project a solid core of sound throughout the range of the instrument. Available in stainless steel finish. 463323 | MSRP $145.95 | $145.95

DS420B TravLite In-Bell Trombone Stand

Velvet base cone to protect the interior of the bell plus four folding legs for extra stability. 470529 | MSRP $76.99 | $53.95

DW5582 Tenor Trombone Travel Mute


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Instrumental Solos Trombone (Book/CD) 11 selections from Howard Shore's brilliant score. H98517 | MSRP $14.99 | $14.99

Trombone Grip™

The innovative Trombone Grip supports the weight of a trombone while maintaining the proper playing position. It’s designed to be adjusted to fit both the instrument and the musician’s hand, providing unparalleled comfort, balance and support while playing. J00765 | MSRP $32.95 | $29.75

Heritage Series Trombone Mouthpiece

Reminiscent of Hawkes mouthpieces from the 1880s - captures the basic principles and makes them more effective. 463209 | MSRP $263.99 | $149.99

DW5529 Trombone Adjustable Cup Mute Trombone Lubrication System The Big Book Of Trombone Songs 130 popular solos for trombone. 730104 | MSRP $14.95 | $14.95

Available in standard or light slide lubricant, one for regular slides and the light kit for newer, tighter slides. 420461 | MSRP $18.40 | $12.49

The DW5529 features an adjustable cup that can be moved on the cone section of the mute to achieve the desired sound for microphone, solo or section work. Available in aluminum finish. 360115 | MSRP $124.99 | $69.99

DW5582 Tenor Trombone Travel Mute

Perfect for the player who needs a mute that stores in the bell of the trombone and fits in gig bags and cases. J00770 | MSRP $132.99 | $77.99

Call 866.647.8775 | Trombone Accessories | 27

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Graduate to Yamaha and save. $100 mail-in rebate on select Yamaha wind instruments. Visit for details.

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Euphoniums from Besson, Yamaha, Willson and many more online at

YHR-667D Geyer Series Detachable Bell Double French Horn


YHR-667D Geyer Series Detachable Bell Double French Horn

High-quality horn with Geyer wrap. The YHR667 Series Horn is known for accurate intonation and quick response. The 667 has a .472” bore and Geyer wrap designed for excellent intonation. A 12.1” medium throat, yellow brass bell produces outstanding resonance and projection. The YHR667 is perfect for a horn player looking for his or her first professional instrument. Available in lacquer finish. 461484 | MSRP $7,076.00 | $4,558.99

YEP-642II Neo Series Compensating Euphonium BEST-SELLER

BE2052 Prestige Series Compensating Euphonium

Large-bell Prestige. The larger bell of the 2052 will allow more air to be used for an even more open and projected sound. Available in silver or lacquer finish. 468470 | From $7,353.00

Redesigned Neo Series. Powerful with excellent projection, this euphonium produces the tone color soloists require. Its body design maintains adequate resistance, delivers a powerful low range and focused high range, and improves dynamics over the instrument’s entire range. Available in silver or lacquer finish. H74484 | From $6,002.99

2900S Series Compensating Euphonium

8D CONNstellation Series Double Horn

The world's most popular pro horn for decades. The legendary Conn 8D has been a favorite among professional horn players for decades. It features a large throat bell and nickel finish for a dark, open sound and subtle response. Its .468" bore is praised for its excellent control and intonation. The 8D is a perfect choice for any playing situation, from small chamber ensembles to concert band and symphony orchestra work. 483596 | From $4,179.00

H379 Intermediate French Horn

Top intermediate horn. The H379 is an extraordinary artist-quality instrument at a popular price. It has playing characteristics similar to model H179, but with a darker sound. It has a good center and projection. Harder nickel silver material responds quickly and sounds brighter up close. Hand-fitted rotary valves are manufactured to precise tolerances to provide quick and effortless response. Available in nickel silver finish. 460397 | MSRP $4,810.00 | $3,319.00

