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Courtesy of Country Bank

Business Partner Spotlight

Proud to be an integral part of our local communities since 1850, Country Bank is now one of the most highly capitalized financial institutions in the Commonwealth. They are committed to helping the families and businesses in our communities prosper by offering the latest, innovative financial solutions modern banking has to offer. We spoke with Paul F. Scully, President/CEO of Country Bank about his Business Partner experience.

access: Companies become Museum Business Partners for varying reasons. What were yours?

PS: Country Bank proudly supports many local non-profits in all the communities we serve. We will be opening a branch on 278 Park Avenue this summer and knew that a partnership with the museum would be a perfect fit for us and a way to celebrate our commitment to the Worcester Community.

access: Why do you feel supporting the WAM is important as a community business leader?

PS: We feel that it is our civic responsibility to support such treasured landmarks in our communities. We do what we can to help them thrive for years to come.

access: What sort of activities have you enjoyed so far as a new Business Partner?

PS: We held our Annual Meeting at WAM on March 9th to unveil the opening of our new location in Worcester. Our officers, Trustees and Corporators were in attendance. The event was simply amazing, and our guests had a wonderful time viewing the exhibits and all the Museum has to offer.

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