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HOW TO BUY property with your BF and stay friends


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The 8 stories you MUST tell to build an epic business

FINALLY – fake brands face tough crack downs


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Most small business owners are now recognising the value in engaging with customers who are posting comments and the opportunity it provides to interact – a situation that was not possible a few years ago. However, having a social media presence for your business is not enough, it’s more about interacting, and responding to comments is important. Many women business owners I speak to are still in what I call ‘stalker mode’, feeling more comfortable as social media spectators as opposed to participating and being fully engaged. They seem to hold back and hesitate when it comes to getting into the game of interacting and responding to comments. Yes, they have the range of usual excuses such as, not having the time, not thinking it is necessary, or waiting until their own business is organised sufficiently before they start taking action. But, I think it’s also about the fact that many women don’t know what to write or how to say it. And to get right down to the real issue of why they don’t comment and interact regularly – it is a lack of confidence. After all, commenting and posting on social media is very public and it comes with exactly the same fears people have FOUNDER AND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF WORKING WOMEN® Lynette Palmen AM SUB EDITOR Kirsten Barton NATIONAL ADVERTISING MANAGER Nikita Harris 1800 052 476 or +61 (7) 3272 8222 nikita@womensnetwork.com.au PROOFREADER Wendy Smith – Jewel See Editing +61 (7) 3349 4440 wendy@jewelsee.com.au DESIGN Tricia Mahoney – Scarab Blue Design +61 (0) 419 311 862 tricia.mahoney@scarabblue.com.au SUBSCRIPTIONS WNA Head Office 1800 052 476 or +61 (7) 3272 8222 2 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

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about speaking in public. If you find yourself falling into the group that prefer to stalk social media as opposed to participating, you need to understand that people are watching and you are missing out. If something good is said about you or your business, interact and reap the rewards. If something negative is said about you, know that your silence could cost you and your business dearly. You need to understand that when a business comments and responds to negative feedback from customers they are usually forgiven for their failings quickly and the damage to their brand is contained with little or no backlash. On the other side of the equation, if a customer is saying positive things about a business, all the more reason to interact so a deeper and more lasting relationship can be built. In the end, social media is no different to real life, hold conversations, stop trying to sell until you have built a relationship, have the manners to say thank you when someone compliments you and have the confidence to interact with customers when you get it wrong. Enjoy our Spring edition – we hope you use it as a resource to learn from and further develop your business.

Lynette Palmen AM Founder and Managing Director Women’s Network Australia

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How To bUy property with your bF and stay friends

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the new lead generator for businesses



Print Post Approved PP411192/00010

The way we do business has changed dramatically. Every day, more and more small business owners are embracing social media to market their business and elevate their brand. Change is happening so quickly that if you are not in the game of social media your business has or very soon will become almost invisible.


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The 8 stories you MUST tell to build an epic business

Finally – fake brands face tough crack downs


experT TipS on how to manage media interviews

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With a love for storytelling and a passion for business excellence, seven years ago Valerie Khoo took the bold step and opened her own business, the Sydney Writers’ Centre. Since then she has trained over 11,000 students and boasts a team of 40 of Australia’s top journalists, bloggers and business communication experts teaching at the Centre. Valerie’s story of business success is inspiring; she is a role model for any woman passionate about running her own business. ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements created by Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd for this publication cannot be copied or reproduced without permission of the editor. ADVERTORIAL Advertorial is accepted in all sections. A large, clear professional photograph must accompany all articles. Prices are available on application. Please call 1800 052 476. DISCLAIMER Materials and articles in this publication are general comment, not advice. The information is believed to be accurate and reliable but no responsibility is taken for any opinions expressed or for errors and omissions. Readers should not act on the basis of the material without taking professional advice relating to their particular circumstances. COPYRIGHT ©1993 - ©2012 Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd All artwork created by WORKING WOMEN® is the property of Women’s Network Australia Pty Ltd and must not be duplicated in another publication or promotion without written permission as it is subject to Australian copyright law.

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Building her business from a small Sydney-based service to a global instrument of success has taken VALERIE KHOO to places she had never dreamed of. It all started with her passion for storytelling and entrepreneurship and as she says, she built it with words.

Now with a team of around 40 of Australia’s top journalists, bloggers and business communication experts teaching at the Centre, Valerie has seen well over 11,000 students enrol in the courses she first offered from a tiny room in Milsons Point in Sydney. “I wanted to create the kind of exciting and dynamic writers’ centre that I wished had existed when I was first discovering the world of writing,” says Valerie, who was an accountant in her first career before becoming a journalist and author. Valerie says that she never bought into the idea that writers need to be artists starving in the proverbial garret. “I believe that you can find the right balance between creativity and business,” she says. “As an author, if you treat your passion for writing like a business, you can make an extremely healthy income from it.” The Sydney Writers’ Centre has now grown into much larger premises and, thanks to the borderless nature of the Internet, students enrolling from all over the world can access its courses. “This actually happened by accident,” says Valerie. “Initially, I was only focused on the Sydney market but so many people flew in from all over Australia to do our courses. That’s when I realised we had to offer our courses online as well. As a result, people now enrol from as far away as Afghanistan, France, the US, the UK, Guam, Hong Kong, Germany, everywhere! All you need is an Internet 4 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

connection and you can connect with our tutors at the Centre.” While Valerie first focused on helping students publish novels and magazine articles, she also saw a deepening need for providing business writing courses to the corporate world. “We have so many managers and human resource professionals calling us. They are virtually tearing their hair out about the writing skills of their staff,” she says. “They are finding that so many people don’t have a basic understanding of grammar and punctuation, and they are wasting time editing badly written documents. It’s becoming a serious productivity issue in the workplace.” As a result, Valerie introduced a suite of business writing courses to cater to this need in the market and the Centre has now trained thousands of corporate workers across Australia. “It’s about helping people understand really practical rules to follow when it comes to business communication,” says Valerie. A journalist and author, Valerie says that she loves combining creativity with business. This has led her to write her latest book Power Stories: The 8 Stories You MUST Tell to Build an Epic Business. “It’s about storytelling for business owners,” she says. “If you choose the right stories, you can convert customers, grow your business and build a legion of raving fans. So make every word count.” n


When Valerie Khoo founded her business seven years ago in a small shared office, she had no idea it would grow to become a global player in the world of writing. In the early days of the Sydney Writers’ Centre, Valerie was the receptionist, accountant, marketer, teacher and everything in between.





CONTACT Valerie Khoo BUSINESS Sydney Writers’ Centre PHONE +61 (2) 8012 1228



E mbrace social media. This is a powerful way to reach prospects and customers. We do very little advertising and most of our promotion is online through blogs, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. R  obust systems are the foundation of your business. Create streamlined systems and ensure you document them. If you have to do something more than once, you need to create a system for it. E mpower your team to make decisions. If you don’t, you could end up being the very bottleneck that stops your business from growing. A  lways improve yourself. Invest in yourself so that you keep learning. You will bring new ideas into your business. Y  our network is your net worth. Contribute to networks like Women’s Network Australia. My business has grown exponentially thanks to the people in my network.


“I believe that you can find the right balance between creativity and business,” says Valerie Khoo. “As an author, if you treat your passion for writing like a business, you can make an extremely healthy income from it.”

Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 5


From the corporate jungle to

centre stage When BERNADETTE SCHWERDT isn’t acting in roles on television shows like Neighbours, Blue Heelers, The Games and Jack Irish (with Guy Pearce), you will find her just as happy in her other roles as the inspiring founder of the Australian School of Copywriting, and as a mum. Any woman who gets to spend a day with gorgeous Aussie-turned-Hollywood actor Guy Pearce – and call it work – has got to be doing something right. Leaving behind a high-flying corporate advertising career in the 1990s to follow her dream of acting has made for an unusual but meaningful career path, culminating in running her own successful business as a copywriting trainer and an in-demand public speaker. Ultimately, being herself has given her and her young family the best of both worlds. From an early age, the call of the theatrical world proved irresistible to Bernadette. “I always wanted to be an actress, I just didn’t know where or how to start,” she recalls of her teenage years living in South Australia. “I flicked through the university handbook to see what was closest to acting and television and saw ‘Advertising’ so that’s what I studied.” Whilst completing her degree in Marketing at the University of South Australia, Bernadette






R  un a short course in your area of interest: Try out your business idea as a short course to see if there is a demand for it before investing heavily in building the business. C  reate a deadline: Without deadlines, important projects don’t get completed. Impose a tough deadline for yourself and make it public so you cannot let yourself down. N  erves are okay: Embrace your nerves when speaking in public. They provide the extra kick of energy you need to perform well. G  et your priorities clear: Once you have your hierarchy of values clear, making tough decisions becomes easier. Not easy, but easier. V  isit a cemetery: Seeing what the future holds keeps minor worries and setbacks in perspective. Always ask, ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’

6 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

followed her passion for acting at night classes. After university, she worked in advertising in the USA for several years, returning to Australia to work as a copywriter and publicist with entertainment industry icon, Harry M. Miller. “It was a short stint but absolutely instrumental, working with many of the big names of the time like Lindy Chamberlain, Alan Jones and Gough Whitlam… But I still had this urge to give acting a go. I was 28, and wasn’t getting any younger.” In a leap of faith, Bernadette swapped corporate life in Sydney for student life at the Victorian College of the Arts. “Getting that acceptance phone call to study drama was a dream come true. I’d always wanted to go to acting school and here was my chance,” she recalls. Little did she know that the acting skills acquired over three years of drama school and her time in the advertising industry would prove to be very complementary.

On a hunch that the demand for an online course might be warranted, she set about creating a home study version and very soon, the online version took over as the main business. “Knowing I had to make the online business work or else go back to working outside the home was a great incentive to finish writing it. In fact, I sold a dozen copies of it before I had even finished it as I knew that if people were waiting on it, I would definitely complete it.” That online course now forms the backbone of her publishing, speaking and writing business.

“I owe my public speaking career to Lynette Palmen from Women’s Network Australia (WNA). She gave me the opportunity to speak at every WNA event in Australia and this helped me introduce my copywriting business to the small business community.”

“I’m really glad I was true to my instincts. I had no idea it would lead me to where I am today but it’s been a very exciting journey that has allowed me to step inside the adrenalin-fuelled world of acting and television, and then step back into my normal world of being a wife, mother and businesswoman. It’s like going through the wardrobe to Narnia and back.”

Her business, The Australian School of Copywriting was an accidental happening in some respects.

It just shows you that you have to follow your heart, and trust that everything will work out okay. n

“I never set out to be a copywriting trainer but in between acting jobs I ran a short course in copywriting and then expanded it to other capital cities. It was only after the birth of my son that I realised I couldn’t keep up the travelling.”

CONTACT Bernadette Schwerdt BUSINESS Australian School of

Copywriting +61 0 419 891 932 www.copyschool.com PHONE



SUCCESS The importance of authenticity in business is a mantra that CARREN SMITH lives by. Her business has risen from the ashes of her past depression not only making it possible for her to honour loved ones she has lost in her journey but also making her a brilliant public speaker and inspiration to those around her. CEO and Founder of the Quantum Leadership Group, Carren travels the country as a professional speaker trainer, presenting her Speakers Fast-Trak and Mindset Makeover programs which share the values and mindset that powerful presenters possess. Her inspirational approach leaves audiences ready to take action and make positive changes in their business and relationships. “I’m blessed to have encountered people who have the most inspirational stories of their own, it made me sad to see so many bottling them up and keeping their message from the world,” says Carren. Carren’s personal story is as heartbreaking as it is inspirational but despite the pitfalls it has made her into the successful woman she is today. In 2001, Carren’s long-term partner, Greg, committed suicide. The months that followed left Carren in her own deep depression and when she travelled to Bali with two dear friends Jodi and Charmaine to commemorate the first anniversary of Greg’s death, no one was aware that Carren had made the decision to end her life while there. Not long after arriving in Bali, the trio found themselves at the infamous Sari Club and were victims of the terrorist attack which killed 202 people. Carren escaped with horrific head injuries but Charmaine and Jodi were killed in the attack. Five years later, a life-saving conversation with her father turned her around. “I knew I couldn’t keep feeling sorry for myself anymore. My identity had become that of a victim and I knew I was wasting my life living like this, not honouring the special people I had lost.” After

Carren now lives her life in tribute to Greg, Jodi and Charmaine and is driven to be a creator of change on a global scale.

changing the conversation in her head, Carren’s life changed too. “I woke one morning and just knew I was going to be a speaker,” Carren recalls. A world away from her original career as a real estate agent, Carren battled severe nerves to learn her craft and perfect the skill that she now teaches worldwide. Carren’s nerves and her struggle to take the stage is something she openly shares with her audiences today. For Carren, being authentic is not only something she promotes; it is something she lives by. “By shedding the mask and the layers, you can make a true connection with your client. Successful business is built on relationships, and making an authentic and honest connection with your niche will make you known as an authority in your field,” Carren explains. Carren now lives her life in tribute to Greg, Jodi and Charmaine and is driven to be a creator of change on a global scale. “My experiences have been the most incredible gift and without them I would not have the insight I now have. Our lives are in a constant stage of transformation and when we are enlightened to the power that lies within, we all can be unstoppable.” n






K  now your audience: Before any presentation, identify the unique needs of your listeners so you can tailor your message specifically to them. G  et real: Don’t just pretend to understand what your listener wants, understand why. Being genuine and real in your presentation is even more important than its content. M  ake a connection: Work with your listeners. Build a bond and form trust. Speak their language and know what wakes them up at night. Make sure they know you ‘see’ them and that you ‘get’ them. T  ell the truth: Speak your truth! This will make your relationships stronger and your message more potent once it is understood that what you have to say (even the bad stuff) is authentic and congruent. A  nd lastly practice, practice, practice!

CONTACT Carren Smith BUSINESS Quantum Leadership Group PHONE +61 (7) 5309 5200


Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 7



intuition became a multi-million dollar business

An unexpected turn of events in KATE WEISS’S life prompted a great idea for a monumentally successful business that also allows Kate to spend precious time with her family, which was and is her ultimate incentive. Kate Weiss’ life took a dramatic turn in October 2000, when her daughter Amy was born with a rare genetic disorder, Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome, and an intellectual disability. At the time, Kate was working long and demanding hours as a sales and marketing manager – an undesirable working environment for a mother of a child with special needs. As a result, Kate had to leave her job to look after Amy. After much soul searching, Kate decided to create a healthy food brand with mothers at heart. In 2006, Table of Plenty was born. Kate has watched Table of Plenty grow into a multi-million dollar business stocked in more than 2000 stores – including supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles – and exported to over six countries. To add to this success, Kate was honoured to win the business category at the InStyle and Audi Women of Style Awards earlier this year, beating fellow nominees Diana Williams, the founder of Fernwood gym chain and Lorna Jane Clarkson, the face behind Lorna Jane sportswear. “InStyle are leading the way in promoting and recognising women’s achievements across many fields,” says Kate. “I am proud to be a part of this great network and it was an honour to win the business category, especially considering the tough competition I was up 8 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

against. Those are some big names and it was a real surprise!” Table of Plenty thrives on making food products that are tasty and nutritious as well as quick and easy to prepare. Their unique ranges include deliciously natural mueslis, a range of international-inspired spice blends and dukkahs, sweet Mini Rice Cakes and as of recently, they have added children’s NoNo’s Bars to their impressive portfolio. “Starting Table of Plenty was about finding an outlet for my creativity and for my interest in nutrition, flavours and foods from different cultures,” says Kate. “I also wanted to reach out to other mothers and build a business that could work around my daughter Amy’s needs and to build a foundation to make sure that Amy is cared for even after we are gone.”

“We also work closely with our loyal customers to be driven by what they really want to see on the shelf, rather than what might provide us, and the retailer with the best margins.”

Kate understands the challenges many mums face in ensuring they are feeding their children as few additives as possible – and this is where Table of Plenty comes in. “As a working mum, I understand how difficult it can be to navigate a busy life and still find the time to put a healthy meal on the table every evening, so we pride ourselves on producing wholesome food products that take little or no preparation,” says Kate. “Our food is convenient and we provide healthy snacks that are perfect for the lunch box or on the go.” Kate explains that the nature of Table of Plenty, as a family owned and operated business,

means that they have a more hands-on relationship with their customer base. “Our foods reflect what modern mothers and women want – a brand they can connect with and food they can trust. I am directly in touch with many of our customers when they contact us,” says Kate. “We also work closely with our loyal customers to be driven by what they really want to see on the shelf, rather than what might provide us, and the retailer with the best margins. Our priority is putting wholesome food on the shelf. Clearly the numbers need to work too, but that’s not our primary motivation.” As an integral part of its foundation and motivation, Table of Plenty actively supports several organisations for children and people with disabilities, working closely as a Community Partner to Scope (a disability support services organisation) as well as

providing monetary donations and employment opportunities. Table of Plenty also donates products to causes that promote a healthy lifestyle, for example the Bicycle QLD Ride to Work Day. The next chapter for Table of Plenty involves launching some new and exciting product lines later this year.





“The future of Table of Plenty is looking bright,” says Kate. “It’s a wonderful feeling to know I have built this business from scratch and watched it blossom from a very simple vision into the success it is today.” n




CONTACT Kate Weiss BUSINESS Table of Plenty PHONE 1300 137 782



T  ake advice from others but find your own particular way and style. B  usiness can be an emotional roller coaster so keep your sense of humour. M  ixing kids, school holidays and business can be an explosive combination...resist less and go with the flow. T  hink big – don’t create your own glass ceiling. L ink your motivation to a cause bigger than yourself. C  hoose daily – staying clear and focused is an ongoing journey. R  emember your customers are the heart of your business. D  on’t forget to stop and celebrate the successes.


S  tay fresh and childlike in how you think.


G  o with your gut, over-analysis can paralyse. Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 9


How to take control of

COMPLIANCE COSTS Whilst the costs of running a small business in Australia continue to climb, it makes sense to look at ways you can limit the chances of receiving a whopping bill from your accountant. JULIA KATRICH provides tips and ideas you can use to ensure your accounting and compliance fees are kept to a minimum.

The fee structure of all tax agents is to charge by the hour with rates scaling upwards from junior to senior staff. Because of this, many people are put off by their perception of high fees and potentially forgo greater value from accountant’s services in the future. So is it all doom and gloom or can business owners start to take control of compliance costs? Here are a few tips on how to keep your accounting fees to a minimum:

Make the most of the first meeting When searching for an accountant, look for professionals who offer the first meeting for free. Make use of this time by asking lots of questions about the firm, your own situation and any additional resources which may help

you in your business. The more information you can obtain in the initial meeting, the fewer questions you will have down the track, saving time on additional phone calls in the future.

Invest in a good software package

The most efficient way to keep good records is to invest in a user-friendly software package which suits the needs of your business. In today’s market there are ample low cost options to perform all the necessary functions. When selecting a software package, consider who will be using it, what functions are important and the security of data. Software with online access will save you time on data entry by feeding bank statements straight into the software, as well as allowing your accountant to access your records online.

