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DIPLOMA PROJECT Cognizant Interactive for the Digital Age Sponsor : Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation

Volume : 1 STUDENT : WRIK DHAR PROGRAMME : Graduate Diploma Programme



National Institute of Design Ahmedabad

The Evaluation Jury recommends WRIK DHAR for the Diploma of the National Institute of Design IN VISUAL COMMUNICATION (ANIMATION FILM DESIGN)

herewith, for the project titled "COGNIZANT INTERACTIVE FOR THE DIGITAL AGE" on fulfilling the further requirements by

Chairman Members :

*Subsequent remarks regarding fulfilling the requirements :



Cognizant Interactive for the Digital Age



• Prologue


• My Institution


• Sponsor


• Project Plan


• Contextual Research


• Pre-Production


• Production


• Post-Production


• Prototyping


• Epilogue





• Preface • Project Brief • Synopsis




The Digital Age The Information Age, also

In this project I had to venture

commonly known as the Computer

out into the digital world and help

Age or Digital Age. It is a period

Cognizant reinvent the digital age.

in human history characterized by the shift from traditional industry that was brought by the industrial revolution through industrialization, to an economy based on the information computerization. The Digital ecosystem consisting of web, mobile and social network are an integral part of business today. Business are constantly exploring and innovating on how they can leverage these ecosystems to increase revenue, optimize costs, improve efficiencies and provide a better customer experience.


Project Brief

Objective: Cognizant Interactive for the Digital Age: This is about portraying the vision of Cognizant Interactive (CI) and its digital workspace in the coming days.

Creative Brief: Cognizant Interactive is constantly

The spirit of Cognizant is reflected

The project was to make a

striving to create new benchmark

among the employees as they

short animated promotional to

in customer satisfaction. To

practice the leadership vision. In

communicates these attributes

achieve this success, they are

this massive effort, every team

of Cognizant Interactive and

constantly looking out to adopt new

member’s effort is being recognized

showcase its work and strength

possibilities and embrace newer

and every innovation is encouraged

which justifies its readiness for the

means. The highly motivated

which is Cognizant Interactive’ s

Digital Age

team is led by visionary leaders

pillars of success.

who are constantly encouraging the team members to follow best practices, adopt cutting-edge technologies and add values to their deliverables.



The design process starts with the

These references and constant

initial brief. The first step was to

interaction with the senior

study in detail the topics which

employees and colleagues helped

would involve understanding

me to come up with a narration

digital medium and knowing what

and a visual script. After going

Cognizant Interactive (CI) was

through repeated reviews with

all about. Different pre made

the Senior Project Manager and

presentations were given to

Associates, the voice over and

me to understand the different

the story board was approved.

work process CI follows and its

After the approval I jumped into

involvement in various projects.

execution. The voice over was recorded within the office with the

Then, different promotional videos

help of an associate from the User

of other design organizations and

Experience team of CI, Kolkata.

Cognizant Interactive previous

Once the line test and the voice

promotional attempts were looked

over with music were in place

into. The pre-existing visual

I moved on to Post Production.

language followed by Cognizant

With constant changes in Post

Interactive was studied through

Production and feedbacks every

different visual medias such as

week the video shaped itself up to

posters, brochures, calendars and

everyone’s expectations.



My Institution


National Institute of Design The establishment of NID was a

writer on Indian craft traditions

result of several forces, both global

and the founder of the Indian

and local. The late 1950s saw a

Handlooms and Handicrafts Export

confluence of these forces, and

Council (HHEC) met the renowned

this time would be a significant one

American designer Charles Eames

for Indian culture and education.

at the Museum of Modern Art

This was a time of reappraisal

in New York. The Museum had

and reconstruction in a newly

organised a unique exhibition

independent India. A young

titled The Textiles and Ornamental

nation was confronted with the

Arts of India. This would be the

mammoth task of nation building,

beginning of a lifelong dialogue

of balancing age old traditions

between these two eminent

with modern technology and


ideas. The Modern Movement, the philosophy of Machine Aesthetics,

At the same time the Government

and revolutionary experimentation

of India was considering

in the arts, architecture and design

establishing an institute of design,

were all taking place at the same

under the advice of Pupul Jayaker

time. There was a search for the

and other like-minded people.

