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Plans t o im pro ve care f o r aut ism suf f e re rs in To we r Ham le t s

Mike Bro o ke Thursday, April 28 , 20 11 3:0 0 PM Recommend


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End of an era... last remnants of Jewish East End, Bloom's kosher restaurant, Whitechapel c1968

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The Jewish heritage o f Lo ndo n’s East End is being highlighted at a free film festival o n the May Day Bank Ho liday—in the heart o f the area where the co mmunity o nce thrived. Co mme nts



‘Sights and So unds o f the Jewish East End’ fo rms the centrepiece o f a film festival at Whitechapel’s Brady Arts centre o n Mo nday as a ‘visual and aural landscape.’

In Pict ure s: Winning sho t s o f e ast Lo ndo n t ake n by lo cal st ude nt s Que e n Mary’s launche s £1m appe al t o e xpand Whit e chape l’s Ce nt re o f t he Ce ll Me dical bo sse s we lco m e ne w To we r Ham le t s “unive rsit y” spe cialising in he alt hcare Man who die d in

It features co ntributio ns fro m Dr Gil To ffell, who is researching a pro ject o n Jewish cinema culture between the First and Seco nd Wo rld wars. “The fascinating thing is ho w the Jewish co mmunity carved o ut a distinctive lo cal culture despite massive pressure to assimilate,” says Dr To ffell. “This ranged fro m Yiddish theatre to radical left-wing and anti-fascist po litics, as well as a vibrant cinema culture. No w this wo rld has disappeared.” Dr To ffell traces ho w leisure and po litics co mbined as a mix in cinema audito ria such as the Rivo li, where the East Lo ndo n Mo sque stands to day, and the Peo ple’s Palace no w part o f Queen Mary’s Mile End co llege campus which is also the site o f the o ldest Jewish cemetery in Britain. The East End Film Festival screens the classic 19 6 2 sho rt ‘The Vanishing Street’, which examines the disappearing way o f life o f Whitechapel’s Jewish co mmunity.

Man who die d in cabin o f crane 120 f e e t abo ve Bo w nam e d Scho o lgirls t urn busine sswo m e n o n wo rk e xpe rie nce at Canary Wharf Lo ndo n Che st

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Ho spit al NHS t rials co uld he lp high blo o d pre ssure pat ie nt s Fa ce b o o k s o ci a l p l u g i n

Other co ntributo rs include histo rian and East End to ur guide David Ro senberg, writer Bernard Ko ps and Klezmer Klub singer Vivi Lachs.

Bo nnie & Clyde pair jaile d 2nd t im e in a

It starts at 2pm o n Tuesday, May 2, at The Brady centre in Hanbury Street, free tickets o nline at http://www.wego m/eeff

we e k af t e r Ce nt ral Line ro bbe ry Dawn raids o n

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suspe ct e d drug de ale rs in Ne wham and To we r Ham le t s Bo w inve st m e nt

Fa ce b o o k s o ci a l p l u g i n

m anage r se t f o r grue lling Saharan de se rt run Iraq be cam e ‘a war t o o f ar’ f o r Indy re po rt e r J ust in Huggle r Plans t o t ransf o rm Lo ndo n’s Olym pic St adium int o We st

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Cubit t To wn assault

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Fam ilie s m o ve int o

presenter Jameela Jamil has said wo men sho uld

ne w ‘Ge o rgian-st yle ’

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May Day film festival looks back on once-thriving East End Jewish life  

May Day film festival looks back on once-thriving East End Jewish life

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