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SCHOOL BOARD ASSOCIATION 50 Years Strong for Public Education

MAY 31, 2012

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ Dear Guests, We are so pleased that you are able to join us for this gala celebration of Westchester-Putnam School Boards Association’s “50 Years Strong for Public Education!” As WPSBA celebrates its fiftieth year, members can proudly relate the accomplishments of this dynamic organization which has remained steadfast to its original goal to “better the education in Westchester County and the State of NY…” and its mission “to provide leadership and support for its member districts.” From the first “Call” on May, 22 1962 for an organizational meeting of all Westchester County School Boards, the Association has developed into a two-county leader in public education advocacy, governance resources, and current issue programming. It’s been an interesting journey to go through boxes of photos, newsletters, position papers and archival materials to prepare this commemorative journal. Our accomplishments and successes are innumerable, and WPSBA has had a significant impact on public education in our region. The only sobering aspect has been the recognition that the issues facing public education today are but a modern iteration of those that faced the Association in earlier years. We look forward to working with you to make the next chapter in our history even more compelling. It takes a village, and we thank you for your past, present and future contributions to our success.

Kendall Egan, WPSBA President

WPSBA EXECUTIVE BOARD Kendall Egan, President Linnet Tse, Vice President Susan Elion Wollin, Vice President Richard Kreps, Secretary/Treasurer Ifay Chang Anita Feldman Rita Golden Frank Hariton Jeffrey Hastie Steven Jambor Lynn McBride Wendy Naidich Richard Rugani Anna Sterne Brett Summers Karen Zevin

Rye City Bd of Ed Mamaroneck Bd of Ed Bedford Bd of Ed Carmel Bd of Ed Somers Bd of Ed PNW BOCES Bd of Ed Mt. Pleasant Cottage Bd of Ed Ardsley Bd of Ed New Rochelle Bd of Ed Brewster Bd of Ed Mt. Vernon Bd of Ed Hastings-on-Hudson Bd of Ed Bronxville Bd of Ed Dobbs Ferry Bd of Ed Byram Hills Bd of Ed Croton-Harmon Bd of Ed

EX-OFFICIO David Lacher, Past President New Rochelle Bd of Ed Peggy Zugibe, NYSSBA Area Dir. North Rockland Bd of Ed Dan McCann, Chief School Admin. Hendrick Hudson Superintendent David Quattrone, Chief School Admin. Bronxville Superintendent Kelly Chiarella, PTA Liaison Regional PTA Director STAFF Lisa Davis, Executive Director Marguerite Guglielmo, Executive Assistant Christina Autiero, Intern  1

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ OUR MISSION THROUGH THE YEARS 1962 “In general the basic objective of this Association shall be the betterment of education in Westchester County and the State of New York by: Encouraging cooperation between board members; Providing a vehicle of communication between member boards; Providing a permanent organization, ready at all times to ascertain, and voice, the wishes of its members on legislation or any other matter affecting them.”

On paper, your County Association is a local unit of the State Association. As a practical matter it exists only as an instrument of the local boards. It is committed to the betterment of education by encouraging cooperation, facilitating communication and voicing your wishes. Its two roles – as an information service and as an advocate – have to be acted out in a play for which there is a scenario and what passes for a plot


but the script has to be written by the players as the play proceeds.

“The mission of the Westchester-Putnam School Boards Association is to bring about more and better learning for children by enhancing the ability of member boards to discharge their responsibilities.”

(Edwin L. Howard, President-elect, June 1974 Address at WCSA Annual Meeting and Dinner)

2011 The mission of the Westchester-Putnam School Boards Association is to provide leadership and support for our member districts. In this role WPSBA will: Promote effective boardsmanship through training and education. Facilitate communication and the sharing of information. Investigate public education policy issues. Advocate for legislation that supports public education. Establish relationships with organizations that share common interests.