Indian identity across all aspects of

The 1950s were a decade of rapid


industrialization in India and

In 1955 Pupul Jayaker, the noted

clearly, the need for such an


institute grew stronger. In 1957 the

suggested that the designer could

Government of India requested the

be a bridge between tradition and

Ford Foundation to invite Charles

modernity. The Report called upon

and Ray Eames to visit India.

future designers to re-examine the

Charles and Ray Eames travelled

alternatives of growth available to

to all parts of the country, meeting

the country at that time.

and talking to writers, craftspeople,

Based on the recommendations

architects, scientists, industrialists,

made in the India Report, the

educators and philosophers. They

Government of India with the

took hundreds of photographs of

assistance of the Ford Foundation

their travels.

and the Sarabhai family established the National Institute of Industrial


On April 7, 1958, the Eameses

Design, as it was originally called

presented the India Report to the

as an autonomous all-India body

Government of India. The Eames

in September 1961 at Ahmedabad.

Report defined the underlying spirit

Gautam Sarabhai and his sister

that would lead to the founding

Gira were played a major role

of NID and beginning of design

in the establishment and early

education in India. The Report

years of NID. Gautam Sarabhai

recommended a problem-solving

sidestepped the accepted

design consciousness that linked

wisdom and conventional method

learning with actual experience and

of education. He revived the

philosophy of the Bauhaus design movement which was ‘learning by doing’. This unique curriculum and revolutionary educational philosophy remain part of NID to the present day. Today the National Institute of Design is internationally acclaimed as one of the finest educational and research institutions for Industrial, Communication, Textile and IT Integrated (Experiential) Design. It is an autonomous institution under the aegis of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India and is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India as National Institute of Design, Paldi Campus

a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.




Cognizant Technology Solutions Cognizant Technology Solutions

integration and consulting work.

Corporation is an American multinational information

In 2003, Lakshmi Narayanan

technology, consulting and business

became the CEO. Gradually, the

process outsourcing company. It

company’s services portfolio

is headquartered in Teaneck, New

expanded across the IT services

Jersey, USA.

landscape and into business process outsourcing (BPO) and

Originally founded as an in-

business consulting. Lakshmi

house technology unit of Dun &

Narayanan was succeeded by the

Bradstreet in 1994, Cognizant

Kenya-born Francisco D’Souza

started serving external clients

in 2006. Cognizant experienced

in 1996. Cognizant’s IPO was

a period of fast growth during

launched in 1998, after a series of

the 2000s, as reflected by its

corporate splits and restructures of

appearance in Fortune magazine’s

its parent companies. During the

“100 Fastest-Growing Companies”

dot com bust, it grew by accepting

list for ten consecutive years from

the application maintenance work

2003 to 2012.

that the bigger players were unwilling to perform. Gradually, it ventured into application development, complex systems


Project Plan



[01-31 May]

Final Prototype


Feed back sessions


[01-30 April]

Sound design



Line test

[01-31 March]



[01-28 February]

Character Design

Story Board

Voice recording



Existing style Analysis


Initial Brief

Discovery Phase

Prototyping [01-30 June]


Contextual Research


• Cognizant Interactive (CI) • Solution it provides • The Team • How it works • Future Vision • Clients • Recent Works • Related Organizations • Target Audience • Existing Visual Style Analysis


Cognizant main building in Bantala, Kolkata


Cognizant Interactive (CI)

Cognizant has an internationally

Cognizant’s Interactive Design

recognized, multidisciplinary

team specializes in creating

Cognizant Interactive Practice that

compelling user interface design

has been delivering User Interface

with a focus on delivering business

(UI) solutions since 1997. This

value and ease of use. With over

team offers Web applications,

1800+ resources and growing,

Design & Maintenance services for

the Interactive Design Practice the

Cognizant software development

largest design organization within

projects and also directly for other

any IT outsourcing company.

organizations that want to improve the design of their internet and intranet websites.

Digital Experience poster of CI


Solution it provides

Complete Range of Solutions

Cognizant Interactive offer end to end solutions, from strategy to technology implementations, and have niche and cutting edge skills that provide value to businesses.

