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Member spotlight: Kristina Jones


Kristina Jones




are always a blast, too! My kids must have spent half an hour drawing chalk art in the parking lot one year. They also enjoy the scavenger hunts.

adeline Grim has served as Membership Coordinator for WAM since 2014. In her role, she manages the Museum’s Membership My Way program and works closely with the Members Council on special events. Here, Madeline puts the spotlight on WAM Members Council member Kristina Jones.

MG: Most of us have a work of art or gallery at WAM that we return to again and again. What is that special piece or place in the Museum for you -- and why?

KJ: A friend of mine was a member of the council, and her family had been coming to and volunteering at the Museum for many years. She was so excited to talk about it, that I got excited, too! I have grown up and lived in the area and couldn't even remember the last time I had been to the Museum, even though I drove by it almost daily. Now I strive to make sure other people like me, who know about WAM but don't REALLY KNOW it, learn more, come to an event, and get involved.

MG: If you could ask one question of any artist – from the past or present -- who would you choose and what would you ask?

MG: People become Museum members for many different reasons. What were yours when you joined WAM?

MG: What has it been like being involved on the Members Council?

KJ: It has been a great experience. I have met so many different people with different backgrounds who are all united by a love for the Museum and a passion to share it with others! I am a "people person," so I love working at the events, talking to members and guests. MG: What’s been your favorite event at the Museum?

KJ: Flora in Winter is always amazing. It is an invigorating event, and I love the "spring" energy in the air! The family days

KJ: I enjoy the American gallery, as I love seeing the completely different ways the portraits are painted. The styles are so unique. I especially love the portrait of Sampson Wilder. It is striking to me and captures me every time I walk by. Although I always stop by and visit this painting, I really love that every time you visit the museum there are new displays and exhibitions to enjoy. It truly is a different museum every time! KJ: That's a tough question. It always amazes me how much information the art society knows about many artists and their works, and I learn so much every time I take a tour, or even overhear a docent sharing information on another tour. I have to admit that some of the contemporary art and especially abstract art do not speak to me as much as some of the classics, so I would have to pick an artist in that category and have him or her really explain their inspiration and what they "see" in their pieces!

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