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Alan Torres, IBM

Alan Torres is known for two things: his work and dedication to the IBM community and his compelling speech discussing world views and relevant topics at the Growth and Transformation Team (GTT) conference in New York City in 2018. Hand-selected to engage more than three hundred of the most senior executives, Alan earned the respect and admiration of his peers and received a standing ovation. In the two years since joining IBM, this speech is what Alan considers his proudest accomplishment and greatest contribution to IBM. In addition to this pivotal moment, Alan also advocated before Congress and the U.S. Senate on immigration reform legislation in partnership with IBM.

Alan joined IBM in 2016, starting as a software quality assurance engineer in Watson Health helping to test and develop solutions in the Value Based Care (VBC) unit. Alan is now transitioning from an engineering to sales position within IBM and is joining the Summit Sales program to gain sales and leadership experience.

Before joining IBM, Alan worked at fast-growing companies such as Ambit Energy and NCR. He assisted in setting up the IT systems for each state according to state and national regulations; developed point-of-sale (POS) systems; and implemented fault tolerant networks, payment encryption-tokenization, and store and forward technology.

Alan earned a Bachelor of Science in Management and Information Systems from the University of Texas at Arlington and an associate degree with an emphasis in business from Dallas County Community College. Alan is also planning on pursuing an MBA in the coming years.

Alan’s next steps are to complete the nine-month training in the Summit program and learn as much as he can to progress his career in technical solutions sales. He is actively looking at landing teams and his interests lie in Watson, cloud, and analytics. He is currently exploring those options as part of his Summit training. Alan strives to further his career and eventually rise to leadership positions within IBM.

Gabrielle Orozco


First Name Last Name

Operations Manager

Example Company

Dear Ms. First Name:

I am writing to express my interest in joining your team as the newest Academic Operations Manager. I discovered the position from the company's career webpage, and, having once been a nontraditional student myself, I can say first-hand that the depth of your organization's work is immensely valuable. I would like to formally offer my services and expertise to your team.

To tell you about myself, I have seven years of combined experience in project and operations management and I currently serve as an Event Marketing Manager for a large-scale promotions company specializing in eye care. My personal philosophy is that all success, business-related and personal, begins with forming positive relationships. That's why I make sure to actively listen to the voices and concerns of my business partners, as well as the team members that I manage across multiple geographic markets. Through our give and take model of collaboration, I am able to zone in on upcoming opportunities and challenges for our department and the clients that we serve. Likewise, I find value in creating and organizing detailed plans of action, with data-driven goals, that I share with my team via training and on-going learning opportunities. This form of open communication, teamwork, event planning, and operations management has resulted in our region generating nearly $1 million dollars in directly attributable sales in 2019, and my region being named "best performing region all year." This is the type of business expertise that I can bring to your team.

In addition, I am continually looking for ways to improve our quality of work, enhance our efficiency by streamlining our processes, and ultimately deliver the best client experience. My management of dayto-day operations may seem too meticulous to some, but I can assure you that it brings excellent results. With these personal traits and qualities, I believe I am fully equipped to be your next Academic Operations Manager. If you would like to further discuss my qualifications, you may reach me at 817-975-0039. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.


| |

Gabrielle Orozco


Professional Profile

Experienced event and operations manager with a growing track record in gaining new leads and generating sales, while simultaneously running effective organization techniques to manage day-to-day operations Efficient in working in-office, remotely, and traveling to business sites. Fluent in Spanish.

Career Experience

Event Marketing Manager | Vision Group Holdings | May 2018 – Present

Generated nearly $1 million in directly attributable sales in 2019 from my execution in client-facing event marketing campaigns, resulting in my region being named the “best performing region all year.”

· Successfully planning and executing small and large promotional events across multiple geographicallydispersed markets, generating a strong capture in quality leads.

· Identifying and implementing marketing and promotional best practices.

Catering & Conference Service Manager | Magnolia Hotel Dallas Park Cities | June 2017 – April 2018

Provided overall direction, coordination, and ongoing evaluation of operations and event execution. Applied a thorough knowledge of sales techniques, including strong closing and negotiation tactics.

· Proficient in Microsoft Office programs in order to prepare, maintain, report and keep accurate databases and files relating to sales, catering, and budgets.

