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IS HIRING A COACH a waste of money?

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Tips on how to create a magnetic personal brand


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It can be tricky to combine business and personal responsibilities. The truth is that women can have it all, but just not at the same time. There are always going to be challenges and sacrifices you have to make when running your own small business. After all if it was a walk in the park everyone would be doing it. In this issue, we introduce you to the entrepreneurs behind the Tonic label, Toni Joel and Nikki Horovitz. Celebrating 20 years of business success, these mums share the secrets to their success. They have faced many hurdles, managing to manoeuvre the roadblocks along the way. They understand the stresses involved when running your own business and offer some fabulous tips on how to cope with the fallout.

Aust $8.75 inc gst

their ability to manage and cope with business ownership is becoming more imperative every day. The latest research shows that although there has only been a slight increase in the number of women being appointed to the boards of Australia’s top 200 companies, the real area of growth is women who opt out of the corporate sector to start their own businesses. With these statistics in play, it is no surprise that becoming a member of Women’s Network Australia is a lifeline and success strategy for thousands of women across the nation. In today’s world, it is so easy to suffer from information overload. Our lives seem to be busier than ever with much of it self-imposed as we feel compelled to stay on top of changing technology – pushing ourselves to be across it all. If you are feeling a bit over it all, grab a coffee, remove yourself from technology for a couple of hours and enjoy the touch and feel of our glossy magazine. It’s always filled with business ideas and inspiration – but you will need a highlighting pen on hand to mark the pages of interest because without a doubt you will be compelled to jump online to do more research!

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is hiring a coach a waste of money?

The business of love increase your mating rating

The ulTimaTe Tonic for


Print Post Approved PP411192/00010

As 2012 comes to a close, many women are feeling so stressed and exhausted by the year that has been that they are questioning if they are on the right path. Should they continue in their current career path? Should they start their own business? How can they redesign and simplify their daily lives so the year ahead becomes more manageable? The questions start swirling around in their heads. How will they cope with the financial pressures of running their own business? Do they have the knowledge required to be successful? And the biggest question of all, how on earth will they cope with the issue of balancing work and family?


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u

Tips on how to create a magnetic personal brand


is social media blurring the lines H o w t o g r a p p l e w i t H yo u r r e p u tat i o n o n g o o g l e


Cover Story

Starting her first business at age 19, Kate Skinner has proven herself a force to be reckoned with since day one. Her successful handbag and accessories label, Caidia has taken Kate on countless adventures overseas, making her a leading expert on importing and cutting out the middleman. Her success has created a path for her to become not only a leading business woman but also share her industry knowledge with others as a Corporate Business Trainer. Kate’s story is proof that dreams can become reality when one is dedicated, tenacious and passionate about achieving those dreams.

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success Cut out the middleman and


Everybody wants more but not many of us push through our comfort zones and really live life how it was intended to be lived. KATE SKINNER has found that packing her bags and bravely venturing into the unknown to seek after her dreams – along with cutting out the middleman in the process from supplier to customer – can bring business success. At a young age Kate realised she had the courage to move into unknown waters, achieve incredible goals and experience things most of us can only dream of, including top national sales awards, national team manager accolades and winning trips across the globe. Over the years, she has climbed her way up the corporate ladder working with some of Australia’s leading brands. While most of us are sitting back waiting for a ‘safe’ time to try something new, Kate has already had the idea, booked her plane ticket and packed her bags, ready to take on her next adventure. A natural entrepreneur, Kate started her first business at 19 years of age and in 2007, she launched her highly successful handbag and accessories label Caidia. Being a mum she felt it was time to build Caidia not only for her own family, basing the business from home, but also with the vision of giving other women the opportunity to build their own small businesses under the umbrella of Caidia. Kate is living proof that dreams can come true if you commit, believe and focus on your chosen path. Caidia began as a label available in stores across Australia and New Zealand. Despite being stocked in over 150 stores, and being a very popular brand with a strong customer base, Kate was always a bit hesitant about selling as a wholesaler. She didn’t like the idea of having no say in how the product was displayed, of not having absolute control over pricing, and that her customers were not being given the opportunity to hear her story. Seeking new opportunities to help continuously build the brand, Kate took a closer look into the world of direct selling. Party plan was the answer she was looking for. Now, several years on, Caidia is exclusively sold through at-home 4 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13

parties. This change was dramatic and very risky but Kate says, “Sometimes you need to go with that gut feeling.” This new direction made Caidia a huge success nationwide. “It’s not always just the product, it is how you SELL IT that makes it a success. Tell your company story, share your knowledge and build this into your branding.” This energetic, fun-loving, power-packed businesswoman and proud mum of three children has not only built a nationally recognised brand, she has since gone back to university and is now a Corporate Business Trainer, working with one of Australia’s largest training facilitators. With a passion to share her knowledge with other small businesses, she is one trainer who not only talks the talk, she walks the walk. Kate is also a published author having recently published her first book, How to create a million dollar business by importing. She explains, “I was receiving dozens of enquires about ‘how to’ import and start up a label – people couldn’t find any information out there! They all told me stories of wonderful ideas they had for new products but couldn’t find out how to start working with China. This is why I wrote my simple step-by-step guide.” The book is proving to be a big hit. It is just like Kate – funny, inspiring and smart. The easy-to-follow ‘how to’ guide also reads like a journal about her hilarious adventures as Kate spills the beans on how she did it! When she decided to build her own fashion label Caidia, she had two things she knew about: she loved fashion and had a strong business management background. Without any previous importing knowledge or any fashion degree, Kate set off to Guangzhou China, and her new adventure began. With passionate conviction, she weaved her way

through the maze of international trade and learnt the art of importing, investing and building a brand. The first time Kate took off to China she was alone and didn’t have anything more than a subway map, a list of hotels and a bit of research on how to find wholesale markets in China. She tells stories of being lost in the middle of Guangzhou the fourth largest city in China, of flying in small planes “inland” to tiny townships where the locals would stand outside their stores to see the westerner and how they would reach out to touch her skin, and about eating frogs and snakes to please her onlookers. She has spent hours working, shopping and falling in love with China’s people. Kate knows all too well how challenging and daunting importing can be. After spending years navigating her way through the maze of international trade she has become a master at the art of importing. Kate also runs fun and inspiring workshops on the process of importing and even takes groups on buying trips to China. Each year, she takes a small number of women to China to personally introduce them to factory managers that can make their product. This cuts out the middleman and gives them the opportunities to build their brand. A strong believer in self-talk, Kate says, “You need to say it how you want it and live as though you already have it!” Kate proves that with courage and pure determination anyone can build their own product label and a very successful business. n

CONTACT Kate Skinner BUSINESS Kate Skinner PHONE +61 (0) 448 806 995


KATE’S TOP STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS Taking out the middleman?

A middleman is the person that stands between you and a manufacturer. If you cut out the middleman you will be making up to five times more profit on your product and in a lot of cases even more than that! Believe me, middlemen are everywhere – from your local rep to an agent posing as a manufacturer on any international wholesale networking site. You need to know who is who when it comes to China!


Most people imagine that a small business cannot import because the quantities they have to buy are extremely high but this isn’t the case anymore. Large business in Australia would like you to still believe this is so but China wants your business and will bend and twist to get it.

How do you communicate with China? Don’t tell a manufacturer that you are new in business, as nine out of ten times they will not respond. Instead, say, “We are looking at bringing in a new product into our established brand and are interested in sampling your product.”

What about QC issues?

Yes quality control is an issue. The way around it is to visit your factory yourself or find a western or European agent based in China to check your product. If you cannot do it yourself, the quality control agents are very good at their job. Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 5


TONIC for business The right

With a common desire to own their own business, Melbourne-based entrepreneurs TONI JOEL and NIKKI HOROVITZ joined forces to create ‘tonic’. Now, twenty years later, they attribute their ongoing success and longevity in business to finding a gap in the market and their ability to create a product they love, in an industry they are passionate about. When Toni Joel and Nikki Horovitz aren’t busy being wives and mothers, their days are filled with running their successful business, tonic. The home fragrance, bath and body product business celebrated its 20th birthday in October, and over the past two decades the businesswomen have worked hard to successfully bring the beautiful brand into Australian homes. Nikki acknowledges that owning a business definitely has its challenges: “Owning your own business is rarely easy and it usually means sacrificing other aspects of your life. Over time, Toni and I have learnt the secrets of how to maintain a good work-life balance, and how to juggle our business commitments with motherhood.” Whilst the pair have undeniably had their ups and downs, they have successfully overcome the test of time by establishing a core set of beliefs and staying true to these values. “Our secret has been to work while we are at work, and be 100% focused on the kids when we

6 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13

are not. We have learnt that it is important not to try and combine the two,” Toni said. Both women understand all about the stresses involved with running a business, and after 20 years together, have mastered the art of working through pressured times. They recommend stepping aside to determine the factors causing stress, and putting measures in place to minimise it. From their experience, Toni offers clarity: “We have learnt that if something is not working, to take a deep breath, learn from your mistakes and move on.” While these are the words of wise and experienced businesswomen, they emphasise that no matter what stage of business you are at, business owners new and old will always be faced with challenges. For Nikki and Toni and tonic, it has predominately been about overcoming the changing retail environment, staying abreast with new technologies and being able to combine work and family. The pair also stress the importance of having a firm understanding

“If you are passionate about what you are doing from the start and can convince others to be just as enthusiastic, your business is off to the best possible start.” of the financial side of your business, and suggest that overcoming cash flow issues can be as simple as offering incentives to customers. Nikki stresses how important it is to be conscious of your company’s money situation: “Being involved in the ever-changing retail environment, you realise your financial circumstances can change at the drop of a hat. Over the years, we have learnt that honesty is the best policy and have always aimed to not only appear transparent to our suppliers and customers but to maintain good relationships based on trust and constant communication.” Toni says it has always been important to the women to make an effort to be involved in new opportunities, maintain an open mind and be willing to listen and learn.

“From the very start, we have always aimed to employ people with abilities and strengths that neither of us have. That way, we can do our best to ensure our business has the potential to keep evolving, and we can learn from our team,” she added. “The most important thing if you want to start your own business, is to maintain a positive attitude and have the drive to achieve your

dream,” Nikki said. And in regard to standing the test of time: “If you are passionate about what you are doing from the start and can convince others to be just as enthusiastic, your business is off to the best possible start.”

CONTACT Toni Joel and Nikki Horovitz BUSINESS Tonic Australia PHONE +61 (3) 9523 1277


After 20 years in the same industry, they must be doing something right! n

T O N I C ’ S n n







A  lways focus on the positives. O  nly enter into a business that you are passionate about – make sure you are doing what you love. E  stablish a set of core beliefs and stay true to these values. G  et a grasp of the different elements of your business and employ a team that have varied strengths. M  ove with the times, especially where technology is concerned. You don’t want to be left behind. A  im to always be a step ahead of your


competition. The market is way too competitive to be slack. n




T  ry new things and be willing to listen to new ideas and trial different ways of doing things. S  eparate your work and family life with appropriate time management. I f you are going into partnership, choose a partner who shares similar values and morals but has different strengths. This means you reap the benefits of both worlds, and you can both bring different elements to the business. A  nd most importantly – have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously!

Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 7


Your 10-minute accountability


Employees suffer the wrath of their boss or co-workers when they fail to perform but who holds business owners accountable when they fail to reach their goals? LINDA MCMAHON highlights a simple method every business owner can use to ensure they stay accountable.

If in the past you have made bold declarations and found you have failed, you might now be thinking that keeping your goals to yourself is a much smarter move. Staying on track and focused on achieving goals is a challenge faced by all small business owners. Any successful business woman will tell you that consistency, good habits and being held accountable are the secrets to her success. So, how does a solopreneur or micro business owner ensure they are held accountable? It can be a lonely existence running your own business and often there is no one with whom to share your business goals. Unfortunately, a lack of declaring what you wish to achieve is often what leads to failure in reaching the outcomes needed to move your business forward. So, what is the answer? The first point is to never keep your business and personal goals to yourself. Accountability is the key to success, it is the ingredient that keeps you on track and allows others to support you. The secret to being accountable is to do it on a weekly basis. It is the little things done each week that all add up to higher standards and larger achievements. A really simple tool that many business owners use is weekly accountability sessions. Identify and select a friend or business colleague and invite them to partner with you each week in a 10-minute accountability session.

To prepare for the first session, both of you should list five goals you wish to achieve. Then during the session, share the details of those goals and what action you intend to undertake during the next week to move forward. In the next session you will both report back on what progress has been made and outline a list of new goals etc. What are the benefits of a weekly accountability session? It ensures you set appropriate and measurable goals. n

With clearly stated goals, you can focus on prioritising your workload each week to ensure your five goals come to fruition before your next session. n

You have someone with whom you can share the joy of your completed goals and the support and motivation needed when falling short of the desired outcomes. n

Best of all you adopt a mindset of accountability and a habit of goal setting on a weekly basis. n

As with any partnership there are pertinent issues to consider when selecting an accountability partner. And it is not a life long commitment so it is fine to trial a couple of sessions with a few different people so you find the right fit. An accountability partnership works best when both parties are committed to the task. A partner who isn’t ready to achieve their goals

Tarran Deane Speaker • Executive Coach Author • Consultant

will unintentionally be holding you back from achieving yours. Therefore, if week after week your partner is failing to achieve their goals, reassess the situation and move on to find a better fit for you and your business. To maximise the potential from accountability sessions, base them around goals that can move you and your business forward. These goals don’t necessarily need to be restricted to business, they can also revolve around strengthening relationships, setting some ‘you time’, organising your home, or wellbeing activities. The most important aspect of maintaining a good working accountability partnership is a respect for each other’s time and always being available at the planned session times. Ensure you stick to your allocated 10 minutes and don’t sabotage yourself by listing weekly goals that are unobtainable. Break your goals up into bitesized components that can be achieved during a one week time period. Without a doubt, being accountable to someone else does set you up for success and allow you and your partner to achieve the results you both desire so much faster. n

CONTACT Linda McMahon BUSINESS Accountability and Time

Management Chick +61 (2) 6028 9033 www.LindaMcMahon.com.au PHONE

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“Exceptional • Inspiring • Clever • Connects • Expert • High integrity • Love working with Tarran!” 8 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13



waste of money? Hiring a coach isn’t automatically a wise investment for your business. SUE LESTER explains what you should expect from a good coach and the measures you can put in place to ensure you receive a return on investment when spending money on coaching services.

The value of having an external professional to keep you motivated, focussed, held accountable and supported, while expanding your personal and business potential is immeasurable. Unfortunately, too many get burnt by their coaching experience, wasting thousands of dollars in the process, and are left feeling disillusioned or overwhelmed, or both. Here are five essential points to ensure your coaching investment pays off as handsomely as it should: Be clear on what type/s of coaching you most need. As well as generalist business and personal (life) coaches, there are many specialists for every area you can imagine including transition, mindset, marketing, social media, business systems, relationships, health, spirituality, fertility, and more. Do you need systems or marketing or just focus and accountability? There is no point in just hiring a business coach if your business stagnation is really due to your disintegrating marriage, or your lack of self-esteem/confidence. n

Choose the right level coaching. If you are not financially, structurally and mentally ready for the level your coach operates on, then it will be a frustrating experience for both of you. Choose a coach who can take you from where you are to the next two to three levels. You can then find another coach to take you further. If you know you are at the right level but struggle to take action, then you need a mindset or head transition coach so you can get maximum value out of your business coach’s expertise. n

Choose a coach you like. In theory you should be able to learn from any teacher but the journey is so much easier if you have rapport with your coach. Does he or she understand you, your motivation, humour, passion and business niche? Do you enjoy working with them? Is there mutual respect? Do you like their working style, e.g. enough structure or fluidity or accountability for you?

Great coaching is a challenging yet enjoyable experience that propels you forward faster than you could go alone. If something is bugging you, speak up! If you struggle to set boundaries with your coach, and others, then find a good mindset coach to get you over that weakness. Allocate time for coaching tasks, be punctual, and prioritise coaching as non-negotiable in your diary. Bonus value. Does your coach share resources, run workshops, webinars, write blogs and newsletters, and connect you into their network? Is your coach contactable between sessions? If you are working with more than one coach, for example, if you have

a business coach to build your structure for growth, and a head transition coach to change your self-sabotaging habits and improve your public speaking confidence, are they willing to collaborate for your benefit? Great coaching is a challenging yet enjoyable experience that propels you forward faster than you could go alone. Anything less is a waste of time and money, so choose your coaches wisely. n


CONTACT Sue Lester BUSINESS Growing Content:

Smoothing Your Path +61 (0) 428 128 679 www.growingcontent.com.au PHONE

Beauty... Real beauty,

comes from something deep within us, and it is reflected in our faces. So we care for our faces – the window into our soul. From pampering scrubs, to high performance anti-aging creams and serums, Rubifresh products are guaranteed fresh and natural, and always beautiful to use. Go to www.rubifresh.com.au and register using CODE: WNAADV3 for a chance to win one of 5 trial packs, containing a generous sample pack of each women’s product in the range. Free trial packs offer closes end Jan 2013.


Commit to getting value. You are investing your time, money and energy. It’s up to you to get maximum value by communicating clearly with your coach, about your needs, and progress. n

www.rubifresh.com.au – fresh, natural, high performance skincare Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 9


High quality intentions bring


Are you familiar with phrases like ‘you are what you think’ and ‘what you think about, you become’? Both are true, however, one thing these phrases do not focus on is the intention you set before you actually start thinking. CHRISTINE MCKEE shares how clear intentions lead to brilliant success. Based on the intention you set for outcomes you desire in your life – whether in business, family, friendships or community activity – your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions will automatically align. If you set high quality intentions you will create and influence high quality outcomes through your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Conversely, if you do not set high quality intentions you will create outcomes that match. The simple and easy-to-apply tool to enable you to set awesome intentions for any and all areas of your life is the five-stage Intention Model.