Fantastic pro euphonium. The Willson 2900S is the preferred choice of professional-level players for solo or ensemble work. It features a compensating design, a seamless upright bell, and a medium European shank mouthpiece receiver. The 2900S also features four stainless steel piston valves in a three top and one side action design. Available in silver finish. 463766 | MSRP $9,060.00 | $8,399.99

M5050 Ambassador Series Compensating Euphonium

Demondre Thurman model. Developed in cooperation with famed euphonium artist Demondre Thurman, this euphonium features a specially designed heavyweight receiver to focus the sound and a gold brass leadpipe for better note slotting. Available in silver finish with and without tuning trigger. 463641 | From $8,599.00

28 | Tubas + Euphoniums |

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Over 150 different tubas available online at Miraphone, B&S, Meinl, Cerveny and more

Model 5490 Grand Series 5-Valve 5/4 CC Tuba

Beautiful CC. The model 5490 5/4 "The Grand CC" Tuba is a modern marvel in brass manufacturing. They appear in major symphonies across the world and are preferred by many of the world's great tubists. It is a dream professional instrument, made in the USA after many decades of the prevailing wisdom being that truly great tubas were for the most part only being produced in Europe. H93789 | MSRP $15,000.00 | $11,000.00 H79593 | MTS Products – 1709V Large Frame Tuba Case | $499.99

best seller

best seller

1291 Series 4/4 BB♭ Tuba

From $9,779.00

5450 Thor Series 5-Valve 5/4 CC Tuba BEST-SELLER

Excellent CC tuba. The 5450 THOR is an outstanding allround instrument with a lot of "hammer" sound. Developed in cooperation of Jens Bjorn-Larsen, formally of the Radio Symphony Orchestra Kopenhagen, the Thor features four steel piston valves and thumb-activated 5th rotary valve along with a bore designed for a solid low register with a huge sound. 470831 | From $12,474.00 H79593 | MTS – 1709V Large Frame Tuba Case | $499.99

best seller

2250 Series 5-Valve 6/4 F Tuba BEST-SELLER

5-Valve 6/4 F. This new 6/4 F tuba features a graduated bore with a 5-valve design - four stainless steel piston and one rotary valve. The 2250 is a solo instrument that plays in the lower register as a C tuba, with a large and full sound. This tuba offers unequaled response and tone. Available in lacquer or silver finish. 584997 | From $8,925.00 471817 | MTS Products – 1207V Tuba Case | $499.99

186-4U Series 4-Valve 4/4 BB♭ Tuba

From $7,979.00

1291 Series 4/4 BB♭ Tuba BEST-SELLER

Piston version of the 191. The 1291's piston valves give it quick response while preserving the 191's excellent intonation and slotting, and a bell designed for outstanding resonance and projection. Available in a 4-valve or 5-valve (4 piston, 1 rotary) design. Lacquer finish. 463936 | From $9,779.00 471817 | MTS Products – 1207V Tuba Case | $499.99

186-4U Series 4-Valve 4/4 BB♭ Tuba BEST-SELLER

3098 Series 5-Valve 5/4 CC Tuba

Professional quality. This CC-Tuba is a 5/4 instrument equipped with five rotary valves and constructed of yellow brass. It has a handsome clear lacquer finish and a .748" - .827" and an 18.898" bell. This B&S 3098 Series tuba is a great-sounding, easy-playing professional instrument. It is equipped with a corrosion-safe gold brass leadpipe and nickel silver inner and outer slides. Available in lacquer or silver finish. H95046 | From $11,500.00 471816 | MTS Products – 1209V Large Frame Tuba Case | $499.99

Pro performance. The 186 is the world-famous, true powerhouse of the tuba world. It offers outstanding response and intonation, plus excellent projection. Often referred to as the professional model, the 186 features nickel-silver slides, leadpipe and bell wreath. Available in yellow brass or gold brass with nickle-silver slides. 463926 | From $7,979.00 471816 | MTS Products – 1209V Large Frame Tuba Case | $499.99

