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World Student Community for Sustainable Development Ready to Act? Realising Sustainability through Collaboration June - August 2008 Volume 3, Issue 1

Dear WSC-SD members,


This is the first newsletter of WSC-SD for Volume 3 (2008-2009) after our Annual Meeting, Student Summit for Sustainability 08 in Regina, Canada- and also my first newsletter as the new Director of Internal Relations. The new executive board is quite excited about our new website and wiki sites, which will unite us and our efforts. In light of this, instead of the previously monthly newsletter we will be switching to a quarterly format.





I really appreciate all the contributions and enjoy hearing about your work. Our members are up to some amazing and inspiring stuff! As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions (

from SCOTLAND: University of St Andrews Sustainable Development Society (SDsoc), Scotland, UK

from TOKYO: Alliance for Global Sustainability University of Tokyo Students Community, Japan from NAIROBI: Students for Global Sustainability, University of Nairobi, Kenya

from MEXICO: Individual member Jimena Ortega

Now on with the show! from CAIRO: Quark Cheers-Kat Director of Internal Relations, Executive Board World Student Community for Sustainable Development Sustainability@MIT, USA

from BOSTON: Sustainability@MIT (formerly SfGS), MIT, USA from Gテ傍EBORG: Chalmers Students for Sustainability (CSS), Sweden from NEPAL: Individual member Tulsi Giri OPPORTUNITIES



SNIPPETS: small pieces from the WSC-SD _____________________________________ WSC-SD Website & Wiki Our new website and wiki platforms are up and running. The only thing left is for us to now use them! Please login to your wiki account and edit your personal info, add projects and resources. If you have not yet been notified with your account details, please contact your SC board for SC members or Kat ( for IMs. Ryu, our webmaster, is doing an excellent job of updating our website with great news, opportunities and interviews. Consider subscribing to the RSS feed for the website to stay posted with news and feel free to add your comments to the posts. Also, please contact Ryu if you would like to contribute to the website, share your ideas and be interviewed ( We are still looking for more images for the website, so please send Jess photos of yourself or your SC taking action for sustainability. (

we can upload and share our conference photos with high resolution. • Go to • Login with: Yahoo ID: "*s3regina*" and Password: "*reginasummit*" • Upload photos in a folder which you label with your own name. Facebook group: The group is “Student Summit for Sustainability 2008”. PLEASE JOIN if you have not yet done so! The conference doesn’t have to end in Regina…the fun can go on! Student presentations: These are now accessible to all at the WSC-SD website - Let us thank Jess Schulschenk for her outstanding efforts in helping us post the student presentations in the Reports section of our website. Please click on the highlighted links to view the pages. The presentations have been placed under their appropriate conference focus themes: - Urban Infrastructure - Energy and Environment - Economic and Social Development The final conference report is now completed! Look for it on the WSCSD website. _______________________________________

Sincere thanks for everyone who has contributed their part to the wiki thus far!! _____________________________________ 2008 Student Summit for Sustainability The 2008 Student Summit for Sustainability held in Regina, Canada was a huge success. Thank you to the University of Regina Student Community of the WSC-SD!!

Remember: Every SC and IM is *required* to register their profile on the wiki. Please do so! And take advantage of the ‘Projects’ space and ‘Calls for Assistance’ to initiate collaborations and overlaps with your international friends!

Sharing pictures: Our good friend, Christopher Hedvall, from Sweden, has kindly created an account at, the picture hosting site, where 2

UPDATES _______________________________________ from TOKYO sus+ (AGS University of Tokyo Student Community) One of the biggest highlights during this period of time is that we decided the nickname of our student community as “sus+ (sus plus)”. There are several intentions of this name, first, “sus+ (sus plus)” = Sustainability Plus which means that we have positive power that brings something more, better and greater to global sustainability. Second, “sus+” = sustainability planet, that we hope to live in. Third, “sus+” = sustainability platform, that we are aiming to form to achieve those goals. Please call us “sus+” !! (AGS University of Tokyo Student Community remains as our official name.) (Ayumi Arakawa) Student Summit for Sustainability 2009 Orientation and 2008 Debriefing Session To share what we learned, felt and thought in Student Summit for Sustainability 2008 in Regina, we held debriefing session on June 20th. We also had orientation for next summit in Switzerland. More than 20 students include many international students participated the session. After the session, we had UT version of “Zero Waste Party” learned from MIT. It was not as perfectly zero waste as the one in MIT, but it was a great opportunity for us to try! Thanks to MIT! We will open call for participants from our community to SSS2009 in September. (Ayumi Arakawa) Exchange Session with “Tama-eco”, a student group in Hosei University, Tokyo On July 27th, we invited members from “Tama-eco”, a student group active in Hosei University to exchange ideas about each other’s