Choose to pause and think through potential consequences of actions and reactions before responding to a situation. This will ensure you make choices likely to result in the highest good for all involved. To stimulate fabulous intentions, ask great questions to kick-start your brain into action. For example: What is the best possible outcome for all in this situation? n

What are five actions I can take today to showcase my business? n

What other people and resources can I draw on to assist in this situation? n

What can I learn from my past actions that will lead to a more successful outcome today? n


Once you have set an intention, your belief about whether or not you can achieve what you intend will kick in. The wonderful news here is your belief just needs to be aligned with the possibility of success in whatever you are intending; you do not have to 100 per cent believe it! The possibility is enough to get your brain taking action in the direction of the intention.


Thinking with purpose is the highest form of creativity, as thoughts manifest into action or inaction. Always focus your thoughts on the opportunity that sits before you and on the best outcome for all people involved. This leads to positive feelings that motivate action.


Now you will find yourself speaking and acting based on your intentions, thoughts and feelings. In this stage, put your attention on the doing of the action rather than on the potential outcome. Your results will automatically reflect your actions.


The outcomes and consequences you experience will reinforce your initial intention. Your results will be a direct reflection of how you choose to think and act in every moment. If you love the results you are experiencing, keep

To comma or not to comma? What is a colon? Do you know where the apostrophe goes? Do you have confidence in your business writing skills? Do you get it right every time? Are you wasting time and losing money by delaying writing tasks? Ask Aunt Em runs workshops and seminars that are full of practical tips and guides to make writing more of a breeze than a bore. Your workbooks are full of examples and clear explanations. The material is delivered in a fun and engaging environment. The valuable information you receive is immediately applicable back in your work place. Guaranteed 100% or your money back! Frances Cahill BA (Hons) 1st Cert IV TAA, CERT IV Small Business Management

Chief Word Polisher – 0411 537 957 info@askauntem.com.au • www.askauntem.com.au

10 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13

up with the intentions you are setting. If you are not thrilled, simply take a moment to pause and set a brilliant new intention. Let’s work through the five steps using a business example.

1. Set your intention To build strong, respectful, supportive relationships with other business women where you assist each other to grow and prosper in business. Useful questions to consider include: n

What is my target audience?

What are five opportunities I can create to meet these women? n


How can I be of support to them?

2. Identify your belief I am capable of starting conversation and initiating relationships and connections.

3. Thinking/feeling You may think, “What can I offer in terms of support to these woman in business that will be of value to them?” which leaves you feeling focused and positive.

4. Behaviour/action You start researching who the business women are that you can best align with for a win–win outcome; you make a connection whether on the phone, through sharing information via social media, create an event that you invite them to or attend a relevant networking function.

5. Observe the outcomes/ consequences You find that this leads to the outcome of forming respectful business relationships, where you support each other, and share information and resources. If you use these strategies and follow the five steps to set several clear intentions for your business you will realise how easy it is to create what you want! n

CONTACT Christine McKee BUSINESS BE Institute Pty Ltd PHONE +61 (0) 416 087 948



6 lessons small businesses can

learn from the

US ELECTIONS It may seem an unlikely source of inspiration but some key lessons can be learnt from the recent American Presidential elections. MICHAELA CLARK looks at what SMEs can take away from the recent political battleground and apply to their businesses. For some small businesses, advertising spend can be less than 2% of turnover. It is fair to say, when you have limited dollars, you need to make the most of every cent you spend and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

ready to communicate it whenever you can. Know your core values, refine your elevator pitch and don’t be shy in creating hype about your business and what separates you from competitors.

Here are six easy ways to get new and existing clients voting for you.

Whatever you say or do, whether online or offline, remember that you are always representing your business and should remain professional in everything you do. Twitter is not the place to discuss how annoying your in-laws are (tempting though it may be!).

Have a good ground game. In the case of the elections, both political parties used smartphone apps to pinpoint their campaign efforts at house level. SMEs can also leverage marketing tools and apps such as Google Places to drill down your marketing activities and be sure that you are spending in the right markets.

Find a talented speechwriter. Paying a professional to write your website copy or marketing collateral can be a worthwhile investment to help you cut through a crowded marketplace. The simplest words can have the most powerful effect.

Have a strong handshake. Even in our online world, face-to-face networking is as important as it ever has been. Businesses still prefer to deal with people they know and trust so make yourself known and arm yourself with networking tools such as business cards.

Prepare a talking point. Have a clear

Remember that nothing is off the record.

Do your maths on swing states. Due to the

Overwhelmed by admin tasks? Know you need help but don’t know where to start?

US Electoral College Map system of voting, the campaigners were able to identify the 10 key swing states. SMEs should be equally across their target market and implement tailored strategies so as to communicate directly with the right potential customer.

Let us review your business processes to help you create a virtual working environment, allowing you to start working with a virtual assistant and get your to-do list under control.

It may now be another four years until the next US presidential election but you can implement these tactics today and start tracking your success! n

We take away those tedious admin tasks that keep you up late at night, allowing you to focus on growing your business and gaining back some work/life balance.

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message of what your business does and be


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An old dog can

LEARN NEW TRICKS even in business

When you learn something new, regardless of what it is, you go through a process which follows exactly the same route. LAUREN EDWARDS takes you through this learning process and shares how to apply this knowledge in business. The learning process includes fear, overwhelm and anxiety. The great part is that this process also includes pride, excitement and joy. So, if you have started something new, like a new business or learning a new skill and you are feeling totally overwhelmed, get used to it, because it is part of the process.

are doing. It’s called progress and it’s exciting as you experience joy in knowing you are putting into practice what you have learnt and are seeing the results. The really awesome thing is that after a while, just like driving the car, you move to unconscious competence. You simply just do, without thinking. n


When you begin to learn, everyone starts at unconscious competence: you see the opportunity and think, “Man, that would be great, I could do that”. n

Because the next step is conscious competence. Remember when you learnt to drive a car, you focused on changing gears, indicating, and checking your mirrors. After driving for a while, you do those things automatically. Conscious competence means you are putting into action what you have learnt and you are aware of each step and what you

This is the highest state of learning, because you are now mastering your new talent. You have taken all the steps necessary to learn what you are doing and you know it so well that it comes totally naturally to you. The singular message here is, to get excited about learning new things and understand that it is a process you have to go through –

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How long does it normally take to go from conscious competence to unconscious competence? About 10,000 hours. That’s about five years! So, don’t panic, you are going through an apprenticeship and as long as you have great leaders to learn from, events to attend, training calls to listen to, products to learn about, and demos to practice with, you have all the support you need to learn and put it all into practice. The most exciting bit is that in five years time, you will definitely be a master, you will be successful at what you do and it will come so naturally, that you will totally love what you are doing and how it is affecting your life and those around you.

Then quite quickly you move into conscious incompetence: You find out what you really don’t know and exactly how much there is to learn! This is where most people falter and give up. It is vitally important that you understand that it is okay to feel scared or overwhelmed, it is part of the learning process and something you will work through, as long as you keep going, keep learning, listening and being positive about what you are going to achieve. n


there will be ups and downs but as long as you persevere, everyone gets through the steps and becomes a master, eventually.


So, if you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or stressed, just make sure you do what you can, with the time you have, to continuously keep learning and focus on what you are achieving, going through the process of becoming a new person. n

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Planting seeds for

LONG-TERM SUCCESS All savvy business owners know it is critical to keep a positive mindset to ensure continued success. MANDY NAPIER explains how unseen and internal daily habits, just like our imagination are the most powerful tools we own.

Re-program for success and longevity with these five simple steps.

Set a clear daily intention. Before you even get out of bed, start your day with a clear intention as to precisely what you want to achieve. Energy flows where attention goes, so the clearer your intention, the more energy will flow towards it. You will be more likely to stay on track and maintain your focus during the day.

than what they did do well. If you reflect back on your successes last thing at night it gives your subconscious mind, which is awake 24/7, a healthy tonic to feed on while you sleep. Your success in your life and business is up to you. Commit to doing these simple tips for 30 days. They are quick, easy and free! Like any useful tool or aid, remember, that you have to use them to reap the rewards! n

Create a daily ritual. When you walk into your place of business, take three or four minutes to create a positive internal state for the day. Write out some affirmations that inspire you and make you feel good. It could be about how you want to show up or what you want to attract into your life or business. Read them every morning and keep them handy so you can check in with them during the day. Success breeds success and like a snowball gathering momentum, this daily habit will add to your own avalanche of success.

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Keep your focus on the positive. When you experience challenges in the day or you find yourself embroiled in conflict, try saying these three words: “It just is.” Take a deep breath as you put your attention on the top of your head and as you exhale put your attention on your feet. Imagine flushing out any negativity. This breathing practice is used in Ancient Hawaiian Huna philosophy to calm the mind and allow energy to flow. It will quickly allow you to regain focus and perspective!

Ditch the old. Have a look at the people you surround yourself with in your daily life. Are they positive or are they plagued with problems and negative self-talk? It may be time to change your circle of influence and to seek out some more inspiring people. Ask yourself what sort of person you would like to be spending your time with. Get clear and imagine them coming into your life.

Reflect. At the end of the day spend a couple of minutes reflecting back on the day to see what went well and what didn’t. Choose to learn from your challenges, and then write down your successes. Even the small ones! Too often people focus on what they didn’t do well rather

Protecting your family and ensuring your wishes are upheld. Ask a White Lady what the benefits are in documenting your choices. We endeavour to make every funeral truly special as every life is unique. Our commitment to your family is to make each funeral service reflect the life of a loved one. We can help you understand the value and importance of preplanning your funeral with White Lady Funerals.

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Google about you?

What will potential clients and businesses discover about you when they perform a Google search? NATALIE ALAIMO discusses how you can control and manage your online image and reputation.

Imagine you have just met the most amazing business person at the most recent Women’s Network Australia event. This is the person you have been looking to connect with for years, the one person you are sure can really help you transform your business. Once back at your desk you jump onto Google and type in their name. What do you find? Is it good, bad or just plain ugly? Now let’s reverse this situation and imagine this same person is googling you. What will they find? Your online reputation is vital to business success as more and more people are using this powerful medium. Here are seven actions you can take now to make sure people are only ever finding the good.

Google yourself

It’s essential to make sure that you don’t have any damaging articles or images that people might find. The first step to managing your online reputation is to find out exactly what is already showing up.

Monitor your name online

Google sometimes likes to be a little tricky and not show all the results. And of course Google searches are now personalised based on many factors including your social networks. This means that we aren’t all seeing the same information. For this reason, you need to be monitoring your own name. You can do this using a handy free Google tool called Google Alerts. Sign in with your Google Account and set it up today.

Facebook privacy

Facebook privacy is so important and the media are spending time scaring people about its pitfalls but really it is just a matter of being proactive with your account and understanding what all the settings are. Many users keep the ‘default’ settings which means your account is open for everyone to see. Go through your settings and change everything to ‘Friends’ only, and then be careful who you add as friends. I would recommend you log out of Facebook and navigate back to your account to see exactly what a non-friend will see.

Facebook profile for business

Once your account is safe from a privacy perspective, you need to ensure your account is set up and optimised for business success. Even if you are not the owner of a company or have a company name which is your name, you are still marketing the ‘Brand of You’, so it is important to get the most from your profile. The elements of your personal profile which you will want to keep open and optimised are: current location, about section, contact information, websites, your employment and links to your Facebook business page. These sections should be set to public in the privacy settings as your personal profile often ranks very well in Google and is often where people land when searching your name.

Website on your own domain

You must have your own name as a domain

A confident successful woman intimately knows her leadership style. Do you? Imagine how your confidence would soar and how rewardingly succulent your life, business or career would be if you had a personalised guidance system outlining your unique path to effortless success. Discover your archetypal personal leadership style and unlock the key to accelerate the confident expression of your innate potential every day.

name. Yes everyone, including you. Domain names are like good property, once they are gone, they are gone! Creating a website with your own name as a domain is a sure fire way to get to the top of the Google rankings.

Keep your website current

Google loves fresh content and so do your customers. When your website looks untouched, unloved and out of date, potential customers wonder if you are still in business! Using blog platforms like Wordpress you can quickly build a site which can be easily updated with fresh content. Current content should include your current work, industry news, hints and tips and projects you are working on.

Optimise for your keywords

So that people can find you when they are searching you must optimise your profiles for your keywords, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your website. Many people struggle with keywords, so start with your name and different versions of it, e.g. Natalie Alaimo, Nat Alaimo, Natalie Alimo. Then optimise for keywords about your industry, service or products. Using the Google Free Keyword Tool you can find the exact words and phrases people are searching for. As more and more people are jumping online it is your responsibility to make sure Google is only saying nice things about you. How is your online reputation looking? n

Contact Shannon Dunn (Bush), Personal Leadership Expert and Creative Possibility Coach to book your Innate Potential discovery session today. Mention Working Women magazine and receive a bonus Personal Leadership Report ($97 value).

With each booking you receive a free copy of support@creativepossibilitycoach.com • 0403 270 196 • www.creativepossibility.com.au Kirsty’s book ‘PARENTING – Personal leadershiP CoaChing • Training • sPeaking A Guide For The Ride’ Empower Your Visions and Transform Your Life 14 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13

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ARE YOU CURIOUS ABOUT QR codes are quickly becoming the next big thing for the marketing campaigns of businesses both large and small. JENELLE LIVET looks at QR Codes and how they can add value to your business, increase traffic and lead you on to more profits!

You can set up QR codes to make phone calls, send text messages, send emails, or redirect to a URL. However you use them they all mean the same thing, more exposure and more profit for your business. A QR code is a small, generally square, coded black and white symbol. Even if you haven’t directly heard about them, or know what they are, the chances are good that you have at least seen a QR code, even if you didn’t realise it at the time. QR or ‘quick response’ codes are most often compared to barcodes, and while they are very much like a barcode, in that they are a somewhat scrambled code that when scanned, has an actual meaning, they are also vastly different from barcodes. Most simply put, QR codes are a way to connect offline activity with online activity. Every company these days has a

QR codes?

website and wants to get traffic to their website – QR codes can do that. Every company also wants to entice new customers and put their name in the public eye – QR codes can do that too. QR codes put a company’s digital presence in the palm of the customer’s hand, whether they are actually online at the time or not. When a customer sees a QR code, they can use their QR code reader, which is a free app available for both iPhone and Android, to scan it with their iPhone, Android device, or any other smartphone that is equipped with a camera to view it. When they scan the QR code, they will be taken to a website or page that has been generated or linked specifically for that QR code. In addition to just taking customers to other websites, you can also set up a QR code to generate phone functions, activate email, IM, and SMS. This has huge benefits to business, as you can now reach even more customers in ways like never before. And, when incorporated correctly, they can be a massive marketing tool that will both increase customer awareness of your company, and your profits too! By using a QR code, you are instantly telling a customer that you know how to take advantage of

that technology, and how to use it to make it easier for them to shop with you, which in the end, is all any business owner wants anyway.

Let’s look at some uses for QR codes

You can use QR codes on all your print marketing. New technology allows for redirecting of QR codes so you can use the same QR codes for different promotions. n

Increase your likes and shares on Facebook and get people to your blogs. n

Set up a video squeeze page designed to be viewed on a mobile phone. This will increase your opt in list and allow you to stay connected to your customers. n

Show pictures of cars or virtual tours of real estate properties, offer coupons and get customer feedback. The list is endless. n

Start using QR codes today to direct more traffic to your websites, offers and social media. It’s all about connecting your offline activities with your online real estate. n

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20% Discount for Working Women readers use code BEANZWNA Your website needs to be modified so that it can be easily seen. Did you know that 30% of Google searches are now performed on a mobile device including iPhones, Android phones and Mobile Tablets. Normal websites take too long to load and are hard to see and navigate. Don’t miss out on the growing number of Customers using their mobile phones to find you.


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How to use YouTube to

gain customer trust

Television no longer holds a monopoly on your customer’s attention, with social media, particularly YouTube, increasingly giving consumers the inside scoop on any and everything they want to know. PAUL HUMPHREYS reveals some trade secrets on video interviewing and the advantages of using video in your online presence. In the good old days, pre broadband Internet, when free-to-air commercial television ruled, only actors, celebrities, sporting stars or well-known book authors got to be interviewed on shows like Michael Parkinson, The Midday Show, Andrew Denton or the morning chat shows; basically those who TV networks could use to boost their ratings. An ordinary small business person just didn’t have a chance of being invited to appear on local TV, let alone a national show. Sure, you could buy expensive prime time advertising but most viewers are accustomed to switching off mentally when ads come on. Fast forward to the present day and free-to-air television no longer rules alone. Firstly, there’s Foxtel and other subscription TV channels but the biggest worldwide TV channel of them all is now YouTube. It is ranked as the second largest search engine in the world! If you can find someone who can interview you, and you present well enough, you can simply upload your video to YouTube or other video sites, and embed it in your website, blog or squeeze page. You can email it, share it via social media or even burn it to DVD and give it away to potential customers. The quality of modern video and audio equipment and the speed of broadband now make it possible for you, the small business owner, to gain broad exposure. You could even have your own TV Channel on the web!

So, why should you appear in a video interview yourself, rather than just have words and pictures on your website? The answer is simple when you look at it from a consumer perspective. Do you like to feel connected to people you buy from? Would it make a difference to the purchasing process if you could see what they looked like, hear their voice and get a feel for who they are even before you contacted them? Imagine being able to talk to your potential customers directly from your website! You could show and explain your products or services in a way that printed words and static pictures never can. A key reason for using video is to connect with others, because in the end people buy from people and usually from people they like. Video allows you to promote your products or services in a highly interactive medium where your clients start to feel they really know the person they are buying from! Communication is more than the written or spoken word; it’s our gestures, movement, and interaction. Is your static website connecting with people as effectively as you would like it to? And more importantly, are website visits converting into sales? It’s important to note that Google loves video and ranks websites with video much higher in search results. It is never too late to start using video to help boost your image and your profits, and it doesn’t matter that you are not a professional

TV star. The average person would rather see a real business owner than a paid actor any day. And if you are shy, don’t worry because anyone skilled in interviewing knows how to put you at ease and they will help to make the experience fun. Getting started in video marketing is much easier and more affordable than you can imagine. Video business interviews should be about three to six minutes long. They can be longer if needed but bear in mind that the attention span of most web viewers is short, therefore keep them as concise as possible so when you give your call to action, the viewer is still tuned in! Many businesses are already using video interviews successfully to get more sales, and also video testimonials as social proof that their products and services have worked for other people. When you combine a good video interview with a few genuine video testimonials, you will start building relationships with your potential customers before they even call you. By using video marketing you will be half way to gaining that one important factor that helps everyone succeed in business – trust! n

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Use your website to talk to your target market via video! Connecting with customers and convincing them to choose your company can be tough. Now you can use the latest technology to bring your website to life and build rapport with new customers so you can win them over and win their business. Video gives you a vibrant and cost-effective means of marketing your business online. Let our team do the hard work for you – we can make it happen so you can spend less time working on your website and more time working with new customers. For your FREE Online Video We can create website-ready videos for you that: • Grabs the attention of your online visitors • Shares your business story and customer endorsements to give you credibility • Helps you build relationships online and boost your business We’ll even help you get it up onto your website.

