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LUXURY Dining Destinations

March 2024

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Tang Asian Luxury Restaurant & Bar

Johannesburg - SOUTH AFRICA

TANG is a luxurious take on the Japanese izakaya style of dining and classic Cantonese-style cooking, transporting diners on a culinary journey in a lavish Asian tropical setting.

An izakaya is a relaxed, informal venue, in which diners can enjoy a wide selection of tastes, while Cantonese cooking is informed and influenced by the region’s long history as a trading hub and makes use of a range of palate-tickling ingredients and spices.

“TANG” describes the wonderfully evocative flavour that sets our taste buds alight. But there’s more to the name – TANG also refers to the ancient Chinese dynasty that revered sensory pleasure and creativity. So you can expect an explosion of Asian flavours, gorgeous plating and fine attention to detail.

“Here we celebrate luxury and taste, appreciating life and living it to its fullest. Indulge your senses in the inspired escape, and pinnacle of Asian cuisine.”

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4 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 5 AFRICA
6 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 AFRICA

Le Deck Rooftop

Fairmont La Marina Rabat-Salé - Rabat - MOROCCO

A mesmerizing rooftop destination for movers, shakers, stargazers, and those who like to dream big.

Le Deck is an ode to the moments of life that we take time to enjoy, where the ambience evolves throughout the day, becoming more vibrant as the sun sets towards the horizon. Offering a 360° panoramic view of the estuary and the region’s most outstanding landmarks, this restaurant is equipped with an avant-garde bar an open kitchen and an outstanding infinity pool.

Indulge in the skyline and elegant surroundings, watch the city light up as the sun goes down with a cocktail in hand and feast upon tantalizing tastes while the music sets the tone for the night ahead, set your sights above the clouds and let your soul and spirit rise above Rabat.

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Le Pavillon



THE YEAR Dollenberg Schwarzwald Resort BAD PETERSTAL-GREISBACH, GERMANY +49 7806780

Beach Club Grill

Emerald Maldives Resort and Spa - Raa Atoll - MALDIVES

Located on the main beach facing the crystal clear lagoon, the Beach Club Grill is one of the top-notch facilities among the four restaurants of Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa, a new 5-star Resort and proud member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

Built to blend harmoniously with the Natural Elegance of the surrounding territory and inspired by a unique contemporary Deluxe All-inclusive concept, the Beach Club Grill offers lunch and dinner based on a selection of fresh fish, a pizza & pasta station, and seafood, meat and vegetables cooked on a stone grill to enrich the flavors of each dish. A laboratory and a point of reference for flavors and taste, offering superior creative cuisine based on natural local ingredients. Website Email

10 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 11 INDIAN OCEAN

Zoufa Restaurant

Al Samriya Autograph Collection - Doha - QATAR

Zoufa Restaurant is located within the Al Samriya, Doha, Autograph Collection hotel.

The restaurant offers authentic Lebanese cuisine with a modern twist.

12 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
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Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 13 MIDDLE EAST
Phulay Bay, A Ritz Carlton Reserve 2023 GLOBAL HOTEL OF THE YEAR
Reserve YEAR KRABI, THAILAND +66 75628111
16 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 ASIA

Sunset Restaurant

The Racha - Phuket - THAILAND

Here’s the place for simple, unpretentious Thai food.

Guests dine al fresco on the ocean deck or under the thatched roof pavilion.

The chefs prepare a mouth-watering seafood barbeque with the day’s catch from the island fishermen.

Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 17
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Restaurant Voisin

Hotel Naru Seoul - MGallery - Seoul - SOUTH KOREA

Step across an intricately patterned Korean stone-tiled floor to your table at the 22nd-floor restaurant, where attentive staff wait to greet you.

Exquisite French cooking is enhanced by sweeping river views and an informal, convivial atmosphere with Seoulites dropping in to meet friends for dinner. Couples are also drawn to the romantic setting. The emphasis is on interactive experiences and personal service as your waiter spoons handmade herb butter onto your plate or the chef slices your steak at the table.

Enduring French recipes incorporate in-house dry-aged grills and a buffet-style dessert section for finishing the courses. Herbs are hand selected from the rooftop garden. The diverse menu offers everything from vegan options to sharing course menus, and the sumptuous breakfast buffet will tempt you to go back for one more plate.