 3

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ AT THE HELM WPSBA EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS

Lee Hanbury 1968-1985

Elizabeth Jaffe 1985-1992

Janet S. Walker 1992-2008

Lisa Davis 2008-Present  5

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ AND THE GAVEL GOES TO... WPSBA PAST PRESIDENTS



1962-1964 1964-1966 1966-1968 1968-1969 1969-1970 1970-1971 1971 1971-1972 1972-1973 1973-1974 1974-1977 1977-1979 1979-1980 1980-1981 1981-1983 1983-1985 1985-1987 1987-1989 1989-1991 1991-1993 1993-1995 1995-1997 1997-1999 1999-2001 2001-2003 2003-2005 2005-2007 2007-2010 2010-2011 2011-

E. Allan Sherwood David B. Chisholm George L. Nowicki Harold Mandelbaum Hugh Fallon Louis J. Belserene, Jr. Fred Landis Thomas D. Nast Stanley Schoenfeld Hope Levene Edwin L. Howard Louise Muller Robert Bernstein Joanne Garrity Carol Toombs Judith Wiener Jean Flink James Kelleher Ann Idzik Numa Rousseve Evelyn M. Stock Patricia Fallendar Nancy Fisher Rita Golden Joseph Wooley Georgia Riedel Lisa Davis Lois Winkler David Lacher Kendall Egan

 7

DISTRICT Eastchester Mamaroneck Greenburgh 8 Briarcliff Manor Lakeland Eastchester Dobbs Ferry White Plains Hastings-on-Hudson Bedford BOCES South Pelham BOCES South Somers Rye BOCES South Briarcliff Manor White Plains Rye Greenburgh Central 7 So. Westchester BOCES Chappaqua Pelham Scarsdale So. Westchester BOCES Harrison Chappaqua Pleasantville New Rochelle Rye City

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ A LOOK BACK...

 8

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________

 9

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ 50 WPSBA MOMENTS IN TIME 1962:

In a list of issues that affect the education

Westchester County School Boards Association established, with total revenues from dues of $1,120 (dues scale- $15 to $50) and mail sent to a PO Box near the home of president.

of young people in the region: Television, computer technology, and perhaps yet undiscovered miracles hold great promise for enhancing educational opportunities. We have not


yet harnessed them effectively. We are unlikely

Questionnaire sent to do so on a local basis alone. to districts to (Tom Sobol, Superintendent of Schools, Scarsdale to Edwin Horard, collect data on President, Westchester County School Boards Association, August 1975) organization, procedures and practices. Subsequent questionnaire focused on district financials, enrollment, staffing and per pupil expenditures.

1968: Lee Hanbury appointed Executive Secretary at a monthly salary of $70. Lee worked from home.

1969: First issue of the Newsletter published. Putnam County Association expressed interest in joint meetings. Association joined other county associations in promoting the “Ax the Property Tax” petition campaign.

1971: Lee Hanbury reappointed on part-time basis for $2,500 per year, and her personal phone line authorized for Association use.

1972: Negotiations Clearinghouse established through the joint effort of the Westchester County School Boards Association and Westchester County Council of Chief School Superintendent to collect, analyze, codify, and disseminate information for Westchester and Putnam county school districts. Mark Twain said, “Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it.” School board members feel that way about the erosion of local control. The way to stop the erosion of local control is for the local boards to stop others from taking it away. We think it can be done. (John Woods, WPSBA Presentation at County Leaders Meeting of NYSSBA, October 1976)




1969  10




50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ 1975: After five years of discussions, Westchester County School Boards Association and Putnam County Association districts merged to form WestchesterPutnam School Boards Association (WPSBA).

