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Kimberly Jessy Companies Recently had a client try to use a fake letter from the company to get an apartment. Upon addressing and exposing the client who recieved tons and tons of great service and help from the company as bonuses, the client went on an internet defamation and attack on Kimberly Jessy Companies.

See for more details.

The one time testimonial from the client before the fraudalent apartment letter and client stealing. Tape Recordings are available as well.

Clarissa Burton States:

My greatest passion was to become a published author and write for the rest of my life. As a published author, I knew I had a unique voice and a story many needed to hear. Yet, I struggled with public relations and obtaining a large and consistent audience. I have been blessed to meet Kimberly “Celebritypreneur” Jessy, Chloe Benoit, and Blythe Marie-Claire. These Public Relations divas have changed my life significantly.

Their powerful guidance and personal care has drown out so much of my hidden creativity it almost scared me. I had no idea all the laden talent with me until I became their client. My life has forever changed as well as my business model. I have an awesome brand, International Investigative Feminist Journalist and Media Historian Correspondent.

Yes, it’s a long title but that is exactly my brand. I’m a firm believer in fate and karma. Life is too short to live in constant regret. I no longer life in a world of “should haves” and “could haves”. I’m living a life of “I HAVES”. Thanks, Kimberly, Chloe, and Blythe for all your confidence, love, professionalism, and support.” Clarissa Burton, BWE Bloggersphere.


Kimberly jessy companies  

My greatest passion was to become a published author and write for the rest of my life

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