activities toward sustainability. “Tama-eco” has been working on many activities, introducing recycling system of oil used in school cafeteria (recycled as bio-diesel), holding “Eco-Summit” inviting many stakeholders in and out of university, making the mini-farm close to the campus and so on. (Ayumi Arakawa) Study Session with International Students has launched! To exchange the fruitful knowledge and strengthen the relationship between international and Japanese students, we began to do study session in English. In the session, both international and Japanese students present their research (of course, including the basic information of the background of the research) and then, discuss it frankly. In the first Study Session (2008/07/25), Tuhin, one of the delegates of AGS Annual Meeting 2008, present "Study on the fisheries biology of mud crab (Scylla spp.) in Pak Phanang mangrove swamps, Thailand, with emphasis on age estimation". He is Ph.D. Student in the laboratory of Global Fisheries Sciences, Department of Global Agricultural Sciences. Further reports are uploaded on our weblog! Please take a look! html . (Takanori Tomozawa) Presentation at May Festival By Climate Change Working Group For the traditional May Festival of the University of Tokyo, the Climate Change Working Group (CCWG) introduced topics discussed and activities held by the organization to the curious visitors. For this year the group made a timeline, which listed major events along with the scientific discoveries and international approach taken regarding the climate change, helping them to view how this phenomenon fits in the history. In addition to the timeline, a poster session and mind mapping was held. The posters presented how CCWG members 3

view climate change from their expertise, and the mind mapping provided opportunities for visitors to connect their interests to climate change. (Yu Nagai) _______________________________________ from NAIROBI SFGS –UoN STUDENTS FOR GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI, KENYA. SFGS-UON is an action oriented student group developed to network with local and international community of young activists to initiate positive change at all levels. The Mission of SFGS-UoN is to share in aims of the WSCSD in seeking to actively promote the incorporation of Sustainability and sustainable development at every stage of education, research, business and public policy bearing in mind the desire to achieve.

During the same month, our members participated in the 18th annual Eastern Africa Environmental Network Conference held at the AMREF headquarters in Nairobi. The theme of the conference was ‘ENVIROMENTAL CORCERNS OF CLIMATE CHANGE WITH RESPECT TO SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS IN EASTERN AFRICA’. Our president, Otieno Nickson, presented a paper entitled: ‘RE-ORIENTING EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN EASTERN AFRICA.’. We were also honored to have our president, Mr. Nickson Otieno seleted to be part of the Organising committee of the WSC-SD’s participation at the Imaginearth Collection that was scheduled to hold in Japan in September, 2008. We share our disappointment in its cancellation. Images of our members taking part in the conference:

SFGS-UoN’s activities comprise the following: discursive forums for members, Public forums, Research, MDG oriented programs and Publications and Newsletters/Magazines. SFGS-UON’S MAY-JULY 2008 ACTIVITIES: During this period, we had just settled down to run our activities after the interferences of campus programs due to the effects of post election violence. Conference participations: This month marked the climax of SfGS-Uon’s preparations to participate in the WSC-SD organized Students Summit on Sustainability hosted in University of Regina Canada. Though six of our invited members couldn’t participate due to visa denials, we were honored to be represented by the founding coordinator, Mr. Willis Alala who was elected to serve in the WSC-SD’s executive board as the Regional director for Africa.


Projects: 1. TREE PLANTING: To mark the World Environment Day, our members participated in a tree planting activity held at the YMCA Nairobi South branch. The event was graced by …MR. MBAYA-A FORMER NAIROBI PROVINCIAL FORESTRY OFFICER AND AN ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANT. This event saw the formation of ‘The Green Earth Club’.