1281 Petruschka Series 5-Valve 5/4 F Tuba

Compact yet assertive. The 1281 Petruschka features a .772" to .803" conical bore in a 5/4 size tuba designed for outstanding response and intonation. The 1281 is a perfect choice for any performance situation, from small ensemble work to the large concert halls. Available in lacquer or silver finish. 581649 | From $9,999.00 464548 | MTS Products – 1204V F Tuba Case | $499.99

Call 866.647.8775 | Tubas + Euphoniums | 29

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More than 1500 brass accessories available on

best seller


Large Bell Series French Horn Straight Mutes

Clear and highly resonant sound plus an inside brass tip to protect the mute from becoming misshapen by normal wear and tear. 471503 | $179.99

J. Winter

CE 181 JW Eastman Series Fiberglass Fixed Bell French Horn Case

Four nickel-plated latches and a special rubber seal protect your instrument against dust and moisture as it is secured in a heavily padded, velvet-lined interior. Available in gloss black or white finish. H75538 | MSRP $279.00 | $189.99

2 - Piston Lubricant

DW5587 Euphonium Travel Mute


11 Light Rotor Lubricant


2 - Piston Lubricant

These synthetic lubricants are some of the best products available for brass or woodwind instruments. They have a broad range of products for piston and rotary valves as well as trombone slide lubricants. 420192 | MSRP $8.00 | $6.49

The Denis Wick DW5587 Euphonium Travel Mute is a compact, ultra-light in-bell mute for the euphonium. This mute is perfect for the busy player who needs a mute that stores easily within the bell of the euphonium without protruding and fits easily in gig bags and cases. H84366 | MSRP $264.99 | $154.99

14 - Bearing & Linkage Lubricant BEST-SELLER

This lubricant is formulated for instruments with spindle bearings of average clearance. An excellent choice for Minibal or Unibal spherical rod end bearings. 420183 | MSRP $8.00 | $6.49

Professional Euphonium Case

L-shaped ABS frame protects bell section. Includes heavy-duty zipper closure, front accessories pocket, mouthpiece pouch and detachable rucksack straps. 541954 | MSRP $372.90 | $254.99

11 - Light Rotor Lubricant

This rotor lubricant is specifically formulated for close tolerance rotors. Ideal for use on French horns, tubas and trombone F attachment valves. 420683 | MSRP $8.00 | $6.49


A18-MC100 Handy Tuba Rest The tuba rest boasts sturdy chromeplated steel construction with folding tripod legs, felt padded contoured instrument resting pad, and one screw height adjustment. 450054 | MSRP $115.00 | $79.99

RB Continental Euphonium Case

Unique bell area suspension system, zippered interior mesh compartment and smaller quick-access pocket. Knurled abrasion grid on bottom resists scuffing. H84758 | MSRP $319.95 | $259.95

45T Tunable French Horn Straight Mute This mute offers the same shape and feel similar to a Rittich-style mute. This mute retains the warm sound associated a TrumCor mute. The TrumCor 45T Tunable French Horn Straight Mute has an adjustable chimney so the mute can be tuned for optimum performance. 585211 | MSRP $130.00 | $130.00

Tuba Performer Stand

For all tuba models. Wide base construction. Easy to set up and fold. Non-marring height-adjustment mechanism. J02324 | MSRP $149.99 | $119.99

Sitting Performer Stand J02325 | MSRP $149.99 | $119.99

best seller

4/4 Large Frame Tuba Wheelie Bag

The Wheelie Bag features several ways to transport your instrument, great protection, and room for a lot of accessories. See website for features. H67973 | From $404.99

FH French Horn Stop Mute

The 30FH Transposing French Horn Stop Mute has all-brass construction for optimum sound. It does require the player to transpose the written music one-half tone lower to compensate for the use of the mute during “Hand Stop” passages. Available in brass finish. 360142 | MSRP $100.00 | $72.99

Deluxe Tuba Gig Bags

Contoured PRO PAC French Horn Case

Features soft velvoa lining, roomy exterior pockets, shoulder straps and quality hardware. 540235 | MSRP $239.00 | $159.99

These bags feature a top load construction with thick padding for optimal protection and a carbon fiber disc built into the bell area to absorb impact. Fits E♭, F or medium to large BB♭ and CC tubas. 463940 | MSRP $479.00 | $294.99