At their chic bistro, your meal is elevated by incomparable views of the Han River. If you’re visiting during fall’s Seoul International Fireworks Festival, book a table for ringside seats of the glittering displays over the water. For special events, you can reserve a private dining room. Website Email

18 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 19 ASIA
20 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 ASIA


Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas - Seoul - SOUTH KOREA

Hakone Japanese restaurant brings together aspects of its namesake’s scenery: the signature mosaic pattern of Hakone’s traditional woodwork known as Yosegi; light and shadows; traditional Japanese materials and colours come together to create an authentic four-part atmosphere. Hakone expresses the natural beauty of the mountainous town’s famous, precipitous slopes with a centrally located indoor garden.

As the Japanese philosophy, Ryotei, dictates that cherished guests are to be received in the innermost area of a space, a sushi bar has been set up near the entrances and guests are invited to dine in special rooms in the centre of the restaurant.

Notably, Hakone serves traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist, showcasing the essence of modern Kaiseki. Also on offer is an assortment of Edomae-style nigiri sushi, dishes that incorporate fresh seafood and vegetables, specialty mushrooms, hot dishes, and a variety of side dishes that complement the flavours of the main dish.

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Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 21

Madame Son

Danang Marriott Resort & Spa - Danang - VIETNAM

Madame Son is an exceptional contemporary Vietnamese restaurant situated within the prestigious Danang Marriott Resort & Spa.

The culinary journey revolves around the agricultural wonders of Vietnam, with a special emphasis on the rice fields, salt, and the bounties from the sea. Gourmets are invited to unfold the stories and experience the spectacular gastronomy journey to the land of coconuts through different dishes in the 5-course menu with irresistible coconut inspiration dishes.

Join Madame Son to embark on a tantalizing culinary adventure that pays homage to Vietnamese cuisine and goes beyond the ordinary.

22 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
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Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 23 ASIA

Stellar Steakhouse

InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 - Hanoi - VIETNAM

A deserving icon of Hanoi’s emerging culinary scene, Stellar Steakhouse at InterContinental Hanoi Landmark72 is the city’s most innovative steakhouse, and the only one to dry-age beef in-house.

Stellar Steakhouse boasts a bountiful and extensive wine cellar featuring carefully curated old and new age bottles, unique cheese and charcuterie atelier, an authentic teppanyaki kitchen as well as an elegant lounge dedicated to whiskies and sake.

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24 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 25 ASIA
26 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 ASIA


W Suzhou - Suzhou - CHINA

Suyan is located in W Suzhou, an icon of visionary design, a destination for the bold traveler, daring to connect with the old and the new.

Suyan redefines Chinese classics as sleek, sophisticated presentations that showcase the magnificence of local flavors dressed in global gourmet sensibilities.

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Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 27

Xin Tian Di

Crowne Plaza

Manila Galleria - Quezon - PHILIPPINES

Xin Tian Di, which means “New Heaven and Earth,” represents the authentic essence of Chinese flavors. Achieving a culinary milestone, it proudly stands as the first in the country to embrace the latest duck oven technology, allowing for the classic preparation of wood oven duck in a traditional style.

Beyond its culinary excellence, Xin Tian Di offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant features five spacious private rooms, ideal for hosting events, meetings, or gatherings. These diverse spaces enhance the overall dining experience, providing a comfortable and intimate setting for guests to enjoy the carefully curated variety of Chinese cuisine.

Skillfully prepared to deliver sensational flavors, Xin Tian Di promises a delightful and authentic Chinese experience, whether indulging in a meal or hosting a special occasion.

28 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 29 ASIA
30 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 ASIA

Double Ikat

Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa - Bali - INDONESIA

Located by the infinity pool with breathtaking views, Double Ikat at Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa is a culinary haven showcasing the essence of Balinese and Indonesian cuisine.

Named after the rare and intricate indigenous weaving technique, the restaurant meticulously weaves vibrant local flavors with modern cooking techniques. The entrance boasts a functional traditional loom, telling the stories of the complex art of Double Ikat weaving.

Helmed by Balinese Executive Chef Wisnu Adiyatma, guests dining at Double Ikat are on a treat to discover a culinary journey. Every dish is a celebration of authentic Balinese and Indonesian flavors, crafted with the finest locally sourced ingredients. Savor signature dishes such as Babi Guling, an elevated take on Bali’s classic pork dish, and Ikan Bakar Jimbaran, featuring perfectly grilled, freshly caught Jimbaran Bay snapper marinated in a rich blend of traditional Balinese spices. Let your palate take a flavorful trip around Indonesia with Rendang Daging, Nasi Goreng Buntut, or Rawon Iga Sapi.