the beginning. Various members of the group undertook data collection and processing. July 2008: This month marked the preparations and the actual end of semester exams. Consequently, presentations and discussions on the results obtained and preparation of the draft report could not be undertaken as planned before. Unrealized activities/project proposals: As a group, we planned various activities that were intended to be realized within the academic year that ended on 25/07/2008. However, due to the recurrent limitation of finance, we could not be able to meet all our targets within the scheduled period. We hope to realize these projects when we resume campus from long vacation ending in October. In the meantime, members of the executive committee who are on-campus for this period will undertake the group’s administrative tasks. 2. CAMPUS ENERGY AND RESOURCE AUDIT As Campus students and members of SfGS – UoN, we are obligated to playing a major role in developing a sustainable campus life and consequently, contributing to a larger “environmental footprint”. Our broad objective (a restatement of 2008 Office target) was to measure and assess the current conditions and consumption patterns at the University of Nairobi and introduce specific recommendations that will lead to the development of a sustainable Campus environment. May 2008: Members finalized the discussion on Literature review and discussed the methodology of the study, the sample and the data required. Members were allocated roles to perform during the data collection stage under the main three areas of study (water, electricity and waste). June 2008: Due to logistic complications, we had to limit the study to waste management for

Our appeal: As we do our best within the prevalent limits, we welcome partnerships and any kind of support from individuals and organizations both locally and internationally for the realization of our agenda: sustainable leadership and action for positive change. The unfulfilled activities include: 1. TREE PLANTING AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI GROUNDS With the help of the Kenya Forests Department, through the Green Earth Club, SfGS-UoN obtained 1000 seedlings to be planted at the university grounds with the active participation of our members. However, we still face the daunting challenge of raising petty cash for working out the logistics of such activities, e.g. transportation, refreshments, and subsequent maintenance. Our request for assistance from the university has delayed the implementation of this exercise. Goals of the event: 6

• To create awareness to members and non members on the importance of environmental conservation and the effects of global warming and climate change. • Re-greening the University of Nairobi grounds as part of fulfilling the greater objective of re-greening the city in the sun (Nairobi). 2. TALK BY MR. GEORGE MALAKWEEN AND MOVIE AT THE UNIVERSITY We planned to host GEORGE MALAKWEEN from the Eastern Africa Environmental Network secretariat to make a presentation during a forum that was to be attended by SfSG-UoN members and other interested students/organizations at the university premises. The climax of the event would be a movie, ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ by Al Gore. Goals of the event: Create awareness on the impact of global warming and climate change on the earth. 3. RECRUITMENT DRIVE: Since the majority of our current membership is composed of senior undergraduate students, we planned to hold a major recruitment drive for 2008 to increase our membership base and enlighten the students (members and non members) on issues of global warming, climate change and environmental sustainability and bring their attention to practical action. Because of financial limitations, we strategized to utilize the tree planting exercise, movie show and presentations of the environment audit report as a platform for recruitment. Since these projects weren’t realized we are compelled to postpone the exercise. ……THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT………

_______________________________________ from SCOTLAND University of St Andrews Sustainable Development Society (SDsoc), Scotland, UK Dear WSC-SD, I’m very happy to be writing for the first time on behalf of the University of St Andrews Sustainable Development Society, introducing the first British member of WSC-SD. It is fitting that we should be the first Brits to join, as St Andrews is the first University in the UK to offer Bachelors’ Degrees in Sustainable Development and is currently underway in developing Masters and PhD level counterparts. We are a fledgling society with only two years on our neck, a mere blip in the University’s 600 year history. Nevertheless, we have ambitious plans, and the climate in Scotland and the rest of the UK is very conducive to expanding the horizons of sustainability, and pushing the frontiers of innovation in the field. The vocabulary of Sustainable Development is already easily accessible by all here, and we hope to add fuel to the debate which will bring about the paradigm shift necessary for a sustainable future. Practically speaking, we are currently planning events and projects ahead of the autumn term which commences 22 September. We are arranging an introductory social event for “Freshers’ Fair”. Also, we have a number of smaller events lined up, including documentary film screenings and hosting guest speakers. We hope to attract high profile guest speakers further on in the academic year. Furthermore, we are involved in a project with the local Fife council in making St Andrews a plastic-bag free zone, and have met with great enthusiasm from the local community. We have already produced and sold sturdy biodegradable grocery bags on our own, and are now helping Fife council develop similar cotton ones. And indeed, most importantly, we are very excited 7

to get involved with WSC-SD, and aim to send delegates to the May conference.