30 | French Horn + Tuba + Euphonium Accessories |

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Over 100 tuners and metronome choices available online

Pitchblack Chromatic Pedal Tuner


Clip-On Chromatic Guitar & Bass Tuner

TU-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner

Convenient, precise tuning for guitar and bass. The Snark Chromatic Guitar and Bass Tuner provides a solid connection to your guitar, precise tuning, and advanced features too. Its full-color display makes it fast and easy to tune, while the stay-put clip attaches securely to your guitar or bass headstock. It's also got a tap tempo metronome, pitch calibration, and a transpose feature. Use the Snark tuner's built-in mic or internal vibration sensor to tune your guitar or bass quickly and accurately. Choose blue or black. H65651 | From $19.99


Dr. Beat Metronome, DB-30


TU-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner

PC1 Pitchclip Clip-on Chromatic Tuner


Easy-to-read tuning visible in dark or bright conditions. A single tap shifts to bypass for silent tuning. The 21-segment LED meter has High-Brightness settings for visibility outdoors. Choose between Chromatic or Guitar/Bass tuning modes—including 7-string guitars and 6-string basses with flat tuning down to 6 semitones. Accu-Pitch Sign gives you pinpoint visual verification that tuning is complete. Includes dry battery/9V type (6F22). 712517 | MSRP $160.50 | $99.00

Dr. Beat Metronome

Get the beat for any style. The Boss Dr. Beat series of metronomes makes it easy to keep time during practice. The more advanced models contain additional features including MIDI, a built-in microphone, tuning reference notes and more. It's easy to use, with a large LCD and controls for power, volume, start/stop, tap/mute, rhythm/beat, note/pitch, and tempo/value, plus lights and onscreen needle for visual feedback.


PT10 Mini Clip-On Tuner

Senses string vibrations for quick, accurate tuning. The PT10 makes tuning easy with a precision needle indicator and a backlight that changes color as you get in tune. This convenient clip-on tuner has a 7-octave tuning range with one-cent accuracy and 430Hz to 450Hz calibration. 502816 | MSRP $39.95 | $29.95

213016 | MSRP $49.00 | $39.00

MA-1 Digital Metronome, Blue

DB-60 213015 | MSRP $113.50 | $89.00



Pitchblack Chromatic Pedal Tuner

213017 | MSRP $222.50 | $179.00

Highly accurate, flexible, and pedalboard-ready. You get chromatic guitar/bass tuning with a big, bright display and legendary 1-cent KORG accuracy. Signal-friendly true-bypass and muted tuning with four modes: Meter, Strobe, Half Strobe, and Mirror. Wide tuning range and calibration options. AC or battery power and a 9V DC output for powering your other pedals. 210087 | MSRP $150.00 | $69.99

PC1 Pitchclip Clip-on Chromatic Tuner

Fast, accurate and carefree tuning. This simple, convenient, clip-on style chromatic tuner has a new compact, lightweight, and discrete design. The clear, bright, and easy-to-read LED display reverses to assure easy viewing when mounted on either side of the headstock. H74871 | $19.99

MA-1 Digital Metronome

DM100 Digital Metronome

With tapfunction and five highly visible indicator LEDs. Especially suitable for on-stage use with tap function and five highly visible indicator LEDs. Tap function lets you input the tempo of any song. Black. H72955 | MSRP $60.99 | $29.99

The new standard in compact metronomes. The MA-1 is a compact metronome that covers all the basics with a broad tempo range and a rich variety of beats and rhythm patterns. The MA-1 also shows the beat in an innovative way that makes practicing easier. With stylish design and reliable functionality, the MA-1 is an indispensable rhythm training aide for any musician. H76533 | $21.99

StroboClip SC-1 Strobe Tuner

Small, yet super-accurate. The patented virtual strobe technology is accurate to 1/10 of a cent – 30 times more accurate than LED/ needle tuners. Includes Sweetened Tunings, eastern temperament presets, and alternate temperaments for tuning a wide variety of string and wind instruments. It features a smooth, realtime display; a drop/capo setting; adjustable key settings; low power consumption; auto sleep and power off modes for battery saving. 712736 | MSRP $99.99 | $79.99