Sales & Catering Coordinator | Magnolia Hotel Dallas Park Cities | February 2017 – June 2017

· Collaborated with the sales managers to positively greet all guests and showcase hotel facilities to potential clients.

· Physically adapted facility for events in a timely manner, meeting client specifications.

· Organized and filed all client information into Salesforce, the Customer Relations Management (CRM) system of choice.

College Education

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management | University of North Texas

Key Learnings:

1.Strong emphasis on managing the everyday functions of a client-facing business.

2.Deep understanding on how to run a profitable business that delivers an exemplary client experience.

Guest Student in Study Abroad Program| University of Alicante, Spain


1. Business Consulting

2. E-Management

3. Human Resources Management

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Wehaveallheardtheexpression:Itisnotwhatyouknow.Itiswhoyouknow.Thoughsomewhatsimplistic,this isactuallyatruestatementmostofthetime.

Sure,wewouldliketothinkourtalents,skills,andworkplaceethicsareenoughtomeritprofessionalrecognition andupwardmobility—asitshouldbe.Butunlesswehaveasupporterpubliclyvoicingallthoseexceptionaltraits andleadingusintherightdirection,ourprofessionalhighlightstendtogetlost.Plus,havingsomeoneelsespeak onourbehalfisamuchamorepowerfulstatementthanifwetriedtovoiceitonourown.That’swhere mentorshipcomesin.

Mentorshipisespeciallyimportantforprofessionalsfromunderrepresentedbackgrounds.Findingaquality mentorwhohasinsightintoworkplacedynamicsisjusttheedgeminorityprofessionalsneedtogainmore leverageandvisibility.



Yes,mentorshipcanopendoors,andyesitmatterswhosedoorsarebeingopened.Infact,mentorshipshouldbe seenasawaytoleveltheplayingfield Discoverhowcompaniescanintentionallydevelopmentorshipprograms

11/9/22, 9:12 AM Gain an edge in your career: Have someone in your corner

11/9/22, 9:12 AM Gain an edge in your career: Have someone in your corner

seenasawaytoleveltheplayingfield.Discoverhowcompaniescanintentionallydevelopmentorshipprograms thatbenefitall.


Dr.EliJoseph,aBlackIvy-Leagueprofessor,medicalexaminer,TEDxspeakeranddoctoralgraduate(attheageof 24),shareshowfindingtherightmentorsearlyinhiscareerweremonumentaltogrowinghisexpertiseand embracingnewprofessionalopportunities.


Inthinkingofmentorship,weoftenthinkofthebenefitstothementee—yetthequalitativedatainaCanadian studyfoundthatwhenpairinghigh-levelexecutiveswithimmigrantjobseekers,theexecutivementorsgrewtheir emotionalintelligenceuponlearningperspectivesdifferentfromtheirown.


AP’sDiversity&InclusionRetentionandUtilizationofTalentcommitteeisproudtosponsorthefirstofficial mentorshipprogram.Thisthree-monthpilotprogramwillbeopentoD&Imembersonlyfortheprecursorrun andwillthenopentobroaderscopeemployees.


Aim Higher: Simple Tips to Progress Your Career

The best career advice I ever got was simple: You can do it.

That's it. No embellishments. No clever analogies. No long winded message. You can do it, people have told me. With each time someone said it, I tried something new. I've succeeded. I've failed. And I've succeeded again. But this story isn't unique to me. You have likely experienced the same thing. That's how we all manage to work together in one of our nation's top thriving business hubs, progressing this company forward every day. If someone hasn't said it to you lately, I'd be glad to do the honors: You. Can. Do. It.

So you can stop reading here if that was enough to rediscover your drive. But if you are looking for further inspiration, take a look at the top career rules I follow. They give me motivation to do my best, and hopefully, they'll do the same for you.

Play to your strengths

Think about what drew you to your career in the first place—a certain skill, ability, expertise, or passion. That is your strength. Use it. Are you good at numbers? Have excellent people skills? Intuitive knack for leadership? Even though the times are changing, talents don't disappear. You can always find a way to integrate your strengths as resources in the workplace.