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The professional speaker’s Speaking can be a very lucrative profession for those who adopt a professional approach. PIX JONASSON, discusses what speaking promoters require and the resources that every presenter must have in their toolkit if they expect to secure professional speaking engagements. As a speaker, author, coach or trainer, you need an all-in-one solution, a one-stop shop where all of your professional speaking business needs are met in one place. You need to have an online presence, marketing and lead generation, a multimedia platform, client contact and a support website that is working 24/7 for you. All of your speaking intelligence needs to be located in one spot for your audience to find out everything they need to know about you. You need to give promoters easy access to your speaker information. Make it simple for promoters, and even your clients and prospects, to instantly access and download the latest information on your speaking. Give them immediate access to your presentation topics, media kit, speaking requirements etc. and save yourself the hassle of having to dig it up or create it. The marketing collateral every speaker must have:

Introduction – Introduce yourself and provide a quick snapshot about you and your expertise.

Biography – A bio immediately connects your audience with you and starts to build that all essential rapport and relationship, commencing your speaking community and expanding your speaking empire. You choose the way you want to be represented.

Photos and videos – Showcase yourself with your professional colour and black and white photos/images on a white background. Make sure you provide the right formats, e.g. your head shot must be in full colour and at least 80mm wide x 120mm high at 300dpi resolution. Your audience will see current high quality, correct resolution professional photos of you. Ensure your YouTube or Vimeo videos are readily accessible for promoters, media and potential clients.

Media gallery – Upload photos of you and media you are featured in. Allow your audience to see print/electronic press in various formats, including digital, e.g. newspaper articles, and interviews.

Interview questions – Write and provide the questions you want to be asked and that you have the answers already prepared to give. Sound like the expert you are. The interviewer will ask you the questions you have prepared for... so no curve balls and no questions from left field.

Want A Rewarding Career That Helps People Reach Their Goals?

Become a Life Coach!


Speaker requirements – Help promoters to know your exact requirements and preferences by providing them with the details to make their planning more effective. Your requirements may include: AV requirements, speaking requirements, travel requirements, speaking fees, product sales, and guest, staff and helper passes.

Presentation topics – Let promoters know what presentation topics you can speak on. Give them a list of your top presentations to choose from and offer them the opportunity for a customised presentation.

Other must-haves – A one page synopsis, an existing client list, and testimonials, along with your best contact details. Speaking is a fantastic way to grow your business. With the right information, image and marketing collateral, you can build a substantial and profitable speaking career. n

For your FREE Coaching Resources Pack, valued at $197, contact us today on

1800 094 927 Or visit www.thecoachinginstitute.com.au/women

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Beat the new year BUDGET BLUES! Has your debt grown since last year instead of decreased as you had planned? If so, perhaps it’s time for a new strategy. PATRICIA DOYLE and SUSAN RALLINGS share some simple financial tips so you can look forward to the New Year and your new budget. As another New Year starts and you look at your dwindling bank balance, here are some budget-beating ideas to help you hold onto more of those dollars sitting in your bank account.

Save on interest costs – it sounds simple, however, a lot of people only make the minimum repayment on their credit card. You can save thousands in interest by increasing the amount you repay. As an example, a $2000 credit card debt at 18.5 per cent interest, with a minimum repayment of $40/month, will take eight years and one month to repay and cost $1848 in interest. If you increased your repayment to $100/month you will save $1410 in interest costs and take only two years and one month to repay.

Shop your home loan – all of the banks are hungry for business so why not shop around for the best rate? Ask your lender for their best rate, don’t be shy! And why not ask a broker

to hunt around for a better deal? You won’t receive if you don’t ask! This can help save thousands and years off your mortgage. If you are considering a fixed rate loan but don’t want to miss out on the variable rate cuts, then why not try fixing a portion of your loan, then you get the best of both worlds.

Make up a list and stick to a budget – before you head out on a buying frenzy at the shops do up a budget; what are you buying and how much do you want to spend? Don’t forget to look at the online sites for their deals on electrical, groceries and clothes, some offer free delivery too so you can even save on petrol!

(or more) of your salary into it from every pay. You will be surprised how quickly it all adds up. Having a budget doesn’t mean you have to stop living! It is okay to treat yourself occasionally while being mindful of where your money is going. n Important Information: The information contained in this article is general information only. It does not take into consideration any specific needs, situations or objectives. Before making any financial decisions you should make sure you are comfortable that the strategy suits your needs and objectives, and your risk profile. If necessary, you should seek professional advice.

Personal Costs – are you saving 10 per cent of your income for you? Do you know how much it really costs you to live? Including haircuts, birthday presents, doctors’ bills? If you find it difficult to save, set up a bank account which is separate to your everyday account, and ask your employer if they can transfer 10 per cent

Patricia Doyle and Susan Rallings BUSINESS RBS Morgans PHONE +61 (7) 3334 4966 www.rbsmorgans.com CONTACT

Worried about the state of the markets? Keep up to date with our morning market email - a daily update which outlines what has happened overnight as well as any current news on Australian companies. Make an appointment to review your investments, insurance and superannuation.

Contact Patricia Doyle from RBS Morgans on 07 3334 4966 patricia.doyle@rbsmorgans.com

Contact Susan Rallings from RBS Morgans on 07 3334 4865 susan.rallings@rbsmorgans.com

RBS Morgans Limited A.B.N. 49 010 669 726 AFSL 235410 AParticipant of ASX Group A Principal Member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia

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money relationships Everyone has habits when it comes to their finances but where and when did these habits develop? BRONWEN PARSONS looks at each class of society and how and why our relationship with money is predominantly based on our subconscious values.

Did you know that each class in society has a number of hidden rules that are passed down from generation to generation? These unspoken rules inform your behaviour in relation to money and wealth, education, relationships, destiny, language and more. If you look at just the money and wealth aspect of this, you may well be managing (or mismanaging!) your money in line with a set of subconscious values that you don’t even know you have!

Middle class people will be driven to manage their money and a financial windfall would more likely be invested to pay for a child’s education than spent on immediate consumables.

money when you were growing up. It may be things like – ‘you should save for a rainy day’; ‘money doesn’t buy you happiness’; ‘make sure you don’t get beyond your station’; ‘that’s an obscene amount of money’.

The wealthy will invest their money in line with the traditions and history of the family. Decisions regarding money will be partially made on the basis of tradition and decorum.

Now, work out how these things shape your thought processes and how they may impact your decision making around money. For example, ‘money doesn’t buy you happiness’ implies that money and happiness are linked when in fact they have nothing to do with each other.

Taking the three main social classes in Australia – poverty, middle class and wealthy – we can examine the differences in the way money and wealth are viewed. When living in poverty, money is to be used and spent – the perception is that there is not enough extra to consider investing, so a decision is made to meet the immediate needs of the family. Decisions regarding money will be made with the present in mind and will most likely be made based on feeling or survival. This helps to explain why a person living in poverty is more likely to spend a financial windfall on concert tickets, a big screen television or lottery tickets rather than save for a rainy day. To the middle class, money is to be managed and decisions will be made based on future ramifications – the focus is on the future and money will be managed accordingly.

When you consider that the number one factor in almost every relationship breakdown is arguments about money ... could it be that we could save heartache and reduce the arguments just by spending some time becoming aware of the hidden messages we carry and creating new messaging that serves us well in our relationships and life generally? Those living in wealth would be driven by political, social and financial connections and would be more likely to re-invest any additional money. So, how do we work out what messages we have been given that may be impacting our relationship with money and wealth? Take some time to write down all the things you have heard your family, friends, teachers and other people of influence in your life say about

We can change our messaging through awareness and conscious action to make change. Without these, you can guarantee that your past experience will be repeated throughout your future. The choice is yours! n

CONTACT Bronwen Parsons BUSINESS Addwealth Pty Ltd PHONE +61 (0) 438 624 868


KicK sTarT your year

Amplify your business to a bigger audience! The ultimate toolkit for ‘supersized’ success for small business. Learn how to design a Powerful Purposeful Business in the current two-speed economy, from Australian Brand & Communications specialist Karen Phillips. Create a brand revolution through learning new strategies to create a powerful advantage to out maneuver and out perform your competitors. Three month Toolkit includes: • Review & SWAT of your current marketing • Personal one-on-one business mentoring sessions • Brand & Marketing Recommendations

• Development of integrated Brand Program • “Brand ME” E-Book

Find out more about Amplifying Your Business Brand – call 0755 383644 or email Karen at Karen@kpcc.com.au

www.womenswords.com Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 19

If you are a SMALL BUSINESS and not buying direct, you need to read this book! BIG business in Australia try to hide just how easy it is. I will show you how to buy as little as 5 items direct from China and make up to 13 times the profit. Are you an EBay seller? Party Plan seller, an online or retail seller? If average mum Kate Skinner can create a nationally recognised business without any fashion degree or University education, SO CAN YOU!…….. This book will take you step by step through how you can build a business that not only provides – BUT THRIVES by simply cutting out the middleman!


Go to www.kateskinner.com.au for a special bonus, an intro to a 30 day importing workshop, frEE when you purchase the book at the special price $24.95 INtro PACkAGE VALUEd At $275.00. Available to the first 50 Working Women readers.


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relies on your income?

Many X and Y generation adult children have built up a hefty debt that they intend to pay off steadily in due time but what if that income was to suddenly cease? CAROLYN MISHRIKI explains the benefits of encouraging your adult children to invest in personal insurance.

You have worked hard, saved and made plans for your retirement. You may have planned to buy a new car, renovate the house or travel overseas or around Australia. But what would happen to your retirement plans if you had to suddenly care for your children or grandchildren? Every year injury or illness strikes thousands of Australian families without warning. In fact, around 22,500 Australian grandparents are looking after their grandchildren1. But what if ‘helping out’ meant you had to stay in the workforce longer, or cut back on your retirement lifestyle to help fund your child’s mortgage, medical expenses or living costs? What would that mean for your own financial situation – both now and in the future?

income, their debts, and their dependants, they could be vulnerable in the case of serious illness or injury. When you consider the maximum disability support pension available from Centrelink is only $670.90 per fortnight ($17,443.40 p.a.)4, an extended period out of the workforce could leave a big hole in their budget. That is if they are eligible for any government assistance at all. Qualification is based on the extent of their physical condition and is means tested.

Talking to your children about life insurance

Two thirds of families with kids at home couldn’t meet their expenses beyond 12 months of the main breadwinner having passed away3.

Major events like getting married, buying a house, or even changing jobs are good opportunities to talk to your children about life insurance. One of the good things about taking out life insurance from a younger age is that premiums are often very affordable. For example, a 30-year-old female Administration Manager can take out $500,000 life insurance (with Total and Permanent Disability cover), plus $4,000 a month income protection, for around $2.00 a day.

95 per cent of families do not have adequate levels of insurance2.

This cover will provide some financial relief in the event of serious sickness or injury. It will

These scenarios may sound extreme, but consider the following statistics: One in five families will be impacted by the death of a parent, a serious accident or illness that renders a parent unable to work2. n



also make available a lump sum on death that may be used to pay off debts, medical bills or help the family meet ongoing living costs. The best way to help your children get the right level of protection for themselves (and you!) is to encourage them to discuss their life insurance circumstances with a financial adviser. n Australian Bureau of Statistics 4102.0, Australian Social Trends, Family Functioning: Grandparents raising their grandchildren, (ABS, 2005). 1

‘The Lifewise/NATSEM Underinsurance Report’ – February 2010 2

‘Analysis of Insurance Needs’, Rice Warner Actuaries – May 2005 3

Centrelink Disability Support Pension, maximum single rate from 20 March 2011 4

CONTACT Carolyn Mishriki BUSINESS PSK Financial Services PHONE +61 (0) 411 270 846


No one wants to think a sudden injury or illness will strike their loved ones. As parents we want to protect our children and grandchildren should this occur. One of the best ways to protect your family and your retirement plans is with personal insurance. You can insure yourself or family members such as your adult children.

Do your children have it covered?

Generations X and Y are comfortable with the idea of using debt to achieve their goals. And to get into the housing market, they often have to take on considerable mortgages, which can take a decent bite out of their income. This is sustainable while they are working full time but without adequate protection for their Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 21


Multitasker or walking disaster? Multitasking has been praised as the Holy Grail of workplace efficiency, however, research is showing this isn’t the case. LOUISE D’ALLURA sheds light on how you can actually boost your productivity by doing less. How many times have you heard someone being praised for their exceptional skill as a multitasker? Our ability to juggle multiple tasks and thoughts at the same time isn’t the great productivity tool we have been lead to believe. Research shows the brain cannot actually multitask; it actually switches rapidly from one task to another. People who are brilliant multitaskers are able to switch back and forth between two tasks faster. Advances in the area of neuroscience are helping us to understand how our brains work best. Research is showing people who multitask are actually less productive than those who concentrate on one task at a time. A recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that multitasking leads to a 10 per cent drop in IQ, and a 40 per cent drop in productivity and increased stress. If you want to be more productive, efficient and stress less, build your skills in becoming a mono tasker and focus on one task at a time, in a mindful way. If you are

thinking mindfulness is only for Buddhists, think again! In the corporate world, teaching organisations and individuals how to be fully present and focused on a single task at a time boosts effectiveness and makes a huge difference to their bottom line and output. Research shows that 2.1 hours of productivity are lost per day to unimportant interruptions, distractions and the recovery time it takes to get back on track following an interruption. If you are susceptible to getting distracted by the ‘bright shiny objects’ start noticing when you multitask most: n

What are you doing?


Are you responding to interruptions?

What are they and how do they come at you? (e.g. email, phone, looking for lost documents, not clear on what you need to do next etc.) n


 ow long does it take you to get back into H your flow?

Grow your business with winning tender responses!

We also offer a tender submission service, which includes a full editing service, formatting, printing, binding and delivery of your submission.

Dawtek is a professional writing firm, specialising in tender writing and editing. Our specialist editorial team can offer your business:

Alternatively, you can use our range of Dawtek Online templates. Our templates can be customised to suit all your business needs:

• • • • •

Tender/proposal writing Tender consulting Tender training Supporting documentation Marketing copy

Working Women readers offer: 30% off your first tender writing service when you mention this advert.

22 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13

• • • • • •

Health & Safety HR IT Business and Marketing Finance Tenders and proposals

Next, design your day to create a flow that works for you. Usually, we find first thing in the morning is the best time to disengage from technology and set aside for high priority and high concentration tasks (such as writing or project planning tasks). And for tasks that require short sharp bursts of concentration, such as phone calls and emails, batch those together at times that suit, usually after lunch or in between high concentration tasks. Fine tuning your skills as a mono tasker, rather than multitasker, is a great strategy to make the best use of your time and boost your productivity. n

CONTACT Louise D’Allura BUSINESS Revamp Professional

Organisers Pty Ltd +61 (0) 408 723 559 www.TheRevampExperience.com.au PHONE

Dawtek can help you deliver polished, professional and targeted responses when you are bidding for work, so you can focus on improving your bottom line.

T. 1300 329 835 www.dawtek.com.au



ways to boost your daily achievements

Drowning in clutter?

Having a more productive workday gives you more time for your non-work life. It also feels great to finish work with a sense of accomplishment. MICHELE CONNOLLY outlines three strategies that will help you get more done every day.

Everyone would like to be more productive at work. To get more done every day, or get important things done faster so you have more time for other parts of life.

With greater focus you can complete your to-do items more quickly and efficiently.

Here are three super simple things you can do to boost your daily productivity.

Of course it’s not only visual distractions that undermine daily productivity. One of the biggest impediments to time effectiveness at work is the constant influx of emails, calls, visitors and online notifications.


Making a list of tasks for tomorrow before you finish today’s work is a great habit to get into. It lets you download all those things you know you have to think about, so you do not worry about them in your non-work time. They are out of your head and ready for attention when you are back at work. Making tomorrow’s list also takes advantage of subconscious processing. While you are away from work, even while you are sleeping, your brain can be incubating over problems or strategising about ideas. Not only that, having your list waiting when you start work each day helps you to hit the ground running – you already know what needs to be done and can begin immediately on high priority tasks. Those are plenty of nifty benefits from one small habit change!


You don’t have to totally overhaul your office but you can boost your motivation and effectiveness by quickly clearing the area where you need to work. This could mean: Minimising or closing all open programs on your computer, except for the spreadsheet, word processor or other program you are working with. n

Gathering papers into piles and moving them onto the top of a filing cabinet so your desk is clear.


If you want to work smarter on a project, it helps to insulate yourself from these people interruptions. You may not be able to avoid them all day but you can aim for concentration periods during which you: Turn off your phone ringer, or turn off your phone completely (shocking!). n

Close down your email program, turn off autoreceive or turn off email notifications. n


Close down your browser.


Close your door.

Worry you’re turning into a hoarder with mountains of paper? If you’re wasting time looking for things and struggling to find the time to work ‘on’ your business, our personalised Organising and Accountability Sessions can help you to tackle the ‘clutter’ in your schedule, home office, and work-from-home habits! We will design the most effective layout for your workspace and implement simple systems to get more done in your day.

WoRking WomEn REadERs’ offER

By removing the continual intrusions on your focus, you can get more work done, and probably do it better, too. n

Visit the website to book a Complimentary Get Organised Focus Session with Louise D’Allura and a request a copy of The Art of Stress Free Living.

