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LIFESTYLE . . . Daily Fitness Warrior Pose

Variation (Virabhadrasana) By Zofia Karubin Certified Yoga Instructor

Sand dunes are so mystical and the scenery of these magical places is calming and reviving. There was a natural stream flowing nearby into the ocean. A seal pup taking a breather before embarking on its next journey, and we watched it successfully break thru the surf between the rocks and reef. A whale was spotted in the distance, and some days the dolphins and otters come out to play. This beautiful ocean life is always there waiting for us to visit, to surf it, and to enjoy it. By enjoying nature and our life, we honor it and appreciate it, and it responds to us by giving us such joy and bliss.

YOnOGA The Dunes

left and right, and keep breathing.

2) Roll the shoulders up and back, and keep breathing.

3) Slowly twist your torso and arms

to the left, and twist your torso and arms to the right, as the breath flows in and out.

REMEMBER: F Breathe deeply and stay relaxed.

F Be very gentle and loving with your body.

F Don’t force or strain in any way.

(Check with your health care provider before doing this or any exercise program)

Stretches your legs, hips, groins, abs, shoulders, neck and spine. Opens your chest and lungs, and increases breath capacity. Stimulates and massages your abdominal organs. Improves circulation, balance, stamina, and concentration.

Ground yourself in mountain pose by standing straight and feel your center, then inhale and gently reach up, stretch up. Next, go into the forward bend, exhale and reach forward and down, relaxing your head and neck down. Keep your knees slightly bent, and keep breathing. Slowly roll up when you’re ready.


Grab your surf board, step back with your right leg and reach out to the right side with your right arm. The right foot is slightly pointing in and lined up with the left foot which is pointing to the left. Keep breathing while lifting your spine up and look to the right, reaching right. Hold on to the surfboard with the left hand while stretching the arms in opposite directions and gently releasing your hips down. Keep the bent knee of the left leg just above the foot as you continue breathing.Feel the strength of your legs and the power of your breath. Repeat on the other side and continue to the next step.

These yoga poses are great for warming up before going out surfing, because they help increase strength and flexibility in your body, mind and spirit. You can use the surfboard as a prop for stability and grounding. You can also use a chair or a wall, or nothing at all, it’s up to you and what your body needs at the time. Yoga helps us to stay in tune with our bodies and our spirit as we change and grow on so many levels and in so many aspects throughout our lives. By doing yoga and having fun surfing, you are honoring your spirit which is pure joy itself.

F GENTLE STRETCHES Begin and end each yoga session with these stretches. 1) Roll the head around gently, look



When you’re ready, grab the surfboard with the right hand and reach to the left with your left arm. Keep lifting the spine up and back as you exhale and twist left. Enjoy the spinal twist and the energy flowing through your body. Repeat on the other side and repeat the sequence 3 – 6 times. At the end do the gentle stretches as noted here to the left. Namaste: My inner light bows to your inner light. F

Glass off at a secluded cove in Southern California

Zofia Karubin is a certified yoga instructor who resides in Los Angeles, CA where she’s been teaching yoga for over a decade, and practicing yoga since she was a child with her mother who is also a yoga teacher. Learn at your own pace how to incorporate yoga into your busy lifestyle through the online collage of yoga routines by Zofia from previous issues of the WSSM. ( Outfit by Sweet Waterwear ( | Surfboard by Roberts ( | Photos by: OnIt Pro - High Performance Surf Products (

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