Receive warm greetings from Mexico!! Jimena Ortega

Hoping to initiate an inter-university dialogue, Warm regards from a sweltering Cairo, Amanda Gudmundsson Vice President, University of St Andrews Sustainable Development Society

_______________________________________ from MEXICO Jimena Ortega, Individual Member I work as junior research coordinator on environmental policy at the National Institute of Ecology (INE) in Mexico. INE belongs to the Secretariat of Environment and is a research agency that develops and coordinates research projects and policies as solutions to the environmental problems and the conservation/ restoration of the environment in Mexico. At INE I developed a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) on ecotourism tour operators in Mexico. With this I am developing an accessibility analysis to prove that a short distance between a nature based tourism market from a big city (where most tourism takes place) is very important, given that mass tourism is the rule and that most of the tourists have no information about the existence of sustainable markets close to them. In parallel, i am writing a paper on environmental impact assessment for tourism in Mexico, given that tourism is a high environmental impact activity and that is the second most important industry in my country. Also, I am developing an advertising project based on postcards that give information about INE´s work.

_______________________________________ from CAIRO Quark Society The American University of Cairo This summer we are just preparing for our events for the next semester starting on 7th of September, all what we are doing preparing the training contents for the semester, contacting sponsors, preparing the new members welcome party on 29th of August on which we are going to present everything about WSC-SD, Quark Society Achievements and recognizing the old members and professors. Research Assisting Programs: (1 AUC students work as research assistants for the faculty for 5 hours a week to enhance their scientific knowledge and their research skills Thesis / Graduating Seniors (2 Program: It is a program especially designed for the graduating seniors (Those who are working for their graduating projects). Quark Society present international/national company problems, so that graduates work on a research to solve this program to get their award. Conference Program: It is a (3 program for all the national universities where every undergraduate student could participate, take the training and work on his/her own research paper to on different scientific topics and present it in Quark’s Annual Conference.


_______________________________________ from BOSTON Sustainability@MIT (formerly Students for Global Sustainability) This summer, Students for Global Sustainability has joined forces with Share A Vital Earth, the MIT Generator, S*, and the Sustainability@Sloan Speaker Series to form Sustainability@MIT, a larger group dedicated to environmental sustainability. We can now boast 620 members!! With more students involved and stronger connections to faculty and administration, Sustainability@MIT will more efficiently promote green practices and policies on campus and beyond. In the upcoming school year, Sustainability@MIT will continue to organize FreeMeets, EcoExpo, and other events SfGS has held in the past, in addition to speaker series, campus greening projects, community activism, curriculum developments, and more. First events include a “zero-waste” clinging-to-the-end-of-summer kick off to rally all students new and old who are interested in sustainability issues and inform them about our new group, and the first “Generator” of the year where students pitch sustainability ideas and form groups for actual realization of the successful ideas. For more about the MIT Generator see: _______________________________________ from GÖTEBORG Chalmers Students for Sustainability (CSS), Sweden Much has happened since the last newsletter:

• CSS Food Seminar – “You are What you Eat” On the 6th of May CSS held a discussion seminar for sustainable food habits named “You are what you Eat” on Chalmers campus. The topics were - The meat industry’s effect on the climate - Sustainable fuels – from wheat to ethanol - Biodynamic farming The seminar turned out to be a real success. Interesting speakers and almost every seat in the audience occupied. It started off with very interesting presentations; the CEO of Lantmännen Agro Ethanol who presented techniques for converting wheat to ethanol, the CEO of Ekolådan Biodynamic Production, and more. The seminar ended with a very inspiring and enthusiastic debate which was so successful that we overshot our time schedule with almost an hour. We in CSS really liked this event and will therefore plan another seminar in the near future. • Engineers Without Borders CSS has initiated cooperation with Engineers without Borders, which is an international network for engineering “missionary” projects. This will in the future give members the possibility to participate in international projects from Sweden and also abroad. We in CSS are very positive to this collaboration and are looking forward to see what this can bring to our organisation. • Student Summit for Sustainability - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 6 students represented CSS at the Student Summit for Sustainability in Regina. Everyone came back with a very big smile on their faces and they felt that it had been a really amazing experience. CSS presented their local projects that they had performed during the year, made lots of new friends and really enjoyed themselves in the remarkable nature of Saskatchewan. An experience for a life time. We are therefore in eager expectation for the Zurich meeting in January next year.