• Digital Strategy and Advisory

Enterprise Application Design • Usability Engineering • Interaction Design Multi-Channel Experience

• Content Writing

• Wire framing

• Experience Design • Channel Design

Digital Production

• Visual Design


• Creative & Copy Writing

• Prototyping

• Graphics & Flash assets

• Usability Testing

• Digital media assets

• Enterprise Application Design • Digital Production • Digital Analytics and Marketing

Development Digital Strategy & Advisory

Digital Analytics & Marketing Design


• Pay per click Marketing

• Site & Micro site Strategies

• Parameters for Metriics Collection

• Campaign Strategies

• Traffic Analusis

• Competitive Research

• Reporting & Analysis

• Audience Analysis


• Online demos and tours

• Game Design & Development

• Online Strategies

• Multi-channel Design and


Design Services


• Recommendations

How businesses benefit from our services: • Increase revenue • Optimize costs • Improve efficiency • Provide better customer experience


The Team

Cognizant Interactive

I was working with the Visual Design team of Cognizant Interactive for my project

Interactive Design

• Digital Channels

• User Experience

• Analytics

• Visual Design

• Digital production

• Web Development

Interactive Learning

Interactive Content

• Learning Design & Development

• Full Service Documentation Management

• Learning Production & management

• Online Content Product

• Learning transformation

• Documentation

• Corporation


How it works

The LOB (Line of Business):

UX (User Experience):

The team prepares a final

LOB group Identifies business

The team involves itself in

prototype according to a specific

opportunity from several clients.

requirement gathering, customer

given time line by the project

To pitch for the business there

Interviews and analysis. The end

manager, with prior approval from

is a need for making a proposal.

deliverable is wireframe design

the client.

Here RFP (request for proposal)

along with the IA (Information

is prepared by the Competency +


LOB team. Later a POC (proof of

Final prototype is sent to the WD

concept) is developed to support

VD (Visual Design):

team which takes care of the

the proposal.

Taking the wireframes forward,

development and the maintenance

the VD team comes up with design

of the final deliverable.

mock ups which consist of style A team is brought together to

guides, design justifications and

develop the final deliverable which

crop assets. VD team also does

comprises of:

newsletters, mailers, brochures, posters, Flash animations, icons for

• UX (User Experience)

the project if required. The design mock up is sent to the

• VD (Visual Design):

client for approval of the project. Once the project is finalized,

• WD (Web Development)

resource allocation is done as per the requirement and costing. Later the UX and VD team in contact with the project manager plans the deliverable.


WD (Web Development):

Work charts of CI At the initial stage of the project brainstormings, scribbles and simplified flowcharts helped me to get accustomed and better understand the work culture and workflow of the organization.


Future Vision

Future Vision: •

Build a Modern Social Enterprise to Win in the 21st Century

Achieve Tier 1 position for all clients by 2015

Future Plans and Programs of Cognizant • Business Intelligent models:

• Cognizant Cloud 360:

• Advocacy-based loyalty:

enable companies handle big data

developing enterprise cloud

use augmented reality, mobile

management solution

advertisement and applications,

• Mobile Innovation models:

social currency and virtual goods to

mobile application that helps

• Predictive Analytics:

customers to stay updated on the

anticipating customer behavior by

market, same as the enterprise

analyzing data

increase trust and loyalty • Talent Recruitment and Retentions: Millennial minded

• New Social Networking tools

• Advanced Analytics: mixing

workers are dramatically changing

& models: enable knowledge

big data with analytics to identify


sharing and transforms how teams

and understand opportunities • Triple way sustainability:

communicate within an enterprise • Differentiating Processes:

Social, Environmental and

• Streamlined processes: higher

different solutions for different

Economic [Keeping companies

straight through processes, less

needs of enterprises

ready for 2015 reporting on

manual intervention and lower cost




Tier 1 Clients

Tier 2 Client

• Aetna:


One of the world’s largest Health

World’s largest online marketplace

Insurance organizations • Others • Astra Zeneca: leading Pharmaceutical Company

Tier 3 Client • Citrix:

Tier 1 Partner in Digital channel strategy

Tier 2 Partner in Digital channel design

• American Express,

Leading SaaS [Software as a

World’s largest Card Issuer by

service] for collaboration

purchase volume • Others • BNY Mellon: One of the world’s leading Financial

Tier 4 Client

Services organization

• Barclays: Leading Financial Services Firm

Tier 3 Partner in Digital channel development

Tier 4 Partner in Digital channel maintenance

• Abbott: One of the world’s largest

• Others

Pharmaceutical Company • Norton: World leader in Antivirus/ Security Products/ Systems


Recent Works

• Online Strategy for a Financial Group • Web Refresh for Insurance Company in Middle East • Mobile Channel Extension for Consumer Products • Applications Consolidation for an Investment Bank • Mobile Analytics Implementation for an Investment Bank • Web Analytics Implementation for a Leading Diversified Financial Services in US • Usage Analytics System for a Leading Investment Bank in the US


