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WACS president´s award goes to Chef norbert schmidiger

humanitarian award 2010 oliver e. soe receives honours from wacs President gissur gudmundsson

Norbert Schmidiger, WACS Treasurer receives the President’s award. “His outstanding work in the interest of WACS and his perseverence has helped build a stronger organisation” said President Gissur

WACS Judging Seminar over 4 continents


Two judging seminars have already been organised this year, in Egypt and in Singapore. Another two will be held this autumn, in Luxembourg and in Ecuador. 30 representatives from 14 different countries attended the seminar under the supervision of Chef Rick Stephen, for a day-long theory and mock judging followed by an allocation to witness teams judging at FHA2010 for a practical hands-on experience.

The Humanitarian Award was presented to Oliver E. Soe from the Myanmar Chefs Association, in recognition of his broad and impactful response benefiting so many less fortunate and the victims of natural disasters. The day after the terrible cyclone of May 2008 in Myanmar, together with the Myanmar Chefs Association, and he contacted Gissur Gudmundsson to set out a plan to help. Within weeks the Myanmar Chefs Association under the umbrella of WACS distributed food and materials to the most isolated areas of the country, and cooked food for thousands of people every day. Then the disaster in Haiti struck. Within 35 hours he contacted Gissur with an offer of 50 tons of baby food; within 48 hours he offered one million dollars of needed medical equipment. He is to be recognised for his compassion, action and impact.

wacs news Junior Development Team Driving the Junior Development Team forward is the Chairman Andy Cuthbert. When asked what will the focus be for the team in the initial stages, his response was a frank one. ”The social networking is a huge task for us to tackle; building up our junior club memberships/interaction; and having an engaging communication going between Junior Chefs and the WACS Junior Development Team. This will give us a strong foundation and will enable us to be more effective in addressing Junior Chef issues as we move forward.” The newly formed Junior Development Team will consist of the following members: Andy Cuthbert, U.A.E. (Chairman) Alan Orreal, Singapore Andreas Kurfurst, U.A.E. Dale Lyman, Australia Jodi Pearton, South Africa Kelly Lee Conwell, U.S.A. (Young Ambassador) Sarah Primrose, New Zealand (Young Ambassador) More announcements and initiatives will be forthcoming from the WACS Junior Development Team in the coming weeks. 08 World Association of Chefs Societies

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Issue 02, Anno 2010 July - December, Culinary Competitions Special