These are difficult times for the Boards of Education. They are also exciting times which challenge us to scrutinize more closely what we are doing in our local public schools, how well we are doing it, and how it can and should be paid for. We are being forced to defend the very concept of local control of education and to demonstrate its worth, for gradually the state government, the federal government, the courts


and the unions are increasing their power and influence in public education —

Position papers “Financing Elementary and Secondary Public Education in NYS” and “The Taylor Law” issued. Legislative Research Service (now Lower Hudson Education Coalition- LHEC) established by WPSBA and the Superintendents Association to provide school districts in the area with information regarding legislation that may impact education. The Rockland and Dutchess School Boards Associations later joined the group.

at the expense of local decision-making. (Louise Muller, President, August 1977 Newsletter)

1977: First Joint Dinner held with the regional Superintendents’ Association.

1978: Executive Secretary position changed to Executive Director. Report on “Public Involvement in the School Districts of Westchester and Putnam Counties” published. …we nevertheless continue to believe that, as a matter of State policy, new approaches must be found to achieve greater equalization of expenditures per pupil by the State’s local school districts. (Reactions to Court of Appeals Decision on Levittown, Comissioner Ambach and Regents Chancellor Genrich, June 1982 Newsletter)


Position paper on financing education stated, “Equity must be provided for both the student and the taxpayer.”

1981: First District Clerk Workshop held. Workshop Day instituted (and continued through 1999).

1983: Position paper “Reform of Education Finance in NYS” issued.




1978  11




50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ 1984: First official office opened in Pleasantville HS and the “home” office closed. Lee Hanbury hired a secretary and “was particularly pleased to purchase a telephone with an answering machine and an Adler electronic typewriter with 8K memory,” which cost $1,400.

1985: Elizabeth Jaffe appointed Executive Director. Position Paper on Teacher Compensation produced.

1986: First “Legislative Priorities” pamphlet issued.

1987: Offices move to Quaker Ridge School, Scarsdale. Annual Meeting designated “25th Anniversary Celebration” and first Distinguished Service Award presented to Joe Nozzolio and Judy Wiener. First edition of “Facts and Figures” published.

1988: Current Issues Committee held workshop, “AIDS and the Schools.”


Study unit on “Roles and Relationships: School Boards and Superintendents” issued.

As board members we do not manage, we lead. We propose budgets to our communities based upon the wisdom of our superintendent and district staff. At the same time, we must keep the vision of how we want our schools to evolve. If we can turn this current crisis

1992: Janet Walker appointed Executive Director. Nine-County Coalition representing school board members, superintendents, teachers and parents from Dutchess, Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester Counties formed to advocate for the removal of inequities in state support for public education in region. WPSBA worked with the Westchester County Municipal Officials Association to form Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee (ICC) to provide a forum for communication between school and municipal officials.




1987  12

into an opportunity, to begin to drop some of the shackles that bind us as institutions, perhaps in a decade this fiscal crunch will benefit students. To make this possible, we need to keep the vision of leading, not reacting. (Ann Idzik, President, March 1991 Newsletter)




50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ 1993: Offices moved to Central School, Mamaroneck. “Now That I’m Elected …” workshop introduced for newly elected board members.

At the same time, all of us are able to relate stories of bright, academically accomplished college graduates who are unable to navigate the current economic conditions. If “best, brightest and well prepared” are unable to navigate, what is our hope for ALL students? Most schools are organized around an industrial age economy; we are living in a global information economy. (Ruth F. Richards, Westchester/Putnam Schools to Careers Partnership, February 1997 Newsletter)

1995: WPSBA joined with school districts, PTA, transportation operators and law enforcement agencies to form Operation Safe Stop to heighten awareness regarding vehicles passing stopped school buses with red flashing lights.


WPSBA worked with area district clerks to publish District Clerk Handbook.

2006: WPSBA Mentor Program for new school board members established. Assessment/Testing Task Force established to draft position paper.

2007: WPSBA joined with Manhattanville College to form task force on post-high school transitions and college readiness.

1997: 35th Anniversary Gala Anniversary Dinner at Reid Castle with speaker Judith Johnson, Deputy Assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Education. ICC held community forums to discuss STAR proposal.

