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hungry for challenge – culinary competitions special


Wim Klerks

Ross Howell

Originating from Singaraja, in the northern region of Bali, he attended the Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata) in Bali. After receiving his diploma, he began his professional career as sous chef at some of the best restaurants around the country,  such as The Balé Luxury Resort in Bali and Ku de Ta Restaurant Bali.

Wim Klerks (40) is a member of the National Team of the Netherlands since 2006. He has won several silver and gold medals both with the national team as well as individually. He also won the Golden Toque, Holland’s most important culinary competition, in January 2010, fulfilling his dreams as a young chef.

Ross Howell is a multi-award-winning chef, dedicated to his craft. He is intensely interested in his industry and is driven to produce and create beautiful food. He has competed successfully, nationally and internationally, for the last 20 years, to attain credible judgement of his work by his peers and better.

With over 17 years of culinary experience, Chef Wicaya is the recipient of several awards and accolades among which the Gold Medal at Global Chefs Challenge Hong Kong and Gold Medal at Bali Culinary Professionals (BCP) Salon Culinaire both in 2008 and Silver Medal at Bali Culinary Professionals (BCP) Salon Culinaire in 2004.

“Competing in competitions is a great challenge that demands a great deal of time. It demands a lot of personal motivation and enthusiasm, especially when you have a full time job as a chef as well as being a father of 4 children. I make the effort because it is important to continue learning and improving my working skills. Competitions also give me the opportunity to learn from others, both competitors and judges. It is where I pick up new skills, gain understanding of different culinary cultures and pick up the latest trends and innovations that I can later use in my work. By participating at culinary competitions, I can measure my own qualities and better assess what I can change and improve in the future.”

Ross won the right to represent Australia on 2 occasions - 1997 & 1999 for the Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Competition in Lyon, France. He has won 6 Culinary Olympic medals including 2 gold medals.

1st place Global Chefs Challenge 2010

“Winning the title of Global Chef Asia was one of the highlights of my career. I tried to stay calm and focused and simply do my best. It was an amazing experience and I am very happy for myself and for my colleagues who have supported me and given me the confidence to take on this great challenge.”

2nd place Global Chefs Challenge 2010

3rd place Global Chefs Challenge 2010

“For 30 years, competitions have always been an integral part of my cooking, as it enables my work to be judged by chefs whose capabilities are highly respected and regarded by myself.Through this judgement, I have been able to educate myself further and I believe that this is one way that cooks can learn to be at a higher level.” 27

World Chefs Magazine 2  

Issue 02, Anno 2010 July - December, Culinary Competitions Special