Do you know why businesses fail?

Provide clear, detailed information upfront

Having well-organised records will minimise the time your accountant spends reviewing and understanding them. When you record transactions, provide as much detail as possible by utilising the “memo” or “description” fields. Prior to submitting documents to your accountant, ask them for a customised list of information they require. The less time they spend looking for answers, the lower your bills will be at the end of the job. Future question time can also be reduced by informing your accountant upfront about unusual activities, such as a purchase of a new motor vehicle, new loans, grants and other significant changes in the business.

Reply promptly to your accountant’s queries

No matter how much information you provide, a good accountant will have questions after they have reviewed your records. Most inefficiencies arise when clients take a long time to respond to queries. The cost of putting down a job and then having to revisit it will be passed on to the client, increasing the initial expectation of fees.

Maintain regular communication Despite the charge-by-the-hour nature of accounting, one phone call today can avoid numerous phone calls in the future to work out a particular issue. Transparent and frequent communication will reduce your risk of additional dollars on your bill because of misunderstandings or lack of information.

By not getting the right business advice. Imagine having the best person to turn to for the right advice, that will allow you to grow your business and generate more income! Go to: www.rnraccounting.com.au and download your free copy of my ebook that provides you with 7 secrets to getting the right business advice Email: admin@rnraccounting.com.au Phone: 07 33981994 or 0429 629 090

10 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

Some people may regard a visit to their accountant much like a visit to their dentist: painful and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Armed with well-prepared records, a good accountant will work with you to save you tax and improve your business for a reasonable fee. n

CONTACT Julia Katrich BUSINESS Rubiix Pty Ltd PHONE +61 (3) 9603 0029




How to thrive in tough economic times Keeping your head above water can be, at the very least, challenging in the current business environment. DAVID SOLOMON shares six actions you can implement into your business to ensure your enterprise continues to prosper in an economic downturn. Ask anyone the question “How’s business?” and often you will hear things like “I don’t remember it ever being this bad” or “We’re surviving, but it’s hard going.” The good news is there are no ‘fancy shmancy’ things you need to do to continue to thrive – just the basics.

1. Deliver a quality product or service. No, make that an exceptional product or service. Whether this is your personal labour or your business’s output, the message is the same – average just won’t cut it any more.

2. Deliver it from the point of view of the customer/purchaser. What do they want? What do they need? What are they willing to pay for? The super-sweet spot for any business is the confluence of: n

What you do exceptionally well; plus


What you love; plus


What the world needs (and wants); plus


What the world will pay for.

Hint: It is not about you, it’s about them.

3. Control your finances, especially your cash flow. For your personal life – budget and don’t spend beyond your means. For business – get your fixed costs as low as possible and make as many costs as possible variable. This effectively changes the break-even point for the business, in turn making it more resilient to ripples and even waves in the economy. You have heard it before but collect your debts quickly.

4. Get really clear on what you do, for whom you do it, how you do it and what your points of uniqueness are. Then follow through. This is different from 2) above. It’s about absolute clarity on your specific market niche and your unique offering.

5. Remember that you are in the business of marketing your product or service, not your product or service business. Please read that again.

you don’t do this and even more so when times are a bit tougher.

6. Hire great people to make, sell and deliver. Pay your team more if you have to – they will pay you back immeasurably. Even for a small business the return on investment is there. This is also relevant for solopreneurs who outsource activities. You shouldn’t be afraid of trading money for time because there are circumstances when it makes more sense to spend money than to do it yourself, e.g. when you can use your time more profitably or when hiring someone will get better results. This back-to-basics approach should see you prospering irrespective of economic conditions. n

What your business does is satisfy certain needs for a certain group of people – but that is the end result only. The world will not spontaneously beat a path to your door. Your principle task in business is to educate the world or at least your target niche as to who you are and what you do. Nothing happens if

Get more from less MasterClass Business improvement specialists Katoka are running 3 hour MasterClasses in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. “Time waste differs from material waste in that there can be no salvage. The easiest of all wastes and the hardest to correct is the waste of time, because wasted time does not litter the floor like wasted material.” Henry Ford

Anything that doesn’t add value to your customers just adds time and cost your business. Register today and learn how to: • Reduce waste in your business • Uncover hidden opportunities • Improve your team’s productivity

CONTACT David Solomon BUSINESS Quiddity PHONE +61 (2) 9994 8999


Techni to save ques time & you immed money iately

To find out more and register go to: www.katoka.com.au Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 11





inspiring presenters There are lots of ‘okay’ and ‘good’ presenters but how many times do you see an ‘inspiring’ presenter? This doesn’t mean inspiring audiences to jump up in the air and pump their fists, we mean authentic presenters who inspire their audience to act. In this article GABRIELLE DOLAN reveals the seven secrets of being an inspiring presenter. SECRET #1 – is the mindset inspiring presenters bring to every presentation, every time. Inspiring presenters do not see presenting as a chore or an annoying add-on to their real job. They see every presentation as an opportunity to sell their personal image and to sell their company. They understand that every time they present, people make judgements on their leadership abilities. Thus, they embrace every presenting opportunity as an opportunity to increase their leadership presence and their personal brand. They understand the tremendous opportunity presenting supplies them and therefore invest a lot of time in excelling in it.

SECRET #2 – inspiring presenters are very clear on the purpose of their presentation and have prioritised their key messages to no more than three. They understand that if you have more than three key messages then the likelihood is that people will remember none of them.

SECRET #3 – they fully consider their audience: who they are, what they are likely be thinking, what their concerns are. When considering their audience they also consider the context of the presentation: will people be standing, will drinks or food be served, will it be compulsory to attend, what time of day is it? The inspiring presenter walks in the audience’s shoes every time, to set the presentation up for success.

For example, a 7:30 a.m. breakfast presentation where the CEO of Carmen’s Muesli, Carolyn Creswell was presenting. Like all early morning events, most people think “this better be worth the extra early morning”. As Creswell came to the stage the first thing she said was, “When the alarm went off this morning I thought, this breakfast seminar better be good. And then I thought, sh** I better be good!” The audience laughed and connected with her straight away.

SECRET #4 – they understand the various modes of delivery to get their message across. Modes can be as simple as asking a question, or getting the audience to work in pairs. Variety is the key here. They also understand why you would use each mode of delivery and what you need to take into account for each mode. For example, they know that using a story requires a lot of preparation to ensure it will achieve its desired result. They also know that you would use a story when you want people to fully understand, remember and care about your message. They know that some modes come with a certain amount of risk but the risk is worth the return. People walk away inspired.

similar to what Carolyn Creswell did as noted in secret number 3.

SECRET #6 – if they have to use PowerPoint or any other presentation software, they know how to do it properly. Any presentation software is an ancillary, a support act to the presenter and the audience.

SECRET #7 – inspiring presenters practice, practice and practice some more. But, they practice in their own style so they remain true to who they are. The end result is always an authentic presentation. If you were in business in the nineties you probably attended far too many presentation workshops that focused on delivery: “Stand here, use the stage, make eye contact”. This cookie cutter approach produced a generation of business people presenting in the same way with little focus on their own style and the content. The challenge for leaders today, is to not just present information, but rather to inspire people into action. So, using these seven secrets, take on the challenge and unleash the inspiring presenter within you. n

SECRET #5 – inspiring presenters understand people need to connect with them first, before they can connect to their message. They understand how this connection and trust can be fast tracked by an appropriate personal story or sometimes just by some appropriate humour,

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How to break through Have you ever wanted to write a business article but were not sure of how or where to start? DEBRA MCNAIR has a few simple strategies that will have you well on your way to writing your first article. Before you start, think about your business and the edge you have over your competitors. Think about how long you have worked in your industry, and your level of expertise. When you realise your unique position in the market, you can then write with confidence and your own unique voice. Choose a topic you know readers will be interested in, and brainstorm some points that you really want people to learn. For example, a personal trainer may want to share tips on ‘Overcoming Winter Weight Gain’. A brainstorm may lead to the following points: n

Find your favourite exercise.


Join together with friends.


Schedule your exercise like a meeting.


Make it a priority.

For a 500-word article, start off with a 50word introduction about yourself and your topic. Then for the points listed above, write four paragraphs of approximately 100 words. Summarise the key points in your conclusion, in approximately 50 words, and remember to add inspiration and something of your

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experience to allow your readers to really get a glimpse of you. If this process is really too difficult for you, enlist the help of an expert in your field, or a copy writer, to write articles for you. Lynette Palmen AM, Founder and Managing Director of Women’s Network Australia, also suggests the following uses for your articles: n

Place articles on your website.


Submit to magazines.

Add to client packages to increase the value of the package.

Want A Rewarding Career That Helps People Reach Their Goals?

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Reuse older articles after reworking them.

A portfolio of great headshots is also necessary to include with your article. Check editorial guidelines for how to submit these. You must also check editorial guidelines for each magazine to which you submit an article. These will be different for each magazine. It is important to check copyright and ownership details before resubmitting the same article to another magazine or website. To complete your article, set a goal to write, prioritise time in your schedule, and work ahead of the deadline to allow a few extra days as a buffer. It is good to be early with submissions. Sit down, coffee at hand, and write – whether you prefer typing away at your laptop or writing on a notepad. Then read, and re-read your work. A second read through from a colleague, can also help with some constructive criticism. Your article will reach many readers, and will educate, inspire or transform those who read it. Your unique experiences and knowledge can be imparted to others, and create a point of intersection for you and possible new clients. Be confident, take the time, follow the process and write! n


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Client testimonials

CREATE A COMPELLING MESSAGE Most businesses use testimonials from customers and clients to ensure their products, services and staff appear credible and compelling. LEA CARSWELL looks at what makes a fabulous testimonial and how and why every small business needs to utilise feedback from clients as a powerful marketing tool.

One of the first rules of writing is to show, not tell. Writing testimonials, or deciding which part of testimonial statements to include in marketing material, is no different. As with every other piece of writing that seeks to persuade, the best testimonials are those that show a clear business or personal benefit, rather than simply telling about that benefit.

Say something real

Compare these statements: n

“X is an amazing speaker; very entertaining.”

“A week after the event, my team was still talking about wise and insightful things X had said. X is an amazing speaker; very entertaining.” n

Here is another example: n

“The product saved us lots of time and money.”

“Because it is so reliable, based on sophisticated technology, we won’t need to spend money on upgrades, maintenance or buying a new solution in the next few years, saving us lots of time and money.” n

As with every other piece of writing that seeks to persuade, the best testimonials are those that show a clear business or personal benefit, rather than simply telling about that benefit.

Although the previous examples seem to recommend longer endorsement statements, keep in mind that it’s easy to say nothing, regardless of how many words you choose. Longer doesn’t mean better; even so, use fewer testimonials that include more depth and detail. Ideally, you should change testimonials regularly (the great benefit of online versus printed or broadcast media).

It’s about integrity

Too often, so-called testimonials provide so little actual substance that they are almost impossible to believe. It started back in the day of the soap powder commercial: Mrs P from Morningside wouldn’t be without her (insert product name here). The phenomenon grew with the use of pseudoscientific results: Nine out of ten stains are removed with just a cup of (insert product here). These testimonial clichés were printed on packaging and brochures, in print advertisements and on TV. These days we find them on the web. You have probably seen them: pages of glowing comments but with details of the source conspicuously lacking. The truth is that Nancy in Adelaide might think these products or services are the best she has ever encountered but how is the reader to know that she isn’t the owner’s aunt and business investor?

A confident successful woman intimately knows her leadership style. Do you? Imagine how your confidence would soar and how rewardingly succulent your life, business or career would be if you had a personalised guidance system outlining your unique path to effortless success. Discover your archetypal personal leadership style and unlock the key to accelerate the confident expression of your innate potential every day. Contact Shannon Dunn (Bush), Personal Leadership Expert and Creative Possibility Coach to book your Innate Potential discovery session today. Mention Working Women magazine and receive a bonus Personal Leadership Report ($97 value).

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Look closely at websites you visit. Consider your own website with regard to these questions: n

Do you believe the testimonies that you read?

Are your site testimonials from the clients you want to highlight? n

Are these statements easy to find on your site? Are they boring or repetitive? n

Do they contain credible examples showing the relevant benefits? n

Has the endorser identified their name, role, company and/or location? n

A great testimony

Modern networking owes much to testimonials, spoken and written. Women’s Network Australia (WNA) and sites such as LinkedIn encourage their members to provide recommendations and to reciprocate in kind, and we are richer for it. When was the last time you provided a testimonial or recommended someone who has demonstrably helped you? Challenge yourself to try and spread the message and ‘gossip the gospel of good business’. n CONTACT Lea Carswell BUSINESS Thumbnail Commercial

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Recognising the signs of


No matter how much you want it to work, how hard you try or how many hours you put in – if your current job isn’t right for you, it is probably best if you move on. KAREN ADAMEDES shares her tips and strategies on changing your career path.

Preferably, you want to do this before you reach a career crisis or feel that you are bashing your head against a brick wall. The trick is to know when it is time to go, before you hurt yourself, or the wall. Career moves can also be initiated by positive opportunities that come your way. You need to be able to recognise the positive signs just as much as the negative ones. The ability to know when it is time to move on requires you to make sure your radar is on and that you are aware when things are changing or when opportunities present themselves.

Bad behaviours

If you notice the managers in your company are being short tempered or acting more stressed than usual, this can be a sign that the business is not performing or that change is on its way. Stick up your antenna and ask around to see if others know more.

New or lost customer contracts

Even if you are not in an area of the business that deals directly with customers, winning or losing customers can have an impact on you. New customers can lead to the creation of new roles; lost customers can mean down sizing in a business.

Organisational change, restructures and management changes

How fresh is your skincare?

A bad boss

Hi, I’m Tristan and I’ve been on a journey to unlock the secret to naturally beautiful, youthful, radiant skin.

Some of the signals to be on the lookout for are:

These all provide new possibilities. New or project roles are often created in times of change or vacancies are created when someone moves as part of a restructure. Plug into your network to find out what is going on so that you can let people know you are interested in the opportunities that might be coming up. This is regularly cited as the number one reason people leave their jobs. You would not walk out the first time you have a disagreement but if over time you realise that working for a particular manager does not support you personally or your career aspirations, this can be a very clear sign to move on.

Cost cutting

Significant cost cutting can be a sign that a business is under pressure. This may be a forerunner to job losses. It might not mean that your job is at risk but it is something to be aware of and may indicate that it is time for you to develop a Plan B.

What I have discovered, is that just like our food, our skincare products are best when fresh. There is much scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of natural ingredients — whether for nourishing, moisturising, healing or anti-aging — and of the harm that harsh chemicals can do to our skin and our bodies. So we’ve created Rubifresh — a range of high performance, all natural face and body products using some of nature’s most potent and well-researched ingredients at their freshest.

Career moves can also be initiated by positive opportunities that come your way. You need to be able to recognise the positive signs just as much as the negative ones. Have your radar up and your antenna on; recognise the signals to move on. And most importantly, act when the time is right for you. n CONTACT Karen Adamedes BUSINESS Career Chick Chat PHONE +61 (0) 418 739 963



It may have been the right job at one time but things change for you and for the companies you work for. A crucial career skill is to be able to recognise when these changes happen and be able to recognise the signals that tell you it is time to move on.

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It’s procedures


Do you find yourself saying: ‘my staff know more about it than I do’? If your business runs on you or your staff just doing things opposed to having documented how something is done – there is no doubt that you are heading for trouble. ROSEMARY OSBORNE explains why it is imperative that every business regardless of size or type must have clear and accurate procedures in place. Written office procedures are essential if you want to maintain quality and develop your business into a saleable commodity. Quality relates to a consistent standard and is a method that can be repeated to produce the same positive outcome. Anyone buying a business has an expectation that how each task is undertaken within a business will have been documented. Written procedures provide a base for reviewing activities for efficiency and effectiveness. They reduce the introduction of creative ways of doing things which can happen as individual staff members put their own twist on a task. Office procedures can save you money as you refresh staff’s methods of performing tasks and train new staff. The documented procedures provide a valuable base for expectation of performance for that annual review or performance management. So, how should you go about developing your office procedures? The first consideration is thinking of your office functioning in terms of a logical process. You need: n

a set of rules – your policies

a set of an approved way of doing things – your procedures or activities n


resources needed to support your procedures.

16 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

For example, Staff Member A might think all phone messages need to be answered within 24 hours and the message kept on post-it notes until then. However, as the business owner, you expect all phone messages must be answered within two hours and their outcomes entered into a phone message system.

follow-up and outcomes should also be recorded in the log.

Therefore, to make your expectations clear, you may set up the following:

formatting of each procedure; link it to a policy and use everyday language so all staff are clear on their roles and responsibilities. n

Resources: A phone message system to log the phone messages, follow-up details and outcomes. Below is a simple basic structure that can be adapted to any business. Be consistent with the

Policy: ‘Staff must check and respond to all phone messages within two hours’. Procedure: This should say how you expect staff to go about doing that, e.g. phone messages must first be logged into the phone system; when they are followed up, all details of the

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Headline: Checking of phone messages Procedure Number 13 Page number: 4 Effective from 1st July 2012 This procedure supersedes procedure Number 2 Date for review: 1st July 2014

Keep headlines clear and use the words that directly label the activity. Number the procedures so you can directly refer to them. Always number the pages in your Procedure Manual and have a Contents Table. If a procedure supersedes an earlier procedure, state this and cancel out the previous procedure.

Describe overall objective To respond to client’s messages and access client into the business system. Area of responsibility Procedure details Resources Help

Identify whose responsibility it is. Can be a statement to outline each step that is required, a checklist of what needs to be done, or a flow chart State any resources available, e.g. the phone logging system State any help that is available, e.g. Training program




of overcoming challenges in business No matter what business you are in there will always be some bumps along the way, the answer to overcoming these bumps is not in how far you fall, it is how quickly and efficiently you get back up again. Use KIRSTY O’CALLAGHAN’s top tips to being resilient in the face of adversity. Resilience is the ability to work with adversity in such a way that you emerge from it unscathed or even better for the experience. It means facing life’s difficulties and challenges with courage and patience; determined not to give up. It is the quality of character that allows a person or group of people to rebound from misfortune, hardship and trauma. Successful business people show this tenacity of spirit, a determination to embrace all that makes their life worth living, to follow their dreams, goals and passions, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Top tips for being resilient from home to workplace are:

REFLECT – Take time to reflect on your vision and values. Get clear about what you want, where you can improve and what opportunity this difficulty or obstacle has given you. When you have a clear sense of identity and purpose, you are more resilient because you can hold fast to your vision of a better future.

