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Join the search for the big five Recruit the best skills leaving South Africa Johannesburg, 22-23 February 2014, The Indaba Hotel

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THE ESSENTIALS Find the big five (health, IT, engineering, construction and mining skills*). at the Opportunities Overseas Expo in Johannesburg this February. What This February’s Opportunities Overseas Expo in Johannesburg is the annual event for employers wanting to meet high volumes of skilled professionals motivated and ready to move to New Zealand. This is your chance to talk to skilled candidates face-toface; fill skill gaps; recruit international employees; and promote your company via seminars. Enjoy an expo experience plus get your message in-front of hundreds of candidates in the dedicated migration seminars.

Why South Africa is rich with talent, especially in those sought-after areas of health, IT, engineering, construction and mining, as well as hundreds of other industries. With a population of highly educated and skilled professionals who are renowned for being globally-mobile, it’s the perfect place to search for the skills you can’t find locally. The current political climate in South Africa has many people feeling a strong desire to migrate. At the 2012 expo (visitor stats to follow), over 3,500 visitors walked through the doors. * The Working In expos attract hundreds of skills from multiple industries outside the top five. Working In attracts the skills directly related to visiting employers.

Where The expo will be held at the well known Indaba Hotel and Conference venue, located beneath the Magaliesburg mountains, in north Johannesburg. With an award-winning, state of the art function rooms capable of holding large volumes of people, it’s a very suitable searching ground for employers.

Johannesburg 22-23 February 2014


65% of attendees were between

24-39 years

Areas of expertise included Health (24%) Engineering (22%) Construction (18%) ICT (11%)

Companies that have previously joined the search in South Africa successfully include:

Visitor stats from the November 2012 Opportunities Overseas Expo in Johannesburg Critical skills shortages

in Australia’s ICT industry

69% of attendees would move within six months if they secured a job. Attendees were highly skilled

43% Bachelors 19% Masters/PhDs

THE NITTY-GRITTY We’re dedicated to finding the skills you need and giving you a healthy return on investment, a steady stream of suitable would-be employees and a wide platform from which to promote your company. How This event has been running since 2007 and we have built up an extensive knowledge base about how smart, tailored marketing can drive the right people to your expo stand. Understanding your recruitment requirements and expectations is a crucial part of the pre-expo process. The fully customised marketing programme targets move-ready professionals, matching their skills and experience with your needs.

Promotion The following promotion is undertaken on your behalf to attract the right people to the expo: • Advertising to the South African audience through channels which attract over two million visitors per year • Communicating with our dedicated South African database of almost 20,000 move-ready skilled professionals • Targeted online advertising including Google • Engaging with specialist industry-specific websites • Intensive work with South African users of social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn • Using specific PR channels to promote the event The Opportunities Overseas Expo is brought to you in association with our New Zealand sponsor, ASB Bank. Find out how they can help with your new international candidate’s banking needs.

THE NEXT STEPS If you’re ready to join the search, or want to find out more, here’s all the essential information you need. How much

Seminar only

Competitively priced, expo stands deliver significant return on investment due to the high volumes of traffic driven by specific marketing of your roles.

If you think you’d benefit from talking to a large audience at once, you can enjoy pre-arranged time slots to suit you in the dedicated seminar hall.

Expo stands Prices start from NZ $7,950 For a 2m x 2m stand that includes: • All marketing of your specific roles online • Table and two chairs • Lighting • Fascia board • Electricity

Early and multiple booking discounts apply – find out more by contacting:

Working In Visas

Employment-centred Visas team for New Zealand. Exclusively employment-focused, Working In Visas help New Zealand businesses outsource their visa needs. The experienced team of agents (all migrants themselves) make international recruitment viable, from handling all the paperwork to answering your candidates’ queries. They can even advise if your preferred candidate is eligible to migrate, saving you valuable time and money - find out more by contacting: or

TESTIMONIALS We are busy working through approximately 250 applications. Our trip was a huge success for the company, we had a great response from and the Opportunities New Zealand expos. We are seriously looking at 70 -80 applicants including: Project Managers, Transmission Managers, Distribution Line Mechanics, Power System Mechanics, Electricians, Gas Technicians, Electrical Engineers, Linesmen and people who are specialised in fibre-optics. We have already made six successful job offers with another 10 in various stages. We are convinced that we will see a great return on investment and our pipeline is certainly looking good for upcoming projects. Melanie Lowe, Electrix

When I look at the quality and calibre of the expo candidates, it was an absolute no-brainer. Overseas staff are a great investment in a tight labour market, because as well as a commitment to the job they bring different technical skills and a fresh approach - healthy for any business. Kevin White, Telecom

Here’s what our clients say about our global events

We’ve spoken to at least 100 per day, so close to 400 overall. 89% of those people are committed to moving to New Zealand and some already had tickets. The quality of people that came to the stand was very good – well above expectations. The Opportunities New Zealand Expo is well worth it. Dave Gilbert, Accident and Healthcare


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Johannesburg 22-23 February 2014

Our services

Our Opportunities Overseas Expos are famous for attracting motivated, skilled people. Highly targeted marketing campaigns ensure you come face to face with the skills you require. Meet professionals from around the world who are committed to moving to your country.

Working In provides a full suite of services for you and your new employees

Skilled migrants are drawn to our websites for the jobs, employer profiles and migration assistance we provide, making it the most reliable and visited migration site in the market. Sophisticated geo-targeting and screening technology allow you to profile your company’s services or job vacancies to access a world of skilled people.

Delivering the highest standard of service to your candidates, we will obtain their visas as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Working as an extension of your HR team, we ensure that the candidate’s first impression of your company is positive.

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FEB2014 SANZ brochure(bridget)