Bring your whole self to work

There has never been a better time to leverage our similarities and differences. Just like the universities we partner with move forward to shape a more inclusive audience, so should we. So voice your opinion, tell us something we overlooked, share your cultural insights. Greater diversity of thought leads to greater diversity of work. Trust me, si se puede.

8/23/22, 10:52 AM 1/2

Always be learning

Though many of us have grown from novice to seasoned professional, there is always room for improvement. That doesn't have to be a setback, in fact, it could be your competitive advantage. I recommend staying up to date on professional best practices by reading. Don't have time to read? Try a business podcast. Join an association. Find a mentor. Do what you can to up your skills and expand your reach, as a result, you will get more workplace visibility.

Introverts! There is a place for you, too

You may not be able to spotlight your areas of strength, so I'll do it for you. As an introvert, you have the power of observation, the ability to read people like a book, and the discipline to think before you speak. The business world needs you. If you need more of a pick-me-up, try this book "The Introvert's Complete Career Guide"

So what's next?

Even with all this, the most important thing you can do for your career is take interest. Find joy in the work you do. Take pride in your achievements. Seek out new opportunities to showcase your talents and contribute to your department's success. The rest will follow. And remember, you can do it.

8/23/22, 10:52 AM Aim Higher: Simple Tips to Progress Your Career


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Crafting in all colors—for all colors!

First Black-Owned Arts & Crafts Store in the DFW Inspires Inclusivity and Creativity all in one

DALLAS, March XX 2022 – Making crafts and breaking barriers

H&S Vinyl is changing the DIY arts game one crafter at a time. The Black-owned, woman-owned business operates a successful storefront in Mesquite, Texas and recently opened their second location in Terrell, Texas.

In a typically a Caucasian-dominated hobby, this expansion of H&S Vinyl, the first Black-owned store of its kind in Dallas-Fort Worth, opens the doors to a more diverse arts & craft crowd just in time for National Craft Month.

“We are thrilled to bring some creativity to our community and become a destination for families to shop and spark new ideas,” said Susan Dixon, owner of H&S Vinyl.

That new community, the city of Terrell, is an ideal location to diversify the crafting audience. According to Data USA, in 2020, a little under half of the residents identified as White, while the rest identified as people of color. That’s a large market the H&S Vinyl staff are excited to welcome.

Angie Cooper, vice president of the Terrell Chamber of Commerce said “We hope the community will be delighted by the creative tools, educational resources and new experiences that H&S Vinyl will bring.”

Engaging community through friendly competition

One of those new experiences H&S Vinyl will bring is a neighborhood arts competition. On April 1, H&S Vinyl along with more Terrell based businesses will host Craft Wars, a timed competitive activity designed to spark creativity.

All community members are invited to apply for a chance to compete. Ten participants will be chosen. Participants will be split into two categories: designing apparel using heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and designing everyday products using Oracle/Sign vinyl.

Winners will be chosen based on who had the most creative design. The top place winner will get a $100 cash reward plus a $25 store gift card. The second place winner will get a $50 store gift card and the third place winner will get a $25 store gift card.

To apply for a spot, participants can go directly to H&S Vinyl at their Terrell store location and sign up. This is the perfect event to make colorful arts and share in inclusive community. Plus, participants can commemorate National Craft Month by creating and seeing projects of all types and enjoying diverse perspectives

H&S Vinyl is located at 301 Tanger Drive #210, Terrell, Texas. The store is open from 10 am to 8 pm, Monday through Saturday and 11 am to 7 pm on Sunday.

For Immediate Release


Modern MBA for the Modern Professional – 100% Online MBA Programs

Four quality options | Affordable $17,850 in-state tuition

Bowling Green, Ohio, May 2019 / PRNewswire — Bowling Green State University's dedication to lifelong learning has reached new heights. The University is pleased to announce it is now offering four quality Online Master of Business Administration programs designed for working professionals.

BGSU is offering a general Online MBA and three MBA concentrations in finance, accounting and supply chain management. BGSU's strong reputation for providing quality business programs in high-demand quantitative areas offers students a distinct competitive advantage. In fact, BGSU holds dual AACSB accreditation in business and accounting, an accomplishment that only one percent of business schools worldwide have achieved.