2000: BOE Award for “outstanding contributions to public education and our students” presented for first time to J. Edward Meyer.

2004: WPSBA partnered with SW BOCES to create student-produced series, WPSBA Presents, focusing on education issues and distributed to local access television stations.




2000  13




50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ 2008: Lisa Davis appointed Executive Director. WPSBA purchased domain names and WPSBA Negotiations Roundtable established.

2009: First Post-High School Transitions Conference held at Manhattanville – keynote speaker, Roger H. Martin, author. WPSBA offices moved to SW BOCES.

2010: WPSBA, Westchester Municipal Officials Association and Westchester County Association formed Roundtable to focus on common issues, such as cost drivers, rising local property taxes, and mandate relief.

A school year that began under the specter of taxpayer fatigue and a call for tax caps, took a turn for the worse from a budget perspective as the housing and financial sectors crippled the economy. School districts now face the reality of a taxpayer base that is personally stressed, a record state deficit, and the promise of federal stimulus money that, while welcome, is slated to be a short-term fix…. School boards and administrators have the daunting task of relaying the message that districts can no longer afford to do business as usual. (Lisa Davis, Executive Director, Winter 2009 Newsletter)

2011: WPSBA received SED approval as authorized provider for new mandated six-hour Governance Training for newly elected board members.

2012: WPSBA drafted Mandate Relief Resolution for school districts. Association celebrates Golden Anniversary.




2009  15




50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ GOLDEN TWEETS To honor my mentors in school boarding: Congratulations to WPSBA on this golden anniversary! Ann Bondy, Jean Flink, Joanne Garrity, Georgine Hyde, Thank you to the 2011-12 WPSBA board for all of the Hope Levene, Lou Muller, Rosemary Siragusa, good work this year! Carol Toombs, Judy Weiner. – Kendall Egan, Board Member, Rye City SD – Joan Austin, Board Member, PNW BOCES Congrats WPSBA on your golden anniversary! It has been a wonderful experience working with Lisa & all of WPSBA. Here’s to another 50 years! – Christina Autiero, Intern, WPSBA

Congratulations for being a beacon of light for all children, public education, equity and excellence, leadership, and governance. Continue! – Dr. Phyllis Glassman, Superintendent, Ossining UFSD

Thank you WPSBA for teaching us all how to be better WPSBA - Thanks for supporting the work of our school board members and thank you to all the WPSBA members for your dedication and friendship. Happy 50th! boards! – Kathy Brechner, Board Member, PNW BOCES – Rita Golden, Board Vice President, Mt. Pleasant Cottage Congratulations on 50 years as a strong voice for public Congratulations WPSBA for 50 successful years! education, a resource for districts and a leader on key Thanks for your support, guidance, and advocacy governance and advocacy issues! efforts on behalf of all the children in our region. – Lisa P. Davis, Executive Director, WPSBA – Chrisanne Petrone, Board Member, New Rochelle Thank you to the 50th Committee - Lisa, Marguerite, "Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm." Wendy, Kathy, Lois, Frank, Anita, Rita, and Ifay! - Publius Syrus, MAXIM 358. Congratulations and best – Kendall Egan, President, WPSBA wishes as we helm the seas the next 50 years! – Sandra A. Simpson, Chief Operating Officer, SW BOCES Good luck on 50 years of service for public education! – Anita Feldman, Board President, PNW BOCES Serving on WPSBA was a highpoint in my volunteer life. Best people, outstanding leaders all caring about children and their future – our future. Congratulations & Best Wishes to WPSBA! May – Evelyn M. Stock, Former President, WPSBA WPSBA continue its outstanding support for public education for many, many years. – Ray Gerson, Executive Director, LHCOSS A hearty thank you to all School Board members, past and present! We appreciate your dedication and hard work! – Isabel Burk, Coordinator of School Safety, SW BOCES