In 2021, Double Ikat was recognized by Marriott International as one of the Top 100 Restaurants & Bars in Asia Pacific. Dining time at Double Ikat makes a great preview and conclusion to Indonesia’s treasures in craft and cuisine by bringing what is traditional and authentic to a new age in the country’s culinary scene.

Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 31
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Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa
34 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 EUROPE

Dolce Vita Stube

Preidlhof Luxury Dolce Vita Resort - Naturns - ITALY

At Preidlhof, the aim is to attain true well-being through a hedonistic approach to the present and a more eudaimonic approach to the past and future.

Hedonic healthy eating is integral to “The Preidlhof Way” the unique wellness philosophy, crafted by Spa Concept Manager and Glowing Flow Wellness Specialist, Patrizia Bortolin. The Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu is the collaborative masterpiece of regular consultant and renowned wellness gourmet chef, Emanuele Giorgione, inspired in-house chefs, Dr. Alexander Angerer, and Patrizia Bortolin.

Originally from Puglia in the South, the “Vegetable Garden of Italy”, Chef Angelo Didonna and his brother Mario, sous chef, draw culinary inspiration from their grandmother and mother. Infused with kindness, joy, curiosity, and patience, their cuisine embraces all the flavours and health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, with olive oil the undisputed king.

The daily Wellness Healing Gourmet Menu, influenced by South Tyrolean flavours, is predominantly plantbased and excludes gluten, lactose, egg, soy, and sugar. Care is given to sourcing the highest-quality, freshest local and organic ingredients, with much of the produce grown on-site.

Preidlhof produces its own Pinot Noir and has over 400 wines for a unique tasting experience. Website Email

Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 35

Gina Rooftop

Renaissance Bordeaux Hotel - Bordeaux - FRANCE

At 35 meters high, the Hotel Renaissance rooftop became a gastronomic and festive landmark. Codename: Gina. Distinguishing feature: a 360° panorama of the city complete with breathtaking views of the Cité du Vin, the river and the old town.

For visitors, Gina is not only a restaurant, a bar and a pool, but the perfect spot for every occasion from breakfast until the very late drink before bed. Beyond being a multifaceted space where one can savor some of the best Italian cuisine and enjoy a chic yet relaxed atmosphere at the cocktail bar, Gina has become Bordeaux’s essential venue for unforgettable event experiences, embodying a range of emotions.

Now hosting premium events such as “Sunset by Gina”, an intimate sunset showcase with famous DJ or singers. Comedy enthusiasts can also enjoy the “Gina Comedy Show,” featuring comedy stars in rehearsal for memorable evenings. Gina offers a variety of experiences, from themed nights to pool parties, and exclusive partnerships with renowned brands.

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36 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 37 EUROPE
38 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 EUROPE

Brasserie St.Georges

Whether you enjoy classic French cuisine or Swiss specialties, fresh ingredients are used, from local producers, to create exquisite and healthy dishes.

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Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 39
Hotel Royal St. Georges MGallery by Sofitel - Interlaken - SWITZERLAND


Mövenpick Hotel Tallinn - Tallinn - ESTONIA

Mediterranean cuisine is much more than just food – it is a symbiosis of rich history and culture, where each dish tells stories, and each flavor takes you on a journey through time. At ROOF restaurant, they offer you not only authentic Mediterranean tastes but also the opportunity to dive into a “social eating” experience, where sharing food with friends and family is as important as the delicious dishes themselves.

Their menu is inspired by the healthy Mediterranean diet, known for its positive impact on health. ROOF restaurant is not just a place to eat, but a place where you can enjoy great dishes made from high-quality ingredients with real passion and dedication.

ROOF offers not just excellent food but also a wonderful view of Tallinn city and Lembitu Park, creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere that complements your dining experience. Come and experience the richness and culture of Mediterranean cuisine with their carefully selected social combos, where quality and hospitality go hand in hand.

40 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
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Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 41 EUROPE
42 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 EUROPE

La Brasserie Moderne

Sofitel Warsaw Victoria - Warsaw - POLAND


seasonal ingredients.

Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 43
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modern interpretation of the traditional French brasserie, La Brasserie Moderne restaurant offers a lavish menu based on the finest

Karatello Tavern

Limassol - CYPRUS

Overlooking the majestic Medieval Castle in the heart of the old historical town of Limassol, Karatello manages to create a perfect amalgamation of the classic and the modern whereas its interior space will charm you with its impressive high ceilinged indoor space and elegant decorated rustic shelves which are filled with endless wine bottles.

Capturing the ambience of an old-fashioned and welcoming tavern, Karatello serves authentic traditional, innovative meze dishes. Guests can create their own meat or fish meze combination or can enjoy the popular fixed meze dishes based on traditional recipes prepared with local produced ingredients. A choice from the à la carte selection is also a tasty option. The well-known dessert ‘loukoumades’ with vanilla ice-cream are a must as the final touch to any meal!

44 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
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Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 45 EUROPE



s i n g a p o r e b r i d e s . c o m
48 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 AUSTRALIA & OCEANIA

Wakatipu Grill

Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa - Queenstown - NEW ZEALAND

Wakatipu Grill is Queenstown’s ultimate lakeside dining destination. This is a luxury dining experience set on the shores of the glistening Lake Wakatipu with a magnificent mountain backdrop.

Impeccable service from expert team members, local and seasonal produce, an extensive wine list and cosy fireplaces make Wakatipu Grill the perfect setting for any culinary occasion.

In the bar, be tempted by the expert mixologist’s unique cocktail creations or an exceptional vintage from the 1000-strong wine cellar which places a keen focus on Otago’s best winemakers. Linger on the generous terrace and enjoy lake views, clear air, and a decadent outdoor fire pit. Website Email

Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 49

Australia Zoo 2023 GLOBAL TRAVEL



Marine Restô

Fairmont Rio de Janeiro Copacabana - Rio de Janiero - BRAZIL

The sophistication of Marine Restô lies in the simple, relaxed environment and the freshness of the plates.

The grill and the embers take center stage at this iconic restaurant. The menu offers several options of seafood, meat, salads, among other dishes to be shared.

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52 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 53 SOUTH AMERICA
54 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 SOUTH AMERICA


Hotel Santa Teresa MGallery Collection - Rio de Janeiro - BRAZIL

A contemporary cuisine that presents the best of local gastronomy with a Latin American touch.

Térèze offers a journey of flavours with a surprising presentation, combined with an attentive service, intimate atmosphere and a beautiful view of the Santa Teresa neighbourhood.

The proposal is focused on a creative, tasty, simple and fresh cuisine, always prioritizing local producers.

More than a hotel restaurant with its “tropical chic” design, Térèze presents a select wine list, perfect for a romantic dinner, as well as for a family lunch.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner available for guests and visitors. As a venue for the event, Térèze can receive up to 35 people.

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Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 55


Castelo Saint Andrews - Gramado - BRAZIL

Primrose at Castelo Saint Andrews Hotel is French-Italian, creating Haute Cuisine using modern techniques whilst preserving the value of organic ingredients used.

What really sets the property apart is its customized menus, surprising guests with dishes developed specifically according to their tastes and preferences, in line with information provided to the butlers. For Fernando Becker, the executive chef responsible for the food at Primrose, the idea is to satisfy the customer’s every culinary wish. Primrose restaurant has several menus for lunch and dinner, offering healthy options with organic ingredients (no pesticides used) in delicious, balanced dishes that ensure an unforgettable culinary experience.

Among the highlights are the lamb stinco with artisanal soft polenta and truffles; pirarucu loin from the Amazon with olive sauce and brioche farofa; Acquerello shrimp and brie risotto with basil emulsion; stuffed lobster and herbs provencal sauce; Red Angus Beef Medallions with Bordalesa Sauce and Pureed Potatoes with Truffles. One of the many delicious dessert options is the Red Berry Puff Pastry with Vanilla Ice Cream or mille feuille with dulce de leche and seasonal fruits.

To adequately house treasures such as the Chateau Mouton Rothschild, Charmes Chambetain Grand Cru and Brunello Di Montalcino, Saint Andrews has a temperature controlled cellar, with 250 different wines and a capacity of 1700 bottles.

56 | Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024
Luxury Dining Destinations | March 2024 | 57 Website Email SOUTH AMERICA

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