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HEIGHTS Baldwin Park resident Damir Plazibat helps clients discover their true potential through his energyhealing practice, AscendancyCo. ASCENDANCYCO PHONE: (407) 790-0286 WEBSITE:

Doing something, engaging in some type of activity that makes other people feel better, to observe that transformation (is rewarding).” — DAMIR PLAZIBAT




hroughout life — and in the society we find ourselves in — it can be tough at times to live life with a positive outlook and let go of limiting beliefs. That’s exactly where the ThetaHealing technique comes in, and Baldwin Park resident Damir Plazibat can help. Plazibat’s practice is called AscendancyCo, and he is able to help his clients using the quantum approach of ThetaHealing. Created by Vianna Stibal in 1995, ThetaHealing is both a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy. It is not tied to one specific religion but rather accepts from them all. The purpose of this technique, according to its website, is “getting closer to the Creator.” Essentially, ThetaHealing serves as a training method for the mind, body and spirit that allows one to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts. It’s always taught to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Practitioners and instructors of ThetaHealing say it teaches people to develop natural intuition through changing their brain-wave cycle to the theta waves. The intention lies in exploring how emo-


Courtesy of Damir Plazibat

Damir Plazibat enjoys helping his AscendancyCo clients achieve their greatest potential through the use of the ThetaHealing technique.

tional energy can affect a person’s health. A friend of Plazibat’s introduced him to the technique a few years ago. He thought it was fascinating to learn more about himself and the essence of his reality. Born in Croatia, Plazibat moved to the United States in his early 20s and lived in both Connecticut and New York before planting roots in Baldwin Park. He is a veteran of the Croatian military and also has a background in the medical industry, so helping others is something he finds rewarding. Now, he’s helping people in a different manner. “I’ve always been interested in everything that we’re unable to see with our eyes,” he says. “It’s got to be something, whatever it is. And people give it many different names — from God to angels and this or that — all kinds of things. We can experience and perceive things, but more often than not, as humans in the society we live in … our parents teach us things, our grandparents, things like that. So it’s very easy to adopt those beliefs, whatever it may be.” ThetaHealing and its virtues stood out because of its commitment to helping people and understanding how everyone perceives their reality to be. Plazibat began studying the technique and learning from others.

“I started learning about myself and sort of the essence of my reality — ‘Who am I, where did I come from?’ and things for that nature,” he says. “Throughout all these processes of learning and attending seminars, meditating at home, one starts to learn and open up and start perceiving things that previously I either did not perceive or I did not recognize it.” A typical ThetaHealing session begins with the practitioner sitting directly opposite the client. The practitioner listens to his or her client and using probing questions before asking permission to be connected to the client’s energy. Sessions can also be conducted through telephone or over the internet. “It is a very normal conversation,” Plazibat says. “A person can say anything. They can start off talking like, ‘OK, this is what’s happening in my life.’ Someone may say, ‘Let’s look at this and see why it’s like that.’ It can be anything at all. Most of the time, people tend to share emotional stuff: ‘I’ve been feeling like this,’ or “I have a fear of this,’ or Why am I stuck at my job?’ … We can take a look at that and see what’s going on.” Plazibat asks clients’ permission to connect to their energy before asking about their intentions and desired focus. According to ThetaHealing’s website, a typical appointment includes an intuitive scan, belief work and a healing. The concept might feel abstract, but Plazibat explains it as using applied quantum physics to achieve remarkable shifts in his clientele. In fact, many clients have praised Plazibat for his work in helping them move through blocks and work with their energy. The tangible changes he sees in his clients is what makes it all worth it. “To see, to observe, to feel the transformation that people have each time is very gratifying,” he says. “It’s very simple in terms of why. Doing something, engaging in some type of activity that makes other people feel better, to observe that transformation (is rewarding).”

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