 17

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ WESTCHESTER-PUTNAM SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION

50TH ANNIVERSARY GALA DINNER RECEPTION 6:00-7:00 PM “plan ahead” Jazz Combo Sam Riessen, guitar, Mamaroneck HS; Wesley Troeger, bass, Mamaroneck HS; John Venezia, drums, Yorktown HS


WELCOME Kendall Egan, President, WPSBA

“STAR-SPANGLED BANNER” Allison Horowitz, vocalist, Byram Hills CSD

OPENING REMARKS Master of Ceremonies, Alex Witt, MSNBC

“A LOOK BACK” Lisa Davis, Executive Director, WPSBA

CROTON-HARMON UFSD STRING QUARTET Sylvia Lustig, violin; Hannah Moy, viola; Alex Kleinman, cello; Rebecca Rose, violin

INTRODUCTION OF SPECIAL GUESTS B.O.E. AWARD TO SUZI OPPENHEIMER Presented by Joseph Wooley, Board Vice President, SW BOCES (past president, WPSBA)

B.O.E. AWARD TO NITA LOWEY Presented by Judy Wiener, Legislative Director, LHEC (past president, WPSBA)

CLOSING REMARKS Kendall Egan, President, WPSBA  19

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________


Alex Witt MSNBC Anchor and NBC Correspondent Master of Ceremonies

lex Witt hosts the MSNBC show “Weekends with Alex Witt” on Saturdays 7-8 A.M. ET, noon-2 P.M. ET and Sundays noon-2 P.M. ET.

Alex has been with MSNBC since January 1999, serving as anchor across both dayside and primetime hours. Alex spent time on the campaign trail across the country during the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections. She also covered the final week throughout the state of California for the 2003 Gubernatorial Election, following Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the wake of the September 11th terror attacks on America, Alex broadcast from the World Trade Center and has continued to follow the war on terrorism in the Middle East and the War in Iraq. She also broadcast from the World Trade Center on the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

Over the years, Alex hosted the series MSNBC Adventurer, as well as a series of prime time special broadcasts in the wake of the Asian tsunami. She broadcast live from Windsor, England covering the 2005 wedding of Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles, and from London outside Kensington Palace for commemorations marking the 10th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana in 2007. Alex has also contributed to NBC Nightly News reporting for the highly acclaimed “Making a Difference” series. Alex joined NBC after reporting for WNYW-TV in New York City where she covered stories throughout the New York metropolitan area. Prior to that, Alex spent her career anchoring, reporting and producing for various stations in California, including as a field producer in the Burbank bureau for NBC News’ “Today.” Alex has anchored her shows both years from the highly acclaimed Education Nation headquarters, and has interviewed leaders in education including Secretary Arne Duncan, Harlem Children’s Zone Founder Geoffrey Canada and Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers. Personally, Alex values education and the time bond it has created with her children. She helped create the “Chat ‘n’ Chew” program in the Bronxville Elementary School, where students read books and discuss them with students and volunteer moms during lunch. Alex read to her children every night before bed and attributes the routine to the success of her children: her son is currently entering his junior year at Harvard, and her high school junior daughter has high aspirations for her college placement. Alex is a native of Los Angeles and attended the University of Southern California, majoring in journalism and international relations, and the prestigious Marlborough School for Girls in Los Angeles. She is a life-long L.A. Dodgers fan, as well as an avid follower of USC football. She also sings in a pop singing group and has been honored to sing the national anthem around the country at various professional sporting events.

 21

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ ongresswoman Nita M. Lowey serves on the powerful House Appropria tions Committee and has served as Chair of the State and Foreign Operations Subcommittee, which writes the annual foreign aid bill, and a senior Member of the Labor/Health/Education and Homeland Security Subcommittees. Lowey was also appointed to the Select Intelligence Oversight Panel.


