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Cabin Electronics: How to Upgrade Logically With so many variables to consider, where and how should you start to plan the upgrade of your cabin electronics? Ken Elliott highlights a method that can be applied to any size of upgrade on any aircraft.

wing to the fact that a business jet’s cabin must function as an integrated whole, it is essential that any approach to upgrading your cabin’s electronics constantly revisits the fundamental need. Therefore, you should begin the entire process by establishing what the need is. Understanding the need can become complex very quickly, so start by asking what drove you to consider a cabin electronics modification or upgrade in the first place. Some examples may be:

requirement before looking at what else you could consider, where it makes sense, in terms of the constraints and planning drivers detailed below.


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Repair cannot be accomplished (owing to obsolescence of equipment); Current owner or operator request; Change of aircraft use; Change of ownership; New, improved versions of electronics are available on the market. Focus on the specific need and address it as a

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The Constraints of a Cabin Electronics Upgrade

There are obvious initial constraints to any upgrade, so let’s begin with those. Budget: There are options of cabin electronics to suit most budgets, but what will truly help to get maximum benefit from your budget is planning.


Can you accomplish the upgrade during other maintenance or repairs? Do you need to access areas for cabin electronics that you would also need for other work? Do you need specific headliner access to mount a new antenna on top of the fuselage (for example)? Can you bundle any of the electronics and associated materials to save on expense? www.AVBUYER.com