CONTACT Michele Connolly BUSINESS Get Organized Wizard


McNair Editing Services PromPt and Professional

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Louise D’Allura, Director

Debra McNair

freelance editor & copy writer 0412 749 388 mcnair.editing@gmail.com


Moving away from your messy desk to a clear table space. n

The key is to remove visual distractions and allow your mind to focus on the task at hand.

www.facebook.com/ mcnaireditingservices


0408 723 559

www.TheRevampExperience.com.au Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 23



Tips to reclaim your time Every day we are bombarded with distractions that take us away from our core priorities in and out of the workplace. KERRYN POWELL looks at techniques you can use to manage your priorities when time is tight.

Understanding how to master your time is a tall order for any business owner. It requires hard decisions to be made on how you allocate and spend your time.

Most small businesses, rightly so, are focussed on productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and income. However, at what expense does this affect our personal lives which often suffer from our investment of time in the workplace? With only a limited amount of time available, it is essential that you prioritise, and invest your time wisely to achieve the best all round outcome. By reviewing and adopting some, or all of the tips below, you will begin to plan, implement and evaluate your use of time, concentrating on what is most important to your business and personal life today and the future.

1. Set and then reset 90-day goals First, decide what you want to achieve in the year ahead. Prioritise, sequence and plan for the next 90 days. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.

2. Schedule your time Schedule no more than 65 per cent of your time, allowing for the unexpected and as importantly, a balance in your life. Always, schedule time to think, fit in that jog, visit the gym, lunch with friends, or get involved in your child’s sports day. Once you set a time, stick to it.

3. Spend time showing gratitude and appreciation Nurture relationships. By building strong

relationships with your staff, clients, suppliers, and providers you can develop a strong foundation to increase your business. It is far more effective to retain good staff and win business from existing customers, than finding new ones.

4. Invest in your banking relationships A strong relationship with your bank in good times is important. Do not wait until you have an urgent need, work with the bank in advance and keep them informed of your business plan and progress on a regular basis. The time invested in this relationship will be well worth the effort, in time of need.

5. De-clutter your workspace Don’t waste time searching for that file, invoice, report, or pen! A well organised workspace will save you time. Create an environment that encourages clear thinking, presents well to your clients and makes you feel good whilst you are at work.

Want to make your business more sustainable?

6. Actively work on your personal and professional development Keep up with trends. The world is constantly changing, and new technologies are constantly being introduced. Why not use Skype to hold an interview with your child’s teacher? Or hold an interstate meeting via conference call; imagine the time saved by not making that trip?!

7. Delegate

My SunBank is the best strategy. This revolutionary system lets you use solar power at any time — even after dark.

Here’s how it works…

8. Outsource

My SunBank enables you to reduce your business’s carbon footprint by using batteries to store your excess solar energy.

If you do not have the time, inclination or expertise to get the work started or finalised, hand it over to someone who does. This will allow you to concentrate on your core goals and priorities, driving more business in the door. n

This guarantees sustainable electricity at all times, even during a power cut — which protects your communications and other vital systems. Best of all, it’s easy to add more capacity to the system over time, so you can shrink your electricity bill as the cost of power increases. Call us today to find out more about reducing your environmental impact with My SunBank.


24 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13

Develop your staff and empower them to do tasks you currently do. Once they master them you can focus on other key priorities in your 90-day plan.

Call 1300 75 00 55 www.MySunBank.com.au

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V I S I T w w w. co n n e c t e d wo m e n . n e t . a u

Check out the latest and greatest gadgets presented by CLAIRE MOFFAT.

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Snack Heroes Cake Pop Maker

Cake pops are the latest baking trend and making perfectly round cake pops is so quick and easy. Add any cake mixture directly to the non-stick cooking plates and make up to six cake pops at once. Once cooled, pop them onto a stick and dip in your favourite icing and sprinkles. Spend less time making and more time decorating. RRP: $34.95. Contact: www.sunbeam.com.au

Emjoi BodyBare Perfection

Perfect, silky smooth skin is easy with the BodyBare Perfection. Whether you want to epilate, shave or pluck, this product does it all and is cordless for added convenience. It offers 40 minutes cordless use for complete mobility and 24-carat gold tweezers for hair removal without irritation. RRP: $139. Contact: www.sunbeam.com.au

Uniden SS E35 – a new cordless phone for the vision and hearing impaired

Designed for easy use by seniors, people with disabilities and those with impaired vision or hearing, the Uniden SSE series cordless phone features large buttons, large LCD and caller ID display, extra loud audio controls and is hearing aid compatible. Text To Speech (TTS) announces the name of callers so users know who is calling before they pick up the phone. RRP $79.95. Contact: www.uniden.com.au

Sony’s Wireless Network Speaker with 360-degree sound

Wireless network speaker with built in WiFi for cable-free music streaming from multiple devices. It’s easy to set up and you can control your music with free apps available to download for Apple and Android devices. AirPlay is used to stream music from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. RRP: $229. Contact: www.sony.com.au

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Just ask us! Subscribe to the

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Sony’s new Action Cam

Ultra-compact and lightweight, the new Sony Action Cam records stunning Full HD video suitable for recording a wide range of action sports and activities such as surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking and anything else you are into. Capturing breathtaking POV footage and smooth, stable images of your adventures is now easier than ever. RRP: $399. Contact: www.sony.com.au

Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 25


Bring your business to life with


Most women in business, from solopreneurs to those in big business, are either not utilising this marketing strategy or not doing it well. AMBER MCLEAN explains what this marketing strategy is and how to put it into your marketing system. It’s all about your character! You must have a strong sense of how you are the solution your prospect wants – you have to be the ‘character’ they relate to, and have what they aspire to have for themselves. Your prospects are buried in information, time poor and sceptical about being sold to, so it’s not enough to just have a list, you must get your prospects’ attention. Through your prospect research you will uncover the “inner freak” they aspire to be themselves...and this is who they are looking for, when it comes to finding a solution. Millionaire online marketers apply this strategy very well, and it is easy to develop and apply. In fact, you may already be doing it, and just need to refine it and make it even more effective. Your prospects need you to be what it is they aspire for themselves. Then, they will make time to have a conversation with you. There are four types of characters that every high profile person (whether movie star, business person, comedian, television personality etc.) fits into: 1. Us versus them 2. Local boy/girl done good 3. Reluctant hero 4. It’s not your fault. To maximise success and profits, identify, uncover, then portray a touch of each type. Your prospects want to know you:

1. Are good at what you do (how are you the best in the business?) 2. Have flaws and are human (what have you overcome that your prospects will relate to, and respect you for?) 3. Have some sort of “dark past”, tied to regrets (someone they identify with) 4. Don’t take yourself too seriously 5. Have an Us versus Them element of your character and your story 6. Have someone to love (or belong to a “group” outside of your business)

Your personal brand (you) is the foundation, overriding unique value and competitive advantage that you bring to your prospects experience of your business – there is no other ‘you’ out there!

YOUR UNIQUE BRAND = STANDING OUT FROM THE REST Some questions you should be asking yourself, to clarify your character: What words would I use to describe myself and the value I deliver? n


What attitudes do I bring?

8. Can be rebellious (have a level of attitude about you)

How am I different to the ‘others’ that are claiming to be offering a similar product or service? How can I be the “unicorn” in my market?

9. Can be the ‘local guy/girl, done good’


10. Do something or demonstrate your ‘kind’ side


7. Can be the underdog

11. Have something in common with them 12. Have overcome adversity (tell your story) Your character is essentially your ‘Brand’. Humans like to buy from other humans not businesses or websites. Invest your efforts and money into building your ‘Personal Brand’. Share information about some aspects of your personal life on your website, blogs, newsletters etc. to help people understand a few things about you, in addition to your business expertise. It will pay off.


How does my temperament influence other people’s experience of me? What do my prospect and I do the same, when we are not working in our businesses? What flaws do I have, that I’d like to admit, that my prospects also have? n

What do my clients love to tell others about me? n

What gets my blood boiling, that my prospects love to hear me “rant” about? n

Who do my prospects aspire to be? What do they aspire to do and have? n

What personal characteristics do I want to be known for? n


Note down the characteristics of you that fit points 1–12 above, and then ask yourself the above questions. What aspects of your character do you need to dial up and dial down? n

CONTACT Amber McLean BUSINESS Naked Women’s Business PHONE +61 (0) 447 291 230


Promoting professionalism & excellence in early childhood! 26 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13



into sales

Nanny Agency

Although the process is literally rewarding and it makes you review your business, entering awards takes time and time is money, so to make the most of the experience you need to turn those awards into sales. JANE LYNCH shares some low cost ways to accomplish this.

Qualified Professional Carers

An award can add value to your business for many years. It helps build your profile in your industry. It adds credibility and awareness of your expertise to the wide community. It also motivates staff and boosts morale.

Casual Babysitting / Emergency Care Full-time / Part-time Care

But how do you channel this energy and excitement into creating sales?

Crèche Care for Special Events

Write letters or emails

Write to the sponsors of the award thanking them for their contribution. Most winners thank the sponsors at the awards event but very few will take the time to write afterwards. Make this a letter rather than an email to stand out even more. This can bring business as sponsors often refer work. Write to the winners in the other categories congratulating them. This gesture of goodwill may help you form some powerful partnerships which result in future work. If it was based on work you completed for a client, send them a photo of you accepting the award. They will be proud to tell others that they work with an award-winning business.

Use online and offline media

Write a press release; remember to make it interesting. If an announcement of your award appears in the paper, cut it out and use it in your presentation to potential clients. Mail (snail or email) a copy to clients that you have worked with, this simply creates the alibi for keeping in touch. Add it to your printed promotional materials. You don’t have to replace your letterhead or brochures to do this as most good printing companies can produce a sticker for you to add to your existing materials. If you take space advertising in printed form put the award logo on your advertisement. Use social media before and after the award to let your fans/followers know that you have entered, and then won the award. Add the award logo to your website, email newsletter, and email signature.

Write a blog article about the process and why you entered. This all adds to your credibility online and offline.

Create a ‘brag’ wall

Create a space in the office that is highly visible to customers and hang a photo of the winning product, and of you accepting the award; you can also add a framed copy of the newspaper article announcing the award.

Thank your staff

This may seem really obvious but do something special for your staff, maybe order a special cake and share it for morning tea. You want to keep the buzz alive for as long as possible.

Current customers

Send all your customers an email or letter letting them know you have won an award. They will tell others they are working with an award-winning company.

Other industry groups

If you are a member of an industry group, such as the chamber of commerce or local business networking group, contact them, they may choose to include this as a news item in their newsletter or member magazine. Make the most of entering awards and good luck! n CONTACT Jane Lynch BUSINESS Giraffe Marketing PHONE 1300 366 876


Corporate Child Care Available Prac families needed for Nannies-in-Training Approved In Home Care Provider

Trust a CHARLTON BROWN® nanny or companion to

CARE for the youngest,

to the oldest members of your family Mention Women’s Network when registering with the CHARLTON BROWN® Nanny Placement Agency and receive

50% OFF your registration

For more information Call 1300 626 643 or visit our website www.charltonbrown.com.au CRICOS 02476C ABN 76 071 346 953

Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 27




Did you know that by becoming more aware of your environment and trusting your animal instincts, your business could be exploding with sales? JANET KAKE explains the back-to-basic-instinct selling techniques used by successful sales professionals. Have you ever wondered why the X factor is in business? Why do some people succeed and others fail? One simple answer, successful people are in touch with their animal instincts. They know how to work the room, listen to people, smell out a customer, talk the talk, walk the walk, have a positive flavour in their mouth. They can feel their environment and are aware of everything that is going on around them. Your animal instincts can help you make more sales, increase your income, lead a better life and work smarter not harder. It sounds easy doesn’t it? Animal instincts are your gut instincts and how you feel about something. By using all of your senses – sight, taste, hearing, touch and

smell you will become totally aware of your environment which means you will have less chance of missing opportunities that can lead your business to making more sales. Your body is one of your best sales tools. What are you saying to your customers with your body, what is your dress sense saying, how do you feel when you shake your customer’s hand?

Four top tips to help you practice the art of fine tuning your animal instincts. 1. Consciously be aware and study yours and your customer’s body language to maximise all your opportunities to communicate.

2. Consciously be aware of your environment and practice knowing everyone around you and everything that is going on.

3. Practice working with your customer’s emotions instead of your own. This can be done by repeating your presentation every time so your words fall off the end of your tongue and you can get into their reality and out of yours.

4. Go into the bush at night with no light and walk around. Get back in touch with nature and bring that knowledge into your business. By using your intuition, body language and five senses, you can sense your customer’s needs and wants and make more sales. n

CONTACT Janet Kake BUSINESS Prime Science of Selling PHONE +61 (0) 418 743 732


Get behind the scenes into how I filled four events with 133 bums on seats & generated $143,277 in high quality sales, in 90 days.


If you adore the idea of getting inside exactly what to do & where to prioritise your time & money, to launch your 6-Figure Event Empire in a way that is ACHIEVABLE, then simply visit…

www.ambermclean.com.au/ThePlan To Get Free Access To Your Done-For-You

6-Figure Event Strategy Plan

“Amber, working with you, is without a doubt, the most inspiring and useful business building I’ve ever done. Your system allowed me to create and deliver my very first event, where I generated seven new clients (and counting) and $10,000 in sales. Your work is the epitome of teaching someone to fish, and it’s why I and your other clients appreciate what you do so much.” HOLLY RAGLAND | ONE GIANT LEAP – COACHING FOR CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS

Amber McLean – Founder of Naked Women’s Business 28 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13



cold calling blues

When it comes to telesales it is all about your state of mind, not the state of mind of the person you are calling. JENNY CARTWRIGHT explains how staying positive and focused will make your job easier and make it possible for you to reach those targets.

It is so important to have a positive attitude when you are making sales calls on the phone. If you focus on getting rejections, then that is what you will get. When you focus on getting interest from the client, you will have more success. If a negative thought enters your head, pinch yourself, write it down and change it to a positive, goal-supporting statement immediately. It is definitely self-motivating when you have a goal of how many calls you are going to make and you have some idea how many calls you have to make on average over a day to make a sale. If one day you make, on average, one sale or appointment in 20 calls, then you will know that every ‘no’ is getting you closer to a ‘yes’.

Reward yourself for every two hours of focused calling – a cup of coffee, a pat on the back, a phone call to a friend. When you know your batting average, you will be much more motivated. It might not be spot on 20 calls that you get the next sale but it will be somewhere around that figure. You might make 35 calls, get nothing and then get two sales in a row. What happens when you come into the office with a hangover, feeling unwell or just plain tired? You really don’t feel like making sales calls. It would be good to have some strategies up your sleeve to get yourself out of that state into a positive mode, wouldn’t it?

Here are a few ideas to move into and remain in a positive mode: 1. Make your office space tidy so you are not cluttered with paper all around you which might cause you to feel more stressed.

2. Review your goals and objectives and know why you are doing the job you are doing. What is this job going to give you – money, prestige, a sense of achievement, a new car? 3. Learn something more about the product or service you are promoting to give you more information to talk about with the customer. 4. Make calls for a two-hour stretch and then have a break. Walk around to energise yourself.

5. Reward yourself for every two hours of focused calling – a cup of coffee, a pat on the back, a phone call to a friend.

some to display on your desk. Have photos of people you like around you. 10. Develop an ‘I can’ attitude.

6. Focus on your successes, not your failures. 7. Incorporate some healthy activity every day – walking, yoga, swimming, and bike riding, whatever you like as long as you are moving! 8. Think of something far more frightening than what you are currently doing (i.e. if you fear rejection). Then it makes what you are doing look easy. 9. Have things around you that make you feel relaxed. If you are allowed background music, play it, if you have a nice screensaver, use it, if you like the smell of fresh flowers, buy yourself


If you have to make sales calls for your business, these techniques can help you get past any negative reactions you may receive throughout the day and help you to achieve your targets. n

CONTACT Jenny Cartwright BUSINESS Sales and Telesales Solutions PHONE +61 (2) 9427 3479


Mandy Cann – Mob: 0401 665 981 Email: info@cannconsulting.com.au Web: www.cannconsulting.com.au


Cann Consulting is your on-call HR and IR Manager assisting small and medium businesses manage their staff efficiently and professionally giving you more time to run your business. Services include: • On-call HR/IR Manager • Contracts of employment With each booking you • Induction process receive a free copy of • Policies & procedures Kirsty’s book ‘PARENTING –

• Audits – complying with workplace laws • Performance management • Investigations • Terminations & Unfair Dismissals

ATalk Guide The Ride’ to For Mandy today about your people management needs

Succulent quality meat delivered to your door • Hormone free • Half or full side available • Cut up to your specifications (labelled separately) • We deliver to Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold and Sunshine Coasts. • Highly competitive prices • Award winning product

Robbie Shaw – Boutique Meats Ph: 07 5424 1800 Mobile: 0427 613 823 Email: boutiquemeats@bigpond.com

Paddock to plate: www.boutiquemeats.com.au Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 29

Need gifts for men?



retail competition In spite of serious economic woes affecting many sectors across Australia, the number of major retail outlets opening ‘flagship’ stores continues to rise. TERRI MITCHELL shares her expertise on how to capture the attention of your customers and keep it despite who may open up next door.

One thing stands out about each new ‘flagship’ store that opens in Australia; hordes of customers rush through the doors on opening day, and the crowds keep coming for weeks.

Finding gifts for men, can be a “challenge”. Why not shop the easy & stress free way for men’s gifts... online at Gifts for Blokes. Gifts for men of all ages and for all occasions Birthdays ■ Special “milestone” birthdays ■ Father’s Day ■ Dad & Grandad/Pop presents ■ Christmas ■ Kris Kringle ■ Anniversary ■ Bridal party gifts ■ Valentine’s Day ■ New Dad & Father to be ■ Or when you just want to spoil him ■

Fast, friendly service – flat rate postage Australia wide. Orders over $130 posted free within Australia.


men’s gifts made easy 30 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13

It’s tough for you, the existing business owner, to see a competitor move in on your turf and seemingly steal away your ‘bread and butter’ customers. But those huge numbers of customers will soon dwindle down to bare minimums, and your competitor will feel the pinch of quiet days where opening the doors seems an expensive waste of time. Here are some tips on what you can do to ensure your business reclaims the attention and purchases of your ideal customers.