Few members of Congress have taken key leadership roles on so many vital public policy issues. Lowey has fought to bring home vital resources to restore our economy, including expanded loans for small businesses, recovery assistance for local job-creating projects, and tax credits to hire new workers. Nita M. Lowey Congresswoman BOE Honoree

As the Chairwoman of the foreign aid subcommittee, Lowey has ensured that diplomacy and development are strong pillars in our national security strategy, and champions Israel’s annual aid package and support for other countries critical in the fight against terrorism. From her seat on the education and health subcommittee, she led successful efforts to bolster biomedical research, including significantly increasing NIH’s budget for cancer research by more than ten times, doubling breast cancer research, and expanding programs focused on diabetes, autism, heart disease, children’s health, and Alzheimer’s. She created the first federal afterschool program and saved public broadcasting’s federal support. Legislation Lowey authored was enacted to research the environmental links to breast cancer and to clearly label life-threatening allergens on food packaging. A longtime champion of human rights and enhancing the role of women in development, Lowey has taken a key role in fighting for democracy, justice, and economic opportunity around the world. On homeland security, Lowey has won tough battles to provide first responders with adequate communications equipment, to secure millions more in federal funding for the New York metro area, and to improve screening for secure areas in airports. She’s also fighting to better track suspects before they board planes following the May 2010 Times Square attempted bombing and the failed Christmas Day 2009 plane bombing. Lowey is a committed legislator with a substantial record of accomplishment. She has been called "courageous" by The New York Times, one of "New York's key Members of Congress" by the New York Daily News, and one of the 50 most effective Members of Congress by Congressional Quarterly.

 22

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ enator Suzi Oppenheimer has earned a reputation in the Legislature as an energetic and vocal advocate for education, environmental protection, child care, health care, fiscal reform and the arts. Her record of community service, local government experience, and leadership on statewide issues has enabled her to work in a bipartisan manner to address the concerns of her constituents and all New Yorkers.


In 2009, Senator Oppenheimer became the first woman to Chair the Senate Standing Committee on Education, having served on the Committee for 24 years, and as the ranking Democrat for over a decade. As chair, she sponsored landmark education reforms, which paved the way for New York winning $700 Senator Suzi Oppenheimer million in Race to the Top federal funding. She also worked extensively to New York State Senate 37th Senatorial District reduce unfunded mandates in education and to provide school districts with BOE Honoree regulatory flexibility to reduce costs through shared services and other means. Senator Oppenheimer currently serves as the Ranking Democrat on the Education Committee. The Senator serves as Treasurer of the Legislative Women’s Caucus and is the State Director of the Women’s Legislators’ Lobby (“WiLL”), a Washington-based, nationwide network of women state legislators. She has also chaired the Senate Task Force on Women's Issues. In 2004, Senator Oppenheimer served on the Special Joint Conference Committee on Budget Reform, which successfully negotiated major reforms to the state budget process. In 2010, she authored legislation to strengthen the Open Meetings Law, mandating that government business be transparent and open to the public. The Senator has long been a leader in the Senate on environmental issues. She successfully championed the Smart Growth Infrastructure Policy Act, the most important environmental bill to be signed into law in 2010. Consistently hailed as a “key voice for New York’s environmental community,” Senator Oppenheimer has worked closely with numerous statewide and Westchester County environmental groups. Prior to her election to the Senate, Suzi Oppenheimer served four terms as Mayor of the Village of Mamaroneck. Earlier in her career, she served as President of the Mamaroneck League of Women Voters and PTA President at Central Elementary School in Mamaroneck.The Senator is married to Martin J. Oppenheimer and the proud mother of four children. The New York Times has called her "one of the Senate's bright lights."

 23

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ PAST BOARD OF EDUCATION “BOE” AWARD HONOREES The Board of Education “BOE” Award is WPSBA’s highest honor. It is presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to and demonstrated an ongoing commitment to public education and to our students.

