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The Seven Deadly Sins Pride


Gluttony Lust

excessive belief the desire for in one’s own others’ traits, abilities that status, abilities, interferes with or situation. the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as vanity.


an inordinate an inordinate manifested in desire to craving for the the individual consume more pleasures of the who spurns love than required. body. and opts instead for fury. Also known as wrath.



the desire for the avoidance material wealth of physical or or gain, ignoring spiritual work. the realm of the spiritual. Also called avarice or covetousness.

My love for reading started when I was little girl. Before I went to bed at night or if I woke up a little early in the morning, I would pick up a novel and sink back into the world I was reading about. Now when I wake up, I reach for my phone. When I go to sleep, my phone light is the last light I turn out. I love social media and the way it keeps me connected with friends, family, other people and brands. It’s an integral part of life as a 20-something. I could sing the wonders of social media from the rooftops if I wanted. That’s how much I love it. However, with the release of Instagram stories in early August, I found myself asking, “How much is too much?” I admittedly spend too much time scrolling through Instagram and watching Snapchat stories. How can I possibly keep up with Instagram stories, too? It may come down to Darwin’s survival of the fittest. Which social media apps fit best with your life? Despite my love for social media, I’m sure I’m not the only who craves simpler times. It’d be nice to go back to when I wasn’t so concerned or consumed with keeping up with the lives of other people. I’d love to go back to the time when, if I wanted to explore the world of other people, I just picked up a book. Not my phone.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. -- Albert Einstein 28 / 2016-2017

It is not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent that survive. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

-- Charles Darwin

I know of no society in recorded history that ever suffered because its people became too reasonable.

-- Sam Harris

The Word 2016-17  

A resource for students, faculty and staff learning the ins-and-outs of Texas Tech University.

The Word 2016-17  

A resource for students, faculty and staff learning the ins-and-outs of Texas Tech University.