At every opportunity, capture your customers’ contact details. This means absolutely anyone walking through the door. Give them reason to pass their name, email and mobile numbers to you before they leave. These are vital – more important than whether the customer spends today or not. Incentives to hand over their details include gift vouchers, discounts, prize draws, etc. Think ‘Future Marketing’.


Customers love to think their opinion counts for something. So, ask them, and reward frequent opinions with store discounts, freebies, special memberships or other valuable gifts. You could ask about quality, bundling, range, most popular; anything that relates to your product or service, and your customers and competitors. Include pricing, layout, and the online experience (if you offer it, and if you don’t, whether you should). This could provide valuable nuggets you can action to gain and retain customers.

Don’t overlook the importance of building face-to-face contact within your store, or business; encourage your customers to come to you first in response to an incentive you have offered them.


Ask your customers to help build loyalty amongst your shopper base. Explore the option of developing an affiliate program, or appoint customers as ambassadors for your store. Reward them – the more customers they bring, the greater the financial reward they receive. Keep it simple; it relies on word of mouth and trust, and it’s a win–win for you and your customers. Don’t overlook the importance of building face-to-face contact within your store, or business; encourage your customers to come to you first in response to an incentive you have offered them. Critical to your survival is how you engage with your customers, how you incentivize them to, and treat them when they do, shop at your business. More importantly, if you capture each potential and actual customer’s details, then you are building a database for future marketing opportunities. Remember, this alone can help boost sales and loyalty – all for a low budget. The big stores will still have to face the slow down periods and the novelty will wear off, and you will be able to compete just as before; you simply need an arsenal of retail shopping weapons to fire off with the accuracy of hitting the target audience every time. n

CONTACT Terri Mitchell BUSINESS The Profit Frog PHONE 1300 983 641


InBrief PAYPAL’s latest Secure Insight report forecasts there will be $5.6 billion worth of retail purchases made on mobiles in 2012 – up from $155 million in 2010. The report found a huge emphasis on technology in the buying process: 92 per cent of Australians use desktops to shop, while 47 per cent use smartphones and 25 per cent use tablets. SMALL BUSINESSES and internet users have had a win of sorts with the Federal Government abandoning its plans to create a wide-reaching internet filter. The planned filter had been met with wide voter backlash, opposition from the communications industry, and multiple demonstrations that the filter would not necessarily work as planned. Small businesses were also concerned with reports the filter could inadvertently block innocent websites.

anner, D financial pl QUEENSLAN pire As om fr na Olivia Marag this ial Services is Retire Financ estigious pr e th of t en year’s recipi ar viser of the Ye Australian Ad ed as -b ne ba is Award. The Br st viser is the fir financial ad award and e th t ou ke female to ta ong enslander am the only Que g for in nn ru e th six finalists in ial ion of Financ the Associat r of the se vi Ad ) FA (A Advisers’ Year Award. EXECUTIVE women’s health is becoming an issue with only 44 per cent of female CFOs saying they had visited a doctor or specialist in the past year. This contrasts with the figure of 74.5 per cent of male CFOs who had been to see a doctor. Another 43.2 per cent of female CFOs could not even remember the last time they had even seen a doctor.

Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u

Business n success n Life

summer 2012/13 Aust $8.75 inc gst

is hiring a coach a waste of money?

The business of love

a study ccording to k or two? A en, om w h ENJOY a drin is 34,000 Swed holic of more than an three alco wn more th do ely lik ss le nt those who r ce k are 52 pe an drinks a wee d arthritis th oi at m eu rh stick to a to d ee to develop n owever, you H . rs le per day al ks ot teet dard drin of two stan of other s rt so l maximum al heading into or you start . es health issu

WOMEN are two and half times more likely than men to live in poverty in their old age. According to research by the Australian Centre for Financial Studies, the average amount of super held by women aged 58 to 62 was $95,000, compared with $210,000 for men of the same age. Much of that gap is attributable to time women have taken off work for childbirth and child-rearing responsibilities.

LACK of time is one of the biggest challenges for business owners but help is at your fingertips. Mobile apps designed to increase productivity saved business owners on average 5.6 hours a week, according to a recent survey.

FORMER Victorian Small Business Commissioner, Mark Brennan, has been appointed as the inaugural Australian Small Business Commissioner. As Australian Small Business Commissioner, Mark will work closely with the Gillard Government to advise on issues that impact Australia’s three million small businesses. The Commissioner will also work in consultation with industry and other governments to ensure that small business concerns are heard and taken into consideration across Government. Through the Commissioner, the government says small business owners will be able to access information, advice and referral to services including business advisory and dispute resolution services.


The REMOTE Jobs and Communities training program has awarded 13 Indigenous women well-earned qualifications making them ready for jobs in the mining industry. A joint initiative between the Minerals Council of Australia, the Australian Government and the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, the training program is a great example of industry and government working together. RESET your body clock. In the future women may be able to have babies later in life, thanks to ovary transplants. A handful of women worldwide have undergone the experimental procedure and had babies after menopause. The idea is that women could have ovary tissue removed and frozen while they are still fertile, and then have the tissue grafted back on later in life.

GERM BANK. The average bacteria count on any ATM keypad reads at 1,271. When you consider that a reading of between 10 to 200 is deemed clean enough to eat off, and 600+ is a bacterial infestation, it makes carrying hand sanitiser all the more important.

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n The

increase your mating rating

The ulTimaTe Tonic for


Print Post Approved PP411192/00010

PRIME MINISTER Julia Gillard has announced her aim to increase the 4 per cent of federal public servants who work from home to 12 per cent by 2020. It is envisaged that the move to a teleworking model will have far reaching benefits and enable higher workforce participation by part-time, casual, older and disabled workers. Research by Deloitte estimates telework will deliver an extra $3.2 billion a year to GDP by 2020–2021 and the equivalent of an extra 25,000 full-time jobs.

Tips on how to create a magnetic personal brand


is social media blurring the lines H o w t o g r a p p l e w i t H yo u r r e p u tat i o n o n g o o g l e

* See rates and specifications sheet for full details at


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Books, they hold the answers to the great questions in life! Basically they offer the same words just in a different order, but they have been inspiring, educating and bringing tears to eyes for years. Here are our top choices.






Author: Liz Davenport Price: $55.00 Liz Davenport OAM has been a leading Australian fashion designer, manufacturer and retailer for 35 years. Liz’s new biography chronicles her determination to succeed in business and sets the highest standard in the world of fashion. It also reflects on Liz’s journey as a wife, mother, mentor and activist. Available for purchase at www.lizdavenport.com.au

35 Years Of Fabulous Fashion


Author: Tracey Fripp and Melissa Georgiou Price: $14.95 Jam packed with fun tasks, goal setting and personal development tools with diary section prompts to help with planning and achieving tasks, this book will help you build your organisational skills, resilience, talent, self-esteem and positivity. Use it as inspiration to be the best you can be! Order from www.goalgettersdiary.com



Author: Carren Smith Price: $32.90 Carren Smith’s life-affirming memoir is a courageous account of her experience of the 2002 Bali bombing and her aweinspiring journey back from the brink. In her intimate account of triumph over tragedy, Carren reveals how her collision course with self-destruction has since powered her zest for life and resulted in a new focus for life and work in the field of human transformation, now that the dust has cleared. Available at all good book stores or visit www.carrensmith.com

Geers’ Diary



Author: Michalle Faulkner Price: $24.99 This comprehensive resource is a must read for every business owner and manager, and offers a new perspective on team management and leadership. It is a refreshing approach to the area of human resources and an essential guide to hiring, firing and getting the most out of your workforce. Michalle provides jargon-free advice, which you can refer back to again and again, on planning, compliance, communication, conflict resolution and more. Available for purchase online at www.michallefaulkner.com


Are you where you want to be? Do you know how to get there? BE by Design can show you how to get the most out of life by handing over the controls and making you accountable for your own existence. Using a four-phase process that draws on a blend of modern psychology and eastern wisdom, this journey to self is full of easyto-use, practical tools and stimulating strategies to help you unlock your full potential in everything you intend, think, feel, say, and do. Available online at www.bebydesign.net

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Author: Michele Gillett and Sharron-Del Wakely Price: $14.95

This is a handbook for women of all ages who want to look good and feel great every day. A light-hearted and easy read, it gives women practical information and tips so they can dress their unique body shape, employ some style tips, organise their wardrobes and recognise their own individual style personality. For more information and to purchase visit www.abfab.biz





With 16 top ten bestsellers, and over 25,000,000 books sold worldwide, ALLAN AND BARBARA PEASE are Australia’s most successful publishing team. It is fair to say they know their stuff, and lucky for us, they are happy to share. Their understanding of human communication and body language can give us amazing insights into why we do what we do, what our partners do, and how to decipher each other’s behaviour. Here is a piece of gold for you, and you will find many more in their latest book ‘Body Language of Love’.


Women need to accept that there are few men in this world who are romantic. If you are very lucky you will have one who buys you flowers for no other reason than he loves you…but he is no different from his less romantic mates. They are simply tending to their needs as men and this is not related to sports, business and DIY issues. They are thinking about their main interest in life – sex! Men are not inclined or interested in wining and dining you because, for most of the time, they are thinking about the weekend’s football game, but many have also learnt that to get you in the right mood, flowers and wine will put them in your good books for around a month. This means they will be rewarded (in the love department) more often than usual! So, how are you going to get that bunch of flowers? Be direct. Men can’t read minds, or emotions like women can. If a woman gives her man the silent treatment, he won’t even notice for at least 11 minutes so you are not punishing him at all because he likes the peace and quiet! If you want to get a message across, you have to clearly outline, almost like an agenda, what it is you want to discuss with him. Make your thoughts clear as day. Don’t accuse him of insensitivity or he will only react defensively,

Author: Michele Connolly Price: $29.00 When it comes to losing weight, it’s not what you know – it’s WHAT YOU DO. Forget struggle, perfectionism and willpower, and gain information and empowerment to do the things that help you lose weight. Change the path of least resistance so eating, moving and thinking right gets easier. It covers diet, exercise and mindset and offers hundreds of practical ideas and strategies. Available from Amazon Kindle Store or visit www.52WLM.com

tune out or even walk out. Approach him in a manner that is non-threatening. Be direct, open and honest – if you want to go out, give him prior warning. Tell him you want to have a special night out and why, he then knows to get you flowers or a gift. Never rely on the man to think of it himself, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment. So, when your next anniversary looms on the love horizon, keep in mind all of the above but always remember, that it’s not the sexy lingerie, the flowers, the chocolates, or the wine he brings you. He sees those as meaningless tokens anyway. It is the years of love, commitment and dedication you have given to each other that you are celebrating. Have a great anniversary (even if he does forget which one!) make love, not ‘love war’! n


Author: Allan and Barbara Pease Price: $19.95 With everything you need to know about using body language to increase your mating rating to finding a long-term partner, The Body Language of Love will help you to identify and correct the body language that could be letting you down. The book covers essential tips such as understanding the mating game, the art of flirting and courtship signals, speed-dating, first dates, parties and internet dating. Available at all good bookstores or visit www.peaseinternational.com

THE DIARIES OF A CORPORATE PRINCESS Author: Hacy Tobias Price: $24.95

For anyone who has ever lost their job, been downsized or who simply wants to change their life, this inspiring true-life story is a must read. After 33 years in the corporate world and as a global general manager, author Hacy Tobias suddenly finds herself without a job at age 52. With raw honesty and a Bridget Jones wit, the author details her transition from high-flying executive and ‘corporate princess’ to becoming her own boss. Available at book stores and online at www.corporateprincess.com/buy

Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 33




The leadership, behaviour and culture of a business drives customer satisfaction, profits and employee satisfaction. NERIDA GUERIN provides seven tips on how to create a culture that will achieve maximum returns for your business.

It’s a scary thought that there is a link between leaders’ behaviours, workplace culture and the bottom line! Take Lion Nathan, a successful Australianbased alcoholic beverages company who over a 10-year period have transformed their organisation from a defensive to a constructive culture. The organisation has moved from a ‘command and control’ leadership style to one that is more coaching and results oriented (Human Synergistic). The impact on their business over that period has been increased profits, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. What is culture? In simple terms it is how people believe they should behave to get ahead or survive in an organisation. Behaviour can

be compared to the tip of an iceberg, everyone can see it, but how we interact with others in the open, determines the kind of response we will get. A manager’s behaviour towards their staff will either build or diminish trust with each encounter. Effective managers use their behaviour to build trust.

7 Tips for building a sustainable and successful culture:

1. Measure and benchmark your organisational culture – understand where the business is today in terms of linking its strategies and plans to the activities of staff. This will help define areas to drive future performance. 2. Invest in working with and coaching staff

on an individual basis to achieve their results which are linked to your business objectives. This should include a regular one-on-one discussion with staff reflecting on their achievements and encouraging them towards the future goals and objectives. 3. Measure how people view themselves (their behaviours) in relation to the environment around them and provide employee development to support them to adapt to work independently and in a team. 4. Create ‘mutual success’ by linking the business and employee needs. 5. Align processes and systems to support this outcome including having a People Plan linked to the business plan. 6. Link processes and ensure they are logical, i.e. define expected behaviours and include them in all processes from job descriptions, selection criteria, and orientation to performance and salary reviews. 7. Create an environment that fosters and drives the right behaviours – establish core values and define associated behaviours, embed these into your processes and systems.

Key messages

There is a definite link between the organisational culture and leadership – “we define the culture by who we put into leadership positions” (Brian Cook, CEO Geelong Football Club). Change is a process and journey not a destination. It can be painful and confronting to address individual behaviours but rewarding in the long term for both the individual and the organisation.

We Do Fixed Fee Billing 1800 POD LEGAL

Leadership behaviour creates the culture that determines business performance, good or bad! As a business and manager, our jobs depend on our people! Let’s nurture the right culture. n

CONTACT Nerida Guerin BUSINESS Garner Business Solutions PHONE 1300 856 930


34 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13


Your staff and


The growth of social media has created a vast range of communication opportunities. With it, however, comes a blurring of the lines between business and personal communication, especially in the workplace. ANNA CAIRO provides assistance on how to best manage this issue.

There are a number of issues involving social media that are relevant to both employer and employee.

Questions to consider about social media: Should employees have access to social media platforms in the workplace? n


If so, how and when?


If not, will this affect employee morale?

What about employees responsible for developing social media sites on behalf of the employer? n


What about outside work hours?

It is essential that employers understand that social media is an important communication tool that needs to be managed. Providing guidelines for employees through a Social Media Policy around what is acceptable and not acceptable behaviour is vital. Some employers have made it common practice to make social media sites inaccessible in the workplace. Nowadays though, blocking such sites is not practical. Gen Y considers Internet and social media access a ‘benefit’ of employment and hand-held devices make it harder for employers to control usage. So what is the solution? Balance and common sense is advisable and accessibility desirable. There is no one policy ‘fits all’. Each organisation needs to tailor their policy

Social Media Solutions Connect • Share • Create

We offer: • Workable social media strategy tailored to business objectives • Practical solutions for social media workplace issues

Consulting • Seminars • Workshops Contact Anna Cairo for your obligation free social media assessment P: + 61 (3) 9855 1856 | M: 0417 010 877 E: anna@annacairo.com | www.annacairo.com

to suit their culture, beliefs and values. Employee involvement and feedback is necessary so that employees feel they have been part of the process.

General guidelines to consider when implementing a Social Media Policy: Include a definition of social media – with so many platforms available, employees need to be aware of exactly what is meant by the term. n

Include a description of social media behaviour. For example, when can social media sites be accessed – during breaks or is flexibility a better option? n

Make sure employees are aware there is a policy and it is accessible to them. n

Implement a Social Media Policy alongside your Internet and email policy. n

The policy must include consequences for employees who breach the policy. n

These must be documented and employees made aware of what will happen should they not follow the policy.

All employees need to be aware that if they publish content about their employer on their personal social media platforms, this information is public information. They need to be cautious about what they post because they can quickly loose control of the information if it goes ‘viral’. Employers on the other hand cannot control employee’s usage of social media. Having a Social Media Policy, therefore, allows employers to be proactive and set guidelines around what they will and will not accept, and minimise any possible reputation and brand damage. n

Training, covering appropriate usage, expectations and consequences is essential and employees must sign off that they have attended training.

CONTACT Anna Cairo BUSINESS Anna Cairo Consulting PHONE +61 (0) 417 010 877


Maxfield Cosmetics Make-up that will make you beautiful Our mineral based makeup comes in full size and travel sized packaging. Perfect for your bathroom and your handbag. Order over $100 worth of product online and receive both a 10% discount and a free 30 minute phone/skype image consult with Image and Presentation Coach Clare Maxfield AICI CIP - the founder of Maxfield Cosmetics To access your discount type in the code WNA30 when you checkout. www.MaxfieldCosmetics.com

Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 35


Have your cake


Research shows that far too many women recoil when it comes to negotiating and bargaining for what they want in the workplace. So can they really expect to get ahead when they are not willing to state their case and negotiate for what they want? AMANDA EDWARDS looks at this controversial issue. Women negotiate every day. They negotiate with their spouses, children, tradesmen, colleagues and work partners. However, when women are asked to picture a skilled negotiator most will envision a man. “Our daughters will earn $1 million less than our sons, our mothers in this country are 50% more likely to live in poverty in retirement, and our sisters are more likely to be paid 17.5% less than our brothers.” Julie McKay, Head UN Women Australia, 2012

Studies suggest that the core of this differential is less about discrimination and more about women not asking for, or expecting, more than what is offered. It is important to understand this and know that it can be different. Consider Belinda, a successful woman at the top of her field. Her company underwent restructure. Several people had been made redundant or their conditions of employment

changed. Most were women and accepted the offers. In the health industry it was an unusual circumstance. Staff did not know what to expect or how to manage the changing circumstances. Belinda was different. She suspected she would be offered a change in employment conditions and did not want this. The environment had become so toxic she no longer felt her position was tenable. Working with a colleague, she thought about what she wanted. Belinda did her research and sought expert advice. She practiced the possible scenarios. At the meeting Belinda followed through what she had rehearsed. Maintaining her composure and sticking to her plan, Belinda got all she wanted without burning bridges. The HR Manager was caught off guard and agreed to a package that was acceptable to both parties, even though they were unhappy about losing her. Emotionally, this was hard for Belinda as she had been there for many years. However, being prepared enabled her to negotiate the best outcome possible.

prepared to accept or walk away from. Write it down.