2000 Regent Emeritus J. Edward Meyer

2006 Anne Byrne (Nanuet, NYSSBA Past President)

2002 Phyllis Jaffe Plunkett & Jaffe, P.C.

2008 Janet Walker (WPSBA Executive Director)

2011 Regent Emeritus Saul Cohen

Not Pictured 2001 Rick Freyman Asst. Superintendent for Business (Ossining UFSD) 2004 Donald J. McKenzie retired superintendent (P/NW BOCES)

 25

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ THE DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD The Distinguished Service Award is presented to a WPSBA Executive Board member who has helped shape the role of the Association and fostered excellence in education through continued leadership and involvement in WPSBA programs and initiatives. 1987

Joseph B. Nozzolio (Port Chester)


Judith Wiener Goodhue (Byram Hills, SW BOCES)


Jean Flink (Briarcliff Manor, P/NW BOCES)


Dr. Seelig Lester (Yonkers)


Georgine Hyde (NYSBBA Area 10 Director)


Ann Idzik (Rye City)


Numa Rousseve (Greenburgh 7) Penny Snyder (Pocantico Hills)

Judith Wiener Goodhue

Jean Flink

Ann Idzik

Numa Rousseve

Penny Snyder

Sally Storm

Richard Lerer

Evelyn Stock

Gorgine Hyde

Anita Feldman

Patricia Fallender

Nancy Fisher

Rita Golden

Joe Wooley

Louise De Vel Muller

Georgia Riedel

Lisa Davis

Lois Winkler

Sally Storm (Dobbs Ferry) 1994

Richard Lerer (superintendent, SW BOCES)


Evelyn Stock (SW BOCES)


Anita Feldman (Mahopac, P/NW BOCES)


Patricia Fallender (Chappaqua)


Nancy Fisher (Pelham)


Rita M. Golden (Scarsdale) John Gebhardt (Byram Hills)


Joe Wooley (SW BOCES)


Louise De Vel Muller (SW BOCES)


Georgia Riedel (Harrison)


Lisa Davis (Chappaqua)


Judy Wiener (Lower Hudson Education Coalition)


Lois Winkler (Pleasantville)


David Lacher (New Rochelle)

David Lacher

 27

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________

 28

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________

 29

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ MEMBER DISTRICTS THEN & NOW 1962-1963 Ardsley Armonk Bedford-New Castle-North Castle Pound Ridge Briarcliff Manor Bronxville Chappaqua Croton-on-Harmon Dobbs Ferry Eastchester Elmsford Greenburgh 6 Greenburgh 8 Harrison 6 Harrison 7 Hartsdale

Hastings-on-Hudson Irvington Katonah-Lewisboro Lakeland Mamaroneck Montrose Mount Pleasant 3 Mount Pleasant-North Castle 1 Mount Vernon New Rochelle North Salem Ossining Peekskill Pelham Pleasantville Pocantico Hills

Port Chester Ridge Street - Rye 5 Rye Rye Neck Scarsdale 1 Scarsdale 2 Somers Tarrytown Tuckahoe Valhalla White Plains Yonkers Yorktown Heights Westchester County BOCES - SD 1 Westchester County BOCES - SD 2

2011-2012 Ardsley Bedford Blind Brook-Rye Brewster Briarcliff Manor Bronxville Bryam Hills Carmel Chappaqua Croton-Harmon Dobbs Ferry Eastchester Edgemont Elmsford Garrison Greenburgh 7 Greenburgh 11 Greenburgh-Graham

Greenburgh North Castle Haldane Harrison Hastings-on-Hudson Hawthorne Cedar Knolls Hendrick Hudson Irvington Katonah-Lewisboro Lakeland Mahopac Mamaroneck Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Blythedale Mount Pleasant Mount Vernon New Rochelle North Salem Ossining  31

Peekskill Pelham Pleasantville Pocantico Hills Port Chester-Rye Putnam/No. Westchester BOCES Putnam Valley Rye City Rye Neck Scarsdale Somers Southern Westchester BOCES Tarrytown Tuckahoe Valhalla White Plains Yonkers Yorktown

