Woroni Creative Magazine Semester 1 2017

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Woroni Creative Magazine

Creative Magazine Foreword This collection of creative writing is strange, diverse and wonderful, making it such a pleasure to edit. This semester we saw some great progress in creative writing on campus through the newspaper and the workshops. This magazine is to showcase the voices of ANU and it wouldn’t have been possible without our writers, artists, editors, and you, the reader. The Woroni ACT Writers Centre Fellowship was another great highlight, and a relationship we hope to carry into the future. The winner and shortlisted pieces are featured here in these pages. As an editor I always look for the best, but also want to make a writer feel as though they can be heard and have a safe space for development. So thank you to everyone who contributed, now you can relish in the work it took to get here.

In your hands you hold a new endeavour for Woroni in 2017. Over the course of semester one we have held workshops, direct pitches, open calls and run a fellowship program in partnership with the ACT Writers Centre. We did all of this to ignite the imagination and urge the keyboards of ANU students; we implored you to feed us your words. It has been incredibly gratifying to devour such a diverse range of pieces, and to work with so many talented writers at v  arious stages in their career. We have also interviewed ANU alumni Omar Musa, who has some great advice for young writers. Congratulations must go to the writers whose pieces were shortlisted for the Woroni ACT Writers Centre Fellowship, and to the winner Kate Lewis for her piece examining the motivations and maturation of a young Pharaoh. The creativity and talent shown by all of the submitted pieces made it very difficult for us to choose a winner and all of the shortlisted writers should feel very proud. I hope you will enjoy reading the pieces on these pages as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you.

Emilie Morscheck Creative Writing Sub-Editor

Nadia Kim Creative Writing Sub-editor 4