2 Do your research – what’s the low and high range for what you want? For example, if it is a salary negotiation, ask people you know and check wage information lines etc. Don’t forget to speak to your male colleagues – what they tell you may surprise you.

3 Practice ahead of time. What might be the arguments presented and how will you respond?

4 Manage yourself. Check your emotions and acknowledge those. Understand the impact those emotions might have on the discussion and plan ways to manage this ahead of time.

5 Timing – choose your time well. Friday afternoon might not be the best time to negotiate your salary increase! Women work and negotiate differently to men. Working with these differences can greatly enhance your success over a lifetime and is well worth the effort. Applying these principles can help you have your cake and eat it too. n

Negotiating a good outcome is not difficult. Women negotiate differently than men and it is important to acknowledge this and work to those strengths.

CONTACT Amanda Edwards BUSINESS Macedon Ranges Equine

Guided Education +61 (0) 408 554 823 www.macedonrangesege.com

Five principles of successful negotiation for women: 1 Think about what you want as an outcome


– your minimum, maximum, what you are

Women’s retreat – it’s all about you!

Do you want an opportunity to explore your inner self, become the best version of you, and get direction and clarity while relaxing in a luxurious Villa overseas? See yourself in a completely different way and get your life on track with passion and drive. Learn how to improve your relationships and evoke an unstoppable drive to strive. Pamper yourself with a body massage one day, a facial the next, and a deluxe pedicure and manicure during your stay. This exclusive 5 day seminar/retreat will be held in Bali, April 2013. Numbers are strictly limited to 10 people to ensure an intimate group setting, as well as the opportunity of privacy to retreat to your own room and contemplate the day.



For more information go to www.lifeskills.com.au or contact Jennifer on 0400 300 303 Jennifer Wilson – Consultant Psychologist AMAPS, Life Direction Mentor & Professional Speaker NSAA Contemporary Life Skills – Phone +61 8 9368 1100 emaiL jennifer.wilson@lifeskills.com.au 36 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13


Strategies for change


In a technologically advanced world, business operations change daily and, unfortunately, not everyone rolls smoothly with the innovations. THERESE WALES looks at why people are so resistant to change and how leaders can facilitate change with less resistance from their staff. Why do people resist change? This is a much-debated question. One school of thought suggests that people don’t resist change they resist being changed. Another school of thought suggests that resistance to change is based on the leader themselves.

What are some of the reasons why people resist change? Fear. This could be fear of the unknown, fear that they won’t be as successful after the change or they will no longer be needed or fear that their shortcomings will be exposed. n

No compelling reason or motivation to change. What is in it for them to change? n


Not clear about what will change.


Not clear about how what they do will change.

“People, like all forms of life, only change when something so disturbs them that they are forced to let go of their present beliefs. Nothing changes until we interpret things differently. Change occurs only when we let go of our certainty.” you will find solutions and their involvement in the process. Consider this from Dee Hock: “People, like all forms of life, only change when something so disturbs them that they are forced to let go of their present beliefs. Nothing changes until we interpret things differently. Change occurs only when we let go of our certainty.” This quote is about addressing people’s fears, whatever they may be. Answering the why, what and how will go a long way to helping with this. The key is to answer the questions

not only from the company or your own perspective, but to answer from theirs. Walk in their shoes, so to speak, to truly understand and answer effectively. n

CONTACT Therese Wales BUSINESS Up to You PHONE +61 (2) 8854 0914


Not clear about the support they will get to make the changes. n

These are by no means the only reasons but they are the most prevalent.

What can you do as a leader to overcome this resistance and make it easier for people to change? In general, people need to know ‘why’ something needs to change, ‘what’ will change and what will stay the same and ‘how’ things will change. Beyond that they need to understand the support they will have to make the changes. It’s pretty simple really. Answer these questions in a way that resonates with people and you are halfway there. Repeat it consistently and often and you move even further along. To answer the ‘why’ – describe your vision, the outcome you expect from the change, facts that support the need to change, what people will get from the change etc. To answer the ‘what’ – describe exactly what will change, processes, information, roles etc. as well as what will not change. People have a need for variety and certainty so explaining both will meet both these needs.

Stay cool this summer! Bring colour into your life with the stunning and joyful jewellery from Natalie Barney Jewellery Design ... available in all summery colours!


Natalie Barney Jewellery Design Shop 4, 143 Military Road, Neutral Bay NSW 2089 Ph: 9953 8624

To answer the ‘how’ – tell people what you know and what you don’t know. Explain how

www.nataliebarneyjewellery.com.au Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 37


WhatWeLike Showcasing the products WNA Members take to the domestic and international markets - these products are as diverse as the businesses and careers of the dynamic women behind them.


Who needs a man when you have this 27-piece tool kit? It’s perfect for all those small jobs around the home. It has a screwdriver for every type of application, insulated pliers, cutting knife, measuring tape and socket spinners. It comes in a zipper bag for easy storage. RRP: $42.90. For more details visit www.redwrappings.com.au

p Inspiration is in the cards

Resilience is a constant belief in yourself to be well, to be happy and to be better. This 22 card set has been created to help you do just this. Pull out a daily or weekly card to inspire you, or three cards to give you a deeper awareness of what is going on and how to progress. It is up to you. RRP: $15. To order visit www.unity-qld.com.au/Products.html


The Takeaway Menu Box is Perfect for storing all those take away menus in one location. It is a hand-painted timber, hinged and latched box 30cm x 16cm x 7cm. RRP: $29.95. To order visit www.steadysticks.com

Good enough to eat u

A little soap, an adorable box and one delicious scent. These Michel Design Works soaps are beautifully packaged making them the perfect gift for any age. The stylish 100-gram soaps contain only the finest ingredients and are triple-milled and handmade in Sussex, England. RRP: $9.95. For more information visit www.villamondo.com

Crème for every body u

Use this non-greasy luxurious 250ml Créme for Hand and Body all over the body everyday to improve skin hydration and aid in repair of hands and cuticles. It is infused with pure essential oils blended in a natural plant base of aloe vera and calendula extract with macadamia and coconut oil for added hydration and nourishment. One small application will help restore softness and guard against moisture loss. RRP: $29.50. To order visit www.enrichretreat.com.au/store.php


Inspired by European travels and blissful holidays on Byron Bay beaches, artist and designer Deborah Bauer creates decorative and vibrant metal screens for the urban environment in her Brisbane studio. Choose from her fresh urban catalogue designs or create something fabulously unique through one-on-one consultation. RRP: start from $329 for panels 600mm x 1200mm. For more details visit www.urbanmetal.com.au 38 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13

Half the alcohol and twice the fun u

If you love sparkling pink wines, this is the drop for you. Made from Muscat and Shiraz grapes grown in the cool vineyards of South Eastern Australia, Bling Sparkling Moscato has intense Muscat fruitiness with a slight tinge of the red grape characters. Perfect for those long summer nights or simply for when catching up with your girlfriends. RRP: $22.95 per bottle plus delivery. Order five bottles and get one free. Available at www.gossipbox.com.au


Whether a high tea novice or an expert, you will love this. The gift box includes a 100g tin of Lavender Earl Grey Tea, a beautiful Lavender Candle to put you in the mood and a Lavender scone mix to serve your guests with piping hot scones for that leisurely high tea with friends and family. RRP: $30. To order visit www.itea.com.au


The fabulous Tracy Tote makes the perfect summer fashion accessory for the girl on the go. Available in a range of colours including vibrant yellow, orange and red, you will have heads turning. Each bag also comes with a beautiful pure silk scarf. RRP: $79.95. To order visit www.beautifullaptopbags.com.au

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This stylish and functional Apple & Bee foldout bag will definitely add a touch of class and elegance to any trip. Made from organic cotton on the outside with an eco-friendly protective layer and recycled PET plastic on the inside. The bag features three separate compartments and a hanger hook. RRP: $49.95. To order visit www.ciaobellatravel.com.au

Nature’s delicious body rejuvenatorq

Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with Rubifresh’s non-drying, luxurious Body Scrub. Cleanse your whole body: naturally exfoliate with raw sugar and chia seeds, detox with green clay and juniper, and nourish with organic camellia oil and avocado oil. The refreshing aroma of lime and spearmint will leave you wanting more. RRP: $42. For more information and to purchase visit www.rubifresh.com.au


Impress your guests with this green tea, marigold, jasmine and globe amaranth mix. A spectacular sight to behold as a blooming ball unfolds to reveal a globe amaranth flower perched upon high-grade green tea leaves. A great gift for any occasion. Eight blooming balls packed in a beautiful gift box for only RRP: $20 and you won’t be able to pass up the teapot for RRP: $30. To purchase visit www.teablossoms.com.au


Email a professional product photo (tif or jpg at 300 dpi) and a 60 word description including the RRP and where readers can purchase the product to editorial@womensnetwork.com.au Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 39



Steps to a magnetic PERSONAL BRAND

Have you tapped into the hearts and souls of your prospects? NICOLA MORAS looks at how a total revamp of your personal branding can help you to make more money and achieve a better lifestyle balance.

There is a brilliant way to tap inside the mind of a prospect to create a personal brand that is enigmatic, attractive and magnetic to that of your ideal prospect. A personal brand is about so much more than the colours of a website or the style of a logo. It’s the complete package – the way someone conveys visually who they are and what they stand for. For most entrepreneurs and women in business, it’s a two-pronged venture. n

They want to make money from what they do.


They want to achieve lifestyle balance.

It you want your business to be more financially rewarding whilst also creating a greater level of balance it is probably time you examined your personal branding and how it can be more beneficial in helping you achieve your overall goals. These five steps will help you to create an engaging, magnetic, powerful and more enigmatic personal brand. Each of the steps is imperative, so you can’t implement one and ignore the others.

Own you – Make the choice every day to be the best version of yourself. When you are out and about networking, always wear an outfit that elevates your confidence and one that represents the core values of you and your business.

Own your biz – Many women’s businesses are already successful, however their goal is to

access new markets. This step is all about being very clear on your target market, who you want to work with and then locating them. Using a ‘scatter gun’ approach when you are sourcing new business is a very costly marketing exercise. Re-evaluate your personal branding to see if it is hitting the mark. The way you target and connect with 30-year-old male prospects is very different to how you would connect with a segment of 50-year-old women. Their needs, wants and how you reach and speak with these groups is completely different.

Be engaging – Discovering what makes your target market tick is of utmost importance. What are their specific needs, their deepest darkest fears and what brings them incredible joy. If they could have anything in the world and in their business, what would it be? Once you have a clear indication on these perimeters it is then and only then that you can move on to developing your personal brand so it encompasses your findings.

To strategically market your personal brand and business, you must create an experience for prospects that involves you! ‘Brand You’. person with whom your prospects want to connect.

Destination – Are you clear on where you are taking your business? Have you mapped out your business goals? Write down your goals ‘as if now’. Believe that they are a done deal. Then, reverse engineer it back from there. Start with the end in mind and ensure the steps you build and create in the lead up to that, all come together to have you achieving your end goal.

Market strategically – Regardless of what

All of these steps are held together by their non-negotiable aspect. So, what does that mean? Well, when you decide on the rules of play, it becomes easier to run your own business. For example, I will not be away for any of my family members’ birthdays or I will help out at school at least once per week.

business you operate, your personal brand needs to be authentic and an extension of your own values. When this is the case, your business will always be more productive and better overall results will be achieved.

The thing to hold front of mind after reading this, is that each step is co-dependant. You cannot have one without the other and still run your business effectively. After all there are no shortcuts to success. n

To strategically market your personal brand and business, you must create an experience for prospects that involves you! ‘Brand You’. Your clients will be retained and spend more money with your business when they have a true connection and understanding of the individual behind your brand. You are the

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The humble business card is often the first impression potential clients have of you and your business. LIANE BARKER shares tips on what to consider before printing your next stock of business cards.

Picture this, you are mingling and greeting some fabulous business owners at a networking meeting when you are asked for your contact details. Do you proudly open your WNA bling business card holder, retrieve a professional, uniquely branded business card that represents you and your business and hand it over with confidence? Or do you instead rummage through your bag for that dog eared, quick and easy template card you produced yourself, online from a cheap overseas company that has replicated the same card for over a million other businesses? We live in a world where first impressions count. From the clothes you wear to the car you drive we are constantly being judged by our external appearances so why would you compromise on the quality of your business branding and more importantly your business card? The clothes you wear, the hairstyle you choose and the decor in your home are all direct reflections of you! Your personality, your style! Your business image should reflect the same. It is what connects you to your potential customer. What is your card saying to your prospective customer?


1. It should be printed on at least 400gsm card stock (printer’s terminology for the thickness of the card) to ensure your card will stand up to being stored in a business card holder/folder or wallet without becoming tatty. 2. Opt for celloglaze at least on the front of the card for a quality finish. Generally, one side celloglaze (matte or gloss) is included in the cost of printing with both sides done for a minimal extra cost. 3. Think of ways to use the back of the card to promote your business. E.g. special offers, tips and tricks, a space to write an appointment time for your client, or an inspirational quote. 4. To use a head shot or not? If you do, make sure it is a professional head shot and supply the image as a high resolution jpeg or pdf – to prevent a pixilated or blurry photo. 5. Vertical or horizontal? Some logos work best

on a vertical card while others work better on a horizontal card. In Feng Shui terms, a vertical card represents business growth whereas a horizontal card is good for creating stability and laying foundations, so think about where your business is right now and how you want it to be perceived by your clients. 6. Are the fonts used for the logo and tag line easy to read? Are they clean, simple and legible? Don’t expect your clients to play ‘Where’s Wally’ to find the important information like phone number or email address.

8. Do the colours represent the type of business you have? Colours create an immediate emotive response in the eye of the viewer so think about what colours you mix together – it is important to create a harmonious colour scheme to attract the viewer not repel. Red or pink maybe your favourite colour scheme but does it truly represent your business and its values? So, next time you order new business cards, think about the first impression, is it a professional representation of you and your brand? n

7. Is your name legible and large enough for people to read with or without glasses? Many people find it frustrating if they cannot read the name on a card quickly whilst socialising at a networking meeting.

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Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes. Guaranteed! This System Makes Quitting Cigarettes Easy!

• No pain • No major life changes • No chemicals • No patches or pills • No needles 95% of people quit in 60 minutes. If you really want to quit, we guarantee you will or we work with you until you do. Call today and let us make it easy for you to become a non-smoker for life!

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Inspecting shipments means

smooth delivery

Importing can mean your dream products coming to fruition with little or no trouble or it can turn into an absolute nightmare of an experience. LINDY CHEN looks at the issue of inspecting shipments and how to maximise the chances of a smooth delivery process.

When should you inspect your shipment? In every importing transaction, you have to determine if it is necessary to inspect your goods before shipment. Inspection could either save you from the headaches of receiving substandard merchandise or become an unnecessary practice that will hurt your bottom line. The first step is to determine if you should have your products inspected before having them loaded onto the container. The answer can be quite simple. If you are not using an independent sourcing company, then yes, you probably should have a third party inspect

the goods. If, on the other hand, you are using a trusted sourcing company, the answer depends on a few variables, such as: n

Order value


How safety critical your item is

Your confidence, history and relationship with the supplier n


Your own risk tolerance.

For example, it might not be cost effective to inspect a $10,000 order of erasers from a company that has been making and exporting erasers to the West for the last 10 years. In this case, the low value of the export quantity, the

low safety criticalness of the shipment, and the high confidence in your supplier will suffice to negate the need for an inspection. However, a $50,000 order of erasers may be worthwhile inspecting. A trusted sourcing company, if it is competent, will place the responsibility of checking the goods on the supplier. This is done whether there is an onsite inspection or not. Your choice of sourcing assistance must devise a highly effective form that shows the supplier you are not only serious about quality but you also are holding them accountable for it.

Do you want to restart … renew … reinvent your life? Do you want to take control of your life, Then … it’s time to Focus On YOU & YOUR Future! RegisTeR for a complimentary and risk free 30-minute intro phone session with life wellness coach, Diana Todd-Banks, who, with her 40+ years of skills, insights, and knowledge will work with you. go to: www.dianatoddbanks.com/wna

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go to: http://dianatoddbanks.com

for more on Diana Todd-Banks as a Coach, Online TV Host, and Co-Author with some of the world’s top best selling Authors & Speakers in self-development.

Di will show you how to restart, renew or reinvent your personal or business goals, gain faster more powerful results, save you time, stress and money while having fun in the process.

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The first step is to determine if you should have your products inspected before having them loaded onto the container. The answer can be quite simple. If you are not using an independent sourcing company, then yes, you probably should have a third party inspect the goods. It is called a ‘Supplier Self-Assessment’ form. Your sourcing company must introduce this to the supplier when you are negotiating the purchase order. This means that your supplier clearly knows your expectations and how the goods will be assessed. The supplier simply fills out the ‘Supplier Self-Assessment’ form and sends it to you prior to your inspection of the goods, or if no inspection is being undertaken, before shipping your goods. If everything looks right on the form, you can approve delivery. If there

are any areas of concern, you should have a conversation with the supplier to resolve them, before shipment.Just remember there are still instances when you may not need a third party to inspect your goods. A good import assistance firm will advise you when this is uncalled for, and this will mean substantial savings on your part. Importing may look just like any other straightforward transaction but there

are a number of things that may just crop up, catching you ill-prepared. n

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Discover the difference NETWORKING can make to your business.

Australia network ® Women’s

w w w.w


succe ess n Busin



Aust $8.75


ife ss n L

inc gst

a of money?

Working Women

aTe The ulTim r Tonic fo

Print Post


Is this opportunity a strategic fit with your organisation? n

to Tips on how magnetic create a al brand person

iCationlines Commun blurring the




succes is social

grappl How to


yo u r e witH

tion r e p u ta

Tendering for new business is an effective growth strategy, however, it can be a complex process that takes time, effort and knowledge. KRISTINE DAW outlines a range of vital planning tips to assist you to get your tenders across the line.

A ‘bid or no bid’ matrix will assist in determining your chances of success. Some questions to include in the ‘bid or no bid’ analysis are:

The business of love

your increase ng mating rati

subscriptio n included in membership .