Definition is everything Communications: Aka PR: Aims to inform, promote and persuade in the right way, right time, right place. Media relations: Least controllable, most powerful, but not a cure-all. Marketing: Communications with the intent of selling. Market research: Means of investigating ideas and finding the ‘why?’ behind the numbers.

RESOURCEFUL – Who can I ask for help? What book, website or organisation may have the information I need? Resilience is enhanced by having a supportive community, the relationships that allow you to lean on one another for support and guidance when you need it. Know that you have the capability to cope and overcome this hurdle.

REINVENT – There will always be times that you need to reinvent yourself or your business. That doesn’t mean changing everything. It may mean looking at what the current market or environment is looking for right now. Who are they looking for? What is it that you can be doing to get your message across in a way that is clearer, authentic and meaningful to them? Is there something you can be doing to represent a better version of you and your business? What needs to change to keep moving forward? The Japanese proverb “fall seven times, stand up eight” is about being resilient. It has been said that in times of crisis people show their true character. Anyone can be cooperative, patient, and understanding when things are going well and life is good. But it is the noble man or woman who can behave with grace and compassion and even kindness when times are the most CONTACT Kirsty O’Callaghan challenging. n BUSINESS Unity-Qld +61 (0) 402 889 648 www.unity-qld.com.au PHONE

Specialising in legal, professional services, higher education and not-for-profit. Clear fluff-free advice and practical support. Sign up for free monthly e-bulletin with top tips and ‘to-dos’ each month. Alicia Patterson Phone: 0403 172 024 Email: alicia@houseconsulting.com.au

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investing during volatile times

Despite all the doom and gloom currently circulating, SUSAN RALLINGS and PATRICIA DOYLE outline how stocks and shares should still play a role in the investment mix of accumulating your wealth portfolio. The Australian share market dropped over 11 per cent last financial year. This has obviously been a tough 12 months. In order to overcome some of the difficulties investors have been experiencing since the Global Financial Crisis, we have the following tips:

Be proactive – a lot of investors for many years have had a ‘buy and hold’ approach. In this type of market where we have been going backwards this does not always work. Take opportunities when you can and remember you can always sell and buy back in at a later time.

greedy, and have an exit strategy. Ask yourself, would I be happy with a 20 per cent return? If the answer is yes, trim some profits off the top, as we do not know if it will continue to go up!

Buy quality companies – with strong fundamentals and a healthy balance sheet, the blue chip top 200 stocks have held up well during volatile times because these are companies which investors have relied on in the past and have a proven track record.

Be brave – cash is the number one investment

around at the moment that offer much better yields than current term deposit rates, don’t forget fully franked shares are also helpful at tax time.

choice at present, if you are very conservative and are happy to accept a lower return then stay with what works for you. However, if you really believe in an investment and it is only down due to poor sentiments in the market, don’t be rash and panic; remember you only generate a loss when you sell.

Take profits when possible – try not to be

Looking back over history, the Australian

Look for yield – there are a lot of investments

share market long-term trend is up, try not to be disheartened while the market is volatile. Global economies will eventually work through the issues and the market will turn, you just need to be patient but also proactive in your strategy. n Important Information: The information contained in this article is general information only. It does not take into consideration any specific needs, situations or objectives. Before making any financial decisions you should make sure you are comfortable that the strategy suits your needs and objectives, and your risk profile. If necessary, you should seek professional advice.

Susan Rallings and Patricia Doyle BUSINESS RBS Morgans PHONE +61 (7) 3334 4865 www.rbsmorgans.com CONTACT

Worried about the state of the markets? Keep up to date with our morning market email - a daily update which outlines what has happened overnight as well as any current news on Australian companies. Make an appointment to review your investments, insurance and superannuation.

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Lack of cash flow it’s a business killer

To remain viable every business must address the management of its cash flow. If you are not on top of what is going out and what is coming in, your business will soon be closing its doors. JO-ANNE CHAPLIN explains some simple strategies for keeping the cash flow of your business in check. Here are a few tips which you can employ to get control of your business cash flow:

Prepare a cash flow budget for the next twelve months. These are sometimes referred to as cash flow forecasts and can vary widely in terms of their complexity and focus. The purpose of a budget for your business is to plan for variances in turnover and expenditure. They can also be used to motivate owners, managers and staff.

Using a spread sheet or analysis pad with at least 15 columns across, list your income sources and then your expenses down the left hand column. Leave a couple of rows between the income and expenses that can be used as a total amount. Head up the columns across the page for the months ahead. Enter estimates of monthly sales and other income. Using historical sales as a guide will assist you in identifying trends and volume of sales. Also build in special events that relate to your business, e.g. Christmas sales, holiday period sales, end of financial year etc. Next, enter the known costs of your business, i.e. fixed costs such as rents, insurances, loan repayments and other expenses which are the same every month. Then enter estimates of the non-fixed costs – replacement of stock, wages, advertising etc. To calculate your cash flow, total each column’s income and expenses and write the surplus/ shortfall at the bottom of the page. It should be instantly clear which months are slow, and which are profitable. Examine your figures to see where savings or adjustments can be made to increase the surplus or minimise your shortfalls. The process of budgeting can be quite time consuming at first but once a workable budget is in place, it can be easily updated regularly.

Always borrow at the lowest possible interest rate. When considering financing options, it is always better for cash flow if your interest and loan repayments are made using the lowest interest rate available to you, and the shortest term. Always match the term to the asset being purchased. If you are buying an item of plant which you know will only have a useful life of three years, then the financing of that asset should not exceed three years.

Set aside funds on a regular basis to meet GST/ PAYG commitments. Transferring a percentage of your gross sales into a separate bank account will mean that you will have enough cash to meet your BAS/PAYG commitments when they fall due. This method can also be applied to amounts deducted from employee wages. There are a wide variety of bank accounts which offer high interest on atcall balances which can be used to hold monies required to meet GST and PAYG instalment commitments. Usually a percentage of about 10 per cent of gross sales is enough to meet the GST commitment. The PAYG commitment can be worked out by dividing your usual PAYG instalment by four (if it is a quarterly amount).

and your business activity statements are up to date. The software should provide you with streamlined invoicing of clients, recording your expenses and liabilities and due dates for payments, provide you with sales, debtor and creditor analysis as well as a payroll system if you have staff. Also important is the correct calculation of GST liabilities.

Use the services of an accountant. If you don’t have one, you should find an accountant with whom you can discuss business issues at any time of the year. Professional fees vary widely, and most advisors are happy to provide fee estimates prior to accepting a client. Obtaining advice in relation to the structure of your business, the recordkeeping requirements, staff issues, tax issues and cash flow and general management issues is paramount in making sure you succeed. n DISCLAIMER: The information above is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation and financial goals.

Use appropriate software for your business so less time is spent on administration. By using the correct software for your business, you will be able to spend less time on recordkeeping and more time on what earns you the money. As a small business, you need to be sure that your invoices are going out on time, and your debtors are paying on time,

CONTACT Jo-Anne Chaplin BUSINESS Tax & Superannuation

Professionals Pty Ltd +61 (0) 457 960 566 www.taxandsuperprofessionals.com.au PHONE

Have a strict policy for collection of debtor accounts. Be sure to have a strict collections policy, and make your clients aware of this at the point of sale. Contact the debtor as soon as possible after the trading terms have been exceeded to see if an oversight has occurred, or whether an arrangement can be made to clear the debt. Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 19


Good customer service is


There is no denying the value of a smile to a sale; likewise it is important to look the part and to care about your product. CLARE MAXFIELD explains the importance of customer service and why some small businesses are failing altogether in this most important area.

A recent study stated that only one in five customers felt that they had received good service. Most people would have expected these figures to be the other way around. Perhaps you will agree with the figures once you read the story below about a recent mystery shopper experience in Melbourne. A mystery shopper and a journalist recently walked through some major chain stores and these stores did very little to make them feel wanted, welcome or recognised. There were some admirable stores, of which Saba was one, but the others were woeful. The shoppers didn’t greet the sales staff when they entered and really they should not need to, but then when they needed help it was very ordinary, if provided at all. One sales assistant walked away after giving them shoes to try on, another

tried to tell them a jacket was two sizes too small and it was actually a great fit.

gone, you will never get this day back so why waste it?

If anything, they discovered a lot about the retail sector. Many sales staff are there as a fill in until they get to what they really want to do. Well guess what, they could have missed their best opportunity, as the boss of their next job may have just walked out the door!

The trick to customer service is to enjoy what you are doing because enjoyment is infectious. This is one bug everyone will want to catch and if you can spread some happiness around, people will love dealing with you and they will come back. Before you know it you will have infected everyone with your good mood.

As a customer, you get what you give and if you give the retail staff nothing to work with they will give you nothing in return. Finally, love what you do or don’t do it at all, as life is too short to waste your days in a dreary job. You may feel that your job is not everything you want for yourself forever but it is all you have right now, so, for today live in the moment and make it the best day of your life. Once it is


Smile as you walk in the door.

Be prepared to wait for the sales person to finish what they are doing. n


Don’t be disagreeable.

Let the sales person know if you are in a hurry. Do not be rude. n

Be prepared to tell others and the store of the great service, Karma has a way of going around.

Choose what you love


True Love Interiors brings you www.ilovethis.com.au Online easy & secure shopping



Smile as the customer walks in the door, even if you are with someone else. If you are serving another person, indicate to the customer that you will be with them soon. n

If the customer is browsing, allow them a few minutes before you ask if you can help them. n

If you do not have something in the customer’s size, give them other options of where they can get the same garment or get it sent to your store if possible. n

Know your product. A customer knows if you are making it up. n

Stylish & affordable - Interior Décor & accessories, Home ware & Gifts Free gift wrapping upon request Flat rate shipping $10.00 in Australia only. **With every purchase for Working Women readers we’ll send you a free gift. Upon checkout please mention you’re a Working Women reader. For any queries please email: sales@ilovethis.com.au 20 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

So before you go anywhere, go with a positive attitude. You will be surprised at the goodwill that will come your way whether you are buying, selling or just browsing. n

CONTACT Clare Maxfield BUSINESS Clare Maxfield PHONE +61 (0) 414 339 113



Take the bland out of your brand

Looking for unique personalised gifts for your staff, clients and suppliers this Christmas?

A unique and grand brand can be the most valuable asset of a small business. If the branding of a business is not a stand out feature it decreases future saleability. After all who wants to buy an unrecognisable business? LIANE BARKER explains why every successful business, including yours, needs to invest proudly in building a recognisable brand. Your business brand is a permanent reminder to consumers that you are here and you are serious about what you have to offer. Your brand is your promise and it makes your business accountable. Take ‘Apple’ for instance, look at how their brand has evolved over the years yet the main ‘essence’ of the brand, the apple, has remained, becoming one of the most recognisable and well-known brands in the world today. Love them or hate them, we all know what it stands for. To those in business, it has become a convenient mobile office and to our kids, it has almost become the new social order. So what is a brand? A brand is more than just a logo; it is your unique mark in the marketplace. It is what sets you apart from your competition.

A well-known and established brand is a valuable asset to your business especially if you decide to sell; so why wouldn’t you invest in you and your business right from the start? It is amazing the number of people who spend thousands on new premises or a website and only a small amount on their branding. Often they wait to be more established or more financially set.

image in your mind through consistent use of marketing, allowing you to easily recognise the brand and what it offers. A good example of this is once again, ‘Apple’, their simple yet effective branding has managed to capture a global market through the power of their brand. When choosing a brand for your business think about how it will represent you and your business. Is it authentic and is it going to resonate with your target audience adding value to you, your service and your product?

A brand builds trust, loyalty and ultimately a relationship with your customers. How often have you chosen a particular product purely on its reputation and brand? How did you know about this product? More often than not the brand and its promise have built up their



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If you already have a brand then ask yourself does your current branding reflect you and your business and does it convey the right message to your target audience? Does it stand out from others in the marketplace? If not, maybe it is time to update or even rejuvenate your brand and go from bland to branded with your own unique and personalised brand. n

Personalised Baubles

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This is false economy and one that can cost more in the long run. Without a unique and identifiable brand how can you attract the right clients to your business and create the success you need? A well-known and established brand is a valuable asset to your business especially if you decide to sell; so why wouldn’t you invest in you and your business right from the start?

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Directors’ personal liability Don’t become a Mrs Potter

Directors should be aware of the power of the courts to see through the company structure and impose personal liability on directors for breaches of the law. HELEN CARTER explains some issues about a director’s liability and shares some tips for reducing the risk. Whilst the company structure is a useful enterprise vehicle it does not provide a complete shield for directors. It is important that directors are aware that they can be held liable for breaches committed by their company. One important area where this can occur is in relation to workplace obligations. Usually, personal liability is imposed because directors know of or are involved in a contravention. But the courts have held that actual knowledge of the contravention is not necessary. ‘Wilful blindness’ to the relevant acts (such as underpayment) and a failure to make reasonable inquiries is sufficient. In some cases (especially taxation offences), liability may be imposed on directors merely because of the company’s breaches, regardless of the director’s knowledge or involvement.

Whilst Mrs Potter was clearly the heart and soul of Quincolli, these factors will often apply to larger organisations with directors involved in the operation of the business.

The best way to minimise the risk of a director having personal liability arising from the conduct of a company is to ensure sound management practises are instituted and directors maintain informed insight into the operations of the business. This should be a personal priority for directors of small to medium companies.

How should company directors’ best manage the risk of personal liability? It is important therefore, that: Directors are diligent in finding out about the affairs of their companies and are knowledgeable about their legal obligations. Professional advice should be sought, especially in complex regulatory areas such as workplace law and tax law.

Fair Work Ombudsman v Quincolli [2011] FMCA 139 demonstrates directors’ liability under the Fair Work Act 2009. The Fair Work Ombudsman successfully prosecuted Quincolli Pty Ltd, a call centre operator for systematically underpaying its workers.


The Court also held Mrs Potter, director of Quincolli Pty Ltd, liable for the breaches noting that she was the sole director and secretary of the company, and she had active day-to-day management including access to records and that she had consulted with the Ombudsman about the relevant award.


This editorial only provides a brief summary of a complex area of law. Any person or organisation requiring further information or advice in connection with the subject matter of this editorial should obtain advice from a qualified solicitor. n

Directors should ensure that proper management and documentation procedures are in place especially where there is a division of roles amongst directors.

CONTACT Helen Carter BUSINESS PCC Lawyers Pty Limited PHONE +61 (2) 8436 2500

Directors obtain directors’ and officers’ insurance and, where possible, indemnities from the company. n


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K - 85

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to face tough crack down

Australians will soon have greater protection from fake brands masquerading as the real thing with the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Act 2012 providing tough new penalties for counterfeiting and stronger powers for seizing phony imports. The Act raises the maximum penalty for trademark rip-offs to five years imprisonment. Previously the maximum was two years – far less than the limit for copyright or patent infringement. Courts now also have the power to impose exemplary damages against counterfeiters who might otherwise treat penalties as the ‘cost of doing business’. These measures bring the enforcement of trade mark law in line with other intellectual property rights, such as patents. This is good news for business and good news for Australian jobs as phony imports can undercut local products and employment. It takes a lot of work to build strong brands, and

Australian consumers appreciate knowing exactly what it is they are buying. The Act also sharpens up the process for seizure of counterfeit imports. Until now, importers bringing in counterfeit products have been able to play a game of cat-and-mouse by remaining anonymous – undercutting iconic Australian brands by bringing in cheap imports. Now Customs has the power to give trademark owners the information they need to commence prosecution. Trademark owners range from a one man mowing service right up to iconic Australian brands like GM Holden, Fosters and Weet-Bix. These new rules are good for all trade mark owners, regardless of their size.

Australian businesses have more affordable enforcement options. For the first time, trademarks and design matters can be taken to the Federal Magistrate’s Court, rather than the more expensive Federal Court. The reforms were passed into law on 15 April 2012 and come into force on 15 April 2013. Raising the Bar is the latest in a series of reforms by the Gillard Labor Government, complementing the R and D Tax Incentive introduced last year. For more information about the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Act 2012, visit www.ipaustralia.gov.au n

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employer’s obligations When your employees are dealing with child support issues it can be difficult for everyone, including you and your business. Do you know what your obligations are as an employer? Use DIXIE ANN MIDDLETON’s helpful checklist on child support to make sure you have covered all your obligations.

As an employer, you will sometimes have an employee who is required to pay child support pursuant to an assessment issued by the Child Support Agency. This creates obligations for you as an employer. If this situation arises you should consider the following checklist. Please use this checklist as a guide only and if you have any questions or concerns you should seek independent legal advice.

1. The Child Support Agency registrar can forward a notice to you advising you of the name of the payer parent and other particulars sufficient for you to identify the party as an employee of your business. The notice will also give you instructions as to the need to deduct periodic payments from that person’s salary or wages and to pay it to the registrar of the Child Support Agency.

2. You may thereafter receive notices varying the liability or the need to deduct and you will then need to vary your practice in accordance with the varied notice.

3. Your obligation to make the deduction and forward it to the Child Support Agency is mandatory.

4. If you fail to comply with your mandatory obligations, you commit an offence punishable by financial penalties and, in the worst case scenario, by imprisonment.

5. It is a defence to a failure to make the deduction and forward it to the Agency if the

employee’s salary or wages is less than the protected earnings. The Protected Earnings Amount (PEA) as at June 2012 is $329.55 per week.

6. Your obligations to an employee include a subcontractor.

7. Having made the deduction in accordance with the notice from the Child Support Agency, you are then obligated to forward the money to the Child Support Agency no later than the seventh day of the following calendar month. The payment needs to be accompanied by a relevant notice – Child Support Deductions Report which is available from the Agency. See their website http://www.csa.gov.au/.

8. If you fail to make the deduction and

11. You have an obligation not to prejudice the employment of a person because of a registrable maintenance liability pursuant to the Child Support Agency.

12. There are prohibitions on disclosure by you and/or your agents or servants of information relating to an employee acquired through this process of deducting and paying child support.

13. You need to maintain written records for

payment in the relevant time, you are obligated to give a notice to the registrar of the failure to pay.

five years which explain the deductions and other acts engaged in by you to comply with your obligations pursuant to the Child Support Agency notice.

9. Having made the deduction or not having

14. An officer authorised in writing by the

made the deduction, you also are required to give a notice in writing to your employee as to the amount deducted or not deducted as the case may be.

registrar of the Child Support Agency has the right at all reasonable times to enter and remain on any land or premises and a right to have free access at all reasonable times to all documents and a right to inspect, examine and make copies of or take extracts from any document. A failure by the employer to facilitate the officer by the provision of reasonable facilities and assistance will mean that they commit an offence and can have a financial penalty imposed upon them.

10. If an employee to whom a Child Support Agency notice relates ceases to be an employee, you need to notify the Child Support Agency no later than the seventh day of the following calendar month of the date when they ceased employment. This notice should be given in the relevant form which can be accessed via the Child Support Agency website.