• UPC International Seminar on Sustainable Technology Development – Barcelona, Spain Two of our members attended the UPC International Seminar on Sustainable Technology Development. Marcus Högberg was one of two. Here is his story: -The first day started with a lecture about back casting by Professor John Holmberg, Chalmers. Back casting is an interesting method for evaluation of future sustainable technologies and an excellent base for decision making. In the afternoon there was a poster session with the representatives posters. Next day started off with project work. The aim with the project work was to find a sustainable solution for the people living in the ghetto Morovia in Medelin, Coloumbia. The third day addressed the question how the use of bio fuels influence or can influence the use of water and the water supply. The presentation was held by Michael Narodoslawsky from TU Graz. The fourth morning started with a presentation about Chalmers Students for Sustainability (CSS) and World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSC-SD). Many students were interested in joining WSC-SD and were very impressed of the work made by CSS. After CSS presentation, Karel Mulder and Leo Jansen from TU Delft held a presentation about sustainable technology development. CSS presented two posters and Marcus Högberg’s poster won the best poster award. We in CSS like to send you our best wishes and hope to see some of you in Zurich next year. Martin Persson, Chair CSS

_______________________________________ from NEPAL Tulsi Giri, Individual Member Youth Participation in Social Development Work Camp, Rivan, Kaski, Nepal August 1-5, 2008 USSHA Foundation ‘Work Camp for Youth Participation in Social Development’ project had two phases of implementation. The first phase was conduction of work camp. The work camp was conducted in the ‘Community Building’ of Janajagriti Youth Club (Public Awareness Youth Club) in ward number 6 of Rivan VDC from August 1-5, 2008. The second phase of the work camp is implementation and follow-up of the Aggregated Youth Club Action Plan (AYCAP) developed at the end of the work camp. During the work camp the participants were kept in home stay with different families of the ward number 6. There were altogether 13 homestay families (6 brahmin families, 3 giri families and 4 magar families). Each family got one or two participants as their own family members for the 6 nights. One family, nearby the community building, was the center point which was responsible for preparing tea and snacks for the work camp participants according to the schedule. All the home stay families got some financial support from the project for hosting the participants. Outcomes 1. 25 participants from the rural and urban communities participated in the work camp and learned about the sustainable social development. 2. The participants learned the knowledge and skills to identify and prioritize the problems, issues and needs of the communities, and resource identification and mobilization for the social development. 10

3. The participants identified the basic need of the community and youth, and prepared the action plan i.e. establishment of the ‘Community Resource Center’ for addressing the prioritized needs. 4. The work camp has initiated an environment for the community youth to participate in the social development in organized way where at the same time it has established a network between the inside and outside youth for two-way assistance for the social development of the rural communities.

Participants interacting with the Secretary of the Village Development Committee office

Teamwork to cross the river.

The work camp which was focused to generate youth resource for the social development was completed successfully with very positive response from the community, local youth clubs and participants. USSHA Foundation is hence motivated to follow-up and to implement the action plan very successfully for the social development of Rivan VDC. And also, is looking ahead to establish and widen up the scope of this work camp model in other rural communities to encourage and support youth of that community to involve in social development.

Participants during the practical session; planting the tea

Participants in the typical setting having tiffin; boiled maize and tea.


OPPORTUNITIES _____________________________________ Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development The Editorial Board of Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development invites both undergraduate and graduate students to contribute to the journal. The first issue of Consilience was published online in February 2008, and we are pleased to announce that the next issue is due to be published November 2008. We accept submissions in English only, but offer help to those for whom English is not their first language. Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development is the first student-founded academic journal of sustainable development and is based at Columbia University in the City of New York. The aim of Consilience is to juxtapose different disciplinary approaches of students worldwide to confront the challenges of sustainable development. Thank you for your consideration and I welcome you to visit to view our first issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me at or another member of the editorial board at with questions regarding the submission process and Consilience. With regards, Hannah Lee Editor-In-Chief Consilience: The Journal of Sustainable Development con·sil·i·ence (noun): The joining together of knowledge and information across disciplines to create a unified framework of understanding.

_____________________________________ oikos International Do you make a difference? Apply for the oikos Student Award! This year, oikos rewards outstanding projects for 'Curricula Change' and 'Sustainable Campus'. Apply until 30 September and win 500€ and a free participation for the oikos Winter School. ard.html Participate in the oikos Winter School 2008! The oikos Winter School empowers 20 to 30 motivated students from all over the world to realise their projects related to sustainability at their universities. Hand in your application until 15 September. /ws2008.html Become an oikos PhD Fellow oikos is now inviting applications from qualified candidates for an oikos PhD Fellowship, starting in February 2009. oikos PhD Fellows receive a 3 years grant to conduct their research in the field of Sustainability Management and Economics at the University of St. Gallen, a leading European management school. Apply until 1st September. lowship/become-a-fellow/application-schedule. html Discuss Curricula Change at the oikos Conference oikos St.Gallen invites you to approach the topic of sustainability integration into university curricula on 23-24 October at the University of St.Gallen. Register now! _______________________________________ World Happiness | Call for Photos! Sanae Ohshiro, one of our active members from Tokyo, will be presenting at an upcoming event 12