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ THINK THINGS HAVE CHANGED OVER THE YEARS? TAKE A LOOK BELOW... 1975 MEMBER SURVEY ON KEY ISSUES Areas of special interest for which consensus policy might conceivably be maintained by the Association: • Taylor Act • Tenure Law The overriding theme of the recent NYS School Boards Association was • Individual employment contract in lieu that school boards must develop and use ‘political clout’ by galvanizing the of tenure public in support of their positions on important legislative issues. If boards • Retirement and other benefit do not enlist the force of public opinion for their cause, they will • Compensation continue to be ‘whipped’ by the unions in Albany. ‘Whipped’ is • Certification requirements Senator Fred Eckert’s term for what has been happening to school • Regional negotiations boards in the State Legislature!

(Louise Muller, President, November 1977 Newsletter)


Transportation (in top two) Wicks Law (in top two) Commissioners Regulation 200 Incidental Teaching Library Media Specialist Shared Decision Making Tenure 3020a Time Requirements for Home and Career Skills and Technology

The legislators and Governor will be happy to tell you (us) how much money they have increased education spending over the last several years. What they do not bring up in conversation is how much costs have risen because of… issues they have foisted upon us with no money to pay for them… increased standards, defibrillators, high stakes testing, pulling teachers out of the classroom…to score the tests… If the trend of under-funding and over mandating continues, the property taxes will have to rise and local budgets will be in serious jeopardy. Once the budgets begin to fail, support for public education will diminish and vouchers may become the rule.” (Joe Wooley, President, February 2003 Newsletter)


Pension reform (in top three) New tier must be defined contribution/hybrid Triborough amendment to Taylor Law – reform or suspension (in top three) No step or lane increases during expired contract NYS special education regulations (in top three) Better align with federal regulations Tenure reform End LIFO 3020-a reform Statewide minimum employee health insurance contribution

 33

50 Years Strong for Public Education ______________________________________________ WE THANK YOU… We’d like to thank those who worked so diligently and gave so freely to make tonight’s event a success: The WPSBA 50th Anniversary Committee: Thank you for your tireless efforts, creativity, and dedication to making this such a special evening. Kathy Brechner, Putnam/N. Westchester BOCES Ifay Chang, Somers CSD Kendall Egan, Rye City SD Anita Feldman, Putnam / N. Westchester BOCES

Rita Golden, Mount Pleasant Cottage UFSD Frank Hariton, Ardsley UFSD Wendy Naidich, Hastings-on-Hudson UFSD Lois Winkler, Pleasantville UFSD Our District Clerks: Thanks to the clerks for their ongoing work in supporting their boards, and for being such stellar liaisons between WPSBA and their districts. We also thank them for providing our centerpiece tote bags.

Crabtree’s Kittle House: A special thank you to Mr. Crabtree and to Crabtree’s Kittle House for providing us with a beautiful setting and for graciously donating beer and house wine in celebration of our 50 years!

Our Intern: We would be lost without our intern, Christina Autiero, who is always willing to take on the tasks at hand with a positive attitude and a smile. Thank you, Christina!

Our Advertisers: Throughout this journal, you will find ads from businesses who work with our school districts. With their generous support, we were able to offer this dinner to our members at a much discounted rate. Please offer them a nod of appreciation and thanks for their continued support of WPSBA.

And Last but Not Least,

Our Donors: Our hats are off to our donors. Their donations and gifts helped us to fill tonight’s centerpiece tote bags with books and school supplies, which will be given to our Special Act School Districts.

Our Member Districts: It is through the support of our 54 member districts that we have grown into the Association we are today. We thank you for your continued support and belief in our work.

 35

WPSBA 50th Anniversary Commerative Journal  

A look back at WPSBA's past 50 years serving public education

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