Call 866.647.8775 | Tuners + Metronomes | 31

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Visit to see the entire selection online

M48 Symphony Music Stand for Students

Our most popular music stand. Used by more schools than all other brands combined, it features a 20" x 12.5" adjustable angle solid desk plus an adjustable height of 26" to 48". Excellent durability. 450172 | MSRP $79.71 | $46.50

Carton of 6 M48 Music Stands 450188 | MSRP $407.16 | $237.00

M54 Regal Conductor's Music Stand Music Clips


Ruka Ultra Lightweight Music Stand

Ultimate conductor's stand. The Model 54 Regal features an adjustable angle desk measuring 32" wide for larger scores and oversized music. Dual shaft adjusts from a height of 28.5" to 50.5" for use with podiums. This stand features an accessory shelf as well as space behind the desk for additional music storage. 451060 | MSRP $183.06 | $106.00


M48 Symphony Music Stand for Students


Music Stand Super Power Magnet


Folding Music Stand

Folds to become extra compact. Height adjustable with retainers to secure your music. Black. 451034 | MSRP $24.99 | $12.99

Carrying Case for Music Stand


Ruka Ultra Lightweight Music Stand

Big, beautiful 3-piece folding music stand with large, deep desk. Comes with carry bag. Length (folded): 19-15/16"; Desk: 19-1/16"W x 9-7/16"H; Height adj: 23" – 48"; Desk Depth: 1-5/8". Weight: 1-1/2lb. Black. 423196 | MSRP $47.50 | $36.99

Rainbow Music Stand

These fully adjustable stands have three adjustment knobs for height and tilt adjustment knob for angling desk. They also have page holders that double as a brace for extra tall music books. Ribbed feet. Available in rainbow, blue, and black. 450390 | MSRP $35.99 | $24.99

Extra Heavy Duty Music Stand

Extra tall and sturdy stand. The desk is wider and deeper than other folding stands and raises to a full 65". Will hold with confidence the heaviest of books even on grass with the wind blowing. 472166 | MSRP $119.99 | $95.99

Heavy Duty Music Stand

Perfect for the gigging musician. This stand has been improved with a larger desk and a non-slip clutch with teeth. Elegantly designed; stable and lightweight. Adjusts to 57". 472167 | MSRP $69.99 | $54.99

Music Clips

Plastic clips hold music onto stand. Great for outdoor use! One package contains four clips. 472171 | MSRP $7.49 | $5.99

Music Stand Super Power Magnet 472169 | MSRP $6.99 | $5.99

Carrying Case for Music Stand

The 10012 Folding Music Stand Carrying Bag features a waterproof nylon construction with a hook-andloop fastener and adjustable shoulder strap for easy transportation. This bag accommodates the 10010, 10062 and 10065 Series music stands. 541845 | MSRP $10.99 | $8.99

GMS20 Music Stand

ProLine sheet music stands are strong yet lightweight and solidly constructed. Convenient collapsible design allows for easy transport. Height adjusts from 27"-42". Available in black or nickel. 454309 | From $19.99

GMS80A Conductor Sheet Music Stand

GMS20 Music Stand

From $19.99

Collapsible stand. Height adjusts from 24"-44". 454316 | MSRP $62.99 | $39.99

Conductor Sheet Music Stand 6-Pack 502533 | MSRP $359.94 | $149.99

PL48 Conductor/Orchestra Sheet Music Stand

Adjusts from 29"-51"H. Deck: 20"W x 12-3/4"H x 2-1/4"D. Black. 581186 | MSRP $59.99 | $34.99

PL53 Tabletop Sheet Music Stand 20"W x 12-3/4"H x 2-1/4"D. Black. 581187 | MSRP $39.99 | $19.99