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While it is an extra burden on the employer to participate in the Child Support Agency system, it reduces the drain on the taxpayer dollar if parents meet their appropriate obligations.

While it is an extra burden on the employer to participate in the Child Support Agency system, it reduces the drain on the taxpayer dollar if parents meet their appropriate obligations. By participating in the system, the employer helps nurture the children in our society and thus the future of our country. It is about being part of the community and it is about that Australian characteristic – being a good team player. n

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V I S I T w w w. co n n e c t e d wo m e n . n e t . a u

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Garmin launches an outdoor adventure icon

Garmin has raised the stakes for outdoor adventure enthusiasts with the launch of its new fénix GPS navigator and Altimeter, Barometer, Compass wristwatch (ABC wristwatch). The fénix is built to endure the toughest outdoor conditions, combining a shock-resistant high-strength housing with a mineral glass lens to protect against scratches. The fénix boasts a large LCD display with LED backlight and robust polyurethane wristbands. RRP: $449 Contact: www.garmin.com.au

Samsung Galaxy S III

With the intelligent smart stay feature, Samsung Galaxy S III recognises when you are looking directly at the screen, whether it is to read an e-book or browse the web. The front camera looks deep into your eyes and maintains a bright display for continued viewing pleasure. Samsung Galaxy S III knows when you want to talk. When you are messaging someone and decide to call them instead, simply lift your phone to your ear and Direct Call will dial their number for you. RRP: $899 (16GB) Contact: www.samsung.com/au

The new Nespresso’s coffee machine U

The new U has a tactile interface that can memorise your favourite cup length. There are three pre-programmed coffee sizes to choose from: Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo. For added convenience, U features the first-ever moveable water tank, which slides around the machine to fit easily into corners and tight spaces. The cup support accommodates different cup heights to allow you to create a variety of coffee recipe creations, and features a magnetised removable cup support so it can be moved and attached to the sides of the machine. RRP: $299 Contact: www.nespresso.com

LASER ‘Swiss Army knife’ style device for smartphones, tablets and laptops

A one-of-a-kind pocket-sized gadget, the LASER WiFi shAIR hub can perform a variety of tasks and acts as a nerve centre that connects iOS, Android or PC/Mac devices in the home, at work, or ideally when travelling. When connected, the LASER WiFi shAIR hub acts as a mini media server, essentially working as a file server. View and share multimedia, including photos, music and videos from SD cards, USB flash drives and even portable hard drives wirelessly. RRP: $169 Contact www.laserco.net

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Sunbeam’s Mixmaster Classic

Designed to inspire you to get into the kitchen and bake your grandma’s classic, an all-time favourite, or that little treat for dessert. With a solid die-cast body, a range of mixing attachments and two bowl sizes, the Mixmaster Classic is the tool to create and bake successfully at home. RRP: $299 Model: MX8500 Contact: www.sunbeam.com.au

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Getting media coverage is easy

WHEN YOU KNOW HOW Most businesses think that appearing on TV or having an article published in a newspaper or magazine is just a dream. However, when you know how the media works it’s a walk in the park. PR and media exposure expert, SUE PAPADOULIS outlines how to achieve publicity and media coverage for your small business.

News flash: All businesses have something that is of interest to the media! Many business owners believe that in order to get a story about their business published or broadcast in the media they must have done something special, or they must be the biggest and best in their industry. Some people are just intimidated at the thought of appearing in a newspaper or being promoted on a TV show like Today Tonight or A Current Affair. They also commonly believe that getting into the media costs money – either by having to spend on advertising, or by hiring an expensive PR firm. The reality is that every business is the keeper of some great stories that the media would love.

It is simply a case of accessing some insider journalist secrets and being open to the idea that your business could skyrocket as a result of some well-placed free promotion in the guise of a news story. The majority of the stories in a newspaper are simply interesting pieces of information that their audience will find useful. There are always the big news stories of the day, such as a natural disaster, political issues or court cases, but approximately 40 to 50 per cent of a capital city daily newspaper is devoted to stories which result from a press release. This is even more so the case in light of the recent cut costing and job losses at Fairfax and News Ltd. With fewer journalists available to create the same amount of content, they will

be less proactive in finding stories, and more reactive to press releases sent to them. Each day there are hundreds of stories appearing in the media that have resulted from press releases. So, what do you put into a press release? The first step is to realise that the process of getting free publicity is not about you at all – it’s about the audience of the newspaper or magazine you are targeting. Many business owners think they need to make some kind of announcement in a press release. In fact, making an announcement of any kind should be avoided when writing a press release. Announcements, such as moving to a new office, or hiring a new employee or launching a new web site are not interesting to many people beyond the business owner, their employees and family. The process of getting published comes down to understanding the following: You already possess a huge amount of interesting and useful information which is of interest to the media. n

Stressed by the paper piles, buried bills and a crazy schedule that leaves you exhausted?

You already know exactly the kinds of information their customers find useful and are seeking. n

If customers find it useful, then so will others just like them. n

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Newspapers and magazines love to run stories that their audience likes to read and will help solve problems, therefore a business’s interesting information can easily be turned into a news story, as long as it is relevant to the target audience. n

Package your interesting information into a well-crafted press release and it is not so difficult to get published in a newspaper or magazine, or broadcast on TV and radio. n

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for managing a media interview Attracting media attention inevitably leads to journalists requesting interviews. CATRIONA POLLARD, one of Sydney’s top PR experts gives her tips and outlines considerations that every small business owner should adhere to if they wish to maximise the opportunity of being interviewed by the media.

Discover the difference NETWORKING can make to your business.

So you have distributed your media release, you have had some interest from journalists – and now a couple of them have called you for an interview. What do you do?

omen Working W

Australia network ® Women’s

The most important thing to remember is that this is an opportunity for you to get your messages to your customers through the journalist.

w w w.w


The journalist is interested in what you have to say, so don’t get flustered if you cannot think of an answer immediately. Just take your time, collect your thoughts and take a deep breath before you answer.


Some journalists use it as a technique in the hope you will fill the silence with unplanned information. Silence can be powerful and there is no need to fill it.


Don’t say “no comment” as it implies confirmation of the question. The audience will interpret it as guilt or a cover up. The rule of thumb for responding is to explain why you cannot respond and use one of your key messages. For example, “I can’t respond directly to that for legal reasons, however, what I can tell you is…” However, never allow wrongful allegations to stand. If the journalist says something wrong, correct them immediately. Do not repeat the


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subscriptio n included in membership .



To ensure you maintain control of the interview, don’t just answer the question. Your objective must always be to communicate your key messages. Use the questions as an opportunity to make your points. This is called ‘answer plus one’. In other words, answer the question then add one of your key messages or key issues outlined in your game plan.


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nds – fake bra Finally crack downs face tough

ciTe The ex

incorrect information or question. If you do, it will only reinforce it.


Every industry has its own jargon. Remember who your target audience is and communicate in language they will understand. Also, don’t assume that the journalist is trained in your specific area of expertise, and as a result, they may not understand your jargon.


Depending on the topic of the interview; it may be effective to use one of your valued customers to validate your key messages. You would have to first ensure they are comfortable speaking to the media. Often this is an effective way of illustrating your point and helps your audiences understand and identify with you.


The interview is a wonderful opportunity to promote your business, your product or yourself. Take control, prepare and enjoy every moment. n

an nd rom menT a


experT TipS

on how to manage media interviews

sPring aris in ce of P

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Need gifts for men?


HOW TO UNLOCK great story ideas that are hiding in your business

A common misconception is to think no one is interested in the ho-hum operations of your business, but what is old news to you might be new and exciting to the public. Join JULIE MORGAN as she shares the keys to unlocking stimulating story ideas for your business. Did you know that coffins are now bigger and are being buried vertically to save space? People can now design their own custom coffin. And for some, ceremonies and wakes are now event managed, preplanned, designer ‘life celebrations’. If you are in the funeral business, these facts may be just part and parcel of the job, but to those outside the industry and to the media, they make for quirky news stories.

Finding gifts for men, can be a “challenge”. Why not shop the easy & stress free way for men’s gifts... online at Gifts for Blokes. Gifts for men of all ages and for all occasions Birthdays Special “milestone” birthdays ■ Father’s Day ■ Dad & Grandad/Pop presents ■ Christmas ■ Kris Kringle ■ Anniversary ■ Bridal party gifts ■ Valentine’s Day ■ New Dad & Father to be ■ Or when you just want to spoil him

So what is it about your industry that is newsworthy?

Fast, friendly service – flat rate postage Australia wide. Orders over $130 posted free within Australia.

It might be worth sitting down with pen in hand and brainstorming the facts and trends that are taking off in your field. Need some more examples to help get you thinking?


men’s gifts made easy 28 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

How about the evolution of the humble kid’s birthday party? Oh how far things have come since ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ and ‘musical chairs’. These days, kids parties are competitive and for some parents, can almost be as elaborate to plan as weddings! Enter the kids ‘spa party’ where fingernails and toenails are painted - not faces. Or flower arranging - not drawing, and of course the hit

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So, think back to how things were run in your business 10 years ago and ask yourself these five questions to unlock a story idea: How has your business changed over the years and why? What trends are you seeing? n

Have your customers changed - are they younger, older, and buying online? n

What new things are your customers looking for? What have they rejected that once was a bestseller? n

■ ■

trend of kids cooking classes for all the budding junior master chefs.

Has demand increased for a certain product or service? n

What is the strangest request you have received or most impressive business deal you have made? n

The answer to these questions might just lead you to find the story angle you need to get your business known. n

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Books, they hold the answers to the great questions in life! Basically they offer the same words just in a different order, but they have been inspiring, educating and bringing tears to eyes for years. Here are our top choices.


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Author: Linda McMahon Price: $9.95

If you have ever wanted to write your own book or would like to get to know some of Australia’s most successful and down to earth women authors - then this E-book is for you. Enjoy the wonderful journeys of Wendy Harmer, Cate Kennedy, Jill Morris, Katherine Scholes and Rachael Treasure. Five amazing interviews which capture the in-depth journey of each of the authors. They share how they started, the challenges along the way, how to balance a family and be an author, amazing writing advice, incredible wisdom, a few laughs and loads of inspiration. Their stories will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go for it! You do not need an e-reader to read this ebook - you can read from your computer or print it. Available now for instant download www.LindaMcMahon.com.au

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If you’re not a meal planner, take a look at this unique approach that allows you to stop fighting who you are, and meal plan your way. Once you know your personality, the guide outlines the key questions to ask yourself. How to set up your pantry, fridge and freezer to suit you! Each of the four meal planning personalities and their profiles reveal how you can give your kitchen a healthy makeover, simplify dinner time, save dollars and all that mental energy tied up with ‘What’s for Dinner’. The 45 page Meal Planning Personality Profile is available for immediate download as an e-book. To order visit www.therevampexperience.com.au/ menu-planning-personalities


Author: Alli Grant and Genine Howard Price: $19.99 This book is the real, raw and honest ramblings of a couple of 30-somethings and is designed to inspire and entertain women just like yourself. Think Sex and the City meets Bridget Jones. Authors Alli and Genine open up about marriage, divorce, fat knees, boob jobs, break downs, break ups, adoption, emotions, short-man obsessions, celebrity crushes and relation woes. It’s funny and like reality TV for the literary world. It talks freely about taboo issues and it comments on the hopes, fears and joys of being an average gal in today’s world. Order your copy online at www.alliandgenine.com

IN SEARCH OF MY FATHER Dementia is no match for a daughter’s determination

Author: Dr Helena Popovic MBBS Price: $29.95

Are we able to sharpen our intellect, tap into brain potential we never knew we had, and prevent the cognitive decline most of us believe is inevitable with ageing? This moving, true story reveals that we can. It is part personal diary, part scientific and part practical guide, woven together with humorous anecdotes. Above all, it’s an inspiring account of a daughter in search of her father: the man beyond the grief, despair, depression and dementia. Against the odds, Helena and her father’s adventure with dementia shows that we are never too old, too young or too far gone to make positive, life-expanding, extraordinary changes. Available at all good book stores or visit www.helenapopovic.com

FRIENDS OF THE FLOOD Author: Ryll Paul Price: $14.95

A gift to be treasured, this children’s story is about how Australian native wildlife banded together to help each other during the floods... a parallel with human behaviour at the time. A photo published across Australia at the height of the January 2011 floods was the inspiration for this book. It showed an incredible image of a snake swimming in a flooded river, carrying a frog on its back, as it struggled for survival. This co-operation between two creatures that would not normally help one another was also shown by humans across the land. Friends of the Flood is available for purchase and bookings for children’s group readings at www.ryll.com Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 29


Give your home-based business a


Finding a balance between appearing professional and containing costs is an issue faced by most home-based business owners. KLAVDIYA VENTSEL-BROWN explains some of the options available to female entrepreneurs who want their small business enterprise to project a CBD image.

Working in a serviced office industry you will come across a lot of small business owners, start-up businesses and one-person operations who believe they have to juggle everything on their own. The main reason they try to do this is to keep their initial costs down. The questions you need to ask yourself are: How much time do I need to spend at work each day in order to be successful? How much time do I want to spend with my family and kids every day? What can I do to use my time more efficiently and effectively? How can I remain a single business owner but at the same time grow my business to a multi-million turnover? The answers to those questions are very simple. Here are some examples to help you overcome similar challenges and find the way to succeed in growing your business, balance work and personal life and minimise the risk of your business investments at the same time. Home-based operators actually believe that they have a huge disadvantage compared to the people operating from an established office. They think clients would prefer to do business with the office-based company as they project a better and more reliable business image. As a result, around 80 per cent of the clients who are utilising premium CBD addresses are homebased businesses. They strongly believe that just having a CBD business address on their company website improves their professional image, attracts a higher calibre of workingwomen_Mag_op.pdf 1 clients 6/8/2012 and 14:33:07 increases business.









30 WORKING WOMEN速 n Spring 2012

Another advantage of having your own professional office, which small business owners or home-based businesses can gain from outsourcing professional services, is the ability to host client meetings at their own office. Based on the initial experiences of start-up business owners, about 75 per cent did not know that you do not need to lease an office to gain access to professional meeting rooms. Ninety-five per cent of these clients stated that outsourcing professional meeting room facilities increased their personal confidence, business image and client conversion rates. Small business owners mostly complain that they do not have enough hours in a day to complete all of their administration tasks. Not every start up or small business can afford a personal assistant or receptionist. For example, answering your own phone calls can be very distracting especially if it interrupts your business meeting and it can look very unprofessional. But in the current economic climate some clients believe that missing a phone call is equal to the loss of potential business. The reality is that you can still remain a one person operation and outsource support in the areas you feel are the most time consuming. For businesses with three or four staff members, the biggest advantage in outsourcing office support is not spending $35,000 per annum to have an admin person but to instead invest this money in hiring a business

development professional. Moving your small business out of home could be a very exciting step but also a challenging process and additionally quite expensive. The most common mistake businesses make is taking a commercial lease that requires a long-term commitment with a huge deposit upfront. These days the market is very flexible and there are four key questions that you should consider when selecting a suitable office: Can you take up a short-term lease to test out how the office will suit you? n

Is there the flexibility to grow or downsize your office to minimise your risk? n

Is the location central or close to where most of your clients are based? n

Are you required to pay in advance more than two months security deposit? n

In the end something that might seem to be unachievable, like competing with CBD-based and well-established companies can actually be a very simple process and more affordable than you think. n

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What are Power Stories … and why do you need to tell them?

Valerie Khoo Author and member of Women’s Network Australia.


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When you tell the right stories, you can transform a brand into an icon, turn your customers into tireless advocates, and give your business – or yourself – an unbeatable advantage.



10 tips to make your workplace


Just one bully in the workplace can affect the whole culture of an organisation. While legislation is being developed, and appropriate policies are being introduced there are measures that every workplace should adopt. JACKIE KNIGHT explains why prevention is the solution to the issue of bullying and provides 10 tips to make sure your workplace is bully proof.

Here are 10 tips to prevent bullying in the workplace

1. Write and implement workplace policies and values, and have employees sign them.

2. Provide leadership training that includes emotional intelligence development, communication skills, conflict management, and diversity appreciation. Bullies need the skills to be able to influence others in the workplace without resorting to bullying behaviour.

3. Provide a respectful workplace culture


– The three things killing productivity and profitability in modern business Author: Blythe Rowe Price:$28.95 In this book, Blythe dares to raise real workplace issues. She challenges the status quo and explores what needs to happen to rid our workplaces of Bullies, Blamers and Bludgers. Available to purchase online at www.bulliesblamersbludgers.com

where the contribution and opinion of each worker is valued. Promote people based on technical skills and effective leadership of human resources.

4. Make sure everyone within the organisation understands the goals and objectives of the organisation, and what roles they and others have in accomplishing those objectives. Communicate performance expectations clearly and ensure all requirements are agreed upon and understood, and measure performance against agreed objective targets.

5. If management intervention is required for lack of performance have appropriate processes, be objective, listen to the other person, ensure they have the right resources, provide support, and document conversations.

6. Reduce stress in the workplace. Identify when stress is making an individual short tempered and find ways to relieve that stress. Provide more resources, prioritise work, improve processes, take time out, go for a regular walk, listen to music or meditate.

7. Nip bullying behaviour in the bud. The

8. If you are being bullied seek moral support. Bullying behaviour is very demoralising and unhealthy. A bully can intimidate even the most confident of people, and your self-esteem can be shattered. Supporters will help you with appropriate strategies to deal with the situation and or give you the confidence to report it.

9. If something in your life is making you miserable and causing you to act like a bully, then make a decision to tackle the problem; don’t take it out on others. Think before you act or speak – a delay of even 10 seconds can help you to temper your behaviour.

10. Treat others the way you would like to be treated, and in a way that your parents or children would be proud. Tell yourself that you do not need to be a bully – you can be nice. If you treat others well, you will find they will actually perform better, and help you achieve your goals. Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthy work environment. Make sure you are responsible by providing a healthy environment where bullies are not tolerated. n

earlier you set behavioural boundaries the better. If you feel confident addressing the bully yourself, do so, they often back down in the face of an adversary. If you do not feel confident then report the bullying to a manager or to the human resources department.

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Women’s retreat – it’s all about you!

Do you want an opportunity to explore your inner self, become the best version of you, and get direction and clarity while relaxing in a luxurious Villa overseas? See yourself in a completely different way and get your life on track with passion and drive. Learn how to improve your relationships and evoke an unstoppable drive to strive. Pamper yourself with a body massage one day, a facial the next, and a deluxe pedicure and manicure during your stay. This exclusive 5 day seminar/retreat will be held in Bali, April 2013. Numbers are strictly limited to 10 people to ensure an intimate group setting, as well as the opportunity of privacy to retreat to your own room and contemplate the day.