Related Organizations

• Sapient Nitro is a global professional services company established in

Target Audience

• Showcasing our strength and possibilities to other Cognizant verticals

1991 and based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. • Internal visiting management • Razorfish Inc. is one of the world’s largest interactive agencies • External visiting clients • IBM Interactives an American multinational technology and consulting corporation

• Campus recruitment drive

• AKQA is an ideas and innovation company specializing in creating digital services, products, communications and experiences. • R/GA Media Group Inc. is an advertising agency headquartered in New York • Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational provider of business consulting, technology, engineering, and outsourcing services • Tata Interactive Systems is an Indian developer of custom e-learning based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Existing Visual Style Analysis


CI has its own bank of visual styles and follows a certain visual language. This unique pool of visual imagery helped me to later craft my project better.




• Ideation (Scribbles) • Script Development • Voice Recording • Visual Scripting


Ideation (Scribbles)



Once the basic idea was clear to me I initiated my research which resulted in an enormous knowledge bank. Next there was an active process of streamlining and idea filtration. I started doodling whatever ideas I felt appropriate and applicable and which ultimately provided me with a few tangible concepts. These were further used to develop the final structure of this project.


These doodles are the initial point from where I started representing my ideas visually.


Ideation: Rough animation break down During the stage of idea filtration, I was trying to doodle out the structures, forms and visuals which I wanted to use for my final project. Simultaneously brainstorming on how I could use those ideas in the final project, keeping in mind the basic principles of animation was also done.


Different attempts to visually show the work flows of CI


Script Development

Areas covered (Rough)

Areas Covered (Revised)

• We belong to a fast changing, Globalized, Virtualized world

• Who they are

• About Cognizant Interactive

• Cognizant Interactive

• Reach Tier 1 by 2015

• Their team +Good Consultants and Leaders

• Benefits of businesses from our services • Talent recruitment and retention from all over the world

• What they do

• Good consultants and leaders

• Solutions they provide [Complete range of Solutions]

• Future technologies and programs of Cognizant

• How businesses benefits from their services

• Sustainability • Solutions we provide

• Whom they work with

• Streamline workflow

• Clients [Recent Projects]

• Individual effort is recognized and appreciated • Their culture

Narrative Flow: Global Scenario > Cognizant’s vision > Cognizant Interactive > Their readiness for the Digital Age


Rough Narrative

Voice Over [V/O]: (Revised and final)

Today we are standing amidst a fast changing, constantly evolving dynamic,

“Today we are standing amidst a constantly evolving, virtualized world. “

globalized, virtualized world. Cognizant has always envisioned a future without boundaries.

“Cognizant has always envisioned a future without boundaries.”

With over 1600+team members, the Interactive Design Practice of our organization is the largest within any IT outsourcing company.

“The Interactive Design Practice of Cognizant is constantly helping

The highly motivated team is led by visionary leaders and experienced

businesses realizing their digital dreams.”

consultants. Cognizant Interactive is constantly looking out to embrace newer means and adopt cutting edge technologies to reach new benchmark in customer

“With over 1800+ dedicated team members guided by visionary leader we are constantly producing innovative solutions that spell success.”

satisfaction. Providing businesses with a complete Range of End to End solutions.

“Our sustainable and agile methodologies are enabling us to add value to

These constant exploration and innovation help organizations boost their

our deliverables.”

efficiencies, optimize profit, increase revenue and provide a better customer experience.

“These constant exploration and innovation help businesses boost their

We are spreading globally as we provide solutions to the world’s leading

efficiencies, and provide a better customer experience.”

and largest organizations. Our sustainable and agile methodologies are enabling us to add value to our deliverables.

“We are a new breed of passionate innovators. We are Cognizant Interactive.”

This whole process requirtes huge team work and organized streamlined workflow and in the end we make sure that each effort is recognized and every innovation is encouraged which in turn forms our firm pillars of success. We are a new breed of passionate innovators. We are Cognizant Interactive.


Voice recording

Narration break downs: • “Today we are standing amidst a constantly evolving, virtualized world. “

There was no separate budget allocated for voice recording so

• “Cognizant has always envisioned a future without boundaries.”

we had to improvise it by ourself, A Senior Associate of the UX

• “The Interactive Design Practice of Cognizant is constantly helping

department, Sourav Sarkar did the

businesses realize their digital dreams.”

voice over for the promotional. We recorded it in the conference

• “With over…1800+…

room of our office in a PC with headphones.