Delivered 100 percent online, these programs offer the flexibility and convenience working professionals need to earn their MBA. All Online MBA programs feature 7-week courses, six start dates a year, and affordable tuition only $17,850 (in-state). Plus, students learn from the same experienced faculty members who teach on campus and can finish their degree in as few as 12 months.

Students also have access to extensive career resources throughout the program, such as webinars, virtual networking sessions and resume assistance to help them propel their career forward. As graduates of our Online MBA programs, they will be fully prepared for expanded leadership roles in their chosen field of business.

Ranked among the nation's best universities by U.S. News & World Report, BGSU offers a topquality educational experience that enhances the lives of students. With a spirit of innovation, BGSU develops, transforms and impacts students and communities through learning, collaboration and discovery.

Enrollments are now being accepted for courses starting Jan. 27, 2020. Students can apply at [link].





Calling all—

Mentors! This is your chance to send the elevator back down. Sign up to coach junior employees on the ins and outs of professional growth.

Mentees! Give your career the extra boost it needs by shadowing AP’s latest and greatest senior employees.

Benefits to Mentees

• Have a go-to person who can help you identify and achieve your career goals

• Strengthen your knowledge in a subject matter area you want to grow

• Expand your understanding of office dynamics

• Learn about specialized areas, departments and assignments

• Build a relationship with an established employee who can share his/her vast knowledge and experience

Benefits to Mentors

• Elevate your status as a subject matter expert

Redefine your career potential with the added support and learning opportunities you will gain in the D&I Mentorship Program at Academic Partnerships. The D&I Retention and Utilization of Talent committee is proud to sponsor the first official mentoring program at AP. This threemonth pilot program will be open to D&I members only (as mentors and mentees) for the precursor run and will then open to broader scope employees.

Take our 5-minute Mentor Survey or Mentee Survey by Oct. 9 to get started!

• Grow your professional network during Covid-19

• Strengthen your soft skills in communication, time management and relationship building

• Bolster your credibility and reputation

• Learn new skills and perspectives that junior employees thrive on

• Expand your emotional intelligence

100% Online Skills-Based Certificate Courses In The Rapidly Evolving Field Of Nursing

On-demand learning for in-demand roles

With the surge of changing modalities in patient care, more qualified healthcare professionals are needed to manage the business operations. Our new short courses offer you a way to quickly learn the business fundamentals while staying focused on patient care. We offer three short courses:

1. Management and Leadership in Healthcare

2. Developing a Business plan for Healthcare

3. Foundations in Healthcare Reimbursement and Billing

Our SANE course prepares you with critical, forensic skills. This course is approved by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas and offers an easy, accessible, and affordable way to complete the didactic portion of the Adult SANE (CA-SANE) certification requirements.

Benefits of our instant learning:

Pick and choose your courses

$100 business courses

• $300 SANE course*

• Start immediately—no application needed

• Acquire new skills in 45 days or less

*SANE course not subject to bundling. Participants can acquire this skillset in 90 days or less.

Texas A&M International University Nursing Alternate Credentials Online Launch Flyer 4
WHEN YOU BUNDLE! Bundle courses together for a more affordable value—$175 total for two business courses or $250 total for all three business courses.


Formal letter

Dear %%NAME%%,

Throughout our history, Texas A&M International University has been a leader in transforming student lives through the power of education.

Our track record of responding to the needs of adult learners proves we are by the student’s side, preparing them with the professional knowledge, skills, and career exposure they need to succeed. For this reason, we are continually enhancing our educational content and exploring innovative ways to reach our students.

That’s why I am excited to announce our next phase in education delivery: 100% online skills-based certificate courses in the rapidly evolving field of nursing. We are launching three self-paced courses in the rising area of healthcare business management and the specialty Sexual-Assault Nurse Examinar (SANE) Didactic Course for the State of Texas. All courses are offered on-demand.

The healthcare business management courses are offered at the low, introductory price of only $100 per course. Participants can pick and choose which courses to complete based on their preferred professional pathway. Plus, we offer a bundle package to further minimize costs. The SANE course has the introductory price of $300 and is not subject to bundling. There is no application process involved for any of the courses we want every learner to have the opportunity to grow their expertise, increase their professional opportunities and enhance their impact.