For more information go to www.lifeskills.com.au or contact Jennifer on 0400 300 303 Jennifer Wilson – Consultant Psychologist AMAPS, Life Direction Mentor & Professional Speaker NSAA Contemporary Life Skills – Phone +61 8 9368 1100 emaiL jennifer.wilson@lifeskills.com.au 32 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012


Does your business need a


Many business owners, especially small business owners can easily overlook the importance of a code of conduct in the work place. Human resources consultant, MANDY CANN breaks down how and why having a code of conduct in place can help you avoid unnecessary employee discrepancies that may arise in the future.

All businesses even small businesses need a code of conduct so employees are clear on the minimum standard of behaviour and conduct expected in the workplace. The code is an essential part of the employment relationship where it sets clear, indisputable boundaries of behaviour and expectations for both the employee and the employer. The code plays an important role in setting the culture of the business but also informs employees of the way in which you, as the employer, want to do business. A working code of conduct needs to be done in consultation with your employees; you want ownership of the code in your workplace. In drafting a code of conduct, areas to be included are: n

Treatment of other employees


Treatment of customers/clients






Conflicts of interest


Compliance with the law


Compliance with company policies


Drugs and alcohol use


Internet and email use


Private business on company time


Confidentiality of company information




Quality of work


Health and safety


Environmental issues

relate the performance management session to the code of conduct where they are expected to get prior approval for employment outside of your business. The external employment should have no effect on the performance of duties in your business, which includes effects from a safety/fatigue management perspective. Finally, just remember that the code applies to everyone even you, the business owner! n

As small businesses are time poor the code of conduct can make staff management easier and save time in the future as it is linked to the performance management system. A good case example is when an employee takes another job at night and is fatigued during the day and thus unable to do their job effectively, you would


CONTACT Mandy Cann BUSINESS Cann Consulting PHONE +61 (0) 401 665 981


Mandy Cann – Mob: 0401 665 981 Email: info@cannconsulting.com.au Web: www.cannconsulting.com.au



CHANGE, IT’S UP TO YOU! - A Leader’s Guide to Creating Lasting Organisational Change

Author: Therese Wales Price: $24.95 Only 30 per cent of change programs succeed, you can change that. No matter how large or small the change, for it to be successful and sustainable your team has to be engaged in delivering the change, empowered to make the change, energised about the outcome and enabled to not only make the transformation but to be successful after the change. This book is a practical guide for creating real and lasting transformation. Visit http://www.up-to-you. com.au/change-its-up-to-you

Cann Consulting is your on-call HR and IR Manager assisting small and medium businesses manage their staff efficiently and professionally giving you more time to run your business. Services include: • On-call HR/IR Manager • Contracts of employment With each booking you • Induction process receive a free copy of • Policies & procedures Kirsty’s book ‘PARENTING –

• Audits – complying with workplace laws • Performance management • Investigations • Terminations & Unfair Dismissals

ATalk Guide The Ride’ to For Mandy today about your people management needs

The Perfect Country Conference Inspire your team and build your business at your next conference ... Conference room has abundant natural light Stimulating team building activities 32 acres bushland and Edna Walling gardens Showcases regional food and wine Ellenis Campaspe Day Spa onsite One hour north of Melbourne CBD

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compelling advertisement Advertising is one form of marketing where you can control the message – that is, you pay for what you want to see written. However, achieving results from advertising is all about choosing the right words and making sure they are compelling. SAMANTHA SCHELLING provides tips on how to write advertisements for your business that are sure to attract reader attention.

What really defines a good ad? One that’s memorable? One that looks pretty or creative? One that has some really humorous lines? A good ad is one that meets your objective. So the first thing you need is an objective! Do you want the advertisement to increase sales? Generate leads at a particular event? Raise your profile? Counteract competitors’ activities? Your objective for the ad will guide what you want people to do after reading it. With that in mind, here are a few points on what makes a good ad:

Grab readers’ attention. On average, people come across more than 2,000 marketing messages a day. Your ad must cut through. Next time you see something that inspired you to contact the advertiser or buy the product or service, stop and have a quick think about what made you even look at it in the first place. Most likely, it will have been a headline that resonated with you. It doesn’t have to be “clever”; it just needs to mean something to you. So think about how your business specifically helps your customers. Then put it in a headline.

Make it relevant. Prospects have been drawn in by your headline, so keep the magic going by engaging them with the rest of the text. This means, make it relevant. As funky or

cute as your logo is, it has no place at the top of your ad. Neither – usually – does your company name. Your headline has engaged a prospect, they are reading your ad, now is the time to pull out how your services or products can help them. Target your words to them, not you. And write about benefits, not features.

Include all your contact details. This means your phone number, an e-mail address, and a website at least. For area-specific businesses, include your full address – not just an area. A business coach, for instance, doesn’t need to be local to you; these relationships can be conducted quite successfully at a distance (think Skype for starters). A nail salon, however, does need to be local. Don’t make it hard for people to find you or contact you.

Ensure it’s easy to read. This doesn’t necessarily mean to make it pretty, rather don’t jam the whole space with text. Leave some “eye breathing room”, to make it easy to read. Many people scan. If it is all grey with text, it is hard to scan and they may move on. If your business has lots of ways it can help people, then select just a couple. You don’t have to describe every single thing your business does. If your aim was to increase sales or generate leads, then whet people’s appetites enough to call you. Naturally, classified ads are different – they are all text! Here, the words you choose matter even more.

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Remember, a good ad will meet your objectives and generate the response you want. So choose the components, words and graphics to support that. Target your customers. Of course, how big your ad is will depend upon your budget but even if your ad takes a full page, if it doesn’t resonate, then it is only good for papier mache. Boundless budgets are rare, so think it through and spend your money to get the best ROI. Remember, a good ad will meet your objectives and generate the response you want. So choose the components, words and graphics to support that. Define your target market, and write for them. Avoid the classic mistake of waffling about the features. Tell your prospects how you can benefit them. Don’t forget to put in all your contact details. And if you are not sure how to do this, then get an expert to do it. It will be easier on your time, you will get a better response and you will avoid giving yourself a headache. n

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Nanny Agency

where to put the point when marketing Neuromarketing is a rapidly blossoming research mash-up of neuroscience and marketing. And when you let marketers loose with EEGs, MRIs, and other cool science toys, their minds can turn in thought-provoking directions. INGRID CLIFF shares some of the latest research on displaying your product and service prices. Some of the more interesting research in the past few years has to do with the perception of value of currency. In other words, how you write the price influences how much people think the price actually is.

Crèche Care for Special Events Corporate Child Care Available Prac families needed for Nannies-in-Training

The test looked at actual restaurant behaviour in terms of how much people actually spent on food under the test variables.


With currency symbol: $17


Straight numerical: 17


Words: Seventeen dollars

Psychological theory would suggest the words would sell more food. But what was found was the clear and outright winner was the straight numerical representation without any currency symbol. Take away the symbol and people bought more food. It has been theorised that if you take away the link between currency and the number, the normal filters in your mind about how much you are spending are also removed. But wait. There’s more! Another piece of research by Keith Coultera, Pilsik Choia, Kent Monroe looked at the impact of commas and decimal points in prices. And what they found is those teeny tiny dots make a massive amount of difference. If you include a comma in a price $1,799 or a decimal point $1799.00, people perceive the amount as higher than $1799. It appears the more syllables a price has when you read it out in your mind, the higher the perceived amount.

Casual Babysitting / Emergency Care Full-time / Part-time Care

One piece of research by Sybil Yang, Sheryl Kimes and Mauro Sessarego looked at restaurant menu prices. They wanted to find out if how you write the menu prices will influence how much people spend.

They used three different options in their research:

Qualified Professional Carers

Approved In Home Care Provider Just to repeat, people saw $1799.00 as being significantly more costly than $1799. This means they are less likely to buy. So, the takeaway from this is if you want your amount to appear small, remove the commas, the spaces and the decimals (and the currency symbol if you are really cautious).

Trust a CHARLTON BROWN® nanny or companion to

CARE for the youngest,

But if you want the amount to appear large (e.g. you save a whopping $1,250.00), then by all means spell it out.

to the oldest members of your family

And just a reminder that ethical marketing is all about being open and transparent, and removing any artificial communication barriers from purchase. Taking out the decimals and commas works in with this philosophy but if your local restaurant takes whiteout to their prices on their menu, you may want to stop and think before you order. These may be the prices you really are looking for! n

Mention Women’s Network when registering with the CHARLTON BROWN® Nanny Placement Agency and receive

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50% OFF your registration

For more information Call 1300 626 643 or visit our website www.charltonbrown.com.au CRICOS 02476C ABN 76 071 346 953

Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 35



attitude’s natural assassin

Surrounding yourself with uncompleted tasks is a sure way of exhausting your energy reserves, using up your precious resource, time, and decreasing your success. Use MANDY NAPIER’s five tips to combat procrastination quickly and effectively. Now, successful women like you probably never procrastinate or get stuck on Facebook, right? You prioritise diligently and finish each task promptly, does that sound like you? However, in case you ever suffer from ‘attitude’s natural assassin’, make sure you overcome it with the following tips.

Stop and take stock – One reason for procrastination is fear. Fear of failure or success. Or a fear of getting more work or believing you are not up to the job. Take a moment and ask yourself, “If I am procrastinating out of fear, what could it be that I am afraid of?” When you have an answer, pick a positive interpretation that, by accomplishing the task, would achieve a desired outcome.

Get out of your head and feel! – If you are thinking about what you need to do but not doing it, stop thinking and imagine how you will feel when you have completed the task. Notice the good feeling? Next, imagine how you will feel if you don’t do it. Notice the contrast between the two. Step into that positive feeling again. Hold onto it as you consider the task. Like magic, taking action will now be easier.

Change your brain cells – Neuroscience has shown that when you visualise with passion and emotion, new neural pathways are formed, which means new habits can be created. Most people remember where they were on 9/11 because that event was so charged it formed new mental pathways. The key here is to consider the bigger picture, the real ‘why’ you

Maxfield Cosmetics

Change your self-talk – Still thinking about the thing you don’t want to do? Know that where your attention flows, energy goes and results grow. Change your thoughts, change your results. What if you could do it? Consider you can, as this word opens up the possibility of change. Having a ‘quiet word with yourself’ has also been proven to create success.

Make-up that will make you beautiful Our mineral based makeup comes in full size and travel sized packaging. Perfect for your bathroom and your handbag.

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Find someone to keep you accountable – When we tell others what we intend to do we

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are more likely to do it. Find a friend and enlist their support. In addition, consider setting yourself a negative consequence that they will hold you to if you do not complete your task. Make sure it is something that really works for you and makes you want to propel yourself into action instantly. Tough love can work wonders!


We Do Fixed Fee Billing 1800 POD LEGAL

are doing what you are doing. It could be for your planned holiday, the new job or a joint venture. Make a compelling movie in your mind from your ‘why’ and hear, see and feel it as you now consider taking action.

Next time you find yourself procrastinating, kill your ‘assassin’ before it kills your results. Ultimately, your life and your results are up to you, your attitude and your commitment to getting things done. Success could be just one action step away. n

CONTACT Mandy Napier BUSINESS Mindset For Success PHONE +61 (0) 408 666 176

www.mindsetforsuccess.com.au 36 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012



doesn’t wash

With so many competing demands, too many small business owners find themselves working in their business rather than on their business. LOUISE D’ALLURA looks at the top three barriers that stop many women from working on the more productive and profitable areas of their business.

Have you ever sat at a café and found yourself identifying ways they could improve their business, whether it’s the customer experience or processes? Did you shake your head wondering ‘how could they have missed these obvious things?’ Then you remember what it’s like to be too busy to think about the important stuff: how to be more productive, efficient, or offer better value to your clients. If working on the business has been on your ‘To Do’ list for way too long, these strategies will help you create the time, space and headspace to make it a priority:


Are you focused on the higher order strategies: deleting or delegating tasks? When you delete tasks you are prioritising what is most important; delegating means the task is still important but it is not essential for you to do it yourself. If time is a challenge: n

Monitor how you use your time.

Know the tasks that make you money or save you money and start your day with those tasks. n

Brainstorm the tasks you are avoiding or not doing well. Are these tasks you can delete or decrease, for example, are these tasks you do out of obligation and can you delegate them to someone else?

Work out your core competencies/ responsibilities and focus on those to create the headspace for improvements. n


It sounds innocent enough but disorganisation can have a significant impact on your business. A survey of 2600 executives found they wasted six weeks per year searching for lost documents. If you know this is an area for you, ask yourself what is working and what is not: Is your physical environment efficient? Does it flow and make sense? n

Do you have sufficient room and do you go through your files regularly and archive to create space? n

Do you have systems? Can anyone find things? If you have to keep asking the same questions day in and day out, write a procedure and communicate it. n

Busyness in business is a double-edged sword. These strategies will help you address some of the common barriers that stop many business owners from ever working on their business. n

CONTACT Louise D’Allura BUSINESS Revamp Professional

Organisers Pty Ltd +61 (0) 408 723 559 www.TheRevampExperience.com.au PHONE

Do you dream of a worry free investment Property?


Can you pick a time each week to set aside as strategy time, e.g. to review part of your business? n


When you start your business you become very good at wearing a lot of hats! Successful business owners often say success came when they stopped doing everything themselves. Richard Branson often talks about the benefits of recruiting people who can do the job better than you! If you are falling into the competence trap of doing it all, remember: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! Work out what skills you had to learn? Could someone do it better, faster and cheaper than you? Delegate! n

Stacey Lee Realty can turn your dream into reality by: • Quality tenant selection and leasing systems • Regular property inspections with detailed reports • Legislative compliance, minimising your risk • Prompt attention to maintenance • Regular communication • Daily arrears control • Low vacancy rates

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Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 37


Taking advantage of the hungry mobile market There is currently a lot of hype surrounding mobile apps. Many small business owners are questioning the value of adopting this new technology and how it will assist them to increase sales and expand their businesses. JENELLE LIVET explains how mobile apps are used on different devices and the importance of incorporating them into your small business enterprise. Mobile apps are more than just games and fun things. Your business can take advantage of the increasing demand and popularity of the growing hungry mobile app market. What makes an app an app? We all know how popular the new smartphones such as iPhones, Blackberries and Samsung phones have become. The use of smartphones is growing rapidly as is the knowledge of innovative ways to use smartphones to connect to existing customers and attract new customers. Mobile tablets such as the iPad and Galaxy tab also use similar technology to smartphones so your marketplace is growing rapidly every day. Smartphones are mini computers that we are now using to view the Internet. Our phones now have access to search resources such as Google and Yahoo. We use our phones as street directories, dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more. Most importantly our smartphones are used for participating on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Mobile apps allow a platform for the user to control the content that gets delivered to their phones and other mobile devices. So if everybody is using their phones to find you, can you be seen? Can your customers find you? Is your website easy to look at on a mobile phone or iPad or are they having to

scroll around and adjust the screen in order to view your information? If this is the case then you need to optimise your website so it can be easily viewed on a mobile device.

what these programmes could do, they could be games, quizzes, tutorials, organisational tools etc. There are apps for almost anything one can think of.

So now you have a mobile website and your customers can find you and contact you, can you connect with them and keep their attention?

Apps are designed to run on any existing operating system. This could be the OS of your computer, your cell phone, PDA or an existing website. While some apps are built into the system, some need to be added. Apps open up the realm of customisation and value addition. They have also transformed the world of information, advertising, and marketing.

Mobile apps will allow you to capture the user’s attention and recontact them and engage with them. People are social and will always respond to being engaged by others. Mobile apps are very versatile and can offer a great experience for the user. You can send messages to your audience to offer specials, coupons, share photos, share events and connect your Facebook page, Twitter or blog.

Apps open up the realm of customisation and value addition. They have also transformed the world of information, advertising, and marketing. So what is the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website? Very basic mobile websites are hosted on the web and viewed inside your mobile browser and apps run on the operating system of the mobile phone. Apps are small programmes that carry out certain functions. To give you an idea about

These innocuous little programs have not only changed the way we use our gadgets but also presented huge opportunities for developers and advertisers alike. If your business needs more leads, get mobile today. Apps are a great way to build a thriving community of customers and increase leads to your business. Whether it is allowing your customers to find out what is going on in your business or offering specials and generating leads there is an app for you. So get in on the mobile market today to bring more leads to your business. n

CONTACT Jenelle Livet BUSINESS Beanzys Mobile Designs PHONE +61 (0) 413 225 777


20% Discount for Working Women readers use code BEANZWNA Your website needs to be modified so that it can be easily seen. Did you know that 30% of Google searches are now performed on a mobile device including iPhones, Android phones and Mobile Tablets. Normal websites take too long to load and are hard to see and navigate. Don’t miss out on the growing number of Customers using their mobile phones to find you.


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The power of


One of the most effective ways to connect with customers and clients whilst elevating your brand and message is to self-publish. Be it a book, magazine or ebook, technological advancements have made self-publishing an affordable and relatively easy exercise for any business. In this article, PAM BROSSMAN shares her top seven tips for undertaking your first digital self-publishing project. Digital self-publishing is the ability for you to take your knowledge, expertise, story, experiences and desire to make an impact on the world and share it digitally or via Print on Demand services with those who can benefit from your message. You can share your information in many different formats including: n



PDF eBooks




Print on demand


Video books

And what is even more exciting is that more mediums are popping up each and every day. What most people don’t realise is that you no longer have to pitch your book, story or expertise to a professional publishing agent to get your book on Amazon or into major book stores. The world of publishing has changed on a global scale and these days anyone who has a message that they want to share with the world can write it and get it out there for sale in as little as three days.

Create a book based on a particular strategy or your area of expertise and use it as a leverage tool to drive traffic back to your business.

Just to name a few. All it takes is a pen, a piece of paper and an idea. So what is your first book going to be?

There are no limits to the possibilities, benefits, leverage and opportunities that come with being your own self-published author. But be warned, it is very addictive. Once you get started there is no going back, you will be hooked. What is even more exciting are the benefits to your business including:

Whether it is your legacy story, your knowledge and expertise, a personal experience or your passion to inspire, motivate and make a difference, everyone now has the opportunity to share that story with the world through the power of digital self-publishing. Let your writing begin! n


Residual income


Traffic generation







CONTACT Pam Brossman BUSINESS SheExperts PHONE +61 (2) 9960 3080



Here are the Top 7 ways to write your own self-published book:

1. Take a collection of existing blog posts written over a period of time and turn them into a Kindle book.

2. Re-purpose a free eBook and turn it into a Kindle format to sell on Amazon or other book hosting platforms.

3. Take your existing videos and/or slides and get them transcribed into text that you can turn into chapters of a book.

4. Re-purpose existing Teleseminars and/or Webinars with action steps and turn them into a ‘how to’ book.

5. Write your legacy story or your biography. 6. Write that motivational or inspirational book you have always wanted to write and include your own personal experiences along the way.