• …dedicated team members guided by visionary leader… • …we are constantly producing innovative solutions that spell success” • “Our sustainable and agile methodologies are enabling us to add value to our deliverables” • “These constant exploration and innovation help businesses boost their efficiencies, and provide a better customer experience” • “We are a new breed of passionate innovators. We are Cognizant Interactive.”


Visual Scripting

Visual Scripting: (Rough)


Visual Scripting: (Revised and final) I used to draw quick rough story board on paper so that I can show it to different people on the office and get their feedback, and make quick on spot changes.
















































• Character design • Background • Line test


Character design

Characters used in the background


The Blue Men The character in the video has been inspired from a form which was prevalent in many posters and presentations in Cognizant. I have adapted and simplified this form as per my sensibilities. I have tried to personify the Cognizant Interactive work process through these characters . The characters are blue in colour to follow the same visual language of Cognizant interactive. The head is in the form of a light bulb signifying innovative ideation and creativity which is what Cognizant Interactive stands for.


Depicting motion through characters


Transformation of a drop to a character and then to an idea


The process showing how The Work Apparatus forms and functions


The Work Apparatus This machine has been inspired from the various responsive devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc where the work done by Cognizant interactive is viewed and used. It signifies a platform where the various teams of cognizant interactive come together and work effectively to produce optimum results. This system is smooth, deft and sustainable on all fronts. All of the above have been depicted here.





The backgrounds that I have used in my projects have been inspired from previous visual bank of CI



These different responsive design tools like PC, Smart Phones and Tabs are the ones for which CI caters most of its work. Here in these tools I also depicted land, sea and space to clearly show the ever expanding horizons of CI’s vision





BG:6 Various backgrounds I have used in my promotional


Line test

The initial line test gave me an idea about the time frame and the basic look of the video. When I presented it to my supervisors, I was given a lot of feedback along with appreciation. Once those changes were incorporated the outcome was even better.

Screen shot of screen while lining up my line test


Screen Shot:1

Screen Shot:2

Screen Shot:3

Screen Shot:4 Screen shorts of my line test




• Compositing • Editing • Sound Design



I started by scanning my animation and then digitally coloured them in Photoshop, later saving each of the frames in PNG format. Then they were imported in Aftereffects as separate layers. Once they were in place I timed them and additional effects were added. At the end the final compilation was done in Premiere pro.


Step: 1

Step: 2

Step: 3

Step: 4

Different stages of compositing



The final editing was done in Premiere Pro. The separate shots were put together and sinked with the music and voice over. After that final visual effects were put, various test exports were taken out and shown to other team members and their feedback were worked upon later.

Screen shot of screen while editing on Premiere Pro


Sound Design

The sound design was done by me. I would have appreciated the help of a professional sound designer but due to budget constraints it was not possible. My team liked the background score which I had selected and gave me the approval to go ahead with it. I adjusted the volume levels of the background score with the voice over so that they would not overlap with each other.

Sound Track: ‘Define Dancing’ From the film: WALL E (2008) Voice Over Artist: Sourav Sarkar Screen shot of screen doing my sound design




• Final Export • Client’s Feedback • Guide’s Feedback • Introspect


Final Export

The final export was done after all the feedbacks were processed and necessary changes were made. Both the client and I were satisfied with the outcome.

Screen Shot:1


Screen Shot:2

Screen Shot:4

Screen Shot:3

Screen Shot:5 Screen shorts of the final export


Client’s Feedback

Guide’s Feedback

“Video looks really good! Thanks

Ajay Tiwari, Animation Film Design

for all your great work. Wish you

faculty, National Institute of Design

all the very best!”

guided my project

Riya Thosar

My Guide liked my video especially

Sr. Manager

the conversion of information

Cognizant Interactive

to narrative and narrative to animation. His feedback was valuable at every step of this journey.



