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OGA Fly like an Eagle

Eagle Yoga Pose

Variation (Garudasana) By Zofia Karubin Certified Yoga Instructor

This yoga pose brings the energy of the eagle and its powerful focus into our bodies and minds.

Their graceful flight reminds us to fly high like the eagles and rise above all our worries and troubles. Getting a perspective from a high vantage point is important when making decisions and overcoming challenges. Yoga, just like surfing, gives us a chance to breathe, to become more aware of the present moment, and to connect to our inner wisdom. It’s great to do yoga before and after surfing, because it improves strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. Yoga enhances the surfing lifestyle by keeping us healthy, strong, and ready for the next surfing adventure. Be sure to do a little warm-up before attempting this pose, such as, the forward bend, gentle neck stretches, rolling the neck around slowly, rolling the shoulders up and back, twist your body to the left and right gently, and move with the breath. Before and after doing the eagle pose, do a forward bend to release any tension and relax the muscles. Inhale and reach the arms out to your sides, then exhale as you fold your body in half, and soften the knees. Bring the arms down and grab your ankles with your hands, relax the head and neck down, and keep breathing deeply for several breaths. When you’re ready, inhale and gently roll up to a standing position, and feel yourself grounded, centered, and at peace.

F Be very gentle and loving with your body, and don’t force or strain in any way.

F Breathe deeply and don’t hold the breath.

F Focus on one point in front of you whenever doing balancing poses.

F If you have knee injuries, press the big toe on the ground instead of wrapping your foot around the calf. Use your thighs to hold up the weight of your body.

BENEFITS: Helps to improve balance, focus, and concentration. Also strengthens arms, shoulders, and legs (thighs, calves, knees and ankles). This pose nourishes your nervous system, your hips and spine through gentle movement, and helps to enhance your mood. By opening and stretching the chest, it expands the lung capacity as you breathe deeply.


Stand with both feet on the ground, feel your center, feel your breath, and focus on one point in front of you. When you’re ready, inhale and lift one knee up, arms up, and keep breathing.

(Check with your health care provider before doing this or any exercise program)

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the Santa Monica Mountains of Southern California with the Channel Islands in the distance


Gently bend both knees, lift one leg up and cross your thighs, and then bring the hips down. Keep the arms out for balance and remain focused and connected to your breath.


Keep breathing, focusing on one point in front of you, and relaxing into the eagle pose...

calf, you may press the big toe on the ground, especially if you have knee issues. > Bring the hips down slowly and gently as you exhale. Keep the hips evenly balanced, straight, and the knees centered. > Stretch your arms up and out to each side, like the wings of an eagle. Bring the shoulders down and away from the ears, and squeeze the shoulder blades together. > The spine is stretching up gently as you breathe deeply. Allow the energy to nourish all the cells of your body as the breath flows in and out.

EAGLE POSE > Thighs are locked into one another and supporting the weight of the body. Allowing healing energy to flow up your spine as your thighs remain locked together. > Gently wrap your foot around the back of the calf. This helps to stretch the hips. Don’t force or strain. At first it’s good to practice this while sitting down or holding on to something. Instead of wrapping your foot around the

> Raise the palms up to the sky. You may bring the index finger and thumb together to make a circle, while the other fingers are pointing out. This is called a mudra, a hand position, which helps to connect to your wisdom, knowledge, and inner peace.


Release after a few breaths and repeat on the other side, followed by a forward bend to relax and unwind as noted above. F

Zofia Karubin is a certified yoga instructor who resides in Los Angeles, CA, where she loves to surf and do yoga on the beach. For over a decade she has been teaching yoga classes for adults, teens, and children. Zofia’s life-long passion for yoga has been passed down from her mother who is also a yoga teacher. Learn at your own pace, how to incorporate yoga into your busy lifestyle, through this online collage of yoga routines by Zofia from previous issues of the WSSM. ( Pants by Tahoe Made Attire. All their clothing is perfect for any workout, yoga practice, or hanging out on the beach ( Shirt by The SOUL Project. Great clothing with a grand purpose: $1 from every item purchased flows to local kids and environmental charities ( Photos by: OnIt Pro - High Performance Surf Products (

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