7. Interview experts in your niche market and turn it into a series.

Total Peace of Mind Organising a funeral can be a daunting task, especially when you’re grieving the unexpected loss of a loved one. Most people wouldn’t know where to start, or what the bereaved person would have wanted for their funeral. This is where planning ahead to sort out the particulars and the finances can be a big help. Your family members won’t be stressed by unexpectedly having to take on this task themselves, while also dealing with your loss. White Lady Funerals is Australia’s premier team of all-female funeral directors and offer a range of funeral services for men, women and children and tailor their services for all cultural and religious backgrounds. “We cater for special requests to make the service truly

personalised”, says White Lady Regional Manager Christine Thompson. “This can be done by adding specific touches to the ceremony, or tailoring it in a special way to incorporate things such as musical tributes, photo and video displays or the reading of poetry.”

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For more information, visit whiteladyfunerals.com.au or call 1300 656 550 Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 39



Showcasing the products WNA Members take to the domestic and international markets - these products are as diverse as the businesses and careers of the dynamic women behind them. t SAY GOODBYE TO SUPERMARKETS

Tired of the weekly supermarket shop? Bored of cooking the same meals every week or simply not having enough time to cook? Say hello to Hello Fresh, an online recipe and grocery delivery service with a twist that has taken Europe by storm and is now available in Australia. To find out more visit www.hellofresh.com.au

qNo More Asking for Directions

Despite the greatest feminists amongst us, there’s still that age old joke that women are bad with directions. Not anymore. For the navigationallychallenged, TomTom says bigger is better and has launched its largest GPS screen yet - the Via 620 - making it clearer and easier to use. And you can’t go wrong with an extra six inches! RRP: $249.99, available from leading retailers or at www.tomtom.com

qA L L - I N - O N E K I TC H E N U N I T

The Thermo Chef Natura has the functions of over ten different appliances in one compact and easy to use unit. The Thermo chef will not only save you time but will also astonish you with its ability to chop, mix, whip, grind, mince, juice, blend, beat, heat, knead, steam and weigh food. RRP: $795.00. For stockists visit www.newwaveka.com.au

p For Bag Lovers

This new line of stunning Italian-made leather handbags are super stylish and won’t break the budget. Functionality is the key to the ‘Tilli’ range, with additional cross body straps, multiple pockets and compartments etc. making them perfect for working women. RRP: from $99.00. View the entire range by visiting www.australiandesignerhandbags.com.au

40 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

p Life’s No Holiday Without Them

Inspired by the latest fashion of coastal Europe ‘Missy’s Thongs’ are the perfect sandal for any occasion. Whether you are seeking the beach look of the White Haven style, or the classy look of the Pearl Cove design, Missy’s has the right look. The thongs come in four different designs each with three colours to choose from. RRP: $9.95. For more information or to purchase visit www.missysthongs.com.au


Check out this new glamorous range of bags from Fizbag. You can simply roll them up when not in use to save wardrobe space or pop them into your suitcase when travelling. The range comes in three practical sizes and is available in four colours. Treat yourself or grab the perfect present in the run up to Christmas. RRP: start from $12.00. To order visit www.TheRevampExperience.com.au/fabfinds

Pizza Perfect u

Does your family love pizza? This specially designed Just Pizza Oven has a fixed ceramic stone base which allows you to cook a perfectly crisp pizza in just five minutes. The key to cooking a crisp pizza is the stone base that actually absorbs some of the moisture from the base of your pizza ensuring you have an evenly cooked pizza right from the middle to the ends. RRP: $139.00. For stockists visit www.newwaveka.com.au


An original design crafted by hand with sparkling foil glass and mother-of-pearl in bold, vibrant colours, woven through a silver anchor chain. A scattering of silver charms completes this crazy design. Measuring 70cm in length, this lariat, is versatile in that it can be worn in several different ways, it’s up to you. RRP: $163. To order visit www.kassandra.com.au

p Shatterproof Christmas Gift

These baubles get our vote as a unique and personalised Christmas gift for clients and friend. Shatterproof and brightly coloured, the baubles come in a glossy or stylish matte finish and are sure to impress. There is an amazing variety of sizes and colours to select from and all can be personalised and you can feel safe posting them due to their tough durability. RRP: From $8.95. To order visit www.thechristmascart.com.au


Email a professional product photo (tif or jpg at 300 dpi) and a 60 word description including the RRP and where readers can purchase the product to editorial@womensnetwork.com.au

Join the nation’s premier networking group for women BE INSPIRED AND CREATE OPPORTUNITIES! Make the choice today and change the way you do business - tap into cutting edge online networking opportunities and surround yourself with inspirational business women who can become your mentors, referral advocates and friends.

It’s all about success by association. Join Women’s Network Australia www.womensnetwork.com.au

1800 052 476 +61 (7) 3272 8222

e Rated thess n i s u #1 b n e t wo r k b y ove r n o 4.5 mi l lin e wo m

Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 41



Renovations and extensions

Renovating your home can be an exciting yet daunting task. With so many different variables to take into consideration, it is difficult to know which direction is the right one for you. CODY FRASER shares some helpful tips on how to combat these issues. When looking into renovations and extensions there are some important factors to consider which include setting a budget that allows you to achieve your project goals and to ensure you do not over capitalise. Also there is a lot of attention being given to incompetent and unqualified builders and handymen lately who can cost you dearly in terms of cost, legal ramifications and quality of finish.

Do your research

When looking to renovate or extend your home whilst ensuring you do not over capitalise, property research is key. Looking on realestate. com.au or similar websites is a great way to find out what your home may be worth in its current condition. Another alternative is to contact your local real-estate agent, let them know you are planning to renovate and they should be able to help you with a no obligation appraisal. Once you have an approximate market value of your home, it is a good idea to find a few properties with similar design but fully renovated to assist in developing a proposed valuation on the completed works. Your local real estate agent may also assist with a completed appraisal. Once the building costs are sorted out you can work out the estimated profit or loss on your project, but for this you need an estimate from a qualified builder. It is also very important to look closely at the real estate market in general. At the moment, the market is quite weak in terms of home purchasing. The weakness in the market may mean that your home is not worth as much as you think.

These are just some simple considerations to take into your renovation planning. The most important thing you should do is to sit down and carefully think about your project. This would involve thinking about: n

Your long and short term goals;


Where you would like to be in five years; and

Always go with builders who are with reputable industry bodies (Master Builders) n

Ask for references and pictures of works – even see if you can go and visit a site where the builder has completed works n

Ensure that the builder is up to date with all key insurances n

Whether the property you are renovating is going to be your forever home or an investment property. n

Taking the above points into consideration will allow you to more accurately assess your project goals and also allow for a more clearly defined budget.

Choosing the right builder

In the current economic climate, a lot of builders are finding it tough to land contracts as the residential and commercial construction sectors are very flat. This can be excellent for you, the client, because the lack of competition may mean reduced hourly rates and lower quotes, however, on the other hand it brings out a lot of inexperienced and unreliable builders trying to cut costs and take short cuts in finish quality.

Carefully review their terms and conditions in relation to poor finishing n

When dealing with a builder, personality clashes can end up costing you money as well as result in delays and many uncomfortable experiences. When choosing your builder, sit down and ask them questions. See who will be working on your project and also ask some personality questions covering their attitude to work, autonomy and also their leadership and management style. Choose a builder who has the experience and personality that will allow the project to run seamlessly, efficiently and on budget! By doing your research and finding the right builder, you are on the way to a smooth running project with great prospects. n

How to find a builder you can trust n

Ask friends and family for any referrals

Ask for a current CV detailing experience and qualifications n

CONTACT Cody Fraser BUSINESS Prospect Builders PHONE +61 (0) 403 650 732


Look for local builders who specialise in renovations/extensions n

“I want a lawyer that is conscientious, approachable, well priced and…a woman.”

Female advice from Australia’s No 1 Female Adviser

Then choose Longmores Lawyers, the all-woman firm that goes above and beyond. Property Conveyance, Business Law, Contract Law, Building Construction Law, Debt Recovery, plus more…

Client Focused, Award Winning, Smart Strategies

1300 851 464 info@longmores.com.au

www.longmores.com.au 42 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

Olivia Maragna 2011 Australian Female Adviser of the Year. Queensland’s 2008 Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year.

Talk to Olivia Maragna, on how she can help you achieve financial success. Aspire Retire Financial Services is an award winning financial planning firm, providing holistic financial advice and smart strategies on a fee for service basis. Services include: • Financial Planning • Superannuation Services • Retirement Planning • Self Managed Super Funds

• Investment Advice • Personal Insurance • No commission –

fee for service policy.

AFS Licence no. 301712


1300 667 702

EMAIL Olivia@aspireretire.com.au WEB www.aspireretire.com.au


Buddy buying

how to purchase property with friends and remain on good terms Some say never to mix business with pleasure but what if there were a way you could have the best of both worlds, at least when it comes to buying real estate? TERRI BELL outlines the secret to managing successful property investments with friends. If you are thinking about buying property with another person such as a close friend, relative or business associate, you will be no doubt thinking more about how many bedrooms or offices you require rather than what could go wrong in the future. Buying property can be an emotional decision and the last thing you might want to consider is what might go wrong five or ten years down the track. However, things can go wrong and you need to plan accordingly. If you don’t, it could end up costing you a great deal of money and even your relationship. While it might sound overly cautious it is always best to approach co-ownership with the worstcase scenario in mind. Below are a few legal issues you may wish to consider when entering into a co-ownership arrangement. However, you should obtain advice from your solicitor before purchasing a property with another person because every situation is different.

Have a co-ownership agreement drawn up before you purchase A well drafted co-ownership agreement that gives consideration to potential disputes, and sets out solutions to those potential disputes can avoid long drawn out and costly litigation. For example, a co-ownership agreement might give each person a first right of refusal to buy the other person’s share in the property should they wish to sell. Some other things you might consider are: Should there be a sinking fund for unforseen expenses? n

Who determines the tenant or the amount of rent? n

Will any or all of the co-owners use the property? n

Is there an agreed timeframe to hold or sell the property? n


How will disputes be handled?

And, should there be an option to buy if the other person passes away?

or joint tenants? This is important because there are legal consequences for each type of structure. Most married or de facto couples will purchase their property together as joint tenants because when one party dies the survivor automatically takes their deceased partner’s interest in the property. Depending on the relationship this won’t always be ideal, and tenants in common might be the preferred option. Under this structure each person has a share of the property and is entitled to sell their share at any time without affecting the ownership rights of the other person. As a result, the other person’s interest does not automatically vest in the co-owner upon death.

Make sure you have a legal will Have your solicitor draw up a legal will, or if you already have a will, have it reviewed to ensure it sets out what will happen to your property upon your passing. You may also wish to consider having a Power of Attorney in case you become incapacitated.

Understand your rights and liabilities in relation to the mortgage If all co-borrowers sign the loan documents, each borrower will normally be jointly and severally liable for one another’s debts. Make sure you trust the other co-owners and obtain legal and financial advice about your rights and responsibilities.

Should you purchase as tenants in common,

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If you ticked off one or more of these questions now is the time to make a change! For access to a free career advice course see: www.freecareeradvicecourse.com For a personalised 12 month support program see: www.lifelongcareers.com.au or call Tanya Honeychurch on 0400 440 036 Lifelong Careers will work with you as an employee, with your employer, or you as an individual to help you manage your own business or career. Our Career & Professional Development specialists will design, develop, implement and evaluate a business or career support package for you. What you will receive: l 12 months personal support and service including: l

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Series of mentoring sessions and products Social Media, Work Purpose, Career Interest, Skills Audit, Job Applications, Interviews, Business Launch and much more.......

Buying property with another person can have its benefits but it is not without its risks. To protect yourself you should ensure that all parties agree on how potential issues will be handled before purchasing the property, not after. There is no point turning your mind to it after things go wrong. By being prudent from the outset you may avoid time consuming and costly disputes, and may even save your relationship! n


Make sure the co-ownership is structured correctly

Do what you love and love what you do, is this you?

CONTACT Terri Bell BUSINESS Terri Bell & Co. PHONE +61 (2) 8215 1567


To receive a Free One Hour Career Development Consultation call Tanya Honeychurch on 0400 440 036. W: www.lifelongcareers.com.au E: info@lifelongcareers.com.au Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 43


Property, purchase, planning For many, going out and visiting open houses, or display homes is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but try not to get too carried away with purchasing a new home until you have done your homework. PAULINE MURRAY takes you through all the necessary steps for making your next property purchase. Whether you are buying your first home or your tenth investment property, a home loan pre-approval is a great place to start, to ensure you are prepared before you sign that legal and binding contract to buy.

your planned spend is likely to be, and this will be your guide when researching the market, and negotiating a price with the real estate sales representative.

A home loan pre-approval is where you have formally applied for the finance, with all the associated supporting data like payslips, your savings or repayment history or shown your current equity position etc., and your lender of choice has approved your application for a pre-determined loan amount – subject to you finding the property at a pre-approved value. So the major part of the paperwork has been done before you get on to the fun part of looking for your next property.

Tip: You may care to let the real estate sales representative know you have your finance pre-approved but keep the loan amount up your sleeve. Use your pre-approval for your benefit, not theirs. Many realty agents prefer purchasers to have done their finance homework before they sign up a ‘Purchase Contract’, as precious time can be wasted if you go out and buy then arrange your finance later only for it to be declined due to some possibly minor factor that could have been managed in a more appropriate way beforehand.

A pre-approval also gives you comfort when you go out to buy, as you already know what

Part of the pre-approval planning is to ensure that your current savings accounts, credit

At Prospect Builders, customer satisfaction is at the core of our approach. We care about the end result, and to do this, we work collaboratively with you and tailor a scope of works based on your unique needs. Prospect Builders provides a diverse array of residential and commercial construction services including but not limited to: • • • •

Renovations & Extensions Outdoor Living New Construction Project Management Services

• • • •

Plans & Building Approval Garages & Carports Fencing & Balustrades Labour Hire & Supply

With a committed and experienced team, Prospect Builders will ensure your project goals are realised to their full potential and delivered on time and on budget. For more information, visit www.prospectbuilders.com.au or call us on 0403 650 732

44 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

or finances are in order, i.e. can you show a genuine savings history (as opposed to a spending history), or a good repayment history, e.g. all your credit card repayments are up to date and you have not gone over your credit card limit. It may mean some homework to do regarding the way you manage your finances, perhaps there is a little too much credit card or personal loan debt that would ideally be reduced first, as this may inhibit your capacity to borrow for a property purchase; or maybe another few thousand extra in your savings account would strengthen your new client profile as a first

Tip: You may care to let the real estate sales representative know you have your finance pre-approved but keep the loan amount up your sleeve.


HOME LOAN PRE-APPROVAL home buyer. However, seek advice from your mortgage broker before you make changes, as trying to manage this yourself may further impact on your creditworthiness. Whilst your lender or mortgage broker can let you know what your borrowing capacity is, what is also really important is that your purchase is within your financial means, and that it will complement your future financial goals, without financial hardship, so you can continue to live a reasonable lifestyle. Even before you consider a home loan preapproval, start by drawing up a household budget, so you can prove to yourself that what you are intending to buy and borrow is within your means. There’s a great website that can help you with your budget, try the Excel version as you can save and update this easily on your computer: www.moneysmart.com.au, go to Managing my Money, Budgeting and have a listen to Amanda on the YouTube video, then go to the Budget Planner.

Once you have your finances sorted out, you can then get on to the fun part of researching your purchase location, the type of property you are interested in buying, and that very exciting moment of signing an ‘Offer to Purchase’.

MUST READ BE YOUR OWN GURU A pathway to inner wisdom. (E-Book)

As with all legal contracts, we recommend that you seek legal advice, before you sign, and if you are an investor, consult your tax accountant and financial planner. So whether you are an investor or a first home buyer, and interested in buying an established property or a block and building your next home, planning your property purchase in the right order will set you up for a more pleasant experience in the long run. n

CONTACT Pauline Murray BUSINESS Horizon Mortgage Planners PHONE +61 (8) 9474 2500


Author: Dream Life Publications Price: $2.99

The first in a series of books created to assist you to find your own answers and live the life of your dreams. Inside you will find practical tools and tips to reconnect with that part of you that knows what is right for you, what is your truth. We have lost connection with our intuitive selves and Be Your Own Guru offers a pathway to reconnect with your inner wisdom. This is a quick and easy read however if you implement the tools you will find them to be very powerful. Available on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/ B007Z95A7M

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Health& Beauty Showcasing the products WNA Members take to the domestic and international markets - these products are as diverse as the businesses and careers of the dynamic women behind them. Natural Stress Relief

This little bottle is a must for your handbag when life becomes demanding. RESCUE Remedy is a unique combination of five Bach Original Flower Remedies all working on emotional imbalances associated with daily stressful situations. It’s been traditionally used to relieve feelings of anxiety, nervous tension, stress or agitation and provides a sense of focus and calm. RRP: $ 19.95. To find out more or pick up a bottle at your nearest pharmacy or health food store visit www.martinandpleasance. com

Pamper Your Feet

No more complaining about having sore feet after a long day at the office. Pamper your feet with My Fashion Essentials. Offering invisible protection and all day comfort these superior gel cushions are suitable for use in all footwear, ideal for all high heels and sandals, re-usable and washable. Two pack RRP: $9.95. For more information and to purchase visit www.lightningbrands.com.au

Nature’s Super Hydration

This luxurious Hydrating Serum from Rubifresh skincare is one of three high performance antiaging face serums in the range. Containing certified organic aloe vera, pomegranate, plus some of nature’s most powerful hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, silk peptide and extracts of sugar beet and beetroot. RRP: $69.00. For more information, and to purchase fresh, natural, high performance skincare from Rubifresh, go to www.rubifresh.com.au

Perfect For Tan Preparation

Keeping It Fresh

Stink Winky is an all natural odour neutralising spray created to keep nappy smells at bay. Squirt liberally throughout the room then enjoy the natural rose and jasmine aroma. Also great for adult bathrooms! Milk Baby by Lindy Klim promotes a feel-good vibe and was created with style and the enhancement of wellbeing in mind. RRP: $29.95 to purchase visit www.milkskincare.com/baby

Using LaGaia Scrub Body and Hand’s gentle natural pumice, purifying extracts of lavender and nourishing vitamin E on your body, hands and feet every day will remove dryness and yesterday’s skin cells, leaving your skin glowing. This product is perfect to use before instant tan application. RRP: $25.50 for 250ml. To order visit www.enrichretreat.com.au/store.php

Your Daily Pick Me Up

Hairy Lemon is an ideal formulation that helps optimise energy levels, aid the recovery process and improve mental alertness. Containing several key ingredients such as B-group vitamins and Vitamin C, plus Guarana and Ginseng, Hairy Lemon also helps with nervous tension and stress. Take one or two tablets daily dissolved in a cool drink of water. Hairy Lemon is available at selected pharmacies and Woolworths. RRP: $9.95 for a pack of 20. To find out more visit www.hairylemon.com.au

46 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012




Have you thought of marketing your products or services as gifts? You might think it’s a bit out there but this one marketing technique could see your sales skyrocket by reaching a completely new market that you had not previously been in a position to access. DIANE DAVEY shares three important steps to making your products and services gift-worthy.

