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Reasons to use branded promotional products A good quality promotional item is still today’s most popular, effective and long-lasting forms of advertising. The top ten popular products include writing instruments, shirts, bags, calendars, lanyards, desk/office accessories, caps, drinkware, USB flash drives as well as health and safety products. Study results show promo products are consistently popular, with most people owning an average of 10 items they generally keep for six months.

52% of people will do business with a company after receiving a promotional product

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Functioning at an optimum level is essential to the growth and expansion of any successful business. KIRSTY O’CALLAGHAN outlines five basic foundation strategies that every small business owner needs to be blending into their every day-to-day activity.

The concept of success and well-being comprises of two main elements: feeling good and functioning well. It has been suggested that feelings of satisfaction are associated with learning, progress and goal achievement, both personally and professionally. Throw out the idea of reaching the ‘peak of your mountain’ and accept that there is no ‘peak’. Growth, satisfaction, well-being and success are achieved again and again by the momentum you create when there is no end game only the enjoyment and expansion.

Here are 5 activities that will help:

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1. Be aware of what is going on around you. Be aware of how you feel, who and what inspires you and what drains you. Be aware as to whether you are moving in a direction of what is important to you or whether you are off track following the expectations of others. 2. Connect and be seen. Network, follow up, call, write notes and cards, email or text. Attend meetings to meet others, introduce yourself to local businesses and create a team of people and family around you that inspire you and keep you accountable. 3. Be physically and mentally ready. Make sure you regularly exercise and meditate, eat

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for success and drink heaps of water. These activities keep your mind clear, reduce stress and create the energy you need to succeed. 4. Contribute just because. Whether you volunteer or are just there to help someone without expecting anything back, this activity will magically put you in a position to create a flow of ‘more for you’. 5. Always learn. People who stop learning and seeking teachings of others are only living from what they have already experienced. If you want different results keep learning and talking to others. By trying something new you will create amazing results in your business. With these five foundational activities in place, you will move on to easily achieving all the other activities and strategies in your day required for success personally and professionally. You will be more resilient and have more self-worth. No matter what comes your way moving forward will be your only option, and you will do it with confidence. n

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• Create a real foundation to build on The 3R’s For Life© – Resilience • Relationships • Relaxation • Affordable and trustworthy services and products • Simple, practical and real solutions

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