PL49 Deluxe Music Stand

The ProLine PL49 Deluxe Music Stand is strong yet lightweight, with solid construction to support even the heaviest books. The adjustable angle desk is 19-3/4" wide by 13-3/4" high. This music stand has a sliding height adjustment of approximately 24" to 44". It has a heavy-duty tripod base and is finished in black. 585764 | MSRP $79.99 | $45.99

32 | Music Stands |

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The Real Book Backing Tracks, Volume 1 (USB Flash Drive)

The Real Book Volume 1 (Book/USB) Play-Along Pack

Your First Fake Book

The Easy Fake Book

Backing tracks to 240 songs from The Real Book Vol. 1 so you can play along with a professionally recorded rhythm section. H95591 | $50.00

An entry-level fake book, this book features larger-than-most fake book notation with simplified harmonies and melodies, and all songs are in the key of C. 900574 | $19.95

The Real Book has now been updated to include backing tracks for 240 songs on one convenient USB flash drive stick. H95581 | $79.99

Includes over 100 more great songs that even beginning-level musicians can enjoy playing. 466724 | $19.95

The Real Book - Staff Paper

The staff paper pages allow plenty of room for notes, ledger lines, text, and other musical notation. Sheets are perforated with 3-hole punches and 9 staves per page. 400 pages in all. 502150 | $9.95

The Beatles Easy Fake Book

Mozart: Flute Concerto in D Major, K 314 (Book/CD)

J.S. Bach: Violin Concerto In A Minor, BWV 1041 (Book/CD)

100 must-have jazz standards presented in larger notation with simplified harmonies and melodies, with all songs in the key of C. J00030 | $19.99

Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A Major, K 622 (Book/CD)

George Gershwin - Jazz PlayAlong Series, Vol. 45 (Book/CD)

Herb Alpert - Jazz Play-Along, George Benson - Jazz Play Along Vol. 164 (Book/CD) With musician-friendly lead sheets, melody cues Series, Vol. 165 (Book/CD)

With lead sheets, melody cues and other splittrack choices on the included CD, this package helps you master improvisation while playing some of the greatest tunes of all time. H94346 | $24.99

The Hal Leonard Classical Play-Along series will help you play great classical pieces. H63934 | $12.99

For use with all B-flat, E-flat, Bass Clef and C instruments, the Jazz Play-Along Series is the ultimate learning tool for all jazz musicians. H96805 | $16.99

The Real Books are the best-selling jazz books of all time. Since the 1970s, musicians have trusted these volumes to get them through every gig, night after night. 906518 | $24.88

The Easy Jazz Standards Fake Book - 100 Songs in the Key of C

Haydn: Trumpet Concerto in Eâ™­ Major (Book/CD)

Listen to the full performance tracks to hear how the piece sounds with an orchestra, and then play along using the accompaniment tracks. H63910 | $12.99

The Real Book Sixth Edition C Instruments

For PC and Mac computer users, the CD is enhanced so you can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing pitch. H63853 | $12.99

and other split-track choices on the included CD, this first-of-its-kind package makes learning to play jazz easier than ever before. H94105 | $16.99

All the arrangements are in the key of C, and the notation is all new and larger than most fake books. 502144 | $25.00

Listen to the full performance tracks to hear how the piece sounds with an orchestra, and then play along using the accompaniment tracks. H63916 | $12.99

Antonio Carlos Jobim and the Art of Bossa Nova - Jazz PlayAlong, Vol. 8 (Book/CD)

Each tune includes a split track with melody cue with proper style and inflection, professional rhythm tracks, choruses for soloing, removable bass part, and removable piano part. 941565 | $16.95

Call 866.647.8775 | Hal Leonard Media | 33

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Metal Studio Chamber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

SB7XC Silent Brass System for Trumpet J05787 | MSRP $229.99 | $199.99

J00945 | MSRP $310.00 | $278.95

Jamey Aebersold

Hip Licks For Trumpet (Book/CD) J04745 | $29.95

Jazz Saxophone Duets Vol. 2 (Book/CD)

The Complete Recording Studio with Mac Mini (MD387LL/A) J00714 | MSRP $2,886.90 | $999.99

J04739 | $29.95


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