The gift certificate: one of the oldest and most effective business tools. What business would not want to support customers who think their products or services are so good, they will pay for someone else to try them! But standing out from the crowd of boring, uninspiring gifts takes more than just repurposing your product and services list. Here are three simple steps for creating truly desirable gifts.

‘Gift up’ your products and services Think about what makes a great gift: something personal, something the giver has put thought into selecting, something right for the occasion and right for the person. The difference between your day-to-day products and services and your gift list can be as simple as tweaking the wording. ‘Wrap’ your products/services up with words that connect with people and provide inspiration. For gift buying occasions, remember the less obvious ones like retirements, graduations, engagements and thank you occasions. When targeting gifts to specific customers such as new mums, newlyweds and the health conscious; highlight what makes the gift special for them specifically.

important if you need to manage stock or skills to fulfil what you have sold.

Spread the Word People can only buy your gifts if they know about them! Gift certificates work really well with your existing marketing and advertising. Simple things like adding ‘Gift Certificates Available’ on your business cards, brochures and ads, as well as displaying a sample gift certificate where customers can see them (e.g. door, counter, waiting room, etc.) can help get the word out. Letting your social media network

know about seasonal and other gift offers is also a must. Finally, the very best part of selling gift certificates is to enjoy knowing you are making ‘that feeling’ happen: the feeling you get when you find the perfect gift for someone you care about and you can’t wait for them to find out. n

CONTACT Diane Davey BUSINESS CertifiGIFT PHONE 1300 951 303


Sell more Gift Certificates this Christmas!

with your very own instant online gift certificates • Quick and easy for gift buyers • Sell 24/7 from online and mobile • Fully automated = convenient for you • Simple add-on to your current website • No technical skills or payment gateway required • Your gift certificates, your gifts, your branding

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t:1300 951 303 w:www.certifigift.com.au e:service@certifigift.com.au

Make it easy to buy and redeem Once you have come up with your gifts, the next step is working out your processes. Consider the experience from the buyer’s perspective (is it easy for them to buy?). Think about how this will work for you in busy times, such as the lead up to Christmas. Also look at the experience from the gift recipient’s perspective: make them feel special, and they will tell others about it. Whether you use a manual gift certificate system or one that automates the process for you, be sure to keep track of what you have sold, what has been redeemed, what is still out there and what has expired. This is especially Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 47



Have you been considering a trip overseas for your next vacation? Before you start planning, log these excellent tips from PENNY KING into your travel plans and make your holiday a fabulous and fun experience.

Every woman should visit Paris during their lifetime! For the very best experience though, try visiting outside of the tourist season, which is May to August. Spring and autumn are perfect because Europeans are not on holidays and there are less crowds. Paris is a broad city, easy to walk around. Unlike the narrow streets of some of the European capitals, Paris provides the visitor with wide boulevards and an efficient Metro system which gives relief for tired feet. Of course, there is a list of ‘must see’ places. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Versailles are just the beginning but here are some tips on these: Avoid the queue and book your ascent of the Eiffel Tower online. n

Visit the Louvre in the evening for a more intimate experience. n

Catch the little train in the Versailles estate to ensure you see it all. n

If you like to visit the ‘less touristy’ Paris, spend some time on the Right Bank in the 3rd and 4th Arondissements – the Marais district. The history of the Marais (marsh, in French) includes Knights Templar, royal residences and Jewish tailors. After being settled in the 1200s by the Templars, the royal court also moved there in the 1300s, bringing with it a huge building era as the nobility built their palaces. Today, you can see restored palaces all around the Marais, the most notable being the Place des Vosges – an entire square built to accommodate the royal family. Enter this wonderful square by the secret entrance in the back corner of the Hotel Sully – the Duc de Sully’s elegant garden has been restored too. A short walk away is Hotel Carnavalet which

Is this the holiday you’re dreaming about? ... Touring in a small group of like-minded travellers with a fabulous female tour guide and activities from spa treatments to cooking to shopping and tai chi. Interesting, varied itineraries to destinations such as India,Vietnam, China, Turkey, Morocco, Peru and Italy. We guarantee lots of laughs with your fellow female travellers of all ages! To jump on board and take the ride contact Aileen Collins at TravelManagers Australia aileenc@travelmanagers.com.au PH: 1800 22 22 44


houses the Museum of Paris and was once the home of famous letter writer, Madam de Sevigny. If you are a French perfume lover you will find eight perfumers within just three streets! On a tiny square in the Marais heart, you will find Fragonard – one of the oldest perfumiers in the Grasse region. Then there is the Galimard laboratory where you can make your own perfume or L’Artisan Parfumeur, Esteban or the very modern Estats Libre d’Oran – definitely a full day’s wandering. The Jewish community remains strong in the Marais; the streets are dignified by small and large memorials to both those who were taken by the Nazi occupiers and the local people who tried to help them. With the number of tailor’s shops, this is definitely the place to go if you want to buy fabric or have a special piece of clothing made. Finally, if you would like to take home a little piece of old Paris, visit the tiny Village St Paul. Once a series of tiny courtyards and houses, today this section is home to antiques and brica-brac shops. Buy antique silver cheese knives or an old Christofle glass or just browse. Ah... Paris is one of those great places in the world that you should make sure you visit during your lifetime. Enjoy!

Getting There:

Qantas Airlines/Air France flies to Paris several times a week, from $2,100 return.

Must Do:

Include the Marais in your visit to Paris.

Dine at:

Top end: DOME de Marais Middle to lower end: Le 3

Stay at:

Top end: Hotel Pavillion de la Reine Middle: Hotel de La Bretonnerie Lower end: Hotel Le 20 Prieure n

CONTACT Penny King BUSINESS Tours For Women PHONE +61 (0) 433 255 472


48 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012


Top tips for a successful family holiday to


The thought of travelling through Europe with your kids could be a daunting experience, especially if you haven’t been there before. CAROLYN SCHONAFINGER shares her top tips with fellow Australians planning a family holiday in Europe. Find a good travel agent

Preferably one that specialises in European holidays or has visited Europe. If the agent has travelled in Europe with children – even better!

Pre-book and pre-pay as much of your holiday as you can before you leave home Whatever money you take with you (or load onto your credit card or pre-paid cash card) is then available for your everyday living expenses, fuel, sightseeing, souvenirs, etc. and you won’t be dipping into your spending money for larger expenses like accommodation.

Ensure you have a good travel insurance policy

Falling ill, having an accident or being robbed whilst on holidays is bad enough without having to foot exorbitant medical or repair bills. You cannot put a value on peace of mind when travelling to a foreign country.

Set yourself a realistic budget

Many things are more expensive in Europe than they are in Australia so allow for this when setting your holiday budget. Give yourself a weekly ‘spending’ allowance and try to stick to it. Running short of funds before your holiday is over is no fun.

Have a realistic but flexible itinerary

Visit Santa at his home in Finland




- A wonderful Christmas experience the whole family will enjoy ✸ Ask about our extensive range of white Christmas holidays for families, couples and singles.






Do a bit of research when planning your trip and know the distances between your


Call us today: (03) 5722 1245

destinations. Rushing through seven countries in a month is no holiday, and particularly for younger children, it can be very unsettling. Plan to spend longer at fewer places and have ‘free’ days in your itinerary to allow everyone a bit of down time. Alternate your days of visiting castles, museums, churches and monuments with days at the park, the beach, or just ‘hanging out’ at ‘home’, so the kids can kick a ball around, watch TV or read a book.

Travel with an open mind

Things will not be exactly the same as they are at home – if they were, there would be no point in travelling! Try new foods, cope with the shops closing between twelve and two p.m., stumble your way through a greeting in a foreign language. By embracing the local culture, both you and your children will be the better for it. n

CONTACT Carolyn Schonafinger BUSINESS Holidays to Europe PHONE +61 (3) 5722 1245


MUST READ EUROPE WITH KIDS – How to travel Europe the easy way Author: Carolyn Schonafinger Price: $19.95

Have you always wanted to take the kids to Europe but don’t know how they will cope? This book covers everything from planning and budgeting, booking, surviving the flight, child-friendly sightseeing and accommodation styles to suit every budget, plus more. In addition there are tips and suggestions from other Australian families who have holidayed in Europe. If you have ever considered taking your family on a European vacation, this book is a must read. Available for purchase online at www. holidaystoeurope.com.au/europewithkids.

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business travellers

The number of women who travel for business is ever increasing and today women make up 45 per cent of the corporate travel market. INTERNATIONAL SOS, the world’s leading international healthcare, medical and security assistance company have identified five golden rules that can help women keep safe when travelling.

Golden rule 1: Know yourself Be sure to know your profile and how that profile may be perceived when you travel. Key areas to consider would be your: physical appearance, travel experience, personality type, language skills in relation to the destination you are travelling to, dress preference, and budget. Understanding your profile in relation to these traits can help you be more prepared for your travel and mitigate against unnecessary risks.

Golden rule 2: Do your research When travelling to a business destination do not make assumptions. Be diligent and do your research before you travel. Recommended research falls into three main categories:

geography, culture, and security. A good source for your research could be women living and working at your destination. If you know women at your destination, reach out to them before travelling and ask about security risks, culture, society and etiquette.

Golden Rule 3: Don’t be an easy target Careful and considered planning before you arrive at your destination can prevent you from being seen as an easy target. Plan your flights so that they are during daylight hours especially if you are going to be taking a taxi. If you can, book a car service to take you to and from the airport as well as to your meetings. Also make sure roaming is set up on your mobile phone and program in key contact numbers.

Golden Rule 4: Be assertive Walk with purpose and confidence, as appearing unfamiliar or confused can make you a potential target. When you need to ask for directions ask a store owner or hotel clerk. Learn to say “no thank you” with confidence and most importantly always trust your

Better image... more sales guaranteed!

1800 777 428


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instinct; if something does not feel right it probably isn’t.

Golden Rule 5: Stay calm in a crisis Since women are statistically more prone to harassment, assault and handbag theft it is important to know how to handle yourself in such situations. When dealing with verbal harassment do not make eye contact and try to protect your personal space, if the situation escalates don’t be afraid to call attention to yourself, you will find people around you will come to your aid. If you experience a more serious assault such as armed robbery, try and stay controlled and quiet and most importantly comply with the attacker’s demands, give up your handbag or any valuable objects. It is very important to remember that the attacker is unlikely to be in a rational state of mind. n

BUSINESS International SOS PHONE +61 (0) 400 679 993




seek soul soothing experience When most parents hear the term ‘Schoolies Week’ the first thing that comes to mind is the wild partying antics of out of control teenagers. However, there are many level-headed teenagers who are seeking a much more sophisticated experience. Travel coordinator, CAROLYN O’NEILL outlines some alternative schoolie travel choices that are making parents proud of their offspring. ‘Schoolies’ week traditionally is a celebration of the achievements of year 12 school leavers from every corner of Australia after a year of unprecedented hard work. For many students, their social lives have been reduced to endless study, homework and exams. It is easy to see why they look forward to taking a much needed break and celebrate with their high school friends before their lives go separate ways. Unfortunately, ‘Schoolies’ week often becomes a week of recklessness and overindulgence. But is a glorified party worth making students dangerously vulnerable? Many parents and students are taking up the challenge and looking for more meaningful and rewarding experiences for schoolies celebrations: Adventures in exciting destinations where they can give something back to those less fortunate or the environment and also challenge themselves and grow as a person. Here are a few amazing and rewarding options that offer a safe alternative to the traditional schoolies week.

Marine Biology at the Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest coral reef system on the planet and the world’s largest living structure. With this ‘hands on’ approach, students will be introduced to an incredible underwater universe. Students can participate in an Island Research Station, Bleach Water Service Project and even earn a PADI Open Water SCUBA certificate.

Rainforest Ecology: The Wet Tropics region is a literal treasure trove of biodiversity. An exciting eight-day adventure can take the student on an exhilarating zip line through the rainforest canopy, help Rainforest Rescue with seed collection and learn traditional uses of rainforest plants and at night spot nocturnal wildlife in the forest alongside naturalists, professors, zoologists and bird experts.

Assist students at a school in Tanzania Africa: Giving others a helping hand is an extraordinary life-changing experience for students and the community they assist. The School of St. Jude is a charity-funded school fighting poverty through education. Through fundraising events, participants visit St. Jude School with the opportunity to connect and interact with the students, then experience the real Tanzania on a wildlife safari!

Help Save Sumatran Orangutans: After fundraising activities, students are rewarded with an adventure of a lifetime to see wild orangutans. They will meet the infant orangutans at the Care Centre, not open to the public, assist the experts and enjoy five nights at Rimba Lodge. Arriving at the lodge by boat in the jungle is an unforgettable experience. With ‘Schoolies Week’ just a few months away, consider the options to help your school leaver celebrate with the ultimate experience in a safe, alcohol-free environment. There are many experienced organisations with professional guides in Australia offering students fully inclusive packages to ensure their first trip on their own will be not only fun but remembered for a lifetime. n CONTACT Carolyn O’Neill BUSINESS Journeys for a Cause Pty Ltd PHONE 1300 851 584


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the atypical modern day social butterfly It could be said that good relationships are the foundation of all great businesses and organisations. SHANNON BUSH shares three insights into the art of creating genuine, powerful win–win connections in the style of the networker connector, the atypical modern day social butterfly.

The networker connector is the shining star of any gathering. She compulsively thrives on a life of opportunities to meet people and instinctively knows how to build wonderfully rewarding relationships that are envied in the business world. Networking events may terrify you but with the networker connector by your side the next one you attend could be the most rewarding yet.

INSIGHT 1: Introducing people to each other when you just know they must meet creates a gratifying outcome for everyone. The networker connector has a real gift for knowing who to introduce to whom. She trusts

y Onl.95


.00 $45

She enjoys meeting new people and discovering who they are and what they do which enhances her passion for linking people together to create a win–win for all. her instincts and can go out of her way to create a seemingly magical experience for others as she introduces them to the right people or group that are aligned to support their growth and achievement of their goals. Her intention is genuinely focused on the connection and potential outcomes of the relationship rather than being driven by her own need for reward. By being herself and doing what comes naturally she encourages others to return the favour and connect her to those they know. She enjoys meeting new people and discovering who they are and what they do which enhances her passion for linking people together to create a win–win for all.

INSIGHT 2: Dare to be yourself, fully and completely. The networker connector is one of the most adaptable personal leadership styles and yet her true power comes from being herself fully and completely, not with being able to fit with or adjust to what others want from her. She is most confident when she goes with the flow, embracing and expressing herself in her own unique way. Letting her inner confidence show leads to attraction, drawing others to her with

Lost for


52 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012


ease and openings to great experiences and opportunities.

INSIGHT 3: Adaptability and flexibility are key to executing the platinum rule. The platinum rule states that we will experience greater harmony in our relationships if we treat others as they wish to be treated. Imagine how things could be if the people in your life followed the platinum rule. Using the networker connector’s core gifts of adaptability and flexibility will enable you to go with the flow in your relationships. This does not mean compromising who you are. It means acknowledging others for who they are and honouring their innate gifts and strengths. Understanding and working with the atypical strengths of the networker connector offers you the opportunity to build rich rewarding relationships that last. Your success in life and business will grow at the rate you nurture and grow your relationships, so dare to stretch yourself to connect with a diverse range of people and see what sort of magic you can create together. n

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Find them at professional coaching in public speaking and other associated communication skills

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Websites: Designers create


CHERYL DAVIES explains the importance of combining both marketing and graphic designing expertise when building a website. When establishing a web presence too many small businesses get carried away with the graphic appeal of their website, often ignoring the most import aspects of marketing, engagement and conversion. Sure, an experienced web designer can produce a website that looks like a work of art, but they can’t necessarily design the marketing strategy that makes a website do its job. When it comes to creating a website for your business, you first need to consider why you need one. It is from this starting point that you progress to developing a strategy that outlines what you would like to achieve and the steps necessary to reach the desired outcomes. That is where marketers come to the rescue; they know how to ask the right questions to extract the information needed to build an effective website. It is this information that will be used to brief the web designer so they stay on task ensuring they create a website that provides you with the outcomes, conversions and sales you are seeking. There are many graphically appealing websites out there that have been designed by web designers. These websites look great but do they actually do the job they were designed to do? Are they actually getting conversions? Let’s overview four examples, two designed by web designers and two designed with a good strategy behind them.

‘Axel Peemoeller’ http:// de-war.de/ the key to this site is exploration, so any user who is in the mood to explore and spend time on the site would find it very entertaining, however the messaging is not clear and the user is left confused as to what exactly Axel does. There is no clear navigation and the long-scroll content can get laborious. Another great example is ‘Links LA’ http://www. linksla.com/. Again, a very creatively designed site but there is no clear indication of what they do, no call to action and as a user, you get lost in all the different sized fonts. It is rather surprising to discover that this company actually specialises in ecommerce website design. Then we can explore two very good examples – ‘The Resumator’ – http://www.theresumator. com/ and ‘Walkley’ – http://walkley.com.au/. These websites both have a clear call to action, clean design and are easy to navigate. The reason you build websites is to get conversions and sales. Therefore it is important to optimise conversion rates by making your site easy to use.

this, creating websites that sell your product or service using focused strategies. You are more likely to create conversions, spend less money and achieve the outcomes you desire. In the long run it’s a better experience and outcome for both you and your customers. n

CONTACT Cheryl Davies BUSINESS Davinway Marketing

and Communications 1800 808 328 www.davinway.com PHONE

Part of what marketers do is to help you achieve

Take back conTrol of your superannuation • Has your superannuation SHRUNK with the stock market crashes? • Does someone else control where your superannuation is invested? • Do you pay fees to your superannuation fund manager? • Want to know how simple it is to control your own superannuation? • Want to know how easy it is to buy Real Estate with your own superannuation? If you answered ‘YES’ to any or all of these questions, you need to speak with us.


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It’s about being

YOUR BEST SELF People, whether they be clients or personal friends can tell when you are being fake with them. Do yourself a favour and find out how to get rid of any emotions that may be holding you back. In this article LYN TRAILL walks you through the steps to becoming a better version of yourself.

Have you ever felt swamped in a quagmire of worthlessness, alienation and fear of others finding out who you really are? If so, you have probably been experiencing a dose of the often unspoken emotion of shame. It can sneak up behind you and stifle your ability to become your best self. Shame is about having secrets, not wanting others to know what lies behind that smooth façade you are


IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. SO GET OVER IT. Author: Sharon Muggivan Price: $9.00 e-book

This thought provoking book explaining workplace relationships is a must have for any business person. Stress at work is often caused by taking things too personally. This book explains people and human nature at work, it promotes responsibility and accountability which in turn increases profits, reduces staff turnover and increases job satisfaction. Bad behaviour at work is “allowed”. If someone is behaving badly at work there is guaranteed to be a manager or supervisor allowing the bad behaviour. To purchase visit www.xlibris.com.au/bookstore and search for the title.

presenting to the world. You may fool others for a time but when you continue to stifle your authenticity you eventually hinder the true success that is available to you.

