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hungry for challenge – culinary competitions special

The Taste Of Peace competition Knives and sharp instruments do not necessarily have to destroy: they can also create peace.

Just recently the PPHS (Professional Promotion Hospitality Section) in Israel held the Taste of Peace competition in the name of coexistence. There were 20 participants, both Israeli and Palestinian chefs working together. Their efforts have resulted in gathering top notch chefs from both sides in the name of peace in order to prove to the world that cooking needs no politics to excel. This is the mission of Chef Sarkis Yacoubian (Armenian), Chef Charlie Fadida (Jewish), Chef Imad Shurbaji (Muslim) and Chef Johnny Goric (Christian). Chef Sarkis Yacoubian, the founder of the competition, explains: “Because of the bloody and unresolved heritage which I share with all Armenians, and because of the life which I have led amongst Palestinians and Israelis in this land, I am fully aware of the consequences that harsh antagonisms have on the human spirit. Throughout the years of having to watch hatred, terror and unnecessary killings control the daily headlines, I became resolved to show to those that seem to have a personal gain in keeping these antagonisms afire and thereby ripping this land in two, that hatred can be replaced by love and antagonism can be replaced by cooperation. If the politicians were really committed to their purpose, peace may have been quite easily achieved: unfortunately our harsh reality shows us otherwise. Thinking, knowing and believing that living in peace may be the easiest thing to achieve, I embarked on my mission to gather an elite group of people from both nations who will be able to prove that peace is a handshake away. Our next goal is to participate in world competitions and to be recognized by people as true believers and advocates of peace. We hope to gain the world’s attention and attain the recognition of other international chefs who understand the importance of spreading this word of peace through our kitchens and our dishes.” 28 World Association of Chefs Societies

Chef Sarkis Yacoubian

World Chefs Magazine 2  
World Chefs Magazine 2  

Issue 02, Anno 2010 July - December, Culinary Competitions Special