Reminiscing over my work

endeavor would have reached

experience in the past few months

higher levels of excellence had it

I feel that it has changed me as a

been aided by an original voice

person. Working in a multinational

recording and music.

organization has helped my creative process in more ways than

Despite these shortcomings I would

one. I have learned to perform

like to conclude that my work

under pressure and also achieved

experience was an adventurous

notable accolades in team work.

trip, one that has left me enriched and confident to keep moving

During my tenure in Cognizant,


I have had to work on a project which was a complete learning experience. I found it challenging as well as enjoyable, it was satisfactory to both me and my client. However this project has also taught me have a critical approach towards my work, while assessing the final outcome I realized that

my skills and the joint effort of a professional sound designer would have yielded better results. The




• Conclusion • Extra work • Acknowledgement • Bibliography



Somewhere in the middle of

middle of nowhere.

was not meeting up with their

team to achieve the optimum, how

January of 2013 I got the chance

After the basic introductions were

professional standards but slowly

to asses my own self at every step,

to do my final diploma project with

made I met my team and was

these roadblocks got my mind

to recognize both my strong points

Cognizant Interactive. Honestly

briefed about the project. I was

working harder and I finally came

and my flaws and to work towards

speaking I had very little idea

to portray the vision of Cognizant

up with a concept that appealed to

perfecting them. It also taught

about Cognizant Interactive at that

Interactive (CI) and its digital

their outlook.

me to have a wider perspective

time and was quite apprehensive

workspace in the coming days.

as to how things would shape up.

It was something I had never

Once the concept was finalized I

all the experience made me more

Around the end of January i flew

done before and the prospects

planned out my work schedule and


to kolkata,my hometown,where

challenged as well as excited me.

got down to animating. I enjoyed

Cognizant Interactive is based and

The people at cognizant interactive

animating this video thoroughly.

where i was to be for the next four

were friendly and supportive,they

When I presented this video to my


helped me understand my project

team I was given a lot of feedback

better and were there whenever I

some good and some not-so-good!

needed help.

Initially I felt demoralized and sad

February 1st was my first day at

while handling a crisis and above

as that was not the reaction I was

Cognizant Interactive. I vaguely remember the boring and long bus

Once the basic idea of the

expecting. With immense support

journey that took me there and

project was clear in my head and

and guidance from my team I

the many strange faces all around.

I understood what Cognizant

made the necessary changes an

I was both excited and anxious

Interactive was expecting from

the final outcome was achieved.

when the bus took me to Bantala

me, I started coming up with my

situated on the outskirts of Kolkata,

concepts and started sharing it

My experience in Cognizant was a

a part where I had never been

with them. This phase was tedious

wholesome one. It not only honed

before. There stood an enormous

as some of my concepts were

my skill as an animator but also

office in what seemed like the

rejected. Initially my outlook

taught me how to function as a


Extra work

While at Cognizant we worked on many of their posters to keep ourselves motivated and to constantly keep the creative process alive.



First of all I would like to thank my

Dr. Vijaya Deshmukh, Registrar,

guide Ajay Tiwari and coordinator

NID and all the faculties of NID.

Sekher Mukherjee for his guidance

Without their constant support,

and support throughout my film.

the making of this film would have been very difficult.

I would also like to thank Riya Thosar, Anirban Dasgupta,

Above all I would like to thank my

Anandarup Bhattacharyya,

family for believing in me.

Sounetra Chaterjee, Debarshi Chakraborti, and also all the team members of Cognizant Interactive from whom I gained valuable knowledge and who also helped me have a wider perspective. I am very thankful to my friends and batch-mates without whose critique and encouragement, this film and this document would not have been possible. I would also like to thank Pradyumna Vyas, Director, NID, Vijai Singh Katiyar, Activity Chairperson (Education), NID, and



Videos: • CI-Presentation 2012 Kolkata • CI promo final version 2012

• SickKids Pain Squad iPhone App promotional • LEGO® Life of George

• Al Design Agency Showreel


• CAIC Auto Insurance Animated

• Digital branding marketing

Presentation • Envato Typo Animation Presentation • Elsie Nanji On How To Win A Design Lion • Cannes Lion 12 - Gold Branded Content - Intel • Cannes Lion 12 - Gold Branded Content - Montblanc

agency solutions- Cochin Ernakulam Kerala India



• Cognizant Interactive Design


OVERVIEW 2013 • • Build a Social Enterprise for the 21st Century


• Cognizant Interactive Calender



• DotPerformance Digital Agency Promo • Visible World Digital Agencies Presentation • NIKE FUELBAND (Cannes Lions 2012) • Coca-Cola Mobile Ad Case Video

• ToyToyota Backseat Driver promotional




Thank you



Wrik Dhar Animation Film Design National Institute of Design 2008 Batch [0] 9586 55 1582 (Ahmedabad) [0] 9007 27 9746 ( Kolkata)



Wrik diploma document 2013  
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