Steps to become your best self: 1. Becoming a better observer of yourself is

3. You will learn to be compassionate with yourself and know that once you have acknowledged your desire for change it is important to nourish yourself, knowing that it takes time to reconfigure your nervous system in making sustainable change.

vital, so the first step is to acknowledge the emotion. Be aware of the negative voice in your head. Language creates your reality and the negative voice intensifies the poison that shame brings in its power to humiliate, embarrass and generally lower your self-esteem.

4. Take care of your body. Shame tends to

2. It takes courage to be open about who you are

wonderful women who will be drawn to this new authentic you. There may be those who, feeling safer in superficiality, may melt out of your life, but you will find strength and sustenance to fulfil your life purpose in a truly wonderful way with vibrant, women who rejoice in your success!

but when you let go of who you think you should be, you will be rewarded for your authenticity as it resonates with the people you wish to influence in your business and personal life.

Seeking a way to untangle and improve your life? This book is for you. You can be:

A self help bio with life guidelines to sizzling! Available at all leading book retailers including Amazon.com and www.traillblaze.com

Break free

throw the body into self-protection mode, so it is important to observe what is happening with your posture and breathing. A gentle practice such as yoga can help you with this.

5. Above all, embrace the sisterhood of the

Becoming a better observer of who you are will assist you in becoming your best self. Acknowledging that you are allowing your hidden shame to sabotage your business and personal life takes courage and compassion. It is worth the journey! n

CONTACT Lyn Traill BUSINESS Traill Blaze

Communications Pty Ltd +61 (0) 407 131 474 www.traillblaze.com PHONE

from your chains and enjoy financial freedom Would you like to have more time and money? Do you value having creative control over your life and work? Would you like to benefit from the advantages of owning your own business? Do you care about others and want to make a positive difference contributing to peoples lives? Learn about the skin care company taking the world by storm. Learn how this product changes your skin and the way you live! The product will change your skin, the opportunity will change your life!

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Get those gremlins under control and

move forward

Today, with so many social pressures often experienced through some form of loss, it’s not uncommon for people to grapple with mental gremlins and blocks that hold them back from starting over. DIANA TODD-BANKS shows you how to overcome your mental blocks and become who you want to be in business and life. While some mental blocks could have been there since childhood they can become more pronounced when a big loss occurs – be it financial, job, career, business, loss of a loved one or divorce. You were not born with blocks or fears, rather for a variety of reasons you gather them along the way during your life, up to now. What do you wish you could do if there were no limitations, gremlins or blocks whatsoever, and you knew you could not fail? When you begin thinking, wishing and dreaming about what you would like to do, do little mental demons instantly pop into your mind, saying: “I don’t have the money. No I just couldn’t. It’s too late. I would have to learn too many new things. I don’t have the energy. It’s too complicated. I don’t know how to.” Or, even at 45 some say: “I’m too old.” What if you changed the word ‘I’ to another person saying those words? Has someone else in your life said to you: “You don’t have the money. It would take you too long. It’s too late to do anything new. No ... you just can’t. You don’t have the energy. It’s too complicated for you. You don’t know how to.” If any of those negative phrases are said or thought repeatedly, either by you to yourself, (and this can happen if you have been feeling depressed) or by someone else in your life, it does not take long before you start believing those negative words to be true. And sadly, up to now, that is the way you may have been living your life. Do you know what is holding you back? Does fear play a part in holding you back? Be honest with yourself and if it does, you are not alone. Fear plays a huge part in most people’s lives and holds them back from moving forward and starting a new phase of life.

Be honest with yourself and if it does, you are not alone. Fear plays a huge part in most people’s lives and holds them back from moving forward and starting a new phase of life.

The world is rapidly changing every few years. A new world presents new challenges...and new exciting opportunities for people of every age.

of failure, of success, of intimacy, of expressing feelings, of the unknown and fear of not being good enough – all of these fears can be cleared or reduced, so you can move forward positively and enjoy life with all it offers. If you want to change your life and start over, why not take action. There are inexpensive tools to do this that are not time consuming.

Therefore, it makes sense that if you don’t want your life to be the same in three or five years time, as it is now, it is necessary to adopt new strategies for your wealth, health, happiness and overall wellbeing. Remember, you are only in this world once. n CONTACT Diana Todd-Banks BUSINESS Lifestyle Agency c.a. PHONE +61 (0) 407 187 008


Succulent quality meat delivered to your door • Hormone free • Half or full side available • Cut up to your specifications (labelled separately) • We deliver to Brisbane, Toowoomba, Gold and Sunshine Coasts. • Highly competitive prices • Award winning product

Robbie Shaw – Boutique Meats Ph: 07 5424 1800 Mobile: 0427 613 823 Email: boutiquemeats@bigpond.com

Paddock to plate: www.boutiquemeats.com.au

Do you have better things to do than keeping up with your online marketing? That’s where we come in...with next to no work from you! Visit www.explosiveonlinemarketing.com.au to get your FREE report and a special bonus today!

Fear of being judged, of rejection, of embarrassment, of being alone or abandoned, Spring 2012 n WORKING WOMEN® 55



personal gym

Are you so busy running your business that you never seem to have the time to go to the gym? There are no excuses according to fitness guru, LEANNE SKLAVENITIS. Learn how easy it is to turn your office furniture into your very own personal workout circuit. There aren’t too many people who can say they are feeling very fit and healthy. As our business and overall life get busier often the first thing to be sacrificed is exercise. Then how do you feel – less energetic, weight increases and overall the day becomes more of a grind.

You can change that right now with these great workout tips you can do anywhere and all it takes is around 30 minutes!

You can change that right now with these great workout tips you can do anywhere and all it takes is around 30 minutes!

Resistance exercises Stay in your office

Cardiovascular exercise Start working your heart. The most obvious method is to start walking. That could be a brisk paced walk at lunchtime around the block, use of a stationary bike or treadmill or use a skipping rope. You

certainly don’t need long if you pick this option. Build up the time as you improve. and work all your major muscle groups. Make use of all the business furniture around you as your exercise equipment. For lower body: legs – squats. Sit down in a chair and get up again. Repeat for two to five minutes and you will work the major muscles in your legs.

For upper body: chest – push-ups. Start on your knees with your hands wide in line with your chest then bend your arms lowering your chest to the floor. Your head should be further forward than your hands. Do as many as you can. n

For upper body: triceps – dips. Place your hands on the end of a chair, fingertips towards you with your feet out in front bent at 90 degrees. Lower your body bending your arms in front of the chair and lift up. Do as many as you can. n


Not moving your business forward as quickly as you’d like?

For back: swimming. Lay face down on the floor and put your hands on the back of your thighs, lift your upper body and shoulders off the floor, point your chin down, kick your legs in a controlled manner lifting your knee caps off the floor. n

For abs and tummy: sit-ups. Lie on your back on the floor and bend your knees at 90 degrees. Place your hands behind your head lifting your upper body, keeping elbows out wide looking towards your thighs as you lift. Do as many as you can. n

Hydrate often. Keep water at your desk at all times and make sure you always eat a good healthy breakfast. n

Be accountable. Find an accountability partner who can help keep you motivated. This could be a family member, friend or business colleague. n

at business links australia we have accounting, taxation and business advisory expertise and experience under the one roof.

Find time for relaxation and spend at least 10 minutes per day taking deep long breaths. n

We provide real solutions to our clients problems so they can:

• • • • •

have perfect clarity about the business they are building and how to build it enjoy the experience of business ownership and leading a team be satisfied with the financial return from their business

These tips if used daily will help you to feel fitter and healthier and give you the energy you need to be successful in your business. Don’t forget to eat and sleep well too. n

step back from many of the day to day responsibilities build a sustainable and valuable asset which they can choose to retain or sell at some future point

1 Springwood Rd Underwood Q 4119 Phone 07 3341 1007 email info@blinks.com.au Web www.blinks.com.au


CONTACT Leanne Sklavenitis BUSINESS HALT (Healthy Active

Lifestyle Training) +61 (0) 412 446 932 www.fitnesstips.com.au PHONE


Healthy body, HEALTHY BUSINESS Over the years an increasingly large amount of women have been taking the plunge into setting up their own business. The passion begins to take over and long hours follow as they try to keep it all balanced, often leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Join SUSAN GIANEVSKY as she uncovers how you can have a healthy body and a healthy business. Women are amazing, they think they can do it all, run the household, run the finances, have babies, smile all day and run their own business. Then one day you look in the mirror and you realise you are looking tired, not your bubbly self anymore and you just can’t get motivated like you used to. To keep your body moving as fast as your overactive mind, it is important that you realise you are completely responsible for your health as well as the running of your business that you are so passionate about. It isn’t hard making time to nourish the cells of your body and to recharge. For many women, their health deteriorates from their 40s because greater care wasn’t taken in their earlier years. People are only a reflection of what they did, ate and thought about yesterday.

Are you a businesswoman who:

Depends on coffee to get you through your day? n

Wakes up during the night thinking about all you have to do? n


Finds it hard to lose a few kilos even though you try so hard? n


Catches a winter cold that lasts for months?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to one or more of the above, you need to know that over time these problems will deplete your cellular health if left untreated. You must be great at all you do in your business, but you have a choice to make about your inner health.

Healthy business habits n

Drink at least two litres of water each day

Walk or exercise for at least 30 minutes three to four times per week n

Spend time making a list of all that inspires you n


Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables


Learn to say ‘no’ and feel good about it





Address your unhealthy habits now before they take over your health n


Sit quietly each day and meditate. n

Fresh Start Kit contains Habit Relief & Liver Elixir formulas:

Becomes irritable every time the phone rings?

Experiences headaches that seem to last for hours?




Feels bloated every time you eat?

Experiences a sluggish metabolism with constipation? n

CONTACT Susan Gianevsky BUSINESS Martin & Pleasance PHONE +61 (3) 9427 7422


Design with passion Design and passion are crucial elements to making the most of your brand, whether you’re about to establish a new identity or grow an existing one. Increase your brand exposure with the unique expertise of Scarab Blue Design, a dynamic graphic design agency with huge experience, big ideas, small rates and loads of passion.

Scarab Blue Design is proudly Women’s Network Australia’s preferred graphic designer.

Scarab blue DeSign +61 (0) 419 311 862 WEB www.scarabblue.com.au EMAIL tricia.mahoney@scarabblue.com.au PHONE

Habit Relief contains ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with overindulgence. Liver Elixir contains ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with bloating and digestive imbalances.

www.martinandpleasance.com AVAILABLE IN HEALTH FOOD STORES & PHARMACIES Always use these products in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. Scan QR code to find CHC42661-08/12 out more!

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Every business person has stress, whether their business is flourishing or struggling to make ends meet. Coping with stress is a part of everyday life and it is never going to completely disappear. CLAUDIA BRDAR explains how to handle inevitable stress associated with business and what to do when it does catch up to you. Are you always on the go? Gobbling down lunch, or sometimes just missing out completely? Do you juggle work, chores, family and maybe your own business? If this is the norm for you, then your body may be under stress and this can be affecting your health. Stress can have a negative impact on your immune system and appearance, just like a lack of exercise and a poor diet can. Try to identify what the sources of your stress triggers are. Listen to your body; learn how to identify what causes you to tense up. Understanding that you are in control of your life, can be the start of managing your stress.

Healthy lifestyle

It is a known fact that exercise releases endorphins, your body’s feel-good chemicals, which improves your mood. Be it taking your dog for a walk for 15 minutes, sex, or working in the garden, taking time out for some physical activity is important for your body and mind. Keep hydrated. Try meditation. Get some rays of sunshine, especially during the winter months, as soon as that little bit of sunshine comes out, take a 10-minute break and go outside. Vitamin D is important to protect our bodies from high blood pressure and helps with calcium absorption.

Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u

Business n success n Life

sPRinG 2012 Aust $8.75 inc gst

How To bUy Mobile AppS

Print Post Approved PP411192/00010

The 8 stories you MUST tell to build an epic business

Finally – fake brands face tough crack downs

Learn how to say ‘no’. Know your limits and don’t take on more than you can handle. Avoid people who stress you out and if the evening news causes you grief, then change the channel. Manage your time better, organise your days through prioritising and keeping a diary. Delegate responsibilities where you can. If you don’t have time for grocery shopping or you are just too tired to head down to the supermarket, then shop online.


If you breathe less than 10–12 breaths per minute it can cause a reduction in your oxygen blood levels. For example, tensing up in traffic jams causes tension, we breathe less and this causes anxiety and heightens our stress levels. Take the time to concentrate on your breathing, while sitting at the traffic lights or at your work desk, breathe steadily in through your nose

and out of your mouth. Your environment is paramount to how you feel. If there is unwanted clutter in your home, get rid of it. Clear your space. Donate your unwanted goods to the Salvos and make room for new things that you love. Remember to laugh, watch a comedy, have a laugh with your family and friends, listen to music and surround yourself with things you love. Open your blinds, let the sunshine in and buy yourself a bunch of your favourite flowers. Take some deep breaths in the sun and smile at a stranger. Surround yourself with loved ones and positive people in your life and remember to always make time for the things you enjoy doing. It can be as simple as playing with your pet or reading your favourite magazine. n

CONTACT Claudia Brdar BUSINESS True Love Interiors PHONE +61 (0) 421 703 980


Become a VIP advertiser 10% discount off all four advertisements artwork for your display advertisement designed FREE of charge* n Pay as you go with easy quarterly payments prior to each edition* n A complimentary listing in our Classified Business Directory n A FREE link to your site from www.womensnetwork.com.au n FREE copies of WORKING WOMEN ® for your marketing purposes. n

the new lead generator for businesses


Avoid unnecessary stress

Try to identify what the sources of your stress triggers are. Listen to your body; learn how to identify what causes you to tense up.

Book four display advertisements with us and you’ll receive

property with your bF and stay friends


Ensure you eat well as well-nourished bodies are better prepared to take on the day; and reduce caffeine and sugar intake, which are known stimulants that can cause mood changes and problems with sleeping. A good night’s sleep is paramount to a well-functioning immune system, proper brain function and basically jumping out of bed in the morning feeling revived and fresh.

n The


experT TipS on how to manage media interviews

T h e e xc i T e m e n T a n d r o m a n c e o f Pa r i s i n s P r i n g

58 WORKING WOMEN® n Spring 2012

* See rates and specifications sheet for full details at


Find out more about advertising in WORKING WOMEN ® Contact Nikita Harris on 1800 052 476 or +61 (7) 3272 8222



genetic profile?

Do you have any idea of what your genetic predispositions are? DOREEN SCHWEGLER walks you through recent information and research findings that can assist you with discovering your genetic profile so you can lead a healthier and happier life. As busy professional women you want to optimise your health to remain focused and confident, yet some of you are confused as to what diet might be right for you, especially if weight is an issue. You may be asking yourself whether you are at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis or diabetes, and if so, what measures can you take to reduce those risks? What supplements or exercise program might suit you best? Is a glass of red wine detrimental or beneficial? The answers to these many questions lie in understanding your genetic makeup. Until recently, genetic profiling remained in the realms of research and expensive medical testing to screen for such things as the risk of breast cancer and life-threatening inherited diseases. However a new simpler, more affordable class of genetic testing is available for those of you who want to be more pro-active about their health. Now your genetic variations can easily be tested via a swab or saliva sample that will read certain genes that influence risks of: n



Heart disease;


Liver detoxification;




Oxidative stress and more!

To assist, there are now specially trained health practitioners who can design customised nutritional intervention programs that incorporate exercise and lifestyle choices (along with supplements in some cases) that will positively influence the expression of those genes. The program is based on the science of Nutrigenomics and Physiogenomics. It all begins with the genes you inherit from your parents. They each provide you with one copy of their genes. If both are normal, there is usually no problem. If you get one copy of a variant gene, this is like an amber light, often requiring additional support by way of nutritional or lifestyle support. Two copies of the gene variant are like a ‘red light’ needing maximum support. An example of one of the genes tested is the MTHR gene, which is involved in metabolising folate. If you have two copies of the gene variants, this usually results in an increase of a protein in your blood called homocysteine. This can be measured with a blood test (through your GP or integrative practitioner). High homocysteine levels are associated with stroke, recurrent miscarriages, elevated weight, depression and many other health problems. If it is a little bit high, extra folate (via leafy greens and vegetables) can reduce it naturally. If it is very high, a special supplement can reduce the levels and therefore reduce your risks! Correcting this can be a matter of knowing if you are susceptible.

An example of this is one 39-year-old lady, who had struggled with weight issues since the onset of adolescence, who began her personalised nutritional intervention program to make changes to her health and well-being. Alongside a tailored eating regime, she was advised to reduce intensive exercise at the gym and manage her stress (as the genetic test revealed that she was predisposed to inflammation). She also became aware of her food portions as she had a ‘leptin variant’ which meant her body signals to stop eating weren’t as effective. Further, she was advised to support her body’s detoxification pathways via saunas, herbal liver support and minimising chemical exposure. This proved to be a most effective way for her to manage not only her health and well-being; she also lost weight and was able to consistently maintain her new weight. This all made for one very happy client! Whilst you cannot change your genes and you may have been born with some familial predispositions, you can take the guess work out of managing a healthy lifestyle with personalised genetic profiling to assist you in making the right decisions for your future! n

CONTACT Doreen Schwegler BUSINESS All Degrees of Health PHONE +61 (3) 9331 0951



in finding out how understanding your genetic profile can help with weight, cardiovascular risk, healthy ageing and MUCH more? Maximise YOUR health potential - see: www.alldegreesofhealth.com.au/ genetic-profiling.html for more info. Special offer: 40 gene profile + Naturopathic consultation (Skype or face-to-face) = $495 plus FREE book “Switched ON” by C.Houghton. (Book offer limited to first 30 callers)

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Don’t o t t e g r o f network

Working Women

Working Women Women’s network Australia


w w w.w o m e n s n e t w o r k . co m . a u









Business n success n Life

sPRinG 2012 Aust $8.75 inc gst

How To bUy property with your bF and stay friends

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the new lead generator for businesses

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Finally – fake brands face tough crack downs


experT TipS on how to manage media interviews

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Join Women’s Network Australia, the premier networking group for women in business. The easy way to grow your business or fast track your career.


Find it all at womensnetwork.com.au – the place for all your business and career needs.

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Working Women - Spring 2012 Edition  

Magazine for women entrepreneurs and business owners

Working Women - Spring 2012 Edition  

Magazine for women entrepreneurs and business owners