To bid or not to bid

g is hirinh ac a co waste

r 2012/13


Although often a necessary component for business success, tendering for new business is a time consuming and complex process. But a thoughtful and considered plan will ensure the tender process isn’t a stressful event.

omen Working W r k . co m snetwo


gl on goo


Jump online and visit www.womensnetwork.com.au

Discover a world of opportunities to help grow and develop your business. Expert tips and online business resources, thousands of networking contacts, small business tools, over 100 networking events and so much more…

Be inspired and create opportunities

for YOUR business by tapping into the nation’s premier networking group for female business owners. Grow your contacts, attract more clients and meet inspirational business women. Join Women’s Network Australia today! It’s the easy way to fast-track the success of you and your business.

Find it all at

www.womensnetwork.com.au Where women and business ideas meet

Can you differentiate yourselves from the incumbent and other bidders? n

Do you have an existing relationship with the potential client? n

Can you complete the tender response by the submission due date? Do you have the resources to undertake the service or provide the product if you were to win the business? n

Once you have determined that you will bid, you need to formulate a plan.

Getting started

Firstly, establish a team and develop a strategy. Your success will hinge on your strategy so it is important to get it right. Establish roles and responsibilities within this team so you can divide the project into sections and allocate key tasks to team members. n

Allocate tasks based on expertise to ensure you are channelling the skill sets of your team to the most appropriate tasks. n

Develop a timeline for the tender team to work within and set up regular meetings to discuss progress. n


Without this background information your response will stall.

Your response

Responses are evaluated according to whether they succinctly and completely address the Evaluation Criteria. Extra narrative will only cloud the information that is most relevant. Incorporate elements of the question in the response and continually refer back to this, this will ensure you remain on topic. n

Always substantiate any claims you make, either through examples of your work or evidence such as statistics or references. n

Look at your relationship with the potential client. n

Be realistic with your pricing and ensure that it represents value for money. It is important to remember that the lowest price is not always the best offer or will result in a winning tender. n

Ensure you note any assumptions you have made when formulating your pricing, specifying the inclusion or exclusion of GST or any other variable costs. n

To ensure you summarise all the essential elements of your response, make sure your Executive Summary is your final task. It should not be longer than two to three paragraphs and should provide an overview of your organisation, a summary of your offering, relevant experience, differentiators and your aspirations for the partnership between your organisation and the client. Every tender is unique in its requirements, so organisation and planning is the key. Remember this and your odds of success will be greatly increased. n

Firstly, tick off the mandatory criteria.


44 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13

Identify conflicts of interest and understand your competitors. n


The next step is to gather information.

Connect with us on Facebook facebook.com/womensnetwork

Identify your point of difference and valueadded services. n

Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

CONTACT Kristine Daw BUSINESS Dawtek PHONE 1300 329 835



your distractions

In every business, no matter what you do to focus on a task at hand, there will always be something competing for your attention. DAVID SOLOMON shares some ideas on how to recover from inevitable distractions and get the job done. Most of you in your daily lives try to focus on the task at hand and then get surrounded by distractions that seem designed to stop you from achieving progress – phone calls, emails, queries from suppliers, children, pets etc.

Taking care of your most precious assets.

Keeping focus with all these distractions is a huge challenge and it is what generally prevents you from achieving a state of flow. And some of you even create your own distractions as a surreptitious form of procrastination! It has been suggested that if you can multi-task then such interruptions are easy to deal with. However, what actually happens is that you can do only one task at a time. You see, multitasking is a myth – the difference lies in how you switch from task to task! Multiple studies have shown that something as simple as a phone interruption can reduce your productivity by up to 20 minutes! This takes into account the time required to ramp back up into the flow, efficiency or peak performance you were in when first interrupted. The same studies show women can ramp up their recovery to peak quickly, making them appear to multi-task. In other words, an interruption is momentary and does not have a significant impact on productivity. Men tend to take longer to ramp back up so there are not as many examples of men who appear to multitask well. The solution is to develop individual ways to focus and refocus your attention as you proceed through the day, making sure interruptions do not derail your progress altogether.


Work from somewhere where you will not be disturbed, e.g. coffee shop, library. n

Do not have emails go into your inbox automatically. Decide when you want to download and read your emails – ideally no more than twice per day at scheduled times – and stick to it. n

Placement Solutions


Turn off your phone and log off Facebook.

Work early and/or late, i.e. outside the time when normal daily interruptions occur. n


Prioritise your tasks (A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.)


Do them in that order!

Don’t proceed to the next task until the previous one is complete. n

Whenever you are interrupted, refer back to your task list. n


Batch like activities to take advantage of being in flow, e.g. creative tasks, administrative tasks, conversations, answering emails. n

Still only do one task at a time but because they are similar types of tasks, moving from task to task will be easier. n

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If you follow these ideas you will get back into flow when you have been interrupted or distracted, or use them simply for switching from task to task more effectively. n

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Swap your marketing and philanthropy


Investing in philanthropy could give your business much more than the warm fuzzies from knowing you have done your part. KAY GANLEY looks at philanthropic giving and how by embracing this concept and empowering your staff to participate, your business can be uniquely branded and positioned in the market place. Every day all over the world, CEOs and Marketing Executives discuss over their lattes the many possibilities for raising and driving brand awareness. They talk about value for money, return on investment, measuring publicity and brand value and equity. They read blogs, post on forums and follow tweets about advertising, publicity and promotion. They overload on information, only to find that they develop campaigns which get lost in the noise, drowned by the cacophony of information overload.

identity, your beliefs and the soul of your company? You simply do something different!

So, what can you do so that your brand can break through? How do you create something that is meaningful while retaining your brand

If swapping your marketing budget for your philanthropy budget sounds like a bad business move, then you need to rethink your brand equity. For above the line return on investment, your company will be perceived with improved business ethics and morals.

y Onl.95


.00 $45

Imagine if you could support a project that generated its own media and which reflects your business goals but also contributes to society in a real and meaningful manner. By investing in a strategic philanthropic organisation, or even by creating a philanthropic arm for your own organisation, you can connect your company to your clients, stakeholders, prospective clients and your own employees.

In the case of below the line, where most of your outputs will be measured, you will see an increase in market awareness of both your brand and product, and greater shared understanding of your business goals by employees and clients alike. Philanthropy does not always have to be in monetary form. You can engage staff, clients and stakeholders through volunteering, fundraising events and publicity. Small donations of your time or your expert skills and knowledge can be just as powerful and

Lost for


46 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13


To strategically market your personal brand and business, you must create an experience for prospects that involves you! ‘Brand You’. can bring about change to a charity in a very meaningful manner. Create links between your business’ objectives and those of your charity of choice. Share these links with your stakeholders, clients and employees. Formalise these links, set yourselves challenges and reward achievements as this can lead to positive and healthier outcomes for all involved: charities receive donations, your business will receive positive publicity, your business will have charitable events to which you can invite stakeholders, you will see an increase in employee loyalty and you will strengthen the ties between your business and the charity. This is a win–win situation for both your business and the wider community. So are you brave enough to swap your marketing budget with your philanthropy budget? n CONTACT Kay Ganley BUSINESS Charlton Brown PHONE +61 (7) 3216 0288


Find them at professional coaching in public speaking and other associated communication skills

Call margaret on (03) 6278 8633 or 041 936 4400



when buying your biggest asset!

Entering into the property market as a first-time home buyer or investor can be somewhat overwhelming and stressful. LYNDA ROBERTS gives her expert insight into the world of real estate to help you to be prepared when buying. One of the first steps is to find out how much you can afford. There is no point in finding your ‘dream’ property if it is out of your budget range. Your financial adviser or mortgage broker of your bank should lead you in the right direction and organise a loan pre-approval. Once the finances are in place you will know your limit and also have more negotiating power as you are classified as a ‘qualified’ buyer. Do your research and price checks on solicitors and building and pest inspectors prior to starting your search then when you are ready to put in an offer you have everything at your fingertips. Decide how you want to buy your property. There are various methods of purchasing a home. Homes can be on the market for sale by private treaty at an advertised price, price range or POA (price on application) or by auction or tender. The next step is to decide where you want to buy and this will depend on whether you intend to live in the property or rent it out but the 10 basics are the same. 1. Location 2. Price range 3. What type of home do you want? (e.g. house, townhouse, unit, etc.) 4. What style of home suits your lifestyle? (e.g. low set, high set, single storey, etc.)

5. How many bedrooms/bathrooms? 6. How many car spaces do you want/need? 7. How much land do you want? 8. Do you want a pool? 9. Define your other ‘needs’ (e.g. deck, proximity to transport, schools) 10. Define your ‘would like’ (e.g. Solar HWS, water tank, views) The next step is to find a property. The quickest way is to go on the Internet and access one or more real estate portals and register your requirements. Go to the open homes in the area you prefer and compare the properties. Be prepared to be flexible on your requirements. If you meet an agent you like at an open home, or your friends or family recommend one, go and talk to them. Most will conjunct with other agents so that if you feel comfortable with them ask them to accompany you or make appointments to take you to a property. This can make the whole process less daunting. When you find the home you like, work out how much it is worth to you, then make an offer for the property. Be prepared to put the offer to contract and then the negotiation process can begin. Instruct the agent that you want a building and pest inspection done and specify the time frame. Unless you are paying cash, be prepared to specify a finance time frame.

inspections and valuations. A pre-settlement inspection can also be requested, usually the day before the property is due to settle. On settlement, the agent will make arrangements to hand over the keys to your new home. For an auction the conditions are different – no building and pest inspections, no finance clause, deposit expected on the day and usually a 30-day settlement period. n

The agent should lead you through all the stages and be present for building and pest

CONTACT Lynda Roberts BUSINESS Licensed Real Estate RE/MAX

Profile MV Real Estate +61 (0) 412 125 283 www.mvrealestate.com.au PHONE

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Aspire Retire – Home of the Australian Adviser of the Year

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Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 47


Resilience I N


There is so much change happening at a local, national and global level that many business women find themselves overwhelmed by what is going on around them. KIRSTY O’CALLAGHAN looks at ten ideas you can use to build your resilience and cope with the evolving business world. Resilience is a constant belief in you to be well, to be happy, and to be better. Resilience is an inner quality that allows you to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure or change overcome you, you can find a way to get back up, get back in control, re-invent yourself and your circumstances and use this as an opportunity rather than a misfortune. After experiencing hardship, resilient people are able to change course and soldier on. Psychologists have identified some of the factors that make someone resilient, among them: n

a positive attitude,




the ability to regulate emotions,


If you are a crafty one then the Baraque Foldaway Cardboard Cutting Table is for you. It’s lightweight and sturdy and patterns can be pinned into the cardboard surface, making it especially helpful in pattern alteration. The top is gridded and has a template for bias strips and it can all be stored away in seconds. It’s easily transported and comes in a flat storage carton in three easy-to-assemble pieces. RRP: $139. For more details visit www.foldawaycuttingtable.com

and the ability to see failure as a form of helpful feedback.

Mindful, and you are less likely to experience anxieties related to a need for certainty.

Resilience is the process by which you adapt to changes or crises, such as death, tragedy, the loss of a job or financial problems. Resilience is not a character trait – it can be learnt by anyone but learning it does require time and effort, and the effort you put in is well worth the rewards.

7. Express values, such as responsibility and


Here are 10 resilience building tips: 1. Get adequate restorative sleep. Poor sleep patterns and stress go hand in hand.

2. Engage in adequate physical exercise daily. Exercise is a major buffer against stress, including stress from depression.

3. Maintain a healthy diet. You will not feel good about yourself, have enough energy or promote your body’s healing process if you continually eat junk food, or have an unbalanced diet, eat food that is loaded with preservative, additives and chemicals or have above recommended portion sizes.

4. Have a loving support system; relationships which convey understanding, respect and interest and are grounded in good listening and establishing safety and basic trust. Quality social support correlates with higher levels of resiliency.

8. Work to build high frustration tolerance. High frustration tolerance, cognitive flexibility, and a problem-solving mindset are the corner stones of resilience.

9. Be an optimist. Make lemonade out of lemons! This type of sunny disposition with a small dose of realism is the best way to, achieve your goals and meet your commitments, overcome challenges and keep a smile on your face, which of course sets off beneficial health promoting hormones.

10. Boost resilience by reducing your risk of negative thinking and increase your chances for realistic positive and proactive thinking. There are times when we are put off course, dramatically and painfully, to begin again and become better and brighter than we were previously. There are times when we question the method of redirection. Greatness is born of adversity, so if there is a grand opportunity in this time of change for you, what could it be? n

5. Meet challenges as they occur and avoid procrastination and the stresses that come from it and crises that arise from delays.

6. Build tolerance for doubt and uncertainty, attempt to stay in the present moment being

First-class Resilience and Relationships Coaching and Speaker service Get the results you desire from home to workplace Get your free e-book today ‘90 Kirsty-isms’, to give you daily inspiration and motivation 48 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13

integrity. This gives you a firm base for change and decisive action.

CONTACT Kirsty O’Callaghan BUSINESS Unity-Qld PHONE +61 (0) 402 889 648


• Supporting individuals, families, businesses and organisations • Simple, practical and real solutions • Seminars, workshops, groups and individual consultations • Affordable and trustworthy services and products Kirsty O’Callaghan Principal Coach & Speaker UNITY-QLD P: +61(7) 3482 4295 M: 0402 889 648



Operating outside

OF THE BOX Being innovative in business and in life can be difficult when you face the same obstacles and triumphs every day. SAMANTHA McDONALD shares four steps to breaking through the daily routine into a new world of opportunities outside your comfort zone.

When people do things the same way over and over, they are conditioning themselves to think they can never be any different from the way they are right now. They simply accept what they have and don’t expect anything more. Luckily, there is a way out! Here are four easy steps to getting out of the rut:

1. Grab yourself a big piece of paper and draw a good-sized circle, with yourself in the middle. Keeping within the circle, draw or write words representing everything that is currently in your life, such as family, work, exercise, entertainment, and financial status. This is a picture of you in your comfort zone. Take a good long hard look at it, because things are about to change!

2. Think about all the other things that you would, should or could do if you broke the barriers and stepped outside your comfort zone, such as changing career, making more money, starting a home-based business, jumping out of a plane, running a marathon, going down a dress size or travelling the world. These things are opportunities. Draw all your opportunities on the piece of paper, just outside your comfort zone. Which side of the circle looks like more fun? Think of the perimeter of the circle as being a barrier to all the opportunities that are in front of you. You may not even be able to see the barrier because all the other things in your daily life are in the way!

Definition is everything Communications: Aka PR: Aims to inform, promote and persuade in the right way, right time, right place. Media relations: Least controllable, most powerful, but not a cure-all. Marketing: Communications with the intent of selling. Market research: Means of investigating ideas and finding the ‘why?’ behind the numbers.

3. Now choose one picture from outside the circle. Let’s say you have chosen the picture of you creating a home-based business. On a separate piece of paper, write down all the reasons why you want to create a homebased business, such as flexible hours, taking kids to and from school, greater work-life balance, doing something you love, excellent boss. Now imagine actually doing it – create that home-based business in your mind. Feel the exhilaration of doing things your own way, see yourself fitting in all your family commitments, and tell yourself you are finally earning what you want to earn.

4. Then write down all the things that could stand in your way – the challenges that need to be overcome before you can create this opportunity – and start working out ways to get over them one by one. What can you rearrange to make this opportunity a reality? What can you give up in order to create the extra time? Tackling these challenges will show you that it is easier to step outside your comfort zone than you previously thought! The truth is if you really want something, it’s up to you to make it happen. Sometimes it’s worth pushing yourself outside your comfort zone just to see that you can do it! n

Specialising in legal, professional services, higher education and not-for-profit. Clear fluff-free advice and practical support. Sign up for free monthly e-bulletin with top tips and ‘to-dos’ each month. Alicia Patterson

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Phone: 0403 172 024 Email: alicia@houseconsulting.com.au

www.houseconsulting.com.au Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 49


Living the high life in a villa If there is one island in the world which deserves the description ‘Paradise’, it is surely Bali. AILEEN COLLINS walks you through Bali and its lush landscape, world-class restaurants and the accommodation options on offer. One of the best accommodations available in Bali is a villa whether a one-bedroom retreat for a romantic get away or multi bedrooms to share with family and friends. Which would you choose if you had the choice, a hotel room or a ‘home away from home’? A private villa offers so much more space, informality, privacy and personal service than the best hotel can ever provide.


Enjoy the luxury of a beautiful private villa with air conditioned bedrooms and tropical bathrooms, spacious living and dining areas, lush gardens with your own private swimming pool and full time staff such as a personal butler, well trained cook, maids, spa therapists, gardeners etc. to pamper you around the clock. n

Have delicious local meals or any special diet prepared by your own cook. Your favourite snacks and drinks bought at the local supermarket or wine wholesale served whenever and wherever you wish by your very own Ketut or Made, always with a ready smile. Champagne and caviar, any time, anywhere! n

Some of us are just a little bit hesitant about exposing our ‘white wobbly bits’ to all and sundry at a resort hotel so imagine the freedom of your own personal pool shared only with family or friends. No scrambling for sun loungers or having to sign a bill for that hefty pool bar drink. Sleep at any time of the day or night and enjoy the freedom to do as you wish without disturbing others. n

Holidaying as a family? A holiday villa is perfect for young children as eating out regularly can be difficult and costly with young children. Many villas are family friendly and young children can play safely in spacious gardens with pool fences as well as cots, high chairs, safety gates etc. and the world’s best babysitters, the Balinese. n

A great way to celebrate that important birthday or anniversary, as a couple with a romantic one-bedroom private pool villa or with family and/or friends in a spacious multibedroom villa. n

50 WORKING WOMEN® n Summer 2012/13

If you need a holiday, and pampering, relaxation and fabulous food are what you are hankering for, Bali is the place. When it comes to selecting your accommodation remember every villa you google will look good but the devil is in the detail so ensure you do your research. n

CONTACT Aileen Collins BUSINESS TravelManagers Australia PHONE 1800 222 244


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5 ethical work


Rewarding your employees can be a fantastic tactic to boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace but have you ever considered an ethical incentive? CAROLYN O’NEILL shares what an ethical incentive is and why it could be an excellent option for your team’s incentive.

