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Dick Knives Dick Knives set the standards with their Premier WACS series. Friedr. Dick sets new standards in the culture of cutting with forged knives. Unique in the sector of forged chef’s knives, Friedr Dick now distributes its Premium WACS Chef’s Knives series with antibacterial non-stick coating, polished edge and perfect handle in motherof-pearl optics. The knives are forged from one piece of steel and are perfectly balanced. The high-quality coating on the blade effectively prohibits the cutting material to stick on it. Furthermore, the knives are easy to clean. Due to the ceramic particles, the coating is highly wear resistant and secures best gliding properties and reduced effort. Each user is brought up short by the uncompromising sharpness when using these knives the first time. Superior, soft, straightforward WACS 210x140engl.4c


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and effortless are only a few of the catchwords and impressions that come to your mind when using a Premier WACS knife for the first time. The food stuff will be cut exactly and without effort. Nothing gets broken, crushed or torn. Precious flavorings are preserved. A special production process ensures a seamless connection between bolster and handle, thus, no moisture can soak in and no source of bacterial contamination is provided. Therefore, these knives are hygienically impeccable.Volume and shape of the handle secure a safe and comfortable grip on the knife. Effortless and effective work is provided and the adapted form of the handle gives you a better feeling during the cutting process. Visit WACS Boutique on for more information.

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Premier WACS elegant and functional ■ Antibacterial non-stick coating with a precious handle in mother-ofpearl optics ■ Coating on the blade: prohibits the food to stick on it and is easy to clean ■ You will glide easily through the cutting materials

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World Chefs Magazine 2  

Issue 02, Anno 2010 July - December, Culinary Competitions Special

World Chefs Magazine 2  

Issue 02, Anno 2010 July - December, Culinary Competitions Special