The business-focused courses offer healthcare professionals a way to quickly learn business management fundamentals to qualify for expanded roles and responsibilities in their career. Our three courses include: 1) Management and Leadership in Healthcare,

2) Developing a Business plan for Healthcare, and

3) Foundations in Healthcare Reimbursement and Billing. Participants can choose their desired course or bundle courses together for a more affordable value–$175 total for two courses or $250 total for all three courses. Employees in your organization may find the bundle component especially useful in acquiring new skills at a lower cost.

The SANE course is approved by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas and offers nurses an easy, accessible, and affordable way to complete the didactic portion of the Adult SANE (CA-SANE) certification requirements. This is a highly sought-after certification that many nurses pursue, especially here in the Laredo community. Upon successfully completing a course, participants will receive a digital TAMIU-branded certificate as proof of their added knowledge and skills. More importantly, they will have the preparation they need to perform essential work. We believe this is an important step in mobilizing our nursing workforce.

Our representative, %%NAME%%, will contact you soon to discuss program benefits for your nursing staff in greater detail.



Texas A&M International University Nursing Alternate Credentials Online Launch Dean’s Letter 3


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Northern Kentucky University Brand Awareness — Creative Assets Email 1 2
Northern Kentucky University Brand Awareness — Creative Assets Email 2 3
Northern Kentucky University Brand Awareness — Creative Assets Email 3 4
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MADE FOR THE BOLD MADE FOR THE FUTURE MADE FOR YOU #ASTATEMADE V I E W U N D E R G R A D O N L I N E P R O G R A M S Competitive, pay-by-the-course tuition plans AFFORDABLE TUITION Learn wherever, whenever with 100% online flexibility ONLINE FORMAT Collaborate with expert professors and fellow students INTERACTIVE INSTRUCTION Fast-track your degree with concise, 7-week courses FASTER COMPLETION TIMES A-State’s 100% online undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs are tailor-made to elevate your academic and career opportunities without disrupting your life. Benefit from the flexibility of learning in your home, during free time at work, or on the go! BRINGING TOP-QUALITY HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAMS TO YOU – ONLINE Designed for the modern student, our 100% online bachelor s programs offer you the ease and flexibility to earn your degree with a smoother finish. Graduate faster with vast knowledge in your field and the in-demand skills that can take you places. REINTRODUCE YOURSELF AS A COLLEGE GRAD ONLY $258 PER CREDIT HOUR TRANSFER IN UP TO 90 CREDIT HOURS FIND THE ONLINE DEGREE PROGRAM THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU Associate of General Studies B A in Political Science BAS in Organizational Supervision RN to BSN B A in Psychology B A in Communication Studies B A in Sociology B S in Strategic Communications – Social Media Management B S in Creati e Media Prod ction – Corporate Media B S in Digital Innovation – Strategic Communications B A in Criminology Bachelor of General Studies B S in B siness Administration B S in Digital Innovation – Graphic Communication L E A R N M O R E A-State s versatile online graduate programs allow you to seamlessly move up the ranks in your college education Are you aspiring to earn a master s degree? Eager to go all the way and earn a doctorate? Or are you interested in supplementing your education with a skills-based certificate? Here at A-State Online we have it all Think bigger Add more degrees to your name BEYOND THE DIPLOMA Discover how a degree from A-State can be just the ticket you need to reach your life goals. “I have found at Arkansas State that my online professors have been more accommodating and willing to help than my on-campus professors were in the past. That blew my mind.” Brittany Westmoreland, B.A. in Communication Studies online graduate By submitting this form, I am providing my digital signature agreeing that Arkansas State University (A-State) may email me or contact me regarding educational services by telephone and/or text message utilizing consent is not a condition to attend A-State or to purchase any other goods or services. SUBMIT equir How did you hear about us?* ZIP Code* Phone* Email* Last Name* First Name* Program of Interest* Submit the form below, and an Enrollment Specialist will contact you to answer your questions. NEED MORE INFORMATION? For help with any questions you have. OR CALL 866-621-8096 APPLY NOW Start your application today! READY TO GET STARTED? C H E C K O U T T H E P R O G R A M S GO BIG AT A-STATE! GET STARTED ON YOUR ONLINE DEGREE TODAY! REQUEST INFO Arkansas State University | P.O. Box 2520. State University AR 72467 | 866-621-8096 | Privacy Policy

Thank you!


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