If your company is serious about improving performance, driving behaviours that count, fostering loyalty as well as drawing attention to your organisation’s values, an ethical incentive may be your answer. Incentives are a long-established motivational tool to enhance productivity or achieve business objectives in which participants earn the reward based on a specific level of achievement set forth by management. Earners are rewarded with a trip and the program is designed to recognise earners for their achievements. Ethical incentive travel programs blend an adventurous incentive trip with a community development element. Well-designed and executed incentive programs of this nature can be cost neutral. And an exciting fundraising strategy can not only generate the funds for the community project and chosen charity but also engage you and your group, linking everyone to a common cause, building closer connections. Increasing performance in sales and productivity will also increase your bottom line to fund the trip. The idea is simple but powerful: combine the well-established benefits of a performancebased incentive with an essential community development project and you have a win–win situation for the company, the participants and the community they assist.

Here are five ideas to get you started: 1. Assemble bikes for the needy and then deliver and visit the children at the orphanage, most of whom have never had a bike before. Employees who feel good about helping others also often feel more loyal to their company. 2. Helping Hands™ has developed a program challenging groups to assemble prosthetic hands that will be distributed to land mine victims. This can be followed by a reward visit to Cambodia where the prosthetic hands have been delivered. 3. Turtle and Reef Rescue: send your top performers to enjoy a break in north Queensland where they can assist in the building of an Educational Turtle Rehabilitation Centre on Fitzroy Island and assist Eye on the

Reef in their research of the reef. 4. Save the Children Charity Challenge–Trek Nepal: take part in an adventure of a lifetime and experience firsthand how the Save the Children program saves and protects lives. 5. The Indiana Jones Adventure Challenge: visit little known Mayan temples and ruins via canoe, horseback, trekking and cave tubing. Your team participates in organised fundraising events to raise funds for the Belize Rotary Water Project. Then top performers travel to Belize to experience this adventure and along the way visit remote villages installing water filters to provide safe water to the communities. Participants feel the joy of making the world a better place and gain an insight into local culture.

Ethical incentives can vary in their difficulty and degree of preparation. The great thing is anytime you add meaning, it is going to have real impact and drive the message home, achieving results. Linking your group with a charitable cause and an adventurous event, will inspire greatness, create lasting friendships and enhance your organisation’s image, while creating a better, more caring world. n

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Is this the holiday you’re dreaming about? ... Touring in a small group of like-minded travellers with a fabulous female tour guide and activities from spa treatments to cooking to shopping and tai chi. Interesting, varied itineraries to destinations such as India,Vietnam, China, Turkey, Morocco, Peru and Italy. We guarantee lots of laughs with your fellow female travellers of all ages! To jump on board and take the ride contact Aileen Collins at TravelManagers Australia aileenc@travelmanagers.com.au PH: 1800 22 22 44


Inspiring ethical incentives – exploring extraordinary places If your company is serious about rewarding your top performers for a job well done, combine the well established benefits of incentive travel with an inspiring community project. • Motivate and inspire your team to achieve greatness both at work and beyond • Empower your staff to make a difference creating employee satisfaction • Promote company growth, brand preference and loyalty • Make connections and add value to your company position in the market

We invite your organisation to join us on the quest to create change for our planet.

Journeys for a Cause Pty Ltd Phone

1300 851 584





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Enhance your business performance with

meditation KYM KENNEDY shares how and why women should be tapping into the benefits of meditation to increase their personal performance, decrease their stress levels and build their potential for business success.

Originally conceived as a pathway to deepen understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life, meditation has been practiced for thousands of years.

By spending just 15 to 20 minutes each morning quietening your mind, you create a space similar to a blank canvas that will allow you to let go of the stuff that may be swirling around in your head and simply ‘be’ for a short while. The benefits of setting aside this time for you are widespread: you will feel less stressed, and more focused, calmer, kinder, and more generous and tolerant.

These days, meditation is commonly used for relaxation and stress reduction and as a performance enhancer for business people. It is also said that people who meditate regularly become more connected to their feelings. When we know what we are feeling, we can begin to understand what makes us happy and what does not, and therefore gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Now that you have calmed your mind you can add the turbo charger, visualisation. Most Olympic athletes, or any elite athletes, use visualisation to achieve their desired result so why not follow their lead and add it to your daily method of operation.

The benefits of meditation include: n

increased creativity and intelligence


improved memory and learning ability


increased energy


reduced insomnia


increased happiness and self-esteem


reduced anxiety and depression


improved relationships


improved health


it promotes a younger biological age.

In the last five minutes of your meditation, do some visualisation. To do this you will need to know what your goals are and what you want to achieve. Then spend five minutes, or more, visualising achieving your goals; and here is the all-important kicker, you must add feeling to your visualisation. See the pictures and then feel how you will feel once your goal is achieved.




Sit comfortably, in a chair or on the floor, close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breathing, don’t change it, just notice it. This is your focal point and if thoughts come just allow them and then let them go and come back to focusing on your breathing. Give it a go and see what the benefits are for you. n

Tip: do this again at any time during the day especially when you are having one of those days that just does not seem to be flowing. Stop, breathe, calm your mind for just a few minutes and focus on what you want to achieve for another few moments and then see how much

What you may not be aware of are the benefits to your business. Meditation will create clearer thinking, and strengthen your daily planning, therefore increasing efficiency and results.


better things flow. Here is a simple breathing meditation you can try:



CONTACT Kym Kennedy BUSINESS Kym Kennedy PHONE +61 (0) 403 598 351


Bound Round interactive travel guides use stories, photos, video and games to let children explore a city and find out all the fun things to do there. With content created by kids for kids, Bound Round guides are the perfect family holiday planning tool!













boost your business

We are far more than passive victims of our genes: we play an active role in how our brains develop throughout our lives. However, most of us are yet to realise the enormous personal power this gives us. DR HELEN POPOVIC shares her top seven tips on boosting your brain to boost your business. Most people work on building up and boosting their financial assets. But how many people work on building up and boosting their greatest asset: their brain? The emerging field of neuroplasticity has shown that the brain can change its own structure and function. It can grow new cells, new circuits and new connections in response to what we do, what we think and how we behave.

will activate brain cells that you are not in the habit of using and you will be more switched on throughout the day.

A hurdle can feel like an insurmountable obstacle one day and an invigorating challenge the next. Are there ways we can switch on our brains so that we perform at our peak on a daily basis? So that we sharpen our thinking, improve our concentration and tap into creativity we didn’t even know we possessed? The answer is an unequivocal yes!


How can we switch on our brains for peak performance on a daily basis? Exercise for 30 minutes every day. The brain operates at its best in the first hour after we engage in any sort of physical activity. Before an important meeting, brainstorming session or IKEA furniture assembly go for a brisk walk, run, skip or cycle and you will perform measurably better.

Welcome obstacles and challenges. Whenever we have to struggle with overcoming something, we grow new brain cells and create new connections between neurons so that we become smarter and better able to solve problems in the future. n

Get a good night’s sleep. We underestimate how sleep deprivation erodes our decisionmaking and problem-solving skills. After 17 hours of wakefulness, the brain operates as though we have had a blood alcohol reading of 0.05 per cent. Keep alcohol to no more than 10 standard drinks (one litre of wine) a week (men can have 14). Drinking more than an average of n

11/2 drinks a day results in brain shrinkage after a few decades and it increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer by over 24 per cent. We also perform much better in anything that requires sharp mental acuity if we abstain from alcohol for 24 hours prior to the event. Follow the healthy heart guidelines because everything that is good for the heart is good for the brain. Ensure a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, walnuts, dark leafy greens), eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and don’t smoke. n


Enjoy life! n

CONTACT Helena Popovic BUSINESS Choose Health PHONE +61 (0) 413 365 115



Regularly change your routine and get out of your comfort zone. Boredom, monotony and sameness are poison for the brain. Drive to work via a different route, practise being ambidextrous, try new foods and take trips to places you have never been. Start the day by having a shower with your eyes closed! You

Not moving your business forward as quickly as you’d like?



in finding out how understanding your genetic profile can help with weight, cardiovascular risk, healthy ageing and MUCH more? Maximise YOUR health potential - see: www.alldegreesofhealth.com.au/ genetic-profiling.html for more info. Special offer: 40 gene profile + Naturopathic consultation (Skype or face-to-face) = $495 plus FREE book “Switched ON” by C.Houghton. (Book offer limited to first 30 callers)

at business links australia we have accounting, taxation and business advisory expertise and experience under the one roof.

We provide real solutions to our clients problems so they can:

• • • • •

have perfect clarity about the business they are building and how to build it enjoy the experience of business ownership and leading a team be satisfied with the financial return from their business step back from many of the day to day responsibilities build a sustainable and valuable asset which they can choose to retain or sell at some future point

1 Springwood Rd Underwood Q 4119 Phone 07 3341 1007 email info@blinks.com.au Web www.blinks.com.au



Your voice of reason Are you constantly battling with that voice in your head that says you really need that piece of chocolate cake and that you couldn’t possibly fit in any exercise today? CLAIRE MASSINGHAM serves up a slice of advice. Australia is a nation of couch potatoes with half of Australians either overweight or obese. What a bitter pill to swallow. However, the truth of the matter is that an even harder pill to swallow would be the realisation that you couldn’t work or look after your family because you were too sick to do so. Research has proven time again that being unfit and fat leads to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and even some types of cancer. How do you turn off that negative voice in your head that is steering you in the wrong direction? Let’s start by understanding what drives that voice in your head. Your brain has two independent systems at work at all times. The emotional side drives motivation and action and the rational side plans and strategises. There is always tension between these two sides of your brain. This tension is best captured in an analogy by Jonathan Haidt, a University of Virginia Psychologist, which describes our emotional side as an elephant and our rational side as its rider. The rider perched on top of the elephant holds the reins and thinks he is in control. However, as soon as there is disagreement between the six-ton elephant and the rider about which direction to head in, the rider is going to lose. No matter what the rider is saying (e.g. “you don’t need that chocolate cake”), when the elephant wants something there is no way

that the rider is going to win. If this is the case then how do you get the rider and the elephant working in harmony? The key is to know the strengths and weaknesses of each and then to focus on their strengths.

CONTACT Claire Massingham BUSINESS 1 Life Do It Now! PHONE +61 (7) 3326 1813


Here are a couple of helpful tips: Don’t indulge the elephant – The elephant loves to catastrophise. It tells you how hard exercising will be and how you won’t feel satisfied if you eat the salad instead of hot chips. You need to shut down that voice immediately and don’t indulge the elephant’s weakness of negativity and laziness. Instead, keep hold of the reins and follow the rider’s plan to exercise and eat healthy. Action always precedes motivation so don’t let the elephant sabotage the action. Have a plan when your resolve is low – The rider loves planning; this is what he does best. It is hard, however, to plan every single move and then stick to it. Eventually, the rider will get exhausted and the elephant’s bad habits will take over. Therefore, you need to think about the times in your day when you know that your resolve will be low and have a plan to stop the elephant taking over.

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For things to change, you have to start to behave differently. Be aware of your elephant and its rider and draw on their strengths. Put this into action and watch the changes happen. Your path to health and happiness will then start to take shape. n

Design with passion Design and passion are crucial elements to making the most of your brand, whether you’re about to establish a new identity or grow an existing one. Increase your brand exposure with the unique expertise of Scarab Blue Design, a dynamic graphic design agency with huge experience, big ideas, small rates and loads of passion.

Scarab Blue Design is proudly Women’s Network Australia’s preferred graphic designer.

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10 Tips guaranteed to

boost your energy

When you are at the end of one work day and already loathing tomorrow, you know something needs to change. SUSAN GARRAD shares her top ten health tips to regaining the energy you are consistently losing.

Many working women find it hard to cope with the demands placed on them every day. Balancing the demands of work, raising children, caring for ageing parents and domestic duties can all be exhausting. The result is that nine out of ten women say they battle fatigue on a daily basis. Does this sound like you?

10. Have fun. Having fun with friends and family, enjoying a good laugh and seeing the lighter side of life all boost your energy and make you feel good, so make sure you are spending 30 minutes each day taking pleasure in fun activities. By following these recommendations you will soon be bursting with energy and vitality and able to get the most out of life. n

If it does, it is important you take the time to care for yourself as well as everyone else. Here are some tried and tested ways to boost your energy fast:

1. Have a blood test to check for anaemia and

as a small handful of raw nuts, hommous dip with carrot sticks or low fat yogurt.

low thyroid function. Both of these conditions will make you feel tired and washed out.

9. Have regular habits – we feel best when we

2. Eat more protein – good quality protein such

have regularity in our lives – go to bed and get up at the same time, eat at the same time etc.

CONTACT Susan Garrad BUSINESS Women’s Health, Naturally PHONE +61 (2) 9798 9322


as eggs, fish, lean beef, lamb, pork and chicken will give you sustained energy, much more than carbohydrates like bread, rice and pasta. Try and have some protein at breakfast, lunch and dinner and you will feel the difference.

3. Get enough sleep – if you are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis (8 hours a night), you are building up a sleep debt. In other words your body is getting more and more tired as the days go by. If you suffer from sleep problems or insomnia try using herbs such as chamomile, hops, kava or valerian.

4. Drink two litres of water every day – believe

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it or not, simply being dehydrated makes you feel tired!

5. Get some exercise – regular exercise is a great way to build energy. Try walking for 40 minutes four times a week and you will be amazed how much more energy you have as you get fitter.

6. Stop stressing and relax more! There is nothing more exhausting than being stressed. Make time to do the things you love and to relax – reading, gardening, listening to music or yoga.

7. Take supplements – a number of vitamins and minerals can give you a powerful energy boost, especially magnesium, B vitamins and CoQ10.

8. Eat every three hours – low blood sugar is a

Flattering swimwear and cover-ups that provide the ‘right coverage’

Vivianna Swimwear Pty Ltd

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major cause of fatigue. Eat healthy snacks such Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 55


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Pop-Up Networking Night

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Want more women in your life? Advertise in the next issue of

Working Women M








Download specifications, rates and booking form at www.womensnetwork.com.au

Working Women

Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u









Business n success n Life

summer 2012/13 Aust $8.75 inc gst

is hiring a coach a waste of money?

The business of love


Advertising RATES

increase your mating rating

The ulTimaTe Tonic for


Print Post Approved PP411192/00010

Tips on how to create a magnetic personal brand



is social media blurring the lines H o w t o g r a p p l e w i t H yo u r r e p u tat i o n o n g o o g l e

CASUAL RATE CARD - FULL COLOUR (these rates assume that finished digital artwork is being supplied by the advertiser)

1 $1700






4 $500




9 $370


6 $370









Double page spread (separate LH & RH page)

303 x 216

271 x 190

297 x 210


Full page

303 x 216

271 x 190

297 x 210


Half page horizontal



133 x 190


Half page x two columns



133 x 125


Qtr page horizontal



64 x 190


Qtr page x two columns



64 x 125


Full page x one column



271 x 60


Half page x one column



133 x 60


Qtr page x one column



64 x 60




30% of the cost of your first advertisement

Submit 220 words of text and a high resolution 300dpi image - $600. (Includes typesetting)

 ook four consecutive editions and receive a 10% B discount which includes free artwork. (Same artwork to be run for the four editions. Any changes to original artwork in subsequent editions will be charged at normal design cost of $88 per hour including GST)



Standard price per listing $179. Discounted WNA Member price per listing $99. Book online at http://www.womensnetwork.com.au/ page.cfm?pageCode=Classifieds

Advertising agency bookings are 10% commissionable

Book four consecutive editions and receive a 10% discount

PLACEMENT OPTIONS – SURCHARGE ALL SIZES – Right hand page + 20% SIZE 2 ONLY – Outside back cover + 50%




Download from www.womensnetwork.com.au or T: 1800 052 476


Please note that pages of WORKING WOMEN® are available for purchase. They are supplied in PDF format - making them suitable for placement on websites. The cost per page or part thereof is $88 including GST. It is a condition of sale by the publisher that all credits displayed at the foot of each page be clearly displayed when the file is used in either an electronic or in hard copy format. EMAIL YOUR REQUEST TO editorial@womensnetwork.com.au TERMS AND CONDITIONS available at www.womensnetwork.com.au

‘WORKING WOMEN’ is a registered trade mark of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd.


Publication Date

Editorial and authors image Material Deadline

Display Advertisements/Advertorial Booking Deadline Material Deadline

Classified Business Directory Booking and Material Deadline


20 March

15 January

1 February

8 February

1 February


20 September

15 July

1 August

8 August

1 August



20 June

20 December

15 April

15 October

1 May

1 November

8 May

8 November

1 May

1 November Summer 2012/13 n WORKING WOMEN® 59


rking ev – Netwo tise ss exper – Busine s tools busines ll a m S – tacts king con r o w t e –N otion ss prom – Busine 24 /7 ervices s e n li n –O

Join Women’s Network Australia, the premier networking group for women in business. The easy way to grow your business or fast track your career.


Find it all at womensnetwork.com.au – the place for all your business and career needs.

JUST SOME OF THE REASONS WHY WOMEN JOIN WOMEN’S NETWORK AUSTRALIA: n Automatic listing in our Online Members’ Directory n Online exposure via our ‘Featured Member’ service

n Discounted rates when booking for our networking events n 12 months subscription

to ‘Working Women’ magazine

n Member discounts when advertising on our eNoticeBoard n Free ‘Exhibition’ space at

our networking events and forums to our ‘Movie Club’ n Promotional inserts into the delegate satchels at our events n Press coverage opportunities via our ‘Media Call’ service n Recognition and branding online via our ‘Member eBadge’ n Hot career tips and small business updates online n Publication of articles in ‘Working Women’ magazine n Speaking opportunities via our ‘Find a Speaker’ service. n Connect, promote and network in the member online forums. n Complimentary membership and passes


1800 052 476 +61 (7) 3272 8222

Connect with us on Facebook facebook.com/womensnetwork Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd – ABN 66 010 793 727


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Working Women Summer 12/13  

Empowering women in business with ideas, tips and resources. Amazing articles and stories from women who are succeeding in business.

Working Women Summer 12/13  

Empowering women in business with ideas, tips and resources. Amazing articles and stories from women who are succeeding in business.