in Japan this August on the topic of "World Happiness". Takahashi and Shindou, two top leaders are always constantly innovative ideas in Music and Design, are now announcing the "New Space for Music" event. Music transcends generations, and so do images which can motivate and inspire us. Sanae has requested assistance from our WSC-SD community to please send her photographs which showcase the theme of 'world happiness'. Please send your images directly to Sanae ( and these photos will be shown with full credit to you in her presentations. Please include your name, nationality, a short description of where the photo was taken and why you think it symbolises the theme of 'world happiness'. After the event, the photos will go online on the website as part of our Gallery which will be launched shortly. Let us assist Sanae and support her in this worthwhile project! _______________________________________ UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Fellowships for young researchers

In a series of letters, Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura has called on all of UNESCO's National Commissions, Permanent Delegations to UNESCO, and the Organization's field offices, to invite potential candidates from 156 countries to apply for the fellowships, through their National Commission. Applications must reach UNESCO Headquarters in Paris before 9 January 2009. Researchers under 40 years of age must submit their applications to their country's National Commission for UNESCO, which will select a maximum of two candidates. A special selection committee of experts in the four research fields concerned will review the applications and propose a pre-selection to the Director-General of the Organization. _______________________________________ YOUTH ENCOUNTER ON SUSTAINABILITY (YES) AUSTRALIA 2009 Applications Now Open! Deadline: 14th September 2008

UNESCO is inviting young researchers in developing countries to apply for grants through the UNESCO/Keizo Obuchi Research Fellowship Programme, financed for the ninth time by Japan through funds-in-trust dedicated to the development of human resources. The programme – named after the late Japanese Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi who was known for his commitment to development issues – offers a total of 20 fellowships worth US$6,000 to $10,000 each. They target post-graduate university researchers with a Masters Degree, or equivalent, in one of four fields: the environment, inter-cultural dialogue, information and communication technology, and peaceful conflict resolution.

Dear Colleagues and Friends, ETHsustainability, the Center for Sustainability at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich and the International WaterCenter in Australia are pleased to announce the opening of the applications for the 2009 Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES) in Australia. The two week course aims to sensitize participants to the complex issues of sustainable development in a global context, while exploring issues pertinent to Australia and the greater Asia-Pacific region, though course work, field trips, workshops, group work, discussions and practical learning experiences, combined with social and cultural activities. The unique 13

program builds on 9 years of experience successfully running the Youth Encounter on Sustainability YES program in Switzerland, Latin America, Japan and Central and Eastern Europe and Africa. Dates: January 30th – February 16th, 2009 Course Location: Noosa North Shore Retreat, Noosa, Queensland, Australia ( More information on the course is available in the brochure and inlay attached. The online applications are now open at: YES_Australia.cfm _______________________________________ VII Latin American Encounter of Youth for Environment and Sustainability

Date: 16 - 19 October 2008 Place: Bogotá – Colombia Brief: The regional director for Latin America of the WSC-SD, Adriana Valenzuela, is organizing in Bogotá, Colombia the VII Latin-American Encounter of Youth for Environment and Sustainability, with the principal topic “Youth, Climate Change and action for the future”. In this Encounter will participate leaders, governments, NGO, and international agencies. It will consist of conferences, workshops, stand, poster, cultural activities and visits to different institutions. On Friday 17 there will be a presentation on the WSC-SD and the

participation of the sustainability student. More information: Email: _______________________________________ 2009 UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development-Moving into the Second Half of the UN Decade The United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD, 2005-2014) is a worldwide endeavour that seeks to integrate the principles, values and practices of sustainable development into all aspects of education and learning. The Decade was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in Resolution 57/254 in December 2002. As the DESD approaches its mid-point, the “World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development – Moving into the Second Half of the UN Decade” will be held in Bonn, Germany, from 31 March to 2 April 2009. Organizers of the conference are UNESCO and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, in cooperation with the German Commission for UNESCO. The conference will provide a platform for dialogue and advocacy on Education for Sustainable Development at the global level, involving some 700 participants from all regions representing UNESCO Member States, UN agencies, civil society organizations, youth and the private sector. Information pdf: r/unesco/de/Downloads/Hintergrundmaterial__ international/Weltkonferenz_20Ziele.pdf




WSC-SD Newsletter August 2008  

WSC-SD Newsletter August 2008

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